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Odyssey Test

Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. Critical Reading ____ 1. Part 1 of the Odyssey is mainly about Odysseus a. influence with the gods. c. heroic deeds. b. love of travel. d. loyalty to Helios. 2. Which of the following quotations contains a description of an epic hero? a. Now I let go with hands and feet, plunging / straight into the foam beside the timbers, / pulled astride, and rowed hard with my hands / to pass by Scylla. b. I rather dwelt on this part of the forecast, / while our good ship made time, bound outward down / the wind for the strange island of Sirens. c. In the next land we found were Cyclopes, / giants, louts, without a law to bless them. d. So one day I withdrew to the interior / to pray the gods in solitude, for hope / that one might show me some way of salvation. 3. The epithet Laertes son, frequently applied to Odysseus, emphasizes a. Laertes high standards for Odysseus. c. Odysseus lack of maturity. b. Laertes trust in Ulysses. d. Odysseus loyalty to his family. 4. Which statement most accurately describes the role of Zeus in Odysseus adventures? a. Zeus encourages Odysseus crew. b. Zeus controls the weather by which Odysseus sails. c. Zeus strengthens Odysseus enemies. d. Zeus protects Odyseus crew from harm. 5. Which aspect of Odysseus character keeps him from giving his heart to Calypso or to Circe? a. He is self-centered. c. He is incapable of love. b. He is eager to get back to Ithaca. d. He prefers the sea to the land. 6. While Odysseus men want to steal the Cyclops cheeses and animals and depart immediately, Odysseus wishes to see what the cave man had to offer. Considering Odysseus character, what might he be hoping the Cyclops will offer? a. An exciting challenge c. A place to stay b. A faster ship d. A good meal 7. Which is the best rephrasing of the following lines?
When the young Dawn with fingertips of rose lit up the world, the Cyclops built a fire









a. When dawn first broke / the Cyclops built a fire. b. At daybreak, the Cyclops built a fire. c. When Dawn touched the world with her rosy fingertips, the Cyclops built a fire. d. Sun rises. Cyclops builds fire. 8. Which trait does Odysseus demonstrate by lying about his name to the Cyclops? a. Ruthlessness c. Creativity b. Loyalty d. Stubbornness 9. What is the meaning of Polyphemus words in the following lines?
Let him lose all companions, and return under strange sail to bitter days at home.

a. Let Odysseus return home without his companions. b. Odysseus will sail home under a strange sail. c. Let Odysseus return home, alone and troubled. d. Curse Odysseus with a difficult journey home. ____ 10. Odysseus demonstrates the realistic, human side of his character when he a. resists the temptations of Calypso and Circe. b. refuses to taste the honeyed Lotus plant. c. ties his men beneath the Cyclops rams. d. weeps upon meeting Elpenors ghost in Hades. ____ 11. Which character trait does Odysseus display when he listens to the Sirens song? a. Laziness c. Selfishness b. Loyalty to Zeus d. Self-sacrifice ____ 12. If written out in prose, how many sentences do the following lines equal?
I clambered fore and aft my hulk until a comber split her, keel from ribs, and the big timber floated free; the mast, too, broke away.

____ 13.

____ 14.

____ 15.

____ 16.

____ 17.

____ 18.

a. One c. Three b. Two d. Four What is demonstrated by Odysseus failure to wake up and prevent his men from slaughtering the sun gods cattle? a. Eurylochus skills as a leader c. The power of the gods b. Odysseus exhaustion d. The disloyalty of the crew Odysseus comment to Telemachus, This is not princely, to be swept / away by wonder at your fathers presence, means that ancient Greek princes: a. were easily amazed. c. honored their fathers. b. believed in miracles. d. showed little emotion. Which of the following is an example of a simile? a. Odysseus in one motion strung the bow. b. Odysseus stood watching the unruly suitors like a captain surveying a rough sea. c. The suitors, both strong and weak, tried and failed to string the bow. d. The setting of the epic is the Greek isles. Which of the following sentences best summarizes the Argus episode? a. Odysseus fails to recognize his faithful dog Argus who then dies of neglect. b. A dog named Argus is near death and lies unnoticed by his former master, Odysseus. c. Odysseus faithful dog Argus, weak through neglect and abuse, wags his tail at the sound of Odysseus voice, and then he dies. d. Before Odysseus can wean his dog Argus back to heath, the neglected animal dies. The episode about Argus, Odysseus dog, is important to the overall plot of Part 2 because it emphasizes a. the length of Odysseus absence from home. b. Eumaeus awareness of Odysseus disguise. c. Argus undying loyalty to his master. d. the qualities that people and animals have in their youth. Which of Telemachus actions best demonstrates his obedience to his father? a. His journey through Pylos and Sparta in search of Odysseus b. His suspicion that the beggar is a god c. The tears he sheds when Odysseus reveals his true identity d. His silence when Antinous confronts Odysseus

