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The Power of Productivity : : Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM October 2011

The Future

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Microsoft Dynamics at a Glance

1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) today What to look forward to with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011


Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the best in the industry

The need for a compelling and engaging customer experience, throughout the customer interaction life cycle, is more critical than ever.
Forrester Research, The Forrester Wave: CRM Suites Customer Service Solutions, Q3 2010,

As product and price differentiation erodes, businesses are turning to customer experience to gain market share over their competitors.
Forrester Research, The Forrester Wave, Customer Service Software Solutions, Q4 2008

Through any economic crisis, connections to customers are mandatory, or there will be no business.
Gartner, Inc. Adam Sarner and Gareth Herschel, CRM Now: Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste, September 28, 2009.

World-class customer experiences begin with your people.




But your people face challenges every day.

Our sales applications are just too cumbersome to use Our sales people do not have access to the information they need to succeed

Our sales people do not follow our defined sales processes

Our sales team is too stuck in its old ways to realize the potential of new technology

Its hard to tap into office systems when sales reps are on the road

Troy G. Miller, Eric P. Gist, Selling in Turbulent Times Accenture Study

By giving your people the right tools you can amplify their impact.
Attract more prospects Close deals faster Keep customers Improve service Discover insights Enhance relationships

Thats the Power of Productivity

The Power of Productivity:




Familiar solutions drive adoption



Intelligent solutions deliver insights



Connected solutions enhance customer experiences

Collaborative Integrated Innovative

Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011




Sales Productivity

Customer Care

Marketing Effectiveness

Extended CRM Applications

Relationships Interactions Process Insights xRM Framework

Can use multiple pre-built dashboards

Or can create personal dashboards via drag-n-drop controls

Easily bring in outside data like maps, financial data, etc.

Sales Productivity
Maximize the value of relationships Track and manage sales interactions across multiple channels Automate processes to increase sales productivity Maximize sales pipeline visibility and insights

Sales Productivity

Customer Care

Marketing Effectiveness

Extended CRM Applications

Sales Productivity
Real-time Analytics
Lead Management Opportunity Management Account Management

360-degree customer view Sales agreements & contracts Integrated with SAP R/3

Real-time dashboards Telephony integration Saves $13K / month from SFDC

Time to create opportunity 30m1m Cross-sell opportunities up by 210% Friendly fire incidents down by 90%

Holistic customer view across org. Avg. contribution rate up by 43% Avg. problem resolution time 75%

Sales Collaboration

Pipeline Management

Order Management

Performance Management

Streamlined communications Centralized parts & pricing 20% increase in productivity

Automated key processes Pipeline reports 2 days > 2 min Reduced sales costs by 20-30%

Streamlined purchase orders Real-time ERP Integration Reduced delivery time 85%

Customer management Complex sales processes Integrated to retail systems

The notion that a lead is worked in the system until it becomes a viable contact, account, and/or opportunity, is a good way to drive positive results.
- Thomas Doerr, Project Delivery Director, CH2MHill

Demonstration: Sales Productivity with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Customer Care
Maximize customer loyalty and lifetime relationship value

Enable multi-channel interaction management

Drive efficiencies and consistency in process execution

Use insights to deliver differentiated customer care

Sales Productivity

Customer Care

Marketing Effectiveness

Extended CRM Applications

Customer Care
Customer Loyalty Agent Productivity Service Excellence Knowledge Management

Improved customer satisfaction Reduced customer churn Identified new opportunities

Improved agent productivity Increased 1st contact resolution Reduced call handling times

Improved bottom line by 20% Improved 1st issue resolution Consolidated data / applications

Access to contextual Info Streamlined KM activities Pre-populated response template


Process Automation

Contract Management

Case Management

Actionable insights Real-time customer data reports Improved KPI monitoring

10x > single product sales replaced manual processes Increased service productivity

Ability to track compliance Optimized contract fulfillment Accurate pricing and terms

Multi-tier case management Dealer self-service for cases Improved service to dealers

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, well be able to keep up with 20 percent annual increases in customer inquiry volume without having to increase staff on our Customer Care team.
- Davonne Minshew, Customer Care Manager at Hard Rock International

Demonstration: Customer Care with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Marketing Effectiveness
Target the right campaigns to the right audience

Quickly orchestrate campaigns across multiple channels

Automate key processes (lead qualification, approvals, etc.)

Effectively track marketing impact and discover insights

Sales Productivity

Customer Care

Marketing Effectiveness

Extended CRM Applications

Marketing Effectiveness
Real-time Analytics Marketing Planning Needs Analysis Segmentation

Real-time reports and analytics Empowered marketing staff Streamlined marketing ops.

Centralized marketing planning Local marketing execution Proactive decision making

Needs analysis profile Pinpoint segmentation Tailored cross-sell campaigns

Integration to retail systems In-depth analysis/segmentation Most profitable/costly segments

Lead Management

Campaign Management

Process Automation

Performance Management

Holistic lead management process Reduced qualification time by 87% Increased lead quality by 75%

Pinpoint campaigns and offers 1,000 new customers in 1 campaign 93% season ticket holder renewal

Integration to ext/internal systems Intelligent lead distribution Streamlined sales matches by 25%

Streamlined Birthday Program Increased membership 7-fold Reduced lead costs 80 to pennies

Our objective is to build interactive relationships with ice cream lovers and to provide them with the
ultimate ice cream experience. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides us the ability to better serve our customers by delivering relevant communications and the innovative products they desire.
- Heather Dorr, Senior Marketing of Marketing Information Systems, Cold Stone Creamery

Demonstration: Marketing Effectiveness with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Evolution from CRM to Extended CRM

