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1 2007 - YDS



1. Bu testte 100 soru vardır.

2. Cevap kâğıdında, sınav yabancı dilinizi (İNGİLİZCE) işaretlemeyi unutmayınız.

1. – 22. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere 4. The hope is that the right combination of
uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. technologies and business models could ----
broaden access to computers and the internet.
1. Today the computer is viewed as a more A) scarcely B) dramatically C) disputably
sophisticated tool, performing tasks that
should ---- our performance as humans. D) exclusively E) compulsively

A) export B) employ C) respond

D) increase E) distinguish

5. The film producers invited the Prime Minister

2. We are planning to ---- a big party for Adam’s
for the gala, but he sent his ---- due to his tight
18th birthday in the backyard for a change.
A) meet B) lend C) occur
A) regrets B) attentions C) failures
D) claim E) throw
D) delays E) intentions

6. The ever-growing ---- of the web is starting to

3. ---- affected by the recent eruption of the
affect our lives in a very positive way.
volcano, the inhabitants of the area have begun
moving towards the safe parts of the country. A) instability B) reluctance C) significance
A) Efficiently B) Earnestly C) Regularly D) inaccuracy E) demolition
D) Profoundly E) Eagerly

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2 2007 - YDS

7. When a medicine man dies without passing his 10. It seemed impossible for them to ---- all the
arts on to the next generation, the tribe and the failures in the past, though their great effort
world lose thousands of years of ---- knowledge developed the situation into a real success
about medicinal plants. afterwards.
A) permissive B) uncreative C) extravagant A) look up B) make up for C) bring out
D) deteriorating E) irreplaceable D) come up with E) comply with

8. He has been very ---- about spending her 11. When the sun's energy hits the Earth, most ----
money, because he has donated almost half of it bounces back ---- space.
it to good causes so far.
A) to / at B) of / into C) on / from
A) generous B) wasteful C) innovative
D) within / by E) under / towards
D) insufficient E) enhancing

9. All he needs, if he wants to ---- these problems, 12. In the last 500 years, several million people
is a real friend to trust. have been killed ---- earthquakes ---- the world.
A) look out B) go by C) get over A) with / in B) from / over
D) break off E) make up C) off / across D) by / around
E) into / during

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3 2007 - YDS

13. Despite the theoretical ceasefire in 2004, 16. Albania ---- increasing and intensifying
violence in Darfur ---- and is now rising fast. progress in its democratic development since it
first ---- multiparty elections in 1991.
A) has continued
A) has been making / to hold
B) was continuing
B) had been made / to holding
C) are to continue
C) has made / held
D) had been continuing
D) would be made / to be held
E) will have been continued
E) will have made / having held

14. In the early years of the 17th century, clothing 17. In the past, efforts ---- computers to the poor
---- more relaxed, losing the stiffness and often ---- because they were based on Western
excessive decoration that ---- the Reformation. ideas.
A) had become / was characterized A) to bring / failed
B) was becoming / has characterized B) brought / failing
C) became / had characterized C) bringing / would fail
D) has become / characterize D) brought / were failed
E) would become / will characterize E) being brought / had failed

15. For over five years, when the novel ----, the 18. ---- of the disabled people joining the
author ---- from a serious illness which helped conference have complained about the physical
him to produce such a realistic one. conditions of the hall ---- than expected.
A) is published / suffered A) Each / more
B) had been published / was suffering B) Some / so that
C) is published / has been suffered C) Much / as much
D) would publish / is suffering D) Most / far less
E) was published / had been suffering E) A great deal / fewer

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4 2007 - YDS

19. ---- certain skin cancers, there were more than 23. – 27. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada
270,000 new cases of the disease in 2001. numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya
A) Because B) The fact that da ifadeyi bulunuz.

C) Although D) Apart from Sugarcane is harvested by hand or mechanically.

E) Such as Hand harvesting (23) ---- for more than half of the
world's production, and is especially dominant in
the developing world. When harvested by hand, the
field is first set (24) ---- fire. The fire spreads
rapidly, burning away dry dead leaves, and killing
any venomous snakes hiding in the crop, but
(25) ---- the water-rich stalks and roots unharmed.
With knives, harvesters (26) ---- cut the standing
cane just above the ground. A/an (27) ---- harvester
can cut 500 kg of sugarcane in only one hour.

20. ---- patient in this clinic is advised to have a

baseline cardiac assessment ---- starting
A) All / prior to B) Every / before A) makes B) cultivates C) accounts
C) Some / despite D) Whole / though D) irrigates E) ploughs
E) Plenty of / when

A) off B) on C) in
D) up E) by

21. We are losing Earth's greatest biological

treasures ---- we are beginning to appreciate
their true value.
A) just as B) however C) besides 25.
D) unlike E) whereby A) left B) leaving
C) to be left D) to have left
E) having been left

22. Radar sightings, ---- more reliable in certain A) if B) so C) such
respects, do not provide the information D) then E) instead
necessary to discriminate between physical
A) as B) like C) while
D) unlike E) only when

A) skilled B) reluctant C) incompetent
D) permissible E) dependent

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5 2007 - YDS

28. – 32. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada 33. – 42. sorularda, verilen cümleyi uygun
numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.
da ifadeyi bulunuz.
33. ---- that my next article was going to be the
People who get type 1 diabetes are born with a 100th piece published in the journal.
genetic tendency to it. Not everyone born with this
tendency gets diabetes, (28) ----. In fact, if an A) As it turned out, I am still hesitant about
identical twin has diabetes, (29) ---- twin only gets B) I hadn’t heard anything for several weeks
diabetes (30) ---- half the time. Some people who
tend to develop diabetes are exposed to something C) The editor of the journal called to say
in the environment that (31) ---- the diabetes. This D) Unless it really made sense to me
is usually a viral infection. The virus misleads the
body's immune system into (32) ---- antibodies that E) I really enjoyed the modest atmosphere
attack its own pancreatic cells.


