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InsideTrack Values Salesforce Coaching from Bluewolf Beyond

Bluewolf Beyond gives us the expertise in Salesforce that we needed, and the flexibility to use consultant hours to ramp up or scale down as necessary.
Derald Sue CIO, InsideTrack

The Agile Enterprise

the story
InsideTrack provides 1:1 executive-style coaching for college students to help them be more successful in school and graduate prepared for career success. As the business grew and service delivery became more complex, the company required more flexibility from technology than its custom-built CRM solution was able to provide. The IT department was focused more on supporting and updating the system than it was on adding value to business processes. We had to decide what to focus on, said Derald Sue, CIO. Were we going to become a software company or focus on serving students and their universities? InsideTrack chose to focus on delivering excellent service to clients, its core competency. The CIO knew the company had to update its homegrown CRM solution since it did not provide the flexibility the company needed to respond to changes in business. After reviewing the offerings on the market, the best solution to help the company achieve its goal was Salesforce CRM.

Cloud Apps

challenge InsideTrack built its own CRM solution to allow the company to capture data in a uniform manner in a multi-user environment. As the business evolved, long development cycles and a small development team resulted in not being able to adequately address the changing business

working with Salesforce experts

Early in the implementation process, InsideTracks CIO admitted that he and his team wanted to deploy as much functionality as possible, and as quickly as possible. They also wanted to make the Salesforce solution similar to the old solution the company was familiar with, but, when the team met with Bluewolf for the first time, the CIO heard a surprising suggestion. The experts at Bluewolf told us that the last thing we should do is deeply customize the solution until we fully exhausted the out of the box functionality. At first, I was taken aback because this was coming from a consulting firm, but then they helped us see that we would increase the amount of time it took to make changes down the road if we did too much customization upfront, said Sue. The InsideTrack team and the Bluewolf team spent several months exploring the functionality to see how the company would be using the system. Sue said, This really gave us the opportunity to understand our workflows and service delivery and translate how the technology aligns with the business processes.

requirements in a timely manner. Once the CIO made the decision to move to Salesforce CRM, the company found itself in a new world of cloud computing. While the new solution offered more scalability and configuration capabilities, the company needed expertise in applying the technology to solve specific business problems.They were also looking for a partner who could augment their internal resources as needed.

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leveraging on-demand staff

Bluewolf Beyond is designed to be flexible and adaptable to changing business needs. InsideTrack has access to Bluewolfs staff of strategic advisers, process analysts, developers, trainers, and information architects for a cost-effective, predictable monthly cost. We didnt know how much help we actually needed so Bluewolf Beyond was perfect for us because we could ramp up or scale down as necessary, said Sue. InsideTrack gets a single point of contact to help plan and coordinate any and all changes, and help drive ongoing adoption of the companys Salesforce solution. For a company without deep Salesforce expertise being able to rely on Bluewolf for staffing as needed, helps the company apply its technology to solving business problems. Bluewolf Beyond has allowed me to focus on aligning technology to our business needs. We are now in a position to be more responsive to customer needs and bring new services to market faster. We would not have been able to do this without Bluewolf, said Sue.

strategy After reviewing several consulting firms within the Salesforce partner ecosystem, InsideTrack chose Bluewolf. The Bluewolf Beyond managed service for Salesforce and Bluewolf IT Resourcing gave the company the expertise and extra resource it needed to gain additional value from their Salesforce CRM investment. Bluewolf is a trusted adviser and partner helping InsideTrack manage its ongoing backlog of projects and helping evolve the application to keep up with changing business needs. results With Bluewolf Beyond & Bluewolf IT Resourcing, InsideTrack can:

relying on a trusted partner

Bluewolf Beyond provided InsideTrack a single resource for building a road map, continuing to build competencies, and validating decisions about the solution that have long-term effects. For example, rather than building a custom report, the company decided to use best practices for a report within the Salesforce solution. The value that Bluewolf Beyond gave us is they could understand our business problem and our desired workflow and use their expertise to tell us we could do it another way, said Sue. Not only that, but also showing us the pros and cons of doing it each way so we could make the best decision to align the technology in the most efficient way. Sue felt that the companys reliance on Bluewolf would lessen as the implementation moved to later phases, but he says the opposite has occurred. I initially thought that we would only use Bluewolf Beyond for our implementation blueprint. What I found was that the value went farther in helping us with tactical and strategic decisions about Salesforce. Its become a long-term relationship that my team and I have come to value. In a sense, we now have a coach to coach us on getting the most from Salesforce.
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Access Salesforce CRM expertise and implement best practices. Get strategic guidance before implementing new processes. ROI Tracking for all new changes in the system in order to gain buy in. Focus on core competency rather than on software development. Ramp up on Salesforce and other hard to find IT resources when needed. Work with a trusted partner who understands the business problem and how the technology solves it.

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