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Business Ethics Dilemma Jeremy Newton Axias University of Phoenix

Ethics and social responsibility are the most important things when it comes to a persons personal life, or when you are referring to how accomplishments of a business. Most companies will put together a very comprehensive plan; followed by long thought on what role ethics will have and what effect will social responsibility have on the comprehensive plans that are in the need of stakeholders, management, and subordinate level. With the growing rate of corporate scandals ethics could not be more important in todays business environment. In my previous employment there was so many different occasions when I was present to over hear or see different types of behavior that is not suppose to be done in the workplace. There are also many different occasions when I was a target of this type of unethical behavior. This type of scenario is seen every day at the workplace and sometimes goes without notice especially by upper management. I had to get used to the verbal abuse and racial jokes and take them with a smile. I even got used to laughing with my managers and so good at hiding the real person inside that really wanted to break down and cry. There was one thing in particular that stands out and this took place at one of my previous employments. I was new to the position of timeshare sales, and coming from the low class employment category of marketing you were not accepted with open arms. The company was structured as any other company giving one person who in this case was the Director of Sales the last say to every decision made by lower management. I came in scared and because of me being younger than everyone there I was usually by myself and only communicated with the trainer. For six months straight I did not get any qualified tours making my job more difficult. This was in direct result because I was new and I was not a part of the political parties that made up the sales team. With no sales for six months comes the harassment from your other

colleges. Every day there were morning meetings and every once in a while the director of sales would call out all of the sales from the previous day. Some times in the meeting our director of sales would call out my name knowing that I have not sold any tours. The main reason why I was so upset about this is because after I finally sold my first tour even they were surprised because for sure the person could not afford it but they made room in their budget for it. The director of sales later admitted later on that week in one of the meetings that they have been giving me all the bad tours on purpose for no apparent reason. I would have not taken it so bad if I was after six months the only person who had been hired but that was not the case. There were new hires that had started working there after I did who did less and some even sold their first tour. The difference between them and me was simple, one new hire was the daughter of an employee, and the other was a close friend of the director of sales family. This is just one type of example of how ethical behavior can not only effect the employee but there entire family. The fact that I sold my first tour did not help me

because it was considered a bad tour so they thought if I can sell the bad ones lets continue to give them to me. I did not have to go far to get some help with my situation because there was many different administrative employees that had noticed how I was being treated. They stepped in and started handing me good tours when the managers were busy instead of doing what they favored by giving the tour to their agents. This is what did it I was finally not only selling tours but in record numbers, and package sizes. This changed everything making me not only the top sells person but making all the other sales agents re evaluate their pitch. Before I knew it no longer was I the only person working extra hard to make my tours understand the value, by taking all the attention from the room with the interesting and no corny exiting pitch. Not only did the pitch of every sales persons change but the way the tours were conducted were changing

as well. Every day was a challenge to see how far I could push the envelope to make my tour exclusive to all the perks available. In the end result whenever I was touring the resort with other sales people and clients instead of waiting for me to give my spill, they would ask me to present the resort with their group. I could have did the same thing that was done to me by taking my newly found technique and keeping it to myself, instead because of my ethics I chose to share and make everyone a team instead of groups of seasonal successors. I did take more than what I received acting as a sponge learning everything as I went along, and that is why if I was faced with the same type of situation I would accomplish everything in half of that time. This is what happens when you interpret the proper lesson that was taught through your life experiences.