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Sandeep S. Thakkar E-mail:


Myself, Sandeep S. Thakkar, an enthusiastic SUN certified software professional presently employed
with an Investment Banking firm as a Java/J2EE Consultant. With an overall experience of about 5 years
I was exposed to Object Oriented 1/2/3/N tire software system design and development on Java/J2EE,
Messaging Middleware (MQ Series) and RDBMS platforms. So far my brief career includes a stint at
Space Applications Center – ISRO, and SEI CMM Level V MNCs like PSI DataSystems Ltd, IBM
India Software Labs Ltd., (Sr. Software Engineer) prior to this as well.


Looking for challenging assignments that would provide good growth and learning opportunities in today’s
competitive and fast paced environment of Computer Science and Information Technology. To seek
avenues that would offer me challenges to hone up my technical as well as managerial skills and shape
up my profile by assisting my clients to achieve their goals as well.


System Analysis/Design Analyzing / Designing software systems front end, back end, 2/3/N
tire architectures

Languages Java, J2EE

Core Java: OOPS, Multi Threading, Collections, Strings, Garbage
Collection, Exception Handling
J2EE: JSP, Servlets, JDBC, JMS, Java Beans, EJB, Networking
Web Technology JSP, Servlets, JMS, XML, HTML, JavaScript
Middleware Websphere MQ (Messaging Middleware),
Application Servers WebSphere Application Server -5.0 , 5.1, 6.0 (WAS-5.X, 6.X)

Development Tools Websphere Studio Application Developer , IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse

Web Servers JRun 4.0.6, WebSphere – 5.X, Weblogic 7.0 ,Apache-Tomcat
Database Sybase, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL
System Designing Tools UML, Rational Rose, Rational Unified Process, OOD
Operating Systems Windows200x/-9x/-XP, Solaris, Linux
Infrastructure Tools Visual Source Safe 6.0, VPN, CMVC





1. Associated with NikkoCitigroup Ltd., a collaboration of Nikko Cordial-Japan and

Citigroup Global Services, here in Tokyo Japan, as a J2EE Consultant from Oct 2006 till Date.

I am involved in development of a Reporting Interface as a part of the team, which consolidates

daily trades. The system sources data from Equity back office system to produce various operational,
exception, management, and regulatory/settlement reports. This application provides viewing, searching,
printing and archival facilities for reporting.

The back office system sources variety of trades from different front office systems. It sends Stock
and Cash settlement instructions to clearinghouses. It also provides feed to General Ledger and other
downstream systems.
I am also involved in communication with the users to resolve daily issues and coordination tasks
involving support functionalities of an existing system, etc. However my primary responsibility revolves
around the development of the reporting application.

ADD: - #301, PettyWatanabe, 2-1-13, Higashi Kasai, Edogawa Ku Tokyo Japan 1340084.
: +81 8034311627
Sandeep S. Thakkar E-mail:

Project Title TORI - Tokyo Operations Reporting Interface

Institute/Organization Nikko Citigroup Limited
Tools/Platform JSP, Servlets, Jrun 4.0.6, Solaris
Duration Oct 2006 - Till Date
Team Size 5 (1)
Role Analysis, design, development, testing and deployment of
the Reporting application, Coordinating with the users for
different issues as well as for the user acceptance signoff
and maintenance.
Summary I am a part of a 5-member team, which is involved in
backend settlement of daily trades happening through Nikko.
As a byproduct of the daily trades, there are large number of
reports are generated, some of which are daily, whereas
some are weekly and some printed fortnightly.

The TORI Web Application was visualized to achieve a

paperless reporting system, replacing the current reporting
system that consumes huge resources in terms of stationary,
ink and most importantly crucial man-hours spent in reviews
of huge reports that are printed on daily basis.

The TORI Web Application removes the need to print the

reports created on a daily basis. The reports available can be
accessed online via TORI as when required.

The application provides the flexibility of searching for any

particular keys (A/c No., CUSIP, Trade ref, etc) and
traversing easily to the page containing this information.

Moreover the performance of the application is a very

important feature as even reports spanning thousands of
pages are traversed in almost no time.

Index based searching also provides the added advantage of

fast and flexible search based on multiple keys.

