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SECTION 15820 DUCT ACCESSORIES PART 1 GENERAL 1.01 SECTION INCLUDES A. B. C. D. E. F. Backdraft dampers. Duct access doors.

Flexible duct connections. Volume control dampers. Low-Leak Control Dampers. Control Dampers.

1.02 RELATED REQUIREMENTS A. Section 01810 - Commissioning Requirements.

1.03 REFERENCE STANDARDS A. B. NFPA 90A - Standard for the Installation of Air Conditioning and Ventilating Systems; National Fire Protection Association; 2002. SMACNA (DCS) - HVAC Duct Construction Standards - Metal and Flexible; Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association; 1995, Second Edition with Addendum No. 1.

1.04 SUBMITTALS A. B. See Section 01300 - Administrative Requirements, for submittal procedures. Product Data: Provide for shop fabricated assemblies including volume control dampers. Include electrical characteristics and connection requirements.

1.05 QUALITY ASSURANCE A. B. Manufacturer Qualifications: Company specializing in manufacturing the type of products specified in this section, with minimum three years of documented experience. Products Requiring Electrical Connection: Listed and classified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. as suitable for the purpose specified and indicated.

1.06 DELIVERY, STORAGE, AND HANDLING A. Protect dampers from damage to operating linkages and blades.

1.07 COMMISSIONING REQUIREMENTS A. Contractor providing work in the Section (Subs) shall also be an active participant in the Commissioning process defined and described in Section 01810. The Subs shall provide the following services and assistance during the course of commissioning. 1. Start-up and pre-functional testing, including full written completion of pre-functional test forms provided by Commissioning Agent (CA). Coordinate with Controls Sub. a. Low leak control dampers b. Control dampers 2. Work with the CA to jointly execute the portion of the Functional Test procedures that involve field work. This is expected to involve visual inspection of the damper blade positions and seals in multiple positions - full open, full closed, and intermediate modulation, as applicable. Coordinate with Controls Sub.

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a. b.

Low leak control dampers Control dampers

PART 2 PRODUCTS 2.01 BACKDRAFT DAMPERS A. B. Manufacturers: Ruskin Model CBD4, Greenheck, Cesco, Nailor, or approved. Multi-Blade, Parallel Action Gravity Balanced Backdraft Dampers: extruded aluminum, with blades of maximum 6 inch (150 mm) width, with flexible vinyl sealed edges, linked together in rattle-free manner with 90 degree stop, dustproof ball bearings, and stainless steel steel pivot pin; adjustment device to permit setting for varying differential static pressure.

2.02 DUCT ACCESS DOORS A. Fabrication: Rigid and close-fitting of galvanized steel with sealing gaskets and quick fastening locking devices. For insulated ducts, install minimum 1 inch (25 mm) thick insulation with sheet metal cover. 1. Less Than 12 inches (300 mm) Square: Secure with sash locks. 2. Up to 18 inches (450 mm) Square: Provide two hinges and two sash locks. 3. Up to 24 x 48 inches (600 x 1200 mm): Three hinges and two compression latches with outside and inside handles. 4. Larger Sizes: Provide an additional hinge.

2.03 FLEXIBLE DUCT CONNECTIONS A. B. Fabricate in accordance with SMACNA HVAC Duct Construction Standards - Metal and Flexible, and as indicated. Flexible Duct Connections: Fabric crimped into metal edging strip. 1. Fabric: UL listed fire-retardant neoprene coated woven glass fiber fabric to NFPA 90A, minimum density 30 oz per sq yd (1.0 kg/sq m). a. Net Fabric Width: Approximately 2 inches (50 mm) wide. 2. Metal: 3 inches (75 mm) wide, 24 gage (0.6 mm) thick galvanized steel. Leaded Vinyl Sheet: Minimum 0.55 inch (14 mm) thick, 0.87 lbs per sq ft (4.2 kg/sq m), 10 dB attenuation in 10 to 10,000 Hz range.


