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my wicked videos are as follows:

wicked chicago - 2.2.7

carmen cusack (elphaba) & erin mackey (galinda). great quality, crisp picture and
amazing sound!

wicked - london 11-28-06

idina menzel, helen dallimore, adam garcia, miriam margolye, nigel plane, james
gillan, katie rowley jones. this video is *excellent quality*! filmed wonderfully
(tons of closeups) with amazing audio!

wicked - broadway 10-7-07

julia murney & kendra kassebaum final performance (for both)!
video is excellent quality with amazing close-ups and sound! great performances
with wonderful emotions! it also
includes "farewell speeches".
rating: a+

wicked - tour - 5.23.06 atlanta, ga

julia murney (elphaba), kendra kassebaum (galinda/glinda), kyle mcdaniel (fiyero
u/s), p.j. benjamin (the wizard), alma cuervo (morrible), jennifer waldman
(nessarose), kirk mcdonald (boq), k. todd freeman (dr. dillamond)
excellent quality! a+

wicked - tour 7-7-07 - columbus, oh

coleen sexton & laura woyasz
very good quality with great closeups and amazing sound!
rating: a-

wicked - tour (date unknown)

coleen sexton and christina decicco, clifton hall, pj benjamin
good quality!
rating: a

wicked - broadway 5-28-06

eden espinosa (elphaba), megan hilty (glinda - last), derrick williams (fiyero),
david garrison (wizard), carol kane (mme morrible), rob sapp (boq), jenna leigh
green (nessarose) megan hilty's last show. very emotional, great picture and sound
filmed excellently. complete show with curtain calls and speeches. very nice

wicked la - 12.30.07
eden, carol and adam�s last show!
almost pro shot the quality is so amazing! a+

wicked - broadway- obc -

idina, kristin and norbert's *last show* 7-18-04
picture quality is very good and sound is even better. very emotional
performances. the first four and half minutes of act 1 are sound only as are the
last ten seconds of act 1. act 2 is only sound for the first minute and a twenty
seven seconds. good coverage and very nice closeups. includes "farewell speeches".

wicked -broadway (mat) 1.9.05

shoshana bean, jennifer laura thompson, george hearn, carole shelley, joey
mcintyre, michelle federer, rob sapp. includes idina's "guest appearance" in the
final scene, complete curtain call, speech. shot from right-mezzanine. very clear
picture and sound; just a little shaky in act one: act two is sound only for first
5 minutes; the last 3 minutes of joe's goodbye is sound only - still a great video
& complete with idina coming out in her red track outfit!

wicked - broadway 8-17-05

shoshana bean & megan hilty. great video, very well filmed and great audio!
rating: a

wicked - broadway 1.08.06

shoshana, david, michelle, & rue�s last show!

wicked - broadway 10.9.07

elphaba- stephanie j. block, glinda- annaleigh ashford, fiyero- sebastian arcelus,
madame morrible- carole shelley, wizard- lenny wolpe
*this is the first show back on broadway for stephanie and annaleigh* great
quality for both the audio and video!

wicked - london 10.18.07

kerry ellis (elphaba) dianne pilkington (galinda)
great video, audio and closeups!

wicked - chicago 8.31.06

ana gasteyer (elphaba) good video & great audio!

wicked - london (opening night highlights) 9-27-06

idina menzel & helen dallimore - *can barely see anything for many of the songs &
there are 9 songs/scenes in total*