A) however B) due to C) such as

D) although E) even if


A) others B) another C) the other

D) such other E) one another 34. ----, many shells are manufactured into articles
of adornment, such as brooches, bracelets,
necklaces and buttons.
A) Having thought of selling all those possessions
before it was too late
B) Despite its harmful effect on some creatures
A) off B) on C) about C) Some of them are usually seen on the shores
D) from E) along D) On account of their beautiful colouring
E) Since accepted as an unwanted one


A) results B) inhales C) defines

D) amazes E) triggers

A) made
B) making
C) being made
D) having made
E) to have made

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6 2007 - YDS

35. Despite their great weight, ----. 37. The instructions given at the very beginning of
the book she was holding ----.
A) a star can send enough energy to meet the
need of huge factories A) wasn’t as informative a book as she had
thought it to be in the first place
B) an ostrich finds it difficult to run long distances,
especially in muddy areas B) was too confusing for her to figure out what
actually it was talking about
C) all elephants walk almost noiselessly with
exceptional grace C) isn’t going to answer any of the questions in
her mind
D) some small word files can easily be viewed in
XP home edition D) failed to help her follow the recipe accurately
E) the lion sleeps far more than other big cats
living in Africa E) must have written such a fascinating book with
the greatest effort possible

36. While a diagnosis of breast cancer is almost 38. As soon as she picked up the bag, ---.
always shocking, ----.
A) the young lady had thrown it into the boot of
A) not all breast cancers behave in the same way the car
B) it is a method we can use to describe how B) she has never been so cheerless as this
advanced a particular cancer is
C) this is what you need to warn her against
C) who develop breast cancer in the United
States D) she noticed that it wasn’t as heavy as before

D) it was heavily discussed by the scientists E) do not mention your favours so often

E) the patient herself was shocked by the

diagnosis as well

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7 2007 - YDS

39. Once she made a full recovery from the flu she 41. There is no denying the fact ----.
had gone down with, ----.
A) however miserly you are claimed to be
A) the lady of the house resumed working on the
work in the attic B) that is what you are supposed to do afterwards

B) the house is still in need of a thorough C) therefore, such a heavy debt will have to be
cleaning paid off without delay

C) just as soon as she was put on those D) even if you hadn’t been using this computer for
immediately effective drugs a long while

D) you won’t have to take her to the nearest E) that you have been overcharged in your last
health-care centre deal

E) Tina had taken about 5 different medications

to get rid of it

40. Michel simply wanted to learn ----. 42. A luminous bulb, ----, gives off only 5% of the
A) that I had no intention whatsoever to help her energy it consumes as light.
with the removal A) contain no mercury and already rival
B) why I have never thought much of her as a fluorescents in efficiency
pianist B) made of a wire filament encased in glass
C) if I could find out if her parents had been C) that make them too expensive for most
injured severely or not general lighting applications
D) unless there is no other choice but to back out D) which consist of tubes filled with mercury
of the election vapour
E) seeing that the worn-out book cannot be E) but experts expect to change over the next five
reassembled years

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8 2007 - YDS

43. – 46. sorularda, verilen cümlenin hangi 45. That's out of the question. She said she didn't
sorunun cevabı olduğunu bulunuz. even want to see his face again.
A) May I ask you a personal question about
43. Simply because nobody else wished to do so. Wilma?
A) Who does your sister want to dance with at the B) Do you think Sarah will agree to make up with
party? her husband before things get out of hand?
B) Why is Alice the only person unwilling to help C) Yes mom; any other questions about my new
us with the organisation? girl friend?
C) What do you think it was that prevented the D) What did Clara tell you about the trip?
family from keeping the baby-sitter in the end?
E) I will have to talk to my mother about this face-
D) Why did your parents get your unhelpful to-face, won’t I?
neighbour to repair your broken taps?
E) How else can we learn the reason for such a
low attendance?

44. Not as well as she always does, though it still

looks fairly clean. 46. Maybe it belongs to one of my naughty
A) How many times do your parents have such a cousins.
huge fight as this? A) There is an unattended pair of shoes by the
B) There is no wonder that she has managed to door. Do you have any idea who the owner
get a well-paid job in the end, is there? may be?

C) How was the performance of your sister in the B) Why do you keep nagging me about seeing
final exams? your new computer?

D) What do you think of her last failure? C) Have you ever been lucky enough to get the
autograph of a famous footballer?
E) Your mother seems to have cleaned the house
well enough in less than an hour, doesn’t she? D) If this bag is not yours, who else’s do you think
it could be?
E) This is yet another problem that needs to be
tackled urgently, isn’t it?

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9 2007 - YDS

47. – 50. sorularda, verilen İngilizce cümleye 49. Some people are still under the impression that
anlamca en yakın Türkçe cümleyi bulunuz. art cannot have social or political effects, but it
really can.
47. Since the killing of John Kennedy in 1963, more A) Her ne kadar bazıları, sanatın herhangi bir
Americans have died by shooting than those sosyal veya siyasi etkisinin olamayacağını
who perished on foreign battlefields in the düşünse de sanatın bu gücü vardır.
whole of the 20th century.
B) Sanatın sosyal veya siyasi etkisinin
A) 1963’te John Kennedy’nin ölümünden beridir, bulunmadığı izlenimine kapılmış bazı insanları
20.yy boyunca yurtdışındaki cephelerde ölüp ikna etmek kolay olmayabilir.
giden askerlerden daha fazla sayıda Amerikalı
silahlı çatışmada ölmüştür. C) Bugün bile birçok insan sanatın sosyal veya
siyasi etkiye sahip olmadığını öne sürse bile,
B) John Kennedy 1963’te silahla vurularak işin aslı öyle değildir.
öldürüldü; ancak o zamandan beridir ölen
masum Amerikalıların sayısı, tüm 20.yy D) Bazı insanlar hala sanatın sosyal veya siyasi
yabancı memleketlerinde hayatını etkilerinin olamayacağı kanısındadır; fakat
kaybedenlerden daha fazla olmuştur. gerçekten etkisi olabilmektedir.

