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A concept which we are thinking of is completely unique and new concept it would be a place where all the amenities are provided under one roof such as restaurants, games, disco ,fast food corner , beauty parlor , swimming pool , etc. We are opening a social activities club in Agra which would have all the facilities in one roof. As there no such place before in Agra we have an idea to open it and provide an ease for the localities and also for the outsiders to spend their time with their family and friends. For now people wouldnt have to go far away for having such facilities. Its totally a new concept for people living in Agra and nearby areas so it would be surely accepted by them and recommended to their near and dears. Our club is in the heart of Agra providing an ease to everyone coming there. So that people dont face difficulties in coming to our club and children can come with their friends and enjoy there day over here.

Name: - RETRO CLUB ADDRESS: - A-10, FATHEABAD ROAD AGRA Contact no: - 9711434343 9711434342 Established in year: - 2009 We are 6 members and have started our club in partnership each one investing Rs 3crores/- i.e. 3 cr. *6 = Rs 18 cr. out of which 1, 71, 00,000 have kept for our future as reserves.

Imagine it, and then go for it



To open new segment in our own TOWN and to capture market. To create awareness among the people about this new concept. To provide all amenities to our customers under one roof Customer satisfaction and to prolong it till last To increase profits successively & earn goodwill To do advertisements and in order to promote our club.

To open new branches in future

As we are providing all facilities under one roof such as: Fast food corner Disco Games Beauty salon Gym and yoga Swimming pool This was a new concept in every respect for the people of Agra as they all were asking about this place that where and when they would have a place like this.


Over club has matured of any things which is desire by everyone for perfect hang out. As this concept was not there in Agra so we tried to grab this opportunity and take all the benefits we can. Now no longer people will have to travel out and have to spend time and money to reach there.


We tried to recognize requirements of the customers and than we thought what kind of amenities we should bestow and some of them are as follows:Our place is unique in itself and soon it would become the first choice of people in Agra.

So many games at one place for first time in Agra and nearby areas too.

Our membership advantages such as 10% discount of renewal and also group membership discount and so on.

Happy hours for our valuable customers.

We are providing all this amenities at an

affordable price.

We are going to conduct our business on partnership basis among us i.e. 6 members only and all we members will have a key role to play in it as it is partnership firm this is because: It requires less time and completion of formalities to start new business in partnership firm. A partnership firm has a capacity to raise more funds as compare to sole trading business as we have to invest huge funds so funds of various partners can be brought together. All the capital will be invested by members itself i.e. we wont be taking loans. Quick and prompt actions can be taken. Business risk is also divided among the partners. It will be easy to divide the work among the partners.
All members will invest same capital and will enjoy

equal rights but will divide the work among our self.

Features of our RETRO CLUB

SITUATED AT:Situated in the



FAST FOOD CORNERS:Well appointed


SWIMMING POOL:Well designed

SWIMMING POOL to keep you cool.


World of Games i.e. all exciting games for everyone such as bowling, billiards & snooker, play stations and so on DISCO:-

For Chest pounding high power sound, state of the art DJ equipment to awesome special effect along with lights for both indoor and outdoor dance floor. BEAUTY PARLOUR:-

A Beauty salon where you can relax and change your complete makeover both for Men & Women at an affordable price. RESTAURANT:

Contemporary Ambience, Authentic cuisines and Modern service style at the restaurants along with exotic cuisines with regional delicacies food in restaurants. GYMNASIUM:-

To maintain your body and to stay fit there is everything available that one needs to be fit. YOGA:-

Yoga and meditation to keep you away from stress and give your better life.

And our some other unique features are as follows:-

Open theater. DJ on Sundays. Special offers such as prices for BEST DANCER & ATTRACTIVE PERSONALITY on the day of DJ. Well designed interiors. Unique place in itself. Ample parking space.

