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Internet Hungary 2011.

Hall A

Smart and intelligent

Listen to those who are aware that they know. Teach those who are aware that they do not know. Wake up those who are not aware that they know. Get away from those who are not aware that they do not know. Chinese proverb

(10)-11-12. October 2011. Hotel Azr, Sifok

10.00-10.20 Cerebral function, internal world and creativity. Things that a computer will never be capable of. Opening Presented by: Freund Tams (Brain researcher) 10.20-10.40 Our acceleration is unstoppable! The influence of the ICT sector on the Presentation world's development. Info-communication is not an out-of-date fashion: it surely
leaves a permanent mark on the history of mankind, it could even induce the highest revolution in the history of development. The weight of the sector is 10% in the world's GDP today, the number of broadband subscriptions is doubled every one and a half year on average, and digital literacy spreads faster than any other earlier knowledge. Presented by: Jakab Roland (Ericsson)

Contents and other information:

Product (4) Page 1-2 Day one Tuesday, 11 October Halls A, B and C Halls A, B and C Hall D Page 3-4 Day Two: Wednesday, 12 October Page 5 Day Zero (10 October) and Day One and Two Hall "D" Foreign speakers highlighted with blue

Mobile apps

Our conference smartphone application has been completed. (Iphone, for the time being, but soon we will have it for Android, too) Its services: It includes the programs and the speakers of the conference. 11.00-11.40 Hungarians on the web - the relationship between the internet and the Using the "Favourites" menu button, you can select the presentations Forum consumer. Snapshot of the 4.5 million Hungarian internet users. Who are and forums that you would like to see. Practically, you can assemble they? How do they relate to the internet? What do they use it for? What your own personalised conference program. You can also set a time sort of business potential do they provide? How open are they to new interval to send you a warning message before the required presentation applications and services? What changes were brought about by the fast saying "It begins!" The iPhone application can be downloaded from here: Android : Soon
adoption of the mobile internet, smartphones and tablets? Debate starter: Kis Gergely (GKIeNet) Participants: Bnki Attila (Wunderman), Kis Gergely (GKIeNET), Uj Pter, Steven Carlson

10.40-11.00 Chaos and order - preparing for the unforeseeable? The world has Presentation changed. In reality, this is not the past, the process has not halted: our world is changing continuously, with an increasing pace, and in a highly unforeseeable way. How to be smart, what does intelligence mean in such a world? How to prepare for the challenges of an unknown and continuosly changing environment? How to avoid a crash? What to be aware of and what to face? What are the skills to be developed within ourselves? Why do we need to question the well established images, to play and to discover? Presented by: Mnyai Csaba

11.40-12.00 On the way to Digitania M2M, as the working e-Engagement. The Presentation opportunities hidden in the data ocean. How does the connection of data, "sensors" and systems support the development of society, employment and economic growth? Machine-machine communication (M2M) is now capable to include people refraining from or left out of the digital world in the benefits of digital economy and society. This is real e-Engagement! (Re)taking control and creativity originating from recognising the situation Presented by: Christopher Mattheisen (Magyar Telekom)

Hall B
12.05-12.20 A little futurology: Where is intelligence at? What changes does AI induce 12.00-12.40 Presentation in the fields of architecture, transport, economy, culture and everyday life? Presentation Presented by: Schneider Henrik (Stepchange) 12.20-13.00 Those we are proud of. What is their secret: knowledge, work or luck? It is Forum not enough to be at the right place at the right time: recognising the situation (intelligence), the time spent on acquiring the knowledge (cleverness, work, stamina), deepening knowledge and its intelligent use - all these are the results of a long-term process instead of just a moment. In many cases, however, this is not enough... What caused some successful Hungarian companies to start so 12.45-13.30 Presentation well and then operate successfully and grow permanently? Participants: Csupor Erik (Vatera), Fehr Gyula (Ustream), Halsz Ivn (Finex StartUp), Perger Pter (Netpincr) Discussion led by: Vrtes Jnos (Adverticum) 13.00-13.20 Intelligent systems. What do we call a smart/intelligens solution? Which Presentation areas of business life and society are they already present in? What are they 13.15-13.45 good for the human, for developer, company and the owner? Self-improving Elad applications: SmartCity/SmartPlanet, smart media, smart control. Presentation of working international examples. Presented by: Szcs Jzsef (IBM Magyarorszg)

