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Shenzhen Chaintech Electronics Co.

Office Add.: Room707, 1st Building, JinFuYuan Garden,XueFu Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen , China
Factory Add: Science Building, Yongqi Science&Technology Park,Yintian Industry Zone,Xixiang Town,Baoan District,Shenzhen,China

Direct Line: 86-755-26076153 Mobil: 86-013723404115 Direct Fax: 86-755-26076153 Contact: Kenneth Wu Web:

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Tablet Portable DVD player

SLOT IN DESIGN 12.1" car Tablet DVD Player+MPEG4/Divx+TV tuner(DVB-T is optional)+VGA jack(PC monitor)+USB interface+Card

*Portable tablet DVD player

*With 12.1 inches TFT LCD screen
*Resolution: 800*800
*Slot in loader Product
*Compatible with DVD/DVD±R/DVD±RW/VCD/ size:303x254x49mm
/MP4/CD±R/CD±RW/JPEG Gift box
*TV systerm:PAL/NTSC/SECAM system,Auto size:355x316x108mm
scan function.
*With 1.1USB port Carton box
*With card reader, read SD/MMC/MS card size:365x325x550mm
With DVB-T function,
CH-1288 *Bulit-in VGA port for using as a PC monitor. 100pcs US$168.00 Additional USD18/pcs
*Bulit-in GAME function. N.W(Without
*Size: 303x254x49mm battery):1.75Kg
1.Chargeable battery N.W(With battery):1.85Kg
2.Remote controller
3.AV cable G.W:2.85Kg
4.AC Adapter 5pcs/CTN
5.earphone 15KG/CTN
6.TV cable
7.Game handle(one)
8.User manual

SLOT IN DESIGN 7" car Tablet DVD Player+MPEG4/Divx

1) 7 ” wide screen high resolution TFT display

(4:3 /16:9 optional )
2) Super slim design
3) Slot in loader
4) PAL /NTSC auto switch
5) 2.1 channel audio output
6)Image up and down functions
Product size :
7) Built-in anti-shock system
8) 27MHz 10mbit digital/analog convertor
9) Built-in stereo speakers; stereo headphone
Gift box:350x216x70mm
CH-70A 10) AV input & Game input functions
With Rechargeable
CTN size: Battery,bag and car
11) Composite video & S-video output and an
100pcs US$118.00 adaptor, additional
extra AV output
With CE/FCC 12) Full function remote control
USD12 is required
Packing : 6sets/ctn
hours continual playback time
13) Wide range/360°disc reading
14) Can display 12cm disc
15) Compatible with DVD/SVCD/VCD/CD/OKO
/MP3/JPEG /MPEG4/ CD-R disc
16) Standard accessories: remote control,
rechargeable battery(Optional), AV/AC cable,
Car adaptor(Optional), AC-DC Adaptor ,
headrest mounting device or
pouch(Optional), earphone and user manual .

Folded Portable DVD player

Rohs Certificate&DVB-T is optional 11.2 inch Portable DVD player+MPEG4+Divx+USB jack+card reader+180 degree rotate design+TV
tuner+Game+11.2" TFT LCD monitor
High resolution color TFT LCD full screen
With 11.2" (16:9) big TFT LCD screen
Super electronic shock resistance
Unit size:236*180*53mm
Compatible with
Gift box G.W: 3KG
DVB-T digital TV receiving
function(broadband 6M,7M,8M optional)
Gift box size:
TV receiving function(PAL,NTSC and SECAM
CH-1199 system)
With DVB-T & Rohs
Recycle SHARP Built-in super power polymer lithium battery
100pcs US$145.00 certificate, USD172/pcs
panel 5pcs/CTN
Build-in DOLBY decoder supporting MPEG-2
video decoding
Carton G.W: 16KG
Support USB direct play
Support SD card, MS card and MMC card
Carton size:
direct play
Equipped with infrared remote controller
Switch regulated power supply adapter

