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Suharto In Memorial

Suharto is the second president of Indonesia. He was born in Kemusuk village, Argomulyo, Yogyakarta in June 8,1941. His father name is Kartosudiro and Sukirah is mothers name.

In 1941, Suharto was graduated in Bintara school at Gombong, mid Java. At October 5, 1945 Suharto become a member of TNI(Tentara Nasional Indonesia). Suharto become a leader of war in 1945 March 11. With this moment, Suharto carriers is very increase and good, if there are conflicts in someplace, so he always becomes the captain and he ever been Pangantam VII Diponegoro. In 1962-1963, Suharto become to Mandala Comander. In 1965-1966, Suharto becomes a Panglima Komando Strategi Angkatan Darat (Pangkostrat). In 1966 July 1, Suharto get position as Jendral and commander of AD (Angkatan Darat).

At Indonesia occur the tragedy September 30, 1965 (G30S/PKI), Suharto success to destroy the struggle. In 1966, Suharto get Surat Perintah Sebelas Maret 1966 (Supersemar) from Sukarno to recover the situation and keep a stability of administration in 1967, Suharto is inaugurate as president of Indonesia until 32 year. And become many problem like politic crisis, economic, monetary. So many university student doing the demonstration and want Suharto to decline as president. And in May 21,1998. Suharto is not president of Indonesia, he decline his position as president.

But now in January 27, 2008 Suharto was died because he get complication, we know Suharto have many disease from he didnt have position as president again. Suaharto died make many people says their argument. There are against and for argument.

All people from against said, Suharto have many mistake when he still as president, he make corruption, many people dont believe with him again. And the final is when the university students held demonstration. They held the demonstration want to Suharto go back from his position. When the demonstration begins there are many conflict among the police and university student and because that, there are many victim especially from university student, the condition is very dangerous and not safe. Many people choose to stay at home or abroad to protect their safety.

And the people from for argument said, Suharto makes many progress for Indonesia like in Agricultural sector. When Suharto still as the president, Indonesia is well-known in international, especially in Agriculture, Indonesia is the first country to expand the method to plant the rice. Until the other county like Thailand learn in Indonesia. Suharto also a good father in his family, many people view Suharto as a wiseman.

So dont judge him if you dont know about him, but we must view from positive and negative side.