____ 19. What is one result of Odysseus initial exchange with the suitor Antinous? a. Telemachus removes all the shields and weapons from the hall. b. Penelope summons the beggar Odysseus and questions him. c. The swineherd Eumaeus discovers Odysseus identity. d. Argus is killed. ____ 20. The episode in which Penelope invites the old beggar to her room is important because it ____. a. allows suspense to build c. foreshadows the ending b. explains Penelopes sadness d. reveals Odysseus identity ____ 21. Why does the disguised Odysseus make up a story and tell Penelope that her husband will be home soon? a. To give himself a few days to figure out what to do b. To see whether her reaction to the news is one of joy or disappointment c. To prepare Penelope emotionally for recognizing and welcoming her husband d. To make the surprise of his true identity all the greater ____ 22. Which character traits does Penelope reveal in Part 2 of the Odyssey? a. Stubbornness and fear c. Prudence and loyalty b. Weakness and longing d. Indecision and panic ____ 23. Which of Odysseus traits allows his triumph in the bow-and-arrow challenge that Penelope sets for her suitors? a. His love for Penelope c. His pride in his bow b. His loyalty to the gods d. His skill as a marksman ____ 24. Choose the phrase that best defines epic simile. a. A figure of speech in which one thing is spoken of as though it were something else b. Literary technique that involves differences between meaning and intention c. A work done in imitation of another d. A long elaborate comparison between two dissimilar actions or objects ____ 25. Which is an important theme in the Odyssey, Part 2? a. Good triumphs over evil. c. The quest for power never ends. b. Separation weakens relationships. d. Old age triumphs over youth. ____ 26. Which of the following best summarizes the conflict in Part 2 of the Odyssey? a. Odysseus fears his return to Ithaca will result in a civil war. b. Odysseus dislikes being home and wants to decide if he should stay before he reveals his true identity. c. Odysseus must deal forcefully with his wifes suitors and determine her attitude toward him. d. Odysseus must choose between his loyalty to the gods and his affection for his family. ____ 27. In a summary, a reader should a. restate all events in his or her own words. b. retell the plot briefly in his or her own words. c. list major events as briefly as possible. d. identify causes and effects for all events and happenings. Vocabulary and Grammar ____ 28. Which of the following statements is true? a. Odysseus was able to assuage the winds that blew him off course. b. Throughout the epic, Odysseus proves that he is bereft of common sense and physical strength. c. The Sirens plundered Odysseus ships. d. A squall forces Odysseus and his men into the land where Helios keeps his cattle.

____ 29. Choose the item with the words that correctly complete the following sentence.
Odysseus acts ___ a hero in challenging situations, and he expects his crew to act ___ he does.

____ 30.

____ 31.

____ 32.

____ 33.

____ 34.

____ 35.

____ 36.

a. like like b. like as c. as like d. as as Two terms that best describe the Cyclops and his actions are ____ and ____. a. dispatched; assuage c. insidious; plundered b. squall; bereft d. mammoth; titanic Which of the following sentences contains an error in the use of like, as, or as if? a. It seems as if Odysseus crew would be killed by Cyclops. b. They hung like monkeys underneath the rams. c. Odysseus did not sail home soon like he thought he would. d. The sack of winds first seemed like a gift. Despite Calypsos ____ for him, Odysseus insists on returning to Ithaca. a. ardor c. bereft b. titanic d. squall Which of the following sentences contains an error in the use of like, as, or as if? a. Scylla made the sea burn like a crackling fire. b. It seemed like Odysseus would never get home. c. Every new danger seemed as if it would be the last. d. The men spent much of their days as oarsmen. Odysseus would respond to an insidious member of his crew by a. praising him. c. punishing him. b. trying to befriend him. d. ignoring him. If Odysseus had continued to dissemble he would have a. hidden his identity from Telemachus and others. b. forgiven the suitors instead of killing them. c. left Ithaca and kept on traveling. d. lied about why it took him so long to get home. Telemachus spoke with incredulity when Odysseus said he was his father. This means Telemachus was a. angry that his father dared show up after so many years. b. weeping uncontrollably. c. disappointed that he had not recognized Odysseus earlier. d. unable to believe the news. Which pair of words correctly completes the following sentence?
They sailed ___ the billowing waves, traveling ___ the two overhanging cliffs.

____ 37.

a. among among b. between among c. between between d. among between ____ 38. To be maudlin is to be ____. a. focused on death c. foolishly sentimental b. violently angry d. occupied by foolish thoughts ____ 39. Which of the following sentences contains an error in the use of among and between? a. There is unrest between the many suitors.

b. They talk among themselves to plot Telemachus murder. c. There is a fight between Odysseus and Eurymachus. d. Penelope is not sure she can tell the difference between Odysseus and an imposter. ____ 40. Which of the following sentences contains an error in the use of among and between? a. The goddess Athena could tell the difference between Odysseus and a beggar. b. Argus had been the swiftest and strongest between all the dogs. c. Telemachus thinks that Odysseus stands among the gods. d. Odysseus is not recognized among the suitors. ____ 41. Which word best describes Odysseus battle with the suitors? a. Picturesque c. Titanic b. Maudlin d. Bemused ____ 42. Which pair of words correctly completes the following sentence?
In Greece, we hired a guide who served ___ our translator; she spoke the language ___ a native.

a. as like b. as as c. like as d. like like ____ 43. Which of the following would best be characterized by the word picturesque? a. Ithaca and its neighboring islands b. The phantom of Odysseus mother c. Odysseus shouting taunts at the Cyclops d. Millay wiping her eyes on her apron ____ 44. Which sentence contains an error in the use of like, as, or as if? a. Anceus boasts like he is the one who wounded the boar. b. Meleager was drawn to Atalanta as bees to honey. c. The boar attacks the heroes like it is not wounded. d. Anceus acts as if the praise for Atalanta insults him. ____ 45. Which word from a myth is best described by this sentence:
It is large and strong and usually means danger, but people are often attracted to it.

a. A titan c. A cyclops b. A siren d. An odyssey ____ 46. Which pair of words correctly completes the following sentence?
The heroes searched for the boar ___ the trees of the woods, and they finally found it ___ the woods and the marsh.

a. among among b. among between c. between among d. between between ____ 47. In which item are the following sentences combined most effectively?
They put nets between trees. They let the dogs loose. They were trying to kill the boar. They looked for its footprints.

a. They were trying to kill the boar. They put nets between trees and let the dogs loose. Also, they looked for its footprints. b. Because they were trying to kill the boar, they looked for its footprints. Then they put nets between trees, and then they let the dogs loose. c. They prepared to kill the boar by putting nets between trees. Next, they let the

