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Pollution of Environment

Pollution of Environment or environmental pollution means making the environment foul. Our environment means the surrounding of our house where we live, the surrounding of our village where we live or the surrounding of our town or city where we live. It our surrounding gets polluted we suffer from many kinds of disease and sickness. If our surrounding gets highly polluted, our life gets endangered. Causes of the environmental pollution: Smoke rises from the fuel that we burn in our kitchens and workshops. This smoke gives rise to carbon dioxide that pollutes our environment. The smoke that rises from the motortrucks, motor-cars and motor-cycles, give rise to carbon dioxide that pollutes the environment of our village, town and cities. The harmful gas that rises from our heaps of filth from the latrine and urinals and from the uncleaned drains, pollute our environment. The smoke that people make while they smoke cigars and cigarettes or biree and ganja, pollutes our environment. The smoke that rises from the hotels and restaurants in towns an cities, pollute the environment. The smoke that rises from the mills and factories of the industrial estates pollutes the environment. The gas that rises from the deposits of filthy waste of the mills and factories, pollute the environment. In such very many ways our environment is getting polluted. How to eradicate the environmental pollution: Existence of our life depends mostly and mainly on oxygen. Oxygen in the atmosphere saves our life. This oxygen is exhaled by trees. Trees consume the carbon dioxide which is fatal to our existence. Trees make the oxygen and spreads it in the air for us. As such, we should have enough number of trees in our environment to eradicate our environmental pollution. Long time back, there were numerous trees in our environment, and small woods and forests surrounded each of our villages. At that time, there were extensive forests and jungles in our country. But the most foolish of the people, for their selfish ends, thinned away our groves, woods forests and jungles by indiscriminately cutting away the trees from them. So we shall have to plant a large number of trees to save our environment from the fatal pollution. We should not pass stool and urine in the open. We should make scientific latrines and urinals for us. Drains and deposits of filth should not be allowed to leave gas

and for this we should apply the necessary scientific method. We should pay careful attention so that our environment keeps neat and clean. Above all, we shall put stress on the a forestation of our environment. Conclusion: The students too, have a lot of duties for eradicating the environmental pollution. They can plant trees near their houses and in their education institutions. They can enlighten the people nearby about the danger of the environmental pollution and can encourage them to do the needful in this respect.