Hall A
Wikibrands Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Driven Marketplace How the top 100 most engaged brands and companies are going beyond simple social media to deliver real business value through deeper digital customer and fan engagement. Sean Moffitt presents insights, a rallying cry and a roadmap for the future of social business from lessons learned in his award-winning book Wikibrands. (McGrawHill) Presented by: Sean Moffitt (UK) We step on the table! Publisher strategies in the digital age What are the ongoing key drivers of the digital revolution? Why this revolution will accelerate and dramatically change the present publishing landscape? And what key strategic issues publishers have to tackle now to take advantage of the many business opportunities the digital Age offers? Presented by: Gregor Waller (Germany) Global innovation from the aspect of Google Elad: Goetz Trillhaas (Head of Agency Business Development CEEMEA)

Hall B Intelligent software and solutions How do intelligent applications and solutions
become - sometimes unnoticed - part of our everyday life? How do they change our everyday life, quality of life and consumer habits? What additional advantages do they bring and what are their risks and side effects? 14.15-14.30 Intelligent software and applications: language technology Presentation Ways to the solution: Rules and statistics? Presented by: Prszky Gbor (MorphoLogic) 14.35-14.50 Critical wealths: Family- Work- Financials (tangibles)- Our data. The National Presentation Data Asset. Presented by: Sk Zoltn 14.55-15.25 Intelligent settlements: Bly and Szolnok. How did the life of the population Presentation change? Labour market effects, maintaining force, quality of life. Presented by: Hrs Jzsef (Bly) s Szalay Ferenc (Szolnok) 15.25-15.55 Smart metering and the public utilities. Presentation Presented by: Pukler Gbor (Magyar Telekom) s Winkler Jnos (E.ON) s 16.00-16.40 Is everything smart? Hungarian expectations for intelligent systems. Forum Expected reception, the expected size of the Central European and the European markets. From where are orders expected and what size? Participants: Pukler Gbor (Magyar Telekom), Winkler Jnos (E.ON), Szcs Jzsef (IBM Magyarorszg), MVM repr Light conductors: Broadband everywhere! Opponent: Koi Tams (HWSW) 16.40-17.00 The omnipotent broadband Presentation Presented by: Nadia Babaali (FTTH Council) 17.00-17.15 Over the fibre glass thread... How to develop an optical network in an enviPresentation ronment with lack of resources and with a lot of limitations? Sharing the costs of installation. State involvement. Presented by: Sere Pter (PwC) 17.20-17.35 The magic weapon? The Femto magic weapon or diminishing fashion? Presentation What is a femto, what is it used for, how much is it adopted, what does it require and what does it induce? Limits and possibilities. Presented by: Dubi Zoltn (Sagemcom) 17.40-17.55 The market does not lie. - Competition is good. - Alternative solution Presentation possibilities: But do you benefit from them? Presented by: Fitori Erzsbet (ECTA) 18.00-18.15 A nice new moving world!Where is the mobile industry heading to and what Presentation are broadband mobile services that the mobile service providers regard as the business opportunities of the near future? GSMA combines appr. 800 mobile service providers from 219 countries from Europe through America to India. Presented by: Tth Lszl (GSMA Europe)

Hall A Only the results count Advertisement (effective) selling on new ways Opponents: Erdlyi Zsolt and ....
14.00-14.15 Agencies on new roads Presentation Merger with creative firms, cost reduction, new advert sales. Presented by: Br Gbor (Initiative) 14.20-15.00 Agile marketing: Using adaptive ways of working to develop more Presentation responsive communications. Presented by: Neil Perkin (UK) Neil is a well known blogger, writer and the founder of Only Dead Fish, a digital and media consultancy that specialises in applying strategic understanding of social and emerging media technologies to help businesses innovate and optimise their effectiveness within the new, networked communications environment. 15.00-16.35 Under constant control - Intelligent advertisement and tools performance based solutions. 10 min presentations and panel discussion 1 Brand or performance-based appearance Presented by: Barth Pter (DDB) 2 The fair (?) performance-based pricing in Hungary: Presented by: Kerti Attila (Maximize) 3 Two good friends: Conversion-based optimization Presented by: Szeder 4 PPC, as the Alpha of conversion-based approach Presented by: Kovcs Nndor (Kirowski)

