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EmJi Video City

Final Requirements for the Course B.S. in Computer Science In the Subject System Analysis and Design
Documentation Presented to:
Mr. IsaganiAgudo

Presented by:
Arnold G. Nardo Sarah Jean T. Anquiliano Fate T. Berondo Vina Lyn Quilnet

October 2011



DVD rental establishments are great investment options because most consumers enjoy movies and will visit movie theaters or movie rental shops for as long as they are able. For entrepreneurs that are interested in investing in a DVD rental establishment the form of establishment that should be considered in order to obtain the highest number of benefits will be a DVD rental establishment that utilizes kiosks. With a DVD rental establishment, a huge amount of earnings can be obtained during a short period of time. December 1977 George Atkinson launches the first video rental store, a 600-square foot storefront at 12011 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. Atkinson was the proprietor of Home Theater Systems, a company that rented Super 8 movies and projectors for parties. He bought one Betamax and one VHS copy of each of the Magnetic Video titles through a third-party for $3.00 over cost. Atkinson announced the availability of the Fox titles for rent in a one-columninch ad in the December 7, 1977 Los Angeles Times. (Previously, he had advertised "Video for Rent" although he didn't have any videos.) In order to raise capital, Atkinson charges $50 for an "annual membership," $100 for a "lifetime membership," which provides the opportunity to rent the videos for $10 a day. Atkinson is threatened with a lawsuit for renting the videos, but quickly discovers that U.S. copyright law gives him the right to rent and resell videos he owns. There is a question whether Atkinson was actually the first person to open a video rental store. Some believe that Arthur Morowitz, who started renting videos from a storefront in New York's Times Square around the same time that Atkinson began renting videos, was the first. EMJI VIDEO CITY is name of a proposed business plan; EM is taken from one of the owner, named Edgar Morales and JI from his wife named Judy Iligan. They started way back 1990s as a VHS Rental House, and then later offered VCDs. When VHS and VCDs got obsolete they started to offer theyre valued customers rented DVDs. EMJI VIDEO CITY started as a computerized rental house but when Mr. Edgar Morales passed away last 2009. Mrs. Judy Iligan decided to use manual recording in business because of financial difficulties in running the business alone.
Type of Business Organization

Since EmJi VIDEO CITY has managed and administered by the couple, EmJiVIDEO CITY preferred to use single proprietorship as a type of their business organization. Sole proprietorship, also known as a sole trader or simply a proprietorship, is a type of business entity that is owned and run by one individual and in which there is no legal distinction between the owner and the business. Also referred to as single proprietorship, a sole

proprietorship is the simplest form of business and the easiest to register, through the Bureau of Trade Regulation and Consumer Protection (BTRCP) of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). It is owned by an individual who has full control/authority of its own and owns all the assets, as well as personally answers all liabilities or losses. The fact that it is run by the individual means that it is highly flexible and the owner retains absolute control over it. Benefits of single proprietorship type of business we are establishing: A sole proprietor has complete control and decision-making power over the business., sale or transfer can take place at the discretion of the sole proprietor, no corporate tax payments, minimal legal costs to forming a sole proprietorship and few formal business requirements Quick decisions In a sole proprietorship business the sole proprietor alone is responsible for all decisions. He is free to take any decision on his own. Since no one else is involved in decision making it becomes quick and prompt action can be taken on the basis of the decision. Direct motivation: The profits earned belong to the sole proprietor alone and he bears the risk of losses as well. Thus, there is a direct link between the effort and the reward. If he works hard, then there is a possibility of getting more profit and he will be the sole beneficiary of this profit. Nobody will share this reward with him. This provides strong motivation for the sole proprietor to work hard. Better control: In sole proprietorship business the proprietor has full control over each and every activity of the business. Since the proprietor has all authority with him, it is possible to exercise better control over business. Close personal relation: The sole proprietor is always in a position to maintain good personal contact with the customers and employees. Direct contact helps the sole proprietor to know the individual likes, dislikes and tastes of the customers. It also helps in maintaining close and friendly relations with the employees and thus, the business can run smoothly. Encourages self-employment: Sole proprietorship form of business organization leads to creation of employment opportunities for people. Not only is the owner self-employed, sometimes he also creates job opportunities for others. Thus, it helps in reducing poverty and unemployment in our country.

