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Detailed Lesson Plan In Mathematics 2 I.Objective: At the end of the lesson the pupils will expected to: a.

Analyze the word problem. b. explain and discuss the solution of their anwer. c. subtract 3- to-4 digits numbers without regrouping II. Subject Matter: Topic: Subtraction of Three digits number without regrouping. (Problem Solving) Reference: Mathematics in a Challenging World (Revised Edition) Grade 2. Materials: Visuals Aids Puzzle Visual Infuse: Team Work III. Procedure: A. Preliminary Activities: 1. Prayer 2. Checking of Attendance 3. Cheking of orderliness and cleanliness of the room. . B Review: Subtraction with Regrouping The tacher will post a problem and let the student answer it. Mikee is fixing his collection of toy cars and toy trains.If he has 45 toys And he will donate 18 of them in the nearby orphanage, how many toys will he have left? How many toys does mikee have in all? How many toys will he donate to the orphanage? How many toys will Mikee have after donating some of them? How will you describe Mikee? Solution: 3 15 45 - 18 ___________ 7 3 15 45 - 18 ________________ 27 Therefore, Mikee has 27 toys left. C. Motivation: Puzzle Mechanics of the game: 1. Arrange the pieces of puzzle. 2. Subtitute the letters into number.

3. Subtract the numbers given. 4. After you get the answer, Change the number into letter. 5. Arrange it to form a word. 1 R 2 E 3 C 4 H 5 T 6 A 7 K 8 L

ATL 658 6836 ALCA - RCE - 132 -3415 - CHRT _______ ______ _____ ______ TEA 5 2 6 3421 CHER =5263421=TEACHER D. Lesson Proper:



Class based in our game, what do you thinck our lesson for today. Very Good! That Right! We will talk about Subtraction without regrouping. In Solving Subtraction without regrouping, there are steps on how to solve it. Are you ready grade 3?

Our lesson for today is about Subtraction without regrouping.

Yes! We are. Here are the steps: Step 1. Think What are given? What do you need to know? What is being asked for? Step 2. Plan Solve the problem. Step 1. Subtract the ones Step 2. Subtract the tens Steps 3. Subtract the hundrends Step 3: Look Bac

Teachers Activity Lets us try: There are 485 fruits trees I a big orchand. If 353 trees are mango trees, how may trees are not? What is the first step? In the fist step what will we going to do? Very Good!

Students Activity

How about the step 2, what it is? In step 2, we were solve the problem, In solving the Problem, there are 3 steps in solve the given problem. What is the first step? What is the second step? Last, What is the third step?

Step 1. Think What are given? 485= number of Fruits tress 353 = nmbers of mango trees What do you need to know? /What is being asked for? The number of fruits trees that not mango trees. Step 2. Plan Solve the problem Subtract 353 from 485 to find the number of trees that are not mangoes. Solve 1. 485 - 353 ________ 2 485 - 353 ________ 3

Solve 2.

Solve 3.

We already know th answer of the problem; know for the last step, what it is? To check our answer if it is corrects, What are we going to do?

485 - 353 ________ 1 Step 3: Look Back 132 trees are not mango trees. Add the difference ans the subtrahend. 485 132 - 353 + 3 53 ________ ______ 132 485

E. Application: Solve the given problems and explain it. Grp. 1 Mang Andoy started poultry by raising 145 chicks. After 2 months, 20 chickens were sold. How many chickens were left?

Grp.2 In a week, Aling osang gathered 328 eggs. 25 eggs were broken, how many eggs were left? Grp.3 Mang Andoy bought 256 bags of chicken feeds. In a week, he used 132 bags. How many bags were left? F. Generalization: what are the steps in solving the problem? What are the step subtracting three digits without regrouping? G. Evaluation: After six months, Mang Andoy had 1569 ducks and 2 768 chickens in the poultry farm. How many more chickens than ducks are there? IV. Assignment: Answer page 153.

Prepared by: Ariane V. Garcia BEED- Gen.Ed/ Elem. Math 4-05