Hall C The price of content Revenue sources and business models for selling online content Opponent: Simon Krisztin (Marketing & Mdia)
14.00-14.10 Digital strategies for content producers. How much does media type define content? Where are the new business models of content sales at? What is the value of media (inventory)? Pay and free, edited and user-made, professional and civilian content. Presented by: Simon Krisztin (Marketing & Mdia) 14.10-14.55 Comment, no comment. How much does an online paper need remarks, Forum readers' comments? How did content production change since the new media law (MT) coming into effect? Did the fears prove to be justified that were announced at the time of the new law coming into effect? Did the new media law influence the business models and revenues? If yes, how? Participants: Balogh kos Gergely (Mandiner), Borkai Gbor (Heti Vlasz), Zappe Gbor (Velvet) Discussion led by: Klmn Olga (ATV) 14.55-15.10 Coverage points: Production costs of thematic contents and the number of Presentation consumers. Presented by: Steff Jzsef (Sanoma) 15.15-15.50 How did we turn into a pay service? Digital pay content, profitably Presentation Presented by: Tomas Bella (Piano). Since 2010 he has been CEO of Piano Media, a Bratislava-based start-up that launched the world's first nationwide pay-wall system in Slovakia in May, 2011. He also lectures in on-line media 15.50-16.40 at the Panfor the Hungarian online motorway? We examine the chances of Toll gate European University in Bratislava. Forum the Hungarian business models based on the Slovakian example. What shall we do with content freely available on the web? Participants: Bn Zoltn (Netmdia), Illisz Lszl (Figyel), Mihk Attila (Ringier), Szauer Pter (HVG), Vaszily Mikls (Origo) Discussion led by: Klmn Olga (ATV)

5 Real-time bidding Presented by: Jakab Attila (InfectiousM) 6 Transport between content and advertiser - Hungarian and foreign affiliate systems. Presented by: Balog Gbor (Cetelem) 7 Do you definitely reach your target audience? Presented by: Pavol Magic (E-target) 16.40-17.30 Quantity, quality, effect mechanisms, settlements and efficiency. Intelligent e-commerce Forum Answering 4 predefined questions each, in a maximum of 1 minute. After The e-commerce sector kept increasing during the crisis, and doubled its turnover in the the answers, we discuss. past two years. A part of the companies still think about whether they need web presence, Participants: Darzs Attila (Addict), Grsz Judit (UPC), while market leaders that have grown from nothing build empires out of bits where the Novk Pter (Origo), Gazs Gbor (EVO), Lantos Lrnt (Generali) majority of commercial processes are managed by software. Machines do not only support Discussion led by: Tiszttart Titusz (ClassFM) the customer but they also try to control their desires... 17.30-17.45 Legends living among us. Internet Top 50 award giving. 16.50-17.20 AI&eC - artificial intelligence and e-commerce: how do we purchase Forward to a multiscreen world! Dual tomorrow? How to make sales and business processes more efficient and 18.15-18.30 Government networks. Where is the planned consolidation of governmental Presented by: Laurent Delaporte (Vice President, Microsoft Advertising presentation successful using smart software? Do software know better than me about my Presentation networks at? How clear is the borderline between the state and market EMEA) s Mihk Attila (Ringier) purchase intent? Presented by: Galntai Zoltn, Kis Ervin Egon 18.05-18.35 This is how I became a famous musician. networks? Data privacy matters. Presented by: Under construction Participants: Fluor Tams, Pcze Balzs (MITO), 18.35-19.30 Competitive and cooperative games. Is competitive fight or cooperation a moreForum 17.20-17.35 Profit vs FTTx, application developers vs device manufacturers etc. Telecommunications com successful strategy? Mobil vs. wired, incumbent vs newcomers, xDSL vs cable, FTTx vs DOCSIS 3.0, LTE from data? - Can you make money out of data, and if no, how? Jenet Katalin (Adidas) Forum Presentation Presented by: Korbuly Krisztin ( 18.40-19.30 Why did display advertising grow against search marketing abroad, 17.40-17.55 Clouds - server rain. Which direction is content production heading to? and why did it not grow in Hungary? Presentation Cloud, virtualisation or micro servers? Cost effectivity and reliable Participants: Ablonczy kos (Infinety), Bnczi Zoltn, operation? These matters are examined from the aspect of business Juhsz Pter (P&G), Turczi Andrs (Kirowski), intelligence. Presented by: Pluhr Kroly (DoclerWeb) Ziegler Gbor (Index). Discussion led by: Exterde Tibor (Infrdi) 17.55-18.05 The possible meeting of search results and social recommendations. 19.30-19.35 It happened on this day Leading news (Ringier) Presentation Presented by: Google repr 19.35-20.30 What is brought by tomorrow? Do we dare to dream large-scale? 18.10-18.25 The machines are working in the background Intelligent background Forum We asked a 6-member group to provide their visions about the internet's Presentation processes in the fields of e.g. logistics, asset registry, or client monitoring. tomorrow. Where is the Hungarian information society heading in the Analysis of consumer statistics and making prognoses. coming few years from the aspects of regulation, developments, media, ePresented by: Kiss Ferenc (BKF) commerce and digital services? Presentation: Szab kos (Adaptive) 18.30-18.45 Classified ads on the content market. 1. What will be the number and ratio of the digital illiterates? 2 What Presentation Presented by: Madar Norbert (GKIeNET) means will we possess and what costs will those induce? 3. How will the day of an average teacher!engineer/worker look like in 2020? 4. What will 18.50-19.45 We pay taxes - here in there. How to be legally compliant? And is law able Forum to follow up with the changes generated by the economy? Or are the tax be the role of sports/music/culture? And further questions... regulations lagging behind? Participants: Kalocsai Zsolt (RSM DTM H), Participants of the forum: Chris Archar (UPC), Gernyi Gbor, Kaprinay Zoltn (BnuszBrigd), Kelemen Lszl (Delloitte), Kis Ervin Gulys Jnos (MEC), Ludnyi Arnold (Colosseum), Sim Gyrgy, Egon (, Weiler Pter (, Led by: Vicsek Ferenc lubRdi) Szab Erik (Carnation) Led by: Szab kos (Adaptive)