This business is located at . This business starts with the capital of P 400,000.00 Four Hundred Thousand Pesos allocated by the couple.

NAME Judy Iligan Edgar Morales

AMOUNT CONTRIBUTED Php 200,000.00 Php 200,000.00

TYPE OF PARTNERS Capitalist Industrial Capitalist Industrial

Capitalist Partner one who contributes capital in money or property Capitalist Industrial Partner one who contributes in money, property, and industry.

A. Background Information 1. List of Group Meetings Date September 26, 2011 Time 1:07 3:07

Problem Identification

Hours 2 hrs.


Names Who Participated Mr. Arnold Nardo Ms. Sarah Jean Anquiliano Ms. Faith Berondo


Ms. Vina Lyn Quilnet

October 3, 20011 1:00 2:00 1 hr. CHS Mr. Arnold Nardo Ms. Sarah Jean Anquiliano Ms. Faith Berondo

Ms. Vina Lyn Quilnet

October 7, 2011 1:00 2:00 1 hr. Lab 3 Mr. Arnold Nardo Ms. Sarah Jean Anquiliano Ms. Faith Berondo

Ms. Vina Lyn Quilnet

October 10, 2011 8:00 9:00 1 hr. Canopy Mr. Arnold Nardo Ms. Sarah Jean Anquiliano Ms. Faith Berondo

Ms. Vina Lyn Quilnet

October 15, 2011 8:00 9:00 1 hr. Canopy Mr. Arnold Nardo Ms. Sarah Jean Anquiliano Ms. Faith Berondo

Ms. Vina Lyn Quilnet

List of Group Interviews

Date September 27,2011

Time 1:00 2:00

Hours 1 hr.

Venue Emji Video City

Interviewer Mr. Arnold Nardo Ms. Sarah Jean Anquiliano Ms. Fate Berondo

Interviewee Mrs. Judy Iligan

Ms. Vina Lyn Quilnet

October 4, 2011 1:00 3:00 2 hrs. Emji Video City Mr. Arnold Nardo Ms. Sarah Jean Anquiliano Ms. Fate Berondo Ms. Eris Iligan

Ms. Vina Lyn Quilnet

October 5, 2011 8:15 9:15 1 hr. Emji Video City Mr. Arnold Nardo Ms. Sarah Jean Anquiliano Ms. Fate Berondo Mrs. Judy Iligan

Ms. Vina Lyn Quilnet

Group Tasks

Group Leader: Mr. Arnold Nardo Encoders: Ms. Sarah Jean Anquiliano

Researchers: Ms. Sarah Jean Anquiliano Reporter:

Ms. Fate Berondo Ms. Sarah Jean Anquiliano Ms.Fate Berondo Ms. Vina Lyn Quilnet

Ms. Fate Berondo Ms. Vina Lyn Quilnet

2. List of Other Resources of Information Mrs. Judy Iligan Ms. Irish Iligan B. Overview of the Current System 1. Manual Operation The Emji Video City uses manual rental system on their business. The owner chooses to operate the business manually because to the fact that it is less expensive though more efforts are needed. Mrs. Iligan reviews all the transactions manually every day. Now a days they still have many customers who rented their DVDs and VCDs regularly. Emji Video City uses index card (approximately 1,000 - 2000) to record all the customers data including First Name, Middle Name, Family Name , Age, Gender, Address and School (if there is). The business provided the customer three (3) boxes intended for the index card to be filled up by the customer and another three (3) boxes for the records of DVD/VCD tittles and genres. C. Analysis of the Current System 1. Problem opportunities and Cause - Effect Analysis Because of using manual operation, Mrs. Iligan encountered problems on the business transaction some of this are: Missing Customers Data Damaged Returned DVDs/VCDs Redundancy of Data Unreturned DVDs and VCDs Difficulties on Data Searching