Organizations need to extend the power of CRM to maximize other relationships.
Partner Relationship Management Asset Management

Distributor Relationship Management

Property Management

Reseller Relationship Management

Fleet Management

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is easily customized to support Extended CRM scenarios

Employee Relationship Management Contractor Relationship Management

Case Management

Task Management

Supplier Relationship Management

Event Management

Extended CRM

Enhance the value of all relationships

Improve business relevance and fit

Drive operational excellence Increase business insights

Sales Productivity

Customer Care

Marketing Effectiveness

Extended CRM Applications

Extended CRM Applications

Dealer Management Wealth Management Case Management Property Management

Order Entry Solution Knowledge Management Reduced development costs by 60%

Over 20 applications Portfolio, Vendor and Investment Management

Over 12 Applications Education, contractor and auditing Reduced application development time by 75%

Real estate development and investment management apps Rapid customization and development

Franchise Management

Partner Management

Grant Management

Renewal Management

Property Development and Franchise Management Operations and Legal Compliance Winner Excellence in Extending Dynamics CRM

Core business applications Customer and supplier management Reduced application development time by more than 50%

Over 15 applications Charitable event & fundraising Reduced development time by 75%

Mission-critical, multi-tenant CRM platform serves the unique needs of over 50 clients worldwide.

Before, we had a distributed application architecture of 10 to 15 point solutions, Now, we're standardizing many applications onto the platform. Not only do we get functionality but we also get automated workflows, mail-merge capabilities, and a detailed out-of-the box portfolio of other tools to work with."
John Lomnicki, Enterprise Architect, ELCA Board of Pensions.

Extend CRM with Microsofts Global Network of Partners

Professional Services

Implementation Support Education Industry and regional expertise Plug-ins and developer extensions Vertical and industry applications

Independent Software Vendors

Discover Solutions with new Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace

Application and Professional Services listings

New Optimized Search Logic

Ratings and Reviews Discover, Download and Deploy Applications Integrated with Dynamics CRM 2011 Replacing Solution Finder end of 2010

Demonstration: Extended CRM with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft: Defining Productivity

More than $9B in annual R&D investment

Over $2.3B in cloud infrastructure investments

The future of productivity organizations will save, innovate and grow as their people benefit from working across the PC, phone and browser Stephen Elop, president, Microsoft Business Division

For Office 2010: Forrester constructed a Total Economic Impact framework for a composite organization and found the ROI to be 301 percent with a payback period of 7.4 months after deployment a savings of more than two work weeks per year.

Microsoft CRM Momentum

Over 1,400,000 users in more than 80 countries with 40+ languages

Over 23,000 customers from small to enterprise Over 1,200 software and services partners with new Dynamics CRM competency

Over 100 service providers hosting Dynamics CRM solutions

Regional datacenters in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC

Financial Services

Professional Services


Public Sector

Retail & Hospitality

Health & Life Sciences

Travel & Entertainment

Enterprise Momentum
United States Air Force | Task management | 24x increase in task visibility | 60% reduction in contractor support | 90% reduction in storage requirements | $3 million cost savings annually

United States Department of Agriculture | Conservation management, grants management, disaster response, application review | Tracks documents in MOSS 2007 and maps farm plats in Virtual Earth

UK Department of Work and Pensions | Constituent service | Consolidates and load balances customer call back functions of 23 regional contact centers to a single national network

ING | Vendor management | 85 million customers in 40 countries worldwide | Manages internal & external relationships for world-class procurement | Configures workflows to trigger activities & tasks

Barclays Bank PLC | Customer service | 25% reduction in customer complaints | 15% increase in customer satisfaction | 22% reduction in cost-per-incident

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank | Sales force automation and analysis | 600,000 VIP accounts | 21 branches | Leveraging basic reporting, data mining, and dashboards

Hilton Hotels | Sales, opportunity, and event management | 3,200 hotels worldwide | Developing and integrating to a custom .Net application for inventory with Accenture

Single Customer View Example

Enable User Adoption

User Options
Outlook Web Office Portal Mobile

Deliver User Choice Increased Adoption

Amplifying Productivity with the Cloud

Pay for what you use Lower and predictable costs Shift from capex and opex Accelerate speed to value

No patching, maintenance Faster deployment Robust multi-layered security Reliability and fault-tolerance

Latest software for users Internet collaboration Anywhere access Instant self-provisioning

SaaS growth will significantly outpace traditional software product delivery.

IDC, Robert P. Mahowald, Worldwide Software as a Service 2010-2014 Forecast: Software Will Never Be the Same, June, 2010.

SaaS continues to grow in importance. As recently as 2009, in markets like CRM, SaaS accounted for 20% of enterprise application spend.
Gartner, Inc., Public Cloud Infrastructure Helps SaaS Vendor Economics, June 4, 2010.

Help all users increase productivity Close more deals Improve customer satisfaction Deliver innovation Drive operational excellence Reduce costs


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Today

Customer Relationship Management Application

Community Relationship Management Application

Investor Relationship Management Application

Case Management Application

Anything Relationship Management Application

Sales Force Automation

Customer Care

Marketing Automation

Extended CRM Applications

Relationships Interactions Process Insights xRM Framework

Product excellence
2nd year to hold a leadership position in the Gartner CRM Customer Service Contact Center MQ Ranked as a Leader in the Forrester Wave Report for CRM Suites Customer Service Solutions Awarded the highest absolute score in Forrester Wave Reports for large & midsized organizations

Customer success
Jelly Belly received CRM Magazine Market Elite Award for CRM Customer Service Municipal Government of Coamo received CRM Magazine Customer Service Elite Award