The night of experience: Csk zenekar, Fluor Tomi, Disco: Nesta: Neston hype machine set Evening sponsored by

Wednesday, 12 October 2011.

Hall B Who will own the living room? Televisions, computer games, internet contents, downloadable movies and programs - fight for the attention (time) of the media consumer) Hall A Hall C

Social activities in practice Opponent:Dojcsk Dniel (HWSW)
The mass-mobilisation power of social media. Presented by: Flp Zoltn ( Business utilisation of social media in everyday life.

Who needs money?

From the birth of the idea through capital involvement to selling the company Opponent: Napigazdasg
9.00-9.15 Presentation 9.15-9.30 Presentation How to test an idea? Presented by: Hajd Zoltn (Smartstaff) Think with the mind of the investor - How does your idea become believable? What are those important aspects that make the startup's viability credible? Presented by: Szenes Gbor (Press-online) Value search and value creation through the glasses of a corporate risk capital investor and an entrepreneur. Where is the Hungarian risk capital market heading to? What and how does an investor find? How could an entrepreneur find an investor professionally? How does an investor and an entreprenur set prices? What is a good business plan like? Which is harder: to agree or to live together? What value is provided by a good investor for a company? Presented by: Makra Zsolt (Docler Investments) Loan or capital? Wgy is it better to find an investor instead of taking a loan? Do companies know their resource involvement possibilities? Do they consider at all whether they need a loan or capital/investor? What contracts, performance, rights and obligations are created? Who is disturbed by transparency and why? What is demanded here by the creditor and the investor? Presented by: Lemk Gbor (MMKlaszter) s Varga Zoltn (Central-Inv.) I would like a loan instead What calculations need to be performed before a company decides whether to take a loan or find an investor? What shall be considered when taking a loan? What direct and accessory costs shall be accounted for? Presented by: Csendes Gyrgyi (Colosseum)

9.00-9.15 Content orgy. Why the living room? 9.00-9.15 Presentation How it reforms consumer habits if everything is accessible on a single screen from games to the web, from the tv (online-offline-interactive) to e-commerce? 9.15-9.45 Presentation: Simon Krisztin (Marketing s Mdia) 2x 10 min. 9.15-9.30 The playing man: passion for one, living for the other Where is money in pres. and 5 Presentation the online games market? What business models are in competition and who is min. winning? Presented by: Szvuly Krisztin (Gaming Hungary) 9.35-9.50 Listening again!Radio financing and content provision on new ways. Music is Presentation accessible by anyone online, but selective directions have already great 9.45-10.00 importance today. Who says what to do? Presentation Presented by: Br Attila (Mediator Group) 9.55-10.05 TV goes to internet- Television programs on the web The question always Presentation arises for a content provider: what will be the distribution platform of the future. What happens if television content is moved to the devices and the audi10.05-10.20 ence wants to consume in a different way and if he wants to do it in different languages? Who, where and how would like to consume our content? Does the Presentation TV set still have a role in the living room? What opportunities does premium media have today? What does a content owner need to face when entering this market? User experience? Promotion systems? Bandwidth-question? Business 10.20-10.55 model - competition or cooperation? Live program or content protection? Presentation Presenting practical experiences. Presented by: Szilrdi Jnos (HBO) 10.10-10.25 Intelligent televisions Intelligent televisions It is also true for program serviPresentation ce provision revenues that market is moving from advertising revenues towards transaction revenues. How is it possible to impress a customer tired of watching advertisements? We know the solution: contents shall be offered to the custo11.00-11.15 mer that he/she is interested in, instead of a flow of adverts, personalised offers Presentation shall be provided. Presented by: Ger Viktor (Gravity) 10.25-10.35 TV will adapt How does the role of the family oven change in the housePresentation holds, what functions are assumed by the TV screen, and what effect will this have on TV watching habits? Do we want to control watching TV or shall we 11.15-11.30 Presentation remain passive and comfortable receivers? What business opportunities do service providers see in interactive services? 11.30-12.00 Presented by: Megyeri Tibor (Magyar Telekom) Presentation 10.40-11.25 Fight for attention! Fight for attention - does the user choose a tool or Forum content? Does the consumer decide based on technical, contentual or just comfort considerations which type of tools and what kind of content he consumes in a given moment? (Plays on a console, watches linear TV programs, downloads a video, watches a series by a video-on-demand service, 12.00-12.45 consumes social media etc.) In which time band would content industry players Forum want to compete for the consumer's attention? What happens between 11 PM and 5 AM? What is the outlook for TV? How could linear content provision be renewed? Why would viewers return? Participants: Bazs Gbor (IndexVideo), Lukcs Csaba (ATMedia), Szvuly Krisztin, Flp Tams (HBO) Led by: Szab Anett (HrTV)