2. Economic Manual operation in the business are less expensive specially in handling facilities, manual operations doesnt need computers and doesnt need to pay for more electric bills. Emji Video City only has two (2) ceiling fans, one (1) electric fan, one (1) television and one (1) DVD

component for DVD/VCD testing. That is why Emji Video City has very affordable services given to their valued customers. 4. Efficiency Patience is the most important thing to be considered in using manual operation in the business. It has a very low efficiency especially on keeping, updating, constructing and storing thousands of data. To lessen the owners effort and to run the business more effectively, manual operation should be converted to automated rental system. 5. Services Emji Video City has a very affordable rate that offers Php15.00 per three (3) days and only Php5.00 per day of overdue. They also offered smart/globe/sun E - loader station for their customers. D. Detailed Recommendation 1. System Improvement Objectives and Priorities Each and every business has its own consequences and complexity. The same is the case with the DVD Rental business. This is not easy to handle the DVD Rental business. It requires a lot of management and smartness to run the rental business. A lot of documentations and maintenance is also required. Which DVD is on rent which is in shortage, to whom the DVD is given, when is it given when is the last date to get it back. There are many things that are to be maintained simultaneously. The complexity of the DVD rental business given birth to the need of an advanced DVD rental program. To access the larger market this has become very important to have a 24/7 accessibility in the market and that can only be ensued with the help of the online DVD Rental system. By hiring this system you can make your products easily reachable in the larger market and can generate the positive leads. This system is very much user-friendly. If you have a basic computer operating knowledge you can use the software easily. The software makes it very easy for the customer to find their favorite DVD instantly. The automated DVD Rental system will be refreshing the DVD catalog as per the availability. The rental system will ensure that the latest movies and DVDs are always at top. There are usually thousands of DVDs in a DVD rental store. To handle these many DVDs and their rental business is a very tedious job. With the help of the rental program you can even manage the payments and count the income and expenses as well. The due dates of the rental deals will be covered along with the DV details. Hence, it will always be in your records that particular DVD how many times has been given on rent and to whom was it given. The DVD Rental Systems have made it very easy for the rental store managers to keep a track over the available DVDs in their stores. The online availability of the Payment option will also be secured. The automatic online shopping discounts will be counted by the system and the store keeper needs not to bother about the discounts every time. The DVD inventory is the toughest task of a DVD Rental Business. However, with the help of the DVD Rental software you can easily manage the DVD inventory.

In short, the DVD Rental business processes are getting improved and rental businesses are becoming easy day by day. Thanks to the automated DVD Rental systems. The perfect combination of the automation and business strategy have improved services and enhanced the customer satisfaction. 2. Constraints DVD rental kiosks offer a credit-crunching business opportunity which enables you to profit from the rapidly growing home entertainment sector. With the British and Irish public's increasing demand for price friendly nights in, DVD rental machines offer the perfect solution. We are the UK and Ireland's leading supplier of this vending technology, and have a rapdily growing network of DVD kiosks in the UK and Ireland. Our automated DVD rental machines represent a modern alternative to the high-street DVD rental store, and give customers convenient, low-cost access to a range of top film titles. The DVD kiosks operate using advanced robotic technology which enables users to rent a movie from the machine in less than thirty seconds from their local retail store. At the forefront of vending technology, the DVD rental kiosk represents a fantastic modern business opportunity to entrepreneurs and individuals seeking a profitable investment opportunity. The advanced technology also represents an excellent vending solution for retail owners looking to increase trade and complement their existing product offering within their business. DVD vending machines are proven to increase trade footfall and in-store spending. Requiring no-staffing or on-going maintenance, owners are able to profit from a DVD rental machine 24 hours a day. The DVD rental service now operates in many of the UK and Ireland's leading cities and towns. DVD rental kiosks benefit consumers looking for the best way to rent their favorites movies, whilst also offering a fantastic investment opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking an excellent new business investment. This kiosk is on sale by a franchisee and is a stand-alone unit which can be run in conjunction with the franchisor or as a separate entity. This allows the owner greater freedom to run their business as they see fit rather than work under the constraints of a franchised business alone. This can also be managed remotely.

