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Application Form
Thank you for applying to VACODeloitte. Please complete ALL sections by your own handwriting, using pens, as clear as possible

Personal information

Your full name: NGUYEN HUY CUONG Sex: Male Female

(Capital letter)

Date of birth (dd/mm/yy): 18/02/1984

Home/Contact tel: 04.9874480 Mobile tel: 0955429299 Email address:

Residence address: No 10/46 Đê Trần Khát Chân – Contact address: No 10/46 Đê Trần Khát Chân – Q.Hai
Q.Hai Bà Trưng – Hà Nội Bà Trưng – Hà nội

Career Preference

Location/Office Preference
Pleaase select your interested location/office preference in order (you can select more than one)

Hanoi Hochiminh City Haiphong Danang

Career Preference
Please select your interested business lines in order (you can select more than one)

Audit & Assurance Consulting and Financial Advisory Tax ERS for Asia Cluster

Please state your reasons for joining VACODeloitte.

- VACO is the first & major auditing firm in Vietnam (13/05/1991).
- VACO is a member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu – a global leading Auditing firm with long history and fine
reputation (01/10/1997).
- A company where I can get opportunities to work in a professional, competitive, friendly and international environment.
- A learning environment where my talents and career development opportunities are best used of.

Please state your reasons for your chosen career preference. What is your understanding of the role?
- Enterprise Risk Services (ERS) practices at VACODeloitte is my career preference because I can put my IT knowledge,
skills as well as Business profession knowledge.
- ERS help VACODeloitte’s clients manage risk and uncertainty, from the boardroom to the network. This allows clients to
better measure, manage and control risk to enhance the reliability of systems and processes throughout the enterprise.
- ERS staff must have both profound knowledge in Information Technology and Economics to suggest solution for clients to
avoid any risks in their enterprises.
All information provided will be regarded as confidential
VACODeloitte. Application Form

Education History
Please list briefly in chronologic order and attach a copy of relevant qualification/certificate and academic records to this application form

University Education

University Major From/to (mm/yy) Degree

GENETIC-HUT Join Training Computer Science September-2005 to Higher Diploma in Computer
Program June 2007 Studies (Equivalent to BSc 5
years course)
GENETIC-HUT Join Training Computer Science October-2002 to Diploma in Computer Studies
Program June-2005

Other Courses/Qualifications (
Courses From/to (mm/yy) Qualifications/Certificates
Cisco Certified Network Associate course in iPMAC December-2006 to Prepare to get CCNA certificate
Network Academy Present

Yes No
Do you consider your academic results a fair reflection of your academic ability?
If yes, please comment below

In university, I studied many subjects such as: Computer System, Network+, OS, Hardware System Design, Data
Communication …these equip essential knowledge for me in Information System, how to construct and operate an IS.
Subjects that related in Software Engineering like: SE, System A&D, Database Design, Programming Technique, Web &
Multimedia Development; some modern programming languages and technologies: .NET, Java, ASP.NET, VB.Net, C#;
and some DBMS such as: SQL Server 2000, Oracle 9i… that provide me the ability to self-design and complete a specific
Software application, Website or Database system. In addition, subjects like: Management Information System, Knowledge
Based System, Computer Ethics & Security, E-Business Development, Enterprise Solution Architecture... give me
knowledge of E-Commerce, Information structure/flow in organizations and how to put Information Technology
applications to get benefit in enterprises.
From my working experience and participant in some team work activities, I am aware that the academic ability is
not likely fair reflected one’s working ability. With self-motivated, enthusiastic, progressive attitude and enquiring mind, I
believe that one that have not get high result in school also work better than the others.

All information provided will be regarded as confidential

VACODeloitte. Application Form
Employment History
Please list briefly, in chronologic order, full or part-time employment

Name of Employer From/to (mm/yy) Qualification/Certificate

FIS - FPT Information System (Trainee April-2007 to
Solution Consultan) Present
FSOFT - FPT Software (Developer) June-2005 to Software Process Development certificate
ACORN – Marketing & Research June-2003 to
Consultants (Interviewer) August-2003

Please describe reasons that you leave your current work and join VACODeloitte.
I’m a trainee solution consultant in FIS at this time. I get a part-time work here to improve my experience, skill in
Information System specialty, and have no agreement with the company. Now I apply to VACODeloitte for my actual career.

Other personal information

Achievement: Please describe three achievements that you have recently gained in work, study or social activities (Please attached evidence
of your achievements)

Achievement Descriptions
Online Hotel Resource Higher Diploma Graduated Project (ASP.Net, VB.Net, SQL server
2nd Rank in HUT’s Badminton Challenge 2007 Hanoi University of Technology’s Annual Badminton Challenger
Phase 1 – COAXIS Project in FSOFT Vending system of In*Sight Distributed System(Java, Struts,

Teamwork Activity: Please describe three situations where you worked as part of a team, the contribution and difference you personally

Team From/to (mm/yy) Descriptions

Online Hotel Resource December-2006 to Project leader of the Higher Diploma graduated team project.
COAXIS team project in FSOFT June-2005 to Developer.
Annual Camping Trip of GENETIC- January 2007 Take part in organization board. Class camp leader (class

All information provided will be regarded as confidential

HUT secretary).

VACODeloitte. Application Form

Other personal information (Continued)

Please indicate your proficiency in foreign language and IT?

Languages Poor Fair Good Excellent IT skills Poor Fair Good Excellent

English  Software 
Network 
Database 

Please describe your strength, weakness and hobbies

- Self-motivated, adapt to new surroundings easily, enthusiastic in work.
- Interested in learning about Economics and keep a close watch on economic information.
- Visiting new places & interaction with different people with different sets of mind.
- Watching movie; listening songs; playing & watching football, badminton; surfing and chatting on the Internet.

Yes No
Do you have any relation with VACODeloitte. staff?

If yes, please give details including the name of your contact

- Ms.Truong Mai Lan is auditor in VACODeloitte, she is my Senior High School classmate.

I confirm that the information provided is true and to the best of my knowledge

Signature: Nguyen Huy Cuong Date: 5th May 2007



To ensure that your application is processed quickly, please review it to be certain that you have answered all
questions. Take a moment to review all documents that you are required to include and wish to include.
Please make sure your most recent photo has been attached to this application and you have signed and date
your application. A final review now will enable our Recruitment Team to evaluate your application more
quickly and efficiently.

All information provided will be regarded as confidential