Corporate social networks. Pcsi Ferenc Client service. Does it work the same way as a physical client service? 9.35-9.50 Bres Blint (Invitel) Presentation When the community takes away your brand. Social media is a communication space where the brand owners' classic tools do not always work and the communities take over the control of the brand. What to do, how to regain control, what to be careful about? 9.55-10.20 Presented by: Balogh Tmea (Brandmonitor) Presentation The revolution eats up its own child. Professionalisation of managing social sites and turning into an industry. Earned, paid, owned media, and their connections to the social media. Presented by: Vernyik Imre (Carnation) Agency and client tasks during a social activity. 1. Banga Gbor ( Kirowski) Baradits Szilrd (Samsung) 2. Koronics Krisztin (UM) Tripolszky Andrs (Borsodi) 10.25-10.40 Presentation

Creativity and usability. The art of balancing design and content. Opponent:
11.30-11.45 Presentation 11.50-12.05 Presentation Szigeti Pter - Kreativ Creativity on the online interfaces. Design, inspiration, creativity, visuality. Presented by: Csiks Gerg (Carnation) Do not waste your consumer's time: get the message across quickly! Make your website usable and simple - It is an experience itself:-) Presented by: Kolozsi Istvn (FPS) 12.10-12.50 Heureka! Inspiration, creativity and innovation. When we need to bring Presentation design, usability, the demands of the impatient consumer and the experience to a common denominator Presented by: Marc Lewis (UK) 12.50-13.40 Usability from the viewpoints of advertisers and content. Forum Discussion: Rcz Brigitta ( s Kolozsi Istvn (FPS), Varga Csaba (MITO), Veszelovszki Zsolt (

10.45-10.55 Why did I not search for an investor? Many start a company because of We came off the screen. When the community is not only on the monitor: Presentation "love" towards the activity of their company (companies related to a situation or hobby), others consider the long-term employment of the family and mobile, mobile web, community, social purchasing and content living. They only think about involving an investor in the last case. They production. develop the company from their own assets. This might be more effective Presented by: Daniel Danon (Vodafone) than involving a "financial" partner in many cases, since it increases Virus marketing- Virus videos: efficiency, the commitment and happyness of those working for the company. Presented by: Mller Attila (septicmedia) Presented by: Bords Mnika (Idkp) Against each other, together :Social sites: Google+ and FaceBook. Presented by: Jan Rezab (Czech Republic) 11.00-11.15 Entrepreneurs and managers: the difficulties of separation. The Jan Rezab is the founder and president of Socialbakers (former Presentation entrepreneur and the manager are two different kinds of persons: the former Candytech). The fundamental activity of the company is social media is needed for the establishment and boosting of a company, the latter is marketing and measurement. Jan manages the global strategy of the needed for operating it or preparing it for selling. However, is an company. entrepreneur able to sell his company when it has outgrown him, does he Social shopping in the tool set of the large companies (FMCG, KKV, trust the managers who do not own the company? agency, financial sector). The efficiency of business by introducing the Presented by: Szlank Jnos coupon. What about discount hunters? Loyal customers and return. Does it really attract customers away from traditional marketplaces? Is it possible to measure the effect on retail trade - e.g. shopping centers. 11.20-11.35 How to protect Hungarian knowledge to keep it here in Hungary? The Participants: Besenyei Klmn (, Presentation advantage and disadvantages of Jeremie... Successful Jeremie Kaprinay Zoltn (Bnusz Brigd), Nagy Sndor (G-Roby), Presented by: Bruckner Zoltn (Primus Capital) Burger King repr. Discussion led by: Szab Anett (HrTV) 12.00-12.50 Do not despond! Use it! Involving resources during the crisis. Loan or Forum investment? Jeremie and Szchenyi Tke fund, risk capital circling as a shark, business angels ready to jump - all the possibilities. Still, outsourcing does not work the way we want it... Participants: Kvr Jzsef (3TS Venture), Lemk Gbor, Makra Zsolt (Docler Investments), Oszk Pter (PortFolion) Straub Elek, Varga Zoltn (Central-Invest) Discussion led by: Rnai Balzs (Napi Gazdasg)