Single Din DVD Player Series

FULLY MOTORIZED 7" In dash DVD player+Touch screen+Bluetooth+IPOD+GPS port+MPEG4+Divx+TV tuner+FM receiver+USB jack+Card
reader+5.1 channel output+RDS+AV input&output+7" TFT LCD monitor
Touch screen
With Bluetooth and IPOD function
With USB jack and card reader
With RDS function
With GPS port
Newly made private module,
Sharp 6.0 Laser, Huayang Loader, Product G.W.: 3kg
Korea V9 project, Super steady mechanism
35,000 times available of the panel move-in- Gift box size:
out 230x250x100mm
Electronic anti-shock for 5 seconds
CH-959 Last position memory 5pcs/CTN 50pcs US$252.00
DVD play function(DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/MPEG-
4/DIVX ETC). Carton
Built-in FM/AM/TV (RDS optional) Size:530x252x265mm
Multi-region disc play function
5.1 channel audio output (2.1 channel 16KG/CTN
Competible with SANYO CD multi-disc
Close panel electric saving mode
Built-in 4*45W amplifier output
Reverse camera input

All In One DVD Player Series

4" All In One DVD player+Touch screen+Divx+MPEG4+USB jack+TV tuner+FM receiver+2 RCA output+subwoofer output+RDS+Aux Input+Bluetooth+4"
TFT LCD monitor
4" Wide screen Touch Screen TFT Display
MP3 Files Playback From USB Card Direct
TV Tuner / 100 Preset Stations
Full Detachable Front Panel with Carry Case
Electronic Anti-Shock
NTSC/PAL Compatible (SECAM optional )
Picture Control: Brightness/ Contrast/ Color/
RW Compatible
Repeat/ Program/ Random/ Intro Play Gift box.WT: 2.8 KG
AM/FM/Stereo Receiver
30 Preset Stations Gift box.Size:
CH-402DVD Auto Memory Store/ Preset Scan 23.5x11.5x25.5CM 100pcs US$146.00
Preset EQ
50W×4 High Power Output Carton.Size:
Parking Detector Interface 49x26.7x36.7CM
2 Channel RCA preamp output(2V preout)
Subwoofer Output
Card Size Full Function Remote Control
Rear Monitor Video Input
Aux Input

4.3" All In One DVD player+Touch screen+Divx+MPEG4+USB jack+TV tuner+FM receiver+2 RCA output+subwoofer output+RDS+Aux
Input+Bluetooth+4.3" TFT LCD monitor
Motorized control panel
4.3-Inch wide digital touch screen
Electronic Anti-shock
NTSC/PAL compatible
Picture control:
Brightness/Contrast/Color/Tint/Reflection size
5 PCS/Carton
Screen angle/Position memory
Gift box.WT: 2.8 KG
TV tuner
Repeat/Program/Random/Intro play
Gift box.Size:
AM/FM/MPX stereo receiver
CH-403 30 preset stations 100pcs US$144.00
Auto memory store/Preset scan
Carton.WT: 15 KG
Preset EQ (Pop/Rock/Classic)
Parking Detector interface
DVD/VCD/Changer control interface
4*60W high power output
2V preamp output (2 pairs RCA)
Subwoofer output
Support MINI USB playing
Card size full function remote control
Rear monitor video output
ISO mounting chassis
Bluetooth function

4.3" All In One DVD player+MPEG4+Divx+USB jack+card reader+FM receiver+TV tuner+amplifier+4.3" TFT LCD monitor
4.3-inch TFT-LCD screen
Compatible With
RW/DVD-R/RW 5 PCS/Carton
4X60W High Power Output
Full-system TV Gift box.WT: 2.8 KG
Video system: PAL/NTSC Gift box.Size:
CH-843 Built-In FM/AM function; Can Totel Store 16 23.5x11.5x25.5CM 100pcs US$126.00
broadcast stations
Built-in amplifier Carton.WT: 15 KG
Multi-Function IR remote control
Automatic adjustable panel Carton.Size:
Built-in electronic anti-shock system 49x26.7x36.7CM
Built-in USB function
Built-in SD/MMC card slot
EQ Function

