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Emails From Readers

This page features a selection of responses emailed by visitors to the Mohammed Image Archive. Messages from readers offended by the Archive are in the left-hand column. Messages from readers pleased with the Archive are in the right-hand column. (All names and email addresses have been abbreviated or removed to maintain privacy.) You can email the Archive yourself by clicking here.



From: r. javed Subject: fuck you drower fuck you dont drow muhammeds pictures. if i can see you I will kill you son of bitch.

From: Scott W. Subject: Great Job I am glad someone pulled all of this together into one place. I couldn't care less if an illustration offends the muslims. If they don't like it they don't have to view it. The free world can write and illustrate anything it damn pleases, and Islamic law is not, nor will ever be, the law of the land.

From: S. Saeed Subject: you are Anti-Christ

After looking at all the 'art' you collected, I don't even like to think about you bastards as humans. You never see any disrespect of any prophet by Muslims. Why you pagan bastards don't understand the respect of a monotheist Prophet? Yours mothers are whores and your fathers are pimps. How can you understand what reality is? You guys can fuck even your own sisters and mothers. You are irrelevant and we all are waiting for the time of your complete destruction and annihilation along with your mentor the Satan. You don't deserve any attention or notice. Wait for your painful end, which will come soon.

From: chris Very informative site. How dare those muslims dictate what I can and can not see. This cartoon thing has left me with a very dim view of the muslim religion.

From: Eric C. Thank you so much for posting these pictures. I think it is important that freedom of expression be kept alive in the Western world, as it promotes freedom for all people throughout the world -- even Muslims. Keep up the good work!

From: Khalid M. (Pakistan) I am extremely disappointed and displeased after visiting your website. What you people are up to. It is offensive and disrespectful and even unbearable. You have no idea how deeply we muslim love our Holy Prophet Muahammad (PBUH). No muslim can ever permit this act. May he/she be non practicing or remotely religious - it is unacceptable for one, leaving aside a small percentage of hypocrates. I demand that all this stuff depicting Holy Prophet Muahammad (PBUH) be removed from this web site and as well from all mirror sites.

From: K. S. (Canada) I'd like to thank you very much for creating this archive. Many of the depictions are realistic. Please please please post this email somewhere in the "Reader's Email Responses" such that everybody can see because it contains a very important message. I'd like everybody to know that there are many people like me that are Moslem born, and being called a Moslem is the greatest insult for them. I wish there were some centers, institutes, places, or whatever, that I could go and formally denounce this damn religion. For many people like me, carrying this title (Moslem) is like carrying a piece of a very bad smelling shit.

From: c.m. (Vietnam) I hope you will understand and you will save yourself from the

deepest place in hell.

From: M. H. u ar all of u how say that about profet mohamed and jezus you dont have mainds and i wel say we ar caming to kill al most of u whit bonb and whit hand and stret and evry wel becous you ar mor than animals.

hi there! i live in Vietnam. a free country in south east asia. i fell frightened of muslim coutries as Iran. Afghanistan.etc... why they have many terrible laws and orders. I can't understand and i can't stand of them. I vomit over my floor when i heard about muslim people and their "prophet". From Viet Nam with love to Danish who draw cartoons of what called " prophet". we must say thank to them, because they use their voice for FREEDOM. no one can ban us thinking and saying.


From: Murali C. Subject: I salute your courage It takes great courage to put up this anti-Islamic web site not fearing fatwas and rewards for killing whoever dare to raise voice of reason against Islam. I wish that you continue this in the hope that reason finally gets to Muslims and they may change their religion. All the best for you

From: Gnostic Dave From: Karwan Subject: May allah throw you in the hell fire. You are the enemy of islam. Your abode would be fire. Inshah-allah. The demonisation of Islam is being driven by the American imperialistic plutocracy with the help of the illegal Zionist state and Britain. However after reading the intolerant and medieval tirade from most of the Muslims posting on your site, and seeing the BBC programme "What Young Muslims Think," I suggest that we need to keep tabs on this, yet another evil and controlling religion. In the West we are going through a transition which is Brought up a Christian in Scotland, my freedoms have led me to question the "evidence" which every religion cites as their absolute. I mean everyone has their special book bleating on about "the truth". I see the truth of God's grace in nature, I feel his love and I believe organised religion has done more damage to people's quest for this truth.

From: Saber K. (France) You are really funny with your democracy you sun of whores

As you want to spread your democracy over the world can you start talking about the jews religion and all it's sublime teaching have you ever had a look what the jews are beleiving, you will not have the courage sun of bitch!!!!!!!!!! Can you start talking about the jews holocauste and how the jews refused to get out from german after a hitler proposal and accepted to be killed in order to make the whole world guilty and give them palestine Show all this the world your democracy and free speech you are enjoying, the jews will kick your ass son of pig Are you able to seach and discuss why the the sattelites in the orbists in the scandinavian countries have a jews name !!! Can you show this reality to all the world son of bitch, son of pig You know what you are doing of course, these are orders from the grand lodges !!!! The jews are known by their hypocracy and hate towards all faith and they use their monopoly in europe and the world to transmit these stupidities Can you show to your reader why the american (sorry) (the masons controlling america) in the world war 2 selected NAGAZAKI in japan to kill hundred of thousand of innocent people, it's not because they have gun factories there, but IT'S THE BIGGEST AND BOOMING CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY IN ASIA ...this what the jews wanted Can you show all this to your readers,,,,,,,,,, hola democracy!!!!!

uncomfortable and will require people to develop self control and to search for their own spirituality. The evils of religion and crown have been beaten back to an extent over thousands of years of civic strife against a religious power base no one needs. A warning to all Muslims! You may think we are all weak, but our freedoms were won with blood, and if you intend to force your version of "God's Law" (your version from your wee book), then you can expect tolerant and peace-loving spiritualistic people like me to fucking hunt you!!

From: A.H. Good day. I am an ex-muslim who has stumbled upon your site. I am quite happy to see that you are not (and should not be) afraid of the 'love' and 'kindness' the world of Islam shows. These pictures are very beneficial, from historical standpoint. Keep up your good work.

From: Nicholas K. Your site is so awesome I could cry. I hate all these radical morons shoving their beliefs down everybody else's throats. It's ridiculous. Not to mention the fact that a group has to have a pretty poorly defined sense of irony to threaten violence as a reaction to a criticism about being too violent. Anyway, please keep this going until all the voices of radicals go hoarse and nothing is left for them to shout. What's right always prevails in the end.

From: Stalkr2090 Subject: fuck you

From: Chris S.

Thank you. fuck you kafir pieces of shit May Freedom forever reign over fear! get my new game HOLY WAR coming soon bitches.... see you when you die... From: Abi A. (UK) Subject: ISLAM - A RELIGION OF SATAN From: Yudi E. dear sir, madam I like your pictures about mohammad. please tell me where you live now and all your adress to me so i can come to your house and make new pictures using your BLOODS!!!!!!!! i wonder why you always try to make all the moslems angry ? From: John L. (Canada) Great Site. From: Abu M. (UK) Subject: Wait for your Death O infidels! Life of this world has decieved you, verily you have committed a grave sin. Just wait for the Angle of Death, you will find the Truth. Remember Hell fire is most Blazing, most Scorching. We Curse you, May Allah Punish you a Severe Punishment in both the Worlds. Secularism is the bedrock of any successful and tolerant society. Muslims simply MUST accept this as they way we run our societies. We are not asking you not to believe, just not to force the rest of us to, and especially if we don't, threaten us with death. Looking at the responses is terrifying: these are not just a few nuts scattered around the globe, but represent thousands...hundreds of thousands if not millions of men who would like nothing better than the utter subjugation of our way of life. It was not just a couple of morons in Sudan wishing to chop up some poor old English elementary school teacher; there were THOUSANDS of people there demanding her death....even killing infidels is not enough; when the Danish cartoons came out, rioters in Pakistan killed HUNDREDS of Pakistanis! It is all so crazy. Please support the shift from Mideast oil to renewable resources and reduced I want to commend you on such an excellent website. I am a female who turned away from Islam a few years ago, and I cannot put into words the kind of fear, and hate the religion has for women. Its a very masculine religion, and I believe we must all join hands and pray for the irradication and destruction of this brainwashing religion. Islam is not a religion of peace but that of satan and muslims need to wake up from the nightmare they are in.

From: K. Kalia (India) Subject: i like you hi mother fucker

can u image i slept with ur sister,can u create a cartoon when press her boobs, penetrate my cock in her pussy .also my friend's coks is in her mouth my penis is in her ass also v regards u by our indian slangs teri maa ki choot bahan ka bhosda madar chod to apni bahan you are fucking your sister . your gand[buttok rump] [ass] main my land[cock) r u agree when this happen with u so why u propogate many of false cartoons

energy consumption. If we have nothing to buy from the Middle East, then we don't have to deal with them. I am sure we can buy dates and carpets from some other place. When we have stopped buying oil from them we can say 'Give us a call in say...450 years after you have had your reformation, your Spinoza, your Descartes and Voltaire.' Until then piss off. People in Canada, Australia, the USA and Europe; pressure your government to stop mass immigration from Muslim nations. Switch to East Asia, Africa and South America for hard working, great, kind and NORMAL people who more or less want the same rights and freedoms we have. MOST OF ALL; don't let the PC left wing shame you into silence. I recognise that there were sins and mistakes our countries made in the past, but that is no reason to commit cultural and civilizational suicide.

From: R. Septyawan (Indonesia) Subject: go to hell dear hell man i hope you erase all of your false picture. Cause every picture are false, even the picture from persian(it from sect syiah who derived from jews and they are syirik) you say freedom of expression but we all know that freedom has limitation. Respect other people, it's forbidden to draw picture Rasulullah SAW. i don't know what your purpose to post that picture, but all i know is you are kafir and stay in hell forever if you don't taubat. Freedom in expression, i think it same with any some terorrist guy who bombing around. i don't agree with them, they false and get prohibited by many muslim teacher cause they translate verse in Qur'an especially about jihad wrong, without knowledge and stupidity. But i'm agree if they bombing your place or everyone who draw that picture.

From: L. Bailey Subject: Thank You So Much!!! I just wanted to thank you for the Mohammed Image Archive. I just found it today...I feel way behind on this, but I've never really tried to look anything like this up. Ever since the Danish cartoon "controversy", I've been freaking out. I've been intensely anti-censorship all my life, I despise any effort to suppress any art, literature, speeches. Everyone deserves freedom of religion, but that shit shouldn't have any impact on what I do or say or read. The idea that I can't make fun of Mohammed (the same way I often make fun of Jesus) in my art and music, because I might be fucking killed, or my publishers or labels might be also threatened with violence, is just ridiculous. I was delighted to see all the cartoonists who obviously share my disgust in your "extreme" section. Images like that are the best way to react to a situation like this, and you're doing...heh..."the Lord's work" by collecting all the images on your website for observation and discussion. Thank you, and good luck with everything you do.

From: Mehmet Serhat A. (Turkey) Subject: Shame On You

From: Christina (Hong Kong)

Shame on You!!!! Shame On You!!! Is it your contemporaneousness???!!! We respect all prophets of religions. Glorious Moses, Jesus, Jacop, Elijah, Joseph, David (Dawud), Salamon (as I know it is written as Jedidiah in the Bible) etc. ...Shame On You!!!!...Mercy!!!!!

Thank you for the images. I was looking for one of Mohammed for a video I'm doing, and didn't want to put a ? on a body. You are very strong for posting this archive knowing how nuts Islam is about showing his picture. If we however let them win by fear and intimidation we are no better then they are. We can't let them win or our forefathers deaths for freedom will have been in vein. Keep real freedom alive.

From: samirhaq (UK) Subject: Fink ur funni Waaaa du u fink ur gna get by putttn pikks of our prophet up fame or make ppl laff weel no ur not ur jsu fukin up ur own life n gna gaaain a hole lot off hateeerzzz n top of it yur insulting Christianity aswel yu fukin ill minded bastardd buh to be serious i don't kno y us muslims are stressing over it weee fuking upset cuz ouurrr holle prophet is beein majorrrlyyyy insulted buh wer nt da wuns hu gnaa get [punished now are we its all the fukiin gay ugly mother fuking soon of bitchhes YES yur mums are bitches side takers huu gna go roott in heel burn in fire i just wish that all yu gay shits die a veriiii nasssty death :D i hope everrry one in yur familiiii never live happi and wen u have children they all cum outtt da waii u drewww our holy prohphet n dey all die a cuple of dais after yu gain happiness Yuu WONT evvva bee happi soo shammmee n seriiouslli onda level if i wer u id delete dis website overwiise yulll gettttt beeeehh breeeh nkkin on yur door n i hope da happens n kill evriiiione in yur family :D Hate You ALot N all yur supporters :D Mother fukin hoes n cunts i hope u have a nice dirttttti death yuu self wanking shit heds :D

From: Malcolm D. (Great Britain) Hi What a wonderful site. I have a hall filled with framed Mohammed cartoons, including a signed limited-edition print of Kurt's cartoon where the proceeds went to the International Free Press Society. Let us all keep up the pressure on maintaining freedom of speech, otherwise we will end up with an international version of the Irish Blasphemy Law.

From: Ole C. (Norway) Subject: The emails speaks for themselves It is of great interest I read the site called "Emails from readers". The left side of the site is from muslims that are angry because of the cartoons, and the right side is from readers happy about the cartoons. And really - the emails speaks for themselves. The left side is filled with hate and anger, and shows us the truth about this "religion that comes from peace". Hah! Read the emails and see for yourself how these caracters threaten us with war. They will come to us and write new cartoons with our blood. They really shows us how they speak with split toungue when they say that islam is a peaceful religion. So many angry words, so much hate. Where do all the hate come from? We really need to disarm islam like we disarmed the christian religion 100 years ago. Now noone lift an eye brow when hazzling around with priests and

From: riyaad n. (India) you the sons of basters.....cant you people think that he is the messanger of almighty allah....why you people thiks others like may befucking ur mother, sisters, and ur father may be ur

wife.....just come out of these thngs untill it will be too late.

From: A. Nazir (South Africa) Subject: License for Hell You have designed a license of Hell for yourself and definitely you were a poor artist who has chosen this way to prove your identity. You have misused your skills and will get punishment in this World as well as the life that is not going to end forever.

make great humour around Jesus. In Norway, we had these comedians called KLM, and every show they had on TV, the ran around in priests cuts and threw their priest collars to eachother like they were frisbees. Just search for KLM on Youtube if You like. When can we make humour of islam? Can we disarm islam like we disarmed Jesus? I wonder. Just read all the emails, they really stand alone like a document of islam like the religion of "peace"...

From: James D. From: n. shareef (India) you bastord how dare you to display the name of muhammed salle lahu alaihi wa sallam on others photo do you know his image doesnt appear because GOD almighty ALLAH has not make others to remember his photo and draw his paintings............... no one knows how he looks........ you are the bloody rascal,bloody bugger,bastord,you all family has born as bastords that's y u r doing such nonsense............... i supplicates FROM ALLAH ALMIGHTY to deteriorate your life soon.AAMIN. its a curse from me and from all muslims and MIGHT BE its a reward for ur work frm ALLAH................................. DONT INTERFERE IN RELIGIOUS MATTER..................OTHERWISE YOU NEVER GET A CHANCE TO MEND YOUR GUILTS...............................FUCK OFF BLOODY BASTORD...................HOPE YOU NEVER DO IT AGAIN.....REMOVE MY PROHET MUHAMMED NAME ON OTHERS IMAGE.............OTHERWISE YOU LOOSE YOUR LOVEONE.................. Great job on getting this site together! Muslims need to realize that people are free to hold their own opinions and criticize anything that they wish. They act like small children throwing temper tantrums.

From: L. Batson Muslims think that if they see an image of Mohammed (whether good or bad) that they will not be able to help themselves and worship Mohammed instead of Allah. This perversion of thought is how we got to where we are now with the clash of cultures that will ultimately lead to the death of billions of humans in the near future. Below is a few lines from the Koran just to point out how this great work of hypocrisy has poisoned the minds of millions people worldwide. Islam the religion of peace? "Kill the disbelievers wherever we find them" (Koran 2:191). "Fight and slay the Pagans, seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem" (Koran 9:5). "Murder them and treat them harshly" (Koran 9:123).

From: n. shareef (India) "Strike off the heads of the disbelievers; and after making a wide slaughter

i will depict your image.....................think it how it would be self embarassed your self why i depict the prophet muhammed's image....................if you dont understood come to india i will make you to get fuck from eunuch..........ok bloody bastord................hav fuck with eunuchs

among them, carefully tie up the remaining captives" (Koran 47:4). "Instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers"; "smite above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them" (Koran 8:12; cp. 8:60). "The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His apostle and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement." (Koran 5:33). "For them (the unbelievers) garments of fire shall be cut and there shall be poured over their heads boiling water whereby whatever is in their bowels and skin shall be dissolved and they will be punished with hooked iron rods" (Koran 22:19-22)

From: A. Hussain (Halifax, U.K.) Subject: STOP WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!?!?!?!?! YOU Know if i report this site i could take you to court! NO....ACCTUALLY I'LL PUT IT UP ON MEDIA SO THE WHOLE MUSLIM COMMUNITY AROUND THE WHOLE WORLD CAN SEE IT!!!!!!!!

From: Robert K. YOU KNOW THIS IS RACIST TO THE ISLAMIC MUSLIM COMMUNITY YOU HAVE 5 DAYS TO DELETE THIS SITE BEFORE I REPORT YOU TO THE MEDIA AND THE POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!! DELETE THESE PAGES BEFORE I ROPRT YOU TO THE POLICE AND THE MEDIA AND THATS A PROMISE 5 DAYS! REMEMBER I'M WATCHING YOU! Thank you for displaying these images and giving a forum for muslims to respond. It allows the rest of us to see just how pathological this thought process is. Islam is spreading. With the exception of Israel, the middle east is lost. Europe and Asia are dying. And the movement is gaining strength in the Americas. The tidal wave is coming my friends and most of the world does not even see it or, more accurately, refuses to see it. In a hundred years, our wives and daughters will be forced to wear veils; beheadings will be carried out in our public squares; and our cultural beliefs and identities will be taken from us. All while we stand by and watch, afraid to do or say anything because we might offend somebody. If we, the intelligent, peace-loving people of the world don't take some sort of stand against this maniacal ideology soon, then this will all come to pass. If anyone questions this, all they have to do is look at the "offended" section on this page. There is your proof.

From: raj singh (U.K.) Subject: fuck your virgin mary, bastards

dont you white bastards have anything better to do. if you want to draw images why not draw them of jesus breaking virgin marys virginity!!!! or jesus being raped on the cross!!! ummm that would be nice! all you christian bastards know you are living a lie, your bible keeps on changing, our quran is the same since when it was revealed! so down with your virgin marys innocent crack down with your jesus being raped on the cross down with all the danish bastards down with the entire christian motherfucking aimless religion!!! salma - pakistan proud to be a muhammady!!!!

From: A. Owen Subject: Mohamed Sucks I am amazed at the vitriol from the left side of the page here. It seems that the little Muslims can't handle a little pressure. What a bunch of arcane idiots. I say post as many cartoons, images, of Mohammed as possible to expose this false "religion." The more people see of this hatred that they have of everyone they feel is not Muslim enough, the less respect they will have for these cowardly little ants.

From: (Denmark) I think it is brilliant that you show such a broad selection of paintings of Muhammad. As a Dane I was shocked to see burnings of Danish embassies and treats against Danes from people who clearly knows nothing about the country. We are not perfect, but we are a quite nice little country and we strongly believe in democracy and freedom of speech. I will actually claim that though I am religious, I consider these values my true religion and Muslims should know, that when they ask us to defy these values, that is pretty much like asking them to wipe their ass in the Koran. They may be offended, but you know what offends me? That they execute people for being homosexuals in Iran That they execute women for committing anything that comes close to adultery and that they send their children straight into their death and promise them virgins in heaven. (I know I am generalizing) I read in the Koran and I fail to see why a book that contains such pacifistic passages can be an excuse for so much violence.

From: Ashraf J. A. (Qatar) What r u issuing of garbage about our prophet is your sick thinking, your empty soul, your dramatic destiny.

From: ZUBAIR AHMED SHAIKH (Oman) Subject: Request for removing the site Brother / Sister (whoever u r) I dont know what is your intention behind hosting this site but according to me if u have a good intention then u would not have been do this!!! The soul should b clean and pure to describe prophet Mohammed's (peace be upon him) life, anyone will start to cry if he/she hear the lifestyle and qualities of prophet Mohammed (PBUH), no one can represent by or as if by painting; portray; delineate.represent or characterize in words, if u have little sense you wouldnt have publish this site..Its really shame on humanity (insulting someone in the name of information) any human being if u dont know the character

From: L. S. I'd like to comment on your archive. I think it's quite educational and

of the person then, how u can publish those things on net? Quran says & everyone is agree that "if u get information from anywhere u should clarify it before u pass onto anyone. if its wrong then u will b a culprit for speading vloilence on the earth. If u know this, if u have sense, even after knowing its wrong u r doing these kind of nasty things then, I can only pray for u with Allah to give u a right path or distroy u in such a way which should be a lesson for enemy of Islam I dont know who u r, belongs which religion.. one thing i like to tell u be human first before belongs to any more

informative. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of Mohammed that Muslims like to think they can prevent the world from seeing. My beef with these cartoons is this: it is a cartoon. That's it. Where was the outrage of Muslims on 9/11 or the attacks in London? Where was the outrage of Muslims when Christian schoolgirls are murdered on their way to school? Where is the outrage with so many terrible acts done in the name of Islam? I've "advised" a few Muslims that they get mad when the West presents a stereotype of Islam yet they do nothing to change that stereotype. There is too much within the religion of Islam that they need to change and focus on before they worry about a simple cartoon.

From: charles s. From: Nary (UK) Subject: Loser Islam is peace. But it is always tough on those who are not peaceful to Moslems. The pictures here only show ignorance, disrespect and a stupid attempt to increase hate against Moslems. Your uncaring and irresponsible behaviour in the name of freedom can distract the peace efforts around the world and later people like you cannot really handle the consequences. Pictures on this website mean an attack on all Moslems, understand? Do you really know who is Mohammed (PBUH). Like all the prophets before, Mohammad was sent by Allah to remind people of their One True Creator and to establish a system of peace and justice for all. [But if they reject you, so indeed were rejected before you messengers who came with clear arguments and scriptures and the illuminating book.(*) Every soul shall taste of death, and you shall only be paid fully your reward on the resurrection day; then whoever From: James O. What other religion would threaten death to anyone who draws a picture of their deity or prophet. Mohammed was NOT a prophet. He was just a very pissed off merchant who figured out it would be easier to get people behind him if he came up with some bullshit religion. (Think Jim Jones). The koran does not preach or teach truth. Lets see, if we cover our women from head to toe and keep them uneducated they will be better off. If a man rapes a woman we will blame the woman and kill her, that makes sense. If you disagree with us and think for your self we will kill you. Real tolerance. These idiots are not worthy to be part of civilized society. But if they want to run their own society they can do so but do not force their bullshit religion, prophet and god on the rest of the civilized world. Thanks for the trouble and the courage to show these images. Some of your vitriolic Muslim critics have shown the nature of their faith by the nature of their response -- what a sad and weakened people!

From: Lorraine R. (UK)

is removed far away from the fire and is made to enter the garden he indeed has attained the object; and the life of this world is nothing but a provision of vanities.] REMOVE ALL PICTURES OF MOHAMMED (PBUH) FROM THIS WEBSITE NOW

This puts religion in its place where it should be -- IN THE BIN. I am pleased that it has upset as many as it has, keep up the good work. The sooner we all realise that there is no god (not as written by puny little men) the better.

From: Sonny K. (UK) i swear by Allah SWT, d stupid pict is not my PROPHET MOHAMMAD, thats ur fucken futher after fuck ur whore sister. u all disgusting people, fuck ur own sister, daughter, mother, ur granmother, or whatever i dont care, u are animal. life no rules, eat and fuck pick at the same time, we are different level. very glad to see ur nasty pagan butt in hell, LOSEEERRR.... U ARE NOTHING, just piece of SHIT in the peace of world. u kill 86.000 moslem people in Granada, 72.000 in Bosnia, and a million moslem people murder on Iraq,kosovo,chech,jakarta,etc. ill see u burn in HELL ....promise... ALLAHU AKBAR, ALLAHU AKBAR.....

From: mat Subject: To the decieved muslims Your site is very well thought of, but if you really want to "insult" mohamed just tell muslims what he did. He attacked unguarded caravans and looted them, murdered jews, took females captives and raped them. He murdered countless Jews and constantly through out the hadiths and quran, he insults Jews and Christians. He had sex with a 9 year old girl. This same "prophet" bragged about having sex with 11 of his wives in one night while having the power of 30 men. He promised virgins in heaven to all who followed him and fought in Jihad. He constantly speaks about killing the unbelievers and that allah will torture all who don't listen to mohamed. He use allah to bring fear to his followers so he can gain wealth, power, and sex from them. He viewed women as farmland, thought that women are just for the man's pleasure. He orders muslims to beat their wives if they disobey their husband. He also orders muslims not to befriend Jews or Christians. So who are peaceful muslims lying to when they befriend a Jew or Christian. And here is some logic for muslims: Just because the quran says I'm going to hell doesn't make that so. Just because mohamed says he was a prophet of allah doesn't make it true Just because he thinks allah is the same God in the bible doesn't make that true Just because you think the quran is written by allah doesn't make it true

From: Bekir U. (Germany) ey motherfucker, i'll fuck your generation, if you do not delete this site. what do you think who you are? i'll show this site to my lawyer, an he can say me, if it is legal or not

From: tamim a. Hey shit You know what you are a bastard and also you are the one whose depicting the ones picture and making fun the one who is Truly the messenger of Allah to man and jinn and surely one of these (Jinn or man) will fuck you up and punish you to death because he is the love one for every jinn and man Muslims And on the mean time I be looking to rape your sister and fuck ur mother and bang your wife. From: Brian (Australia) Subject: To the great misled. Well done for showing what other more 'politically correct' websites would not, keep it going, takes guts! Bravo! I myself had a great chuckle, even though I have a deep pity (slowly shifting to anger) for the hordes of undereducated and brainwashed Muslim masses. One only has to read the fors & against in this column to see the different levels that Muslims, and other fundamentalists, and the rest of society operate at. Behold the majority of the Muslim responses here are typically, predictably, violent and threatening. As is their way. It is interesting to note most of them are also almost illiterate. Although it is the largest religion on the planet it is widely known that it comprises mainly the poor and undereducated, hence no shortages of radicals. I have nothing but a deep contempt for most religion. That is in the concept itself, not the people -- each to their own I say and I judge no one on which imaginary friend he chooses to follow. Some of us need that crutch. I prefer to believe in the fundamental inner goodness, or lack thereof of 'Humankind' -what is within each of us regardless of any 'God'. Be it Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Muslim -- religion is, and has been, the root of most evil perpetrated on this planet. The atrocities carried out in the name of the various gods will remain unmatched in the history of this planet. If religion is a control system (and it is!) then Islam is the sadistic headmaster, the oppressive jailor, the violent censor. I have a Jewish partner, a Christian mother, so am not unfamiliar with the various beliefs, and their inherent, marked differences, even if I choose not to follow them. While I see many cartoons jokes and jibes aimed at Christians, Catholics, Jews etc, I hear little or none of the petty childish carry on associated with Islamic caricatures. Perhaps it is because most other religions have 'grown up' to some extent and realised that not everyone may share their ideals, and nor can they be forced to, and while it may be distasteful for them to see their gods poked fun at, they simply ignore it, or take it with a grain of good humour. Islam it seems has not taken this developmental step, and insecure, and threatened by cartoons, they scream violence in retribution, as is their cultural way.

From: Mortuja (Bangladesh) stop that fucking web site asshole.... u will b in troube near future. f

From: januhayat (India) This is ridiculous to depict Mohaamad (SAW) in such a shabby way, He was so beautiful and hournered which you cant even imagine May allah put his curse on the artist who have made pianting of Muhammad (SAW) , The will re[ent for theri deeds in this world and in dooms day

From: Ibrahim M. (UK) Subject: You Bastards What the hell you writing About our Prophet, You are fucking dumb, have some manner when telling or writing something about

our prophet, reply back you fucking bastards

Interestingly they show no hesitation in poking insults at the Jews and the Christians though, but have violent hissy fits like children if anyone dares question their so called 'Prophet'. It may be illegal for you Muslims to speak of this so called 'Prophet' in such terms. It is not for everyone else though, they can say what they like. If you don't like it -- ignore it, like other religions do. I will say and think what I please about this particular individual and the fable that surrounds him. Of all the gods & prophets available to choose from, one which has children as consummated wives (is that paedophilia?), oppresses females, oppresses anyone outside their own cultural or religious sphere, oppresses individuality and free thought, encourages Jihads & violence at the drop of a hat (or is that just his followers twisting his word to their own sick requirements? I suspect it is) is at best a dubious, and poorly chosen proposition. Suyanto M wrote a fantastic response on this page and I take my hat off to him -- well done -- here is a mature ISLAMIC individual saying how it is MEANT to be. I know Muslims as friends, and from what i can gather it seems the vast majority of the fundamentalists have so completely missed the point, got it wrong, been misled, misinformed and wrongly educated. Why? Islam is the greatest & possibly most evil control system of all of them -- thanks to the twisted men and governments who have defiled it and made it so, for their own needs & ends. Unfortunately most Muslims can't or wont see it. Want a world under Sharia law do you guys? Sure you do. And no doubt you will harbour and nurture your perceived injustices and self perpetuating hatred, brainwash countless future generations (instead of actually EDUCATING them), and kill untold numbers of people in pursuit of this. What is it exactly you are afraid of? What is it exactly you want? Do you even know? Why do you behave like this? Take a good long hard look at Iran, Iraq and other such countries, imagine a planetwide Sharia state with these as role models. It is the stuff of nightmares, a giant leap back into the dark ages. A bloodbath of misery and oppression. It will never happen. While the rest of the world advances, cooperates and develops these countries slide further and further behind, due mainly to their governments and their bizarre blinkered dark ages belief system. They have oil, for the moment, which has saved them so far. But it's running out. When it does, and everyone else packs up and goes home, where will they be then?

From: Wahab M. (Canada) Subject: i will not say hi to stupid people this is intolerable and unbearable. we as a Muslim we love our prophet very much we love him even before our self. god will send u in hell shame on you shame shame shame on you

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From: M. Boateng Subject: bastard nothing is funny but you are just a spid son of a bich

From: Aftab Ahmed Subject: you all are bastard You are bloody bastards and you do these shameless activities and says that this is freedom this is not freedom of expression this is vulgarity and you all vulgarian are dogs,mother fuckers.You shameless people sell your sisters,daughters,mothers,wives and every body fuck them you also fuck them and call it freedom . What do you think this vulgarism can stop all Muslims to Love our Beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.No we all Muslims used to love our Beloved Prophet ,we love Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him and Insha Allah we will love Muhammad Peace Be Upon

Him. You are interested in freedom of expression and soon we you will get the reply as before we Muslims did.We will tell you what is freedom of expression. From: Muslims

The whole world is watching. And the whole world is getting sick of it. Keep going -- a little longer and if you haven't done it already you will successfully alienate the entire planet from those calling themselves 'Muslim'. Want to see a world under Islamic rule? Read down the page on the left, that's just a taste. Then turn on the news. Then look around the web about life in Iran. I apologise in advance to the many respected and moderate Muslims around, some of whom are my own friends, who unfortunately are tainted with the brush that paints their mentally disturbed brothers, but I have to say it: My greatest contempt is held for the travesty that is the religion of Islam. It tops the list. You are a disgrace to the human race and all it stands for. Use your mind. Grow up. Get real. Get Human. Join society.