C) 1963’te John Kennedy’nin ölümünden bu E) Birtakım insanlar hala sanatın sosyal veya
yana, tüm 20.yy boyunca yabancı cephelerde siyasi etkilere sahip olmadığına inanmaktadır;
hayatını kaybedenlerden daha fazla Amerikalı oysaki bu etkilere sahip olduğu bir gerçektir.
silahla vurularak ölmüştür.
D) 1963'te vurularak öldürülen John Kennedy’den
bu yana ateşli silahla vurularak ölen
Amerikalıların sayısı, 20. yüzyılda başka
ülkelerde ölenlerden azımsanmayacak kadar
E) 1963'te vurularak öldürülen John Kennedy’nin
suikastından bu yana ateşli silahla vurularak
ölen Amerikalıların sayısının tüm 20. yüzyılda
ölen Amerikalılardan daha fazla olduğu

48. The theory of psychoanalysis, which provided a 50. If Democrats are serious about fighting
new approach to the analysis and treatment of inequality, their priority ought to be tax reform.
abnormal adult behaviour, has not only
attracted ardent followers but also fierce critics. A) Demokratlar, eşitsizlikle mücadelede
ciddiyseler, öncelikleri vergi reformu olmalı.
A) Anormal yetişkin davranışlarının tetkik ve
tedavisine yeni bir yaklaşım sağlayan B) Eğer demokratlar eşitsizlikleri ortadan kaldırma
psikanaliz teorisi, ateşli taraftarların yanı sıra konusunda ciddi olsalardı, önceliği vergi
acımasız eleştirmenleri de kendine çekmiştir. reformuna verirlerdi.

B) Yetişkinlerin sergiledikleri sıra dışı C) Demokratlar, eşitsizliği ortadan kaldırma

davranışların teşhis ve tedavisine yeni konusunda iddia ettikleri kadar ciddi iseler,
yaklaşımlar getiren psikanaliz kuramı, hem önceliği vergi reformuna vermeliler.
ateşli taraftarları hem de ateşli eleştirmenlerin D) Eşitsizlikle mücadele konusunda ciddiyetlerini
ilgisini çekmiştir. ispat edemeyen Demokratlar, öncelik sırasını
C) Anormal yetişkin davranışlarının teşhis ve vergi reformuna vermeyi akıl edemiyorlar.
tedavisine yeni bir yaklaşım getiren psikanaliz E) Önceliklerini vergi reformundan yana kullanan
kuramı, hem ateşli taraftarlarını hem de demokratlar, eşitsizlikle mücadele konusunda
insafsız eleştirmenleri büyülemiştir. da oldukça ciddiler.
D) Anormal yetişkin davranışlarının tetkik ve
tedavisine yeni bir yaklaşım sunan psikanaliz
kuramı, yalnızca ateşli taraftarları değil aynı
zamanda acımasız eleştirmenleri de
E) Psikanaliz kuramı, anormal yetişkin
davranışlarının tetkik ve tedavisine yeni bir
yaklaşım getirmiştir ve bu kuramın hem ateşli
taraftarları hem de insafsız eleştirmenleri
ortaya çıkmıştır. Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.

10 2007 - YDS

51. – 54. sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümleye 53. Eski Mısırlılar, yaşam sorunsuz geçsin diye,
anlamca en yakın İngilizce cümleyi bulunuz. Tanrı ve Tanrıçaları tanıyıp onlara tapmanın
önemli olduğuna inanırlardı.
51. Endonezya, son derece baskıcı bir toplumu, A) The ancient Egyptians used to believe in the
Asya’nın en hareketli ve açık görüşlü importance of recognising and worshipping
toplumlarından birisi haline getirmiştir. gods and goddesses for a far better life.
A) Indonesia has changed such a profoundly B) It was emphasized by the ancient Egyptians
repressive society into Asia's most vibrant and that recognising and worshiping gods and
open society. goddesses so that life would continue with no
trouble was essential.
B) Indonesia has achieved transforming a deeply
oppressive society into Asia's most lively and C) The ancient Egyptians believed that it was
open society. important to recognise and worship gods and
goddesses so that life would continue
C) It was Indonesia that was able to change such
an exploitive society into Asia's most bright
and open society. D) According to the ancient Egyptians, who
believed in the importance of recognition of
D) Indonesia has transformed a deeply repressive
gods and goddesses, leading an uneventful
society into one of Asia's most vibrant and
life was essential.
open ones.
E) The ancient Egyptians used to believe that it
E) Indonesia is known to have transformed one of
was essential to acknowledge and glorify gods
Asia's most repressive societies into a most
and goddesses that would provide them with
open one.
smooth lives.

52. Amerika’da ve dünyanın geri kalanının büyük

54. Koşullar ne olursa olsun, anlaşmanın şartlarına
bir kesiminde artış gösteren eşitsizliğin başlıca
bağlı kalacağız.
nedenlerinin hızlı teknolojik icatlar ve
küreselleşme olduğuna inanılmaktadır. A) No matter what the circumstances are, we will
abide by the terms of the contract.
A) The chief cause of rising inequality in America
and much of the rest of the world is supposed B) Under no circumstances will we give up our
to be speedy technological innovations, not determination to conform to the terms of the
globalisation. contract.
B) One of the main reasons for rising injustice in C) However determined we are to keep to the
America and most of the rest of the world is terms of the contract, we will not be
known to be rapid technological innovations successful.
C) The principal causes of rising inequality in D) The terms of the contract are so flexible that
America and much of the rest of the world are they can be changed according to the
believed to be rapid technological innovations circumstances.
and globalisation.
E) If the circumstances turn out to be
D) There is an increase in injustice in America as unfavourable, we will have to revise the terms
well as in some parts of the world, which is of the contract.
believed to be due to technological innovations
and globalisation.
E) The principal causes of rising inequality in
America and much of the rest of the world
seem to be rapid technological innovations
and globalisation.