2. Project Plan

No. of weeks Week 1



Names Who Participated Mr. Arnold Nardo Ms. Sarah Jean Anquiliano Ms. Fate Berondo

September 26, & 27

Interviews and Meetings

Vina Lyn Quilnet

Week 2 October 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 Interviews, Meetings and Encoding Mr. Arnold Nardo Ms. Sarah Jean Anquiliano Ms. Fate Berondo

Vina Lyn Quilnet

Week 3 October 10, 11, 12 , 13 , 14 Week 4 October 15 Encoding and Finalization Finalization & Printing Mr. Arnold Nardo Ms. Sarah Jean Anquiliano Ms. Fate Berondo

Vina Lyn Quilnet

Mr. Arnold Nardo Ms. Sarah Jean Anquiliano Ms. Fate Berondo

Vina Lyn Quilnet



Blockbuster, perhaps the world's most famous DVD rental company, recently filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States throwing different customers around the world into a panic. In the UK and in Australia the company's demise was reported in the media, for example, despite the fact that both are separate businesses to some extent and aren't directly affected by the business problems of the parent. Other DVD rental companies have gone through similar large problems in their business but should they affect the DVD rental provider that consumers decide to go with? Not according to several divisions of the Blockbuster brand. For example, in the UK Blockbuster stressed that it's still in profits, generating money for the company and has good net assets so that its customers shouldn't be worried. This is always the response of a company under financial strain, though, and one looking to inspire continued consumer confidence too as well as the confidence of investors. In reality, while the two companies are legally separate sometimes even in that situation a sale can be possible and that would have knock on effects. When it comes to looking at a business you are thinking of joining, however, there are more salient points that can help you make a decision: the products. In that case, that means the DVD rental service that

is available. In some cases some customers may feel that the rot has already set in when there are issues.For example, if the company doesn't do DVD rental free trials any longer or the time between the DVDs being ordered and arriving has become slower. These can be seen with the help of independent reviews of DVD rental companies. However, there is the possibility that the business will diversify or establish new relationships in order to remain profitable and continue to appeal to core consumers as well as a wider consumer base. In the past, companies have tried selling TVs in a few stores or increasing their stock of electronics to include mobile phones and DVD players. Under pressure, DVD rental companies could also choose to specialize in blue ray rentals to appeal to a more technologically forward consumer base. In all, though, DVD rental customers are in a much better position than those consumers who are tied into long contracts for services such as mobile phone contracts, broadband deals or financial products. Any DVD rental deal can be cancelled within one month and this means that if consumers do have problems they can get out and away before losing much cash on a service that doesn't work.

IV. Recommendation
In improving a business you need to know some aspects or styles that will catch your customers interest or attention. And here some recommendations that would surely help in making EMJI Video City a successful rental store:

EMJI Video City used manual system in recording transactions and customer information in their DVD/VCD rental shop. The manual system that they used has so many errors and disadvantages. So proposing an automated rental system would surely help in making their business grows. Automated rental system has so many advantages compared to manual system and it would surely help in making works and transactions in their rental shop easy and reliable. Here are the propose system that will help EMJI Video City rental business grow and be develop.

TITLE: EMJI Video City: Automated Rental System

SYSTEM DESCRIPTION The proposed Electronic Rental System of EMJI Video City will use Database as its records keeping place. The personnel will just have to key-in the customer and DVD/VCD informations and save it to the primary database. Electronic Rental System can provide personnel especially the customers with faster service and reduce the time spend during transactions. This system allows the personnel to more efficiently manage and reconcile customers and DVD/VCD data. Through this the business will run transactions smoothly and they will develop good relationship between their customers and not just that they will also get higher profits which is the aim of all business organizations.

