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The Seven Spirits of God: 2 Seven Heads (Ten Horns, Ten Crowns)

By Jeffrey David Dean Sr. April 29 2010 Revised October 12, 2011
Most Christians are blissfully unaware of scripture in their very own New Testament that without a doubt exposes not only the blatant POLYTHEISM of Christianity (in specific the polytheistic nature of the TRINITY doctrine as I have written in Part 1) but exposes the very NATURE of the BEAST RELIGION itself and identifying it as a candidate for the Beast of Revelation 13. To recap from Part 1, the most telling scriptures that completely demonstrate Christianitys polytheistic (and possibly Gnostic) roots are found in Revelation 1: 4 and 3:1 and 4: 5, and 5: 6. Revelation 1: 4 John to the seven churches which are in Asia: Grace be to you, and which was, and which is to come; and from the seven Spirits which are before his throne; Revelation 3:1 And unto the angel of the church in Sardis write; These things says he that has the seen Spirits of God, and the seven stars; I know your works, that you have a name that you live, but are dead. Revelation 4: 5 And out of the throne proceeded lightning and thundering and voices: and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God. Revelation 5: 6 And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne, and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth.


Im going to answer this question as honestly and in as forthright a manner as I possibly can. I am STILL not entirely sure. I am still reluctant to postulate a theory of my own and I definitely refuse to settle on the apologetics of the trinitarians (who have covered the subject far more extensively than anyone else). I do feel quite comfortable recapping for you what I KNOW about these Spirits but first Id like to point out that, to me, the most significant thing about these Seven Spirits of God is not who or what they are but WHAT or WHO the Trinitarian Christians SAY they are!


4. The seven Spirits are before the throne of Almighty! (Revelation 1: 4) 5. Yeshua (Jesus) can SEE these seven Spirits and it is implied within the text that the angel of Sardis has NOT seen them. (Otherwise would it not say, he who has ALSO seen the seven Spirits of God?) (Revelation 3: 1) 6. They are SYMBOLICALLY represented as seven lamps (Revelation 4: 5) Note: I say that the seven lamps are symbolic because of item number 4 which follows 7. They are a part of Christ's "Body" as seen before the throne in heaven and are SYMBOLICALLY represented as seven horns and also seven eyes. (Revelation 5: 6) Note: If these horns and eyes are NOT symbolic I am wondering how it escaped the Gospels that Christ had seven horns on his head and seven eyes. This seems like a detail that would have been mentioned. Consequently its obvious that the seven lamps are likewise symbolic. 5. A spirit is a "mind" according to the writers of the New Testament. (We will cover those scriptures in a moment). As I've said before knowing these criteria for sure about the seven Spirits does not bring us that much closer to understanding them, nor identifying them positively. So much commentary has been recorded among the Trinitarians about the SEVEN SPIRITS that we can use what we KNOW (from the Scriptures) about the seven Spirits and completely EXPOSE not only the DECEPTIVE nature and bias which exists in MODERN TRANSLATIONS but we can discover just how POLYTHEISTIC, and possibly even GNOSTIC are the Trinitarians in their apologetic mindset.


Let us re-examine again the Catholic teaching on the seven Spirits (although, granted, there are many non Catholic teachings within Christianity so the Catholic take on this subject is NOT NECESSARILY a good indication of what ALL Christians teach). Being that the Catholic Church is the LARGEST BODY of Christians in the world, it seems logical to start with their teachings on this matter. The following quote is taken from New Advent or the Catholic Encyclopedia Online,

from an entry called Tractate 122. The Holy Spirit, therefore, is aptly represented by the septenary number. The prophet Isaiah likewise says, The Spirit of God shall rest on Him; and thereafter calls our attention to that Spirit in His septenary work or grace, by saying, The spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and piety, and He shall be filled with the spirit of the fear of God. Isaiah 11:2-3 And what of the Revelation? Are they not there called the seven Spirits of God, Revelation 3:1 while there is only one and the same Spirit dividing to every one severally as He will? 1 Corinthians 12:11 But the septenary operation of the one Spirit was so called by the Spirit Himself, whose own presence in the writer led to their being spoken of as the seven Spirits. The true significance of Tractate 122 may elude many so I will emphasize here the key statements upon which I will focus most of my scrutiny. First and foremost we have to ZERO IN on the question being begged by the author(s) of Tractate 122. They state emphatically that the Holy Spirit is represented herein by the Seven Spirits of God, yet they offer NO PROOF of this scripturally? Where is the EVIDENCE that these Seven Spirits represent the Holy Spirit? These seven spirits are seen as "horns" and "eyes" in the Christ. Since when was the Holy Spirit characterized by any scripture as the "horns or eyes" of Christ? In fact, why would they be the horns and eyes of Christ if they are representing the Holy Spirit? Would they not be the horns and eyes of BOTH CHRIST and he who SITS ON THE THRONE? Furthermore, why does Christ say "he who has seen the seven spirits" if the seven spirits represent the Holy Spirit? If the Holy Spirit is the THIRD MEMBER OF THE TRIUNE GODHEAD, then the third person of the Godhead is invisible to all but Christ himself according to these verses! Tractate 122 goes on to teach that the Holy Spirit is not just ONE person but is made up of SEVEN SPIRITS. These seven spirits are ONE (in the same way that the Trinity are all ONE in the minds of Trinitarians). It states that ONE Spirit divides into seven spirits and goes forth to each person as HE will. From the above Catholic teaching it is abundantly clear that to them the seven Spirits are MUCH MORE than seven ministrations of one Spirit. The seven Spirits are much more than seven FUNCTIONS of one person within the Godhead (for according to them the functions of the Holy Spirit are far more numerous than just SEVEN. This Catholic (and by its very origins TRINITARIAN) teaching is clear that the ONE SPIRIT, the THIRD PERSON OF THE GODHEAD, is divided into SEVEN ENTITIES, SEVEN SPIRITS who can act SEPARATELY FROM EACH OTHER, one spirit going to ONE PERSON, and another going to another person and interacting. Within the Trinitarian doctrine there exists SEVEN PERSONS within the Godhead, who make up a whole (the Holy Ghost). The implications of this notion should be readily obvious to all! They have created within a ONE TRUE GOD, three separate persons