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11 2007 - YDS

55. – 57. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre 56. It does not look very likely for Sachs's
cevaplayınız. prediction to occur ----.
A) because there are several arguments about its
China's population is ageing and India's schools plausibility
are deteriorating. Economies in the developing
world are growing at nearly three times the rate of B) before at least a little longer than three
those in the developed world; but perhaps they decades have gone by
won't be able to sustain this rate of growth. Maybe C) though Brazil is one of the ten countries with
it will take a little longer than thirty-five years to fulfil the largest economies
Goldman Sachs's prediction that the world's ten
biggest economies will one day include Brazil, D) because there are arguments about whether it
Russia, Mexico, India and China. But these are will prove true or not
arguments about when, not whether, change will E) although India’s schools are worsening
happen. And growth rates could increase still
further: even the most optimistic predictions
underestimated Asia's ability to recover from the
financial crisis of 1997.

57. According to the passage, the financial crisis of

55. One point that is given considerable emphasis
1997 in Asia ----.
in the passage is that ----.
A) couldn’t have been avoided in any case
A) there is little doubt that the world’s ten biggest
economies will include such countries as India B) caused too may people to remain unemployed
and China in the near future for a considerable amount of time
B) too many countries overstated the ability of C) was underestimated by some people
Asia to recover from the financial crisis that hit
it D) took a lot more time to cease to exist than had
been expected earlier
C) not so many people were pessimistic about the
recovery of China from the economy crisis it E) was overcome despite some past gloomy
suffered about a decade ago predictions

D) China’s population is no longer ageing as

rapidly as it once did
E) Goldman Sachs's predictions have been
proved to be correct so far

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12 2007 - YDS

58. – 60. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre 59. Most herbal products ----.
cevaplayınız. A) are sold in every part of the world

Many herbs contain hundreds or even thousands of B) sold by the agents are standardized by the
chemicals that have not been completely authorities
catalogued. While some may ultimately prove C) do not have the necessary standardization
useful as therapeutic agents, others could well
prove toxic. Most herbal products sold in different D) are tried to determine if anyone used them or
parts of the world are not standardized, which not
means that determining the exact amounts of their E) usually are not produced in hygienic
ingredients can be difficult or impossible. Moreover, environments
many herbal practitioners are non-physicians who
are not qualified to make appropriate diagnoses or
to determine how herbs compare to proven drugs.

60. It is a fact that ----.

58. According to the passage, ----.
A) some physicians are in danger of wrong
A) all herbs contain some kinds of poisonous diagnosis
chemicals in various quantities
B) all the people who are qualified to make
B) for therapeutic usages, herbal products always diagnoses are physicians
need a pre-scanning; otherwise, they would be
C) when compared to proven drugs, herbs do not
need to be analysed
C) some herbal drugs can be risky to use
D) only some herbal practitioners meet the
because of possible toxic materials in them
required qualifications
D) never use herbal products and always be
E) physicians sometimes need herbalists’ help to
decide about the drugs
E) large numbers of people have no remedy for
their diseases across the world

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13 2007 - YDS

61. – 63. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre 62. As the author suggests, a major step to prevent
cevaplayınız. theft ----.
A) is to turn off the lights in your house
Although I am a police officer, I certainly don’t
believe that crime control is entirely the B) is to take some precautions to discourage
responsibility of the police force. All of us must criminals
work together to prevent crime. Not giving criminals C) is to make your house attractive for burglars
the opportunity is the first step. Make your houses
burglar-proof by always locking up and installing an D) requires insuring your house against burglary
alarm system. Make sure your garden and drive E) does not mean safety
are lit up at night and report any suspicious
behaviour immediately. The more unattractive you
make your house to burglars, the less likely it is
that a crime will take place. The police are here to
help you, but you have to help the police as well.

63. We can infer from the passage that, as long as

your house looks nothing out of the ordinary,
61. According to the writer, ----.
A) the police force has a bad reputation among
A) preventing burglary is the duty of the police
B) you must do your best to help the burglar
B) an alarm system is not a good solution for
preventing the crime C) you must install an alarm system no matter
how expensive it is
C) preventing crime is not only the duty of the
security forces but also ours D) the burglars will have a big appeal for breaking
into your house
D) police must work alone to prevent crime
E) it will not be a tempting target for burglars to
E) crime control is totally in responsibility of the
think of breaking into it
police force

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14 2007 - YDS

64. – 66. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre 65. The passage tells us that today's oil, gas and
cevaplayınız. coal ----.
A) came into being thanks to the energy that
Most of the power generated by mankind has its fostered the early life on the Earth
origins in the sun. It was sunlight that nurtured the
early life that became today's oil, gas and coal. It is B) can be produced at a lower cost than it used
the solar heating of the Earth's atmosphere and to be
oceans that fuels wave power, wind farms and C) cannot be mined in quite a few different
hydroelectric schemes. But using the sun's energy methods
directly to generate power is rare. Solar cells
account for less than 1% of the world's electricity D) can be combined into some new powers
production. Recent technological improvements, E) may not last us for another decade at their
however, may boost this figure. The root of the current rate of consumption
problem is that most commercial solar cells are
made from silicon, and silicon is expensive. Cells
can be made from other cheaper materials, but
these are not as efficient as those made from