dogs loose. Next, they looked for its footprints. d. They prepared to kill the boar by putting nets between trees, letting the dogs loose, and looking for its footprints. ____ 48. Which word has a suffix meaning having the quality of? a. Contemptible c. Defrauded b. Bereft d. Picturesque Critical Reading The questions below are based on the following selection.
The Greek kingdom of Calydon is being laid waste by a monstrous boar. The hero Meleager summons other heroes of Greece to help him hunt and destroy the boar. This version of the ancient Greek myth Meleager and Atalanta was written by Thomas Bullfinch in the 1900s. With them came Atalanta, the daughter of Iasius, king of Arcadia. A buckle of polished gold confined her vest, an ivory quiver hung on her left shoulder, and her left hand bore the bow. Her face blent1 feminine beauty with the best graces of martial2 youth. Meleager saw and loved. But now already they were near the monsters lair. They stretched strong nets from tree to tree; they uncoupled their dogs, they tried to find the footprints of their quarry in the grass. From the wood was a descent to marshy ground. Here the boar, as he lay among the reeds, heard the shouts of his pursuers, and rushed forth against them. One and another is thrown down and slain. Jason throws his spear, with a prayer to Diana for success; and the favoring goddess allows the weapon to touch, but not to wound, removing the steel point of the spear in its flight. Nestor, assailed, seeks and finds safety in the branches of a tree. Telamon rushes on, but stumbling at a projecting root, falls prone. But an arrow from Atalanta at length for the first time tastes the monsters blood. It is a slight wound, but Meleager sees and joyfully proclaims it. Anceus, excited to envy by the praise given to a female, loudly proclaims his own valor, and defies alike the boar and the goddess who had sent it; but as he rushes on, the infuriated beast lays him low with a mortal wound. Theseus throws his lance, but it is turned aside by a projecting bough. The dart of Jason misses its object, and kills instead one of their own dogs. But Meleager, after one unsuccessful stroke, drives his spear into the monsters side, then rushes on and despatches him with repeated blows.
1 2

blent v.: Combined. martial (mr sh l) adj.: Like a warrior.

____ 49. How is Atalanta different from the others humans who come to hunt the boar of Calydon? a. Atalanta is the cleverest of all. b. Atalanta is the strongest of those who come to hunt the boar. c. Atalanta is the only one who uses a spear. d. Atalanta is the only woman. ____ 50. What characteristic does Meleager share with other epic heroes, such as Odysseus? a. He wanders all over the world. b. He kills a destructive monster. c. He has many heroes to help him. d. He defies the gods to accomplish his ends. ____ 51. What can you infer about Greek values from the statement that Anceus excited to envy by the praise given to a female, proclaims his own valor? a. Greeks believed valor was the highest virtue. b. Greeks felt women were worth special praise.

c. Greeks considered women to be of less value than men. d. Greeks valued women above all others. ____ 52. Why does Meleager joyfully proclaim the wound Atalanta deals the boar? a. The wound kills the boar. b. He is in love with Atalanta. c. The wound is too slight to hurt the boar. d. The wound slows the boar down. ____ 53. Which of the following is the best summary of this myth? a. Meleager, with the help of a band of heroes that includes a woman he loves, slays a destructive boar. b. Meleager meets a woman, falls in love with her, and kills a boar for her. c. Several important Greek heroes are made fools of or actually killed by a boar. d. Atalanta wounds a monstrous boar, and some Greeks are envious. ____ 54. Which of the following statements can not be inferred about Greek divinities from this quotation:
Jason throws his spear, with a prayer to Diana for success: and the favoring goddess allows the weapon to touch, but not to wound, removing the steel point of the spear in its flight.

____ 55.

____ 56.

____ 57.

____ 58.

a. Goddesses are powerful divinities. b. Gods and goddesses respond to prayers from humans. c. Divinities can interfere in human matters. d. Divinities will not stand for challenges from humans. Which of the following best describes Thomas Bullfinchs retelling of this myth in relation to his nineteenth-century audience? a. It is a fairy tale. c. It is a summary. b. It is an epic. d. It is a contemporary interpretation. When the author says of Atalanta Her face blent feminine beauty with the best graces of martial youth, he means that a. she was graceful and beautiful, but too youthful for battle. b. her face was warlike and strong, rather than beautiful. c. her face combined the features of a pretty woman with those of handsome warlike young man. d. her feminine beauty was lessened by her warlike mannish expression. What is the effect of the scene describing the heroes attempts to overcome the boar? a. It makes the boar seem more dangerous and Meleagers victory more heroic. b. It convinces the reader that Atalanta is outmatched by the male hunters. c. It reminds the reader of how unconquerable Greek heroes were believed to be. d. It proves that Meleager could never have slain the boar without help from others. Using the actions of Meleager as evidence, what is one quality that the Greeks valued in their heroes? a. Their love of strong, beautiful women b. Their high degree of physical prowess c. Their reverence for the gods d. Their ability to lead their people The question(s) below consists (consist) of a related pair of words in CAPITAL LETTERS followed by four lettered pairs of words. Choose the pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that of the pair in capital letters.