From: d. elaweel (Egypt) Subject: game over i hope you know islam for your sake before game over

From: Abeer K. (Bahrain) WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM ? TAKING VERSES OUT OF THE QURAN AND TWISITNG THEM OUT OF CONTEXT ISNT FAIR !! NO ONE MOCKS THE STUPIDITY OF YOUR RELIGION ? FUCKK YOU ASSHOLE :) Abeeeeriio x Let's hope for the best that these extremely stupid masses led by evil religious leaders don't destroy our beautiful world completely in the future. From: thastageer SB Subject: Stop this Nonsense cartoons This Cartoons are heavily Wounded My Heart Stop this Nonsense cartoons From: Don W. (New Zealand) Subject: God? There is no God!! So much time is wasted by the "believers" from every sect and creed. The fear Guido F., Hong Kong Congratulations and thanks for keeping up the right of freedom of expression and not to bow in front of stupidity, force and extremism. It's however very sad to read some of the offended people's comments and to see what kind of intelligence and ignorance is still existing in this world. It's very scary to see that major parts of humanity are totally narrow-minded and not able to see reason. Religion is really making people monsters and totally evil beings, regrettably there seems nothing human left.

By Thastageer

they have of their dogma perpetrated by their leaders, such as the offence caused by the cartoons of Muhumad, show the lack of any free thought by such fundamentalists. I find it strangely familiar that the "Leaders" rarely lead from the front in their battles. It is always more expeditious to get a well trained zealot to experience the wonders of martyrdom. Meanwhile the age old pursuit of power continues under its various guises. May your collective gods strike me down if what I say is not true. I never considered recitation of religious texts deep thinking or even remotely useful in trying to understand our world and universe. But let us all get our priorities sorted.

From: maghroudi f. (Morocco) fuck u sons of bitch

From: Kashief S. (South Africa) My prayer is that Almighty grants you your just status in HELL for your depiction of his Beloved. May you receive your share on Earth as well.

From: Philip K. From: sameer (India) Subject: MOTHER FUCKER HEY....U BASTARD MOTHER FUCKER...wht the hell is this......u bastard wht ur trying MADARCHOOD...HARAMI....SUWAAR KE AULAD....U BASTARD MOTHER FUCKER ...I WILL FUCK UR...MOTHER ,SISTER AND UR DAUGHTER... MADARCHOOD...HEY LISTEN BASTARD...MOTHER FUCKER...I WILL FUCK UR MOTHER,SISTER,WIFE...EVEN UR DAUGHTER ..AT THE SAME TIME WITH MY BLACK COCK....I WIIL PUT ALL THE FUCKING PICS ON ..UR WEBSITE....U MADARCHOOD... BHEMCHOOD..HIJRE KE AULAAD...SAALE HARAMI...SUWAR KE AULAD.... MADARCHOOD (ZOMBIETIME) U BETTER CLOSE THIS SITE U MOTHER FUCKER.... Congratulations to you on your intelligent and objective resource for anyone interested in the Islamic world. It's sad to see that you've been bombarded almost exclusively by emails from nutters. Muslim nutters, Christian nutters, athiest nutters, everyone feels the needs to get their bizarre opinions out there. Your website is a hugely important step in opening a forum for sane discussion of social and religious taboos. The conflict between religious rights and social rights is a fascinating ethical dilemma facing the modern world. If only more people spent their time trying to come to an understanding of why the world is divided by barriers of race and creed, and stopped picking sides with their fists up. Thank you for your work.

From: S. Bergstrom Praise be upon you. To defend secularism and free speech these days takes balls, which you seem to have in abundance. Interesting how the Muslim world riots in the streets and shows offense over some harmless depictions of their prophet. But when some masked savage mutters "God is great" as he

From: becks b. (Egypt)

Subject: any way if u say anything abt prophet mohammed allah wil be with him 4 ever heya so any way if ur site swear prophet mohamed or sumthing lyk dat allah wil be wiv him and we dnt care abt ur view cz u dnt get any freedom u must respect the muslims view if u r so respectful but i think u r nt

saws off the head of a journalist in Baghdad, or blows up a cross town bus in Jerusalem or London, or throws homosexuals from a rooftop in Kabul, the Muslim world quietly goes about its business. Anyway, keep the site up for as long as you can. Well done.

From: Suyanto M. (Indonesia) Subject: well done From: Sercan C. (Turkey) Subject: hell why you are doing this? who pay to you? that unrespect pictures what brings you? you'll burn in the hell.. you are just perverts... you just think about sex.. your culture all about this.... i wont abuse to you, you have to see your mistake... From: Ali N. Subject: A "Pleased" email from an Iranian Agnostic From: c-r-e-e-d (Ireland) Subject: U disguss me there is no God but ALLAH and Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him is the Last prophet. Last mean last...After Jesus...Therefore we all have to follow him. Islam means Peace. WHY DONT PEOPLE UNDERSTAND IT!! and you making pictures yourself!! Oh ALLAH! forgive me i saw those pics. I found your archive to be very informative and fair. You have done an excellent job of archiving and studying the hypocrisies of Islam. Humanity needs free speech and open discussion to make civilized progress. Muslims around the world need to realize they can not enforce their own moralities on others or expect to be immune to critisism. Many Westerners also need to realize they can be tolerant and critical at the same time. I was born in Iran, but I've lived in the United States since I was 5. I'm 16 years old and I attend my local highschool in Richmond, Virginia. In my 20th Century History class, my teacher had us discuss the Danish cartoon and its harsh reaction in the Islamic World in class. I was suprised to see the majority of my white, protestant class mates state that the cartoons shouldn't have printed. Some even stated the government of Denmark should I am a moslem, yet I am enjoying these depiction of mohammad. Nothing is wrong with art and expressing your idea in whatever forms you like. because we all men deverse that kind freedom. Those people who have reacted stupidly and claimed as moslem, there are not. Moslem believe in all aspect of freedoms. Islam also teaches that even to have faith or not is a matter of individual choice, hence your freedom. Islam is not Arab nor Arabic way of life for which has no tolerance in their dictionary. Indeed, true Islam and moslem has.

Your end will be very painful one

have made such printings illegal. Even in America, the tenet of free speech faces danger. Hopefully through efforts like yours, and the continued determination of all people who fight for the freedom of the invidual, Islam's vicegrip on nations like my native nation of Iran will be released. Thank you. PS: One can not judge the attitudes of the Iranian people by its Government alone. Iranian people have no say in their government. Though many may fit the stereotypes, I promise you, most don't.

From: Yam Check (Australia) fuck you son of a bitch with your this site.... you are a mother fucker did muslims fucked your mother, daughter or sister that you posted this fuck you son of a bitch

From: jms From: DoDo REMOVE THIS PICTURE FROM THE NET You've done a great service with the image archive. Imagine that. A "volunteer" journalist scoops an entire planet full of "professional" journalists on an important and timely subject. Keep up the great work! From: MEHMET ALI G. (Turkey) Subject: you are just a bastard:@ why are you doing like this? you cant blaspheme Mohammed (sav) and have to be considerate to all holy relicions..I may be Moslem but I never revile all beliefs....but you have to be sure day you will be so contrite....ALLAH will show you real pain...ahmet f.k:@ From: Rick G. I am at a loss to explain how I feel when I see/read Muslim's the world over telling me what a peaceful religion they practice, but if you do anything that is even slightly offensive there are millions of them who believe you should be killed! The Danish cartoons are not even the most trivial, The Teddy bear named Mohammed by muslim children, never forget that it was the children in their child innocence who named that toy. Their teacher had to be protected or she would have been killed. Now there is this site & the beautiful images, some from the very beginings of the Islam religion & instead of any pride or satisfaction that some of these early pieces of Art have survived, we are faced with a massive outpouring of hate yet again from the practitioners of this religion of peace.

From: Najat F. (Morocco) Subject: Gulp down your steaming shit; it'll turn on you! The depictions I have for you will better serve to depict your partial scatological ignorance of a great religion that has and is and will ever be spreading whether despicable narrow-minded biased and ill-

informed blokes of your kind like it or not. Prophet Mohammed PBUH had you eyes that really see and ears that really hear and a mind that seeks the truth and probes the scientific facts embeded in the Koran, the thousands examples of humility, tolerance, peace and love and respect of the environment and the animals, all mentioned in Mohammed PBUH sayings, you would impartially get to understand how this illiterate man toppled the pagan despots of his time by simply rallying a bench of "bedwin" tribes around ISLAM, that is one God, one man and woman, one heart and one destiny. Here's just one reference, among thousands, for any sensible reasonable mind to read and know about Mohammed far from the excrement you tell and show: UNFOLDING ISLAM. Suffice it to say that this - but just 1 - book has been reprinted many times. So, please yourself in the worthless muck you wallow in, but remember and bear witness that you all SHALL RISE to answer for all your offences if you do not repent; just then we'll all see who would have the last laugh. Do your best then and keep up your extrata; it affects us nothing. Truth will prevail.

I will not beg forgiveness to you Muslims, who are so blinded by hate of others who have different views than your own, that you believe you somehow have a right to deny my freedoms. What is especially sad is the freedoms of the Western World is what allows you to come here & be practicing Muslims. While any other religion is if not frowned upon, it is outright banned in these so called Muslim Countries that supposedly are of a peaceful religion. Not fooled or ashamed in the least little bit.

My greatest disappointment vis a vis this issue is the cowardice of the US media in not publishing the pictures. In the future, when I hear or read anyone in the MSM ranting about their First Amendment rights, I'll be able to gag with some enthusiasm. If the major news sources in the US and Europe had simply refused to cave in to the intimidation, a few brave individuals would not now have to be hiding from extremists. Because of failure to meet this challenge head on, more will come; and there will be a severe price to pay in the future. Thank you for doing the job of our so called free press.

From: Munyr M. what the fuck are yall doing man? it is sinful to draw pictures of The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). can u please take the pictures down?

Woody S.

From: m. moustafa (Detroit, Michigan) i mean why you guys gotaa make fun of prophits all of them and mohammed included. prophits are gifted people from god and you should not make fun of them even if you dont believe them because if you do that means you make fun of god and thats not good. would you like anyone to make fun of your beliefs and your prophits. so all im asking you guys is to stop making fun of any prophits and show some respect and just think about god and about hell. i'm a muslim and you jews know that muslims are right and you

John of Damascus was a Syrian monk who was born shortly after Mohammed's lifetime and who wrote a commentary about Mohammed's followers and the Koran just a few decades after Islam first arose. to an excerpt from St John of Damascus's Critique of Islam, Here's a link which everyone should be aware of. (In his commentary, "Ishmaelites" is the early name for Muslims.) I prefer the translation from Wikipedia here: There is also the people-deceiving cult (threskeia) of the Ishmaelites, the forerunner of the Antichrist, which prevails until now. It derives from Ishmael,

guys are wrong and you that we have a Qran and that holly book is true and the prophit mohammed is true. and you know guys that we will beat you in the last battle before the judgment day and thats why you guys are cutting the trees but you guys are losing and going to hell.

From: Syed Shahid R. Subject: go to hell mother fuckers actually u r those motherfuckers who dont know the names of your fathers so you all r jeoloused of muslims because they have values and strong religous background and your generations even dont know the name of their prophet, ALLAH send all of you to the terriblest part of the hell very soon. do what ever you like but you even can not touch the shit of a muslim as it is more cleaner then you people. even JESUS AND MOSES both feel ashamed to call christians and jews as their belivers,because all prophets sent by allmighty God have same preachings and we muslims respect all the prophets and even cant imagine to do any thing against them,and we r extreamly proud to have the superiorest prophet (p.b.u.h) for whom GOD made this whole universe. all the motherfuckers done in this side God led them to hell soon. just wait and watch one day the 9/11 will be repeated. go to hell

who was born to Abraham from Hagar, wherefore they are called Hagarenes and Ishmaelites. And they call them Saracens, inasmuch as they were [sent away] empty-handed by Sarah (ek tes Sarras kenous); for it was said to the angel by Hagar: "Sarah has sent me away empty-handed" (cf. Genesis xxi. 10, 14). These, then, were idolaters and worshippers of the morning star and Aphrodite whom in fact they called Akbar (Chabar) in their own language, which means "great". So until the times of Heraclius they were plain idolaters. From that time till now a false prophet appeared among them, surnamed Muhammad (Mamed), who, having happened upon the Old and the New Testament and apparently having conversed, in like manner, with an Arian monk, put together his own heresy. And after ingratiating himself with the people by a pretence of piety, he spread rumours of a scripture (graphe) brought down to him from heaven. So, having drafted some ludicrous doctrines in his book, he handed over to them this form of worship (to sebas). Keep in mind that John of Damascus lived as a Christian under the Caliphate within 100 years of the death of Mohammed. You can find more in the book The Heresy of the Ishmaelites by St. John of Damascus (judging by the price, a rare book). -- Jon F. PS - More here.

From: Zdzislaw M. Dear Zombietime, I love your site. I love it, because it is not just a few caricatures but a fine scholarly study of the issue. The only place where Koran says anything about images is in Chapter 21, The Prophets, verses 52, 53 and 54, which state: 21:52 When he said unto his father and his folk: What are these images unto which ye pay devotion ?

From: m. a. kariim Subject: Fuckers ..and stupids

21:53 They said: We found our fathers worshippers of them. First, you are fuckers , idiots and pigs ...... ......wa ba3da daalika la3ana allaah 3aleeykum ...... .... and i hope from allah to enter you into the hell ......... Stupids..... 21:54 He said: Verily ye and your fathers were in plain error. And this is all. The "he" in these three verses is Abraham. There is just no prohibition on drawing, painting, sculpting or photography in Koran -- generally; and in these three verses we aren't told what the actual error was: was it the act of worshiping the deities that the images represented or the images themselves? Clearly there is a difference between representation and the actual object. And, of course, there is nothing in Koran about images of Mohammad. So why the whole affair? The problem is that by and large Muslims don't know their own religion. What they believe in is what they are told to believe in by their wretched power greedy clergy, and they don't check things for themselves. Few of them have ever read the Koran, because they're not allowed to read Koran in translation, and the ancient Arabic of Koran is about as comprehensible as Latin to most Muslims today, even Arabs. So they just prattle the mantras and call this piety. Some have even memorized whole passages of Koran without understanding a word. They're just sounds. What they never ponder on either is that Mohammad was illiterate and never wrote a word of Koran himself. Some of his pronouncements were jotted down on pieces of bone, parchment or bark by occasional scribes---but there were no stenographers back then and writing anything by carving it on pieces of bone is not easy, some may have been recalled later, correctly or incorrectly, and most were probably forgotten altogether. Some 20 years after Mohammad's death in 632, Uthman ordered that Mohammad's utterances be collected and written down. His scribes, that included a fellow named Zayd, were presented with trunks and jars full of bones, parchments, without any ordering and it was up to them how to make sense of it all. Since the stuff was incomplete, they

From: m. sunai (India) Subject: Nonsens What is this remove all images fastly because your webpage more irretating our musilm community and also it's irretating common person. are't remove the images fastly you will face lot of problems. it's my community order obey my order fastly nonsens. stop your all activities immediatly.

From: Hashem (Egypt) Subject: You are fuckers of your mothers You are fuckers of your mothers, Pitch And stupid. What do you know about islam? You are fool and i think you don not know anything about any religion. I think you know only fucking!!!!!!!! So do not live with humans ,you live with animals and i am sure the animals will not accept you. go to hell.

From: "mr merit" (UK) Subject: bitchassoffendinggay u are bastards you know that :) u disrespect mohammed and islam will go to hell and rot because ur all shits who have no fucking life u cunts so get rid of the site or all muslims will hate your guts

had to help themselves with oral messages and decide which were the right ones to boot because by then many different versions existed. None of the scribes has ever met Mohammad in person! The result was a text "strikingly lacking in overall structure, frequently obscure and inconsequential in both language and content, perfunctory in its linking of disparate materials, and given to the repetition of whole passages in variant versions." [Crone and Cook 1977]. I read the Koran myself, from cover to cover, and a very painful and boring exercise it was, and thoroughly agree with this assessment. But then, Muslims don't read this stuff anyway. They just worship it, and this is the core of the trouble. And isn't worshiping a book idolatry for starters? And isn't attributing a poorly compiled text, full of cruelties, absurdities and contradictions, to God, downright offensive to the very God they worship? And isn't killing people, burning embassies, and throwing fatwas around offensive to the very God they worship either?

From: Murtaza G. Subject: All the best Hi!! This is Murtaza and I wish luck for all of those who have created this webpage. Please don't take me wrong you will need all the luck from all your friend and family members as they see you burning in Hell for your acts. I understand you have your rights and you can display and show what you want however what is displayed on your website will affect on a millions of people around the world as this is an act of coward ness you people were not able to do anything when your own President Mr. Bush whose house is run by our people in Saudi knew everything about 9/11 and still allowed you people to die as it was in his interest of making money from the Muslims. You culture allows you to see your daughter and your wife naked and having sex with some one else in front of you and you say that it is Democracy to hell with this kind of freedom I will certainly pray that all the people who have worked on this website goes to hell for good and also let other people learn about you so that very soon the complete of America is faced with situations like 9/11 in each and every state and city that you have.

From: J. Page The operative word in Islamic law is Islamic. To all the displeased Muslims emailing you and telling you that "You must not show pictures of Muhammed, etc", I have this to say: You may not post pictures of him. Islamic law does not apply to me, nor to anyone else who does not believe in the Islamic faith. You cannot force your religious rules on us, regardless of how important you feel them to be. If you are offended by the pictures of Mohammed, then don't look. That is a far better solution than calling the operators of this website "Pig mother fuckers".

From: D.B. Subject: Former Muslim

From: mkha (Malaysia) Subject: I am very sorry for Silly,Fool,The maniac This, *Web, page, close, please, ok

Hello, I am thankful to your pictures. I used to be Islam, but now I know better. I see how angry muslims are because of Mohammed pictures (I never say pbuh again !) I will never be one of them...never!!

From: Tanmay M. From: M. Kahn (India) Subject: DOOMSDAY IS NEAR TO U SO U CHRISTIANS NEVER UNDERSTOOD CHRISTIANITY.U ALL UNDER 1 CATEGORY AS BASTARDS,RASCALS,SCOUNDERALS.EVEN IF I SAY ALL BADWORDS OF UR LANGUAGE THEN TOO THESE WORDS ARE LESS TO U BCOZ U R SHAMELESS CREATURE IN THE UNIVERSE.WHAT MAKES U TO SAY ABOUT "PROPHET MUHAMMED".U ALL CHRISTIANS DON'T HAVE A BIT OF SHAME TO REALIZE WHAT U ALL TOLD.ONE DAY WILL COME DAMNSURE WHEN THE DOMINATION OF UNIVERSE WILL BE UNDER PRESSURE OF MOSLEMS.I'M DAMNSURE & COCKSURE ABOUT THIS.GOD SEES THE TRUTH BUT WAIT. Thank you for setting up such an informative website. I am an Indian Hindu and I am very angered by the fact that these muslims don't let us live peacefully even in the land that is predominantly Hindu. I currently live in the US but I remember while being in India, the moronic people start screaming Allah from the minarets of the mosque from as early as 6 am. Now imagine the same happening in the US, a country with predominantly Christian people and man screaming Allah o akbar in the dead of morning. In addition, they attach those huge loudspeakers so they can transmit their messages about in a mile radius. This is the situation of India as of now and if we don't get rid of the filth, they will dominate. They are already changing laws in Europe.

From: Professor Michael D. Subject: Good work From: mameed a. I will not say hello to stupid people like you You know that the Prophet Mohammad is the Prophet of all people.. shame you shame you all christians with your God who can have sex with Marry to get Jesus do you think that is true or are you communists so nature made us and we dont have to do anything but making guns to kill capitalism. or you are Jews and you think Ezar is the son of Allah and you killers are the best people Allah created. You are shamed with this and you can judge me not for this I enjoyed your site, and as a Jew, I would have enjoyed the same if it were about my religion, and if you had lampooned all the Jewish prophets and symbols. Those who cannot tolerate criticism and who are willing to force others to "respect" them have no self-respect. Those who have self-respect do not need it from others. I find it curious that some on the "right" side of your email comments feel compelled to offer the apologia that they have "respect" for other religions. There is no need to have respect for anything, anyone, or any idea. As long as you allow others to live in peace, that is all you owe them, and all they can demand of you. But nobody can demand respect, and I am aware of no reason that we need to respect religion in general or any religion in particular. They can go to their churches,

Shame on you and on your gods

synagogues, and mosques if they wish, and I would insist that they be allowed to do so. But that doesn't mean I respect them. In fact, why should they care? And that brings us back to self-respect. Having none, these "religious" people want it from others.

From: baNg Didik Subject: I FOUNd U ARE FOOL From: Poul B. just think deep n u will find how fool and wrong are you ,,, i have never seen there were people like you, i thought my friend telling me a bullshit about the people like you,, but today i found the true.. You are fool,, my faith is mine and your is yours,, I AM NOT YOUR FRIEND N I HOPE THAT YOU JUST TELL N SHOW ALL OF UR CREATIVITY TOYOUR FRIENDS,, SOLELY YOUR FRIENDS BECAUSE YOU CAN HURT ME N MY FRIEND IF YOU SHOW IT IN PUBLIC,,,,WHERE THERE WAS ME WHO IS NOT YOUR FRIEND IS THAT WHAT YOU CALL FREEDOM,,,??? I SAID THAT U ARE DO NOT RESPECT OTHERS,, NOT WRONG IF THERE WERE MEN WHO ENJOYING BOMBING N TERRORING YOU We are in the West blamed for not finding the mass destruction weapons in Iraq. I have tryed to tell where to find them. They are hidden in every bookshelf, in every school, in every mosque: it is the Koran. Destroy the Koran, and peace on earth will grow up quickly. From: M. Sultan you guys are goin strat to hell you stupid mental retards. what hell is wrong with you. your not even freakin human. nobody in there right mind would find this shit funny. i hope you all go to hell and i dont care if you dont believe in heaven or hell. I'm from Denmark, so I know, what it's all about. That's why I feel so sorry for the muslims, for it seems they are the only ones who don't know anything about Muhammed (No peace on him). I see here and I read in the papers, that they think he is/was a nice man. When will they ever learn, they have been fooled for one and a half thousand years. Muhammed (No peace on him) is the biggest catastrophe in mankind ever. As long as his believers stayed at home in the desert, he could only make a Hell for his own people, but now, where his people are spreading all over the globe, we are all suffering because of him.

From: Egyptian ex-muslim I'm really glad to see this website, I'm an Egyptian ex-muslim, and the fucking religion of peace kills those who decide they like humans, and no longer wanna butcher them and quit islam!!!!!!!! these cartoons are nothing like what mohammed really looked liked, he is by far more fucking ugly and I am not saying this out of hate, oh

From: hashim a.

You are cowerd and silly and ugly. How did you do all that. it is supposed to be very noble. but know .you have to wait for the punishment from God ( Allah The All Mighty ) God willing)you will be the losers in all cases. It is something silly to do those drowings and a like. The prophet Mohammed - peace be upon him - the master of all human biengs was and still the leader of all prophets and mankined and he is the leader of peace .We believe in him as a massenger of Allah. Came to lead people to pradise by believing in Allah. I have nothing to say ,but you will be the losers and Allah will protect his massenger even he is dead . You must wait for a curse and the punishment

no but out of study, I have studied this sick cult all my life let me share with you how that drag queen diva/ sadist / pedophile they call prophet of allah looked like. mohammed's discription according to hadith books with proof from saudi arabia's website of the "ministry of islamic realtions of dawa and irshad" that documented his biography. 1- mohammed was a peroxide strawberry blond, he used to dye his grey hair red with henna till he died in his 60's, i want u to imagine the orange reddish color of henna on originally grey hair and its terrifying glow, isn't he a fashion victim or what? it didn't stop there he also ordered all the muslims to change their hair color to red when they grow old so they wouldn't look like the christians and the jews the sons of pigs and monkeys when they grow old!! as stupid as this sounds that's what islamic books state. 2- mohammed used to wear aisha's dresses!! oh yeah, and i wonder how he wore them! he married her when she was six, yeah that's right six, and he died when she was 18 so they must have been pretty tight showing all his curves and shit, ewwww. and here is my proof. 3- mohammed used to wear eye-liner 3 times a day!! and here is my proof from muslim's islamic biography of mohammed as well. 4- mohammed used to WAX HIS ASS! oh yeah that's what i said wax his ass, guess where is it published? in a saudi arabian website that documented his biography i wanna hear a muslim bitching about the homosexuallity in the evil west. and here's my proof. 5- mohammed had very fair skin on his thighs, how do i know? his boyfriends stated it in his biography too!! 6- also he had his 4 frontal teeth missing when he got beaten up trying to behead and steal non muslims in arabia in the war of Ohod as documented in all his arabic biography books. i guess the muslims ought to apologize to demark and thank the cartoonists for drawing him looking like a person!! and if this isn't the

From: ehsan e. Hey who the fucking bitch do u think you are? what do you know about mohammad? what do you know about islam? what do u know about mus you are just some fucking assholes. sooner or later u will face more more difficulties. then let us enjoy it.



discription of a flamboyant drag queen diva then what the hell is???!! I appologize if describing mohammed as a drag queens offends any of them, i really am sorry to use the term, but he really was one.

From: J. Svendsen (Norway) Dear crusaders of nihilism, From: Danielle C. (Great Britain) I do not wish to oppose your philosophical principles, as they are obcured to me. I will how ever, comment your means of expressing them. Freedom of speech is one thing, and its good. Acting like an idiot is another. Having the right to express doesn't mean its the wisest. Freedom of speech not should be opposed to reason and understanding, but always compliment it. I am a peaceful person, but reading your page with Muhammed (PBUH) depictions filled me with stronger emotions that I would like. Reading your page made me feel more and more... hoping that you die a silent death so that your filth dies silently. I am very unconfortable with these feelings. The point about the caricatirures isnt that its a neccisarily unchangable principle amongst all moslems through all time -- many moslems will disagree -- but that we are fully aware that this are a provocation which is totally unconstructive. Waking your freedom of speech in the face of the poor and oppressed helps little. These are poor countries. Historically, the west colinialized them, subjugated them. In the end the west forced the nation states on them... and did not most of these states become rouge states? Please, this is not good enough. Grow up. Freedom of speech is imperative, do not waste it. By this, I do hope that you moderate this page somewhat, so that your abilities and rescourses -- which you obviously inhabit -- may be used for reconiciliation and understanding. The problems of the middle east and of terrorism and oppression in the name of Islam are many and obvious, but you are I congratulate you on your courage for showing us these pictures. I am not religious therefore all my opinions of islam have shamefully came through what i have seen in the media. It was purely out of interest i wanted to see images of the prophet Mohammed in order to better understand the islamic faith and muslim people. I think it is vitally important that we continue to respect others religions without dictating what people can and cant do. It is our right to freedom of speech and It is my belief that the descrimination Muslims face is down to misunderstanding and sheer ignorance caused by them alienating themselves through hate filled rants such as these people to the left have. If we are to ever combat war action must be taken to ensure equality amongst all nations and that begins with muslims allowing us the freedom to show images of their prophet as other religions do. I hope that others will follow your lead and we can stand up to threats and show we will not be dictated to...

From: J. I have a suggestion; you could say on the front page that the people are themselves responsible for letting their screens display the images on this website with their Internet browsers. You have committed no crime. :)

not contributing constructivly. And to those who still want to browse the website and they do not want to see the pics, tell them that they can use a text-browser or add filters to their web-browsers so that they won't load the pics. From: Firas Al H. (Egypt) Because we have high morals and respect to evey other religion. It is not allowed for us to mock on any prophet or respectfull man in any way. The issue is that what you posted on your site will not solve any problem. In contrary it will increase the hate and violance. And moslims will stay moslims and will not change. Offending others will not make us change our mind. Any way people like you are mentioned in the Quran. So we are not expecting Less than that. But in our religion, at the end of the world The Lord Jesus Christ will come to support the Mohamad's Grandson and together They will rule the world waitng for the judgement day. till that date comes, we have a date. And GOD will be the judge and we will see. And don't blame Moslems if they bobmed you or your town or anyone else bcz you made them Hate you. The pictures on your website have been available to the people all the time, you are only gathering them for easy access. The Internet has all the time been like a giant restaurant from which you can choose whatever foods you ever want and in the Internet the users are themselves responsible if they get something they don't want. You can be picky in the Internet also, you can use filters or whatever to choose things, it's not the responsibility of the author of the website to give users what they want, because users have always the freedom of choice.

From: Joseph I'm not a big fan of religions - any of them - but I think there's something seriously wrong when a religion doesn't require just its followers to obey to its rules but even everybody else. Thank God, I live in a free country. I appreciate your effort.

I aint muslim but the person responsible for this site must be so fuckin sick. fancy searching for depicting pictures of the prophet. He must have such a sad life or was most probably abused as a child by his father. Maybe he's gay or just impotent and see's this as way way of reassuring himself. O and fancy then having a column of responses for and against the cartoons. This is obviously the real devil, could even be one of bush's cabinet members. I see that such person does not give out his or her contact details just a email address. what a coward, why dont you stand in the middle of the hyde park in london and practice your so called democratic free speech rights, I would love to see how long you'd i've read that muslims are warned about people like this that do such devilish things to stir up trouble and then call the response terrorism. This my

Freedom of speech is something we must stand for. I will recommend your site to my friends.

From: mahmod h. Please Why don't we live togother without of these things that make every one of us feel malice toward each other, I think confidently we can live peacefully where every one can adopt any religion he wants, and every one respect the others selctions.

fellow western friends is the real meaning of incitement. If muslims started to make cartoons of this nature about 9/11 how would we feel. Muslims cant even walk onto airplanes these days without being suspects and we talk about freedom of speech. The truth is there isnt any, so stop this nonsense, people making these depicting cartoons are not practicing freedom of speech that is just a smoke screen. The real agenda is to offend muslims into having hatred towards the west so we can label them as extremists. Which person in there right mind is going to practice freedom of speech only to offend others? a dam sick one of course cos it can be used for much better causes. The person responsible for this website is guaranteed to be a jew. Another interpretation for a jew = very very sick and cowardly. -- del boy uk

I don't care if you are Muslim, Christian, Jewish or any of the raligions that you are believe, even if you are atheist, but we have to respect each other and the each believe for any one of us. I respect every one Muslim Christian Jewish Any one I Do Not respect those who don't beliveve with humanity. We can live togother peacefuly , I do believe that We can live peacefuly togother , If just we want. Please lets try now.

From: maqbool a Subject: Pakistan will set you right From: Stephen M. Pakistani law forces the people to respect the prophet of Islam. If they don't they are hanged. Now we will bring an amendment to the constitution (our favorite pastime) and then this law will apply to all the inhabitants of all the worlds (AALMEEN). You just wait and see! MAQBOOL I would like to thank you for having the courage to show these pictures without fear of retribution. No religion is above the fundamental right to the freedom of speech and expression. I am not a believer of any religion myself, I am not atheist but rather agnostic. I have many Christian friends and many Muslim friends. However you have only to look at the responses in the against column to see that many Muslims have so much hatred within them that they can not form a reasoned argument. With apologies to my many moderate Muslim friends but something must be done now to stop the violent teachings that reflect in the views to your left. The quran teaches peace and respect and tolerance of other religions but so many people seem to be brainwashed by one or two texts within the quran that have been twisted to insight racial hatred. The people in the column to the left need to take a good long hard look at themselves and ask themselves if they want to be a part of society or outcasts, boycotted by the rest of the world. They need to develop reason, tolerance and

From: M. Hassan Subject: Why this rubbish on internet I have been accidently accessed your archive, it is a big shame on you, and one cause of your curse in life and after death. First it shows that you don't know anything about Islam, and it doesn't have any sense of art.

Enjoy Hell

From: khalid a. is that what you people call freedom ?!!!!!!! if i said some thing about the prophet jesus or draw it in some disrespectable way will this be freedom too? but i can't do so and no muslim would do so cause we respect other religions that's what our prophet (PBUH) taught us to do you must understand that we this draws are unacceptable because we believe that no one like our prophet in shape and manners we are free to do so and we have the right to ask you to respect that as we respect your prophet please we ask for peace with honor not with arms

understanding of they will forever remain third world countries as their hatred of not only other religions but also different sects within their own religion(e.g.. Shia and Shi'ite) continue to consume and destroy them. Please don't feel as though this is persecution as their remain arguments within the Christian faith as well (e.g. Catholic and Protestant). But when will religion realise that their is no one true faith. People should have the freedom to worship whom they choose because all religions preach tolerance and understanding of others. It is the mindless few that are twisting certain parts of their religious texts to serve their own ends and stir up trouble and hatred. Please keep up the good work.

From: S. Pool To those who don't like the Mohammed Image Archive, I say bous tizi ("kiss my ass" in Arabic). If the muslims who take offense can't understand freedom of speech, then you are a people that have to be led like sheep, and can't live any other way but conquered.

From: h. ahmed (Egypt) Subject: moslem speaks Do you know that:1- Prophet Mohamed (P.M.) (pbuh) is the grandson of Prophet Ibraham pbuh. 2- P.M when he started to spread Islam after Angel Gabriele informed him the message his people (who named him the honest before) offered him to be the prince of Makka and to give him wealth and to marry the women he wants but he refused and said (wallahi if they put the sun on my right and the moon on my lift to leave my message I'll never leave it "because this a mission from God, and all his people wondered how can he refused all these offers.(so if he need women or money or to be a king why he refused????? 3- When the believers increased specially the slaves since (the message informed them that all people are equal) and no difference except by faith, the owners of these slaves didn't like these concepts It's funny how all the Muslims who are offended by the pictures don't realize that there is an option available to them....DON'T VISIT THE WEBSITE IF IT OFFENDS YOU. I also wonder how many of these practitioners of the "Religion of Peace" have no problem with torture/beheading videos being hosted on the internet, yet will go ballistic over pictures of Mohammed. After much study and review of Muslim culture around the world, I've come to the conclusion that Islam is a violent supremacist cult that is not compatible with western civilization. -- Beth P.

also the governors of Makka torture all the Moslems heavily and badly and stole their money, homes, women, and throw them away from Makka so the fight had started between the two forces and after prophet Mohammed did his best trying to settle by peace but princes of Makka insisted on problems which were over standing any human (killing, stealing, insulting tourting ..etc). 4- Do you know that the Moslem although they were out of their homes no enough money no strong army the no's was few against the army of Makka who insisted on fight do you know that the Moslems won!!! 5- Do you know also the following :The messenger Dawood Pbuh had married 100 women and the last one was married and had to divorce her from her husband?? The Messenger Soliman when he knew that Belqius the queen of Yemen didn't worshiped Allah he prepared a strong army to kill her and destroy her kingdom and he married her later besides more than 7 women. The Messenger Mosses killed an Egyptian man in anger although the Egyptian raised him in Egypt. The messenger Abraham married two women. Finally, Do you know that the Quran full of scientific miracles as stating that the sun is circulating in its place, the earth is round, the moon has been split into two pieces and return again, the mountains are the causes of the stability of the earth and a lot go and read, in history the quran predicted a lot of events also as informed the Moslems that the Roman will win the upcoming war, plus in Arabic language in its grammar is imaginable !!! Do you know that Mohamed pbuh was not educated at all so how did he teach all that?????? Sirs, the holy book is a miracle it self. do you know that prophet Mohammed pbuh predicted that the Roman & the Persian empire will fall later by Moslems (the pedu) you know why because god ordered that and they were disbeliever, Inshallah will happen again for any disbeliever in god and that is not for Isalm it is for the word of Allah who created every thing and every one, and a person helpless came now to insult him how dare him ??? if he did so to the glory of god so no wonder to insult the

From: Brian K. I read letters from all of these stupid people defending Islam, and laugh. Only when you die, will you find out that your "religion" has been a farce ever since its beginning. Mohammed was a lawyer looking to make money starting a religion, so he used one of the "thousands of Gods" available at the time to start it. He picked Allah, who was one of many, many false gods worshipped at the time. He started this idiotic religion and it's grown over the years. Mohammed is NO prophet of God, only a false deity. This "religion" is not about peace at all, you fucking morons. It's about converting the "pagan world" to Islam by any means necessary, including acts of cowardice martyrdom. You people preach peace, but you have war in your hearts. All Islamists will find this to be true only when they die and awake in Hell. Allah is false and Mohammed was a blistering idiot.

From: Paul T. loving it all the way , if the muzzies dont like it , tough shit , you have surely brightened up my day , for that i thank you sirs !

From: Joost Subject: Never Submit Religion has proven itself quite useless in a modern democracy. Wheter it is Christian or Muslim, religion surpresses people. We don't actually need a pope, priest, reverend, ayatollah or mullah to tell us how we should live and why we should die, and never tell us what to think draw, write or paint. Religion really stands in the way of a clear mind and calls out the worst in people. Having read the poetic verse used by the offended relidiots, I rest my case...

prophets. I will never submit. Dear sirs for any clarification of the holy book quran start and search on internet about the scientific miracles and you will know certainly why we are believers. From: G. Whalley (UK) Thank you for presenting cartoons which treat the Muslim religion as the same as other religions - man-made, sometimes foolish, arrogant and violent, and always in need of being reminded of their humanity. I regret that no such freedom of expression exists in the UK -- we are too repectful or supine to confront the Muslim backlash. Well done. From: dahlia p. (Philippines) Subject: to Dr. Dominguez It seems that devil appointed you as his son, to work against muslims, i saw you rubbish articles and data today on this website, i want to ask you what book you following the book which teach you to speak bad about other religion, bible who as written by people like you, humans, who do changes in it, new bible old bible, one thing i want to ask more if you ask Jesus God why he worship to His GOD, why he worship another god whom you people called his father, you are relating islam with terrorism, which is actually all about human rights, honesty, forgiving, and a well balance life, not to eat dirty things and drink alcohol and wine, which makes you people out of your mind and then you people cant even differenciate who is you mother, sister and girlfriend. Dr. Domingues what ever you are, i wish you will come infront of me i will teach you what is Islam, Quran, ALLAH, and Muhammad and what are their preaching. i dont know why you are working against muslims and distroying their image. i will ask you to read Quran and if you denny it i gives you a challage bring a book like this, combine all your community and try to write an alternate of it, this Quran is from ALLAH creator of this univers and who bring From: David K. I wish to express my gratitude for your courage in hosting the Mohamed images. I'm Christian by birth, but married to a beautiful Jewish woman who has given me two wonderful children. I have great sympathy towards my Jewish relatives and friends. My wife's father did not survive WWII and was imprisoned, tortured and eventually killed by the Fascists at Auschwitz. After reading about and seeing the attrocities our Muslim friends have been comitting as of late, some of my older Jewish relatives have expressed trepidation with wearing Judaica, such as my wife and her elderly mom. By Judaica I mean a Star of David, just as I would proudly wear The Crucifix. This is most disturbing to me. I have utterly changed the way I felt about the Muslim religion. It cannot, is not, and should not be viewed as a peaceful religion. While I don't deny there are many peaceful Muslims, and I also do not deny that there are distasteful things in the Old and New Testament, there is a big difference. The Muslim faith seeks to win converts by the sword - and Muslims are all too eager to take up the 7th century calling for

From: Reham M. Abdul H. Subject: go to hill Go to hill

jesus in this world without any father from Marry, to show human being that he can do any thing he wants and he has all the powers.

murder and mayhem of their neighbors. This, I will never allow. This, my children will never allow. This, my country will never allow.

From: ahmed a. (Egypt) Subject: Muslim Love Mohamed Last Prophet to world From: M.W. In the Name of Allah 1- Islamic religion respect all religions so why you always try to kill Islamic religion & Allah's Prophet Mohamed. 2- Do you know that there is no body can enter to Paradise before Prophet Mohamed ? do you know that total Kills for Prophet Mohamed at all wars were 400 Only. & you can count any another body. 3- Do you know that you try to Kill your prophet ? & Allah Get him up to Heaven ? 4- Do you know that Islamic religion is the REAL Religion ? & the Quoran is the only book form Allah & there is no changes in his words ? 5- Do you Know that Mohamed is the BEST & The KIND & the BETTER Man in the world from ADAM Till finish ? From: Mario T. Firstly, I would like to say thank you for the site--it is of great value to people looking for various images of Muhammad (pbuh). I am a young student who has, for almost a year now, been studying Islam. I From: Mark R. (Germany) Subject: GREAT WEBSITE! The fact that so many islamofascists love to write hate mail to you, most in an english that even a 2nd grader could write better (comes with being a camel-riding, non-thinking follower of a dirty pedophile) - is proof enough that your website is just wonderful. The site is still getting a lot of attention from the bloggers. Nice job. Its really something how the Islamists demand this and demand that, including respect. Well, I'm offended they are offended, and I demand they lay the heck off the rest of the world and show US some respect. Like that is going to happen. Keep at it, Muslims, or get a tour showing you how many pig farmers we can mobilize. Sign me: U leave me alone, I'll leave you alone.

From: Nazar R. (Indonesia)

Subject: Pictures of you You can say anything that you want to say...go ahead... But everything I saw in this website are picturing YOU, not Mohammed... Now i know that you like penis (even you are male) masturbate, like show off your ass hole... very...very dirt...ooouuuu Be honest, I never found Picture of Mohammed in your website, all pictures are yours...your profile...

honestly see it, when I look at the Qur'an and the Hadith, for the most part, as a wonderful religion of peace, tolerance, etc. All those good things. However, I find it sad how so many Muslims take such a small minded, conservative and sometimes quite violent view of what is, quite frankly, a very liberal text/religion for the time it was born. Many muslims seem to focus on things that are not important and I sincerely believe Muhammad (pbuh) would be saddened by how some have twisted his words--if muslims want to please Muhammad (pbuh) and God (Allah) then they should focus on bringing peace, democracy and the great values, by and large that the Qur'an promotes. I hope they can find their way. On the other hand, I believe the West is sometimes completely insensitive and ignorant of Islam. I completely believe in freedom of speech, and hence praise your site here. But seeing some of the completely false and ridiculously negative/offensive cartoons of Muhammad (pbuh), it makes me wonder how the West can believe itself superior--it is just as childish as Muslim (not Islamic, there is a difference) countries. I'd fight for the West, and anyones right, to post completely offensive cartoons anyday, but dont Western cartoonists, scholars, etc, think it would be better to show accurate depictions of Muhammad (pbuh) rather than what they do show? What is gained from some of these awfully offensive cartoons? I cannot tell. I think the West is still very ignorant of Islam and the Qur'an and Muhammad (pbuh). In closing, in just this short time I've been casually studying Islam, I've come to feel a great affinity for Muhammad (pbuh)--he, like Jesus or Buddha, is an example for a world that is, frankly, filled to the brim with predominantly idiotic, and ignorant, people. I think the East needs to chill out--focus on true problems: stopping violence and unIslamic oppression in your countries; and the West needs to do some serious studying: few Westerners truly know anything about Islam and think it is this violent religion. To Muslims who get unbelievably violent over things like toons I give this quote from Muhammad's (pbuh) farewell address before his

From: "all my niggaz" i just want to ask. why you living?? i sure that you are such a useless human want people to pay him attention you got no life do you understand YOU GOT NO LIFE!!

From: Dr. Arbuthnot I am not sure if this site is supposed to celebrate freedom of speech or simply provide a forum for angry, self-righteous people -- be they for or against the beliefs of Islam. All freedom has limits once it infringes on the physical or mental state of a group; none more so than those that attack existential beliefs. The rational goal of anyone who defends such groups should be to focus on solutions rather than the easier repetition of what is wrong under the guise of simply creating a document archive -which could just as easily be done in a vault. In either case, it is a shame that people who have the intelligence and skills to create such a site would do so to widen division. There are certainly as many childish Muslims as there are Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Atheists and so on. While offended by the imagery

depicted here, I only hope the authors and artists who so vehemently practice the prejudices they want to correct will one day spend a little more time searching their own souls; and a little less being as reactionary as the unwitting few who helped infantile illustrations get far more press than they deserved. Finally, a simple request to the site owners: please tone down the vulgarity of the comments since it is just as easy for a child to view the site as an adult.

death--"Beware of Satan for the safety of your religion. He has lost all hope that he will ever be able to lead you astray in big things, so beware of following him in small things." Wake up and start living the truth of your prophets words, stop making a mockery of your religion and wonderful culture and show everyone the true, democratic spirit that was the foundation of Islam. And to Westerners who degrade the image of Muhammad (pbuh), I remind you that he gave women the right to vote (over a thousand years before the U.S. did), he promoted equality and peace and even in his worse moments (the massacre of the approx. 1000 Banu Qurayza Jews, which everyone loves focusing on, even though he judged them, traitors, by their own Jewish law) he was much more peaceful than many characters in the Bible. Just read the Book of Joshua--he destroys Jericho, then some 29 Kingdoms and then 12,000 at Ai and he kills not only men and kings but women and children. And that is just Joshua. Do your reading and stop ignoring the fact that Israel is just as violent, crazy as extreme muslim countries...almost all of Europe has realized this but America is still blind. Thanks for the site, which has provided me with some glorious and beautiful images of Muhammad (pbuh), i.e. on the Miraj, receiving revelation through a flaming halo, etc. Peace to everyone and I hope we ALL see the error in our ways.


From: Foullous A. (France) Subject: va en enfer Je vais parler en francais je vais vous dire que vous tes l'tre pas l'tre vous n'existez pas car vous tes maudit et Allah le grand dieu et l'unique va inchallah chang votre vie vous all le remarqu ne vous troublez pas je vous di que vous venez de faire l'erreur la plus grave, et je vais vous dire que le prophte tt mes salutation ainsi que celle de Allah sur lui et l'homme le plus net le plus brave que si vous voulez que je vous cite ses bien et sa moralit je ne peux pas la finir je vais mourir et ainsi que mes enfant sans avoir la finir et je vous aussi que l'islam et la religion qui va te guid vers ton vrai destin et ta destin tu viens d'insult l'islam et les musulmans From: Grog Subject: You bastard! How dare you insult the religion of so many nice and peaceful people!

As you can see, Muslims are well educated and deeply committed to their teachings. They know the meanings behind their beliefs and why they must not view the image of their prophet. They have come to your site (despite of its content) to strengthen their

beliefs and you have made them corrupt! From: Mr. Ali Subject: You win, you got my attention. Please add this website to the ever-growing list of human failures. World peace is quite obviously not something those that control this website are interested in. You do not have to be a Muslim to be offended by this site. All you need is a genuine care of your fellow human-being to be offended by this website. This site is nothing mind blowing, just another 'successful' attempt to gain attention. Message to those responsible for this site: I offer you no threat. I offer you no peace. You know what is right to do, and you have not done it, and I do not expect you to do the right thing. This website does not make me happy nor does it make me unhappy. Everyone must account for their positive and negative, this is assured. Georgia, U.S.A. The tirades coming from the viewers are as interesting as the illustrations. If anyone would take the time to read up on Mohammed and his teachings, they would realize, Allah and God are not the same. One wants us to have love and compassion for all people, the other wants hatred and death to infidels. Which would you follow? As regards accepting restrictions to my freedom of expression to prevent offence being taken by people who are continuously on the lookout for excuses to take offence - well - thanks but no thanks. From: Will H. (UK) I suspect that most of the ranting we see here from people claiming to be Muslim has a lot more to do with their own pride than with any offence taken on behalf of their religion. Anyway, surely God, and Mohammed, can look after themselves, and don't need the support of bigots.


From: Subject: dirty ON the name of G0D ALMIGHTY, I just would like to say that u r dirty and ugly u are just trying to heart us specially u know how much we love our beloved prophet , let me confirm to all of u that u ll be in hell INCHALLAH, and in the judgement day u ll reconise how is MOHAMMED pbuh. One more time and all the time u r dirty and ugly and u ll never be forniven from GOD ALMIGHTY Inchallah and what can I say he dirty can just think like a dog but I do respect the dogs but not u

From: Terry Subject: I am sick of islam, sick of mohammed, sick of lying false religion that is Islam Can I congratulate you for bringing the truth about this stupid false dirty pervert called Mohammed, the founder of the world's stupidest religion.

because the dogs hey pray to GOD ALMIGHY.

From: Chris O. (UK) Subject: Keep the flame burning A very informative and well put together collection; the one in the church which was a terrorist target was particularly interesting. Another Charles Martel to rid ourselves of these latter-day Saracens would be appreciated - as Tolkein said, Men of the West, stand and fight!

From: m. yousaf you are one the most fucking country of the world and u will never be succeed in your life you are prisedent and his wife is also fucking with each other and i also fuck every denmark citizines with you

From: doclees From: Parvez Subject: Important massage about your Religion Who ever published cartoonist about Muhammad. That goes same to your Prophet. Think about your Religion. don't you dare to publish such thing. If you do next time give your Email. Don't be pussy. I will teach you about the Religion. What do you know about muslim Religion. Don't ever mess around about muslim Religion. From: Bjorn (Norway) Subject: You are disgusting Soon will burn From: risaalti See your life, you poor your heart and you describe the qualities of speech Cklk speaker I must say you are very brave to put these pictures on the web. I have copied some of the pics and sent them by email to all my friends, and they are sending them further on. Reading the response on this page from (I believe) Muslims, I think it says everything about what Islam have done to many Muslim people. The fact that pictures of Mohammed are forbidden in Islam does not go for me. I am not a Muslim (nor do I belong to any other religion) and I can't see that Islam law and commandments have anything to do Great work. So just when did it become taboo to show Muhammad in picture? If it is not allowed to draw him, is it not allowed for Muslims to view him? Without a drawing how do we know that he was not a woman? So if I draw a dog or pig and label it Muhammad, is it truth or absurdity?

From: Moiz M. (Great Britain)

Hi, Please delete these pics of prophet muhammad or we will inform the media and get this site shut.

with me. The fact that people are hurt in their feelings, is not my problem. I can not be responsible for other people's feelings, as they do not have the responsibility for my feelings. I hope you are publishing more Mohammed cartoons and pics on this website, and I promise I will send them further on.

From: Chris O. Wellseeyoumayallyoupunkassbitchesthatsayanythingofmygod oranythingagainsttheholyquran, may you rest in pizz ha ha allah is the one and only........................... -Sent from my T-Mobile Sidekick

From: Stilgar F. (Bulgaria) It is really nice you collected those pictures. It is not about the insult. It is about the right to insult. It is about values and our value is the right to insult. If the muslins don't like it they are free to leave Denmark (and the rest of the Western world) it is their right to boycott Danish goods but they can't take away our right to insult. To all those muslins who will read the e-mails on the website and pretend Mohhamed is holly and so on... Why don't you protest terrorism in his name? Why don't you demonstrate against September 11th? Isn't killing so many people more blasphemous than some pictures? Bye from Bulgaria

From: racha racha (Tunisia) besmellah alrahman al rahim the gad and the prophete MOHAMMED(alayhe 1000 salete w assalam)he learne the all pepole muslman to respect the all religion of this world and the all prophet(AISA,MOUSA......) and the muslman respect all this prophets and never any moslam a depsser son limite et tous on a respecter tous les religion et on n'a pas dessiner le prophil de aucun de ces prophetes alors respecter el islam et respecter les musulmans svp pour ca il faut que vous enlever les photos de prophtes mohamed (alayhe essalem) please you should repect the religion of islam and you must deleat this image of oure prophete (mohammed)alayhe essalam

From: good man (Iran) Subject: Iranians It's good to have different cartoons from different opinions here.

From: (Russia) Subject: stop it

As an Iranian I'd like to ask you please do not mix the origin of Persia with Islam (no offence to any body). Iranians where the only nation that didn't start a war for religion. The first declaration of human right

A.B.L.M.ASH.R. With name of God. Dear All, I hope you are a God fearing persons and you will understand me right. I am writting to you from Russia. I saw on your site pictures of Muhammad (peace to him). I ask you to remove from your site these pictures. It is not allowed to do to anybody in the world. Do not take the sin of those artists and cartoon makers on your souls. Please be advised that such behaviour will not bring you success, besides it will cause only the GOD'S anger, and nobody will help you in this case. Anzor. 27 y.o. Moscow. A.H.L.L.

was declared by Cyrus the great the king of Persia. Iranians build the Suez Canal. Iranians were the only nation that were under the conquest of Arabs but after 300 hundred years they restore their language and culture (the same thing for Alexander and Mongols). For us Alexander, Mongols, and Arabs are the same. Iran was unlucky that the revolution (1979) happened (although it would have happened because of the big difference between the poor and rich). Iranians serve the humanity more than any other nation. Unfortunately these days because of the political situation there is nobody that supports this great nation. They have been crushed between the West and Islamic world. But God knows that the reality is different. Persian girls are the most beautiful women on the earth. Let's forget about all these things. There is no reason that people fight each other. With all the resources that we have on earth any single individual on earth can live happily with no problem. Let's forget all the hates. Let's get together. Let's be friend. Let's respect science and engineering. I'm crying now. Why we should fight for bullshit. It's enough. God bless all of you

From: Amorafi I suggest you learn more about Islam. Only in Islam you can find the truth. Islam is the way of life. From: Bob A Thank you for publishing this archive. This is a valuable public service to the free world. From: Subject: important From: Cody L. That God take you and curse you. you are only salesmen of the cows. you are only cows and dogs. may the record show that the e-mail section of this website is one of the most fun pages on the internet. there need to be more websites like this one so we can observe and laugh about how shocked muslims get.

From: Subject: hi idiots i hope u will read this mail, because u SHOULD,it is the truth the reality. u know what the pictures u guys made and then even dared to published them ARE ACTUALLY UR OWN.u showed urself to us,u showed how do u look like. by the way,wat do think of urselves?wat the fuck u think u r?u guys think u can rule all over the world well if u do think that u guys r MORONS. if u think that u have enough money to rule the world u r wrong because muslims have the blessings of allah,but all u have is cant make a difference eh.u better stop trying to declare muslims as a terrorist,coz the aren't, u idiots. well u guys should be ashamed of urselves because u don't even deserves the poo and pee of muslims. u r SINDEEDERS,u should admit this as soon as possible. bye suckers From: Dan B. Subject: thanks for supporting free speech I just wanted to say thanks for putting the pictures of Mohamed online. There is too much censorship and political correctness in this world it is great to know there are still people who support free speech.

From: J. Wickmann Brilliant website. I suggest you include a proper account of the Danish cartoon row. Extremists conviently forget that the cartoons were published in Egypt a year before they were in Denmark and there was barely any uproar. Then a year later the whole Muslim would was up in arms. Islam is political and it is encroaching on the freedom of the rest of the world. It cannot be tolerated. If we were to respect the taboos and ridiculous rules of every religion we wouldnt be able to move without offending someone. Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Vishnu and the rest of those clowns should take themselves less seriously.


Andy, scotland. From: Arso L. (Great Britain) I am pleased to see this i am muslim aswell, the reason im pleased to see this is that it has enlightened me to the fact that europeans like to disgrace people even each other, now all races do this within themselvs but hardly any races do it amongst other races except europeans ecpecialy those particular ones that are white and slightly duch or french. start: 0000-00-00 end: 0000-00-00 From: rwb Subject: A space craft is being build to send all religious fundamentalists on an interstellar mission to save Earth. After looking through the con / pro responses to this sight I just thought I'd add my reaction. I noticed that many of the con responses have a very similar language make-up and I could almost determine who on the con side was submitting multiple comments and who on the pro side was also. And, then I wondered if the cons and the pros were one and the same, at least some of them. My belief is that the Universe is divine of its own accord and not the result of some deitie's personal magic powers. And that Life is sacred; not to be taken for any but the most merciful intentions. I also believe that the fundamentalists in any religion: christian, Muslim, whatever are the greatest threat to any human life on this planet. I also noticed a number of remarks which contemptuously cited nonMuslim people as Pagans as if that was some kind of derision. That was a fatal mistake. The Wise Women& Men in our camp brought you into this life and taught you how to live and survive in all the places of the World and this went on since we lived in the trees. We were connected to the Earth, it owned us, we did not own it. Today we are struggling to find our place in the Universe and ways to save the Life of our Planet and ourselves. Then things went a little sour when "prophets" emerged (They all seem to qualify for a serious dissociative personality disorder and I'm legally qualified to make that diagnosis.) drawing people into one god belief systems and filling them with the fear of supernatural punishments if they did not comply with the edicts they set down in their "sacred books." It also gave the emerging clergy the opportunity to cast women as second class people in both chritianity and Islam. The balance of power in decision making between Women and Men was squashed by Islam and christianity. The christians depicted Mary as the mother of christ and not his disciple and life partner. Mohamed

From: omran (Ontario, Canada) Hi there, I just wanted to notify the person in charge of these satirical cartoons that if you do not remove these cartoons as soon as possible, I will take serious and immediate action. Sincerely, Canadian Association of Islam

From: brandx Subject: Offended I'm offended you didnot have a picture of that homosexual Mohammed getting butt plugged by his #1 Muslim Ben Laden

From: Skorpion1109 i think your interpretation of mohammad is disgusting, how would you feel if their was a humiliating parody drawn about jesus or god.

and how about that kind of filth drawn about jews? in your eyes that WOULD bother you so you should imagine how other muslims and arabs feel. i myself am half arab my father moved here from the middle east and married in the us. i'm a combiation of american and arab and i'm insulted because i have family from my fathers side who ARE muslim and a few who live in jordan. i think these cartoons are racist. how about burning a swastika on jesus's forhead would you like that, or a picture of an isreali diplomat hanging from a noose, if you saw that you would be outraged. and asfar as isreal is concerned the way they raid and take land from the palastinians is also the same way the nazis acted towards the jews back in world war 2. i am disgusted by your interpretations of mohammad it insults ME and all the family i have. you yourselve are racist in the worst way possible. you preach ignorance and hatred you yourselves are up their with the kkk, nazis and white supremisists.

took many wives including little girls, He attacked caravans, pillaged them and raped the women. So, if you are a fundamentalist in either camp, keep it in your pants or it will be taken from you. And, as a favorite Muslim of mine once said, "Don't mess wid da bess 'cause da bess don't mess!"

From: Johan R. I liked that someone have the courage to print the images on the site. It is to take a stand for freedom of expression, as I see it. It was also interesting to see the much talked about pictures. J. Sweden

From: R. Jamaldeen (Sri Lanka) The historical drawings of prophet Mohamed were not offensive to Muslims. But the recent drawings have been done to insult Muslims on purpose. Those who highly value the Freedom of speech must have their limits. Those will be insulted and offended if they saw a drawing of their mother or father fucking a dog or pig. A Christian will get upset to see if their beloved Jesus was portrayed wrongly. I have one question for those who are pleased about this archive and insult Muslims IF YOU DON'T LIKE MUSLIMS AND THEIR PROPHET WHY DO YOU WASTE TIME DRAWING THE PROPHET AND INSULTING HIM AND WHY DONT YOU MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS? IF YOU CAREFULLY READ THE OFFENDED SIDE, YOU WILL NOTICE THAT COMMENTS WITH BAD WORDS ARE LISTED ON THE TOP SO THAT EVERYONE CAN SEE THEM EASILY. THIS HAS BEEN DONE ON PUPOSE IN ORDER TO From: M RIZVI Subject: open yur mind Being a muslim im not at all offended by the cartoons or anything that will show muslims as terrorists because muslim are not terrorist.Dont brand personal issues and religion togeather cause religion is sacred whether you are a muslin or a christian or a hindu as no religion teaches you wrong, its the filth in peoples mind. Why branding muslims terrorists when majority of the muslim community are against any sort of terrorists. The only problem is these extremists are few but loud.Before you come to any conclusion learn about the religion than insulting as insulting simply shows how stupid you are talking without knowing. The ira have caused enough harm in the UK and they were either christians as well so why not brand their religion because the truth is politics and religion is separate.

INSULT MUSLIMS EVEN MORE. HOPE MY COMMENT WILL BE DISPLAYED From: Stuart B. Subject: Why would you believe I found this website by accident but read thru a few of the messages anyway so thought I would contribute. From: Eshquia (Turkey) Subject: Fuck You Fuck you mother beatch fuck you orospu cocuggu anennei sikicem annesiz ,FUCK ASSS fuck ASSSS bitc annenisiz gorusecem seninle It's a lot about intolerance, it's a lot about pride and it's a lot about just absolute baloney. The holy books are written by people who fantasise about after life, never dying and people who are scared of dying. The Quran is probably the most stupid of them all but there isn't much difference between it and the holy bible. The prophet Mohammed just wouldn't deserve any respect from a decent thinking human considering the fact that he was a person who was both one who encouraged paedophelia and in fact was himself a paedophile. I don't care how offended the Muslims are or were at the cartoons drawn by various artists depicting Mohammed in various silly poses. If people took offence at that it shows how small minded they are. It's no secret that Islam targets the poorer nations and downtrodden who are looking for a miracle. It's dreadful that they do it but it's what they do and there's no stopping them. What the Western World must do is closely monitor the situation and draw a line in the sand before we end up living in a medieval culture. The quran teaches that islam must rule the world and get to that goal whatever it takes. It's absurd, but true and we must act to stop it before it's too late. I get the feeling that in our ridiculous politically correct western society it will take a lot of innocent people losing their lives for no reason before the penny drops. Well it's ok some of us take it seriously.

From: FAZAL B. (Pakistan) Subject: very important These people do not look into their own hearts, and do not see that the Gospel is itself the target of countless objections. Just imagine how strong the objection that falls upon Maryas is, for she had pledged to serve the Temple all her life and not to take a husband, but when her pregnancy became apparent in its sixth or seventh month, the elders of the community married her off to a carpenter by the name of Joseph, while she was still with a child. And a mere couple of months after going into his house, she gave birth to a son who was named Isa or Jesus. The first objection is that, if this was indeed a miraculous conception, why did they not wait until the child was born? The second objection is that while Maryas had pledged to serve the Temple for the rest of her life, why was this pledge broken and why was she withdrawn from the Sacred House and given in marriage to Joseph, the carpenter? The third objection is, why was she married to Joseph during her pregnancy, when it is strictly forbidden in the Torah, and when Joseph himself was unhappy with the marriage and he already had a wife living with him. Those who are against polygamy are perhaps unaware of Joseph's first marriage. A critic, therefore, has every right to conclude that this marriage was affected because the elders of the

From: A. Almoufridji (Netherlands)

community suspected Maryas of having conceived illegitimately.

I have watched your entire archive and i have a question. Is this site build up against Islam or just an archive to keep a record of everything ? Firstly, If this site is build up against Islam, I must tell you that you should learn not to discriminate. But as i beleive in freedom of speech i cannot tell you, like most of the muslims that have commented on your website, that i wish that you will die or that i will murder you. However, if this website is build up to keep a record, i am totally with this site myself because even me as a muslim i have learned a lot from this website, so if this was your intention, thank you a lot. Lastly, i apologies to you in name of the Islam because of all the threat you have received from angry muslims and i hope that in the future the these muslims will learn how to solve this problem in a other way than violence as Islam is a religion of peace and a lot of muslims have understood that wrongly.

From: hisham s. (Egypt) Subject: you call this gotta be kidden Gave me a break..... i think you misunderstand the term "Freedom" by all means, since freedom is to do what you want without hurting others (of course you can fuck your own self) & thats wont hurt any body.....but for that shit you call art or westren just reflect how much you & your brothers in this freakin countries are gettin mean & ignorants.... you know somthin i'm not muslim but i respect them because one of them said ... "even that hurt us but we could not answer in the same way by drawing the jesus & maiden"; cause it's forbidden to make joke of any body belives.... So, have fun & go fuck your self ( for all the pleased section too)

From: Robert B. Subject: Muslims blaspheme Islam I notice that several people who hate these pictures are making obscene comments about Mary, the mother of Jesus. Surely, these idiots realise that Jesus is a prophet of Islam and that Mary his mother is revered in the Koran as a devout Muslim woman? Insulting a devout Muslim woman in this way is a sin in Islam and so is making obscene comments about the mother of a prophet. If Islam is true, then those who make such remarks are going to the Islamic Hell. They blaspheme Islam far more than any cartoons.

From: Ali Abu O. I will not say dear something !! because you dont deserve this word, any way in our relegion we respect all the prophets and this is essential and I cant say a word on jesus because we beleive him as we beleive in our prophet mohammed and any one who dont beleive in all prophets , he is considered as being out of islam. I say this because we have the ethics that prevent us from say a shit like you have in this poor web site, our relegion is great and whatever you saw it here or there (11th of september or boombing here or there ) is just a react of what you do against us.

From: Taylor M. muslims are the religion who thinks of themselves as above everyone

you kill us in palestine and in Iraq in lebanon, afganistan . you fight moslems in all over the world!! and imagine you dont want us to defend our self's . Last word: after I saw this web site I think that you deserve more than bin laden. See the cartoons here, so you know how we are think about how dirty you are. [12 anti-Semitic cartoons pasted into email.]

because they live in shit holes. they are angry at the whole world because we can enjoy pleasures they cant. they say we can fuck our sisters and family but thats what they are doing. i ejoyed looking at the depictions of mohammed because it gave me a look into islamic life style. they should be happy people want to explore there culture. muslim law may reside in muslim coutrys, but it will NEVER and i repeat NEVER EVER be law everywhere. THEY are forbidden from depicting mohammed. not us. all those who seek to extinguish freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and artistic freedom can burn in hell from all I care. thank you


From: L.I. Please draw Mosque Cartoon with Minaret as Penis of Muhammad & Dome as Breasts of wives of Muhammad. You are doing a good job. The evil of Islam can be displayed in a way, you have chosen, otherwise wicked Muhammadans will not know how satanic Muhammad was.

From: Vincent M. Subject: GOOD SHOW First of all, let me sincerely thank you for your excellent website and your professional work. You really deserve a pat on the back. Please accept my sincere gratitude from deep down my heart.

From: B. Albahry Subject: THE GREATEST PROPHET MUHAMMED i feel sorry about you just because all of us know where your place well be at the end of your life and we thank Allah that you are not muslims and you will not be with us,we thank Allah that he makes us Muslims and under the MOST GREA PERSON HAD BORN IN THIS LIFE( PROPHET MUHAMMED PEACE BE UPON HIM),and we wish that he accepts us . i know that you do not

But I have problems with the comments from the so called moslems, they swear and curse at you using obscene words for being profesionals. Is this what Islam teaches? Is this what their so called prophet muhammad taught them? You can agree with me that, their (moslems) approach to religious issue is quite different to the approach taken by christians. Christians are understanding and do not condone violence, terrorism and murder of innocent people. This then speaks volume of these two religions.

understand what am i writing because ALLAH taught us every thing in great (HOLLY QURAN), that you poor know or have nothing but losting.

How many wives did prophet muhammad marry? So many wives because of his insatiable lust. Vincent M. (Malawi, Africa)

From: H. Nasir (India) this was your durtiest deed as you place the photograph of muhammad or mahomet in your page,as there was no real image its my request that kindly close the page. From: Deny H. (Indonesia) Subject: Rude but Good My name is Deny. I'm from Indonesia, a nation with the biggest muslim population. I'm a free thinker, not a moslem. All I can say is that is a very good job, although it's too rude. Little bit people in my country really knows what Muhammad is look like. Only little bit knows how BAD he is. he is a true false prophet. My referenceses (books) is Islamic Invasion (Robert Morey), and Islam and the Jews: the Unfinished Battle (Mark Gabriel). You'll know how false Islam and Mohammed is. To all moslem all around the world, be an infidel, leave Islam. Find another religion, or live without religion with morality. Cause the real Islam is SUCK! Love Moslems, but hate Islam. Don't hate the follower, but hate the teaching. May God bless us all.

From: Rizwan M. I am a Muslim and I am wondering why you are doing this? Why are you putting up pictures of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)? What pleasure do you get out of it? You are just disrespecting other peoples belief, I don't care what religion you are, but at least try to be respectful of others religion. As a Muslim I respect everyones religion and do not do anything to offend them, why are you doing the exact opposite to me? Please, I would like you to reconsider what you are doing and please take down the photos of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). I don't know if you realize it, but you are causing Muslims a great deal of pain because of these photos, in Islam it is strictly forbidden to have photos of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). So please I ask respectfully that you take down these photos. Thank you.

From: Ferri (Australia) Subject: re Emails from readers From: Azrey E. (Malaysia) Subject: see u shit.... k#$@^&%n adalah agama yang paling babi haram jadah......, aku mmg x puas hati dngn hampa......, hampa tunggu la kuasa ALLAH nanti....., ALLAH akn laknat hampa......, babi haram jadah betoi la hampa nie....., kalau nak mai kta lwn......., haram jadah punya babi I went on this website because I have been commissioned to do an artwork depicting Mohammed (along with other deities) and wanted to get some background on this prophet who I know nothing about. I found it amazing that the majority of the emails you have recieved in the "offended" category seem to have no qualms about using the most

agama......., xpa la......, x lama hampa akn jadi kayu api yang mmbkr neraka jahannam....., allahhuakbar....!!!!!

abusive language. I know little about Islam, but did not think that their God was a God who was ok with them speaking in this way. - Thank you for that insight!!

From: fouad z. Subject: peace be upon him now and for ever Shame on anyone insulted the most precious human being that lived on earth as prophet , leader , commander , laws maker and if anyone on earth likes it or not he is the saver of the humanity The freedom started by mohamad, who fights the slavery, isn't the islam that released the first black person from being slave?, and you west ppl ,u like it or not , mouhamad country is the centre of this whole earth , the black stone is the centre of earth(according to NASA not muslims), so without a center u will be lost like all of you are now and u always be if u don't get closer to the center to start again . HEY Westerns, stop being fools, u know it that we are the right religion the right people with the right laws for any situation in this life stop wasting time and come closer to find yourself and also find your family since 90/100 of you guys don't know neither his father of mother and even he or she don't know how she get to this life knock it off fools. Student of mohamad (PBUH). Qur'an 36:38 "The sun keeps revolving in its orbit at the dispensation of the All-Knowing. And the Moon, We have measured for her mansions till she returns like dried date stalks. It is not permitted for the Sun to overtake the Moon, nor can the Night outstrip the Day. Each (just) swims along, floating in (its own) orbit as a Sign as in a race. And we made similar vessels [chariots] for them to ride. But we could have drowned them if we pleased." Bukhari:V4B55N546 "Allah's Apostle said, 'Gabriel has just now told me of the answer. If a man has sexual intercourse with his wife and gets discharge first, the child will resemble him, and if the woman gets From: Tim I'd like to comment on your archive. Has anyone else compared the illiterate, degenerate, primitive and downright childish responses from "offended" Muslims on the left, with those answers on the right? If you wanted to know the difference between Islam and civililsed society, all you need to do is read and compare the OFFENDED and PLEASED columns on this page. Please, choose which world you wish to belong to. Those idiots to your left clearly have no moral issue with murder, rape, paedophilia, kidnapping, genocide...These guys make Hitler look positively passive. (Incidentally, in Mein Kampf Hitler expresses his admiration for what he called "Muhammad's faith". That says A LOT.) Just how educated can one be if you spend the whole day praying and reading nothing but Islamic scripture, which in itself is full of scientific and biological errors? Just look at the Islamic world for your answer...

From: Mithras97 Subject: offended A great service to humanity here, to put on full display the base and infantile hatreds of the few toward peoples of other religions and ethnicities. An American who hopes the vast majority of Americans and others

in the world embrace Islam and its followers as at its core a religion and people of peace. [Sent a couple of days later:] Thanks for censoring my comment CHUMPS.

discharge first, the child will resemble her.'" Bukhari:V4B54N430 "Allah's Apostle, the true and truly inspired said, 'Regarding the matter of the creation of a human being: humans are put together in the womb of the mother in forty days. Then he becomes a clot of thick blood for a similar period. He becomes a piece of flesh for forty days. Then Allah sends an angel who is ordered to write four things: the new creature's deeds, livelihood, date of death, and whether he will be blessed or wretched. He will do whatever is written for him.'" If you want to know Islam, study the Qur'an, Sunnah, and Sirat - all that comprises Islam. Treat them as any other texts worthy of criticism and analysis; forget it is a "religion". You will NOT like what you find, and all your rosey preconceptions of this "religion of peace" will be shattered. Forwarned is forarmed. "To hold a pen is to declare war" - Voltaire. PS: Mohammad's real name was Abdul al Qasim (fake prophet with fake name). The Jews of Yathrub addressed him by this name quite a few times, and each time Mohammad answered. Take from that what you will.

From: Gravien H. Subject: im muslim, why you do this job. You have open the site that will hurt all Muslim heart including me, i am a Muslim from Indonesia, not all muslim just like you have seen before. as human we are same dude... if you are christian you know not all christian are good, same as us... not all muslim are good too but why you dun see the good Muslim at all..? why you only see the bad muslim then judge ISLAM is Bad religion... that not fair to us dude. you know thousands maybe more Muslim out there help un-muslim people. but what you already do for them..? your site will never help any people...if you hate war just like bad muslim doing, why you do a job that too potential to make a war? with open this website you have declarate war dude, what your profit with this job? please relize that if you realy have a brain.

From: r. ravi (Netherlands) Subject: muhammad is lost messenger he is allah the first nothing is before him the lost nothing is after him the most high nothing is above him the most near nothing is beyond his reach he begest not nor was he begotten the creator provider and all rich the all seer the all knower

You have my total support in publishing these pictures of some fictional character. Do we Christians get upset when people take the piss out of Western Church Leaders? Do we use it as an excuse to riot and whine on about "us poor Christians are so victimized"? NO, we get on with life and it is forgot about, so all you Muslim shits, get back to answering your phones in the outsourced call center so I may finally get a response from my insurance company! I am just about to emigrate to Scandinavia with my Scandinavian wife, I look forward to the freedom of speech that I cannot get here in Britain because there are so many of you here. -- E. Kelly, UK

he is one and self sufficient he is not nature or any part of it. he ascended above his throne high above the seven skies no vision can encompass him; but his grasp is over all vision all the prophrts were ordered by god to submit to him and worship him alone a mesage of tawheed to single him out for worship and not asociate any partners with him, so all the prophets from adam through io, noah, abraham, mose, jesus and muhammad(a) were all followers of islam. they are all muslims and muhammad is last messenger from god syedmaqsoodali scholar

From: James V. i just don't understand, reading through all the emails... most from the muslim community are strings of non-sensical insults? i read on about how "it truely hurts" when looking at the pictures? Why look at them then? i understand many muslims getting offended with rude imagery of mohammed but your HATEFULL reaction only sparks a chain reaction! muslims need to understand you cannot have the whole world obbay islam!!! you cannot expect the world to stop eating pork because you dont like the smell!!!!!!!! if you dont want to draw mohammed, then DONT! in protest of my freedom of speak i will now save my msn screen picture as mohammed until you guys either learn to tollerate it OR anybody viewing my msn screen deletes me from their contacts list! if i lose friends, then so be it... but im sick of all the crying!!! Southpark recently depicted jesus shitting on president bush... that was allowed because the wesern world understands "if you dont like it, dont watch it". you are not being forced to look at the pictures on this site?!!! yet you are trying to force THE WORLD never to draw mohammed! i never thought i would ever say this! but if you dont like it... FUCK OFF! if you want to be sensible about it, then come and sit with me!


From: Paul (UK) Although I have no clear religious beliefs, I do find your website offensive, not on religious grounds but on the basis of incitement. Why do you insist on exploiting your ability to further hatred within our communities??? Would it not be wiser to utilize your freedom of speech to build a more united front...and see that the problems of terrorism are caused by inequalities in power and perpetuated by mindless citizens such as yourselves?

From: Zahed M. (South Africa) As you are well aware it is forbidden to have pictures of the prophet (pbuh), for one very simple reason. His (pbuh) greatest fear was that people would worship him by erecting a tomb and worshipping at his tomb. This would turn the worship away from the only one true God. If indeed there were true pictures of the prophet (pbuh) every Muslim home would have a portrait hanging up in the lounge of

their homes, just as every Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, etc (the ones I know anyway) have pictures of their prophets and saints hanging in their homes. I have seen homes were there are claims of "ashes and tears" from pictures attracting herds of people to pray at these pictures offering milk and honey and fruit, money, etc, etc, to a picture. Who are they praying for? The pictures, or the person in the picture, or are they praying to God, a strange way to pray to God in a picture of some human being. How can the creator suddenly become the created in a picture? Anyway back to the pictures of the Prophet (pbuh) on the web, I have seen the picture with an open mind. Your view of the depiction of the prophet in no way changes my Love, honor and respect for him, nor does it any way affect my belief in him as the final messenger. Moreover, it does not change my believing that there is only one God. However, I must add that any derogatory pictures of the Prophet (pbuh) will result in me or any Muslim voicing our anger.

From: Thomas H. Hello from Paris ! I just wanted to tell you that your compilation of these images is fascinating and I applaud you on a job really well done. PS - Please be careful that you don't somehow have problems with the fanatics related to the creation of this web site.

From: B. CHAABANE (Tunisia) I am a muslim and I thank you for your interest in Islam. You are doig a good job.

From: juha We as Muslims know that the pictures are not a true depiction of the prophet (pbuh) just as we don't believe that the pictures of Jesus (pbuh) are a true reflection of him either. We as humans should learn to live and respect each other, so that we can give generations after us an opportunity to live on this planet, instead of us trying to destroy it by bombing and killing each other. Reading some of the reactions of people to your site is very interesting, even made me laugh. How can people be so intolerable? Why do they care of what we laugh about? Why do they want to control our ideas and mind. Why do they try to hide the truth? Your pictures clearly shows that the claim: "Pictures of the prophet are forbidden" is incorrect. This must of course be a difficult message to some fanatics. When religious leaders start to control politics terrible things happen. People should learn to be critical to their leaders as well as to their religion. To the fanatics I have really one question: Why young kids are blowing themselves up? Don't you love your children? Can't you stop them? Why your religious leaders don't show some more courage and make some good examples in blowing up themselves. After all they will be martyrs and go straight to Allah. It is easy to control the mind

From: mustimusti@... .at (Austria) Das was Sie auf dieser Webseite prsentieren ist eine Beleidigung! Sie beleidigen nicht nur Muslime sondern auch alle anderen Religionen! Ich wrde Sie bitten das einzustellen! Es ist unmoralisch und nicht korrekt! Ich bitte Sie hflich die Webseite zu ndern!

(Google translation:) Which you present on this web page are an offense! They do not only insult Muslims but also all other religions! I would ask you to adjust! It is immoral and not correct! I ask to change you politely the web page!

of a kid, so easy to let them do your dirty jobs. But what if your kids went straight to hell because of the innocent people they killed?

From: P. Wang Subject: Thank you so much Dear sir,

From: ayman (Syria) fuck you Thank you for the Mohammed archive. I am truly informed after visiting your site. I truly hope the free press of Europe will not be afraid of the reaction of the Muslims. The Muslims have said and written more vile things about the Christian faith and Jews than we can ever draw. I live in a Muslim majority country and they can say anything under the sky about the Christians but we cannot utter anything negative about their 'Holy' prophet who married an underage girl. I think you have to let the people of Europe stand up in unity and if it is necessary send those muslim in Europe back to their homeland if they cannot understand the freedom you have. Thank you. God bless. An oppressed Christian


Islam is one of the cancer-like religions which must be eradicated from the earth to allow the transcendence of man. Cursed be their false prophet, their false god in the heavens and their book full of sins and lies! Amma i piad sa madriiax!

From: hanane m. (Morocco) Subject: you are nothing to us

stupid ignorants can't feel the value of islam and our prophet mohamed peace be upon him because they are like animals and their mind don't understand what islam come with i advice you to read the coran carefully and read all what the prophet said you will see that they know about you before you even come because you are small creature which no one can even heart the prophet or god and if you can the way is clean for you. islam is here in our world and thanks is to our prophet who has had painful days before give islam to the world and for those who doesn't believe in god and his final prophet only god know their ends in the here after. you can never delete islam from the world it's here with much good for all human being. i hope that god will show you the right way and keep you away from the devil.

Freedom prevails -- Descendant of Aiwass

From: T. T. Subject: cartoon in the mind Do we Muslems condem our self when we picture Muhamed in the mind?

From: S. Prakash (India) From: Youssef C. In the name of God the most beneficient, the most Merciful I saw these horrible drawings that you are displaying in your website. In fact without any doubt you know the gravity of your act and the insult that you are uttering against this great personality which is Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of God upon Him), and you know how much this is vexing the Muslim community. This act is pure attack against Islam, against Muslim, against faith, against believes, against the best of the human race, pure demagogy, a filthy act. In fact you are just defaming and blaspheming our prophet (May Peace and Blessings of God be upon Him). The cartoons that you are putting on this web page are neither freedom of expression nor sign of democracy or truthful nor funny, or even intellectual, but just another horrible sign of racism, hatred, Respected Sir, Please publish this message so that the world can analyse the problem haunting Islam. The reaction of the muslim community to the cartoons of Prophet Mohammad clearly shows their gross intolerance to criticism and the freedom of the press. It is needless to say that this is the reason for many muslim dominated nations to be under military rule (dictatorship). Even though Islam doesn't preach violence or terrorism when the freedom of speech, freedom of press and freedom to women is curbed all minute crimes in the society grows and grows until it explodes like a volcano creating widespread violence within the muslim community and also with the other religious groups. It's basically the inability to accept criticism in the pretext of it as unislamic is the cause for terrorism and violence eventhough islam may not preach it. The muslims has to accept criticism for their own good and only then can other religious groups respect Islam or else it will be perceived as a dictatorship religion with the muslims being slaves to their religion. There has to be freedom to criticise and scrutinize

and injustice. While the Muslim community, and his right are disregarded and their land and property stolen and destructed, their women raped, their children and elders abused and killed, and their men killed, imprisoned and called terrorist for the only reason of defending themselves their family, country, or sometimes even just for proclaiming being people who just worship one God. The attack of these journalist and others ignorant people continue to rise, and astonishing things are said and published. I urge you to think better of what you are doing and to be truthful with you own selves. What you are doing is wrong and if you have a spark of reason in your head you should stop this evil act. I would like to remind you what non-Muslim personalities have to say about Muhammad: [20 pages' worth of quotes deleted for brevity's sake -- ed.] I hope that these citations of diverse personalities will remind you of your inferiority compared to our beloved Muhammad (May Peace and Blessings of God be upon Him), and will cut your furious ardour to insult this man which is a mercy for the Humanity. If you continue I will deduct that above ignorance, its pure hatred and/or jealousy which motivate your act. And if you stop it will be better for your self degradation, knowing that anything you do, you will not arrive to touch or lower the great statue of the master of the creation of God Muhammad (May Peace and Blessings of God be upon Him), not even arm Islam as God the Supreme, the Al Mighty said : [9.32] "They desire to put out the light of Allah with their mouths, and Allah will not consent save to perfect His light, though the unbelievers are averse."

everything including the government and the religion and not just accepting it blindly or rather accepting by fear of hardcore muslim fundamentalists. For those who doesn't beleive that many muslims follow Islam because of fear there are many instances to cite as examples of these including the threatening of the muslim women in hardcore Islamic countries (Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc) to wear 'purdah' (the black cloth covering head to toe), warning against Sania Mirza in India, threatening to Pakistani actress Mira, threats to many authors in Pakistan who expose the reality, in India a kerala muslim girl warned because she was learning Bharatanatyam (a form of dance linked to Hinduism), the practise of honour killing in Pakistan's country side (husband killing his wife if she were to get attracted to other men), etc. The above said instances were the one that I can recollect at this moment but there are innumerable such instances. Once the freedom is given to the muslims from the clutches of Islamic laws only then the muslims can really understand what Islam is and they will respect and love their religion and not accept it by fear. Even though the cartooning of Prophet Mohammad can be regarded as blasphemous those who knows Islam and respects it will not just consider the cartooning of Prophet Mohammad and will neglect it. Violent agitation will generate still more criticism against the Islam and it's followers. There has been instances of insult and blasphemous act to other religion also like reciting Bhagvad Gita (the most sacred scripture in Hinduism) in the Hollywood movie 'Eyes Wide Shut' during a group sex scene and the destruction of Lord Buddha statue in Afghanistan which was a world heritage site. What else can be more blasphemous than reciting the holy Bhagvad Gita during a group sex act and the destruction of the Lord Budda's Statue and yet the protests were insignificant. In Christianity, everybody has the right to question and criticise anybody and anything including the Bible. The time is not far away when muslim community starts recognising all other religion and it's people as unislamic and starts a jihad. This fact is not an exaggeration when people can realise for themself that many muslim dominated countries identifies itself as an islamic country rather than a secular one. The nonmuslim world has been very tolerant to their muslim citizens while nonmuslims in muslim dominated nations are neglected and they don't have the right

And indeed this new attack against the prophet only united the Muslim re-strengthen them and also bright to the light of Islam new happy re-convert to Islam.

From: Subject: Fuack you ALL * find out if your husband or wife is cheating on you by pretending to be their lover * perfect for private investigators to get information for their investigation By sending an fake email email you may be committing the offence of fraud even you did not intend to. You are not allowed to use this great service for any illegal activites at any time. MyTrashMail is not liable for your emails you send at any time. Please read our terms of * find out if your husband or wife is cheating on you by pretending to be their lover * perfect for private investigators to get information for their investigation By sending an fake email email you may be committing the offence of fraud even you did not intend to. You are not allowed to use this great service for any illegal activites at any time. MyTrashMail is not liable for your emails you send at any time. Please read our terms of ... [Repeated 165 times.]

even to practise or profess their religion in public. In India, muslims have their own islamic courts which gives judgement to not only cases relating to islam but all cases and in general gives judgement according to Quran and the laws enforced by many of the muslim board. I was surprised to know that many muslims in India don't sing or honour the National Song because it is related to Hinduism and so is unislamic. They neither honour the Supreme Court nor the Constitution of India or it's National Song. The time is not far away when the Muslim citizens of America or the Europe disrespect their country's law and it's Flag or the Anthem saying it as unislamic. I am writing this so that everybody understands the problem (both muslims and nonmuslims). Muslims who reads this has to, if not accept my criticism, at least consider the criticism or try to analyse the problem and not to get violent or get raged and protest. It is for the betterment of Islam and to gain respect for the religion that I think does deserve but not it's people who applies Quran in such a way and to create such islamic laws that it becomes incompatible with other religion.

From: O. Mazuze (Mozambique) Hi there good those pictures or cartoons were very informative to the peolple who are not muslams, so they can find out about the real islam. those guys are terroists. well done keep painting more. viva Danmark O. Mazuze

From: From: X-Xpe@ ... .com Bali bombings: Muslims are not outraged Bamyan Budha statues blown up: Muslims are not outraged

You should stop it this shit of work. u have no idea man. [Sent 106 times in a row.]

From: asad u. Subject: What can I say! Remember one thing. Ignorant and arrogant are number 1 loser both this life and the life hereafter. Do not forget we human are mortal. Indeed death is our final destiny. I am a converted Muslim talking here. Islam is the way of life. It is wrong for you to resemble about a prophet whom billions of people in the world respects. May God have mercy on you.

Beslan massacre: Muslims are not outraged Madrid bombings: Muslims are not outraged London bombings: Muslims are not outraged New Delhi bombings: Muslims are not outraged Varanasi bombings (India): Muslims are not outraged 9/11: Muslims are not outraged Danish cartoons (no one killed): Muslims are outraged and go ballistic! Anyone notice something perverse here? Freedom of expression MUST live. I better go and buy some Danish cookies and cheese. Support Denmark! Buy Danish!!

From: IRH Subject: when dogs bark We in Islamic world these days hear some wild westren dogs barking loudly! I feel so sorry for you because ond day you will know who is MOHAMMAD and it will be so late for you to realize that barking dogs will never hurt the clouds . Mohammad is planted in our hearts and your efforts to hurt him will be in vain and you will be the loosers in this life and the hearafter.

I just want to thank you for putting the Mohammed pictures on your website. The situartion in the middle east is totally overreacted, not only are the boycotting Danish products, but they've forced Danish and Norwegian volunteer workers (working for eg red cross) out of their countries, threatning to kill and destroy everyone and everything Danish. Hopefully some muslims will visit your website and learn that Mohammed and the islamic culture is not sacred all over the world, that there are other cultures and you ought to give respect in order to gain respect. And in Denmark we have the right to experss ourselfs that's a part of our culture. Thank you very much for your surpport and keep up the good work. Stine, Denmark.

From: Abdul J. Subject: Blasphemous Activity On this day of the holy Ramadhan I pray that Allah will open your up mind and heart to be a sensible person and stop doing things like a perverted person devoid of high human values. You are quickly becoming the world's premier citizen journalist! Congratulations on making a bit of journalistic history the old fashioned way: examining the facts.

It clearly shows that such an activity comes from person/s so sick in the mind and heart. Person/s of high intellectual perspective will never dwell in such wasteful and non-beneficial work. I know that your religion forbids such doings but certainly you're one of those bad followers of your religion. Our religion, Islam, does not allow us Muslims to do like what you are doing right now. You, being a white man whom many consider as having high moral values, are doing a foolish and despicable piece work befitting only to a barbaric frame of mind. It is such a waste having such a high academic qualification and yet set to doing such immoral activities which goes to show that you are totally devoid of true human and divine values. Please sit down and think hard that what you are doing does not in anyway benefit you and your race. Putting aside your religion you would only bring yourself and your race down to a level fit to be cursed for the things you are now actively indulging. There are many other worthwhile activities that you can think of doing for you to be able to contribute for the good of your own race in particular and humankind in general. Have you, being an intellectual person, in anyway tried to read the holy Quran and search for the hidden secrets to see what makes the universe and all the things in it is set in such harmony that shows the greatness of Allah. It was Allah who brought down the holy Al Quran to Muhammad (peace be upon him) through the angel Gabriel. The whole contents of the Quran are not only meant for the Arabs but to the whole of mankind as well. Those who are able to see the truth in the Al Quran would be able to appreciate what is actually happening around us and the universe. No other books describe the divine truth as perfect as the Al Quran. If you have not read and studied the holy Quran and understood it then you are not at all qualified to pass any comments let alone condemn it and its teaching and the holy Prophet Mohammad s.a.w. who was bestowed with the holy book.


From: Cameron B. Do you see Christians running around killing people because someone drew a picture of their god? The answer is no. Do you see Buddhists firebombing people's homes because someone drew an overly fat Buddha? No, you don't. ... To all you Islamic extremists, get over it, you are not the most important people in the world, the world does not revolve around your religion and beliefs so do not take your anger and hatred of our freedom and way of life out on us.

From: Benn-ihana Subject: Sick of muslim Hypocrisy Thank you for this site, and for not "fearing" the irrational threats listed on this page. I am sick and tired of muslims expecting the rest of the world to bow before them and their so-called prophet. Here's a wake up call for any muslim who reads this: Everyone on this earth has their god given freedom, and if they don't do what you want them to, then TOO FREAKING BAD!!!!!!!!!! You may be fine with abusing your women, filling your children's minds with hate, and doing all you can to fight the advance of peace and prosperity in the Holy Land and worldwide, but guess what? The rest of us want PEACE, and it will happen, with or without your help. Your intolerance and vitriolic hatred will alienate the rest of the world, and soon you will learn that the rest of us do not seek violence, but we will answer in kind. You claim to be the "religion of peace", but so far, you haven't done anything to justify that far-fetched claim. Last I checked, deliberately targeting innocent civilians, women, and children in horrific terrorist attacks isn't considered peaceful. And as for being offended, so what? Quit being so touchy.

For your information the holy Quran was brought down to complete that of other books like the Torah, Zabur and Bible. All of the other books had indicated the advent of the great prophet after Jesus Christ but unfortunately the information was purposely misconstrued by clergymen of each previous religion. The contents of other books are being manipulated to such an extent that the books of other divine religions come in various version often in contradictory with each other. But it is not so with the holy Quran. You can just pick up any Quran and compare it with another and you can never find anything different even to the very last letter. Please be more rational in what you are going to do when you wish to really read and study the holy Quran, if you have not set your mind to do so, then do not waste your time. May Allah open up mind to do so.

Heed this: Learn to live with the rest of the world, or be ready for the day when the entire world will become fed up with your bombthrowing hatred and cease giving you a second chance.

From: D.L. To all the Islamist, Muslims, radicals, fanatical Christians, etc...Please get a life and practice what you will in the privacy of your OWN homes. Leave the rest of us who like lots of vodka, sex, and video games the hell alone!!

From: Marat M. Just wanted to say I appreciate someone who does their research. The reactions you got from many Muslims are startling, they really speak of a hatred and intolerance to anyone who opposed their views. Orthodox Jews don't approve of people saying the full name of God, and in fact Judaism never fully writes out the name of God in English or Hebrew, but NO Jew is asking all others to stop writing God. The other fact is, Muslims historically (more recently) have not respected other religions as they say. The Taleban knocked down ancient Buddha statues in Afghanistan because they wanted to purge the nation of Buddhism. Islam "tolerates" other religions as long as they are viewed as subordinate to their own. Reading these reactions to any sort of presumed disrespect really shows how some Muslims do not believe in any tolerance, only the subordination of others.

Subject: I would like to tell you our side of the story... I am a Muslim, and I saw your website, and I would like to point out something. First of all, what us Muslims are mainly upset about; is NOT that they drew the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him, but that they protrayed him as a terrorist,which is a TOTAL LIE! If you read the biography of the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him, you might better understand that those comic strips were Extremely Offensive. You say that there are other pictures of the Prophet, and I am sure that the Muslims of that age showed their anger about the offensive ones especially.Not all of the pictures you have in your archive are offensive to the Prophet,though. So I am writing to you just to clear this up. I am sending you some information about the prophet,so you will have a better idea of who he was, what kind of man he was, his morals and character. At the bottom are also some names of some biographies. If you want, I can find some titles of biographies in English, just let me know.Thank you for reading what I have to say, and I hope you at least put our point of view in your site.

From: JerDal Muslims cannot tell us not to print cartoons or illustrations depicting Mohammed. As one writer put this: There is nothing in the Koran in

Nada A.

banning images of Mohammed. Apparently, this custom had stemmed over hundreds of years, from mullahs in the Islamic world. Also, as for myself, I am sick and tired of the violence, and arrogance, from the Muslim world. Personally, I think in that the cartoons and illustrations were very appropriate, and printable. The root of the problem is the extent of Muslim violence. This is the time in that we stand up, as our own individual persons, not to be pushed off by people with their violence and arrogance.

From: NoorH01@... .com Subject: danish dikheads I think ur site is full of shit and the danish dikheads who drew the picture should try drawing themselves but the only problem is after the finish drawing the picture they might get 2 upset because there will only be a pill fuck on page.

From: Russell B. Just a little bit of reality for all of you muslims. Dear Webmaster, The depiciton of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is hurtful to me. Please remove these images. It may be intereseting for you but it was very painful for me to go through these images. Carissa Allah, the god that you pray to is really Satan. That is why you are all so hateful. He is the father of lies and a murderer. That sounds like the little g god that you serve. That would make Mohammed a prophet of the devil. He is sitting in the pits of hell awaiting judgment from the God of this universe. Your god (Satan) has no power and will be judged by God. Your paradise will quickly be turned to ruin after you die.


From: Raymond D. Subject: Finally they reveal their true selves and hate Thank you for allowing us Westerners to get a good look at how evil Muhammad was. I found the works very telling, i.e. women hanging from their breasts in hell because they left the husband's house and showed their hair. Great respect the muslims have for their women. And the muslim man is very secure in himself, so much so that his wife cannot show her hair because she might end up having sex. Very masculine and very virile. It is simply astounding when these poor freaks think they are going to get 72 virgins for being murderers in the name of this cult leader. My

From: Lamees H.

Subject: please try to know the truth say, draw ,all what you want but he we will be the most great man as he is for ever

question is: what happens to the wives of these freaked out suicidal maniacs when they die -- and will their husband really want them if he has 72 new virgins? Seriously -- muslims really value women. It appears to me women in the muslim world are treated like cattle or horses with no life of their own and certainly no value once they have had sex. The best part of this site was to see the harsh, hateful and sinful reactions of these poor muslims. The nasty words, the hate, the mouth -- real issues. They go on about how wonderful thir religion is, but all I see is women suffering, children not allowed to be children, hateful words, shouting in the streets, murder, mayhem.

plz think of your life after death............. which helps you stop doing such stupid things. Taj M. (India)

From: Beduino Loco (Morocco) Let me state I am a born-again Christian. I came upon your web page looking for historical depictions of Islam's Prophet, Mohamed. Though I found many of the depictions interesting and even enlightening I could not say the same about your Extreme Mohamed category. A cursory view of a couple of the images was enough to see they had no value and I could not find a valid purpose to include them. They have no artistic value, no educational value and no redeeming factor that I could perceive. I was too revolted to see them all. The flames of bigotry and extremism have no need for fuel. I ask you in the name of human decency to delete this category. Or if you won't then please explain why you must include such filth and how you believe they will further the cause of free speech. (These are not meant to be rhetorical questions) To all true Muslims I urge, do not enter into the Extreme Mohamed category, it is only seeking to provoke and offend, not only you but all people who have any values. From: L.A. ( Portugal) My congratulations for this site. It is education the world needs. With this Muslims and non Muslims can learn. Kind regards. From: C. Akelmas (Turkey) Love the site. Muslims need to start living in the 21st century. Stop being offended by trivial matters that modern man would let go over their heads. Deal with the things that matter. Deal with the murdering scum within your midst. Start helping the refugees from Muslim countries that you expect the west to help when there's trouble. You live in the middle ages; even your calendar is six hundred years behind us. Westerners know there is no supreme being watching over us, it's all bullshit designed to keep backwards people in their place. The sooner you realise this the sooner you can catch up with the rest of the world. -- Matt London

hello you're on wrong way.. just like, if somebody could draw the Jesus' humorous pictures, it would be mistake again, u know that.. u tried so hard to draw and find lots of server, u must find a job these're unnecessary and totally lame.. what do u hope to win? YOU ARE GETTING LOST YOUR SECOND LIFE,,

From: Lucia S. Extraordinary website, beautiful and enlightening. Thank you. Salaam.

From: K. Naidoo (South Africa) From: A. Aladeeb Subject: Your act can only be described as "Low life act" Although your work did not offend me, simply because I dont give your openion much importance, I have to say that I tried hard to find any possible benefit to your work for anyone, easterner or westerner, but i could not establish that. However, I tried searching for a reason why someone would go through so much trouble to offend others the way you did, and the only explanation I could come up with was that you are a person with a grudge against Islam, a grudge that is influencing your ability to think with reason. It is so blinding your vision to the point that makes you see a low life act to be what you are calling " freedom of speach". I would like to leave you with a thought of which I am sure that you not only know, but also believe in "your freedom stops when someone elses starts". May god who ever he is " Allah " or else show you the way to live and love. Hi there, perhaps i understand their anger to a certain extent...but their reactions? sheer hypocrisy, that's what. another muslim visitor asked "what is it about muslims that scares u?"......*ahem* where have you been lost sunshine? perhaps the murder, threats thereof, terrorism, cursing (right here on the website!) and oh i don't know.....burning the flag, 9/11.......need i continue? this is an extremely informative website....muslims you should not be here anyway! i thought television and the internet were not favoured anyway......

From: Jayne M. I'm happy to see the pictures. History is interesting and art is beautiful. Whether or not anything in the art is truthful or accurate, we will never know, since we were not there. All I know is that we were all born humans and the only thing that truly should separate us is geographical distance. Organized religion only separates people and causes them to judge, mock and hate eachother. I believe God created us out of love. Hatred and war were not his design. Any book about God (or whichever deity you worship), was written by people. People have different minds and opinions and their words have been translated over the years and the ideas have been twisted, for better or

From: It is ashame how people tend to abuse "freedom of speech". This is a

form of prejudicy and these cartoons just created more hatred in this world. Our loving and last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), gave his entire life for humanity. He only preached peace, and exhibiting false images of terrorism about him is absolutely not accepible. But when the day of judgement arrives, it will be too late for all the cartoonists and supporters of these false images to repent. This is very uncivillized and barbaric of the cartoonist. I know there are good Danish people out there also, and they don't deserve to be put down. But everyone has to understand that a nation has been severely hurt. Just picture this...if someone were to make these same cartoons, but were to use your mother's face in each one, how would you feel? It's worse for us, because we love our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and to see such degrading images... Please remove these false images because an uproar has just been created.....and we will continue to boycott until a decent apology and the removal of all degrading and predjudice pictures have been removed. And if they're not...there will be no oil for you, so get in touch with the Amish people.

worse, into what people believe today. If you want to worship a purple frog that nobody has even seen, so be it. I won't hate you for it or question your beliefs, but don't preach it to me or threaten anyone who does not follow your belief. If I choose to draw your purple God Frog as a yellow salamander, you may laugh, but don't scorn me. Let's just all agree to disagree about religion, but you should be most concerned about how people judge the life you live, rather than waiting to see what happens after your body dies. Live life only with the purpose of doing good for others....all others. Remember....some history is fiction, so you don't have to believe everything in a book, just because what it says on the cover, or because someone said that it's the absolute truth. Think for yourself. We are all born innocent and equal, non-violent and non-judgemental. It's up to us to raise the next generation of caring, loving human beings.

From: Igi S. (Australia) Subject: Flawed Logic Mo's people furore opens my eyes how their logic is flawed. It maybe comes from the brain-damage they got from banging their heads to the floor in their daily 5 prayers. They swear and curse, throwing threats in their e-mail responses to this site. They state that depicting their holy prophet is prohibited and doing so is an unforgivable sin. Following the logic, they should know it very well that they are not supposed to visit the site and see the depiction of their holy prophet. Yet they do visit on their own will. Despite the warning that easily offended people should stop going further, they defy the warning and keep going-on only to get offended and enraged.

From: mohammed said ....... ... ... fuck you

From: M. M. From: Rayhan

What I see a bunch of fanatics have tried extremely hard to mock another group of fanatic by drawing these cartoons. But in reality it doesn't work. It gives some self satisfaction just like a feeling of post masturbation after watching the porn at the early child hood age, home alone.

We have entered the Cartoon Wars. This is a propaganda war in which fascist Islam is proclaiming that whatever they don't like, or find offensive, is punishable by death. The reactions to the cartoons printed in the Danish newspaper, the Jyllands-Posten, range from hundreds of thousands of angry Muslims rioting, murdering and burning down buildings, to some commentators in the United States who deplore the Islamic reaction yet proclaim that it was "stupid,"unwise" or simply "wrong" for the newspaper to publish these cartoons of Mohammad, considering the violent reactions throughout the Islamic world. We are at war with fascist Islam. Those who believe that it was "stupid" to publish the cartoons and "stupid" to continue publishing such inflammatory material are wrong. They are dead wrong.

From: ibrahim o. why dont you put you mothers naked pictures with ,,,and print them all around the world, and if your mother complaint to you just tell her this is free speches and free jurnalism.

From: Abdul M. (Bangladesh) Subject: Its important You have no idea what you are doing!! remember, one day you will be punished & at that time no one in this world can help you, even not your so called 'God' can help you !! because that is not thing but a drawing of yours !! Remember, it is very easy to draw some ugly pictures of your God like your drawing !! but we wont do that.. coz, we are not such a pig like you ..... So, stop doing these type of job & try to do some thing for humanity !! try to help your self & at last remember, there is also time to become a good human... so ask for forgiveness & sick help to your God not mine !! that will be enough for you i guess !!

They are surrendering to fascism. The Jyllands-Posten was doing what newspapers do all over the world. They published a controversial article. This article was about whether or not Danish cartoonists were intimidated by fear of retribution by fascists, who claim to be Muslims, if they were to depict the Muslim prophet, Mohammad. We, who claim to live in the Free World, are fighting a war against these particular fascists who claim the religion of Islam as their primary weapon. These fascists use extreme violence and murder to propagate their goal of making everyone in the world, "a slave, a Muslim or dead." Islamic Fascists daily proclaim that their goal is to make the entire world "a slave, a Muslim or dead," and they proclaim that it is a holy mission. Those that cherish free speech and believe that they should have the right to insult murderers and terrorists acquiesce to this selfproclaimed mission of Islamic world domination when they chastise the Jyllands-Posten for being "stupid" because they printed cartoons that inflame the Muslim world, or when they remove funny websites

From: Nazima T. (India) Subject: To those who think ill of Islam.

Hello! May blessings and peace be upon all those who have contibuted to this site. I am a muslim and a staunch one at that. You have done this and all the depictions or cartoons in the name of freedom of expression or whatever. From the views of those who are pleased with this depiction, it looks like they have no idea who the Prophet was or what he taught. May Allah spare the soul who says the Prophet (God forgive me for repeating this) raped young girls. If you are not fully aware of anything you should not even attempt to comment on it. And regarding the cartoons and depictions, they only depict the inner most animal instincts of the person who has drawn them because some perverts like to do things which disturb the peace and I feel sad that there are people who take pride in doing such things to show their rationale and superiority over those whom they consider backward! Sure good muslims will not even bother to comment on this because they know what is Islam and what the Messenger of allah stood for. Why should we brag about the ignorant whom Allah has not enlightened to follow the right path. We can only feel pity for them and ask Allah to show them the right path. To some extent the muslims are equally responsible for all the defamation that Islam is facing. May Allah show all the muslims the right path, and also the non muslims to come into the fold of Islam. Our Prophet was the chosen one and I dare not even take his name without "wadhu "or "ablutions" because he was the purest of the pure. Who are we humans after all to even say a word about the Prophet, whom Allah chose at His own will. May Allah forgive all those who have even tried to think of the prophet in any bad taste. And to the person who asks "where was the Muslim outrage when the Twin towers were destroyed?" Oh my God! we are not hyppocrites like him. How outraged will he feel when he gets to know that it was all planned by their so called leader Mr. George W Bush? Well, I think Mr. Bush is a very pious christian! Long live christian hypocrisy. Nazima.

because they are offensive to Muslim fascists. This is a serious mistake. We are currently at war with two particularly virulent forms of Islam that believe in total world domination through murder and violence. The largest and most successful of these two forms of fascist Islam is Wahhabi Islam, which is a cultic form of Sunni Islam begun 250 years ago in the sands of the Najd of Saudi Arabia. Using this fanatical and intolerant form of Islam, the House of Saud managed to subjugate and conquer the entire Arabian peninsula, murdering hundreds of thousands and destroying whole cities, including all of the holy shrines of Mecca and Basra in Iraq, where Shia Islam originated. Saudi Arabia today exports this cult of fascist Islam to every country in the world and has been doing so for over fifty years. This latest Cartoon Jihad was planned and agreed upon by 57 Muslim countries that met in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in December. It is this extreme, cultic form of Wahhabi Islam that prohibits their prophet from being depicted in pictures. As it prohibits any form of adulation to anything other than what Wahhabists decree is holy. These fascist Islamists destroyed all of the holy Muslim shrines all over the Middle East which were sources of pilgrimage for over 1,000 years. It was these fascist Wahhabist Taliban that destroyed the statues of Buddha in Afghanistan. These cultists believe that all people, including non-Wahhabist Muslims, are liable for death and destruction if they do not accept this fascist, Saudi Arabian, theocratic cult of death and destruction. These same fascist Muslims are at war with the United States of America and attacked us on 9/11. Osama bin Laden is a Saudi Arabian Wahhabi. And now, through their acts of war, specifically the burning down of sovereign Danish embassies, they have declared war on Denmark and anyone else that would insult them for their murderous ways. When the cult of "Wilayat Al-Faqih," the Rule of the Jurist, which is the fascist Shia cult practiced by the mullahs in Iran and hated by most Iranians, is added into this savage war, the result is two fascist powers

From: gupta m. Subject: to all non muslim readers

May Allah SWT lead you to the path! Please excuse all the bad words/curse from the previous offended emails, as Muslims supposed not to curse at all. Just like Christians, Jews, there are many muslims who actually fancy themselves as muslims but in reality do not practice Islam or remote to Islam's way of life. These are the people who makes the stereotype of a Muslim/ah. As for the pictures and the jylland's cartoon, i'm not surprised whatsoever. What do you expect anyway? To my Muslims brother and sisters, just pray Allah SWT give hidayah to them and Allah SWT let all of us eventually die as a true Muslim/Muslimah. Amiiin ya Rabbal Alamiiin!

vying for dominance in this war against the West and, against each other. Who can burn down more embassies? The Iranian backed Shia or the Saudi Arabian backed Wahhabis? Who can cause more destruction? Who can generate more fear? Because that is their aim: to generate fear and sow terror amongst their enemies -- which is anyone who refuses to believe what they believe. The goal of our enemy is to make it illegal and immoral to offend the fascist forms of Saudi Arabian and Iranian Islam. Their goal is to enforce the belief that when fascist Muslims are insulted, it is legitimate to murder people, burn down buildings and riot. In ordinary Western countries, when people commit these kinds of crimes, they are labeled for what they are: criminals. In ordinary Western countries, when people blame their criminal actions on others because "they made me feel bad" or because "I am offended," we call these kinds of people psychotic. The claims and the behaviors of Muslims who support this kind of fascist violence is criminal and psychotic. The behavior of the Danish newspaper that printed these cartoons is ordinary and mundane. They behaved as newspapers have always behaved. They published material that some people find offensive. That's all they did. It is not their fault or responsibility that psychotic, criminally insane, fascist, Muslims were offended and therefore burned down buildings and murdered people. The Jyllands-Posten should have published the story; should continue publishing stories like this, and so should everyone else. Every television newscast; every magazine; every newspaper, should show these cartoons over and over again to simply prove the point that we will not surrender to the whims and psychosis of criminal, Muslim fascists.

From: E. Parker (Turkey) Subject: A comment on the pictures I am an anthogonist living in a muslim country. Although I do not practice any religion I felt sorry and insulted from the pictures since they illustrate Muslims as offensive, primal and lustful people. These have been the steryotypes in western world eversince the crusades. That persvective ignores statistical information about high rape and homocide rates of many christian countries, it also creates a vision as if almost all war crimes against civilians were not commited by non muslim nations among history. Muslims who have commented about the pictures should consider that they have liberty to ignore the content of the web page and even if these pictures are a form of "hate speach", so does many of the comments of muslims. No religion can be judged by the actios of the radicals. History had thought us that violent actions in the name of a religion are caused by the way we understand and iplement the religion to our lives. As an example, crusades or Spanish inquisition cannot be held as a proof of "violent nature of Christianity". Finally, provocative works of people who critisise islamic way of life in the name of women rights etc. does not help us to fight against violations in our

homelands since they make intolerance of conservatives grow further. Hate speech never strengtens democracy in any part of the world. "Hate Actions" of the muslims makes it even worse.

We are in a war where the religious fascists are proclaiming that if we print things they don't like; that if we dress in ways that they disapprove of; that if we live our lives in ways that are prohibited by their beliefs, then they will destroy us. And they back up their threats by sending out their Islamic shock troops out in an orgy of destruction and murder. Every cartoon not published; every word censored for fear of offense; every website removed out of fear, is giving aid and comfort to our avowed enemy. We are at war with fascist Islam. And every time we allow ourselves to be censored or to change what is ordinary and mundane out of fear of offending Muslims, we are surrendering to their way of life -which is a way of life that is barbaric, hateful, and violent. We must not surrender. We must publish.

From: M. Shahid Subject: what you are doing is not right!!! you dont see a muslim put up soooooooooooooooo many pictures like this depicting Jesus, Moses, or any other religious leaders doing evil deeds. you should be ashamed of yourselves. you should read the quran and find out the truth of Islam, Muslims, and Mohammed (pbuh) maybe you'll learn something about your religion. Not all Muslims are barbaric and evil like you think we are. The evil Muslims are the ones who are extremists. Muslims just want to live in peace and brotherhood. By doing this, you are not achieving anything good. All you are doing is making your after life more painful

From: Paul P. (Great Britain) Fuck all you Islamic twats!

From: Safick A. (Great Britain) I feel very offended as a muslim by what you have on your website but I will not swear at you, curse you or wish you any harm. This is because is it against the teaching of my prophet. My prophet never swore, cursed or wished anyone harm just because they offended him. He even went to visit a lady who used to throw ribbish everyday at him on the day that she was too sick to do so. If you believe that whatever you are doing is right then good luck to you. But what if you are wrong. What if you are really offending the last and most beloved prophet of god (ALLAH). There is only one god which means only one true religion on this earth. Have you ever wondered why all the other religion on this From: Mohamed A. (South Africa) Hi everyone i am a Muslim. i don't believe the responses shown by 'offended persons' are from Muslims. Certainly many Muslims may be perturbed by your site and the illustrations you have collected and displayed. However the responses are not well thought out critisms of your site. they are just abusive language! Muslims do not behave thus, and if they follow the Prophet (SAW) they should know better. i respect the time and money it must have taken for you to collect all these illustrations and display them for public viewing. i hope that

earth are against Islam. Why is Islam always singled out. Could it be that all the other relaigion with their different teaching are right or is it that all the other are wrong and only Islam is right. Think about it.

your motives are objective and you have done so mainly to display an historic record of perceptions of this man (SAW). From my education regarding his life and deeds, his character and manner, i sincerely believe he was a pure and kind soul. i urge your readers and those who visit your site to engage in open minded research and study of this man. it is only with an open mind that we can ever make fair judgements. Thank You Kind regards m

From: Serkan C. Subject: I hope you will be forgiven Otherwise, it would be really bad to be punished in the other world, like as well as you deserve. It is not because you have published those things, it is because of the millions who prayed bad for you. God forgives all, if they ask. I hope that the god forgives you.

From: Steve A. (Great Britain) From: -nireusSubject: OFFENDED I am a non-beleiver living in a Muslim country. Actually taboos such as those images are just stupid and only deserves a laugh but it is to see how idiot people can be. There are some people telling Muslims attacked caravans etc.. I guess they are thinking christians were delivering flowers by then. Christians were responsible for mass murders in medeival ages it is enough to count their murders in their countries not to mention crusades to muslims. There is also a viatnemese commenting. Let me give a hint for him. It was fellow christian Americans who invaded their country and fucked their asses not muslims. I guess Americans must be laughing how idiot you can be. Whatever I hope people get enough brains to get over talking religion. Interesting responses. What we are really talking about here is blasphemy. Blasphemy is something which has almost disappeared from the legal lexicon in the western world in the last hundred years (yes I know there have been some prosecutions, but very few). The Danish cartoons were not even of Mohammed but were just personifications of Islam - but some of the other cartoons on this site certainly are blasphemous to Moslems (and some also to Christians and Jews). The question is, should we care? I think not. The concept of blasphemy, be it to Christian, Jewish or Moslem or any other faith, is infantile thinking. That's why we in the west have effectively dumped it for legal purposes. Blasphemy may be rude, offensive and plain bad manners, but it isn't something anyone but a ill-tempered child would fight over or kill for.

From: ismail e. (Netherlands)

I wanna say only one thing too all muslim who has send e mails. Why are we so angry, Please read Al Kafiroun (the Unbelievers) and you will be know all about non muslims. For non muslim here a explanation of this Surah

Come on Muslims, grow up. Get a sense of proportion (and a sense of humour.)

From: Ibn Kammuna Say: Disbelievers, I worship not that which you worship. Nor will you worship that which I worship. And I shall not worship that which you are worshipping. Nor will you worship that which I worship. TO YOU BE YOUR RELIGION, AND TO ME MY RELIGION Great site folks. Muslims need to be offended. This is the only way for them to learn tolerance. Peace

From: minesh k. (India) From: EMNMEDICAL SYS I am a muslim arab and I want to say FUCK hello, It was intresting to go thru your collection, whats more intresting how you have managed to save your website..... what ever you find on earth owes its creation to SUN.....good bad.... convenient...inconvenient......holy for us to decide.... just as a single cell of the body will never be able to comprehend...of what it is part of and how does body looks in totality....same goes for us too.... warm regards From: f.e. Subject: advice when you want to be critic, you have to know every thing about the person first, otherwise it will be rubbish. From: Paul & Cathy B. Subject: Such drama If any Muslims are offended, please, you have an open invitation to come join us for a few beers, good BBQ, and encouraging dialog while the kids play in the tree out front.

From: f.e. Subject: freedom There is a big difference between freedom and Insolence

From: f.e. Subject: the history

One of your depictions, about war and killing people, please read the history carefully when european controll the world there are a blood in everywhere like now till now you cannot spread the peace but muslim spread it in the past in few years. please read the history

I just wanted to say thank you to you and google for making it so easy to find the "offending" images and educating me about the extra three. No wonder they were so upset, but that's how knee-jerk reactionaries usually are. Michelle

From: Haitham (Bahrain) We Muslims believe that god is one, for all descendants' religions: Jewish, Christian and Muslims. So if you offended the prophet Mohammed you have offended Islam which in turn offends god (the one any only) think about that, I don't think you want to upset the mighty, who created all of us and this whole universe just for the sake of some political and sect oral reasons, be wise people and open up your mind there is higher power up there who know the right from wrong, it's not for us to judge which religion or prophet or saint is right, god will judge all of us on the judgment day... I dont know were you come from, but I can tell you that your page has been all over danish papers and tv today. Benjamin

Hello dear writers of the muhammed page. I'd like to thank you very much for enlightning not only me, but at lot of people all over the world. Thank you again for you great work. Danish people have a hard time understanding the moslem reaction to innocent drawings. I think you contribute to the discussion in a very positive way. Good luck spreading the message. Lars J.

From: nadie de nadie Good day all of you.; I write my feelings concernant muslims persons go are disagree or perturbed for the contened of this web, but at same moment iam surprising about mad muslims who answer here why? because the first wisdom of sunna and coran is never confronted "ignorants or unfaithfull persons" so it means all muslims who get angry by this web are not really believers because otherway...RIGHT MUSLIM WAY would be never come in one site like that.

From: The Kafir Next Door I would like to take this time to wish you my sincerest thanks for all that you have posted here. We live in a world dominated by superstition and ignorance. We live in a world where the number one amount of violent acts are

From: A. Shaheen (Egypt)

Subject: To know him is to love him! Hi all, From the land of prophets and tolerance in which Muslims live with Christians and Jews for hundreds of years in harmony and peace, I wanna say that who made that site is just a despiteful racist or a real ignorant. It's obvious that this site designers never tried to know who is Mohammed (PBUH). It's said that the worst deaf is that who don't wanna to hear . So I advise them to try to know who is our great prophet. I bet that if they read about him ,they would soon be true Muslims. No one know who is Mohammed and hate him because he is a mercy walking on 2 legs. In addition to that, I'd like to say to those parrots who repeat that word " freedom of press" that..the 1st role of freedom is to respect other's freedom and feelings. Just try to know who is Mohammed , and you will love him more than us!

committed in the name of the so-called "religion of peace". We live in a world where people actually believe that by drawing a picture of one of their most revered prophets we are actually doing something bad. Let me say this now, so that when "Allah" judges me in the afterlife, this will be on my record: If these are truly the rules that God has provided for humankind to follow, then I am not a believer in God and I am ashamed to be a human. But there is hope, and I do not believe this, because I strongly do not believe that the rules that are laid out in the Koran are the rules that the human race should follow, and I do not believe in the God of the Koran. There are many peaceful and good-meaning people out there who would like you to believe that the God of Christians, Jews, and Muslims is the same. On a very basic level, this is true. But on a more advanced and deeper level, we may find that it is highly illogical. The God of Christianity, minus some errors in the Bible, is a far more peaceful God than the God of the Koran. I once wished that they were the same, in the interest of world peace. But the sad truth is that they are not. There is no passage in the Bible that says Christianity should and will become the dominating force of the world. There is no passage in the Bible that specifies which religions are okay to get along with and which ones should be destroyed. And above all, the Bible does not assert its own perfection nearly as much as the Koran does. It is my belief that one of the major problems with modern Islam in this day and age is the widespread belief of the Koran's perfection. Here is a perfect example of one of its contradictions. This example also directly deals with how fundamentalist Muslims who constantly point out errors in the holy texts of Christians and Jews are simultaneously proving the errors of their own holy book. Suras 6:115, 6:34, and 10:64 all declare the previous works ( i.e. the Bible, Torah, etc.) to be "of God", and "the words of thy Lord are perfect". However, we have proved many errors in the historical accuracy of the Bible and the Torah, as do many Muslims fundamentalists who insist that these scriptures are flawed. Regardless of who has proved the flaws in these exterior texts, the mere proof of their existence validates the claim that the Koran is not perfect. In brief, the Koran claims that the Bible and the Torah are perfect. It has been proven that

From: Saadia (Canada) Subject: Bring Muslims Scholars to debate lies about Islam Hello, I am writting about the concerns I have about the widespread hate and ignorance of Islam. The cartoons depict perverse interpretations and lack of formal education about Islam. They do more than just offend Muslims. They attack Muslims emotionally/spiritually which paralyzes them intellctually for a long period of time before they can get the strength to defend themselves with academic proof. The Satanic makers of these cartoons take the apportunity of this paralysis of Muslims to continue making masses turn to Islamophobia, intense hatred and prevent Islamic research. Islam is based on proper knowledge according to authentic Islam (Original Islam as taught in the Holy Qur'an & bios of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him). Any changes to Islam make man-mad versions

of Islam which are not authentic Islam. Everything gets clearly understood when Islam is properly studied according to its History, Science and dynamics. Some subjects of study are Tawheed (dynamic of Islamic monothiesm), Holy Qur'an history and dynamics, Hadeeth and the degrees of their authenticity, sects created after the Prophet's demise and more. I think there is evergrowing pure hatred to the Muslims and moreover it is promoting ignorance about Islam especially when stupid cartoons are published. And, TV is a place where dialogues are less broad due to the time limitations which enables lack of details and proper explanations. The Danish think they know it all and they ignore the significant depths and details of Islam. I am very sad and upset that censorship is even being debated. However, even though I value debates, debating this issue without censorship on TV is never sufficient because the explanations in defense of Islam might "not have much air time" to discuss. Would that be fair? That is censorship in my view. Why don't you have more Islamic Scholars come on the shows and discuss the misconceptions of Islam that make the so-called controversies. This will be fair and must be done to heal the devastating hurt and paralysis caused to the Muslims. Please, help prevent Islamic ignorance. We are under attack and need your help. We are very peaceful and many are not because they act in defense. What are the agendas of those attacking the Muslims is my question? Why do they not study? They are driven by some motive and I sometimes guess it all starts from groups of Religious Non-Muslims. Anyway, bring Muslims Scholars on debate programs and then you will see the truths uncovering. Also, promote proper education on Islam through appropriate links like This is justice. Some educated Islamic Speakers like Dr. Bilal Phillips (, Professor Ingrid Mattson and Shabbir Ally can be contacted for your and the public's convenience.

they are not. Therefore, the Koran is imperfect. Once Muslims around the world free themselves from their ignorance and begin to understand the plethora of other contradictions in the Koran, maybe some intellectual progress will be made. Followers of Islam, prepare to explain yourselves. I have the greatest hopes for peace of all peoples in the world. But if you have a belief that requires you to commit acts of violence against someone who does not believe just like you do, it is common sense and logic that dictate that you must be able to justify your belief. Unfortunately for you, this justification does not include being able to cite the very same book (the Koran) that you got the belief from in the first place. The excuse "there is no other truth" simply does not stand. As a nondenominationalist and humanist, I am perfectly able to validate and explain my beliefs in rational terms as best I can. I have not seem that from one Muslim yet, I am sorry to say. If you are going to condemn to hell another religion, but not your own radicals who insist on violent and flashy carnage of so-called "kafirs", then I sincerely hope that whatever God does exist has mercy on you in the afterlife, not me.

From: mikod Subject: Very pleased I love the contrast between the "peace loving", god fearing and scared shitless muslims in the OFFENDED list and the people in the Pleased list. Your archive is very interesting and sheds light in an almost taboo subject. In my opinion islam, like all religions, has been changed in a way that reflects the needs of mass population control by the people in charge through out the years. all religions claim that they know the single truth, which by itself sounds funny in the age of quantum physics, but still all are divided into thousands of sects. If you really believe in God, which I believe you will be unpleasantly surprised when you die and nothing happens, then let your God take care of the "infidels" that look at pictures, many of which as the

From: m. jahwarii (Oman) i really do not know what is the purpose of your website but let me tell you that , Muslims are not affected by putting pictures , drawing

ext of these stupid ideas those pictures or cartoons does not represent at all the freedom , we are "Muslims" we deeply respect all religions that believes there is a "God" and only ONE because the world can not be created by more than one , just think about it..., our Prophet was sent to us by "Allah" to believe on the "God" , and spread peace not "War", I will tell you one thing , we can not say that because Hitler was Christian and killed so many people in the second war that all Christian are killers , the same thing for Islam , Prophet Muhammad was sent to us to teach us how deal with people , I do not think that you have read about him from Islamic sources , all the things that he asked to do it thousands years ago was proven that it has a good effect on the life or in our life , let say small example "Don't be drunk" it proven medically the effect of this, and many laws prevent people to drink Alcohol in your country if they are below certain age or if they are medically affected , "I hope you are able to read about Islam if it is laws in your country and by Muslims Websites as you claim for this great freedom.. Thankfully people how are guided by truly Islam leave at least in a peace from inside

archive shows were made by muslims that probably understood the message of their leader (not prophet) far better than those who threaten us that they are going to paint a picture with our blood (stupid medieval cunt), and get on with your life instead of shouting out threats, which by the way you can't carry on. Arabs used to be such forward thinking people and established a massive foundation on which the "western" world is built, but today their reactions simply make them loose all the rights they clearly have by the incomprehensible politics of the USA and many countries in the self proclaimed "civilised society". Thanx Free your mind from the trash

From: Agni A. I thank you very much for this attractive and true pictures. Really you have done a great job. I love it and share it with my blog readers. I have post about your site in my blog. My blog is in Bangla language. So you might not understand anything. I also want to get permission from you to make a new site [in Bangla] using the pictures from your site.

From: zahidjamalkhan (Netherlands) Subject: You all are emmotional foools What are you guys up to? Do you have any idea, what will be the end of all this? Freedom of speech is something else and appreciated by anyone, but this was a deliberate move to offend Muslims and make them hate Christians and Jews... You all should recognize that not all the expressions fall in freedom of speech!!! There are certain values, norms, customs... do's and don'ts among all religions, which makes them different from animals!! and it is understood that we have to respect the culture, religion and those do's and don'ts of others

From: Shareefaa A. (India) Subject: what is islam? This is the history of how we women and men were forcibly converted to Islam. It's sad that we have lost our true culture by practicing Islam. Read the attachment carefully. Even our Muslim men can know how they were converted to this satanic sect.

so... when a thing was well known that depicting the prophet of Muslims is forbidden in their religion, then what was the need to do so? Please think, it is not as simple as it looks!!! We all were living on same planet for centuries, but why now after so many years someone got in need to draw cartoons to express his feelings? you should all know that there is deep reason behind it!!! the actual war lovers, who don't want peace on earth, they did all this intentionally to make us fight each other!!! I admit, there are false Muslims who are portraying false image of Islam and Mohammad but they are not real Muslims...(the bombers etc.) Because the real meaning of Muslim is a person who carries peace, and if a person dont have peace in his heart, he is not a Muslim for sure!!! I announce this with whole confidence that Mohammad (PBUH) never ever instructed to kill any innocent life He always taught to inspire non-Muslims with kind behavior, love and peace!!! There is no such thing as killing innocent lives, spread terrorism to spread Islam!! Rather... it is the saying of Mohammad (PBUH) "The One who killed a human, killed the whole humanity" means the sin killing a single life equals to killing the whole humanity!! Then how come these so called Muslims think that they are following religion by killing millions of innocent lives?? I challenge everyone to bring me single verse from Quran or from the saying of Mohammad that says kill the innocent to spread Islam? I declare these terrorist so called Muslims as non-Muslims, they have no religion, they are animals!!! But, I request the world, on my knees... Do not fall in trap for fighting each other!!!

I will give you an example: We, the Nawayath Muslims, were Jews. We should be ashamed of ourselves for practicing Islam. Now we are praising Muhammad and his creation Allah like fools. Our god is Ahura Mazda and fire.

From: A. K. I reviewed some of the cartoons you have posted out of curiosity what was the big deal with the cartoons. I found some of the cartoons to be pretty funny. I know my God, I don't need to worry about someone else's hell fire and especially some of the things about Mohammed's life such as the killing of that entire jewish tribe and marrying the girld-child Aisha is true - so I don't see why people shouldn't bring up a historical facts. As well, I want to point out several hypocrisies in Mohammed's life. The Quran says only 4 wives are allowed per person. But Mohammed is known to have had a lot more than 4 wives. If fact, I think he had has many as 11 and Aisha was only six when he married her. This behaviour of Mohammed is the model of behaviour for every Muslim I suppose. And from the comments of the people who are displeased with your site, I can see that in their hearts is nothing but disease. Feel sorry for them. Hope they find peace in Christ or Buddha and give up the false teachings of Mohammed and as well Mohammed should find peace in Christ or Buddha - both of whom were never hypocrites like Mohammed. Anonymous (so they don't kill me for telling the truth - the god's honest truth)

From: Ron S.

Subject: Keep the site going! Do not count those terrorist as Muslims do not disgrace any religion because of sins of some devil's offspring it is the black sheep among us, who have worn our skin and we dont recognize them!!! What if a group of people rise and start killing innocent Muslims women and kids and say Jesus had taught them to kill non-Christians should Muslims start betraying Jesus for that? No way, we know the reality, or at least we will try to investigate!!! But, why Christians and Jews are not understanding that, someone really is trying to spread war!!!! Think... please think!!!! The more muslims rant and carry on, the more the world realizes just how screwed up they really are. Talk about brainwashed from birth. Conditioning of the easily led. In our society we consider that abuse. When you kneel on your carpet with your head on the ground and your ass in the air, is that some sort of secret one eyed salute to Mo? I must admit that whoever put this islam scheme together was one hell of a salesman. He really knew his stuff. An outrageouse idea which requires no proof, and people are still buying into it and mindlessly threatening everyone. Who ever said that there was no such thing as perpetual motion? Although it did come with a manual didn't it? What I've read about Mo, reminds me of others just like him since. Anyone remember Jim Jones and Jonestown? Too bad he wasn't leading the flock of extremists. You'd have loved him as he too was also a child abuser. He'd have sat you all down with a pork chop and a glass of Jonestown koolaid. No noisy bombs for Jim. Just drink your koolaid, and problem solved. Too bad you missed the barbeque in Waco. Another murdering religious fanatic. This site should most certainly continue. As long as these "scholars" are ranting and threatening, they are not home breeding! And that's a good thing. The rest of the world is by no means perfect, but we have one hell of a headstart on these clowns. By the way, do any of you yo-yo's know what spell check is? If you are going to insist on swearing, at least have the courtesy to learn to do it properly. America. Love it or leave it. Leave is the key word. In other words, FIFO...Fit in, or Fuck Off! Choose! Oh, that's right! You're not really welcome anywhere are you? Given any thought as to why that is? How about doing something positive for the world for a change?

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Suicide Bomber Olympics might be a nice gesture!

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From: Paul A. (UK) Well I think that site is very educational, as it may give people who don't know an idea of what Muhammed actually looked like. Those are significant historical pieces of art work, which the whole world should be able to view. People don't have to look at them if it offends their religious beliefs

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Do you honestly think that muhammed would want all muslims to hide his face, if he was a prophet of god, he should want to be seen and remembered not hidden by a shroud of secrecy. It was only after the 16th 17th century that the religious laws banned the depiction of muhammeds face. So who gets to decide that then, is it up to someone less holy and prophetic than mohammed to decide not to show his face in art work? I think that its wrong to change the word of a prophet. Much like christian faiths change the word of god in the bible! To form their new spin off religions. The whole violence between the shias and the sunnis, is just as pathetic as catholic/protestant. The whole world needs to realise extremist religions and sects that practice this extremism are wrong and they change and manipulate the word of their prophets or gods to control the minds of the weak and willing to do wrongful acts of sectarianist violence, that even god would send you all to hell for. Where in any religion does it teach us to kill each other because we don't share the same beliefs. I don't believe in any religion as such, but according to god we are all his creatures and we are all equal. No one set of beliefs is the truth. Received-From-MTA: Diagnostic-Code: virus Worm.SomeFool.P detected

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Attachment converted: And to that idiot who was going on about the jews controlling the world, you have been reading the Protocols too much my friend, don't you know that is called propaganda, and is one of the most famous of its kind? Had you bothered to read into the Protocols more you would find that it was all just a lot of political propaganda. Well done to this website, it's a good historical and educational reference and should remain available to all who want to view it.

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From: Melanie H. (South Africa) I don't think the cartoons in the link Anti-Semitic cartoons from contemporary Arab media are anti-semitic at all. They are a true depiction of Israeli agression of poor Palestinians. They are way less offensive than the extreme Mohamed cartoons. Get a life.

Thanks for the cartoon input. Just wanted to see what the Muslim uproar was all about. The Muslim world owes Denmark an apology and the US Newspapers that scream about "freedom of the press" owe the US Public an apology. Thank God we have the Internet. C.G.

From: mahmoud a. (Egypt) Subject: why why you do something like these you havenot mind you do not know god you donot belive . i know that you will see god power i ask him that

From: Steve N. what an overwhelming amount of images of the Prophet!

awesome site! keep up the great work! abdu-t. (student from Irbid, Jordan) From: Khalid L. (France)

Subject: Allah akbar i saw all the pictures and i have to say .. i love " Mohammed " .. i love " Islam " i'm a Moslim .. i live as Moslim .. and i die as a moslim ... Allah akbar ....

Subject: Islamic Fundamentalist Fascists Thank you Islam for waking up a "Sleeping Giant" in the rest of the cultures other than Islam. We now are aware of the depraved terrorist murderers that used to hide within the confines of the Islamic "moderate" culture. We are now aware of the Koran and the level of filth it elicits. We are now aware of the fact Mohammed is a pedophile who should be shunned and mocked for that crime alone. Without web sites that are prepared to show the Islamic Fundamentalist fascist for what they are, murdering thugs, we would still be stumbling along listening to the dhimmis of the left and liberal elite, and being colonised by a culture that wishes to take us back to the 4th Century. Islam, you have been sussed, and will NEVER be accepted whilst the moronic Islamic Fundamentalist Fascist is part of you. IS IT TIME FOR AN ECONOMIC FATWAH AGAINST ISLAM AND ALL ITS BUSINESSES. WITHOUT THE SUCCOUR AND REVENUE FROM OTHER CULTURES PURCHASING FROM IT, IT WOULD NOT SURVIVE. -- Bryn

From: Mohammed Abdul B. (Qatar) Subject: Mohammed (pece be up on him) Dear You pleae read the Holy Qura'an with enlish translation, not for Jokes, read for your understanding,your satification that what your and our god mentioned in the holy book. you and your all community please read this verses if you did not under stand please call me thanks [15,000-word section of the Qur'an pasted into the email.]

From: Hasan N. (Turkey) Subject: what are you really looking for? Well, the first thing you have to know is that if there are some people that kill and spread teror around the world in the name of Islam, a thing that even Muslims are against, certainly there is a reason behind that. just make your brains work a bit and think about it, Muslims have skills of making caricatures, drawing pics and also making some annimations, but they never dare and will ever dare to show indignity towards christian's or Jewish prophets, or what ever, just have a while and read some of the Quora translated to the language you can understand, and you will see how that book, and how Islam thinks about Jesus, Moses and all the prophets. We love all of them, you don't believe in Islam, you don't believe in

From: majid (Italy) is very interessant to understand what the muslem fel whene they are tuching by ther religion and interessant to know not muslem how are think about but is more interessant to be free in write drew think....

From: Prasad B. (Norway)

Mohammed, you don't believe is his sacred book the Quoran, it's cool you are free, no one will blame you, the land is wide and enough for all of us to live in peace, each with his thoughts and beliefes, but without insulting what is not sacred, holly and sensitive, you can creticise the Muslims or even Islam, but before you do it try to know about it, cause when we criticise something we ignore we are not fair, we are even so cruel. Peace!!!

guyz, It indeed is an important archive. I can imagine the hard work behind it. I praise the efforts. Islam is no good a religion for the human race and Mohammad I guess was the biggest fool.

You host a very interesting web site, well organized and to the point. I respect you for doing this and its very helpful in light of the controversy still brewing over the Danish cartoons. From: R. Bousseloub You people have truly gone too far with this. What I have witnessed is extream racism against muslims and my prophit Mohammad. How would you people feel if I drew Jesus being tortured in hell or if I said he is a fake prophet I bet you would feel deeply offended just as I am right now. Personally, I find it hard to believe that a depiction of a long dead prophet can instill such anger - causing death and destruction in many cities, but I am also not a religion zealot. Jim H.

From: K. Nielsen (Denmark) From: Mounib H. (France) Votre page est offensante pour tous les musulmans. C gratuit et ca ne fait avancer personne. Quand vous, vous savez que vous aurez des comptes rendre votre Crateur. Je n'aimerais pas tre votre place. Thanks a lot for presenting these pictures to the world. A much needed moment of comic relief in these days of religious lunacy here in Europe. I don't know who is the most loony, these religious submissives, or the politically correct ('halal hippies' is a term sometimes used here, it was coined by a Syrian born Danish MP who himself is a pet hate of the submissive community here) who cannot bring themselves to utter a negative word about the oh so 'noble savages'.

From: Zaynab A. (UK) Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings upon him) is the messenger of God and he is in Heaven...what you have shown is nonsense and it reflects your jealousy and hatred towards prophet Mohammed .... we will always be faithful to our ONE GOD and to his great Prophet

From: Matty Boy Many of your cartoons depicting Muhammad are absolutely humourous but as a Christian I quickly skipped over the cartoons that contained Yahshua in them. Friend, there are some lessons to be

peace and blessings upon him... and you can't and will not be able to underestimate our religious values....

learned. You see although the cartons that contained the Messiah were extremely offensive to me, I did not want to issue death threats and blow you all up because I love you guys. While Muslims respond with hate and murderous intent, I respond with kindness and love. I don't hate anyone at all. I absolutely HATE Islam and that is why I love your Muhammad cartoons so much but obviously the ones that do not contain Yahshua the Messiah. My reaction and the reactions of Muslims are completely different and are but a mere reflection of what our leaders are truly like and how they teach us how to act and moreover, how to respond to those who offend us. This therefore proves that while Muhammad was the most evil man to have ever lived and is a perfect reflection of Satan as evidenced by the immoral behaviour of almost every Muslim in your "offended" archive, Yahshua the Messiah is a perfect reflection of Yahweh God because He is Yahweh God's physically manifested self and He commands us to "love our enemies" and "pray for those who persecute us" and such is evident in my reaction to some of the cartoons that severely blaspheme my God. Muhammad on the other hand advocated vengence, hate, murder, terrorism and genocide and such is evident in the reactions of Muslims to those cartoons who have the same hatred in their hearts as the 9/11 terrorists. Keeping this in mind, I implore you to judge for yourselves who is more of a representation of the One true and living God -- is it Muhammad or Yahshua the Messiah? This brings me to my next point. While some of your cartoons are extremely blasphemous because they contain Yahshua the Messiah, Muhammad committed the most heinous blasphemy of the highest order which is by far the worst blasphemy EVER committed by any known man to have ever lived. By claiming that Yahshua - the physical manifestation of Yahweh God - was only a prophet that was second to Muhammad, Muhammad ultimately claimed to be greater than God. ... Islam is the world's cancerous evil and Allah is the Devil incarnate just as your cartoons so accurately portray. In the West, we are nothing but ostriches as we have our heads buried

From: C. Fanit Firstly Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is not the founder of Islam, It's not a social group that u join. You're laughing and joking about beliefs and a way of life. What about Islam and Muslims scare u???? Why try and make people angry???? Why laugh at a man who was noble, kind and tolerant??? Muslims dislike, on a whole any images to be made of the prophets for no other reason other then respect. We don't portray images because we don't want people praying to them and confusing it like people do with Jesus (pbuh) ie jesus was born in the middle east and he is portrayed like a white man. People pray to his image etc. Information is a good thing but if you're hurting people and offending them, regardless of your religion decency should prevail.

From: Dylan H. Subject: bigot [email blank]

From: Narjes F. Subject: Salop

[email blank]

From: L. Sriyanti (Indonesia) Subject: This is what you call democracy ? People have right to say and express them self, it is democracy what you are all believe. But in this case im not hate you because of you made caricatur but i hate you cos you made my prophet muhammad as a subject in caricatur, you can make every one in this world to be your subject but why you make prophet as your subject, as muslim we respect all religion why you can not respect our religion and our believing and our prophet. You was wrong explain about prophet muhammad, and you was made a big mistake, muslim people love to die for defend of the holy prophet muhammad and al-quran, and their believing. I believe theres other people who want to destroyed a muslim people, we also believe there is a lot of devil who want to take human to hell to company them, because of this is what the devil promise and people who said bad things about my prophet muhammad is a devil but like human who will be stay in hell forever. you all think that muslim people who was made bomb in wtc 9/11, and think all muslim as terorism, but when one of your people kill muslim people and he is christian, muslim people not blame all christian people in this world but we blame the person, this is that you have to realize first. as a muslim we also hate terorism cos we love peace. for me my religion mine and your religion is yours , why you can not respect that. Allah SWT know what you did and you can not hide, Allah not sleep and not blind, Allah not she or he, .......................................Someday i believe you will find what is the right about Prophet Muhammad,

deep in the sand regarding our ignorance of Islam and are sitting ducks when it comes to its devastating effects. Alas, how foolish our founding fathers were in their drafting of our constitutions by permitting the infectious spread of that evil cancer of Islam into what are amongst the most civilised societies in the world. No one in their right mind would ever allow identified gangrene in their foot to spread and infect other parts of the body, especially those parts which are absolutely necessary for its functioning. Nay, the victim contains it by having the gangrenous limb amputated and thereby having separated it successfully, its poisonous spread and fatal destruction are thus prevented. Likewise, that evil cancer of Islam should have been cut off from the rest of the civilised world and contained in the very dregs of the earth from which it sprang forth, before its egregious filth had the chance to ultimately destroy what it has already destroyed along its perilous path of mayhem, in what were civilised countries - peace, prosperity and liberty. Verily, Islam is certainly not compatible with democracy by any stretch of one's imagination. It never has and never will be. Remaining blinded by political correctness which in turn is their foolishness and ultimately their downfall, our leaders have sought nothing but the very demise of our society in the Islamic cancer which befell it. Therefore I tell you, never cease nor desist in making more Muhammad cartoons.

From: M. Nicoll Thanks for the mohammed site, i enjoyed it muchly. Most of the extreme ones werent so good but some of the old ones are brilliant. i hope you dont mind that ive taken a few off and one is now my desktop background. muslim women burning in hell on allahs orders because they showed horny men their hair. puts the danish cartoon scandal in perspective.

theres still time for you to ask forgiveness before it is to late. If you learn more about muslim and learn history and open your mind you will find the true and the light, but i wish it not to late for you.......................... muslim people can not accept this atitute cos we love and believe our faith not like you who also humiliate your own believe and your own prophet, but i know it because you dont have faith. learn and find the true first before you talk, respect people first and people will respect on you. one advice for you all : Use you chances when you still have it, so you will not regret remember this 5 before other 5 healthy before sick, young before old, large before narrow, rich before poor and live before die.

mpn (from scotland)

From: Luc B. Hi, I'd like to comment that the mohammed section of the site was pretty informative and generaly unbiased. Note that I don't really have anything against Islam itself, but the recent controversy is good for a laugh, after all those protesters showed how much integrity they had by lighting a few buildings on fire.

From: A. Antonsson (Iceland) Hello all you uot thare. I do no understand why you people belewe on something what is not on earth you can not touch it or se it. Why don't you stop this and mind what is best fore you family or your own for best. I can tell you that THERE ARE NO GUD. If it where then why are the world so mean thro the past 3000 years.

From: poue l. Subject: my friend :thank you foryour's pictures Dear........Friend Yes ,my friend ,because i will not forget you all my life , why because you is the main reason fo decalre my islam , yes i am now muslim from 2 week , yes , i am return only from egypt as a tourist after short trip and during this trip i am met a good muslim man ,he talk with my about mohammed and islam . But may be in this time i am doesn't understanding very well about this religious , But after i watched your website and seen this images , i am starting to think why all the western world attach mohammed ( peace on him ) - why attach himalways , there is nothing in world have value only mohammed (peace on him) .I am taking one week , only one week read about him , and finally......................................

Place all in the world stop believe in some thing what is not and start believe own your self. If not then it will be short time until this world face the end.

From: Paul S. The entire world of islam can just step off. Your false prophet mohammed is sizzling in hell just as any filthy pig of a pederast deserves. The blood of the innocent is on all of your heads and righteous judgment is coming your way. I really, really hope that maniac in iran starts something then the nations that serve

thank you , thank you ..... and as a chiness proverb said ''give out this tree ,to asve a whole forest ' and sorry because my message is very short for you , my friend ,because i should go now to mosque to pray ...............alsal alekom , but at all i am very saad for you because you will go to the hell as our qurain said .......................please please think like me ,,,,,,may be ....and allah able to help you to the straight way salam alekom ....

righteousness can send you all to hell where you belong you race of lying, woman hating, jew hating child molesters.

From: Dai Subject: get bent you goatfucking muslims are as bad as the christians, using religion to justify murder, you're all cunts, why dont you and the christians go fuck yourselves bunch of hypocrites, hope your death is painful THERE IS NO GOD

From: nehla b (France) if you are thinking that this is a kind of free mind so you are very rediculus and stupid and you havent any relation with any dignity or honor how do you permit to insult our prophet like this he is before al a human avery one from those who had done this am sure that they don't accept that somone insult them like this if they have have to express they opinion they have to know what is really coran and mohammed because our coran and prophet asked us to respect other religion even persons and never mohamed was like that but that i can say that god exist and he will know how to protect his prophet and the religion from all who getting bad things even from us but now i really detest this kind of civilisation and am very happy to be muslman and to have mohammed rassoul llah our prophet i am asking my self know how will really they will feel if any one isult them not even the prophets or religion so be subjectif


From: Smackhead why is it I can go to a country like Turkey, full of Muslims and they love the Brits. They understand integration, christians and muslims live together amicably, yet the UK lets in muslims to this country (UK) and they still think the rules of Aghanistan or other third world countrys apply, my god I am taxed top dollar for living here and it pees me off. By the way I have I seen the cartoons and it is not as bad as I have seen on a Blackpool postcard about an English vicar. Subsequently I have not stormed an Embassy or burnt a flag.

From: r.w. freedom of speech doesn't mean that you can launch an indirect or in the case of Danish newspaper direct attack in form of editorial images on some other religions especially Islam and ruing their fates.....

From: Ourenzo Humor, Sarcastic Tones, Cartoons, Religion, and Races are honored by the right of opinion and the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press.

I being a Muslim condemn it

Others who demonstrate against these certain unalienable human rights and freedoms with violence and destructive behaviors are: 1. Against God/Allah

From: oola44 (Egypt) Subject: mohamed is the best no one ask u to be a moslem no one ask u to be a beleiver so dont be this rude to our one and only mohamed sala allah alieh wa salam u have the freedom to say what but ur freedom stops when it hurts someone else please we r not childs or dums lets be honest with our selves and stop insulting a holy prophet who has done nothing to any one so please be logic no one can do the same mistaque twice there is someone playing with all ove us to let us hate each other and then the big war the end of the world

2. They showcase their mental illness 3. They abhor human dignity through a public display of their ignorance while propagating evil in the worst way through the hypocrisy and horrific deeds of their religious beliefs. The Muslims depict Roman Catholic, Christ, and Jews as infidel pigs in their own cartoons, therefore, all other religions have an inherent right to depict Allah as they see fit!

From: T. From: D. Mendoza While I don't agree with the overall intentions of this site, I do agree that we all have a responsibility to stand up and let the world know that we will not allow dictators and oppressors to threaten us into submission. I do, however, believe that this could have been accomplished in a much more productive manner. I would appreciate it very much if you would let the people know that indeed you are not a Biblical Christian, to at least clear up that misunderstanding. Provoking people to anger is sin according to the Bible. I've just one question though for the muslims... For such self-professing holy people, from what I've read here anyway, you certainly do have filthy mouths. I doubt that a holy God would encourage such language, and threats of rape. Please forgive me if I sound condescending, that's not my intent, but this irony stands out. The truth is that while you condemn other people to hell, congratulations on this grand and quick historic archive of Mohammed portraits following the current international incident - and bravo also for the always elegant and educated comments. the cartoons are now to be published at least in Germany, Iceland and France (France Soir) in the name of free expression of speech. we had to clear out our offices yesterday - we are in the same building as the Jyllands Posten newspaper who published the drawings. all the best + thanks for your great contribution to the thing - it's really cooking here in copenhagen.

Sirs, I am reading such angry responses to a few cartoon images. The cartoons I believe can be offensive to some...but to the degree you

you condemn yourself because we are ALL sinners, and you've made that clear.... Do you honestly think any objective observer would be persuaded to convert to Islam after seeing the fruits it has apparently brought forth? ... Both sides here are to blame. One for provoking, the other for being immature enough to viciously retaliate. (Let's be honest though. Islam's mission is indeed to force people into submission, or severely punish them if they don't submit. It can't then take much to provoke, can it? Perhaps being an infidel would do it?) Which is why we all need to wake up and see the facts. If we don't step up, we will later on regret our permissiveness. Everything we have come to value, that which was passed down from our forefathers, is at stake. Fundamental muslims are on a mission to conquer the world, and force their own values on everyone. This is really no joke, and no amount of passivity and kindness will eradicate this problem.

wish to riot or harm others? I have seen television programming...state the mideast, nothing could compare to the way chrisians and jews are depicted! Where are the slayings and riots? When a Mosque is bombed...what happens to sacred books and literature inside?...possibly burned or destroyed.....but no reaction! A phony story of mishandling the Quran by a gaurd...and screams,riots,death! The murder and dismemberment of young girls is much more serious, than a questionable cartoon...Muslims around the world should ask what is more important and offensive!! Perplexed

From: F.W. (UK) I'm such a mix of religions that i dunno what to think I'm predominantly Christian, and, if i'm honest, i don't care if people decide do draw pictures taking the piss out of christ in fact, there are so many out there, i couldn't fit them into this email There are loads more than those of Mohammed however i've never seen a single christian sending death threats to people who publish them the people who do send death threats you're just narrow-minded stop it you're just embarrassing humanity go found your own country somewhere else like pluto death to the infidels??? sounds like something out of a computer game I have nothing against muslims, in fact, 99% of them are lovely people

From: Wahid N. (Jordan) Subject: some respect I was extremely disappointed when I viewed your website, and I read your comments about the free world, but I think respecting others is a part of freedom, and as in the say your freedom finished when others freedom starts, I know that lately was so many terror acts that kills many innocent people tagged by Islam, but as Muslim I tell you that these acts are far away from the real Islam, and who did these acts are Muslims only by name, we have a say in our holly Quran says that "anybody who kill innocent soul is like he kills all human being" and we as Muslim we respect all religions and all cultures so it will be nice if you show some respect to our prophet which we love and respect.

From: majid a. down with denmark -- all of the muslems of world however that tiny 1% of disillusioned muslims spoil life for everyone else it would be ironic if they didn't go to paridise, but instead just got reincarnated, or stayed as ghosts...they'd be kicking themselves if they had any physical body left to kick once someone has actually fully read all the texts from that time, then they can come back and debate it, then people might listen until then byebye and enjoy life to its full

From: A. Siddiqui Dear Amazon, please remove all this pictures which is not true. You are not suppose to show this because it is wrong.

From: Chris B. From: Nour Subject: Thanks for informing us. I am a Christian and find these cartoons very offencive too, because we have show respect for other religions and people who practise those religions. I have lot's of Muslim friends and believe me all of them are very decent people. It is so easy to pick on other religions and close our eyes on flaws of our own. Crusades for instance, despite of teachings of Christ to "love one's enemies" and to "turn the other cheek", were the act of brutality, aggression, and barbarism. Besides, Muslims believe in Jesus too, so making fun of Islam you are making fun of Christianity too. You know what, this is the first time I have seen all of the 12 now infamous pictures. Thanks for putting that up, without you and others like you I would never have even known what the conflict was about. The press used to believe in freedom of speech, and having all the available information before making decisions, but they won't give me the information in this case. Now that I can see how only a few of them are insulting at all, and half of them are completely benign, it just underscores how important it is to ensure our freedoms are not compromised.

From: Ismail B. (South Africa) SLMZ ALL THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS THAT THESE PEOPLE DONT UNDERSTAND THE LOVE THAT WE HAVE FOR OUR PROPHET (S.A.W). THEY HAVE NO UNDERSTANDING A few weeks ago, I tried to google to find the pictures from Denmark that had been the center of the cartoon row. I was unsuccessful. Then, a friend wrote in his blog about what is going on, and included a link to your site. Upon arriving at your site, I was quite pleased to not only find the recent cartoons, but many examples of depictions of


Mohammed from throughout history. As a historian, I found these to be quite interesting. I appreciate that you have put all of the various images on display. There is nothing worse than misinformation to get people riled up. Whether or not Muslims are happy about your page should be irrelevant to you if you are not a Muslim. Why should laws from a religion not your own matter to you? I don't go about trying to force people of other faiths to follow Christian beliefs, and I don't think that Muslims should try to dictate to non-Muslims how they should behave. If Muslims are offended by the images you have on display, then they should avoid looking at them. It seems to me that the most unfortunate thing about this entire controversy is that a few fundamentalists are stirring up emotions in the majority of Muslims. I have a hunch that the vast majority of Muslims, including those involved in demonstrations are genuinely peace loving folks who have been incited to rioting and violence by wicked people who are seeking to instigate a clash of civilizations. I can only pray that cooler heads will prevail, and I think that being able to look at these images is a step in the right direction. Eric C.

From: Suleyman Y. (Turkey) You are fool.

From: Glenn B. (UK) From: S. Azeeemuddin (India) Subject: regarding photos of Prophet Mohammed PBUH Aslama alikum rahmath ullahi wa barkathu (peace up on you) It s very unfortunate that you are make useless efforts to provakete the sentiment of Muslims you all know that all the Muslims respect the Prophet Mohammed PBUH it doesn't serve any purpose it heart the feeling of Muslim community I would like to bring your kind notice that holy book Quran is for all human beings and Prophet Mohammed PBUH is prophet of all human being. In Quran it is mention that if all the person in the Imagine if someone (maybe in China) had drawn a picture of the Dalai Lama holding a bomb, and it was published on this site. Can we imagine so many abusive and threatening emails from Buddhists? Burning embassies? Death threats? A good Buddhist would express their opinion whilst wishing only love for the artist and the publishers. If a Buddhist expressed hatred and insults, it would immediately stand out as deeply unspiritual. By contrast, it is interesting to see how many posts there are here from people who call themselves Muslims, but who just express hatred, as opposed to love.

world becomes non Muslims noting goes of almighty Allah. And if all the persons become Muslims nothing benefits Allah Every one has to die one day including you and me we are responsible for all deeds we will be treated as per. My humble request is that please remove the photos of Prophet Mohammed PBUH. I am sure that you will act wisely and responsibly. Thanking you.

I notice not a single email from a Muslim condemning all this violent, abusive and threatening language from their fellow Muslims. What does that say to the readers of these emails? No cartoon can make me think differently about a world religion. But the reaction to this episode from thousands of Muslims is selfdefeating, and does little to convince non-Muslims that Islam is widely practiced in a peaceful and tolerant way, rather than mostly in a dangerous and potentially violent way. If compassionate and peaceful Muslims wish their religion to be perceived as such, then I think it would be a good idea for them to loudly condemn those Muslims who pour out hatred and threats. The compassionate version of Islam needs to be heard above the roars of hate.

From: Dina K. I am a muslem who respect all religions and every human being I was really offended by the photos of my prophit on your websit, especially those offensive cartoons. These cartoons serve only to increase the negative feelings between human beings, it calls for the hate and the prejudice to grow between muslems and non muslems. My prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him has so many good qualities. He is nothing like the prejediced streotype cartoons that are hosted by your website. Please remove them for the sake of peace, love, and mutual understanding between fellow humans whether they are muslems or non muslems

From : Steve Subject: very good work I would like to express how great I feel about going through your website. It's very prudent and correct to show how depictions of this so-called " prophet " have existed and to our amazement even in muslim culture. I would also like to express my hatred and contempt for Islam, this religion is a threat to the world and people need to start realizing it. Muhammad was a coward, an epileptic, a murderer, a thief and an ignorant. I'm very glad we are upsetting these beasts.

From: M. Osman I am asking politely, kindly take these photographs down. We respect other religions and as a muslim and out of compassion for humanity, I urge you respect our beliefs and take down all photos and pictures depicting prophet muhammed. He was a holy man, and as muslims we do not make photos of him out of respect. What do you get out of offending all muslims around the world? For us its offensive, and on behalf of all fellow muslims around the world, I urge you peacefully to kindly, please take them off.

From: Frank G 1 in every 55 verses in the Qur'an incites believers to wage war on nonbelievers.

