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The management aspect implies a clear and precise identification of duties and responsibilities, flow of authority and manpower level requirement. It deals with different process of management, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. It must be set up for optimum effectiveness. To achieve these, management must be able to plan all activities, for the company to become productive and competitive industry through human resource, financial capability and new technologies. The management study shows the basic consideration in forming the organization, form of ownership, organizational structure and the project schedule.


BASIC CONSIDERATIONS IN FORMING ORGANIZATION Nowadays, one of our major concerns is the elimination of air pollution not just in

our office or school but in our home as well. And we found out that bamboo charcoal has the purifying qualities that can filter noxious substance out of air. It was known as one of the oldest, most remarkable resources here in the Philippines. Both sustainable and lots of bamboo have been used for thousands of years to make a vest array of items. Its uses are endless, from housing and furniture to musical instruments and needles. Bamboo is strong, flexible and beautiful in both its natural and finished product. It is abundant resource that could beneficially replace many of the less sustainable materials now commonly used in our daily lives since bamboo grows faster than any other plant. Srjana air purifier is made of bamboo culms and waste materials from bamboo processing. Moreover, this product not only provides a new way of utilizing bamboo but also benefits the environment by reducing the residues pollution. Its a kind of environmentally functional material that can be harvested without destroying the forest

in the process which has excellent absorption and friendly properties to environment. The popularity of Srjana air purifier will only increase in time as more and more people realize its potential. Thus, we would need sufficient capital to finance the business, well trained staff and employees with the proper delegation of duties and responsibilities and well functioning equipment to operate the business efficiently and effectiveness.


FORM OF OWNERSHIP Srjana Air Purifier will be managed and operated by five partners under a general

partnership form of business who by contract, bind themselves to contribute money, property, or industry to a common fund with the intention of dividing profit among themselves. The liability of the partnership extends to the general partners personal assets when all partnership assets shall have been exhausted. The following are the partners of the business: 1. Abad, Pedro Jr. C. 2. Bangeng, Roceleen Y. 3. Esquejo, Joyce Ann R. 4. Sofla, Maybelle P. 5. Soriano, Dayanne Wally C.

The researchers have chosen the general partnership form of ownership because of the following advantages: Partnerships are relatively easy to establish and less expensive to organize than a corporation. With more than one owner, the ability to raise funds may be increased. The profits from the business flow directly through the partners personal tax returns. Subject to less government regulations than a corporation.

The business will be benefited from partners who have complementary skills. Provides better management resulting from the combined abilities of the partners than a sole proprietorship.


ORGANIZATIONAL CHART The organizational chart represents the structure of an organization as well as

the relationships and relative ranks of its positions. It also provides the greatest value when used as a framework for managing change and communicating current organizational structure. When fully utilized, organizational chart allow managers to make decisions about resources, provide a framework for managing change and communicate operational information across the organization.





ADMIN. MANAGER (Joyce Ann Esquejo)



ACCOUNTANT (Dayanne Wally Soriano)





1. General Manager Job Descriptions Plan the policies, activities and programs directed towards meeting the goals of the business organization Implement good internal control in the business Discusses the plans regarding marketing strategies with sales managers to increase the company profits Devise and set up an annual budget and fiscal plan Participate in evaluating the performance or reviewing the feedback of employees Reviewing and monitoring the performance of the employees and directing them to the goals and targets of the company Qualifications One of the partners Should have a minimum of five years management experience and a bachelors or masters degree in a related field of study Has good leadership and management skills Good grasp in communication skills Must have superior leadership skills who can work well with a team and have the ability to work independently Must possess superior decision-making skills and conflict-management abilities Must have a thorough knowledge of the companys culture, products and services He must be able to work with all levels of management and have superior training and delegation abilities

2. Administration Manager

Job Description Controls every activities pertaining to smooth working of the organization Controls and organizes information and management function Keeps in account the documentation details and every information regarding product, sales and support and expenditure of the company Responsible in scheduling meetings, managing work product and deadlines of his/ her subordinates Provides support to other departments of the organization and organizes projects of the company Responsible in reviewing manufacturing budget and managing manufacturing expenditure Dutiful towards training his staffs and evaluating their performance as they participate towards the growth of the organization Qualification One of the partners Graduate in Associate or Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts, Business Management or Human Resource Management Have several years of experience in the field of supervisory and administrative support Must have excellent communication skills, written as well as verbal Possess the quality of self motivation and determination Over all, must posses good organizational skills to control all administrative job responsibilities

3. Production Manager Job Description Responsible in handling inventory, scheduling, quality control and shipment Responsible in increasing the efficiency of the production process by all means

Should keep the track of the data to take a quality measures Decides about the purchase of the equipments and the instruments for a firm, if they're need replacement Involved in all the stages of production. The pre-planning stage or the stage of production control and evaluation of the plans Appoints teams to analyze the quality of the products so that in the quest to reach targets, quality of the product doesn't deteriorate Come up with the production which can satisfy the customers