2. Associated with IBM India Software Labs Ltd., a collaboration of IBM Software Labs
Hursley, United Kingdom, located at Bangalore, as a Software Engineer from May 2005 till Oct 2006. I
was a part of the three-member Java/JMS support team for the messaging middleware product called
"Websphere MQ" under the HURDDC (Hursley Dedicated Development Center) project.
Responsibilities as a dedicated WMQ-JMS support provider included, resolving of
queries concerning JMS aspects of Websphere MQ (formerly known as MQSeries) and at the same
time providing solutions, that customers can seamlessly integrate in their existing enterprise
applications. I was also responsible for issues related to Websphere Application Server and its messaging
component (Websphere Embedded MQ Messaging) as far as Websphere Application Server 5.X is
concerned. Issues regarding WAS-6.X messaging were also handled provided the messaging middleware
is Websphere MQ.

Project Title WebSphere MQ - Java/JMS

Institute/Organization IBM India Software Labs, Bangalore – 01.
Tools/Platform Websphere MQ, WAS, WSAD-5.1.1, JMS, J2EE
Duration May 2005 – Oct 2006
Team Size 3
Role Resolving customer queries relating to Java/JMS
components of Websphere MQ and assisting them in
seamless integration of messaging middleware (Websphere
MQ) in within their solutions. Supporting and resolving issues
concerning Embedded Messaging on Websphere Application
Server as well.
Summary As a member of the three member strong L3 Support
workforce (HURDDC) on Java JMS for Websphere MQ, my
work mainly revolved around ensuring that our customers

ADD: - #301, PettyWatanabe, 2-1-13, Higashi Kasai, Edogawa Ku Tokyo Japan 1340084.
: +81 8034311627
Sandeep S. Thakkar E-mail:

achieve a seamless support for their Java/JMS related

queries on the product as well as any and every sort of
clarification that they would require. This is even more critical
to our business success as our product MQ is supported on
more than 32 platforms. An extended support team in
Hursley UK, ensured round the clock support for our
Assistance to our customers in obtaining the best solutions
using our product by suggesting ideal ways to get the best
out of the messaging middleware which also involved
simulation of the customer scenario at our labs at IBM
ISL Bangalore and providing needful solutions on the need
basis. Websphere MQ covered more than 80% of the market
share in the messaging middleware arena.
Our daily activities involved use of WSAD for developing
customer feasible solutions, WAS for deployment of
solutions and Websphere MQ our messaging
middleware around which our solutions revolve as well
as fix any defects with JMS layer of the product

3. Associated with PSI Data Systems Limited, an Aditya Birla group Software Development
venture located at Bangalore, as a Software Engineer from Dec 2003 till Mar 2005. During this period, I
was involved in 3 different projects. I have been involved in analysis, design, development and unit testing
of my modules at different stages of these projects.

Project Title Fiserv - FIS

Institute/Organization PSI Data Systems Limited, Bangalore – 01.
Tools/Platform Core Java, Servlets, IBM DB2, WSAD-5.0.1, JSPs
Duration Nov 2004 - Mar 2005
Team Size 45
Role Bug-fixing and Unit Testing of modules assigned
Summary An independent product developed for an Insurance based
Client by the name of Fiserv Insurance Solutions. I was
solely involved in this project for a very small period of time
in order to ensure quick closure of number of bugs that were
maintaining an alarming rate in the project. The whole
system designed and developed in Websphere Application
Studio Developer (WSAD – 5.0.1) This project which took a
period of about 3 years to come to life was required to be
closed as a contract, on a speedy basis owing to which I was
put on this project to achieve the company’s target within the
stipulated period of time. This is an insurance-based product
developed for a client based in U.S. and is developed using
Core Java, Servlets and IBM DB2. I was a member of the
team involved in the bug-fixing phase of the project.

4. During this project, I was actively involved in analysis, design and development of a
Financial Organizer Package for one of our client in U.S. The project mainly involved migration of the
system from a CORBA-centric architecture to a CORBA-free J2EE centric architecture.

Project Title ‘LAWSON – Re Architecting and Migration Project’

Institute/Organization PSI Data Systems Limited, Bangalore – 01.
Tools/Platform Core-Java, Swings, EJB .
Duration Dec 2003 – Oct 2004
Team Size 12
Role Analysis, Design, Development, Unit Testing
Summary PSI had proposed a solution to its client for its
merchandising suit of products, which were dependent on
CORBA and persistence, as a proposal to make their whole
system CORBA free. This was done in order to remove the
CORBA based licensing issues that were involved with the
IONA ORBIX server. First module of this project was taken
up as a pilot project and on successful completion and
ADD: - #301, PettyWatanabe, 2-1-13, Higashi Kasai, Edogawa Ku Tokyo Japan 1340084.
: +81 8034311627
Sandeep S. Thakkar E-mail:

implementation of the same PSI was awarded the project of

migrating the rest of the 3 modules of the same suite. Our
team is involved in analysis, designing and implementation
(precisely migration) of the whole merchandising suite of
their products. Whole of project involves re-implementation
of a part of the server as well as migration of part of the
system from CORBA based architecture to the J2EE based
EJB related architecture which in brief removes the issues of
licensing of the IONA ORBIX architecture.