64. One point that is given a good deal of emphasis 66. The author of the passage implies that the
in the passage is that ----. amount of the sun’s energy ----.
A) using the sun's energy immediately to A) affects the oceans most
generate power is almost futile
B) has little impact upon such powers as wave
B) only a small number of commercial solar cells power
can be made from silicon
C) that can be immediately used to generate
C) cells can only be made from inexpensive power is insufficient
D) may not be as useful in the future as it is today
D) we owe a great deal to the Sun for the energy
it blesses us with E) has nothing whatsoever to do with
hydroelectric schemes
E) oil can be obtained from sunlight

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15 2007 - YDS

67. – 69. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre 68. We learn from the passage that ----.
cevaplayınız. A) Tuke thought that people are weaker than
other creatures
Even though pet therapy is only now being widely
used, it isn’t a new idea. In the 18th century an B) pet therapy seems to have been dreamed up
English doctor, William Tuke, filled the grounds of a simultaneously by a large number of
hospital for mentally disturbed people with psychiatrists
chickens, goats and rabbits. At a time when people C) pet therapy is limited to a certain age group
were punished for strange behaviour rather than
helped, this was a radical new approach to treating D) the mentally disturbed are still punished for
the mentally disturbed. Tuke’s idea was that their strange behaviour
patients could learn self-control by caring for E) instead of being helped, people were once
creatures weaker than themselves. punished for their strange behaviour

67. It is suggested in the passage that pet therapy 69. According to Tuke, ----.
A) people are stronger than all creatures in the
A) is a punishment for strange behaviour world
B) has been used for a very long time B) such animals as chickens, rabbits and goats
C) is an illness which generally occurs among can be healed by pet therapy
animals C) pet therapy is not useful for weaker creatures
D) can help everyone, whether mentally disturbed D) by caring for other living things, patients can
or not control themselves
E) is only used at the present time E) patients can learn how to control other
creatures through affection and care

Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.

16 2007 - YDS

70. – 72. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre 71. It is stated in the passage that ----.
cevaplayınız. A) collecting waste water is the sole aim of
sewage systems
Sewage systems collect wastewater and treat it
before discharging it back into the environment. B) sewage system handles the rainwater in single
These systems consist of intricate networks of systems
underground conduits or sewers that convey the C) wastewater never returns back to the
sewage through the treatment process to the point environment
of disposal. Sewage systems also handle the flow
of rainwater, either separately or as part of a single D) single systems seem to be favoured more than
system. Separate systems are generally preferable are separate ones
because, in single systems, heavy rainfall can E) rainwater is not always considered to be dirty
overload treatment plants, with the result that
untreated overflow can become a source of
pollution. In separate systems, rainwater is often
allowed to flow into streams untreated because it is
assumed to be relatively clean.

72. We can understand from the passage that ----.

70. Sewage systems ----. A) the untreated water is the worst source of
pollution in nature
A) treat the wastewater following the discharge
B) in separate systems, it is possible for the rain
B) are made up of elaborate networks of
water to be allowed into the streams
underground conduits
C) rainwater needs much more cleaning than the
C) are usually in need of modernizing and
other sources
treatment process
D) rainwater is always beneficial for plants
D) permit little rain water to flow into bigger
regardless of its amount
E) single systems are preferred by farmers rather
E) are often supported by governments
than experts

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17 2007 - YDS

73. – 75. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre 74. The author of the passage himself doesn’t
cevaplayınız. seem to know for sure ----.
A) that about 6 million people get afflicted by HIV
South Africa has an estimated 5.5 million people in India
infected with HIV, a number second only to India
and one that amounts to about an eighth of B) how many climbers have gone down with HIV
estimated cases worldwide. On average, more than in recent years in the world
900 people die of the disease each day in South C) if most of the adult deaths in South Africa can
Africa. The government said on Thursday that the be attributed to AIDS
adult death rate had climbed significantly over a
seven-year period, largely because of AIDS, and D) how many AIDS sufferers there are in South
that there was a campaign aimed at deliberately Africa today
misrepresenting the government's program to fight E) whether climatic conditions have an impact
the disease. upon transmission of HIV from one person to

73. We learn from the passage that ----. 75. The passage emphasizes the fact that ----.

A) about an eighth of the people infected with HIV A) there is still a long way to go before a curative
world wide are found in India drug has been discovered for AIDS

B) the mortality rate in South Africa has seen a B) the HIV is not the only cause of the deceased
considerable decrease in recent years adults in South Africa

C) the government of South Africa has not taken C) the government has launched a campaign
sufficient measures to curb the spread of AIDS intending to raise social awareness for AIDS

D) the African government is known to pretend to D) about one thousand people get infected with
be caring for AIDS sufferers AIDS every single year in South Africa

E) India is the most affected country in cases of E) AIDS is a progressive disease, at the end of
HIV which death is inevitable

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18 2007 - YDS

76. – 80. sorularda, verilen cümleye anlamca 78. Insulin, without which death is inevitable for
en yakın olan cümleyi bulunuz. diabetics, is essential for controlling blood
sugar levels.

76. It wasn’t until the doctors diagnosed the real A) Insulin is a drug that is used for controlling
cause of his illness that they started the blood sugar levels and its absence from the
treatment. diet of diabetic people could result in death.

A) The doctors were reluctant about starting the B) It is very important that diabetic patients
treatment unless he gave an informed always carry insulin drugs along with them
consent. everywhere they go if they are to control their
blood sugar levels.
B) The actual reason for his disease remained
unknown until the doctors had agreed on a C) So that their blood sugar levels can be kept
joint diagnosis, after which time they began the under control, diabetic patients have to receive
treatment. regular doses of this drug every day.

