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Brittany Balash Lesson Plan 2 Self Assessment The literacy component that I used when teacher my second lesson

was a group read aloud. I wanted to use this component to successfully teach the students how to In order to teach the students how to formulate a Text

make Text to Self connections.

to Self connection I started my lesson by reading the story Winter Days in the Big Woods. I chose this story because it is based in Wisconsin and it contains a lot of different elements and activities that the students at this age level could easily relate to. This literacy component was successful when teaching this lesson objective because in order for the student to relate their own life to a story it was necessary to have a group read aloud. I wanted the whole class to relate to the same story, since I only had one

copy of this book I had to read it to the whole group at the same time. When doing this lesson one thing I feel I did very successfully was the use of communication when conveying the story to the students. I made sure to pre-read This

this book numerous times before actually reading it in front of my students.

allowed me to use the Alverno Advanced Education ability of Communication in order to grasp the students attention and allow them to fully understand the novel so they were able to relate it to themselves. By using my strong communication ability my students

were able to understand how relate their personal experience to what the characters in the story experienced. When assessing my students I wanted to take into consideration that I have already seen them perform a written assessment. Therefore I decided to have them

using their verbal skills and their drawings to convey the connection of Text to Self. When doing this assessment not only did I use the ability of communication when teaching but I also wanted to have them experience communication by doing it in front of the class. By using communication successfully in this lesson I was able to demonstrate my skill of using the Wisconsin Teaching Standard number 8 which states: The teacher understands and uses formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate and ensure continuous intellectual, social and physical development of the pupil. When teaching this lesson the students were very engaged in both the activity and the read-aloud. text. They were answering the questions I would ask when reading the

They drew their images and were extremely excited to share them with their I feel that since I chose a story that the students could easily relate to it


allowed them to make quality connections from their life to what the characters were doing. Overall I feel that the student response to this lesson was extremely positive.

By looking at the assessment papers that they turned in I can see that they did have a clear understanding of the connection between Text and Self, therefore my lesson was a success. When putting this lesson together I didnt have any extreme areas of difficulty. I did extensive amount of research online regarding different Text to Self lessons for the first grade level. Based on my research I put bits and pieces of what other teachers I think this research was very

considered successful from their lessons into mine.

beneficial because my student had an extremely positive response to my lesson.

By teaching this lesson I have benefited from the experience of a read aloud. understand the importance of verbal tone when reading and I know how to keep the students attention by using expression to make the story interesting.

In future lessons I feel that

I will also try to start with some type of read aloud or reading of some form.

if gives the students a nice introduction to a new lesson and it allows those who are visual learners to understand the concept.