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Purdue Student Senate Minutes Session XI September 7, 2011 This official meeting of the Purdue Student Governments Senate

was called to order at 7:10 pm on September 7, 2011, in Krannert G018 by Vice President Monica Harvey. Present: Cabinet: Brett Highley, Monica Harvey, Laura Donaldson, Amanda Evans, Mike May, Corey Bultema, Aaron Birge, Sara Yelich Senators: Joe Rust, Joe Harmeyer, Nicholas Grady, Nick King, Tessa Wisdom, Katherine Horton, Trevvor Long, Matt Elliott, Matt Swiontek, Zachary Briggs, Kevin Jacobs, Ivan Santoso, Ben Doll. Brandon Dalton, Jennifer Barth, Nathan Shrock, David Rosenthal, Ashley Munson Advisors: Martia Brawner Proxies: none Board of Directors: Jude Nwaokobia, Sachit Revankar Court: Paul Cronkhite Guests: John Cox, The Exponent I. Approval of Minutes: The minutes were read by Parliamentarian Revankar and approved. II. Guest Speaker: Chief John Cox, Purdue Police - Chief Cox introduced himself and spoke briefly on a number of issues. He talked about the current initiative to get drivers to slow down and obey the state laws on campus. He also mentioned on the great number of bikers on campus and that many of them still do not obey the traffic laws. - Chief Cox talked about many of the alcohol and drug issues that are being worked on. He also explained what CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Sciences) is and how they are working with Purdue Police on a number of issues. - Senator Doll thanked Chief Cox about the quick response to the recent graffiti incidents. Chief Cox said that it was frustrating at times but his team responded accordingly. He said that since the graffiti was on concrete and limestone it is taking lots of money in costs for repair. He also mentioned that there are a low number of officers per students compared to other campuses. - Vice President Harvey asked about the mass text about the alleged rape at Delta Chi. She said that it was odd to state where it occurred when it really was not a threat to others. Chief Cox said if there was a crimes against persons event and no one was caught, it is the polices duty to inform the students that the individual is at large without any knowledge of his intentions. - Senator Doll said he thought that the weather texts came too slow. Chief Cox said he thought the new system is very fast and is happy with it. He also talked briefly on the process for such texts and mentioned that the Chief Security Officer and ITAP have all the data on when people receive texts. - Secretary Evans asked if bikers should ride on sidewalks when no bike lanes are present. Chief Cox said that he recommends bikers to go along with traffic in that situation. He also talked about what improvements are being made to get the campus more pedestrian/biker friendly. - Advisor Brawner asked if people could still go on ride alongs. Chief Cox said many people have done so and they have all appreciated it immensely. He recommended everyone to try it. - President Highley asked the chief if he had seen any instances where the medical amnesty policy would occur. Chief Cox said he is a big fan of the policy and there have been instances where it could have occurred. He said that for the past three years, the police department has been pretty much following it unofficially. III. President, Vice President, and Committee Reports - President: President Highley said there was a successful meeting at the Presidents Roundtable and was a good way to see students concerns expressed. He also said the cabinet developed strategic plans for each committee and credited Senior Policy Advisor Robison for taking the initiative.

- Vice President: Vice President Harvey was happy about the turnout for the Boiler Campus Tailgate and said she will plan for another one soon. - Chief of Staff Donaldson talked about the PSG callout and the filming of a 21st birthday party video. - Treasurer Evans said that the SOGA deadline is coming up and there is a lot of money available for organizations. She also mentioned an info session taking place on September 8th. - Advisor: Martia Brawner had nothing to report. - President Pro Tempore: Senator Swiontek had nothing to report. - Academic Affairs: Senator Horton had nothing to report. - Governmental Affairs: Senator Rosenthal mentioned that PSG is making trivia team and anyone interested should contact him. - Student Affairs: Senator Munson briefly mentioned an event called Hot Dogs for Top Dogs. - Internal Affairs: Senator Briggs had nothing to report. -Ad-hoc: Senator Rust mentioned the other members of the senate that are on the ad-hoc committee for traditions. IV. Informal Discussion Senator Swiontek asked President Highley about the interview attendance policy. President Highley said hes in the process of coming up with a policy that ensures students to not be penalized for missing class due to a job interview. He mentioned that he would like to get Purdue CCO involved. Chief Justice Cronkhite swore in Senators Wisdom and Santoso. VI. Old Business a. Ratification of 8-27-11 Session XI Meeting Senator Rust asked why it was necessary to reconsider the meeting. Senator Swiontek explained that PSGs bylaws states that it must notify the general student body in the case of a Student Senate meeting. He said no such announcement was made about the Senate meeting at Camp Tecumseh. Senator Swiontek moved to vote on the ratification. Senator Harmeyer seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously 18-0 b. Bill 11-4 2011-2012 Purdue Student Government Budget Senator Briggs explained that the budget finally looks good now and its ready to be passed. Senator Briggs moved to vote on Bill 11-4. Senator Dalton seconded the motion. The bill passed unanimously 18-0. VII. New Business a. Bill 11-10 Confirmation of Chief of Staff for Session 11 Senator Swiontek moved to amend Bill 11-10 to make it grammatically correct. Senator Long seconded the motion. The amendment passed 18-0. Senator Swiontek moved to vote on Bill 11-10. Senator Barth seconded the motion. The bill passed unanimously 18-0. b. Bill 11-11 An Amendment to the Purdue Student Government Constitution to Add Gender Identity and Expression and Genetic Information to the Non-Discrimination Statement Senator Briggs questioned the reasoning for the bill. Senator Rosenthal explained that last year the University Code of Conduct was amended and this makes PSGs constitution up to date. Senator Swiontek moved to vote on Bill 11-11. Senator Munson seconded the motion. The bill passed unanimously 18-0.

c. Recommendation 11-1 Recommending that Purdue Extend the Interim PurdueCARES Policy and Adopt a Long-Term Medical Amnesty Policy to Protect Student Health and Safety Senator Rosenthal explained that the University Senate will be voting to extend the medical amnesty policy on September 12th and this is PSGs way of showing its support. Senator Swiontek moved to vote on Recommendation 11-1. Senator Elliott seconded the motion. The recommendation passed unanimously 18-0. d. Recommendation 11-2 A Resolution Declaring the Intention of Purdue Student Government to Transfer Records to the Purdue University Archives and Special Collections Senator Rosenthal first thanked everyone for helping clear stuff out of the storage closet. He then explained that this would organize all of PSGs records as the libraries have way more resources than PSG does. Senator Swiontek moved to vote on Recommendation 11-2. Senator Shrock seconded the motion. The recommendation passed unanimously 18-0. VIII. Announcements Announcements were listed on the agenda. President Highley mentioned that he is now awarding a PSGer of the week for a member of PSG that went above and beyond lately. He awarded Senator Rosenthal for his efforts as of late. Senator Rosenthal briefly thanked the people that have helped him out so far. Executive Director Birge reminded the chamber about the 9/11 event, taking place on Sunday at 3 pm. IX. Adjournment Senator King moved to adjourn the meeting. Senator Wisdom seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm. Minutes submitted by: Parliamentarian Sachit Revankar Approved by: