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Boones Creek Baptist Association Serving, Encouraging and Supporting Christs Churches

Bro. John Ryder-Director of Missions Angel Kane, Secretary Floyd & Gale Holbrook-Camp Manager Office (859) 744-0037 Fax (859) 744-1069 E-mail: Printed Oct. 2011, Volume 44, issue 10 Deadline for next Issue: Nov 15, 2011

A Note to you, The associations semi-annual meeting was held on October 10, 2011 at First Baptist Church, Irvine. We had a good turnout with 19 churches represented and 121 people registered. Thank you, ladies from First Baptist, for an excellent job of food preparation. Rev. Jesse Kline of Northside Baptist Church in the annual sermon challenged us to be doers of the Word and not just hearers. He also preached on the importance of doctrine in todays world. Doctrine has always been a top priority in our association since it was founded in 1823 and must remain so today. Food For Thought: In 1822 a meeting was called for the messengers from Mt. Gilead, Boggs Fork, Boone's Creek and First Baptist Church of Lexington to meet at Cross Plains (now Athens). The messengers agreed that it was desirable to organize a new Association. Messengers from Mt. Gilead, Boggs Fork, Hickman and Boone's Creek met at Mt. Gilead Church. The constitution, as previously adopted by the churches was read again and sanctioned by the messengers as their constitution. They signed and dated " The Certificate of the Organization of the Boones Creek Baptist Association, May 28, 1823." The first 2/3 of their constitution was concerned with doctrine. Below is listed that part of their constitution, which is just as fitting for today as it was 188 years ago.
1st. We take the Holy Bible, the Old and New Testament as the only rule of faith and practice in religion, and are united in the belief of the following doctrines, as contained in the scriptures, viz,: That there is one God, and one Mediator between God and Man, the Man Jesus Christ; and in the Godhead, are Father, Son and Holy Ghost. 2nd. That mankind, without exception, are in their natural state, sinners, totally destitute to holiness, and are entirely helpless in themselves. 3rd. That faith in Jesus Christ is the instrument of justification according to the Scriptures, and is the gift of God and is ordinarily wrought in the heart by the spirit, by and with the word heard and read. 4th. That salvation is wholly of the free and sovereign grace of God, through the atonement, righteousness and mediation of Jesus Christ by sanctifying influence of the Holy Spirit, and the belief of the Truth and that the Saints will persevere through grace to glory. 5th. That there will be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and unjust, and a general judgment; that the righteous shall be received into everlasting happiness and that the wicked shall be driven into everlasting punishment. 6th. We hold that the visible Church of Christ is composed of such as profess saving faith and those only who exhibit credible evidence of faith in Jesus Christ should be baptized agreeably to His command by being immersed in water in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, and that it is the duty and privilege of such to celebrate the Lord's Supper. 7th. Notwithstanding children who are not capable of professing faith in Christ are not fit subjects for baptism and the Lord's Supper, according to the Gospel, yet we hold it our duty to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. 8th. We believe in the Divine appointment of the Christian Sabbath, scripturally called the Lord's Day, and that it is the duty of Christians to sanctify it to the service of God, according to the example of primitive saints. We believe the moral law of God is a rule of obedience for all men through faith and that the Gospel should be preached to all men and all that hear are commanded to believe it. 9th. This Association regards the independence of the churches inviolable and disclaims any right to exercise power in the government of them, and declares her only aim and intention to be is to assist, advise and encourage the propagation of truth and cultivation of practical piety.

Statements 4 and 6 are true to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 that no saving grace is conveyed by either baptism or the Lords Supper. That both are ordinances and not sacraments. Yours in Christ,

Bro. John Ryder

NEWS & UPCOMING EVENTS from the Association and our CHURCHES CAMP REPORT 5 members from Ephesus Baptist Church came and
helped put in steps to the White House. EX. BOARD REPORTWe had our Fall-Semi Annual Mtg. Oct. 10th at First B. C. in Irvine. 19 churches with 121 attending. Guest speaker was Dr. Larry Baker from KBC. Dr. Barry Allen from KY Baptist Foundation. Bro, Jessie Kline brought the Annual Sermon. ALLANSVILLENo Report BEECH GROVE Oct . 22nd Fall Festival. BOONES CREEK We will have a Church-wide Thanksgiving Dinner on Tuesday Nov. 22nd at 6pm. Everyone is invited to come and fellowship with us, Cost will be $3.50 per person or $10.00 per family. There will be no Wed, activities on Nov. 23rd. CALVARY Our Youth group went bowling. 30+ attended: Gods Messengers Sunday School class had a cookout hosted by the Johnsons. Claren & Michelle Jones, Candice Patterson were baptized. Ruford Newton & BovEva Miller went home to be with the Lord. We will be having a Trunk & Treat. Childrens Christmas Play practice is starting. We are the Operation Christmas Child Collection Center for Estill County CENTRAL Dr. Phil Chitwood, Executive Director of the KBC, will speak during the morning worship service on Sun. Nov. 20, 2011. On Sat, Dec. 10, 2011 at 7 pm and on Sun. Dec. 11, 2011 at 6 pm We Have Our Savior will be presented by the Worship Ministry. CLAY CITYWe had a good revival with Bro. Scott Rogers with an average attendance of 30. We praise God that Justin and Shelia Slemp will be starting a new youth Sunday school class ages 14-18.

CORINTH-No Report COW CREEK No Report EMMANUEL-Youth enjoyed a skating party at Boones Creek Baptist
Camp. We surprised Bro. Ron with a surprise birthday party following Sunday evening service. Sunday school youth had Visitation Sunday and walked the church neighborhood handing out invitations, especially for kids, to join us for Sunday school. EPHESUS Repainted the sanctuary. Began a backpack feeding program at Pilot View Elementary. Supporting Boones Creek Baptist Camp as our mission of the month in October. Participated in the Sunrise Childrens Services benefit at Texas Roadhouse on Oct. 4th. Fall festival Oct. 22 with chili, games, cakewalk, inflatable, face painting, balloon animals, trunk or treat and a bonfire. Baby showers and luncheon for expectant members Nov. 6 following morning worship service. Hosting Ex. Board Mtg. & Womens Day of Prayer on Nov. 7. Thanksgiving banquet Nov. 16 at 6:30pm. Youth trip to Gatlinburg for Hearts on Fire conference Nov. 18-20. FAITH Had a great trip to Creation Museum. Had our 1st Lottie Moon March. Youth set a goal of $140.00. Bro. Todd and church have been praying for Spiritual Revival at Faith. Lottie Moon march, candy and cookies swap in Dec. FRIENDSHIP Good Revival with Bro. Foy Back. Homecoming Nov. 6th. Youth will sponsor a chili supper on Oct. 30th. GREENBRIAR Guest Singers Sunday night service. Homecoming 10-9-11. Start collection for Food Bank Estill County. Pastor Delmar & Catherine McGee anniversary 11-8. Birthdays-Billy Cox 11-10-Paul J. Arvin 11-17-Bonnie Wilson-11-20 Fay Gullett 11-30 Raymond & Dereeda Abshear anniversary 11-25. HEIDELBERGNo Report HERITAGE We would like to thank the Assoc. Disaster Team and men from Central Baptist Church for their help during the building work days. We also want to thank Central for lodging 40 people Carpenters for Christ.

IRVINE FIRST CONTINUED: Thanks to everyone who helped in any capacity. Oct. 2nd- was Harvest Sunday-we really had lots of food brought for the food pantry, to feed people this winter. Money was also given to the youth for purchase of other items needed. . Oct. 10th-Fall Semi-Annual Mtg. and what a great crowd over 100 and even greater speakers. They were feed at 6 pm and everybody gave many compliments on the good food and fast service. This helped everyone be in place for the next hour of meetings. Thanks to all who helped in any way to make this a success. Oct. 12th-7pm business meeting and prayer meeting. Everyone is invited to our prayer mtg. every Wed. night. Oct. 19th5:30 pm Sunshine Ladies Mtg. Ladies if you dont attend this mtg. you are missing out on a great time. 7pm-Prayer Mtg. (studying Book of Revelation) come, you need to know what it says. Oct. 23rd-after church youth are going shoe box shopping-they have fun buying for other youth. Oct. 26th-Fall harvest supper and prayer meeting-our chef, Steve Baber will be making something delicious. Oct. 30th-Sunday evening singing our favorite songs-come tell us what you want to hear. IVORY HILL-Our Pastor Bro. Marvin Neal had knee replacement surgery. He only missed preaching one Sunday. We had a wonderful revival with lots of preaching and lots of singing the last week of Sept. We also had our Homecoming Dinner on Oct. 2 with Matthew & Rosemary Wilson singing and some special horn playing by a visitor. Our Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner together will be Dec. 11 with special singing and potluck meal JEFFERSONVILLE We had 173 for homecoming, the New Found Four and Mountain Joy sang. Bro. Greg Waltermire preached. What a wonderful God we serve. We will be having our fall festival Oct. 22nd fall festival, lots of food, fun and fellowship. Come on out and join us. There will be something for everyone. KIDDVILLE Fall festival will be at John and Brendas farm Oct. 22 4:40 pm. Menu will be hot dogs, chili, soup, and much more. Wed. night childrens group is growing. They are working through answers in Genesis curriculum Answers for Kids. MACEDONIA-We had a work day at our grounds on Sept. 24th. We are getting ready for the Power Teams visits on Wed. Oct. 19th at 7pm at our grounds and again on Oct. 23rd during the AM worship. Everyone is invited to come see the Power Team.

MEANS No Report MT. OLIVE-No Report NEW COVENANT REFORMED-No Report NEW HOPE Eliza Broadus State Mission Prayer program and
offerings. We attended the movie Courageous. Youth are having a outing every month. NORTHSIDE-Sept. was an exceptional month for giving. In addition to our Assoc. offering of $707.00 and the Co-op $1414.00, we exceeded our Eliza Broadus goal and ended with a total of $1200. Our Gideon International special offering was $328.00. The Boones Creek Baptist Camp was $236.00. Our Christmas Child Shoe Box ministry offering was $715,00 This was needed for shipping fees as all items were donated. God is great. We cant out give God. On the 17th many enjoyed our Church Picnic with lots of food, fellowship and singing. To welcome our newest member Kinley Grace we had a baby shower for Nathan & Rhonda Green. We extend our sympathy to the Green family in the passing of Bro. Curtis Green. We enjoyed his singing for many years. He was a blessing to our church. PANOLA-Homecoming was a great blessing. Oct. 8th-Renfro Valley and meal. Oct. 30th-Church will do a Trunk or Treat from 6-8pm. POWELLS VALLEY 2 went to MissionFest. World Craft Party sold $500.00. Approx. 200 meals were made for the Food Ministry. Working on storage room. Oct. 9th -Homecoming. Oct.22nd -Hayride Oct. 31st- OctoberFest. PROVIDENCE, C.C. Gideon Speaker Sept. 24th. The Tribute Quartet performed Sept. 30th. OctoberFest event Sat. Oct. 1st-lots of fun, fellowship and worship.

HOWARDS MILL No Report IRVINE FIRST- Sept. 25th,Homecoming with Bro. Raymond Flynn as
our guest speaker and pot luck dinner after Sunday Service. Bro. Flynn was willing and ready to preach Gods Word. Everyone was invited to eat afterwards and we had over 110 to stay. The food was delicious and the kitchen brigade outdid themselves.


II Corinthians 8:20-21
20-Avoiding this, that no man should blame us in this abundance which is administered by us:

In This Issue look for:

1Nov. Birthdays and Anniversaries
2-Building Fund 3-CALENDAR 4-Disaster/ Emergency Relief 5-To all Churches in the Association 6-New Beginning Pregnancy Center 7-Missions Opportunities 8 DOM (A note to you) 9-Universary of the Cumberlands 10-Items to give away

21-Providing for honest things, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of men.

Building Fund For The Camp You can donate to the Boones Creek Baptist Association in MEMORY or in HONOR of a Love One. Please write on your check memo: Building Fund.

Disaster Emergency Relief Volunteers Needed

The disaster emergency relief committee needs volunteers. The vision for the committee is: An Association church has a problem that it needs help with, i.e. electrical, plumbing, etc. It needs help because it doesnt have funds or manpower to deal with the problem. This committee will utilize available resources (manpower) to correct the problem. If you would like to volunteer to help out, please contact your pastor or the association office for a volunteer sign up form.

TO ALL CHURCHES IN THE ASSOCIATION: The Disaster Emergency Relief Committee is available to the churches for projects that require manpower. Call the Association Office 859/744-0037 if you need help.

NEWS & UPCOMING EVENTS from the Association and our CHURCHES (Continued) PROVIDENCE, E.C. Fall Festival will be Oct. 20. We have a fall revival scheduled for Nov. 13th-16th, we have a different speaker scheduled for each night. Praying for souls to be saved, revived, and blessed. Everyone welcome. REID VILLAGE Praise God for answering our prayers and sending us the pastor that will lead our church. We welcome Bro. Todd Wiley, his wife Debby and daughters Kara & Katie to our church family. We had a group of about 30 attend the showing of Courageous at our local theater. Our youth went cosmic bowling. The children have started practice on a Christmas musical. We have three groups practicing for Bible Drill: children grades 4-6, youth grades 7-9, and high school grades 10-12.Having a Fall Festival on Oct. 29th at 6 pm with games, crafts and treats. Our 5th Sunday Hymn Sing will be Oct. 30th at 6 pm with refreshments afterward. Movie night at the church on Saturday Nov. 5th at 7 pm showing WWJD. Our annual Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner will be Sat. Dec. 3rd at 5 pm. CIA is collecting donations for World Hunger. WMU is collecting canned goods for Thanksgiving food baskets and making Christmas Cards for various ministries. Shoeboxes are being wrapped to fill with Christmas gifts for the Freeda Harris Mission in Pikeville. SALEM Had one member to attend MissionFest. Planning for high attendance Sunday also a Chili Supper and Fall Festival. SPEARS MILL Our 100 yr. celebration was very well attended and so many guest talking of memories of Spears Mill. The food was plentiful, fellowship wonderful and special singing inspiring. Also had one to accept Christ as his Savior on that memorable day. What a blessing.