From: A. Xanthopoulos (Greece) After I saw quite everything in this site, I came to the conclusion that the absolute majority of these cartoons are indeed offensive. Actually very offensive for the people of the Muslim religion. I think that one, before depicting the Prophet in this very offensive way, should take into consideration several factors, such as the social conditions of the time and the cultural and historical parameters of the times of Prophet Mohammed. I do not think that the depicting of the face is offensive, but the way of depicting it is unhuman and offensive in many respect. I do not blame Muslims when they react to the obvious and bruttal offence that the Prophet is suffering by ignorants and uncultured drawers, who think that the "freedom" of their societies allows them to offend others, because of their believes. Shame on them. A. Xanthopoulos ( Christian Orthodox)

Jesus was called "the Messiah" by Allah in the Qur'an. And Jesus was even born of a virgin (Surah 3:45-57)! Yet Muhammad who had 12 wives, 2 concubines, sex with captured slave girls, and participated in many attacks on innocent caravans and villages, and insisted on 20% of all the booty from these raids -- is supposed to be the greatest of the prophets. History tells us that one of the major reasons the Jews in Arabia refused to believe Muhammad was a prophet at all - was because of Muhammad's harem. No prophet of God ever had this same sort of sexual appetite that Muhammad had. Muhammed was also a pedophile. His wife Aisha was but a mere child. Muhammed himself avocated the murder and torture of nonbelievers with boiling water and iron hooks used as instruments of pain. I feel sorry for Muslims. They are lied to their whole lives and live under a yoke of slavery. They truly are the deceived. Shame on those Westereners that cave to the demands of fanatics. Qur'anic verses:

From: Said (Egypt) Subject: You'll know We may see in your life how is wrong and how is right. Sure we'll know at the end day. Any human need to know about the prophet Mohammed. Knowing about Mohammed not only from who hate him, the unbelievers and the Europeans. Knowing about him in fear way also from the believers, his lovers and the Muslims.

Kill unbelievers wherever they find them (Qur'an 2:191); murder them and treat them harshly (Qur'an 9:123); fight them (Qur'an 8:65) until no other religion than Islam is left (Qur'an 2:193); humiliate them and impose on them a penalty tax if they are Christians or Jews (Qur'an 9:29); slay them if they are pagans (unbelievers) (Qur'an 9:5); crucify, or cut off their hands and feet, and expel them from the land in disgrace. Then there are these: Muslims are told that unbelievers "shall have a great punishment in world hereafter" (Qur'an 5:34); not to befriend their own fathers or brothers if they are not believers (Qur'an 3:28, 9:23); to kill their own family in the battles of Badr and Uhud, and to "strive against the unbelievers with great endeavor" (Qur'an 25:52); and be stern with them because they belong to hell (Qur'an 47:4). This Allah says all those who do not believe will go to hell (Qur'an 5:11). And the sadism gets worse: "As for the unbelievers, for them garments of fire shall be cut and there shall be poured over their heads boiling

From: ahmet (Iraq) Subject: we love jesus and respect all holy books selam alikum the peace with you

im a guy in 20 from iraq kirkuk and for your racists information we love our christian and respict them and we treat them like our brothers ( love for your brother what are you loving for yourself ) nabbe muhammed salla alahu aleyhe wassalam. i will say to that we are in war and you thunk i hate the christians or americans or a europeans but i not , because in every religion or country theres 2 things good human bad human and they can be a christian or juish or muslim or buthist or infidel who are not belive in allah (god) and the good human whoever he is. he cant do a terrior what you like to say or murdirer or suicide in a bombing car because he know the holly books all of them (quran . holy bible . ...) the violince and a terror or any bad things could take him to the hill. how all the muslims are belive in prophit mohamed (salla alah alyhu wassalam) ... and dont wait from any muslims to draw a karikator to jesus or muses or other prophits because we belive them like we belive in prophit mohammed and we belive in holybible and we respict a good christian man or a good jewish man like a brother and everyone are free in his reilgion and theres one god who has no partener or family and all the riligions belive in him and the mohamed are the last prophit you belive or not that is up to you... in the end i will say to everyone who did this and draw a karikatur or vote for it and a blind democracy there is a rule for everything you cant do what you want drinking alchol and making sex to some women that is not your wife and what youll be end aids or an alcholic... why im in the middle of iraq i didnt saw a terorrist or one of my nighbours are terrorist belive me im didnt saw a one

water whereby whatever is in their bowls and skin shall be dissolved and they will be punished with hooked iron rods" (Qur'an 22:9) Then there is this. Muhammad produced this one to prompt those Muslims who knew in their hearts that killing innocent people is wrong: "Fighting is obligatory for you, as much as you dislike it." (Surah 2:216)

The thing that's wonderful about the internet is the lack of censorship. To all those who are displeased: No one makes you read these articles or view these photos. You on your own terms out of curiosity defy your religion and yet you shout blasphemies to those who brought these images. You have to understand that the rest of the world, not just North America have different religious beliefs and perspectives on the world. While Islamic religion may be the 2nd largest in the world it does not give them the right to act on radical beliefs that take the lives of others. Every religion be it Christianity, Buddhism or Hinduism all treat life the same; As something sacred. What the world needs more of is those who appreciate life and less of those who desire to remove it. I appreciate life, I appreciate the Muslim and Islamic faiths, like most religions their stories act as the founding mores most of us life by. As an Atheist I do not share the same literal beliefs of the stories, but I hope that one day we can all share the same ideology of preserving life. It is not what we write, what we show, or what we say that is intolerable in this world; It is the ignorance of man and his people. A perfect example is S. Saeed. Paganism ( The worship or nature, earth, and spirit ) is completely separate from Satanism ( The worship of Satan/The Devil/Lucifer ) Such ignorance leads to encourage others to act on what people just like Saeed say. While this is a much less dangerous example it still holds a strong meaning. It is hateful,

wonder that why... the islam is the heart of democracy did you know that islam used the democracy before the greece and romanians or united states... i forgive you and i wish to you the (emman) belive in in allah (god) and his prophit because everyone deserved heaven and you all can go there thats up to you and theres no different between me or you ... peace on you my friend and i wish to you a good day i will be thankful if you read my mail and send me an answer and show it in the forum your friend : ahmet (Email edited for length.)

unintelligent, and censoring. How dare Islamic Radicalism think that it can censor others around them! A nation of those who can't even stand together (e.g. the Sunni and Shiite religious war). How can you even contemplate standing as an army divided, an army of none against the whole world? While I do not agree with the war and in no way do I assume that all Muslims/ those of Islamic are related to the terrorism. You can never take the given rights and freedoms that we have, so long as we can fight for it. - Ishbar

From: Claude P. first of all i would like to say that muslim is NOT a religion. mohammed is NOT a prophet. so all you fanatic bastards, terrorists, war maniacs son of bitches you are all going to HELL. why? because god does not tolarate war or killing other humans in his name

From: yusuf u. Subject: opinion of a simple muslim and follower of prophet muhammad what do u think freedom is? it is exercising your rights to the extent that it doesnt harm others. now what do u think "freedom of expression" is? if someone pictures your mother doing lewd acts in your wall, will you feel offended or will you call it freedom of expression? ask yourself honestly and you will get the answer. muhammad was undoubtably the most influential man in human history. from a simple background he rose, but when he died, he established a religion. a religion which almost surely is the best one available . he rose a fire, it was not the fire of sword, but fire of knowledge, truthfulness and judgement. islam rein supreme in middleages not by accident, but verymuch by the ideal of muhammad. still today it is the best system available, it develops you in a personal level, make u diciplined and concentrated, a family man as well as in the society.

From: FHL (Denmark) It is a very good collection of pics but i think that ALL the hatefull pics that arbian papers and TV stations shows and have shown should be put in here too in a seperate section to kick back on their immoral viws on non muslems, we have major problems in this country and we have about 10-12 pct. of arabs here and they are not respecting the danish people NOR do they respect our cultur or the way we live ( danish lifestyle). so what are they doing in our country ?? paraciting is the word, spreading their hate religion (world biggest hate book = Quran).

if you are an atheist, it doesnt matt er, you can keep on shouting freedom of expression etc etc. but if u r a theist, u got to remember that this muhammad changed the human history, had the most success, surely god allowed him to be and he was just not like any other guy. thanks for your patience.

From: M. Khan Hi there, I stumbled upon your site today and thought I'd just give you a brief opinion of some of the things you have put on your website. (Don't worry I'm not going to waste your and my time by just putting a whole load of swear words into an email). I found your collection of images of the Prophet Muhammad interesting, although I am a practicing Muslim, I think it's important to realise what history has made of the Prophet and how he has been depicted. I can see you are trying to make a non biased viewpoint by putting up the photos submitted into the Iranian holocaust competition as well as the Jyllands Posten images. You have shown many images, trying to, I believe, put across the message that the Prophet has been depicted in images many times in the past, and that the controversy surrounding the Danish cartoons was ill founded. But the true reason people became upset at the images was not because they just depicted his image, but mocked the Prophet, and by doing so insulted the basis and foundation of what my faith stands upon. Now I am a supporter of freedom of speech, but I believe that with freedom comes responsibility, and I don't believe freedom of speech gives room to let people insult other peoples' culture, creed, race or colour. If the images were just showing the Prophet plainly, then I believe we would have not seen the unnecessary violence across the world as a result of the newspaper's actions. You have also stated that Muslims themselves are making images of the Prophet, I guarantee you all the images you have on your website that are of the Prophet that are made by Muslims, are done by Shia [Not true -- many are from the Ottoman empire and other Sunni regimes. --ed.], and these people only account for around 10% of the global Muslim population. Many scholars have argued that these images are not permitted, but Shias have their own way of interpreting Islamic texts and to a certain extent still carry out this practice, although today they mostly make images of the Prophet's companions and family, which is disliked, but not forbidden, rather than the Prophet himself. You also have an image of the Prophet in Microsoft's Age of Empires

From: A. Alawi (Saudi Arabia) Subject: say what u want to say first of all ....many of the historical events about prophet mohhamed u have talked about r wrong there were never been a messecar in mohhamed's life or in his 4 kalifas after him...and there is no word in the qur'an can say that u can kill innocent people or old's/child/women. the muslims if they wanna offend about somebody they will be offend about a jew or a chiristian ora buddist they don't offend there prophets or there gods u dumm ass..thats something so sensitive to be ofended second of all there is a saying in the arabic world says '' let the dogs parks and the caravan travels '' it means u can say what u wanna say and do what u wanna do but u will stands still as muslims and i dare u to get to me a muslim have insulted a prophet of any religion the free speech is to insult somebody unnone not to insult somebody dearful to Bilions

From: Hassan E. Subject: May God guide you to the right path

First I would like to say that I am against all the cartoons that you have featured on your site. The second thing is that I think that Muslims these days do not portray a good image of Islam and that is why people think that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) teachings are not correct. So the reason for my message is twofold, for the Muslims who emailed in and to Muslims in general, do you not know that swearing and shouting abuse to others whatever there faith is against the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and that when he was alive when someone who swear at him he would not answer back. Secondly to who owns this site and to the people who have responded supporting the cartoons I say this, look into the true teachings of Islam and do not take what you read or see on TV or in Newspapers as the ultimate truth. Read about Islam the true Islam and if you still have the same views then fine but please before you generalise Muslims look into ISLAM and forget about what the Muslims do in this day and age as most of what they do is against ISLAM and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Finally I would like to pray to God to guide me and all of you to the right path and make you see ISLAM as it should be seen the religion of truth and peace.

II game, I assure you that is a fake picture, I am an avid fan of that game and played it many times, and have never seen that picture whilst playing it. [Not true -- the Mohammed image is directly on the Microsoft site itself. --ed.] I hope you take into account what I have said, on an end note I have to thank you for one thing, your website has shown me that ill feelings towards Muslims and the Prophet Muhammad has been around in Europe for a long time, as can be seen in the medieval images done by Europeans, I think it's a lesson to be learned that uneducated opinions of Muslims in the west have been around for a long time and that it may take a while before people become educated about respect of other peoples' faith and actually bother to find out and understand Islam before they decide to criticize it. M. Khan (Canterbury, UK)

From: Red River I do not see anything wrong with the depiction of Mohammed cartoons. People draw Rama Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira, Confucius, Tao and many others. No one complains about that. Why are they (Muslims) so much angry with cartoons? Because they feel they are insulted. On the other hand, other religious people have better lives and peace in minds. Muslims always call for all Muslims around the world to be united to fight against other religions. That is something they do not have peace in minds.... You do not have to apologize to any one. This is free world and people have rights to express their feeling. In the United States, people depict any kind of drawings? During World War II, Japanese occupied Southeast Asia and they burned Bible, Koran and many other religious scriptures. Sometimes they cooked pigs at the mosque and they used Koran as toilet papers. ... History repeats itself always. Now the whole world knows what Mohammed is looklike. I really appreciate your newspaper that depicts Mohammed cartoons. In fact, in Asia, two questions for Mohammed remain always that why Mohammed ran

From: Bader I would like to greet you for all the efforts you have put to come up with this site. I believe that if you had half of that effort into something beneficial to human beings (as Humans NOT animals) you would have been rich in many ways! I am not gonna go into democracy and your right of expression and all these terms that are misinterpreted by many ignorant aggregates.

I just wanted you to know, that where ever you are from north or south, and what educational level you have reached...I bet you have no sense of the world around you, you only know what you wanna know from smoke head friends, controlling mass media. Here is the thing, Give your self 15 minutes a day, I want you to look for anything genuine about Islam(not mockeries though :) ) I guess what I am trying to say is, know Islam better, you are attacking a religion that u know nothing about! and I know that for sure. you might be driven by the terrorist attacks or others who try to distort the peaceful image of Islam, and I don't blame you for that, although I would blame u for not getting your facts straights. look at this example ;if two of your friends are mad at each other, you would listen for both right? then do the same thing but on a bigger scale this time. Listen man or women, the world has enough greed and hatred why would anyone simple as us add on to that. I like to smile,be safe and help people and be Muslim everyday, is that bad! do i deserve to see someone I respect and love be mocked and be covered with lies?. I guess no, we as Muslims never made fun or belittle any figure of other religions and would never do that.

away from Mecca to Medina because he claimed he was a prophet, and why Muslims worship the gound instead of sky-where Mohammed and Allah live: why, why, why?

From: Dear Muhammad image people, I think your site in its comprehensiveness and objectivity is an excellent idea. ... (Professor, Columbia University)

From: Giacomo D. There's not much I can say about this site without being easily misinterpreted. However, I myself found it interesting. Especially the more historical depictions of mohammed were a means of exploring and understanding Islam from a different perspective. Too often what the general public knows about Islam is the product of the distorted cries of either extremists or people who speak up impulsively. I wouldn't pretend from the muslim community to manifest anger and outrage against extremists, since I know that the information that actually reaches many communities (as we saw in the danish cartoon controversy) is often distorted. Nonetheless I agree with the notion that once a muslim lives in a country that has established freedom of speech, he must accept the country's law for better or worse. This is not necessarily fair, as a Christian I too might be offended by a wide range of depictions of Jesus & co. However, just as I will incur punishment if I openly declare my faith in Saudi Arabia, a muslim (or anyone else for that matter) who is violently opposed to freedom of speech is subject to the laws of the country he lives in. Paradoxically, the more these images are created the more some of

From: aisha r. (UK) Do you think it is right to mock people and their religion? What have you got against Islam? It is a profound religion, which encourages peace and harmony. The media makes Islam to be some Terrorism religion, which is out to kill. THAT IS WRONG AND INACCURATE. I do agree that there are some barbaric Muslims out there who are terrorists. All Muslims aren't like that, most Muslims are against terrorism. People who carry out acts of terrorism and call them selves Muslim are not. To be a Muslim you cant hurt innocent people and you have to lead a good life. It is sick that people do these things and call them selves Muslim. I agree with you that every one has freedom of speech, but can be offensive and hurting to the other person. These cartoons are all wrong and it is unjust to say mean things

about a man you don't even know about in full detail. I have know idea who influenced and made you against Islam but please just do research properly before making cartoons like this and don't judge a person so easily. Inshah-allah you will be guided to the right path and truly out of the bottom of my heart I wish you stop this. Other people who have objected of this on the reader's page are not behaving like proper Muslims (only some of them). They have written harsh and mean things about you. I apologise on their behalf, as I am Muslim to. I do not wish you any harm at all and if I have been the slightest bit harsh I am sorry, Extremley Sorry. I am just conveying my thoughts in a gentle way.

them invariably deviate from merely insulting a religion. Maybe muslim artists will present their work as a poem and a prayer to the prophet they believe in. Others already follow the fine traditions of humor and satire, presenting us with an ironic and/or melancholy view of the madness of man, turning the ideological leaders (prophets, gods) into bewildered spectators. I like to hope that the more the hateful and violent will scream against simple caricatures, the more they will distance themselves from those of sincere and compassionate faith. God knows, there are passages in the bible I could easily misinterpret. There are undoubtedly a huge majority of moslems who live in peace, and we should never forget that we all carry the burden of our human imperfection. Lets just hope that the balance is tipped in the right direction.

From: nadal a. All praise is due to Allah alone. May Allah's peace and blessings be unto His slave-servant Mohammed and unto all his brethren prophets and messengers of Allah, and unto all their followers to the Day of Judgment, amen. Mohammed is the purest of the mankind breed. Danish people, as well as all other peoples on the face of earth, are reminded that such ridiculing acts are mere lies and nonsense. Mohammed is truly the purest of the mankind breed. Any ridiculing acts, no matter how many in volume and number they are, they would not change this fact that billions of people believe in. Allah, the Almighty reported this in the Glorious Quran. The face of Allah's Messenger SAAW represents purity, holiness and glory. His face is more lit than the full-moon itself. His face beams generosity, glory, happiness, optimism and attraction to all those who saw him. Everyone who looked at the face of Mohammed was attracted to his glory, even his enemies. Symbolically, Mohammed was never reported to be a frowner or with fierce facial features. He had never beaten a person throughout his honorable life; a woman, a child a man or else. From: A. Shariff Subject: No peace on him Keep up the good work and let Hashim, Eshan, Mameed and the rest of the antidemocratic gang swear the pants of Muhammed and the God Allah he created.

From: P. Page Thanks for this collection of images of Mohammed, it's very informative and a little brave. Well Done! Interesting to see so many insults from members of the "religion of love", despite quite a good manner with the press such bile and hate never seems far from the

surface. It is rather extremely disappointing and depressing for the Danish newspaper itself and its' editors and editor-in-chief, for the entire Danish government and every one wants to redicule the prophet peace be upon him, that the only information they have about Mohammed is the bit they ridiculed him for. Allah, the Almighty told the truth saying in the Glorious Quran 36:30, 'Woe be to mankind! Never a messenger was sent to them except they ridiculed him I call upon these ridiculing people, who ridiculed Allah's Messenger SAAW, and I call upon the non-Muslims to dothemselves-a-favor, to read the noble biography of the honorable Prophet and Messenger of Allah, the Almighty. They will be doing themselves a favor by reading the best biography of a man on-theface-of-earth ever. He is the perfect man, the perfect leader, the perfect teacher, the perfect human being, the perfect father and the perfect all-in-all man.

From: A. Garcia Subject: Thanks for allowing me to see the pics! First of all, I want to thank you for your time and trouble to display the pictures that have called such an uproar. They were educational and enlightening. Frankly, I thought they must be some very extreme photos. I should have known better, but would not know at all if not for people such as yourself. Thank you!

From: M G H A quick thank you for posting all of this and so much more on your great site! The world needs to know the truth about Islam, that it is truly a false religion with a false prophet. It is the most destructive cult we face today, since Islam gives birth to terrorism. Lest we forget the very word 'assassin' has its roots in Islamic religion! Keep up the great work! MGH

From: Ahmed S. As Muslims we believe any depiction of Prophets, let it be Ibrahim (Abraham), Musa (Moses), Isa (Jesus), Daud (David), Muhammad (PBUH) and God to be utterly blasphemous. What we do not understand is the phobic attitude towards our belief system. This attitude towards Islam's right to defend its religious purity has manifested itself as a belief, accurate or not, assumes that by depicting images of Muhammad (PBUH) is merely freedom of expression. Such actions of religious intolerance may be interpreted as "Xenophobia". My question is, since when hurting a particular religious belief have become "Freedom of Expression"? If it is true, concepts such as "Nazism" or "Antisemitism" are also "Freedom of Expression"?

From: F. M. THANK YOU for posting all the Mohammed pics. The negative responses from the so-called "true believers muslims" show their ignorance, stupidity, and insanity in idolizing and worshipping a hypocritical rapist, murderer, pedophile and terrorist such as Mohammed.....The fact that mohammed didn't even write the Quran, and his actions during his life show how deluded they are.

From: John H. If Persians, particularly shi'ites, depict muhammad with a face (I

have seen Jesus-like pictures of Muhammad on walls in public throughout Iran), that doesn't mean such depictions are permitted among Sunnis or generally within Islam. Your site showing Muslim depictions of Muhammad all hail from Iran and environs. [Not true. -- ed.] That is not any excuse for intentionally vile depictions by Europeans of Muhammad for consumption by westerners. Is the point that Arabs don't riot over Irani pictures of the prophet? Because Iranis don't generally show Muhammad in a disparaging manner, so that really would not be a rational comparison. Just what is the point? So Muhammad's been painted before. Was it done before as a provocative test of Muslim "tolerance" for western abuses of freedom of the press?

From: Monte G. Subject: The irony of Violence Here's what I find so perfectly ironic about the situation. Look at the message of the original Danish cartoon. It's a picture of Mohammed with a bomb for a turban. The message being "Islam=violence". So, in protest of depicting Islam as violent, a whole lot of Muslims get together and burn down embassies and chant "Death to _____". In America, the typical purpose of a protest is to get people to think differently or to show an opposing viewpoint. Somehow, I don't think this particular protest will be very effective in proving the peaceful nature of Islam.

From: tim c. From: Jonathan B. (U.K.) Why don't you go squat over a cobra--and take your yoyo muslim brothers with you? Thank you for publishing all of these. I wish publications in the UK had had the courage to print the original Danish cartoons but, I suppose understandably, they were scared. All the more reason that we should refuse to bow to Islamic fascism. Note: my problem is with Islamic fascists -- those who wish me, an atheist, to submit to Islamic law and to be compelled, by violence if necessary, to do so. This must be aggressively resisted. I'm not attacking progressive Muslims. I support total religious freedom, freedom to worship any god or none. I'm content for any religion to exist and thrive in the UK. But freedom of expression and equality are articles of faith. They cannot be negotiated. Much that is inherent to Islam offends and outrages me -- but I do not have the right to prevent its dissemination or publication, and nor should I have. Freedom belongs to us all.

From: a. ibrahim one should not bring religion in politics or in a freedom of expression whether it is a islam or chirtianity. And there is no right to draw the pictures of prophet mohammed(pubh). If i draw the pictures of your father who is killing somebody or wearing a bomb will u be keep quite. The answer is no. So repect the religion rather than insulting it.

From: Gachophil From: mohsen z. Subject: 2 awere u mr I find this "Mohammed Image Archive" is very interesting and

dear mis/mr i want to share wid u some of my wordings it is good to u that u draw the pics allah be merciful 2 u. can u give me a favour plzz as my elder brother on the by of the pop can u read plzz {astagfarullah} 2 times a day that will help u i am a muslim that this is the way that u will be all right that no muslim can heart u . but plzzz can u pray for us that every thing will be good thanxx brother i obey ur ansesters who ever they r i pray 4 ur parents may god they bless if they r not alive if they r alive may god give them life thanxxx ur younger brother

educational tool. I thanks to them who ever maintaining it. Many of us have lot to learn from it. I see few coment about respect, I want to ask them do they have any respect for others (non-Muslim), have some honesty, please. Here is few thing world should know! Muslims are the biggest racists in the world. If you say any thing against islam or muslims they come out and protest, vandalize, or kill non-Muslims, so you are not allowed to say anything, but muslims can do whatever they want. If you are a non-Muslim living in a Muslim country your life will become hell, for example you are not allowed to practice your religion openly, you will not be given opportunities for jobs, education, facilty you name it, you get harrased as a daily rotinly, your woman get raped, in pakistan you are not allow to keep anything but a Muslim name, hence you will be safe if you convert to Islam. These formulas are commonly practised from young to old. I do not belive if you say there is a liberal Muslim or good Muslim because it is very hard to find one, who can think out side of the Koran. Yet Saudi Arabia finances terrorists and the build of masques over the world. Muslims practice their religion in non-Muslim country without any interfearence but Saudi Arabia does not allow others (Jews, Christans, Buddhists, Hindu, Mormon, sun, tree, caterpiller, etc) to practice or build any church or tample inside Saudi Arabia. Muslims are allowed to kill but if you resist it they will protest, when Hezbullah kills Jews or Muslims kill Hindus in India or genocide continues in Sudan and Bangladesh, I dont see any Muslims caming out of closet saying, "Stop it, it is wrong". But i find them cheer when they kill or harrass a non-Muslim. The question is, are there any good Muslims ? Who understand human value? What a shame! If there are any, than they should come out and speak against wrong doing; disregard their faith and beliefs.

From: Mcahid Tozduman (Turkey) In our belief (ISLAM) We are ordered not to swear at any other sacred for the other people. Our religion respects any other believes. What does your religion tell you to do? I wish you mercy and forgiveness from ALLAH...

From: cheryl w. I am American born second generation, although I am not Muslim. I am a Catholic, but My ancestry goes rt to the Prophet's father and I also have several Califas in my tree including the Sultan Bahu, a very well known poet in his day, and also still is. I do not think that anyone should make fun or do blastomas pictures of any Religion, we should all have our choice. No one was made is responsible for what Religion they are! it is what is chosen at the time of your birth. There for, it is shameful to see any Prophet Jesus the Prophet or Buda made fun of. And as far as some of the Muslims here on this offended site, you should be ashamed of your selves telling this website that you are going to murder them.

And Yes! my ancestors would be ashamed of you also!for saying these things. The web is a very interesting place , you do not have to look at these pictures if they offend you in any way.

From: Tommaso (Italy) Ci vorrebbe pi coraggio e meno ipocrisia anche in italia. e ci vorrebbe un mondo dove non fosse necessario essere coraggiosi per potersi esprimersi liberamente. (It's need a world with much more courage and much less hypocrisy. and it's need a world where everyone has not to be proud to defend and support our ideas.) (sorry for the english)

From: shaikh e. I consider myself as a devout muslim . Looking at your site has been a real eye opener for me. i cannot believe how much hatred especially from the christian world there is against Islam and mohamed (pbuh). Christians promote forgiveness and to turn the other cheek, i can understand the uneducated peoples reaction to islam but to learn that the churches around the world have foul and offensive images, paintings and carvings hidden within the churches makes me realise that when people cannot intellectually debate with the islamic world they reduce them self to such unsophisticated juvenile exhibitions. I have no excuse for the offensive responses from my fellow muslim brothers as this is also unacceptable and against the true teachings of Islam. To all my muslim brothers i feel your pain but dont let your emotions get the better of you, i pray for all man kind. I know Islam is the true religion, i have seen many debates among very educated scholars from there respected religions and islam always prevails (search for Dr zakir naik) Even scientically ( professor harun yahya) i am not trying to preach, but look at the real issue, all this hatred comes from ignorance, dont hide behind your freedom of speech. If you want to know muhamed then why not listen to former christian preacher Yusef estess, but no, your not concerned with the truth.

From: Leonardo B. well all i got to say is if they get mad at da pics sorry its our way of liven life. sorry u can live like u want but its ur life. u pray five times a day and all that u do. u dont want this shit to start to be worst. how can ur god wish death to others. what a god u have. sounds like the devil work to me.. forceful devil to live by.. its the work of the devil. take the mark of the beast. its not 666 but to convert is the end.. my belief so if u dont like it y u on the net muslims can not play on this high tect life stle.. say in the 7 century .. man of my god.. dont play with us to long we will fight back... u ant the only ones that will take it to the end..a child of god.. i will the end.. no converting to it. ill take my sword to urs anytime.. all muslims need to stop bitchin. go pray or something..

From: Majdi This is a tremendous work collecting these images. I don't really understand the real purpose of your collected info and images. I have seen now that truly the Muslims are a danger to the world, I say to you all who would seek to silence the voice of freedom, it is you who shall burn in hell, it is you who sought to destroy the wisdom of Alexandria, you who have sought to silence those who would seek out the truest knowledge. What this website has done is brought forth the

Every body must express their free believe and opinion, it is every body's right to do so. But I don't understand why should any body insults other's believe in order to practice " his free opinion". The other point is when any one wants to express an opinion it should be made clear that it is their own opinion and not a fact. This is one of the fundamental of the freedom of speech.

truth, and what is that truth? That although not all muslims are crazy enough to kill for differences in religious belief; undeniably, as proven by the huge mass of e-mails many rather most of them are. The world is coming to the point where all cultures and religions find a place where they can live as they please worship as they please, and find places in the same society to work and live together, that is the future, and the place where it exists now is called the United States of America, if good always triumphs over evil, then I say we have nothing to fear, for as long as corruption and evil is kept out of the US and its honest message is kept pure, freedom, we can never lose. -- Patrick T

From: isma k. i just want to say every one will be held accountable for their own deeds. i am very hurt by such an abbhorent act. You people have no right to do such. As you say its FREEDOM of speech. what freedom do u call this? All you people who arent muslims, and are for this, where in your religion does it say mock other relgions? Surely u have transgressed. i stronlgy recommend you to go out there and do research on islam. open minded and realise, it is nothing what you non-muslims claim. it is a religion of peace.. do u actually even know what ISLAM means? there are different sects of muslims out ther. just like there are in judaism and christianity. The religion cannot be blamed, but the people who follow. many dont follw properly. therefore, solely religion cannot be balmed. The prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon Him, was and is the last messenger of God. he was from the family of Abraham, as Moses and Jesus peace be upon them. he unlike any other man, was a trustworthy, kind, gentle and the best of creation.!! hw can he command muslims to do such? and as you have stated he used God's name to get everything he wanted. that is a false and invalid statemnt. sorry, but u r ignorant, becus u dont know much about this prophet do u??? he was offered by his own unlce, who didnt accept this religion that he would giv the prophet wealth of saudi/mecca, and give him women etc, if he would stop preaching this message, but NO, the prophet, said he would carry on with this message, he had no worldy means...

From: S. Feinbaum While I do find the recent illustrations of Mohammed offensive and in ill faith, I find the demands of many Muslims to remove all images of Mohammed everywhere to be an incredible over-extension of their religious philosophy. In our western nations, we respect the religions of others but we cannot adapt our fundamental principals of freedom of expression in order to appease ONE religion. If you do not appreciate our freedoms, then you are welcome to not visit our websites, read our magazines, or visit our countries. I don't intend to go to Mecca and complain that they do not allow non-Muslims there, because I respect the cultures and faiths of other countries. Most other popular religions do not try and force their beliefs on others. Many religious Jews (orthodox) feel that God's name should never be written in full. They write G-D instead for example. HOWEVER they are not trying to force every person in the world to not write "GOD". That would be ludicrous and impossible. I respect other religions but I do not have to bow down to their principals. DO NOT FORCE YOUR RELIGIOUS BELEIFS ON OTHERS IT WILL BACKFIRE. That goes for ANY religion. The threats of violence attributed to this do more damage to the representation of your religion than good. I know there are many good, peaceful Muslims out there but the ones who threaten violence or encourage over this matter

From: Rasit O. (Turkey) Subject: Shame on you We muslims even don't think about enjoying with your prophets. Is this ethic in your religion? Annoying somebody innocent? Is it admissible to generalize some people's fault in presenting our religion? Look how we muslims get angry with your pictures, look how we respect our prophet. Do you think we wouldn't get angry when your prophet caricatured? I don't want to say bad words, I only want you to try to understand the difference of islam, but ,definitely, learn it from the right sources. How many times a day you thank to your creator? Have you ever thanked to the creator for your eyes? ears? How many times in a day, you show your gratefulness to the creator? Have you ever accepted a visitor, whom you're not familiar with, to your house? That is poor and hungry? Have you ever help somebody, "just for" pleasing the creator? I can clearly observe your lives and ours, can catch the difference, I feel bad because I see our people are moving away from islam, in common. All deficiencies arise from this. But there are still many people that has a lifestyle that covers all of above and much more. I assure you that only 20 years early, almost every muslim in Turkiye had these good tempers. Don't bother with wrong presenters and followers of islam, You can follow it right with the help of the creator, Think with foresight, read the answers of accusations against islam from the net.

are causing the Islamic faith to be viewed in a bad light to many nonMuslims. This page is excellent because it proves that Islam has not always banned all depictions of Mohammed! Religions adapt and change and it would be better for their religion to adapt to FREEDOM in the western world than to try to take it away. What you do in your own fundamentalist countries is not my business however, and I will not try and force my own beliefs on you.