(God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit) and within those personages of the Godhead there exists SEVEN SEPARATE SPIRIT PERSONS who act independently of each other but are also ONE. According to Catholic teaching, therefore, God is made up of SEVEN PERSONS (who are all PART of the WHOLE, making them seven LESSER GODS who make up SEVEN parts of the whole). Anyone who studies religion should RECOGNIZE this concept immediately. It is IDENTICAL to GNOSTICISM in every way, in which there are various emanations of God and within those emanations again there are various more emanations. When we go back to what we KNOW for a fact about the seven Spirits of God, compare that to what Trinitarians teach about the Holy Spirit, and throw into that recipe what Trinitarians almost unanimously say about the seven Spirits we come away with a FULL picture of the polytheistic (and arguably Gnostic) nature of the Trinity itself. We also have the extra added bonus that we can see how bias and misleading and tainted are the modern translations of the Bible. In the KIV of the Bible (and several other modern translations) where the word seven appears in reference to the seven Spirits, the translation replaces the word seven with sevenfold. This is perhaps the most obvious example of their deliberate and dishonest intent to mistranslate and mislead the reader. When you go to the original GREEK TEXT of Revelation, the word seven in these texts is the word Hepta and is NEVER translated as sevenfold. They are simply LYING when they say sevenfold. The real tell is in examining what could be the possible motivation for changing the word seven to sevenfold? What does "sevenfold" mean? Shockingly it means the exact same thing in the Hebrew and in Greek (which is rare in and of itself). It means times seven and it has no secondary meaning in either the Greek or the Hebrew! So where do they get "sevenfold?" From the English for while the PRIMARY ENGLISH definition is times seven or seven as many, there is a secondary meaning which is, composed of seven parts. I submit that the only possible reason for making this word sevenfold rather than seven (in English translations) should be VERY OBVIOUS to the discerning reader. If their intent is to apply the PRIMARY DEFINITION of sevenfold then there is NO REASON to change the text from the word SEVEN to the word SEVENFOLD, simply because ONE HOLY SPIRIT times SEVEN equals SEVEN SPIRITS! Clearly they are trying to assert the SECONDARY definition of sevenfold into the text (without having any clear contextual support). Where is the contextual foundation within the text to infer that the Holy Spirit is composed of seven parts? The answer is, there is no foundation. In fact, as I have already pointed out there is no EVIDENCE scripturally that it is even TALKING about the Holy Spirit here so the dishonesty in the translation to the word "sevenfold" is doubly bias and deceptive, begging the question with the use of one word and asserting a purely Catholic and TRINITARIAN view that comes straight from Tractate 122 (that these seven spirits are representative of the Holy Spirit who is

divided into seven different parts, hence the word "sevenfold"). Yet, in their eagerness to DISHONESTLY and INTENTIONALLY MISLEAD THE READER, the Trinitarian translators are asserting that seven Spirits means that the Holy Spirit of God is composed of seven persons," (with their use of the word sevenfold) and furthermore, they have exposed their unified front with the Catholics on the subject and inadvertently exposed their own error and their own intent to mistranslate a scripture, the end result of which is to pepper the Bible with words and phrases that support the TRINITY! (They have probably been doing this for centuries). I get goosebumps when I read Tractate 122 and when I see how unanimously the Trinitarians have accepted it when reading Revelation because the dividing of the Holy Spirit into SEVEN is the LYNCH PIN in a mechanism that ultimately exposes the DOCTRINE of the TRINITARIAN CHRIST as the BEAST of Revelation 13 (we will most certainly cover that in a moment but before I do let me share the reasoning behind my audacious- and many a Trinitarian will say- blasphemous and heretical claim). Just consider how the Trinitarians UNANIMOUSLY AGREE that the Holy Spirit is a THIRD PERSON within the GODHEAD, their assertion that this same PERSONAGE of the SPIRIT is COMPOSED of seven persons shows beyond ANY DOUBT that the Trinitarians are POLYTHEISTIC in their thinking and (I say very GNOSTIC). Why? Because if the Holy Spirit is a PERSON as they attest, and that same person is made up of SEVEN EQUAL PERSONS, then this Holy Spirit has SEVEN EQUAL PERSONALITIES. This would on the surface appear to make the Trinity made up of NINE equal persons within the Godhead, (something to which the Trinitarians would never ADMIT, but is undeniable). Yet, when we study exactly WHAT a SPIRIT IS and what it does in the New Testament we are stunned to learn that what Tractate 122 teaches, and by their use of the word "sevenfold" the other Trinitarians unanimously agree to teach is that God is composed of SEVEN PARTS (or SEVEN HEADS). We are left, therefore with the inescapable and logical conclusion that that these SEVEN PARTS of the ONE HOLY SPIRIT must be, without argument, seven LESSER GODS who make up a whole! (That is precisely what sevenfold means in reference and in context to the subject of a GOD PERSON). The Trinitarians, by making the Holy Spirit a person within the Godhead and then by their use of the word SEVENFOLD have inescapably created SEVEN EMANATIONS of ONE PERSON (the Holy Spirit) and since when you STUDY what Trinitarians teach conserning the Holy Spirit (we will do this in a moment) you realize that God is made up of SEVEN SPIRITS (or minds) and those are the HEADS of God. We are not left with NINE persons but we are left with SEVEN SPIRITS (all persons in their own right who go here and there as they will) and those seven spirits each have a horn (seven spirits) and by virtue of their being a PART of GOD they each must have SEVEN CROWNS. Now, add to that each member of the TRIUNE GODHEAD possessing each a HORN and a CROWN you come away with a God Entity that possesses SEVEN HEADS, (seven spirits) TEN HORNS and TEN CROWNS.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Revelation 13: 1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. One cannot help but to be taken aback by the ACCURACY of John the Revelator's prophecy as he describes Daniel's "fourth great kingdom on the earth" (identified as ROME) and he sees the emergence of a SEVEN HEADED GOD FIGURE who has THREE EXTRA HORNS and THREE EXTRA CROWNS! Now, many will say that my math is off. That if there are THREE PERSONS (or HEADS) of the TRIUNE GOD and ONE of those heads has SEVEN heads that is definitely ONLY NINE (because the head of the HOLY SPIRIT is broken up into SEVEN and does not count). Not so! All you have to do is study what they teach ABOUT the HOLY SPIRIT and then couple that with what the New Testament teaches about Spirit and it all adds up to a God who has "seven heads." TAKEN DIRECTLY FROM THE NEW ADVENT CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA ONLINE:

