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To whom it may concern Mr.

Lucian Popa

I am pleased and honored in the same time to write this letter in favor of Lucian Popa, a student at Fratii Buzesti National College. As an Economics teacher, I have known him for three and a half years. He showed himself as an active and hard-working student. We frequently discussed various economic problems beyond the scope of the courses, and I was surprised by his remarkable abilities and originality of his ideas. As a teacher at Fratii Buzesti National College, I have met an appreciable number of students capable of achieving academic accomplishment. Lucian Popa is certainly one of these students. During this time I was not only convinced of his outstanding academic abilities in various areas such as Economics, Physics, Mathematics, Geography, History, Computer Science and English but also of his commitment in extracurricular activities. I expected a lot from Lucian from the beginning. I knew he was one of the top students from one of the best classes in our high school, with remarkable results in national contests. He did not fall short of my expectations: Lucian has a spectacular ease with which he does school assignments, which propels him to the front of the class in every discipline. Perhaps a desire for something truly challenging is what pushed him to concentrate on the study of Economics. I am not alone in believing that he could have been just as successful regardless of chosen subject. He has also been an outstanding student in English and Computer Science. Throughout the course, Lucian consistently showed himself to be a determined learner with an excellent attitude. He possesses a strong intellect that allowed him to pick ideas quickly and with unusual insight. Most of the times he already knew the lesson I intended to teach. Not once I found myself in a position of a mere observer, explaining the lesson to the class by asking Lucian questions which he enthusiastically and correctly answered. Unlike most students, Lucian doesnt work hard to earn a good grade. In his case, the motivation is intrinsic he just loves to learn and challenge himself. He gained most of his knowledge through independent reading. One of the most impressive facts concerning Lucian is that he is one of the very few students who manage to pace their time in such way that they would have time for school work, volunteer work and sports. As Lucians extracurricular advisor, I have participated and helped him in numerous activities. Lucian proved himself to be a selfless volunteer with a sincere interest in helping others and the community, participating in plenty of community oriented activities with the U.S. Embassy of Bucharest and the Civic Education Association of Craiova. Because of his natural open-minded and sociable approach to life, he has become a serious leader and a trustworthy team-mate in and outside his class. He has managed perfectly to

maintain a continuous high academic achievement level and pace, and, at the same time, lead a prolific life in the area of volunteering and as a member of socially involved groups and organizations. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Lucian Popa for admission at your university, completely convinced that he will maintain his position among the brightest and with the sincere hope that in the years to come I will have the possibility to meet at least another student like him.

Yours faithfully, Busuiocescu Mircea Teacher of Economics and Entrepreneurial Education Fratii Buzesti National College