____ 59. EQUITY : JUSTICE : : a. loyalty : allegience b. strength : hero

c. youth : prince d. poverty : beggar

____ 60. Which sentence contains an error in the use of among and between? a. He enjoyed walking among the wild raspberry bushes. b. She heard laughing among the children playing in the park. c. The sun rose between the two mountain peaks. d. The teacher encouraged friendship between the people in the class. Essay Rubric for Evaluating Essays 0 1
Blank paper Foreign language Illegible, incoherent Not enough content to score Incorrect purpose, mode, audience Brief, vague Unelaborated Rambling

Correct purpose, mode, audience Some elaboration Some details Gaps in organization Limited language control

Correct purpose, mode, audience Moderately well elaborated Clear, effective language Organized (perhaps with brief digressions)

Correct purpose, mode, audience Effective elaboration Consistent organization Sense of completeness, fluency

Lack of language control Poor organization

61. How do the men of Odysseus crew feel about him? Do you think they regard him as a hero? Why or why not? In a brief essay, state your opinion and support it with evidence from the story. 62. An epic hero possesses the character traits most valued by the society in which the epic originated. Based on this portion of the Odyssey, write a brief essay describing the character traits most admired in ancient Greece. 63. In general, does Odysseus control his own destiny, or is his fate determined by the gods? Explore this question in a brief essay, supporting your conclusions with evidence from the selection. 64. Consider Part 2 of the Odyssey as a set of problems and solutions. After being gone for twenty years, Odysseus has a number of problems to deal with when he returns to Ithaca. In an essay, identify three problems Odysseus faces. Explain how he solved each problem and describe the consequences of his actions. 65. In literature, as in life, people must decide from among alternative courses of action. Select an example from the Odyssey in which the story might have ended differently if a character had acted differently. Cite examples to support your speculation. 66. Homers Odyssey has been described as a timeless success because of its profound expression of the triumph and frustration of human life. It is not only a story of a heroic battle but also of peoples advice, questions, requests, hopes, and desires. In an essay, discuss how Part 2 expresses the triumph and frustration of human life. 67. Imagine that you are about to create a screenplay for a film of the Odyssey. Write an essay in which you choose two or three events to focus on, explaining why these will be the best ones to film. Explain why they will appeal to the audience, how they illustrate Odysseus character traits, and how they develop the themes of the epic.

68. Epic heroes are figures of larger-than-life stature who exemplify character traits valued by their societies. It has been said that although Odysseus is one of the greatest of Greek epic heroes, he is not perfect; he has flaws and makes mistakes. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? In an essay, explain your position, supporting it with examples from the selection. 69. The character and actions of Penelope reflect ideas about the ideal woman in early Greek society. For example, she was expected to maintain her loyalty to her husband in the most difficult circumstances. In an essay, discuss some other aspects of the womans role as exemplified by Penelope. Then compare and contrast the womans role in early Greek society with that of todays society. 70. As an epic hero, Odysseus embodies qualities valued by his society. Do you think Odysseus meets our societys expectations of a hero? Write an essay in which you argue whether or not the actions of Odysseus are compatible with contemporary American values. Support your argument with examples from the Odyssey. 71. Four modern interpretations that borrow elements from the Odyssey are presented in this unit: Siren Song by Margaret Atwood, An Ancient Gesture by Edna St. Vincent Millay, the Prologue and Epilogue from Derek Walcotts version of the Odyssey, and Ithaca by Constantine Cavafy. Choose one of these interpretations, and briefly compare and contrast it to the original epic poem. For example, if you choose Siren Song, you might discuss the meaning Atwood gives to the song and her portrayal of the Sirens, explaining how they differ from those in the Odyssey. Then explain how you would present the same material in your own modern interpretation to express a contemporary idea, belief, or feeling.