FEATURES The system will be used in to: 1. Automate the process of changing, adding and dropping of subjects. 2. Issue of official receipts regarding enrolment fees, assessments etc., 3. Reduce administrative costs associated with record keeping place expansions and manual recording parafernalias. 4. Electronic access of students records. 5. Inventory management 6. Track transactions history and user profiles 7. Facility to import old data

8. Customize reports generation and printing facility 9. 100% Secured and quickest financial transactions 10. Easily customizable system Specifically, the following are the main types of Electronic Enrolment System to be incorporated: e-Registration: Fast registration of new all customers e-Recording: Easy recording of customers data and transactions. e-Searching: Quick access on DVD/VCD and customers data. e-Updating: Fast updates on customers data, DVD/VCDs, etc. e-Tendering: Issuing of receipts.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Will make transactions easy fast and accurate. Duplication of data will be avoided. Will increase the business profit . Data will be more reliable. Accounts and information will be secured and protected. Can save time, effort and money. Transactions will be hustle free as posible. Friendly system environment . Transactions will be recorded.

System Evaluation
Technical Feasibility This system is the most practical solution in order to solve their business problem. Compared to manual this system provides fast, accurate and reliable data because it uses database in storing its data. Through database the data will be secured and the data duplication will be avoided. Operation Feasibility The proposed system can surely meet the requirements and expectations of the user and it will change the business recording into a fast, accurate and easy way. Using this system will also develop a good customer relationship because the customers will be please Economic Feasibility When it comes to the cost of this system you will surely not worry because this system is very affordable and will fit your budget. The system will be developed by reliable computer expert students and because of that the system will can be acquired in a very small amount (around Php999.00 depending on business transactions). Schedule Feasibility The system will be designed and implemented within an acceptable period of time. The developer of this system values their customer and they will do the best they can in order for the customer to be satisfied in their works. Surely you will not have any worries or problems when it regards to its schedule because surely you can count on them.

Other Recommendations:

Having a poster that will catch the eye of the customers will be very useful especially in DVD/VCD rental store like EMJI Video City. Here are some poster recommendations that would surely help in making their business catchy and unique from other DVD/VCD rental store.



After discussing what type of system with the owner, we implemented our system to fit his needs. Their existing system was obsolete and required more work to enter data than was actually necessary. The key elements of a video store were missing. The system lacked abilities to connect to other systems in their chain of videos stores. The system which they had been no better than a simple machine that calculates the price of a video. We presented a business model which outlined everything from the cost of the project to the design criteria of the project. The system that is to be created by us is a lot more advanced. It has all the abilities that the existing system lacks, and should improve the interoperability of the company and its employers. The system right now has very little interaction with the user; it doesn't allow many features which are critical to the company. The interface the system uses at this moment lacks the ability to be user friendly. It complicates the user and requires a lot more time to train the user to adapt to the interface. The system uses an obsolete method of transporting information. In the time it takes for information transfer, the new system can do 20 times faster helping improve checkouts and long line ups at the checkout desk. When this new system is implemented, it will allow the company to work at a much more efficient way. The workers will have the ability to obtain information with a click of a button. Due to the stability of our system in the furfure the company will still stand strong as the world's leading video rental store. This system will be so much more technically advanced than the existing system that one would not need to upgrade this system or modify it in the near future. This is one of the underlying factors of our system.

Table of Contents

I. II.

Introduction Problem Identification A. Background Information 1. List of Group Meetings 2. List of Group Interviews 3. List of Other Resources of Information B. Overview of the Current System C. Analysis of the Current System D. Detailed Recommendation 1. System Improvement Objectives and Priorities 2. Constraints 3. Project Plan


Issues Recommendation Conclusion