C) Once the diagnosis had been made, the D) For diabetic patients, it is vital that insulin,
patient was put on an intense treatment, which which helps control blood sugar levels, should
ended in a full recovery. not be unavailable to them, in which case
death would be inescapable.
D) By the time he recovered from his illness,
which had taken a long time to be diagnosed E) Unless a diabetic patient regularly receives a
by the doctors, he had already visited a good certain amount of insulin, he or she is sure to
number of clinics for an accurate diagnosis. die before they can reach a ripe age.

E) The doctors only set off the treatment after an

accurate diagnosis of his disease was able to
be made.

79. It was mainly thanks to your negligence that we

77. The increasing rate of pollution is at no less failed to arrive at our destination on time.
alarming level than that of unemployment.
A) The chief reason for our failure to get to the
A) Unemployment is far more dangerous for the place where we were supposed to arrive on
country than is pollution. time was your carelessness.
B) The increasing rate of pollution can be said to B) One of the main reasons for which we were
be as disturbing as that of joblessness. late for the place to which we were going on
C) Neither the increasing pollution nor time was your neglect.
unemployment rate is at a dangerous level at C) The cause of our failure to arrive at the
present. location we should have arrived at in good
D) The level of pollution has proved to be no time was nothing but your forgetfulness.
more alarming than that of unemployment, D) It is a fact that we have failed to reach our
which was not unexpected. destination because of your persistent
E) The fact that the problem of unemployment is indifference.
as bad as that of pollution is undeniable. E) It was your slowness that caused us to be late
for where we were going the other day.

Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.

19 2007 - YDS

80. The fact that you have not fallen in as 82. Lisa Palmer made the difficult decision to quit
passionate a love as others shouldn’t mean her job as a Registered Nurse when her
such a kind of love does not exist. husband was sent to Iraq. ----. Lisa felt it was
important for one parent to be at home to help
A) The fact that you have fallen in as passionate her sons through these challenges. Her sons’
a love as other people doesn’t mean that such depression, nightmares and overwhelming
a kind of love really exists. sadness required constant reassurance and
B) That you have not been able to experience a support.
passionate love like other people doesn’t A) After the husband had been sent away, her
mean that it is non-existent. two sons began experiencing severe
C) You have never fallen in a passionate love like emotional problems due to their father’s
many other people, but does it have to mean departure
that you cannot experience love passionately? B) Lisa started to work part-time at the hospital to
D) Though you think love does not really occur, help lessen the financial burden of their greatly
there are many people who fall in a very reduced family income
passionate love. C) However, like Danielle and Kathleen, Lisa is
E) The reason why you are biased against only able to do so by leaning heavily on her
passionate love is that you think other people family
do not know how to love properly. D) All three of these women tell me that they
honestly don’t know how they are going to
make it through until their husbands return
E) Before Jake Callahan was called to active
duty, his wife and two small children were
already faced with a child care problem

81. – 85. sorularda, boş bırakılan yere parçanın

bütünlüğünü sağlamak için getirilebilecek
cümleyi bulunuz. 83. There was once a very old man whose eyes had
become dim, his ears dull of hearing, and his
knees trembled. ----. His son and his son's wife
were disgusted at this, so the old grandfather at
81. ---. Like a machine, the body needs energy to last had to sit in the corner behind the stove,
do its work. A machine such as an automobile
and they gave him his food in an earthenware
engine burns fuel, usually gasoline, to obtain bowl, and not even enough of it. And he used to
energy. The fuel combines with oxygen from
look towards the table with his eyes full of
the air, and energy is released. The body's fuel tears.
is food. The food is combined with oxygen that
is breathed in. Energy is released. A) When he sat at table, he could hardly hold the
spoon, and spilt the broth upon the table-cloth
A) The basic truth is that we human beings are
or let it run out of his mouth
more alike than we are different
B) On the contrary, his trembling hands could not
B) The compounds of the body must be arranged
hold the bowl, and it fell to the ground and
in a very special way to produce life broke
C) The human body has more than a hundred
C) The young wife scolded him, but he said
different kinds of cells
nothing and only sighed
D) Learning about the human body helps us
D) Then they brought him a wooden bowl for a
examine ourselves and the world around us
few half-pence, out of which he had to eat
E) Those who have studied the human body often
E) They were once sitting when the little
compare it to a machine
grandson of four years old began to gather
together some bits of wood upon the ground

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20 2007 - YDS

84. As war protestors marched toward Arlington 86. – 90. sorularda, verilen duruma uygun
Memorial Bridge en route to the Pentagon düşen ifadeyi bulunuz.
yesterday, they were flanked by long lines of
soldiers and others who stood in harmony with
86. You’re waiting for a letter from a university that
U.S. troops. Many booed loudly as the
will tell you if you have been accepted for it.
protesters passed. Some turned their backs to
You live far away from your parents’ house,
them or yelled, "If you don't like America, get
where the letter is supposed to be sent. Several
out!" ----. Some of these protestors even spray-
weeks have passed by and you still haven’t
painted the pavement on a Capitol terrace.
heard anything. You call your mother to ask if
Others crowned the Lone Sailor statue with a
you have been sent anything without making it
pink headband.
obvious what exactly you have been waiting for
A) They are willing to insult something that's and say:
sacred to the American soul
A) Has any official letter from a university arrived
B) Several thousand veterans may have lined the in my name? If so, please tell me now.
route, waving signs such as "War There or
B) Mom, could you check the mail and see if my
War Here."
acceptance letter has come yet?
C) “But the war protesters went too far” said an
C) Has the postcard that Mindy said she was
going to send to me arrived yet?
D) Thousands of protesters will be marching
D) I was wondering if a letter came from the
through the streets to call for an end to the
university and you were too sad to call me.
funding of the Iraq war
E) Have I received any mail of recent, mom?
E) The police have directed most cars to turn
around so that they do not have to arrest