12.45-13.35 Does social media strategy exist? Forum Participants: Bitter Brun (Next Wave Europe), Gl Judit (Hill and Knowlton), Radisics Miln (SocialTimes), Sndor Szabolcs (Karmamedia), Trs Balzs (hat re:connect), Printmdia kpvisel Led by: Exterde Tibor (InfRdi) 13.40-14.35 Trolls and droids. New application fields of hired forum members. Forum Database, seeding value, concept, hired forum members roundtable Participants: Barth Pter (DDB), Kreatv repr, Jank Blint (Lwp), Szab Zoltn (Index), MTE jogsza Discussion led by: Bujts Attila (Rebel Rouse)

Hall B

Hall A

Hall C
Applications in all quantities. Special mobile applications from the fields of media and advertisement. Opponent Bernyi Konrd ( 13.45-14.00 Where is mobile market heading? What new services - not even dreamed of Presentation earlier - became accessible due to mobile broadband and developers' marketplaces? Is nomadity the next big thing? Presented by: Gl Andrs (GKIeNET) 14.00 -14.15 The new throne pretender? The mobile phone has become the primary Presentation internet tool for the majority of smartphone-users. The big mobile-web reformation will probably take place next year when all media businesses will make their websites mobile-capable and when almost all larger media companies and institutions with other communication activities will start managing strong mobile innovation. Good and bad examples. Presented by: Dob Mtys (Peer) A Mobilissimo. The expectations shown in 1999 by the development of the Presentation internet (hopes, development ways, market) is shown today by mobile. Is it really shown? Does it really have the great potential? Presented by: Brindza Gbor (Madhouse) 14.35-14.50 Presentation

Regulated ideas
Rules and regulations regarding online content in everyday life

Electronic payment solutions

14.50-15.05 Presentation 15.05-15.05 Presentation 15.10-15.40 15.45-15.55 Presentation

14.40-15.30 Do we love or not? Revolutions and social life on the web. The online Forum activity of the organisers of the Lybian and Egyptian revolutions was received by the world with interest but no negativity. When the same thing happened in London, the UK government and the public had completely different attitudes. How is this? Participants: Bodoky Tams, Gernyi Gbor, Hammer Ferenc, Tlas Pter Discussion led by: Kovcs Andrea (Hrtv) 15.30-16.20 The new regulatory environment in practice. The new regulatory Forum environment in practice. The media law and the lawyers' confidentiality. Would the new regulation eliminate the protection of private and business secrets? Does it really include provisions with unnecessarily and unfairly heavy consequences upon lawyers' confidentiality? Crime conviction and protecting journalist info resources. Ensuring the protection of journalists' sources after the August modification of the meda law. The journalists have the right to keep their sources secret, however, their legal obligation Smart web users One quarter of web users have smartphones, four smartphone is to tell the truth, if they are at an investigators or court's hearing as a users out of five use their devices for web. But what role does our phone play witness. Does journalist's exemption exist from the latter rule, and could in the web use? What internet content do we browse, what online services do an investigative journalist refer to the possibility of rejecting a witness we use on the device in our pockets? Where and in what situations do we use confession provided by the media law in every case? Discussion to be the mobile for internet, and does the smartphone supplement or replace in some formed by the current situation! cases the computer internet browsing? Participants: Hmpfner Viktria (Ringier), Ndori Pter (MTE), MLE Presented by: Kurucz Imre (NRC) kpvisel Measurable applications on the mobile. Discussion led by: Kovcs Andrea (Hrtv) Presented by: Balatoni Emese (Adverticum) This is a tool - Mobile applications the other way - B2C and B2B 16.20-17.00 Legally clear?! How does the copyright reform support Hungarian digital Presentation: Fazekas Istvn (Synaptel) Forum content industry? From the idea to the App store. The tasks of legal managers, their rights and obligations - "Cleaned" Presented by: Shubham Goel (India) author relations. Honorarium calculation and distribution formulas. What The meeting of brands and mobiles. The technologies hidden in smartphones services close down if the relationship is unclear? opened up new possibilities for brands. There were several international Debate starter: Kvesi Gabriella (IVSZ) campaigns, where brands were connected to a good idea or a game. Augmented Participants invited: Krsi Gbor (Telenor), UPC kpviselje, Szinger reality is spreading, geofencing is born. The speaker brings a bunch of case Andrs (Artisjus), Rajki Annamria (Magyar Telekom) studies, where the possibilities provided by mobiles were used successfully. Led by Vicsek Ferenc (Klub Rdi) Presented by: Dunder Krisztin (

