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Kulliyyah Department Programme Name of Course Course Code Name of Academic Staff / Instructor(s) Semester and Year Offered Status Level Proposed Start Date Batch of Student to be Affected Total Student Learning Time (SLT) Nursing Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) Professional Nursing NUR 1113 Sr. Siti Roshaida Mohd Arifin Sr. Rubbya Hassan Guest Lecturers Semester 1, Year 1 Kulliyyah Core Course Year 1 Semester 1 2011/2012 September 2011/2012 and onwards

Face to face learning Lectures Tutorial : 1 hrs x 4 wks Exam sitting Total contact hours Self directed learning Pre-class reading Post class revision Mid-term Exam (preparation) Final Exam (preparation) Assignment (preparation) Group presentation (preparation) Total SDL TOTAL = 118.5 HOURS (Refer attachment on SLT) 3 Credits (Theory)
None None

= 29 hours = 4 hours = 4 hours = 37 hours

= 14 hours = 27.5 hours = 5 hours = 10 hours = 10 hours = 15 hours = 81.5 hours


Credit Value (hours) Pre requisites (if any) Co-requisites (if any)

November 16, 2010

Course Objectives

The course is designed to provide students with basic knowledge in nursing from its historical development, evolving functions, practicestandards, ethical-legal aspects and implications into the future. Models of nursing practice and theories are included. At the end of the course student will be able to 1. Describe the implication in nursing development in Malaysia and globally. (C3) 2. Apply the principles guiding nursing practices in health care settings. (A2, CT2, C3, LL1). 3. Demonstrate nurses role in accordance to Malaysian Nursing Board (NBM), International Council of Nurses (ICN) Code of Conduct and Islamic principles as Muslim or non-Muslim nurses. (LL1, C3, A3, EM3, CT2, CS2) None Lectures, Group Discussions & Presentations, Tutorial This module focuses on the development of professionalism in nursing by examining theoretical, philosophical, ethical-legal aspects and its pragmatism that are reflected in the nurses attitudes with soft skills amalgamated into everydays scientific evidence-based nursing practices. The module also helps the students in recognizing all aspects of human behaviours that influence individuals choices when in health and illness. Face to face learning & Self directed learning LO Method Final Theory MCQs + MEQs CAM Attendance +Participation Mid-term Exam Group Presentation Individual Assignment Percentage 40 20 20 60 05 20 15 20

Learning Outcomes

Transferable Skills: Teaching-Learning / Assessment Strategy Course Synopsis

Mode of Delivery Course Assessment

1, 2 3

All All

November 16, 2010

COURSE OUTLINE / CONTENT Week (Hours) Topics / Contents 1. 1. History of Nursing Evolution of Nursing practice from the era of primitive 1, 2 society, early civilization till present era of advanced (6 hrs) nursing Historical and social events effecting nursing Sr. Siti development in Malaysia and international including Roshaidi the Islamic nursing history and medical development Contribution of Islam in Medicine 2. Nursing Concepts & Models i) Nursing Concepts Definition of nursing & health and their relationship Nursing theories 3, 4, 5 Scope of theories (9 hrs) ii) Nursing Models Sr. Siti Roshaidi Models of nursing care practice Founder of nursing models Comparison between the significant nursing care models practices past & present era Functions of Nursing Models in Care 2. 3. Nursing as a profession Nursing profession & professionalism Criteria of a professional Nursing Practice 6, 7 Function and role of the professional nurse (6 hours) Professional role & responsibilities of a nurse Sr. practitioner Rubbya Development of nursing education Continuing education in nursing Nursing organizations (National & international) 3. 8, 9 6 hours) Sr. Rubbya 4. Nursing ethics International Code of Nursing Ethics Code of Conducts Nursing Board Malaysia (NMB) Application of the code in nursing practices Ethical value concerning nursing practice Relationship between nursing practice and religion Nursing conduct Ethical principles that affect health 5. Legal Aspect in nursing Malaysian legal system and its implication to nursing practice Legal constitute and implication in regard : patient's / client's right to health services Action that constitute to unintentional / intentional torts , negligence & defamation Reading Assignment
Berman et. Al Chapter 1&2 Potter & Perry (P&P) Chapter 1&2 es hics.htm story.htm.

Berman et. Al Chapter 1,2&3 P&P Chapters 1-5

Berman et. Al Chapter 1,2&3

Berman et. Al Chapter 5 P&P Chapter 15, 21-23

4. 10, 11 6 hours) Sr. Siti Roshaidai & Rubbya

Berman et. Al Chapter 4 P&P Chapter 15, 21-26

November 16, 2010

6. 6. 12,13,14 (9 hours) Sr. Rubbya 6.

i) Principles that guides nursing practices Role , function & quality of a nurse as care provider Nurses responsibilities towards patients & clients Confidentiality & privacy Documentation & reporting ii) Culture influences on patients behavior Factors contributing to individual differences Factors influencing health care compliance Factors affecting health status , belief & practice iii) Cultural differences & implication to nursing Reaction towards hospitalization , illnesses & disabilities Guideline on issues of cultural sensitive which related to health care delivery Cultural barrier to health care and measures to minimize them Required Reference Supporting the Course

Berman et. Al Chapter 10, 16-24 P&P Chapter 5, 6, 810,15,25, 27-31

Required: Berman, A. J., Synder, S., Kozeier, B. J. & Erb, G. (2008). Kozier & Erb's Fundamentals of Nursing. (8th ed.). Pearson \ Prentice Hall. Potter, P. A. & Perry A. G. (2009). Fundamentals of Nursing, (7th ed.). Elsevier \ Mosby. 1. Recommended Reference Supporting the Course Recommended: Alligood & Tomey (2010). Nursing Theory Utilization & Application (4ed ed. ). Philadelphia: Elsevier \ Mosby. Alligood, M. R. & Tomey, A. M. (2010). Nursing Theorists and Their Work (7th Ed.). St. Louis: Elsevier \ Mosby. Chinn, P. L. & Kramer, M. K. (2010). Integrated Theory & Knowledge Development in Nursing. (8th ed.). St. Louis: Elsevier \ Mosby. Courtney, M. & McCutcheon, H. (2010). Using Evidence to Guide Nursing Practice. (2nd Ed.). UK: Elsevier \ Churchill Livingstone. Donahue (2010). Nursing the Finest Art.(3rd ed.). St. Louis: Elsevier \ Mosby. Fazlur Rahman (1996). Kesihatan dan Perubatan Dalam Tradisi Islam: Perubahan dan Identiti. Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. Kuala Lumpur. Fremgen, B. (2008). Medical Law and Ethis. (3rd ed.). UK: Pearson \ Prentice Hall. Guido, G. W. (2010) Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing, (5th ed.). UK.: Pearson \ Prentice Hall. Hunt (1994). Ethical Issues in Nursing. Ethical Issues in Nursing. UK: Routledge Publishing. Islamic Websites on Health & Medicine http:// http://

November 16, 2010