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My Tribute

This is my first time to get interested of writing my personal experience. Though

it may perhaps not be appealing to some, but it doesn’t matter. I am convinced that this
has helped me shape my personal out look in life.

I thought that experience always is the best teacher. Indeed, it is not. I discover
that experience becomes only the best teacher provided that I learned from my
experience. Otherwise, it would only result of repeating the same experience without
learning from it. In learning, it takes time. This is actually the part of learning process. It
sometimes painful when one learns. But, this is the rhythm of learning.
When my family have migrated to the province of Masbate, I thought of
experiencing life in a green pastures. In contrary, the situation turns even worst than
before. My family ends up of deep frustration. We almost lose our hope to live our lives
meaningfully. My family has nowhere to go- looking at least for our survival. I think life
pessimistically. I thought life is simply curse fate. You could no longer change because it
is already predestined. What is left changeable is our diverse experience of absurdities
that makes our lives become a curse. What a hell! I have grown up with almost hopeless
life. Everything seems absurd and uncertain. I do not know any idea of getting rid from
such elusive experience. I can compare like a horrible hallucination and nightmare dream.
There is nothing more sentimental value to appreciate but only vacuum of despair and
estrangement. Why we’re not fortunate enough? Why God let us suffer? It makes me
questions my fundamental faith on God’s providence. From thereon, I simply think that
God has completely forgotten us. He does not care for us. But, this is always not true.
Indeed, I was mistaken. In life, though surrounded by diverse complex of absurdities,
there are always reasons to wonder. Those dreadful proofs were actually a way to see
God’s presence among us. Thanks for the persevering hope of my parents! I could not
imagine how they keep their feet alive on the ground. They make us feel that life still
worth treasuring. Thanks to their persistent! We start retrieving the loss of our sense of
self- esteem and decency. I gratefully owe from their commendable guts that my parents
showed to us.
I could not decipher how fortunate I am- after having tossed by uncertainties and
tribulations in life. I am so proud having such wonderful parents- willing to take the risk
for the good of our future. Words could not contain and suffice to unravel their rectitude.
If not their exemplar lives, I would not appreciate the value of my life itself. If not their
words of inspiration and guidance, I would not be hopeful and courageous. If not their
untiring sacrifices and prayers, I would learn to treasure the importance of my sufferings
and crosses in life. If not theirs, I would not discover my vocation and not be here. They
are my learnings!

.Junrey S. Pagal
1st Year- 27 yrs. old
St. Vincent School of Theology
#221 Tandang Sora Avenue, Quezon City
Tel. # 930-9392/456-4028