Qualification One of the partners Require a bachelors degree (Business Administration, Management,

Engineering or Industrial Technology) Knowledgeable in production and manufacturing processes and techniques Knowledgeable in machines and tools Responsible of engineering and technology principles and practices Should have the ability to prioritize and organize his own workload within broad guidelines, most effectively and accurately Must have the ability to work within deadlines and should achieve the targets

4. Marketing Manager Job Description Manage and coordinate all marketing, advertising and promotional staff and activities Conduct market research to determine market requirements for existing and future products Analysis of customer research, current market conditions and competitor information Develop and implement marketing plans and projects for new and existing products

Manage the productivity of the marketing plans and projects Monitor, review and report on all marketing activity and results Deliver marketing activity within agreed budget Develop pricing strategy Duties is to come up with right marketing strategies to increase the awareness of the product in the target market

Qualifications One of the partners Business or marketing-related degree or equivalent professional qualification Experience in all aspects of developing and maintaining marketing strategies Technical marketing skills Proven experience in customer and market research Relevant product and industry knowledge

5. Accountant Job Description Reconcile and maintain balance sheet accounts General ledger operations and prepare journal entries Assist with monthly closings and preparation of monthly financial statements Assist with preparation of monthly financial reports, accounts receivable and accounts payable, tax computations and returns Assist in budgets and forecasts Assist with payroll administration Account/bank reconciliations Assist with preparation and coordination of the audit process Assist with implementing and maintaining internal financial controls and procedures Qualification

One of the partner College degree or any equivalent Knowledgeable in accounting principles and practices, finance principles and reporting Has technical accounting skills Has previous experience in general accounting Proficiency in relevant accounting software

6. Cashier Job Description Maintain all accounting records Maximize profit by controlling asset, cost and expenses Manage the companys funds In-charge in the cash register In-charge in supervising the profit of the company

Qualification At least 23 years of age A degree holder of any business course or related Must possess good communication skills Must be a good moral character and must possess good leadership skills With or without experience

7. Laborers (2) Job Description Qualification 8. Tailor (1) Job Description Responsible for sewing the fabric served as a packaging of air purifier

Maintain and keep all equipment and the surrounding of working area clean.

Qualification Vocational course graduate (Male of Female) Has good hand-eye coordination and manual capability At least 18 years of age With pleasing personality Has a meaningful experience in tailoring

9. Driver (1) Job Description Qualification

10. Security Guard (1) Job Description Monitor and authorize entrance and departure of employees and other persons to guard against theft and maintains security premises. Patrol industrial and commercial premises to prevent and detect signs of intrusion and ensures security of doors, windows and gates. Write reports of daily activities and irregularities such as equipment or property damage, theft, presence of unauthorized persons or unusual occurrences. Qualification


PROJECT SCHEDULE Project schedule depicts the proper planning and scheduling of specific business

activities to be undertaken. Gantt chart will be used to control and monitor the process. 2011 2012

Activity June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

April May

Activity: 1 Project feasibility study 2 Putting up of equity 3 Formation and registration of partnership 4 Processing of lease contract and renovation of the site 5 Selection of machineries, equipment and supplies 6 Order and receipt of equipment and other supplies 7 Installation of equipment, machines and other supplies 8 Hiring and training of employees 9 Start of normal operation 1. Project feasibility study (June September 2011) The feasibility study will be completed within this period to which the researcher conducted a comprehensive study like interviews and surveys.

2. Putting up of equity (October 2011) A collection of cash contribution from the partners for the capitalization of the business will take place within this period.

3. Formation and registration of partnership (October 2011) Articles of partnership should be prepared and signed by all partners registering with some agencies who have regulatory power over the business such as the SEC, BIR, DTI, etc. 4. Processing of lease contract and renovation of the site (October November 2011) This involves searching and renovation of the appropriate plant site. The partners will rent the place temporarily until the business is financially stable.

5. Selection of machineries, equipment and supplies (November 2011) The partners will have to canvas for the machineries and equipment for Srjana air purifier manufacturing business which aims to get the lower price but with high quality. The one who will give the better offer is the first priority. 6. Orders and receipt of equipment and other supplies (November December 2011) Orders of machineries and equipment should be listed for the purpose of monitoring. Receipts should be issued to determine the mode of payment.

7. Installation of equipment, machines and other supplies (December 2011) Delivery and installation of the equipment to be used by the business for quality service should be done during this period.

8. Hiring and training of employees (December 2011) This stage involves hiring and training of employees. Delegations and direction of duties are given to the employees. This stage also involves conducting training and seminars provided to the employees regarding the business and its operation.

9. Start of Normal Operation (January 2012) The business will start during this period. Its goal is to give quality service at the most affordable price possible.



The laborers and tailors must submit the following requirements and undergo the following: Requirements: Resume NBI clearance/ Police clearance Barangay clearance High school diploma Attachment of reference on previous work experience (if applicable)

1. Interview 2. Orientation 3. Training