Synopsis of the dogma

The doctrine of the Catholic Church concerning the Holy Ghost forms an integral part of her teaching on the mystery of the Holy Trinity, of which St. Augustine (On the Holy Trinity I.3.5), speaking with diffidence, says: "In no other subject is the danger of erring so great, or the progress so difficult, or the fruit of a careful study so appreciable". The essential points of the dogma may be resumed in the following propositions: The Holy Ghost is the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity. Though really distinct, as a Person, from the Father and the Son, He is consubstantial with Them; being God like Them, He possesses with Them one and the same Divine Essence or Nature. He proceeds, not by way of generation, but by way of spiration, from the Father and the Son together, as from a single principle.

Such is the belief the Catholic faith demands. The key phrase in this summary is highlighed in red. Spiration means "the act of breathing." Thus, the Holy Spirit proceeds NOT BY WAY of being GENERATED but by way of being BREATHED OUT from BOTH THE FATHER AND THE SON TOGETHER! The Holy Spirit therefore is the life of both the FATHER and the SON. In

the same way that a body would be dead if it were to stop breathing, the Father and the Son would be dead without the Holy Spirit (which is why they wrongly translate it to HOLY GHOST). The Holy Spirit (with his seven parts) is simply put the "Ghost" of God! It is the ETERNAL SOUL of the Almighty. Just as they teach that when a man dies, his MIND continues on in the form of a HUMAN GHOST, God and the Son both share ONE MIND and that mind is contained within the HOLY GHOST! AGAIN TAKEN FROM THE SAME ARTICLE ON THE HOLY GHOST:

Proceeding both from the Father and the Son, the Holy Ghost, nevertheless, proceeds from Them as from a single principle. This truth is, at the very least insinuated in the passage of John 16:15 (cited above), where Christ establishes a necessary connection between His own sharing in all the Father has and the Procession of the Holy Ghost. Hence it follows, indeed, that the Holy Ghost proceeds from the two other Persons, not in so far as They are distinct, but inasmuch as Their Divine perfection is numerically one. Besides, such is the explicit teaching of ecclesiastical tradition, which is concisely put by St. Augustine (On the Holy Trinity V.14): "As the Father and the Son are only one God and, relatively to the creature, only one Creator and one Lord, so, relatively to the Holy Ghost, They are only one principle." This doctrine was defined in the following words by the Second Ecumenical Council of Lyons [Denzinger, "Enchiridion" (1908), n. 460]: "We confess that the Holy Ghost proceeds eternally from the Father and the Son, not as from two principles, but as from one principle, not by two spirations, but by one single spiration." The teaching was again laid down by the Council of Florence (ibid., n. 691), and by Eugene IV in his Bull "Cantate Domino" (ibid., n. 703 sq.). If we were to read the entire article here you would see they are CLEARLY stating that the Holy Spirit receives HIS knowledge from the SON OF GOD (who received his knowledge from the Father). They even quote Christ as saying "all that the father has is mine and he (the Spirit) will take of mine and show it to you. The most important part of the above quote is in RED. The Trinitarians say that the Holy Spirit, the Father, and the Son's "divine perfection" are NUMERICALLY ONE! Thus, while the Holy Spirit has SEVEN MINDS which go forth teaching (and that same Spirit takes his knowledge from Christ), these seven spirits (or minds) are all NUMERICALLY ONE with the Father and the Son. Thus there are ONLY SEVEN MINDS (or heads). Since knowledge is CONTAINED in the HEAD and the seven parts of the Holy Spirit get their knowledge from the Son (according to Trinitarians) and the Son gets HIS knowledge from the Father there can be NO MORE HEADS than the number of heads possessed by the member of the TRINITY who possesses the MOST heads. (In this case, the Holy Spirit who possesses SEVEN according to Tractate 122). This is why Revelation 13 sees the Roman Beast God with SEVEN heads, yet also says "ten crowns and ten horns." The Godhead of THREE may possess SEVEN HEADS (seven spirits of God) but each of THREE IN ONE would most definitely possess his

