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Upon our return from NJ, this email from the estranged daughter of Ronald Peter Rogers was waiting. I forwarded my complete file on Peter Rogers to Laurel in a set of five emails Alan She has not replied again. Alan
From: Sent: To: Jen [] Wednesday, September 26, 2007 9:56 AM

Subject: FW: Pete Rogers

From: L Mastrian [] Sent: Monday, September 17, 2007 1:20 PM To: Subject: Pete Rogers

Dear Jennifer, The news you shared with me last night turned our entire world on it's ear. I have shared this with my children and my xhusband and showed them my father's photo so that they can be aware of what he looks like. I called my mom after speaking with you and she claimed that my father had sexually molested my 1st cousin, Jeffrey Rogers (my father's own nephew) when he was young and that she wasn't even sure if Paul, my father's brother knew this. The information came from Jeffrey's mother, Maureen, who passed away many years ago. We are going to try and locate Jeffrey and see if he is willing to testify to these facts. When you left I went in the house to warn my children about my father. As you will remember they were in the house when we discussed my father's past, activities, vehicle description, etc. I asked them if they had seen any suspicious vehicles lurking about in the past. With no hints from me on what type of vehicle my father drives my youngest child said "you mean the blue van?" My middle child then said "yeah, there's been a light blue van sometimes." On further questioning they said they have seen a light blue van on at least 4 occasions which had parked across the street when they were getting on the bus in the morning and also in the afternoon. They said once it was parked in the driveway of my x's home and another time across the street just thru the trees facing the house. I had already shared with you that my father, several years ago, had left me a phone message confessing to having parked outside the house for 4-5 hours and then approaching the neighbors regarding the whereabouts of myself and my children. Needless to say as this unfolds it is very disturbing. After much discussion with my x-husband we have decided to go the authorities and try to build a case against my father before he can wreck more lives and prey upon other innocent children. We have reported our findings to the State Police in New Jersey and are attempting to obtain restraining orders to cover our two residences as well as the schools. Your father had mentioned that you have a photograph of my fathers Blue Dodge Caravan so if you could email or mail that to me it would be of assistance to the police. Also, I have confirmed that my father does in fact have a nephew Wayne, the son of someone named Lucy. At present, my mom is unable to remember their last name and I wondered if you have or can obtain that. You mentioned in your letter that you went to school with 3 boys in MD who were molested by my father and Wayne Cox. Do you know if they are willing to come forward? In our conversation you eluded to other people you knew whose children had been molested by my father. Again, nothing can be done unless people will come forward and make statements to that effect. We have been told that since these molestations have taken place in multiple states that this could be escalated to an FBI case. The police are attempting to locate my father but are having difficulty so we are trying to go back and verify his social security number, exact date of birth, street address, phone number(s), etc. If you or your father have access to any of the above information please email me and I will forward it to the police at once. Sincerely, Laurel Mastrian

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9/15/2007 Dear Laurel, My name is Jennifer Fountain, my husbands name is Wayne Fountain. I am writing to you because I believe that Peter Rogers is your father. The man pictured above was introduced to me as my husbands grandfather. He is not a blood relative. This man molested my husband Wayne Fountain when he was 7 years old. My husbands uncle Wayne Cox was adopted by Peter Rogers when he was 14 years old. I am not trying to disrupt your life and if you are not his daughter I apologize. I am writing you because I need your help.

Wayne Cox has passed away, he died in 2004. After his death Peter Rogers lived in my home in West Virginia for extended periods of time. During these visits he revealed to me in several confessions disturbing details of molesting and stalking children. I feel that he is still capable of

hurting children presently. I believe that he could possibly still be molesting my husband. I left my husband Wayne Fountain in March of this year because he would not remove Peter Rogers from my home. I dont know how you feel about your father and by no means am I trying to hurt you. I just need your help. Peter travels around the region and stays with families he has befriended. He seems to know these family from contact through relatives. I believe the children in and around these homes are in danger. In addition to the disturbing details that Peter revealed to me about sex with children, he also spoke of sitting in front of your home in New Jersey on four occasions. Peter mentioned that he wanted to see his grandchildren, your children. I know that he has done this recently. I have tried to contact you before to warn you about this but I was unable to place you. I just felt that it was my duty to let you know. I am trying to understand what happened to my husband and what broke up my family. I am hoping that you are willing to speak with me in response to this letter. I know that your father has done some very harmful things to a lot of people. He had told me that he and Wayne Cox took three of my friends to bed in the mid-80s. These boys were friends of mine, we went to school together. The youngest boy was only 7 when the crime took place. Peter Rogers has hurt a lot of the people that I love. I also cared for Peter and had him in my home. I am just trying to warn other families before more children and families are hurt like mine. I hope to hear from you. With Regards,

Jennifer Fountain P.O. Box Frederick, MD 21705 Cell#304-279-2572

This is the cover letter i sent with the 5 email of all info we have regrading her father Peter Rogers. Alan
Laural: Thank you for your courage to act. We will do any thing we can to help. Attached is a list of enforcement agencies we have contacted regarding Peter. Under separate covers is Jennifers statement regarding the facts as she knows them. Jennifer has contacted by letter the parents of the three boys she mentioned in her letter to you. Those boys where all in NH and went to school with her and her x husband Wayne Fountain. We hope to convince one or more of the brothers to make a statement. Jennifer knows that Peter traveled to Fla. We are trying to pin point what cities he and Wayne Rogers spent time in during their travels. Can you help with this? Jennifer has written to her former neighbors in Martinsburg WV and requested that they canvas their children about contact with Peter. Jennifer has written to many members of her x husbands family and requested their help. Some have come forward with mind twisting information about sex abuse within the family. She has asked all family members to encourage Wayne Fountain too come forward with his knowledge regarding your father and that they forward any info regarding the sexual abuse of family members to authorities or to her. Please provide us with your point of contact in the NJ state police and we will forward all new information to you and the State Police. As we develop more specific information we intend to contact state police investigators for each state where a crime appears likely. We are working for written statements or additional information of good standing before making contact with additional law enforcement. We have been working with a forensic psychologist with extensive expertise in this area. He is standing by to interview any victim that is prepared to make a statement. Some may prefer to speak to a Dr. rather then a policeman. We believe Peters current address is 9 Rolling Hills Drive, Hinsdale, NH. Peter also spends a great deal of time in Rochester with a Nephew Wayne and his wife/girl friend Jennifer. All we know is they have a yorkie dog named Tiffany. They both work in food service for nursing homes in the area. We believe the house they live in belonged to Wayne of Rochesters mother who has passed away. I will forward photos you requested under separate cover. I have to find the one of the van. Alan Horn