13.00-13.15 The present and near future of e-payment solutions: Online payment Presentation service providers and the means of payment. Presented by: Dek Andrs (PayU Hungary) 13.20-13.35 So that they do not only order but also pay online The Hungarian Presentation customers typically order on the web and then purchasing for them means paying the price after delivery. What is the reason for bank card payment being available in 10% of Hungarian webshops only, while 90% of transactions in the USA are settled this way? The presentation summarizes the modern authorisation procedures of online card payment and the effect of safety awareness on the increase of turnover. Presented by: Bernth Lajos (Escalion)

13.40-13.55 Pay so that you don't even touch me! Presentation Presented by: Foltnyi Tams (FHB) 13.55-14.10 Card companies, as the engines of innovative solutions. Presentation Presented by: Szetnics Lszl (MasterCard)

14.15-15.00 Payment solutions in practice. Discussion about the factors supporting electronic payments and difficulties. Why do we use it as a merchant? Why do we promote its use for the customers? Participants: Szetnics Lszl (MasterCard), Delloitte kpvisel, Foltnyi Tams (FHB), Pukler Gbor (Magyar Telekom), Kis Egon Ervin ( Discussion led by: Rnai Balzs (Napigazdasg)

16.00-16.25 Which one and when? Native and web-based applications in practice. Presentation Discussion: Dob Mtys (Peer) s Szab Gergely (HVG Online) Discussion led by: Bernyi Konrd 16.25-16.40 The development of digital publication in Hungary Presentation Presented by: Rosts Zoltn (Digitalstand) 16.40-17.15 News and contents. Let's manage the phenomenon the right way! The Forum smartphone and the tablet mean a new lifestyle: constant availability, personalised adverts, intimate relationship (even in the toilets) and getting addicted. How long will the victorious journey of tablets and smartphones last? And the downslope of printed press? Participants: Kszegi Pter (Heti Vlasz), Tinnyei Istvn (Sanoma) Horvth Vanda (Ringier) Discussion led by: Pcsi Ferenc 17.15-17.30 Who will be the "flagship" of mobile advertisement? Creative agencies, Presentation media agencies, digital agencies or media owners? Presented by: Bognr Vera (OMD) 17.30-18.10 Mobile advertisement vs. online advertisements regarding efficiency. Forum The participants will be asked 5 identical questions before the conference. They can use 1 slide each for the answers. Participants: Brindzda Gbor (Madhouse), Pcze Balzs (MITO), Szab kos (AdNew), Sznt Gbor (DDB), Szpvlgyi Tams (Sanoma).

The organisers reserve the right to change the program!

Internet Hungary - Smart and Intelligent 2011. 10-12 October 2011, Hall D
Day Zero 10 October 2011. Annoying
How to approach the mobile world? Mobile business and technology
16.40-17.00 Demand on the application market Presentation Presented by: Klenovszki Jnos (NRC) 17.00-17.15 Presentation 17.20-17.35 Presentation

Day One 11 October 2011. Stag Hunters

Central European Online Marketing and Media Conference The sponsor of the Central European Stag Hunter Conference is CEMP

Day Two 12 October 2011. Apple and pear: the exact definition of online measurements
9.15-9.35 Online measurement methods globally Presentation Presented by: Filip Pieczyski (Gemius) 9.35-9.55 The mixed world of numbers - What systems are used to obtain data? Is it Presentation possible to unify measurement so that they are really comparable by traditional measurement (and media) methods? Do numbers obtained with measurements methodologies really reflect actual ratios? Presented by: Pnzes Anna (MediaSpirit Consulting)

17.40-18.15 Promoting an App With the launch of the Apple iPhone in 2007 the app store Presentation in the subsequent year, the mobile application market has grown exponentially through out the globe There are over 600,000 apps on the Apple iTunes app store and growing. This number would be significantly higher if the Android, Blackberry and Ovi stores are taken into account. Getting noticed on the app store is becoming more and more challenging and just creating an application with a radical new user interface is not enough. It has to be backed by the right marketing campaign and the social push. Companies like Tap Tap Tap and TapBot have been pushing out one hit after another. Their first day paid downloads cross over 75 thousand. In this talk we'll look at case studies from some of the successful mobile application launches. Presented by: Shubham Goel (India) 18.15-18.40 Presentation 18.40-19.00 Presentation 19.00-19.25 Presentation 19.25-20.00 Presentation

13.00-19.00 Invited: 2 definitive players from each of the Polish, Czech, Croatian, Austrian, Slovakian, Romanian, Serbian and Hungarian Internet markets, to introduce the characteristics of their markets. The Why do we use an application? Presented by: Szab Gergely (HVG Online) preliminary questions: Think tank: What applications do media people use (tv, radio, press) and what 1. How do consumers react to: do e-commerce or businesses use? search marketing? Presented by: Szpvlgyi Tams (Sanoma) social media? social shopping?