own CROWN (and his own horn upon which the crown rests). So we have the TRINITY each having a crown and a horn and we have the SEVEN SPIRITS who possess their own horn and their own crown. A seven headed (minded) God with ten crowns and ten horns! Amazing! The Trinitarians state that we receive the Holy Spirit from Christ and that is what is meant by "we have received the mind of Christ" and "let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus." Since the Holy Spirit has SEVEN SPIRITS who go out to each man as they will, we have a ONE MINDED GOD who has SEVEN MINDS that go forth from the Son of God to the world! Again, seven minds equal SEVEN HEADS. (Trinitarians putting the nail in their coffins) by stating emphatically that the minds of the Holy Spirit, the Father, and the Son NUMERICALLY EQUAL ONE, but then turning around and giving the Spirit SEVEN. The ONE MIND OF GOD, therefore is separated into SEVEN MINDS who go about teaching and guiding mankind! There's simply NO ESCAPING this. The Beast of Revelation is describing the Trinitarian view of God right down to including the SEVEN SPIRITS! I can simplify this very easily. According to everything I've read from the Trinitarians, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are all the SAME PERSON. They all share the SAME MIND (they are all ONE HEAD and numerically equal ONE), yet that one head is made up of SEVEN SPIRITS (or HEADS). Since the THREE are numerically one (only in the sense of essence) but they are SEPARATE PERSONS who are EQUAL, they must all three have their OWN HORN and their OWN CROWN. Thus you have the SEVEN MINDS of GOD with TEN CROWNS AND TEN HORNS. No matter how you look at it and add it up it keeps coming back the same way! Many Trinitarians have actually REALIZED this fundamental and heretical error and have backpedaled of late, saying that the SEVENFOLD is a reference to the SEVENFOLD MINISTRY of the Spirit. (Which is another error for the apostles only identified a fivefold ministry of the Spirit). Nevertheless, this even greater error is NOT supported by what we KNOW FOR SURE about the Seven Spirits. We know that the seven Spirits of God are before the throne. The obvious question is, if the seven Spirits are ministrations of the THIRD PERSON of the GODHEAD and equal and in one essence and nature to God himself, would they be seen before the THRONE? If they aren't PERSONS but are rather just seven WAYS God ministers to man how can they be SEEN? The Catholics (the perveyors of Trinity) disagree with those who say the Seven Spirits are just "ministrations" of God. They state emphatically that the Holy Spirit (who is God) has SEVEN SEPARATE BUT EQUAL SPIRITS that go forth AS THEY WILL (and that they are BREATHED from the CHRIST to man. These Seven Spirits, therefore, by the Trinitarian view would HAVE to be EQUAL IN ESSENCE with God as well yet Scriptures show, not only the Seven Spirits to be "before the Throne" (instead of ON IT) but Christ also. Again, this goes to the heart of my argument that Christianity is steeped in Gnostic thought. If the Holy Spirit is made up of SEVEN SPIRITS and these

are BEFORE THE THRONE, yet at the same time the Holy Spirit is also God the Holy Spirit the third person of a Triune Godhead, we can draw no other conclusion but that the third person of the Trinity is before the throne and is somehow a lesser God to the God on the throne and by course MUST BE one of several VARIOUS EMANATIONS of God! (Gnostic thought in a nutshell). The same thing can be said of Jesus Christ in the Trinitarian scheme. The scriptures state that Jesus Christ sits at the right hand of the Father in Heaven. This, again, depicts an EQUAL member of the GODHEAD (God the Son) who appears to be subservient to the ONE GOD (God the Father) and does not sit in the same seat of authority in heaven, but rather sits off to the RIGHT HAND. (There are several scriptures that state that Christ will once again be subject unto God the Father once he has put down all rule and authority on earth). Furthermore, in Revelation 5: 5-7 we see that Christ is not ON THE THRONE but approaches the throne and takes the book out of the hand of Him who sits there: 5 And one of the elders said to me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, has prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof. 6 And I beheld, and lo, in the midst of the throne, and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it were slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth, 7 And he (the lamb) came and took the book out of the right hand of him that sat upon the throne. So, here we have Christ, who is supposed to be the SECOND person of the Godhead and he is found in the midst of the twenty four elders before the throne. Furthermore, his eyes and his horns are the SEVEN SPIRITS OF GOD. So, the Holy Spirit (made up of seven parts) exists WITHIN THE BODY OF THE SECOND PERSON OF THE GODHEAD and this second person (Christ) approaches the throne and takes something in obedience as a GIFT from the FIRST PERSON of the Godhead who sits on the throne. If the Trinitarians are right we are seeing an HEIRARCHY of the PERSONS OF GOD here where Christ is subservient and dependent upon God the Father and the Holy Spirit is made up of elements of the Christ (eyes and horns)! Its inescapable! (It is also equally inescapable that this is exactly what the GNOSTICS TEACH about God). The Trinitarians call the NON TRINITARIANS GNOSTICS. Its the pot calling the kettle black! We also know that Christ states that he can see the seven Spirits. (Implying that he alone can see them which is debatable, however, nothing else explains why he identifies himself to the angel of Sardis as he who sees the seven Spirits). At any rate, the very fact that ANYONE can see them coupled with the knowledge that they are before the

throne is evidence in and of itself that they are NOT ministrations or actions of the Spirit but by implication alone should be PERSONS in their own right. So, either the Trinitarians are correct and the Holy Spirit is a SEPARATE PERSON within the Godhead (yet one in the same essence), in which case according to them and to Revelation this person is made up of SEVEN PERSONS who can be seen before the throne of God, or Trinitarians are WRONG and the Holy Spirit is not a PERSON at all but is just what the name implies, God in Spiritual manifestation to US! The Trinitarians say "there is but ONE MIND of God," but then say that mind is made up of SEVEN minds. Seven times ONE is SEVEN people. The math is unbreakable. The Trinitarian God has SEVEN MINDS (SEVEN HEADS). Yet because the Holy Spirit, God, and Jesus are SEPARATE PERSONS they each MUST have their own CROWN. Seven plus THREE is TEN CROWNS. Since the crowns are HELD by the HORNS there must be TEN HORNS as well (and indeed we see that the seven spirits each possess a HORN). Unbreakable Math! The Trinitians have themselves a God/Man who has SEVEN HEADS, TEN HORNS, and TEN CROWNS! The Trinitarians set out to create a TRINITY (because of their polytheistic leanings) but they got too greedy! They found a place that talked about "seven spirits of God" and they just couldn't resist, they just HAD to give those seven spirits "personalities" as well! In so doing they revealed their polytheistic mindset and at the same time turned their TRINITY GOD into a SEVEN HEADED BEAST! When we discover what the Seven Spirits actually ARE we then see just how GREEDY they were in their ZEAL to give the One True God "multiple personalities." The word "spirits" as used in the text: PNEUMA- A current of air, i.e. breath (blast) or breeze; by anal. or fig. a spirit, i.e. (hman) the ratinal soul, (by impl.) vital principle, mental disposition, etc. or (superhuman) and angel, daemon, or (divine) God, Christ's spirit, the Holy SpiritGhost, life, spirit (-ual, -ually), mind. This word is used for anything from talking about the Holy Spirit to talking about ANGELS and even DEMONS! The key to identifying the Seven Spirits of God lies in the three terms: "Heads, Horns, and Crowns." By reading the scriptures (in particular Revelation) one can get a clear picture of who the Seven Spirits are (according to the Trinitarians) and then by rightly dividing the word of truth we might someday determine who they REALLY are! We know that the Seven Spirits each have a HORN, and we know also that the BEAST of Revelation also has HORNS (ten of them). Does my interpretation stand up to Scriptural scrutiny? Can the Seven HEADS of the Beast be one and the same as the SEVEN SPIRITS OF GOD (in the Beast teachings?) Lets look at what the Spirit said concerning the seven HEADS of the BEAST!