From: D. S. W. First, I thank you for showing the cartoons and even more of the hypocritical ways of some Muslims by showing the historical pictures. At first, I thought publishing the cartoons just wasn't a very nice thing to do and didn't get the point. However, after seeing the reaction of Muslims, I can definitely see why they were published. But, please, do not put down the US for not publishing them. Most of us here in the US have realized what a threat Islam and many Muslims are to our freedoms for a long time now. Our news has published this many times in many different ways. So, there was no real need for us to publish these pictures. I think it's way past time for all of the free world to quit arguing and realize how serious this threat truly is, and the only way we can fight it and win is to unite. I mean, how many more riots and killings do we have to see to realize there are many more than a handful of Muslims who think their religion tells them to fight the infidels until they rule the world? Can we really think that it is just a handful of Muslims that think this way when we see almost the entire Muslim world, according to the Pew polls, have taken bin Laden as one of their highest heroes? And what really should tell us that many Muslims believe exactly as the terrorists do is we never see thousands of them acting as they did over this cartoons when Muslims cut the heads off innocent people they kidnap constantly; or when Muslims purposely kill many men, women and children in Iraq on a daily basis; or when Muslims crash airplanes into buildings in the US, killing thousands of innocent people...and you know I could go on about this all day with so much of it happening for over 40 years. If a

From: Ken T. Subject: Some not necessary Your web-site is very informative and helpful and most of the cartoons were also valid to print. Except for the "Extreme Muhammed" part - that was not necessary and very dirty and offensive. I was shocked at that. The others are free speech, but the extreme ones are Pornographic and very offensive. There was no need to go that far, and who ever drew those, obviously was trying extra hard to be as offensive as possible to Muslims. That could really get the fanatical Muslims angry. As Christians, we must be ready to give answers to Muslims for the hope within us, yet with gentleness and respect. I Peter 3:15 Including those was not gentle, nor respectful. Sincerely, K. T.

bunch of Christians were killing in the name of Christianity, you would see every other Christian in the world protesting to the tops of their lungs against these people that were ruining the name of their religion and God. But Muslims will not even take the blame for ruining the name of their own religion, prophet, and god when it is no one else's fault but their own; yet, as usual, they have to blame it on the west/Israel. AND THAT IS WHAT YOU TRULY CALL BLASPHEMY RUINING THE NAME OF YOUR OWN RELIGION, PROPHET AND GOD BECAUSE YOU SUPPORT THE BARBARIC MUSLIM TERRORISTS WHO KILL IN THE NAME OF YOUR RELIGION EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! The Muslim world lives in a fantasy world filled with nothing but lies, simply because they do not have FREEDOM OF SPEECH. And because they live in a fantasy world and can never face the truth, they blame everyone and anyone but themselves for anything and everything that goes wrong; when in truth, it is no one else's fault but their own. If you can never accept that you are to blame for anything, how do you expect to ever figure out how to fix anything that is wrong in your lives? You can't change anything in your world because you have lied to yourselves for so long, blaming the US/Israel/the west for all your problems that you are totally blind to your own many mistakes/wrongdoings/faults. Until Muslims have freedom of speech, the Muslim terrorists will continue to be able to brainwash many Muslims into thinking anything they want them to think. How Muslims can even begin to think they are such self-righteous, holierthan-thou people, I will never, ever understand. Your world is in such a mess because your priorities are so screwed up that even if you began today, it would take years before you could even begin to become important players in this world, let alone try to rule over it. Wake up!!! And they aren't the only ones that need to wake up. Hopefully, these cartoons have helped to wake up many others in the world that keep making up excuses for these very real and dangerous people. I know it's hard for all of us in the free world to believe there are actually people that think this way in today's world, but how many people are

From: satri s. how are you there ? i am a moslem . I love muhammad SAW so much. I consider him as the best person and a prophet in the world. He is the true messanger in the world till the judgement day. his behaviour was so well known as the best people among in his community at the time. he is very trusted by all people ( moslem or non moslems) even the non-believers in mecca. He loves orphans and the poor very much. he defences also non-moslems there. allahumma sholi 'ala muhammad wa ala alii muhammad.

read about his history and be his follower.

going to have to be killed to make us all wake up? Muslims are involved in at least 19 of the armed conflicts in the world. Do you think that's just a coincidence?

From: habib hussein l. Subject: True believers From: George S. This is important to know that we live on one planet,breathe same air,drink same water and feel some drive which is out there that controls the universe.Here are two groups which are at loggerheads/conflicts, what has gone wrong?Why instigate a peoples belief to such a creul manner?Does freedom of expression in the civilized world have to go to such an extent? if so one would have done it with Jesus or Moses why Muhammed? the answer is simple,the perpetraters of this act know that the muslims will immidiately react to such an act against their religion or religious figure. This technique has always been used in the past and will still be used in future. For example the 9/11 the world knows what happened on this date and the events which took place there after: 1)AFGHANISTAN ATTACKED 2)IRAQ ATTACKED 3)IRAN COULD BE ATTACKED All in the name of campaign against terrorism.!!!!!! There are the Palestinians trying to hit back Israelies, is that not terrorism? why not clamp them down too,but ofcourse the Israelies have them under control. Think why would a palestinian strap himself with a bomb to commit suicide does he really want to die?NO NO NO!!!! He is only oppressed to such a state, some can call it freedom fighter others a rebel and others even a TERRORIST. So my brothers and sisters this is the world today very manipulative and very uncivilised, BAD images of religious figures such as the beloved prophet muhammed of Islam have been painted side by side even Jesus's they dont mind.Can they respect their own parents? great job on your Mohamed cartoons. keep it up!!!

From: Max F. Subject: On fundamentalism and "truth." Thank you for presenting this art, much of which is quite fine in quality and resides in some of the world's finer art museums. It is truly a shame that fundamentalist Muslims allow themselves to be outraged over the depictions of Mohammad. However, it is typical of fundamentalists of most, if not all, religions to be outraged over anything their leaders tell them is outrageous. Fundamentalists act like automatons (robots), totally devoid of independent thought or action, and the common thread throughout all religions, is that fundamentalists tend to be less well educated, and often abysmally ignorant.

From: James M. Moslems object to cartoons of Mohammed because to them he is sacred. I take the word sacred to mean "beyond criticism or ridicule." We commonly use the word in this sense - as when people complain "Is nothing sacred?" Should some things be beyond criticism and ridicule?

From: kiramni badru (India) Subject: images It is better to remember your god and his prophet you believe and use your time on that than to do this type of activity. This is an indication of hate and extremism which is not liked by god. I will tell you an example I am a muslim and i was walking on the road and I saw a picture of Hindu God Krishna on the road and people walking on it. I imediately picked it up and put it in river with this intention that he is being respected by one billion hindus and respect their faith I must show respect to him. We must work towards making this world a peace heaven. let us stop these things. I have not liked comments of some body about Great jesus Christ also. he is equally respectable. Stop these things and make this same website towards getting all faiths close on a common ground and you will be rewarded. At lease vulgar images remove from ur websites.

I am not religious. However, I do believe firmly in some things: democracy, tolerance, freedom of expression, the rule of law. Do I consider these things beyond criticism or ridicule? No, definitely not and for a very profound reason. It is essential to the successful operation of a free society that everything that affects public life is open to criticism. Without that, we are not able to decide whether our current arrangements need changing. Since most religions - and especially Christianity and Islam - make strong claims to affect public life, it is essential that they are not immune to criticism. In so far as Moslems (or Christians) believe that their religious symbols are immune to the normal hurly-burly of political life, it is a reflection of the fact that, on some level, they do not believe in the ability of humans to govern their own lives.

From: B. Sofiano (Italy) We are Muslims who are very attached to their religion but we find a fatal mistake in this article because in our religion, prophets and angels should never be drawn thank you for your understanding and thank you again for deleting this picture this item

From: Robin D. To ehsan e., who wrote asking, "what do you know about Mohammad? What do you know about Islam? Or Muslims?" I offer this response. Prior to 9/11, I believed all religions had value and deserved respect. All offered a path to God/Allah/Jehovah, in whatever form, for whatever path an individual choose. The basic tenants of most religions are much the same. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Love one another as you love yourself. It's interesting and oddly comforting to learn that all 3 major world religions -- Jews, Christians and Muslims -- consider themselves to be decedents of Abraham, all consider Jerusalem a Holy City, all believe in one God. It seemed to me that we had much in common. After 9/11, I've learned to fear Muslims/Islam, or at least radical Muslims. And I learned that I don't know how to tell the difference between peaceful Muslims and radical Muslims, many who live here in the US. I've seen the images of Muslims, happy and proud, as they sawed off the head of Nicholas Berg, 26, an American civilian in Iraq,

From: LOVELY_FRIEND63 (Pakistan) Subject: u r wrong. why did you make MUHAMMAD (PEACE BE UPON HIM) BODY in pictures. Are you Muslim or not.

From: Rania S. Subject: Suggestions

Show respect to other religions, reflect you self respect by respecting others. You are nothing, but igonorent. Shame on you. What do you know about islam? Is that all what you know? I"m so sorry to know that in our current time, there's still such ignorance.

there to help with the reconstruction of Iraq. I have seen horrific pictures of Muslims dancing with glee in front of the burnt corpses of American civilians strung over a bridge outside of Bagdad. Those images are more horrifying than any cartoon could ever be. Those images are real. In the searchable Quran on-line is the following scripture; "[5.51] O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people." This is only merely one example of scriptures relating to Jews and/or Christians in the Quran. There are many. Jews are repeatedly condemned in the Quran. The Christian bible makes no mention of Muslims, good or bad. Christians are not taught to exclude Jews, or members of any other faith, from their circle of friends. Or to celebrate another's destruction, as the Quran teaches.

From: Chuck G. Subject: sad may god bless your soul with love [ not hate ] only love feels good

From: Onur Kara (Turkey) Subject: Read!! Allh Belanizi Verecektir!! Bunu aklinizdan Cikartmayiniz!!! BEN SAHITLIK EDERIMKI ALLAHTAN BASKA ILAH YOKTUR, VE YINE SAHITLIK EDERIMKI MUHAMMED (s.a.v) ALLAH'IN KULU VE RESULU'DR. From: veeru b. I was just wondering, shouldn't all muslims punish those Imams who made up such dirty pictures of Muhammad themselves (the last three pics which are most offending)??? Where is their respect for GOD?? OR are you all muslims just blinded by hate against other religion and people that you refuse to accept what your common sense says that its the Imams who made up most dirty pics and that they should be punished??

From: oopss hacking (Turkey) Subject: o ocklar allah sizi yok tasa evirir inslah From: denise m I have wondered what all the hysteria was about. I see it is just a bunch of fools acting out because they only apply freedom of speech when it is what they want to hear. Example the women who "deserved to be gang raped in Australia" because they had the nerve to leave

From: BoZKurT-MaFiA (Netherlands) Subject: ananz sikim

their homes without veils. ananzn amna yaragm girsin sizin kafanzn kopartlmas lzm pi kurular sizin a.....sikim From: musicfreak From: ensar dnmez (Turkey) mslmanlar bu sekilde kskrtamazsnz hepiniz bunun hesabn vereceksiniz id just like to say, i find the responses to this website hipocritical and think that practitioners of a religion such as islam would be so unintelligent and non thinking in there response is enough on its own to discredit there opinions, but first you must look at there own misunderstandings... islam, in itself, believes that God is ultimately forgiving, and that the depths of hell are reserved only for the most evil of evil men and women to walk the earth. even so, it is written that even the most evil soul will eventually pay his debt owed to god in hell, and finally join god in heaven. there is no way someone would go to hell for posting a webpage...


Hey man! Thanks for putting all of this in one place. It was pretty difficult finding it anywhere else. We know why none of the major news outlets carry this stuff. Funny how that works- Government censorship is bad; voluntary, pollitically correct censorship is good. Dan

From: oranous (Iran) From: nada d. hi im oranous g. the least we can do in this world is respect each other . respect our differences .respect our faithe and other peoples's faith we all live in the sam sphere drink from it its water smill its aire walk up who care what religion you beleive in it is your right but has i am painter of Prophet_Mohammad i saw my painting in your site. if u like i can send my painting for example zakarya prophet and also ...

respect for other's right in the name of humanity and love and freedom stop this ware .faith is off limitte. your freedom stop when you starte to hut other 'feeling and faith freedom of press yes freedom of faith too yes disrespect is NO God bless all the humanity nada d.

good louk and god beles u bye

From: "m b" (UK) Subject: Images of mohammed I have read the only description I could find of Mohammed, in the stories of the companions, and would think even an identikit image would be impossible to make from it. How then can any image be said to represent Mohammed? Just to write the name under the image of a bearded, turbaned man or to say that this is his image hardly seems sufficient to produce a true likeness. Those who create these images seem to do so just to provoke outrage, if you are not Islamic, why are images of prophets important to you? If you are Islamic, why do you let yourself be baited by patently false images? Feedom of speech is important, however, you should still consider if it's worth saying.

From: salman m. Subject: Pictures of Mohammed (P.B.U.H) I understand that the original artists have a right to freedom of expression. However what is gained by reprinting the cartoons? The people you published those cartoons and hate mail were well aware of the impact they would have. Understand this, just because one has a right to do something, it does not mean that should be done. What good is accomplished by the hate emails and cartoons. True muslims believe in Jesus, and would never disrespect him in any way. We simply believe that our beloved prophet was the final messenger from god. Rather inciting each other, wouldn't it be more productive to work at the differences. Historically both christian and muslims have fasely used religon as a means and a vechile to distribute violence. It turly hurts me that there is so much hate in the world. The modern world is a gobal village, if we continue to divide and hate each other, the result will be violence.

From: Murray H. (Canada) Hey Ahmad: If none of the depictions in the cartoons look like Muhammad, then why are Muslims so upset? If it is against Islam to draw pictures of Muhammad, how does anyone know what he looks like?

From: Raphael D. From: Hans P. To the right, those who go to heaven.

Subject: Useless powergame I am a atheist; and I think Gods (all!) are only results of fear of primitive people (everywhere and in all times). I am not offended by the cartoons. But this publishing act leads to nothing. You were as a site a better site if you had placed Jesus cartoons. If we want a better world we have to look at all evil things and start with ourselves. And then you see the wrongdoing of the followers of that Christian god, of the Christian mullahs (popes), Islamic god and the Islamic mullahs. It is a comparable with the political situation; with the axe of evil (Bush). Bush should have started with looking at the wrongdoing of the USA, of Israel, and after that at the wrongdoing of Iraq, North Korea etc. Unless of course you don't want or you don't believe in a better world. But then you are the aggressor. A better world starts by being better yourself. Comparing crimes without taking your own crimes into account is an old power game of the Christian world, hypocritic as hell and every action will lead to an contra-action. A lose lose situation.

To the left, the followers of false prophet. See all these losers jumping like jerks because of a false prophet. This satan made them believe all the lies. They should have the courage to continue what Othman did: He burned Corans. Yes there were several corans, and all were telling fantasies and 1000 and 1 night imaginations. Wake up now, because the world cannot tolerate your deadly games any longer. Welcome more cartoons, because they're innocent and funny.

From: M. M. I am Muslim. I would have to say that I am neither offended nor pleased with the website. It's merely an archive of images of the Prophet (pbuh). I've noticed that most people on both sides of the lists are fanatical in their ideology and that really pisses me off. BUT... to each their own beliefs. At least that provides one sole upside: comedy. Muhammad preached peace and acceptance and only fighting when oppressed and also for the oppressed. Fighting can be done in many different forms, including speaking out against tyrants, and physical fighting is to be brief, under extremely strict rules of engagement, and as a final resort, something "terrorists" ignore. I mean, the idea of Islam being non-compatible with democracy is absurd. There is an entire chapter devoted to one saying simply: "You have your beliefs and I have mine." The Qur'an also says that there is no compulsion in the matters of faith. In other words, freedom of faith and expression is solely a divine right granted to humanity by God. I am in favour of a secular society and a true Muslim's beliefs would be compatible with secularism, especially his/her dealings with fellow humans. I must admit, some of the drawings I'm quite touched by, especially the Russian cartoon where all the prophets have gathered in front of the TV, saddened by what their followers are doing. THAT one I find

From: nader k. (Israel) i am sad that we are in 21 century while there is people could be so offensive and hate for a relgion that are change the lifes of 1 miliar human. all the picture are very false dont corespond to any real fact, just saying bad things about somthing none of the drawers know anything i wonder why someone be so much disrespectful for a prophet, in

islam by the way we beleive in all messangers and respect them, and whenever some body attack them we feel like injured deeply. the time we are live in need new channels of dialoge not new reasons of hate stop that

the most moving and accurate depiction of all.

From: Husni B. (Canada) As a Muslim myself, I won't lie to you about how these depictions made me feel. It did hurt viewing your archives, and seeing some of the repugnant images that displayed my Prophet. I found a lot of it hurtful because it doesn't take into account Muhammed's character or his attributes. For that, the pictures lacked substance. They were simply insults; they didn't really glorify free speech or any kind of "stand" against Islam, they were merely perversion. I think it's important for Muslims to voice their opinions on this matter - on hurtful depictions of all our prophets, not just Muhammed - but some of the responses have been pretty pathetic. For one, Muslims should stop mixing Arabic and English when responding in English. Comments like, "May Allah curse you all," is rather embarrassing. If Muslims want people to understand the faith, speak of it properly. Don't insinuate our God as being someone wholly contrary to that of Christians, Jews, etc. Some of these Muslims who have responded are rather embarrassing, and people shouldn't take their views as having any more substance than those depictions. I think it's important to let the Danes be the Danes; if they are going to allow artists to depict such drawings, then so be it. Muslims should express their displeasure without resorting to mass protests and outbreaks of violence. Simply understand that secular people, those who either don't practice or simply don't believe, have the right to voice their opinions, no matter how repugnant they might be to us. But coming out here and disgracing the faith with, "May Allah curse you all," is absurd. My biggest problem with the Danish Muhammed cartoons was that he was depicted as a stereotype - one that has hijacked and polluted the faith - that of a terrorist. Perpetuating such a stereotype makes me realize that newspapers simply want to sell, and cartoonists (or what have you) want to transgress the current standard. Possibly for money,

From: D. Ibrahim (Australia) first u better know if these images realy contribute to islam. Let me tell u that they dont mean nothing to us, they only show the opposite side of islam, which can never true. To me i dont care what wrong information u show people, but yet islam is my religion and i will keep u all blind untill the promis day, the time the truth will be revealed to every single person and we will see how u will have to respect him the way he deserves.

From: m. hodzic [Email edited for length -- Ed.] This is for all those who are Muslim and who are not... I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina and was a victim of ethnic cleansing by Orthodox Christians and Catholics. My father's family is Muslim and my mother was half Catholic and half Orthodox. My family and I were chased out because of our last name, which is Muslim, despite the fact that we are not even practicing Muslims.... Now that I am in graduate school and studying literature, I have become interested in Islam and why so many people are angry with this peaceful religion. The Muslims in Bosnia ARE NOT FANATICS AT ALL, yet were labeled so by the Serbs and Croatians, who are in fact the fanatics! There is such a thing as Christian fanaticism, let's not kid ourselves. In studying the Qur'an and Islamic art, YES it is true that Mohammed is depicted in numerous paintings, as is Abraham, Moses, and even Mary and

Jesus. Islam is a religion that encompases all religions and the Ottoman empire actually allowed Christians and Jews to live amongst them, as long as they paid taxes. ... Now, as far as your website is concerned, those cartoons are disgusting in my opinion, but I understand the need for freedom of speech. BUT WHERE DO WE DRAW THE LINE? Like someone posted on this website before, lets put naked pictures of your mother and call it freedom of speech, that is just as offensive to someone else. I understand what you are trying to do with those pictures and the ones from the 7th century with Mohammed in them, but, again, like someone else said, was he painted as grotesquely as those satirical cartoons? So what if he was depicted in Muslim art before? Does that give anyone the right to draw him with his butt out, or fucking a pig? Maybe they should read and study the Qur'an before they make such decisions. ... What is their message - "I hate Mohammed and Islam"? So, because the Bosnian Muslims were wronged by Christians, I should post my own version of what I think Jesus is really like? Should I draw Jesus fucking Mary Magdalene, because I believe that that is what really happened and who he really was and not some saintly figure? ... As for those who posted messages such as "destroy the Qur'an and get rid of Islam", I feel sorry for your pathetic bigoted little mind. I wish that you could educate yourself more before making statements like that...whether you realize it or not you are exactly like those who you call terrorist of extremist. ... M. Hodzic

possibly for outrage. But perpetuating stereotypes proves that the individual does not fully understand the topic at hand. Terrorism is an ideology, not a body, not a book, not a message dictated over 1400 years ago. Terrorism, at the end of the day, is a political cause using religion as its medium. An inherently evil faith would not have been able to withstand 1400 years of existence, 1.79 billion adherents, and the title of largest religion in the world within 20 years. Inherent evil existed with Nazi Germany, for example, and it was brought down. Islam's message is clear to those who want to understand it. No god but God and Muhammed is the Messenger of God. Those who choose to defile Muhammed with images is not something any of us can "fix," or "fight." What we can do is try to understand why such stereotypes continue to advance, and try to educate people about our faith and about the monotheism we preach. But this website isn't so bad, because it considers all of the depictions of Muhammed throughout time. It wasn't clear that this site was inherently biased one way or another, just trying to prove a point that depictions of the Prophet have existed throughout history. That's it for me. Peace.

From: J. McQueen (UK) Thank you for showing these pictures. As a Born Again Christian in today's society, it's great to learn about other faiths and see how the different people over the centuries saw islam and the muslim prophet Mohammed. What I have noticed from reading the 'offended' list, is that these people are very aggressive, rude, spiteful and very hurtful in making such judgemental comments about non-muslims. Its understandable to be offended, but these people are going over the top, most of these pictures were done by muslims themselves!

From: Dr. MF K. How people can disfigure and mutilate a respected leader of a community. Dont do that to any leaders. Prophet Mohammed PBUH

is not a leader for muslims. He is our prophet and he is the one taught us how to live and how to worship god. He taught us not to dishouner any leaders. He taught us to love people. ofcourse now there is different type of people and views and claims all are islamic act but try to study the life and teachings of that great man then decide this site is right or not. Please dont disfigure any relegios leaders. Yu will give pain to some heart. Muslim brothers cant use this type of words used in e mail response. I dont think thease mails came fom muslim brothers. Faizal

From: Frank G. Subject: Free Speech shall reign Well apparently Islam allows foul language, cursing people to hell, and violence to include murder. This is obvious by the responses this sight received. If images of your prophet are insulting and disturbing to you then what the hell are you idiots doing on this sight? Free Speech is highly valued by Westerners. If you don't like it then stop immigrating to the UK, the USA, and Paris. You come over here and then tell us that are vulues have conform to your sharia law. Go back those thirld world shit holes your from and blow yourself up. Stop blaming America and the big International Jewish conspiracy and take a look at your own backward barbaric cultures. Its forbidden for Muslims to depict Muhammed, not non-Muslims. We can draw whatver we want. Images is not so oppressed. Muslims have destroyed the middle east and north Africa. Almost all the origional Christian communities in those regions are goane because the Muslims killed them all. Muslims kill Chrisians everyday in the Sudan, Lebanon , Indonesia, Iraq, etc. The origional seven churches in Turkey are long gone. How about that asshole saying that the Jews purposely got Holocausted by Hitler so they could get Palestine? Are you serious? Are your brains defected from too many generations of inbreeding? Stop fucking your cousins! Instead of using murder and terrorism against your enemies, why don't you try praying for them? Long live Free Speech.

From: Firas M. H. (Iraq) I hope to prspect our prophet as we rspect jesus ,, our pophet mohammed is the greatest man as we thing therefore you must respect the islamic worls like , islamic wprld respect the christan world Firas M. H. Iraq

From: Hussein O. (UK) Hello everyone from both sides. here is a little teaching for all of you wether jew, christian or muslim. We are all slaves of the same kind in chains and burdens 'believe it or not'. We kill and slander each other without mercy or thought. we listen to the media and the tv and read lies/fictions which screw the brains. We are all from different races and creeds with many different colours and languages yet we dont realize the beauty in that alone. We cannot see passed our own noses and think we are as important From: Lee F. Any religion that is afraid of looking at its self is a bad religion. Any religion that supports young people to strap bombs to themselves is WRONG! Don't they know that the word Fuck is a good thing? I have read over and over their messages. They think fuck is a bad word. No wonder they think they are going to get some in heaven! LOL

as 10 people each. We have been honoured with greatnesses such as emotions, thought, feelings, ability, motivation, respect, understanding, love and finally peace. I am not talking from religion but from reality, if you are reading this and cannot understand to agree with it then you are most definately misguided. Without respect there is no understanding, without no understanding there is no love, without no love there cannot be peace. Look all around the world at all the governing bodies. Can you see any mercy or respect for the people they rule over...........NO! So it is very difficult in such a time to look to yourselves and smell all the badness that we all carry with our misunderstanding of our existance because it has become that way of life for us to accept badness and evils as the norm and rejecting the truth because the truth hurts but truth is reality.

I came across your website shortly after all of the uproar started. I want to thank you for providing a place where I could see exactly what all of the brou-ha-ha was about. I also found the pictures of Mohammed which had a historical context informative. Some of them painted in earlier times had beautiful detail of architecture and style. Thank you for providing the information I wanted in order to make my own determination about the cartoons. I'm a moderator on a board which mainly focuses on [...]. One of our members is a Muslim in the UAE and in her post about this topic she made the statement about how Mohammed was not to be depicted in any manner other than the written word. I was able to use your older pictures to show her the paintings done in the 1400's. Sally

From: Dina A. Dear all, I received a forwarded email showing a Lego advert making fun of Prophet Mohammed. The email contained words, much like the Muslim responses on this page, full of hatred for those who had created the cartoon, and full of prayers that those people would burn in hell, lose their children, and suffer from all sorts of torment in life. Would you care to know what my reaction was? The first was the innocent correction to the age of Aisha, that she was 10 and not 6. You may laugh with mockery, but do you know what the second was? Not many years after Mohammed declared prophecy in Mecca, his followers and him were being subjected to all extremes of torture. The people of Mecca believed that scorching, whipping and beating would lead Muslims to leave their faith. I will not drone on about

Excellent site. It's obvious that the rioters are just using this as an excuse to spew their vitriol. More, they show that they themselves are guilty of idolatry, as they would not be reacting in this fashion if they didn't idolize Mohammed. Reminds me a bit of Christians who spout the 10 commandments before kneeling in front of a cross with a plaster jesus attached or a statue of the virgin mary and praying to it....sheer hypocrasy. Tom

From: (Norway) I thank you for this archive. The negative reaction from muslim belivers only confirm the true face of Islam.

what Muslims had to endure, but will get straight to the point. Mohammed then went to surrounding tribes of enough strength to ask for their support: he started off by introducing them to Islam. They rejected it. He asked them for protection; that he would bring his people to live among them so that the people of Mecca would not be able to manipulate them; they rejected that, too. He asked them not to inform the people of Mecca of his requests; they said that they would. With no other option left, he asked to at least let him leave; they said he wouldn't leave until he was thrown with stones. Injured, hurt, and worried, the prophet sat and prayed for God's aid. What would you do if you were placed in a similar situation? Swear? Think up revenge? At least that's what you think he would do, right? Do you know what he actually did? He prayed for God to bring these people to the right path. He said he would not curse them because "he was not sent as a curser, but to bring mercy to mankind." Did you forget why I'm telling this story? That was my second thought as I read the forward. Why Muslims put so much effort into cursing others when their prophet, their idol, would never have done such a thing. That said, I did my research on the Internet to see the story behind this cartoon. That's when I came across this website. I looked at the images, the cartoons, and I don't ever remember being so offended. The depiction itself didn't bother me, but it was the content that tore me apart, yet made me the proudest ever to be a Muslim. You know what it's like when people accuse you of something that you know is not true? You put your head high and you walk proudly because, in utmost simplicity, it shows you how much the others don't know. However, when I looked at the posts on this page I was, in all honesty, appalled! Here were the Muslims again, cursing, swearing, and trying to offend others in the same way they had been offended; only to assure them that they deserve to be portrayed the way they are. Well, I am an Arab Muslim. I read the Quran, I pray, I fast, and I know the basics of the Prophet's life story. I read over the responses

The is no peace in Islam, the true signature on Muhammeed should be Muhammed (DFWD) DFWD = Death Fear War Destruction. To all muslim's, The mighty hand of Allah hasn't struck down the unbelivers. You should be worried. Maybe Allah dosn't exist!!!

From: Don While I don't find these cartoons an education in themselves, I do find the reactions to them very much so. Those who have issue with them don't care to notice that the cartoons are NOT making fun of, or belittling, Muhammad himself. They are simply depicting (sometimes exaggerated) the behaviors of those professing to honor him. It appears to me, from what I've read in these responses, the majority of those that claim to honor he and his teachings of love and peace, are so quick to wish harm and death upon those that truly do want peace and love.

and instead of telling you to "read more about Islam," I will provide you with the evidence that will show you the reason why your image of the prophet and of Islam is a stereotyped and incorrect one. ... [...10,000-word treatise about Islam and Mohammed...] ... A final note to all Muslims who have responded to this site: whether it is the content of the cartoons or the depictions of the prophet that bother you, please go back to the Quran and read God's words: "And insult not those whom they (disbelievers) worship besides Allah, lest they insult Allah wrongfully without knowledge. Thus We have made fair-seeming to each people its own doings; then to their Lord is their return and He shall then inform them of all that they used to do" [6-108]. Thank you for your patience in reading. Please accept my best regards.

From: Ahmad dear sir, my name is ahmad, i am a muslim. i have browsed thru your gallery and i thoght that i should respond to you and tell u my honest to god opinion. before starting, i shold let u know that i am a canadian who is an american university in cairo graduate. i have done a great deal of research concerning the persona of the prophet muhammad(saaws); his looks, his appearance and his character traits. as a person who is deeply in love with the prophet muhammad, i browsed thru your gallery hoping to find a depiction that looked like or even somewhat similar to what i know he looks like, but i could not find any. 1400 years ago there lived a man called hind ibn abi hala who got famous among the arabs for his ability for description. this man saw the prophet and described him very carefully. he described a person who looked nothing like any of the depictions on your site. if you really seek the truth regarding this matter i suggest you search for this passage by ibn hala. it is not common and almost 90% of muslims around the world have not read it or even know about it. you may find it in a book called "the lives

of the companions" or" the lives of the sahhaba", translated in arabic as "hayyat al sahhaba", vol.1, pages 67 to 80. i assume you are an educated man who is more than just fooling arund, and besides what have you got to lose?

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