5. Previously associated with Gateway Websys Limited, a Software Development firm

located at Ahmedabad, as a Software Engineer from Mar 2003 till Oct 2003. During this period I was
actively involved in a designing and development of a Website for one of our client in U.S.

Project Title ‘HSFB – Sports Mania’.

Institute/Organization Gateway WebSystems Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad.
Tools/Platform JSP, Servlets, MySQL, Apache-Tomcat
Duration Mar 2003 - Dec 2003
Team Size 5
Role Analysis, Design, Development
Summary Developed a JSP based website entitled ‘HSFB – Sports
Mania’ while working as a Software Engineer at Gateway
WebSystems Pvt. Ltd. This is a Website developed for a
client based in U.S. and is developed using JSP, Servlets
and My SQL. I was a member of the team involved in the
design and development of the whole website.


ORGANIZATION Space Applications Centre, Indian Space Research

Organization (ISRO) Ahmedabad.
(1) Project Title ‘SACNET MESSENGER’.
Tools/Platform Core Java, Swings, Java-mail, Rational-Rose, Win2000
Duration Feb 2003 - Jul 2003
Role Feasibility study, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and
Summary A network based utility that was developed for SACNET, a
campus-wide network of Space Application Center, ISRO
Ahmedabad. A utility which is totally java-based, interfacing
the mail-server as well as the Web-server & uses the Swing,
mail and other core-java packages. The project under
development strictly follows the System Development Life
Cycle (SDLC) as well as the Rational Unified Process (RUP).

(2) Project Title ‘SACNET BROADCASTER’.

Tools/Platform Core Java, Swings, Rational-Rose, Win2000
Duration Sep 2002 - Jan 2003
Role Feasibility study, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and
Summary A Network based utility that was developed for SACNET, a
campus-wide network of Space Application Center, ISRO.
Apart from using the package, for the GUI
development Forte4java was the IDE tool used. Rational
Rose was used for the analysis & designing purposes.
Clearing helped in better understanding of TCP-IP, UML as
well as Object Oriented Design and Development apart from
thorough understanding of the Rational Unified Process.

ORGANIZATION Ecomm Oppurtunities Ltd. (ISP) Ahmedabad

(3) Project Title ‘Customer Information System’ (CIS).
Tools/Platform JSP, Java, MS-Access, Tomcat, Windows 9X.
Duration Jan 2003 - Apr 2003
ADD: - #301, PettyWatanabe, 2-1-13, Higashi Kasai, Edogawa Ku Tokyo Japan 1340084.
: +81 8034311627
Sandeep S. Thakkar E-mail:

Role Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation.

Summary Development of a Customer Information System at a Local
ISP. An application used to provide information to the
user/customer regarding their status. This is another project
that I pursued free of any academic interest as an external
activity in order to enrich my knowledge regarding above


 Achieved SUN Certified Java Professional (SCJP for Sun Java 2 – 1.4) in Dec 2004
 Runners-Up in Elocution Competition held at L D College Of Engineering on the occasion of
World Water Day.
 Winner of Elocution competition organized by Physical Research Laboratory on Solar Eclipse.
 Winner of City Sports - Ahmedabad Badminton event.
 Led Cycle-expedition to Mehsana as a NCC (AIR-WING) cadet.
 Participant & Volunteer in XENFEST-97 (Xavier’s Environmental Festival).
 Active AIR WING NCC cadet & ‘C’-Certificate holder.


Date of Birth 6th Sep 1979

Sex Male
Nationality Indian
Marital Status Single
Address Tokyo , Japan
Email ,
Passport No E-3642176 (Valid till 2013)
VISA Engineer Visa Valid till Dec 2007
Voice + 81 80 3431 1627

Information mentioned above is true to the best of my knowledge.

References would be provided upon request.

Name : Sandeep S. Thakkar

Place : Tokyo, Japan

Date :

ADD: - #301, PettyWatanabe, 2-1-13, Higashi Kasai, Edogawa Ku Tokyo Japan 1340084.