Revelation 17: 9 "And here is the mind which has wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sits." What do we KNOW about the woman and where she "sits?" She sits "on the Beast. Revelation 17: 3 "So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns." So we know, without a doubt that the Seven Heads are in fact the BEAST itself for the woman SITS on the Seven Heads (which are MOUNTAINS or ROCKS or FOUNDATIONS)! So far, my idea that the Seven Spirits of God (as taught by the Trinitarians) definitely fits the DEFINITION of the BEAST! The woman "sits" on a firm rock foundation of SEVEN HEADS. This beast is BLOOD color (scarlet) and lines up with the "Blood of Christ," doctrines as taught by the Trinitarians. The Trinitarians state that God is made up of ONE MIND and that MIND (the Holy Spirit) is made up of SEVEN DIFFERENT MINDS (or heads). We've therefore found independent Scriptural evidence that supports my idea that the SEVEN HEADS of the Beast are IN FACT the TRINITARIAN VIEW of the SEVEN SPIRITS. They line up exactly. What about the HORNS? Revelation 17: 12 "And the ten horns which you saw are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast." If the Seven Heads are the Trinitarian's TWISTED version of the SEVEN SPIRITS OF GOD what could the HORNS be? After all we know that the Seven Spirits each have a HORN (and I have suggested that each member of the Trinity also possesses a HORN for a total of TEN HORNS. Here the scripture identifies the horns as "ten kings who await a kingdom and will receive the kingdom in the SAME HOUR the BEAST DOES." Does this not sound familiar to you all? Do the followers of Christ NOT await a KINGDOM and await the day they shall "rule and reign" with CHRIST as KINGS? Revelation 20: 4

"And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years." Revelation 1:6 "5 And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood, 6 And has made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen." The Beast who has SEVEN HEADS (Seven Spirits just like the God of Heaven) also has "horns" who (like the faithful followers of Christ) await an HOUR when they shall RULE WITH THE BEAST (just as the faithful await the hour when they rule with Christ). Once again SATAN has created a COUNTERFEIT who is IDENTICAL in EVERY WAY and even uses the SCRIPTURES of those very same FAITHFUL to CREATE this COUNTERFEIT! These ten horns (ten kings awaiting the hour to reign) will "give their KINGDOMS to the BEAST (in the same way that the faithful cast their CROWNS before Christ and give HIM the GLORY). The ten HORNS (FUTURE KINGS AT THE TIME JOHN WROTE REVELATION) have the AUDACITY TO INCLUDE THEMSELVES IN THE TRINITY! They have the unmitigated GAUL to consider themselves in some way shape or form a part of the "GODHEAD" (a HORN). Each of the SEVEN HEADS (mirror image of the Seven Spirits) of the Beast has a HORN (a king awaiting a kingdom in JOHN'S DAY and each of those horns holds a CROWN (Just like the Apostles hold crowns). These HORNS are FALSE APOSTLES WHO CLAIM TO BE REPRESENTATIVE OF and PART OF THE GODHEAD (attached to the HEADS JUST LIKE HORNS). If I'm reading my Bible correctly, in the Trinitarian scheme that would make them POPES! At the time John wrote the Revelation these TEN HORNS (ten kings who had not received a kingdom yet but receive it in the same hour as the BEAST) had NOT YET REIGNED! Yet there's a CONTRADICTION HERE because a few verses earlier Revelation says "FIVE HAVE FALLEN AND ONE IS." Revelation 17: 10

10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he comes, he must continue a short space. How could BOTH statements be true? The ten kings had "not yet received a kingdom" but "five had fallen and one is?" That's simple. By the time the GREAT WHORE RISES TO POWER RIDING IN ON THE GREAT BEAST AS A FOUNDATION, five of the KINGS IN QUESTION WOULD HAVE RULED AND FALLEN AND THE SIXTH WOULD BE IN PLACE (When the WOMAN APPEARS RIDING THE BEAST). It is LATER explained to John that at the time of the REVELATION NONE OF THOSE TEN KINGS HAD AS YET RECEIVED A KINGDOM! If the SEVEN HEADED BEAST is INDEED the TRINITY CHRIST/GOD and the SEVEN HEADS represent the TRINITARIAN'S TEACHING ABOUT THE SEVEN HEADS OF GOD then by the time the GREAT WHORE (and we haven't established who that is yet so bear with me) reaches the PINACLE OF HER POWER RIDING THE BEAST, SIX of the TEN POPES would have ruled and there would be only FOUR MORE of these particular POPES LEFT before the WOMAN WAS THROWN DOWN. If we knew the NAMES OF THESE POPES we could actually know at the moment the LAST pope took his place to rule. We would know that before the END of his time the Great Whore (whoever she be) would be thrown down! Revelation 17: 11 11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth and is of the seven, and goes into perdition." Two looming questions prevail about this EIGHTH KING (possibly a POPE). It's quite a riddle for sure because if he's the EIGHTH one to rule how can he be "of the seven?" That is quite simple, thankfully the Catholic Church numbers their Popes. The first SIX kings (popes) all have the EXACT SAME NAME and are numbered "so and so I" and "so and so II" and "so and so III" but then the Seventh King takes the name of the first 5 before him but ADDS a name. He only lasts a SHORT SPACE. In other words his reign is short! The eighth king then rules and he is "of the seven" because he ALSO takes the same name as the first SEVEN before him. It says that this king "goes into perdition." I believe this means that this particular King takes the DECEPTION to it's CONCLUSION and CROSSES THE LINE. He is no longer satisified with being just a "horn" in the great Trinity Beast, he wants to be one of the HEADS! He declares that if Jesus indeed is God, then by God so is HE, and just so he can get away with it he says "well we ALL are God." This was prophesied by the Apostle to the Thessalonians: Remember it says "the eighth king goes into perdition," well, Paul spoke of the "son of Perdition."