85. The Blue Mosque is one of the most prominent

landmarks of Istanbul, especially when viewed 87. You have been woken up by telephone calls
from the First Hill or from the Asian shore of three times in succession tonight, each time
the Sea of Marmara. It is very impressive with with no one speaking on the other side. You
its beautiful domes and semi-domes, nice think the person who appears to hang up on
courtyards and six slender minarets. The you deliberately could be a stalker. The phone
location of the mosque is just opposite of the is ringing irritatingly once again. Determined to
splendid Hagia Sophia as it is trying to compete give the naughty person a serious warning, you
with it. That is actually true because Architect pick up the receiver and threateningly say:
Mehmed wanted to construct a bigger dome
than Hagia Sophia's but he could not succeed.
----. A) Do not pester me anymore, please. I have got
an urgent meeting tomorrow morning.
A) The gate is a typical Seljuk-Turkish wooden
work with a geometrical design in its centre B) The person you've called cannot be reached at
the moment. Please try again later.
B) One should prefer to visit the mosque in the
morning or before 3-4 o'clock in the afternoon, C) Sorry, you have dialled the wrong number.
because the prayer times rotate according to Good night!
the sun's positions
D) How dare you disturb someone with a potential
C) The mosque is closed at prayer times for 1-1.5 to cause you a lot of trouble at this awkward
hours time of the night?
D) The pulpit and nave is worth seeing, made of E) I think there is something wrong with your own
marble and original receiver, as mine works perfectly.
E) Instead, he made the mosque splendid by the
perfect proportion of domes and semi-domes
as well as the splendid minarets

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21 2007 - YDS

88. A close friend of yours, who is in the habit of 90. The family living downstairs from you have just
getting others to do his homework in return for moved in. You have been told by one of the
nothing, is once again asking you to translate occupants in your apartment that they have fled
his Turkish term paper into English. Having had to your country as refugees, and so do not
enough of such time-consuming work of his speak any Turkish. Being the only person who
already, and to imply that you can no longer be can speak English and so can communicate
of help, you reply: with them, you ring their doorbell with some
traditional food in hand and most heartily say:
A) Of course, I’m always at your disposal. You
are most welcome, dear. A) Welcome to Turkey! I am living upstairs and I
seem to be the only person who can speak
B) I need to warn you that this is going to be the English.
last favour I can do for you. You should learn
to fulfil your own responsibilities. B) Everyone living in this apartment knows that
you are newcomers, but none of them seems
C) You seem to have no intention of giving up to want to meet you.
insisting. Just tell me the deadline.
C) Welcome to our country and apartment, where
D) How on earth can you complete these term you are sure to enjoy your new life! Please
papers so accurately? help yourself to this traditional food, which I
E) Look! This is not the first time you have asked have cooked just for you.
me for help, and I’m fed up with helping you D) It is a custom to welcome refugees by serving
when you can do your job on your own. them our traditional food and here is a big dish
of dolma for you.
E) I just hope you will not cause us trouble as
long as you are here.

91. – 95. sorularda, karşılıklı konuşmanın boş

bırakılan kısmını tamamlayabilecek ifadeyi
89. You have got a very important exam on Monday
morning and you have been able to only hardly
revise so far. However, if you can obtain a sick
leave from your local doctor, you will be able to 91. Marshall:
sit the exam one week later, and can do enough - Do you know what Jason's phone number is?
revision in the meantime. Being careful about
not dropping any hints about why you want to Nathalie:
get a sick leave, you go up to your mother and - ----
say: Marshall:
A) Mom, will you take me to our local doctor? I’ve - I've checked it already, but it seems that his
been having severe headaches recently. I fear phone number is unlisted.
it could be something serious. Nathalie:
B) I can barely focus on my lessons these days, - Look again. It may be listed just under his
which is why it will be a good idea to get a roommate's name.
whole week off by getting a sick leave.
C) What if I failed my exams? Don’t you think it A) I guess so. Let me think a second.
will be because of my sickness? B) Haven’t you checked out yet?
D) What if we see a good doctor who can give me C) Why don’t you call unknown numbers? But
a sick leave so that I can avoid my upcoming they usually don't release private information.
exams? Isn’t it a brilliant idea?
D) Maybe, you can call his office and ask his
E) Isn’t it so scaring to think of the approaching secretary.
exams? I’m seriously thinking of seeing a
doctor who can give me a sick leave. E) How can I know? You might want to look it up
in the phone book.

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22 2007 - YDS

92. Timothy: 94. Clerk:

- Stanley, there's a Mr. Miller on the phone who - May I be of help, Madam?
wants to talk to you.
Stanley: - Yes, please. Do you have these shoes in size
- ---- seven?
Timothy: Clerk:
- Sure. He's on Line 2. - ----
Stanley: Karen:
- Thanks, Timothy. - Thanks. I'd like to try on one pair if you have
A) Sorry, I‘m about to go out for dinner.
A) Yes sure. There's no payment, no interest until
B) Through which line can I talk to him? next June.
C) Could you please tell him to call some other B) I'm not sure. They may be out of stock. But let
time? me look in the stockroom.
D) I’m busy at the moment. Can you ask him to C) Unfortunately, we don’t. Can you come back
hold on? next week?
E) He was to have called me two hours ago. Why D) This is a very good brand, and we offer a life-
is he so late? time warranty.
E) No, we don’t have that size, but I can offer a
ten percent discount on that.