2.04 VOLUME CONTROL DAMPERS. A. B. C. Fabricate in accordance with SMACNA HVAC Duct Construction Standards - Metal and Flexible, and as indicated. Single Blade Dampers: Fabricate for duct sizes up to 6 x 30 inch (150 x 760 mm). Multi-Blade Damper: Fabricate of opposed blade pattern with maximum blade sizes 8 x 72 inch (200 x 1825 mm). Assemble center and edge crimped blades in prime coated or galvanized channel frame with suitable hardware. End Bearings: Except in round ducts 12 inches (300 mm) and smaller, provide end bearings. On multiple blade dampers, provide oil-impregnated nylon or sintered bronze bearings. Quadrants: 1. Provide locking, indicating quadrant regulators on single and multi-blade dampers. 2. On insulated ducts mount quadrant regulators on stand-off mounting brackets, bases, or adapters. 3. Where rod lengths exceed 30 inches (750 mm) provide regulator at both ends.

D. E.


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Manufacturers: Ruskin as scheduled, Greenheck, Johnson, Nailor, United Enertech, or approved. 1. Frames: 5 inches x minimum 16 gage roll formed, galvanized steel hat-shaped channel, reinforced at corners. 2. Blades: Minimum 16 gage galvanized steel, single skin with 3 longitudinal grooves. 3. Bearings: Molded synthetic sleeve, turning in extruded hole in frame. 4. Seals: a. Blade: Inflatable PVC coated fiberglass material and galvanized steel. Mechanically attached to blade edge. b. Jamb: Flexible metal compression type 5. Linkage: Concealed in frame. 6. Axles: Minimum 1/2 inch diameter plated steel, hex-shaped, mechanically attached to blade. 7. Actuation: Per manufacturer's recommendations and as scheduled. 8. United Enertech CD-120/121 as approved manufacturer and product substitution for Ruskin model CD 36.

2.06 LOW-LEAK CONTROL DAMPERS A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. Manufacturers: Ruskin as scheduled, Greenheck, Johnson, Nailor, or approved. Frames: 5 inches x 1 inch x minimum 0.125 inch 6063-T5 extruded aluminum hat-shaped channel, mounting flanges on both sides of frame, reinforced at corners. Blades: Airfoil-shaped, single-piece 6063-T5 extruded aluminum Jamb seals: Flexible stainless steel, compression type to prevent leakage between the end of the blade and the damper frame. Bearings: Molded synthetic sleeve, turning in hole in frame. Axles: plated steel, hexagon shaped and positively locked into damper blades. Linkage: Concealed in frame. Leakage: Based on AMCA Publication 500, less than 3 cfm/sq. ft. at 1" of static pressure. Pressure drop: Maximum 0.03 inch w.g. at 1,500 feet per minute across 24 inch x 24 inch damper. Actuation: Per manufacturer's recommendations and as scheduled. 1.

PART 3 EXECUTION 3.01 INSTALLATION A. Install accessories in accordance with manufacturer's instructions, NFPA 90A, and follow SMACNA HVAC Duct Construction Standards - Metal and Flexible. Refer to Section 15810 (23 3100) for duct construction and pressure class. Provide backdraft dampers on exhaust fans or exhaust ducts nearest to outside and where indicated. Provide duct access doors for inspection and cleaning before and after filters, coils, fans, automatic dampers, at fire dampers, combination fire and smoke dampers, and elsewhere as indicated. Provide for cleaning kitchen exhaust ducts in accordance with NFPA 96. Provide minimum 8 x 8 inch (200 x 200 mm) size for hand access, 18 x 18 inch (450 x 450 mm) size for shoulder access, and as indicated. Provide 4 x 4 inch (100 x 100 mm) for balancing dampers only. Review locations prior to fabrication.

B. C.

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For fans developing static pressures of 5.0 inches (1250 Pa) and over, cover flexible connections with leaded vinyl sheet, held in place with metal straps. END OF SECTION

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