2 Thessalonians 2: 3 "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the Son of perdition;" This is clearly talking about the EIGHTH KING of Revelation 17: 11. If I'm reading this correctly and the Beast is the TRINITARIAN CHRIST GOD, then the Eighth king is the POPE who takes the Trinity a littttle too far and pushes God's wrath upon the Christian religion! This Pope will not be satisified with being "representative of God on earth" he'll want to BE GOD ON EARTH and he'll want to make EVERYONE WHO FOLLOWS HIS CHRIST GOD ON EARTH as well! (It's the logical conclusion to the Trinity teaching by the way). Let's read what Paul says this Eighth king (the son of perdition) does: Thessalonians 2: 4 "Who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshipped; so that he as God sits in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God." Once the EIGHTH KING to reign (who is one of the first seven by name) declares himself to be GOD we know that there will only be TWO MORE HORNS (two more of this particular grouping of Popes) after him before the WRATH OF GOD IS POURED OUT! (Ten Horns, Ten Kings). The EIGHTH KING leads the BEAST and the WHORE into destruction (Perdition) by taking Christ "out of the way" and finally and putting in its place a way to be saved WITHOUT CHRIST. (If man is also God due the Trinity then consider that the Catholic Church also teaches man is BORN with an ETERNAL SOUL, they teach ALL MEN ARE BORN WITH ETERNAL SOULS so why would ANYONE NEED CHRIST to give them Eternal life, being that man already has eternal life?) This is the where all the lying and delusion and deception has been leading the Catholic. Eventually the Catholic sits in the TEMPLE OF GOD (their own Body, the Body of Christ) and shows HIMSELF (HERSELF) that he or she IS GOD (is an eternal living soul who never really dies). They have the EIGHTH KING herein described in Revelation to thank for the final straw, however it was the BEAST and the KINGS (POPES) who came before that set the stage by creating a POLYTHEISTIC GOD made up of SEVEN HEADS, TEN HORNS, and TEN CROWNS. 2 Thessalonians 2: 7 "For the mystery of iniquity (sin) does already work, only he who now prevents (the Holy Spirit/Yeshua in YOU) will continue to prevent until he be taken out of the way," (I am the

way the truth and the light no man comes to the father but by me)." Revelation 17: 12- 13 12 and the ten horns which you saw are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet (at the time John was given the Revelation) but receive power as kings one hour with the beast 13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength to the beast." "Glory and Power and Honor and Strength be to you Blessed Christ, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit." Sounds familiar does it not? These "give their power and strength to the beast." I mean John was looking right into the FUTURE! There can be no doubt. He saw it all coming. Notice it says "these have one mind." That is EXACTLY what we just read out of the Catholic Encyclopedia concerning the TRINITY. "Numerically they are ONE." The HORNS, therefore (the KINGS, THE POPES) all share the SAME MIND as their TRINITARIAN God/CHRIST! They are considered "attached" to the GODHEAD (just like horns would be) and upon each horn sits a CROWN that is EQUAL. A Pope is going to come along (according to these scriptures) and declare that he and all the other popes who came before him and who will come after are not just REPRESENTATIVE of GOD on the earth, they ARE GODS ON THE EARTH. Ladies and Gentlemen, such a POPE has ALREADY COME HERE AND DECLARED JUST THAT. This POPE made the first change to the Catechism in FOUR HUNDRED YEARS to make that declaration before he died and declared that the Son of God became man so that man could become GOD! In his directions he stated clearly that in the same way that Jesus was God, so are the POPES! That POPE was John Paul II (and not only did I predict that he would make this historical change long before he ever became a Pope), I predicted the very short term of his predecessor John Paul I in 1978 using the very scriptures I am quoting now! I predicted that he would call himself John OR Paul (because he is "of the seven.") I am actually jumping ahead a little here, forgive me my excitement. To identify these POPES by name, and to figure out which one would put in the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back one need only identify the GREAT WHORE and figure out WHEN she rode on the BEAST into POWER! You'd be shocked at just HOW EASY that identification really is!

THE TWO BABYLONIAN WHORES IN ONE THE GREAT CITY Revelation 17: 5 "And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH" Down through the centuries protestants and non-Catholics have been thoroughly convinced that this great WHORE is the CATHOLIC CHURCH! They are RIGHT but at the same time they are WRONG! For you see, this whore is a CITY and is NOT just a RELIGION! It is called "BABYLON, THE GREAT" or "THE GREAT CITY." Some would say "oh the VATICAN!" They would be wrong again. The book of Revelation actually does not leave the LOCATION of this city a MYSTERY! Consider if you will that the ten horn (kings/popes) HATE the WHORE! Revelation 17: 16 "And the ten horns which you saw upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire." If the horns are a specific group of Popes numbering to 10 and culminating in the FINAL POPE (or the last EIGHT Popes to call themselves by John or Paul or both PLUS two more POPES afterward) well, my friends, we know that they do NOT hate the Vatican neither do they hate the Catholic Church! (Well, they ultimately lead the Church of Catholicism to perdition so one could argue that they hated her IN DEED). Yet, let's read more about this GREAT CITY. Revelation 18: 15- 16 "15 The merchants of these things, which were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing, 16 And saying, Alas, alas that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls!" Here again it calls Babylon "that great city." Make note of it for future reference. Write it down. "Babylon, the Whore, is the great city." Revelation 18: 18 "And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, What city is like unto this great city?"

