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Inside Out

Kate Winslet – Glossary

background noun [count] leading adjective
the general experiences and influences that have main, most important, or most successful:
formed someone's character, or the type of She played a leading role in the country's
education and training they have had: independence movement.
students from very different backgrounds
play verb
blockbuster noun [count] to have a particular part in a play or film:
a very successful film, show, or novel She played Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire.

board verb praise verb

to get onto a ship, aircraft, train, or bus to express strong approval or admiration for someone
or something:
break noun [uncount] The painting was highly praised.
an opportunity that helps you to be successful:
a lucky break privileged adjective
having advantages and opportunities that other
critic noun [count] people do not have:
someone whose job is to give their opinions about a privileged background/upbringing
things such as books, films, or plays
regard verb
critical adjective to think of someone or something in a particular way:
expressing your opinion when you think something I regard him as a friend.
is wrong or bad
reputation noun [count or uncount]
director noun [count] the opinion people have about how good or bad
someone whose job is to tell the actors and someone or something is:
technical staff who are involved in a film, play, or Clark had a reputation for arrogance.
programme what to do
set verb
drama noun [uncount] if a play, book, film etc is set in a particular time or
plays in general or as a subject that you study: place, it happens in that time or place:
a drama course The film is set in 18th-century New England.

drown verb sink verb

to sink under water and die: to disappear below the surface of water, or to make
Thirty people drowned when the boat sank in a something do this:
storm. The ferry sank during a storm.

engaged adjective social adjective

if two people are engaged, they have formally relating to the position that someone has in society in
agreed to get married: relation to other people:
She's engaged to someone she met at work. The evidence shows a relationship between crime and
social class.
expectation noun [count]
a belief that something should happen in a star verb
particular way, or that someone or something if you star in a film, play, television programme etc,
should have particular qualities or behaviour: or if it stars you, you are the main actor or performer
Mark and Susie went into marriage with very in it:
different expectations. The X-Files, starring David Duchovny and Gillian
fame noun [uncount]
the state of being famous tragic adjective
causing or involving great sadness, because someone
indeed adverb suffers or dies
used for adding a statement that supports and
increases the effect of what you have just said
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