SPEARS MILL CONTINUED: Bro. Barry Proctor, which the pulpit committee had invited to speak, spoke on Sept. 25th. Oct. 2nd after morning worship special business mtg. was held and Bro. Proctor was voted in by the members. Bro. Proctor has accepted the position and will begin his future with Spears Mill Nov. 6th. Gods praises for His assistance in sending Bro. Proctor and his family to Spears Mill. We are looking forward to them joining our Church family. Bro. Drew Martin has done a wonderful job leading us as Interim Pastor. We will miss Bro. Drew and Patty but also know they will visit on occasion. Please keep Bro. Drew in your prayers for a speedy recovery. He had surgery on his throat and it was cancer. The Dr.s are hopeful that all was removed. We will be busy in Oct. getting the Christmas Shoe Boxes ready for shipment. This is wonderful mission that includes all our church members with their donation and help in making Christmas special for some child. Youth are practicing on their Christmas program. They always do so well. Cantata titled Mary Dont You Know that has some beautiful songs and message. SPRING STREET Plans are being made for Christmas program. THOMAS 39 people enjoyed the fun, food and fellowship at our fall hayride and cookout at the Brinegar Farm on Oct. 8th. VALLEY VIEW-No Report WM. MEMORIAL We had 2 additions by letter. We ordained Dwight Rogers as deacon. Also purchased a new piano. Homecoming Oct. 30th .

November Calendar
4-Mission Fair 7-9 pm (at the Camp) 6-Daylight savings time ends-FALL BACK 1 HR. 6-Childrens mission Celebration Day 7-Ex. Board Mtg. and Womens World Day of Prayer At Ephesus Baptist Church-7pm 10-Camp meeting-7 pm 12-GA Jam (Girls in grades 1-6) 14-Mission Board-Florence BC-Florence, KY 14 Pastors Conference-Florence BC, Florence, KY 15-KBC Annual Mtg. Florence BC, Florence, KY 17-Pastors Prayer Fellowship-11:30am FrischsWinchester 19-Workday at Camp-9am till ??? 20-Thanksgiving Offering for Sunrise Childrens ServiceAll KBC Churches 24 Happy Thanksgiving 24-25-Office Closed

MISSION OPPORTUNITIES 1. Disaster Emergency Relief Volunteers Needed 2. Go Metro USA and Find It Here 2012. Contact the association office for more information 3. Mission Fair Nov. 4, 2011 -7pm to 9pm at Camp GYM. Meal will be served

University of the Cumberlands Offers Courses for Credit or Audit through Winchester Extension Center Fall Schedule Tuesdays, Sept. 6-Dec 13, 2011 Elementary Greek (3 sem.hrs.) 6:00-8:45 pm Thursdays, Sept. 1 Dec. 15, 2011 Life and Letters of Paul (3 Sem. Hrs.) 6:00-8:45 pm Costs:$125.00 per course, plus books Register now by calling 859/749-5327 or 606/663-7870 Need a minimum of 10 students

New Beginnings Pregnancy Center in Winchester has an ongoing need for baby wipes, diapers (sizes 4, 5, 6) and formula (Good Start in green and orange cans), as well as continued financial support. Churches are encouraged to support local Pregnancy Centers in honor of Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, Jan. 16, as well as throughout the year. Please call 859-744-5988 with any questions or to arrange drop-offs.
Best Wishes to Nov. Birthdays: 6-Kevin Strausbaugh-Pastor-Macedonia 11-Loretta Powell-Pastors Wife-Valley View 16-Cindy Perry-Pastors Wife-Boones Creek BC 17-Nevedda Canter-Pastors Wife-Heidelberg 19-Rebecca Blevins-Pastors Wife-Faith 20-Jim Rediford-Pastor Corinth 25-Sharon Kline-Pastors Wife-Northside 28-Susanna LaBona-Pastors Wife-Providence CC 29-Jan Milheiser-Pastors Wife-Howards Mill Best Wishes Nov. Anniversarys: 8-Delmar & Catherine McGee-Greenbriar 21-Jeff and Missy Ryder-Williams Memorial 21-Phil & Shirlene Ronk-Panola 25-Douglas & Nevedda Canter-Heidelberg 26-Ron & Karen Montgomery-Emmanuel 28-Joe and Noreen Lahrmer-Cow Creek

Items to give away

Friendship Baptist Church has an Upright Piano to give away. Contact: Bro. Scott Rogers at: 606/723-4816