Again, it says "great city" in reference to the Whore. Do you think maybe God is trying to tell us something? Revelation 18: 19 "And they cast dust on their heads and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, Alas, alas that great city, wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costlines! For in one hour is she made desolate." Hmmmm, it said "Great City" again didn't it? There's something about that phrase that just might be KEY in identifying it. Revelation 18: 21 "And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all." Again, it says "that great city." There's just got to be a reason it repeats it over and over again like this. It's got to be a HINT of some sort. But what? Hmmmmm, I wonder.... we'll think about it for a while. Let's look at something else interesting. Revelation 19: 24 "And in her was found the blood of the prophets and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth." Okay, you Baptists and Dispensationalists reading this, better just hold the phone! Hold onto your hats too because I'm about to blow you out of the water. I never met a dispensationalist who did NOT believe that the Great Whore Babylon was either the Catholic Church or some NEWER religion. (I think it was Hal Lindsay that suggested it was the "New Age Movement" as I recall). Now, Hal, Hal... stop it! You state more than once in your career that "prophecy is not for today." Prophesy has been DONE AWAY WITH. Most of your stuanchest readers and supporters will be quick to say the same thing! Okay, if that being the case my silly dispensationalist friends, how COULD the great whore be the Catholic Church? How could it be some NEW religion or movement or city? You have been claiming for years that PROPHECY CEASED when the Bible was finished and the darned Catholic Church didn't even START until the Bible was finished (around about the time you say prophecy ended). You're not getting what I'm driving at are you? (I stare into their confused eyes and I can't help but feel anything but pity). Look again at that scripture, up there surrounded by a pretty box, darkened in nice bold text. It clearly says the blood of the PROPHETS is found in the GREAT WHORE (that great city)! I think you owe the Catholic Church an

apology since you've been accusing her of being a WHORE and she wasn't even AROUND when there still were prophets! (Remember you said prophecy ended around the time the Catholics finished making the Bible). So, who is this great city in who's cup is found the blood of "all that were slain on the earth" for their testimony and includes THE PROPHETS? There's only ONE city that fits that bill people. Jerusalem! When did you ever hear about Egypt going around killing prophets AND saints? What about Rome? (Okay well Rome killed some saints but it didn't kill prophets that we know of). Okay, if you say some saints Rome killed were also prophets then yes Rome indeed is still in the running, but the last time I checked the city of Rome (the one that did all the killing anyway) was in RUINS! What city that exists TODAY has killed prophets and saints alike? Jerusalem! I can see some hackles raising now. "Jeffrey Dean, you're saying that the Great Whore Babylon is Jerusalem how daaaaarrrrrre you!" Look, I'm not saying it, the Bible is HINTING it so far but I don't have the proof I need yet. I'm just saying, Jerusalem is the only city in the Scriptures I can think of, that still exists today, that existed when John wrote his Revelation, (and would rise again in power in the last days) and that was KNOWN for killing both saints AND prophets. Can you name another? I looked at my Strong's Exhaustive Concordance. I can see at least 20 places in the Old Testament where God calls Jerusalem "an harlot." The evidence is mounting, but look, here's something interesting: Matthew 23: 37 "Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you that kills the prophets, and stones them who are sent to you, how often would I have gathered your children together, even as a hen gathers her chickens under her wings and you would not!" "The city that kills the prophets." That is how CHRIST referred to Jerusalem. It's almost word for word the same statement we just read about the GREAT CITY, that in her was found the blood of the prophets! Okay, well, I just don't know. Let's think about that "GREAT CITY" phrase again. What ever happened to that? Weren't we thinking that it was trying to give us some clue or hint by repeating it over and over again? Wait a minute. Didn't I read that "great city" phrase somewhere else in the book of Revelation? Revelation 11: 8 "And their dead bodies shall lie in the streets of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified." Bingo! We have a physical location of the GREAT CITY. All we have to do is find out what city sits at the location "where our Lord was crucified," and we'll know which city

is the Great Whore. Wait a minute. Isn't that Jerusalem? I think it is! I don't know how all these great writers of prophecy books and makers of prophecy seminar tapes like Lindsay, and Hagen have MISSED this. It was SO EASY to figure out which city was the Great City! So, we know that Jerusalem is the whore of Revelation 17 and 18. But wait, don't the modern popes LOVE Jerusalem? Isn't Christianity (especially Catholicism) the BIGGEST SUPPORTERS of modern Israel? Don't they spend MILLIONS in tourist dollars visiting Jerusalem every year? My whole thesis is falling apart at the seems. Or is it? I seem to recall reading something in the New Testament about the LAW being "Old Jerusalem and the Old Covenant at Mount Sanai" and the New Covenant in Christ's blood being the "Jerusalem which is from above which is the mother of us all." Galatians 4: 21- 26 "21 Tell me you that desire to be under the law, do you not hear the law? 22 For it is written that Abraham had two sons, the one by a bondmaid, the other by a freewoman. 23 But he who was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh; but he of the freewoman was by promise. 24 Which things are allegory: for these are the two covenants; the one from the mount Sinai, which genders to bondage, which is Agar. 25 For this Agar is mount sinai in Arabia, and answers to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage with her children. 26 But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all." So the CURRENT Jerusalem (then as it is now) is likened to the OLD COVENANT and the LAW given at Mount Sanai! Now THAT explains the statement that the horns (kings/popes) HATE the WHORE and burn her with fire. The Popes have nullified not only the Old Covenant but the Law, nailing it to a cross and declaring it DEAD! They most certainly have destroyed the LAW. So, wouldn't that make the LAW the Whore that rides the Beast (who I say is the Trinity Christ/God) to power? It depends upon how you look at it. Didn't we already establish that the Christians are Israel and Jerusalem's BIGGEST supporters? Isn't that a bit odd when you consider that the Christians teach the LAW is dead and anyone who seeks to keep it is "fallen from grace?" Yet here we have the Christians supporting and encouraging Jerusalem who are STILL UNDER the LAW and still trying to KEEP the LAW IN THE FLESH! It's strange bedfellows for sure. The Christians, by supporting Jerusalem (and modern Israel) have entered into a WHORISH covenant with those that they clearly teach are lost from Grace and wrongfully trying to keep the law. Meanwhile, Jerusalem (modern Israel) is in bed with