Odyssey Test Answer Section

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. C A D B B A B C C D D A C D B C A D B A C C D D A C B D B D C A B C D D D C A B C

42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. ESSAY


61. Students who believe Odysseus is admired by his crew might cite the series of situations in which the hero saves his men from harm or death. Students might point out that the crew obeys Odysseus orders, almost without exception. However, the crews mutinous acts in the land of the Cicones and in Helios land might serve as evidence of their lack of respect for Odysseus. 62. Students should recognize that Odysseus, as an epic hero, is a model of the most admired characteristics in ancient Greece. These characteristics include physical strength, mental quickness, bravery, respect for the gods, leadership abilities, perseverance, fairness, honesty, and self-control. Events that demonstrate some of these qualities include Odysseus outwitting of the Cyclops, his bravery in battling Scylla, and his resistance of temptations from Calypso, the Lotus-Eaters, and the cattle of the sun god. 63. Students who believe that Odysseus controls his own destiny might cite his heroic deeds and ability to escape from life-threatening situations. They might point out that Odysseus must make choices along his journey, as when he decides whether to stay with Calypso and whether to easily escape the Cyclops cave or to remain to meet his challenge. Students who argue that the gods largely determine Odysseus fate might cite Zeus control of the winds, Poseidons grudge against Odysseus for maiming Polyphemus, and the prophet Tiresias predictions of the fate that eventually does befall Odysseus. 64. Suggested responses: Problem 1: Odysseus needs to travel unrecognized on Ithaca. Solution 1: Athena disguises him. Problem 2: Odysseus needs to learn of Penelopes suitors and devise a plan to get rid of them. Solution 2: Telemachus informs him. Odysseus has Telemachus remove their weapons from the hall. Problem 3: Odysseus needs to convince Penelope of his identity. Solution 3: He describes the bed he made, using a sign they had established years earlier. 65. Students may select the instance in which Athena appeared to Odysseus and disguised him as a beggar. If Athena had not done this, it is likely that Odysseus return home would have been very different. Students should support their speculation about an alternative outcome with specific details.

66. Students essays should note that these characters experience very human events even though some elements of their experiences are fantastic. The triumph in Part 2 is Odysseus being restored to his rightful home and to his loyal wife and son. The frustration comes in the long wait, the presumptuousness of Penelopes suitors, and the lack of certain recognition until the very end. 67. Students should single out two or three episodes from the Odyssey as most appropriate for filming, and explain why these would be effective in a film. For example, they might point out that the Cyclops episode is exciting and suspenseful, and it displays Odysseus cleverness and ability to survive. 68. In their responses, students should state whether they agree or disagree with the statement and give reasons, citing specific examples from the poem. For example, those who agree may point out that Odysseus curiosity sometimes gets him and his men into trouble, as in their visit to the Cyclops cave. They might also mention as a flaw his desire to be recognized as a hero, as when he dangerously taunts the Cyclops. Those who disagree with the statement may argue that Odysseus curiosity and desire for glory are not considered flaws in his society but are traits expected of a Greek hero. 69. Students responses should focus on several aspects of a womans role, as reflected in Penelopes character and actions. They might mention that in addition to remaining loyal in refusing to take a new husband, Penelope also oversees her husbands household and raises his children. In their comparisons, students may mention that although the homemaker role is challenged on all fronts today, it is one still played by many modern women. 70. Students responses should compare Odysseus behavior with that of modern heroes. Those who believe that he could be a contemporary American hero might point to his intelligence, resourcefulness, and ability to survive; those who feel he would not be a contemporary hero might argue that he kills without feeling much regret or that he is too self-centered. 71. Students comparisons should show that they understand both the original epic poem as well as the modern interpretation of it. They should cite specific similarities and differences. For example, they might state that for Odysseus, Ithaca represents tangible thingshome, wife, family, and kingdomand that he is prevented from reaching that goal by a needless journey. For Cavafy in Ithaca, the island represents something more spiritual, an internal goal that provides inspiration for a journey that is not needless at all; the journey is the whole point.