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Narrative Location- A busy shopping centre, possibly Westfield.

Sandhya is walking up to Haseeb but we dont see the front of him, we only see his backside in which she taps him. We are only shown a frame of this scene. The camera is following Sandhyas footsteps until she reaches him.

This takes part during the Instrumental part of the sound track.

A cut is used into this next scene of Sandhya writing a letter to Zein (Main Male) on a mirror in red lipstick.

This scene takes place when the song begins of the Artist singing.

The scene here is of Zein and Sandhya arguing in a kitchen. She walks off after the argument. This is a flash back of their argument as a couple and what went wrong in the relationship. The flash back is in black and white which makes it look more interesting. This then is faded into the next

This scene takes place when the lyrics Here I go explaining to you is being sung.

Sandhya is then singing in front of a mirror and the camera here is behind her, possibly over her shoulder so we can see her reflection in the mirror. At this point, she is upset and is expressing her emotions.

This takes place during the Chorus of the song.

Zein is writing a letter in the form of a text. We see him writing what the lyrics are saying at this point. The mobile phone we are planning to use is an old school brick possibly a Nokia. Hes writing in the timing of This scene is a flashback of memoriesthe lyrics when being sung Sandhya. One will between Zein and at the same time. be at a The coffee place- Starbucks where 3. This localsong then splits into a screen ofthey are scene a laugh Sandhya on one side, the male havingwill have during winter time. Another on the other side and on the top we will have location for this flashback will be The fingers of in Wembley again showing Sandhya Fountains a person playing the piano. they is crying fun in the past as a the male is have hadin this close up shot, couple. This writing an apology letter. Throughout this long location will look really nice during the chorus we will use cross cuts film it during evening therefore we plan to of Sandhya this directly addressing the audience will be at to time of the day. The final locationby singing a the camera intime where they background. park at night front of a white both let off

Verse 2

Do you know when youre in love, you promise that person your heart.....

Chorus Chorus

During this part of the song, she is looking through pictures of them together then when she starts singing the middle 8 part. Then she says Burning the pictures all the letters letting them burn... and here we have a scene of her burning the pictures and letters into a fire. A zoom is then used into the fire resulting into fire fading out.

Middle 8

Towards the last part of the song, Sandhya is singing in front of a white background.


The beginning scene of her going up to Haseeb is repeated here but this time we see the front of the guy. This is the very last scene.

Towards the end of the song.