93. Raymond: 95. Chris:

- Hey Mike! You look anxious today. What's the - Oh, the heat is unbearable! Didn't you turn on
matter? the air-conditioner?
Mike: Paul:
- ----. - ----
Raymond: Chris:
- What a shame! Has she got a collar with her - No, my Gosh! What are we going to do now?
name on it?
Mike: - Thinking we've got to have it fixed as soon as
- Fortunately yes. possible, I've called someone and they're on
the way already.
A) My little sister Angel has lost my golden watch.
A) The heat has blown our air-conditioner on the
B) My dog Lassie left home this morning and roof!
hasn't come back yet.
B) You can use the electric fan here. At least, you
C) I want to buy a puppy, but my parents never can catch a breeze.
permit me to do so.
C) To make matters worse, the fridge is broken.
D) Nothing. I just want to stay alone.
D) The water has just gone off without warning.
E) I'm afraid Clara's project is better than mine.
E) I know. I don't want to get sick, especially
during the week when I will be sitting my final

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23 2007 - YDS

96. – 100. sorularda, cümleler sırayla 99. (I) The accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear
okunduğunda parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü power plant 1979 was the most serious in U.S.
bozan cümleyi bulunuz. commercial nuclear power plant operating history.
(II) Though it led to no deaths or injuries to plant
workers or other people, it caused sweeping
96. (I) Nuclear power plants provide about 17 percent
changes involving emergency response planning
of the world's electricity. (II) Some countries
and many other areas of nuclear power plant
depend more on nuclear power for electricity than
operations. (III) The accident began about 4:00
others. (III) In France, for instance, about 75
a.m. on March 28, 1979, when the plant
percent of the electricity is generated from nuclear
experienced a failure in the non-nuclear section of
power, according to the International Atomic
the plant. (IV) It also caused the U.S. Nuclear
Energy Agency. (IV) In the United States, nuclear
Regulatory Commission to tighten and heighten
power supplies about 15 percent of the electricity
its regulatory oversight. (V) Resulting changes in
overall, but some states get more power from
the nuclear power industry and at the NRC had
nuclear plants than others. (V) There are more than
the effect of enhancing safety.
400 nuclear power plants around the world, with
more than 100 in the United States. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V
A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

97. (I) Constellations are known to be formed of bright 100. (I) Camels are normally a reliable means of
stars that appear close to each other on the sky, making a living for many pastoral communities.
but are really far apart in space. (II) Many societies (II) People who drink camel milk can go for long
saw patterns among the stars with gods and hours without water. (III) They provide a means of
goddesses or stories from their culture. (III) transport in addition to meat and milk. (IV) Unlike
Because of the rotation of the Earth and its orbit cows, for example, in normal conditions a camel
around the Sun, we divide the constellations into provides a minimum of six litres of milk daily, for
two groups. (IV) Some constellations, which are over a year after calving. (V) A camel can be
called circumpolar, never rise nor set. (V) All the milked three times a day even when it is suckling
rest are divided into seasonal constellations. a calf.
A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V

98. (I) Soil takes hundreds of years to form. (II) Most

soils are made up of four layers called soil
horizons. (III) It can be many feet or meters deep or
be only a thin layer on the top of the Earth’s rocky
crust. (IV) About one-half of the good soil is rock
material, minerals, and organic matter-living or
dead plants and animals. (V) The other half is
made up of spaces that fill with water and air. TEST BİTTİ.

24 2007 - YDS


(CTRL tuşuna basılı iken linki tıklayıp açıklamalı cevap anahtarına ulaşabilirsiniz.)

1. D 23. C 47. C 76. E
2. E 24. B 48. D 77. B
3. D 25. B 49. D 78. D
4. B 26. D 50. A 79. A
5. A 27. A 51. D 80. B
6. C 28. A 52. C 81. E
7. E 29. C 53. C 82. A
8. A 30. C 54. A 83. A
9. C 31. E 55. A 84. C
10. B 32. B 56. B 85. E
11. B 33. C 57. E 86. E
12. D 34. D 58. C 87. D
13. A 35. C 59. C 88. E
14. C 36. A 60. D 89. A
15. E 37. D 61. C 90. C
16. C 38. D 62. B 91. E
17. A 39. A 63. E 92. D
18. D 40. C 64. D 93. B
19. D 41. E 65. A 94. B
20. B 42. B 66. C 95. A
21. A 43. D 67. B 96. E
22. C 44. E 68. E 97. B
45. B 69. D 98. B
46. D 70. B 99. C
71. E 100. B
72. B
73. E
74. D
75. B

Soru Soru Soru Türü Doğru

aralığı sayısı Sayısı
1-10 10 Kelime
11-22 12 Gramer
23-32 10 Cloze test
33-46 10 Cümle tamamlama
43-46 4 Hangi sorunun cevabı
47-50 4 Çeviri (İng-Turk)
51-54 4 Çeviri (Turk-İng)
55-75 21 Parçaya göre
76-80 5 Anlamca en yakın cümle
81-85 5 Paragraf tamamlama
86-90 5 Duruma uygun ifade
91-95 5 Diyalog
96-100 5 Bütünlüğü bozan cümle

25 2007 - YDS


1. 51.
2. 52.
3. (Fatih) 53.
4. 54. (recep)
5. 55.
6. 56.
7. 57.
8. 58. (Fatih)
9. (Fatih) 59. (Fatih)
10. (Fatih) 60. (Fatih)
11. 61.
12. 62.
13. 63.
14. 64.
15. (Fatih) 65.
16. 66.
17. 67.
18. (Fatih) 68.
19. 69.
20. 70. (Fatih)
21. 71. (Fatih)
22. 72. (Fatih)
23. 73.
24. 74.
25. 75.
26. 76. (Fatih)
27. 77. (Fatih)
28. 78.
29. 79.
30. 80.
31. 81. (Seyfi)
32. 82.
33. (Seyfi) 83. (Seyfi)
34. (Fatih) 84. (mamger)
35. 85.
36. 86.
37. 87.
38. 88. (Fatih)
39. 89.
40. 90.
41. 91. (mamger)
42. 92. (Fatih)
43. (Seyfi) 93.
44. 94. (mamger)
45. 95. (mamger)
46. 96.
47. 97.
48. 98.
49. 99.
50. 100.