Flip Down DVD player

15.4" Flip Down DVD player+MPEG4+Divx+TV Tuner(Optional)+FM transmit+IR transmit+AV Input&output+15.4" TFT LCD monitor
Product size:
Screen size: 15.4"(16:10)
Resolution: 1280(W) x RGB x 800(H)
Product N.W:3.55kgs
System: PAL/NTSC
2 Video and 2 Audio(dual track)input
Product G.W.:4.57kgs
1 Video and 1 Audio(dual track)output
Built-in DVD Player
US$245.00 With TV tuner, USD5/pcs
CH-1550D Built-in TV Tuner(optional) 50pcs
is required
Built-in IR Transmitter
Carton N.W.:9.14KGS
Built-in FM Transmitter
Built-in Dome Lights
Carton G.W.:10.14KGS
Usable CD Format: DVD/VCD/DICD/MP3/MP4
Operation mode: Remote control and

Stand Alone/Head rest TFT LCD monitor Series

7" Stand Alone TFT LCD monitor(Recycle Panel)

Screen size: 7 inches

Display mode : 16﹕9
Format : PAL or NTSC
Pixels : 480(W) xRGBx234(H)=336960 points
Power supply: DC 12V
Power Consumption: 8.5W
Operation temperature : -10℃ ~ +50℃
Storage temperature : -20℃ ~ +60℃ size:174×131×24mm
Shape size : 174x131x24mm
Unit weight : 0.6Kg Gift box size:
7 inches broad view angle 16:9 display mode 203×160×100mm
Adjustable image brightness/color/contrast
2 video/1 audio input Gift box G.W: 0.878kg New panel, USD7/pcs is
CH-970A AV input and audio output in panel 100pcs US$55.00 required
Adjustable bracket installation 10pcs/CTN
Switch display mode by remote control
Car backing backsight function, automatic 9.6KG/CTN
image switch to right or left
Video signal disappear, display blue screen
Card style remote control CTN Size:

7" Stand Alone TFT LCD monitor

Headrest TFT-LCD monitor
Screen dimension: 7 inches Gift box.Size:
CH-7019 Resolution:480(W)*RGB*234(H)=336960 215x150x90mm
System:PAL & NTSC
Power:DC 12V
100pcs US$66.00
Consumption:7.5W Carton.WT: 8.94 KG
Video:two way video input
Operate mode:the key and remote control Carton.Size:

Head Rest pillow TFT LCD monitor Series

7" Head Rest TFT LCD monitor+Pillow(recycle panel)

Screen size: 7 inches

Display mode: 16:9
Format: PAL / NTSC
Pixels: 480(W) x RGB x 234(H)=336960 points
Power supply: DC 12V
Power Consumption: 8.5W
Operation temperature : -10℃ ~ +50℃
Storage temperature : -20℃ ~+60℃
Product size:
7 inches broad view angle 16:9 display mode 285×193×135mm
Adjustable image brightness/color/contrast
2 video input & 1 audio input Gift box
AV input and audio output in panel size:455×182×320mm
Display mode can be switched by remote
control Gift box G.W: 2.85KG New panel,
CH-760 Headrest style installation 100pcs US$62.00 USD5.5/pcs is required
Car backing backsight function, image can 4pcs/CTN
automatically switch to right or left
Video signal disappear, display blue screen
Card style remote control
The distance between the two iron poles can
be adjusted within 14-20 cm, which will be CTN Size:
suitable for difference type of cars. 470×375×335mm

1. The price is base on 100pcs except specified item,USD10/pcs additional for sample is required
2. The price is EX-Works price.
3. Delivery time: 15 days after order confirmation.
4. Valid time: the price is valid within 2 weeks.
5. Payment terms: T/T 30% in advance,the balance is due upon the goods is ready and before shipping.