the Christians (glad to take all the support they can get in order to EXIST)! Both of them are WHORES for one reason or another! Here is Israel trying to keep the law in the flesh (rather than by the Spirit as is offered in the New Covenant) and here is Christianity who have burned the LAW and declared it DEAD and going strictly by GRACE they don't keep the law by the Spirit either and those Christians are supporting the Jerusalem that "now is" which are the CHILDREN OF THE BONDWOMAN. So, in Jerusalem of today we have TWO GREAT WHORES rolled up into one city, committing their whoredoms together for mutual gratification! (Meanwhile, both whores preach in their synagogues against the teachings of the other)! That is just mind boggling! So, now that we know that the great whore is BOTH the Christian religion (not just the Catholics) and more specifically the TRINITARIAN CHRISTIANS who also have ridden the TRINITY BEAST to POWER, and it's the GREAT CITY JERUSALEM. It's a mixture of Roman Babylonian beast religion and Hebrew legalism, and located "right there where our Lord was crucified." It's simply AMAZING how easy this is to see! But wait, there's more. Israel became a Nation again in 1948. Who was Pope at the time? Pope Paul VI. At the time Jerusalem rode the Christian Beast religion to power in 1948 the Pope in power (who was instrumental in the creating of Israel by the way) was the SIXTH Pope to call himself PAUL! (Ironic he was named after the very man who identified to the Galatians that the current Jerusalem was allegorically the LAW). So as we read "there are seven kings, five have fallen and one is," (Rev 17: 10). We have the name of the SIXTH King Pope Paul VI who was reigning when the prophecy came to pass. It then says "and the other is not yet come and when he comes he must continue a short space." It's interesting. I read this back in 1978, after Pope Paul VI died and John Paul I had recently come unto his own as Pope. I told a Catholic friend "if I'm reading this right this new Pope won't last too long." The very next day my friend comes up to me with a news article. The new Pope was dead. He was white as a Ghost. He asked me, "what happens now." I told him if I wasn't mistaken the next Pope would also take the name John Paul and he would be the one to declare that he is God! Then entire classrooms all day wanted to know what was going to happen with the new Pope according to the Bible. (Word had spread of my prediction). I simply told them "if I'm reading it correctly the new Pope will call himself John Paul II and he will become knows as John Paul II The Great. That is precisely what happened as well. More significantly, though, Pope John Paul II changed the catechism and declared that the Popes aren't just God's representatives, they are just as much God as Jesus was!

It all could be strange coincidence, I admit, yet, what if it isn't? What if I've just stumbled onto something here? What if Pope John Paul the II is the Eighth King in Revelation 17? That would mean that either there are ONLY TWO POPES LEFT before the destruction of both Jerusalem AND the Catholic religion in one fell swoop, OR there are going to be TWO MORE POPES who go by either John, or Paul and then the end comes! If it's the FORMER that means we are on the next to last POPE right now. If there will be two more Popes with the name John or Paul, and then the end will come, well, it's anyone's guess how long we have! Even with names and approximate dates you STILL can't predict when these things are coming to pass exactly. I find that miraculous and extremely frustrating too! Consider this if you will. If the Whore is both the current city Jerusalem and the Trinitarians who are in "bed" together, committing whoredoms with the kings of the earth it lines up with Daniel, who spoke of the antichrist and said "he shall have intelligence with them that break the holy covenant." (I've always maintained it was talking about the NEW COVENANT there). So, we can see the BEAST is doing just that as we speak. Daniel 11: 30 "30 for the ships of Chittim shall come against him: therefore he shall be grieved, and return, and have indignation against the holy covenant: so shall he do; he shall even return and have intelligence with them that forsake the holy covenant. 31 And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the daily sacrifice, and they shall place the abomination that makes desolate." But, what is the "daily sacrifice" he will take away? Straight up, it's "dying daily to sin" and the renewing of your mind in the Holy Spirit daily until you walk PERFECT and UPRIGHT before the Father! That is the daily sacrifice they have taken away, and the ABOMINATION they have put in its place is one of BONDAGE whereby you can NEVER be free from SIN. It makes them DESOLATE and BARREN of the fruit of the Spirit! For you see, we are DEAD and BURIED in baptism to Messiah and it is not us that live this new life but Christ who lives in us, and we offer up our bodies now as a "living sacrifice." We do this EVERY DAY! The grand irony is, in the end we achieve through the Spirit (through no fleshly power of our own) that which the POPES have declared they have (which is Christlike status). The only difference between the message of the Popes and the everlasting gospel is that WE who walk in the regeneration understand that it is not US doing it, it is Christ IN US and we clearly understand that just as Christ did the Father's works, so that he who saw Christ

saw the Father, even so, as we do Christ's works and speak his words he who sees us has seen Christ! That is something that NO Trinitarian can EVER understand! It's a minor difference that means EVERYTHING! They declare themselves to be GOD without the Spirit and we become LIKE God (by being like Christ) and we do it BY the Spirit! So the answer to the question, who are the Seven Spirits of God? I still don't have an answer for you but I'm getting closer. Perhaps the next time I touch on this subject again! Shalom Jeffrey D. Dean, Sr.