Organization structure
Research and design team
rss Customer research Product/service design

Operations team
Product / operation Quality assurance System engineering

Planning team
Strategic planning Accounts & finance HR, administration COO


Service Training Information

Customer satisfaction team

Sales and marketing Pricing & promotion Channels and logistics

We are having 6 partners in the club and different heads we be handled by each of the partner: Planning team it would be handled by BHARAT GARG and MAYUR GUPTA as they are from finance background. They would prepare the budget for the club and expenses will be incurred on the basis of that budget. They would also look after the companies accounts Customer support team it would be handled by RATI GUPTA as she is from HR background she would train the employees and provide service guidance so that customers are fully satisfied. Ours club is a service product so it is very important to train employees so that they serve the customers properly. Customer satisfaction team it would be handled by MOHIT BAJAJ as he is from marketing background. He would deal with marketing of the club i.e. price of the services, promotion and distribution. He would also handle the sales of the club. Research and design team it would be handled by SIDDHARTH GUPTA. He would do the customer research as he is from marketing background. He would seek what customers require and then design the product on that basis. Operations team it would be done by ARCHIT AGARWAL. He would check the quality of our product and services and would design the system for proper working.

Sales projections
For sales projection we would used the TEST MARKETING METHOD so that we can have appropriate sales. We would use FULL BLOWN TEST MARKET METHOD in which we would: Choose a few representative cities i.e. AGRA, MATHURA and VRINDAVAN in which we would conduct full promotion campaign for the duration of six months as the cities are not so big and theres no competition so six months is enough for testing the market. Buyers surveys will be also carried out in AGRA to get information about consumer attitude, usage and satisfaction towards our products and services.

Sales budget
A budget plays important role in success of an organization so before spending we needed to think wisely on how to spend our money so there should not be any problems INVESTMENT PAISA BOLTA HAI!!! LAND Interior of whole club Restaurant Disco Banquet hall Beauty saloon Gymnasium Yoga center Swimming pool Games Miscellaneous expenses Infrastructure Construction Wi-Fi setup Computer Reserves TOTAL


5,00,00,000 50,00,000 50,00,000 3,00,00,000 5,00,000 40,00,000 300,000 35,00,000 20,00,000 20,00,000 6,00,00,000 1,00,000 5,00,000 1,71,00,000 18,00,00,000


Our sales territory would be AGRA, MATHURA and other nearby areas. Our main focus would be at Agra as it is the place where we are providing our services.

Compensation Scheme: We have set up different targets depending on different services i.e. Restaurant Rs. 10, 00,000 for 6 months Gaming alley Rs.8, 00,000 for 6 months Beauty salon and Gym Rs.4, 00,000 for 6 months If the different amenities are able to achieve targets in the span of time we would be give them a bonus of Rs.50, 000 to every service provider. By this they would work properly and provide services efficiently and effectively and more of the customers would be attracted towards our products and services.

Sales projection and Breakeven point






Income Membership fee Restaurant Disco entry Gym & yoga Fast food corners Swimming pool Games Beauty salon Other events Guest entry Total AMOUNT (Rs.) 2,00,00,000 30,00,000 10,00,000 10,00,000 20,00,000 15,00,000 20,00,000 1,00,000 50,00,000 20,00,000 3,76,00,000

Profit = income-expenses So Profit = 3.76 Cr.-3.0 Cr = 76, 00,000

BREAK EVEN POINT = 18 Cr\ 0.76 Cr = 23 MONTHS

Distribution channel
As we are having a service oriented company i.e. CLUB so the customers have to come to the place for using our services but for making them aware about our services we would use following mode for distribution: -

We would contact with local newspaper seller and we would distribute our pamphlet with the newspaper. Newspapers are generally read by almost everyone today. Some may be detail readers while some might just have a glance at headlines thus giving an ad in newspaper would surely serve something to our RETRO CLUB.

HOARDING: Banners are the most traditional mode of distribution, so we have also made use of it to attract our bubbly minds. Well put hoarding on the Mathura Agra highway so that people crossing on it can see it and can come to know about our services.

TELEVISION: We will telecast our ads on local cable channels television as this is very effective way of communication. Through which we reach every segment of people and it would be a good mode for distribution.


We would be launching our club in December and for promotion we would organize the NEW YEARS EVE so that people come to our place to spend their evening and can know about our services and their benefits. Generally people seek new places for spending their eve so our club for the right place for them. We would provide delicious cuisine, unlimited drinks, awesome D.J., lucky draws, and contest like best dress and best dancing couple. We would also call famous musician MIKA for performing for our customers so that more people come to our place to enjoy dance, music and food. And once they come they would come to know about our service and after that our club would become a good place for spending their leisure time with us.