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Addenda to the 1998 Edition of the Code are issued in the form of replacement pages. Revisions,
additions, or deletions are incorporated directly into the affected pages. It is advisable, however,
that all replaced pages be retained for reference.

Replace or insert the pages listed. Changes given below are identified on the pages by a
margin note, A99, placed next to the affected area. Revisions to the 1998 Edition are indicated
by 98. For the listing below, the Page references the affected area. A margin note, A99, placed
next to the heading indicates Location. Revisions are listed under Change.

Page Location Change

iii Listing of Sections Title to Section III, Division 3 revised
v, vii Contents Updated to reflect A99
xv, xvi Guideline Deleted by errata
xvii–xxvi Roster Updated to reflect A99
2 QW-102 Revised
QW-103.2 Last line corrected by errata
5 QW-153.1 First sentence revised
QW-153.1.1 Subparagraph (b) revised
15 QW-201 Second paragraph revised
16 QW-202.4 Last paragraph revised
21 QW-253 Under Nonessential, last entry added
by errata
27 QW-255 Under Brief of Variables, last entry cor-
rected by errata
45 QW-284 Revised
49 QW-304 First paragraph revised
50 QW-305 First paragraph revised
55 QW-384 Revised
63 QW-407.1 First sentence revised
QW-407.2 First sentence revised
QW-407.4 Revised
QW-407.5 First sentence revised
64 QW-408.2 First sentence revised
QW-408.8 Revised
QW-408.9 Revised
QW-408.10 Revised
66 QW-410.11 Revised
69 QW-420.1 Paragraph below in-text table revised
QW-420.2 First and second paragraphs revised
70–124 QW/QB-422 Revised
125 QW-423.1 In-text table revised
126–128 QW-432 Revised
133 QW-451.3 Note revised
159 QW-462.10 Main column head revised
160 QW-462.11 Main column head revised

ASME B&PVC sec9$$$cos 05-14-99 08:53:47 pd: soc Rev 14.04

Page Location Change
168 QW-466.1 Revised
176–182.1 QW-491 Revised and redesignated as QW/QB-
QW-492 Revised and redesignated as QW/QB-
186 QB-153.1.1 Subparagraph (b) revised
204 QB-408.1 Revised
QB-409.1 First sentence revised
QB-409.3 Revised
205 QB-416 Revised
208 QB-451.1 Revised
QB-451.2 Revised
QB-451.3 Revised
209 QB-451.4 Revised
QB-451.5 Revised
210 QB-452.1 Revised
QB-452.2 Revised
215 QB-462.2(a) Revised
QB-462.2(b) Revised
221 QB-463.1(e) Revised
224 QB-463.2(c) Revised
227, 228 QB-490 Deleted
QB-491 Deleted
QB-492 Deleted
236 Appendix B Form QW-484 revised
245 Appendix D For P-No. 3, SA-691, Type/Grade revised
246 Appendix D For P-No. 5C, new entries added
247 Appendix D For P-No. 7, SA-240, Type 410 deleted
by errata
255–257 Appendix D (1) For P-No. 43, SB-564, UNS No.
N06690 added
(2) For P-No. 44, SB-366, N08020 and
N08800 deleted by errata
(3) For P-No. 45, SB-351 entries cor-
rected by errata
(4) For P-No. 45, SB-366, N08800 added
by errata
(5) For P-No. 45, SB-163, SB-515, and
SB-564, UNS No. N08811 added
(6) For P-No. 51, SB-265, UNS No.
R52252 added
(7) for P-No. 51, SB-348 and SB-381,
UNS No. R50402 added

Volume 44 of the Interpretations to Section IX of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
follows the last page of this Addenda.

ASME B&PVC sec9$$$cos 05-14-99 08:53:47 pd: soc Rev 14.04