10.00-10.55 Talking numbers? Unificiation in principle and in practice. What Forum measurements and numbers do they use to attempt to sell internet content? The results proving the efficiency of advertisements are similar to those used in traditional media, still, they are difficult to compare to each other. 3. Introduce the regulations of information society in your country using 3 Efficiency itself has different meanings, too. Somehow, a common slides according to the following: denominator should be reached anyway! The largest realistic index of online media content (edited articles, blogs, comments) efficiency are business revenues themselves. online advertising: product placement, self- and joint regulations and Participants: Horvth Magyary Nra (K&H), Kozri Istvn (Origo), determined prohibitions Mez Lszl (OMD), Pnzes Anna (MediaSpirit Consulting), How do data privacy and personal rights relate to this? (Limits and Sopov Istvn (Adaptive)

2. How do consumers (on corporate and individual level) relate to smart and intelligent gadgets and solutions? (Smartphone, tablets, applications)


4. Financing online media (2-3 slides) Advertising My favourite applications - presentations in 5 minutes. Prize: a weekend in E-commerce the Hotel Azr (2 persons) User/reader (toll gates and other techniques) Connected services Discussion led by:Dunder Krisztin (DUNDER.HU) The Ten Commandments of mobile advertisement. What to do and what to Presentation about the online markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Presented by: Filip Pieczyski Vice-president of Gemius avoid for a successful campaign? Somogyi Endre Member of the IAB Europe Board Presented by: Bognr Vera (OMD)
Visuals, mouse, finger experience evolution Presented by: Kollin Zoltn (Kirowski)

11.00-11.50 The considerations of tender announcement of the measurement: Presentation Under discussion and then forum

This is our asset, too: The domain

12.00-12.40 Protecting the domain. Presentation Presented by: Giovanni Seppia (Italy) External Relations Manager of EURid. Giovanni Seppia previously worked at ICANN as European Regional Liaison. Prior to that, he was General Manager at CENTR. 12.45-13.40 Who protects the domain name? Old rules. What protects owners from Forum administration flaws and malicious domain a domain obtainers? Participants: Komromi Zsolt (Dotroll) (.com/.net/.org/.info/.biz kpviselje , Mayer Erika (.hu kpviselje), rmos Zoltn, Eszter Szilagyova (.EU kpviselje -EuRID), Discussion led by: Koleszr Pter (

Participants: Austria: Roman A. Tolic, Harald Katzenschlaeger Dream about the future of mobile advertising Poland: Jaroslaw Sobolewski, Adam Wysocki As mobile advertising keeps on rising, it is important to be aware of the factors Czech Republic: Michal Nydrle, Jakub Svoboda involved in making attractive and relevant mobile rich media ad campaigns. It Slovakia: Marek Jakubovie, Peter ebo, Martin Dernar doesn't take a rocket scientist to guess the opportunities in years to come. Romania: Nicoleta Visan, Calin Rotarus, Dragos Stanca Mobile advertising will be completely directed advertising and mobile device Hungary: Veszelovszky Zsolt will allow consumers to choose when, where and on what screen they would
like to see their preferred commercials. Presented by: Aleksandar Petkovic (Serbia)


Dejan Glesic, Ivan Minic, Vladimir Ceric



21.15-23.00 Free-style bowling championship - Prize for the winner is a

weekend in the Hotel Azr (2 persons, 2 nights)

Croatia: Stipe Grubisic Marko Beljan Nikola Vrdoljak Milan ivkovi Central European Conference moderated by: Mth Andrs (Ringier) Further questions that may be asked in the second forum: What is the market structure like in the given country, in the service provision area of the given company? What strategy do local companies have to remain competitive? What resources do they have access to (professionals, domestic financing resources, EU Tenders, risk capital, media, advertisement, investments etc.) Is it possible to avoid (and is it worth to avoid) that by time smaller local companies are bought by multinationals? Are there regulations, laws, public policies or support conditions supporting solely local companies, small and medium companies (against multinational companies)? For further questions and details see our website...

The organisers reserve the right to change the program!