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A Guide to Addressing the Selection Criteria

Position Title : PhD Scholarship - Biopolymeric Delivery Systems

Reference Number : 2005/816

Location : Werribee, VIC

Advertisement : Came to know from website of CSIRO.

Claims against the selection criteria

I am the right candidate for this position because my profile is matching with the profile of your ideal
candidate. I would like to explain this by quantifying into 5 points. For the further details and other
qualifications please refer enclosed resume.

(1) I have excellent knowledge of chemistry as well as polymer chemistry and Biopolymers.

Explanation : I completed Master of Science with Chemistry and pursuing M.Tech. degree.
I have qualified CSIR-UGC NET (National eligibility Test) in chemistry
conducted by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India. I have also
qualified GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test) in chemistry with 88.11%, organized
by Indian Institute Of Technologies and selected for Master of Technology
course( from July2004 – May 2006) in Material Science And Engineering with
polymer specialization at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, which
is most leading and prestigious Institute of India.

(2) I possess very good knowledge of Biopolymeric drug delivery systems and biopolymers.

Explanation : I am working with biopolymeric drug delivery systems as my research

Project work for the fulfillment of M.Tech. course since May 2005 . I succeed
to modify pectin ( pectin-poly - Acrylamide graft copolymer) drug delivery
system for oral, transdermal and Ointment for controlled release of salicylic
acid as a model drug. Biopolymers, smart polymers studied during the
courses of M.Tech. 1st year syllabus.

(3) I am having excellent scientific approaches, investigation and challenge facing ability.

Explanation : I succeed in the modification of pectin to improve film forming, gel forming
properties and pH sensitivity which is very useful for transdermal patches and
ointment type gel formulations. Pure pectin doesn’t have very good properties.
No work is done on the pectin modification before my work ,publication on it is
in process.

(4) I possess excellent communication skill with English. I believe in learning.

Support : Medium of my education is English since 12 th standard (Science). All above

mentioned explanation support the other statement.

(5) I have ability to obtain residency in Australia.

Support : I would get my passport within 20 days (applied before 2 months). I have birth
Certificate, school leaving certificate including exact birth date, residency etc.

Thank you for your time and consideration of my candidature for the same position.
Research Proposal

Currently I am working with the pectin – polyacrylamide graft copolymer drug delivery
system. Future plan of my work includes study of pectin and polyvinyl alcohol graft copolymer as
well as esterified cross linked system for transdermal patches, tablet and capsule coatings,
Pectin have hypocholesterolemic and antithrombotic activities. It has a putative protective
action against colorectal cancer.( So my ideas are delivery
consisting nanoparticles of calcium pectinate give the better results for the same. I will use this
systems for my future research work.
I want to study another delivery system consist of carboxymethyl cellulose crosslinked with
glutaraldehyde and its nanoparticles system. Polyvinyl alcohol crosslinked with glutaraldehyde
nanoparticles is another idea of my future work.