(other musicals)

avenue q - original broadway cast

john tartaglia, stephanie d'abruzzo and rest of obc
good video, except for blackness at the beggining, but that's it! good close-ups!
rating: b-

spring awakening - pre-broadway 7-9-06

all the principle actors are the same as the obc except the adult roles. video was
shot very well and is in good shape.
rating: a

little shop of horrors - 2003

obc revival cast
(haven't watched yet, newly acquired)

legally blonde - mtv airing

obc. pro shot. excellent quality!
rating: a+
legally blonde - san francisco previews (unknown date)

xanadu - broadway (matinee) 11.10.2007

beautiful capture! amazing video! a

brooklyn - the musical *date unknown*

eden espinosa (brooklyn) rest of the cast is unknown.
really good quality both audio and video! a

sweeney todd: the demon barber of fleet street - 2007 movie - press recording
johnny depp, helena bonham carter, alan rickman, timothy spall, sacha baron cohen,
jamie campbell bower, laura michelle kelly, jayne wisener.
run time is: 120 minutes.
please understand that this is not a movie theater bootleg! it is the complete
film. it's the video that is used for award considerations. about 5 or 6 times
throughout the film writing is displayed along the bottom half that states the
"for award consideration only
property of dreamworks llc and warner bros. entertainment inc."
which means, that all those great dvd quality clips that you see on the golden
globes and such, are from this press recording!
rating: a+

the little mermaid 9.1.07 (denver try-outs)

amazing capture! great sound and amazing video quality with wonderful close ups! a

mary poppins (broadway)

great quality and sound! a beautiful capture. a

beauty and the beast - 11.18.01 - broadway

steve blanchard, michelle mallardi (u/s), christopher sieber, bryan batt, jeff
brooks, beth fowler.
good quality and sound! b+

beauty and the beast - 7.29.07 - broadway (closing night)

anneliese & steve.
a very nice capture! amazing sound and good picture quality! a-

beauty and beast - la

susan egan
(haven't watched yet, newly acquired)

the last five years - (unknow date)

norbert leo butz, sherie rene scott, jason robert brown
great quality and sound! a

little women - 12.10.2004 - broadway preview

obc *no understudies*
great quality and amazing sound! sutton foster is absolutely stunning in this
performance and it's a wonderful capture, lots of close ups! a

woman in white - 2.25.2006

(haven't watched yet, newly acquired)
les miserables - london 12.11.99
john owen-jones (valjean), john stacey (2nd u/sjavert), gunilla backman (fantine),
jane horn (u/s eponine), tom lucas (marius), jaime farr (u/s cosette), mark powell
(u/s enjolras), cameron blakely (thenardier), joanna mays (mme thenardier)
a beautiful video! a

rent - 10th anniversay concert


rent - (unknown date)

good quality for it's age . . . a must have for any true rent fan! b+

rent *unknown date and cast*

it is one of the more recent casts i'm just not quite sure who's who. great
quality though! a-

the phantom of the opera - broadway

hugh panaro's last show b-

the phantom of the opera - london (john's last show) 2.26.2005

john owen-jones (the phantom), rachel barrell (christine), oliver thornton
(raoul), richard hazell (firmin), sam hiller (andre), sally harrison (carlotta),
heather jackson (madame giry), rohan tickell (piangi), claire tilling (meg giry)
great quality and amazing sound! performances are stunnng! a

the phantom of the opera - london - pro shot

matt cammelle and rachel barrell
this is has the most amazing quality, both audio and video, of any phantom video i
have ever seen! a+

the phantom of the opera (las vegas) 8.30.06

phantom- brent barrett
christine- sierra boggess
raoul- tim gleason a-

the phantom of the opera (las vegas) *unknown date*


(the following two are extremely rare and i will only trade for one show of equal
rarity or two full shows)

jekyll & hyde - 11.15.97 broadway

robert cuccioli (jekyll/hyde), linda eder (lucy), christiane noll (emma), george
merritt, barrie ingham
beautiful video with lots of close-ups! from master. little generation loss.

jekyll & hyde - pro shot - *press reel*

the reel includes the following scenes/songs:
"take me as i am"
"letting go"
"this is the moment"
"someone like you"
"dangerous game"
"a new life"
the press reel is excellent, excellent quality! i actually watch it quite often on
my 40 inch lcd (i have it on dvd as well as on the computer) and it looks and
sounds wonderful!