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PAOCC chief Ochoas P300M intelligence fund

Air-tight proof must be the rule

Congratulations, Gen. Alex Gutierrez

Ambassador Al Hassan, the new Saudis ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary!





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Humble the Work
Given Grace, given justice

The syndicate specializes on manufacturing of documents that look like original so that the officials of the PRA could not suspect the documents submitted. This mafia can even fix documents of aliens even if the foreigners who would come to them for the fix have criminal records. Actually, this mafia can even manufacture papers issued to dual citizens. The customers for dual citizenship racket are overstaying aliens who were then issued Philippine passports to avoid paying high fees for being overstaying.

A MAFIA that has been successful in obtaining special retirees visa has been uncovered to be operating in Binondo, Manila. This came about after a revelation by the source of Dyaryo Magdalo who asked not to be identified but who has personal knowledge of the fabrication of immigration documents for the purpose of cheating the Philippine Retirement Investigation led to proof rollers in the said casino Press Club. This led the Philipestablishment. Authority (PRA) of falsity They earn by means pine Consulate General into approving Dyaryo Magdalo con- of the rolling scheme to conduct an inquiry into applications and ducted investigation into sanctioned by the Pagcor. its files and it certified on it stumissuing special the mattera after marriage In this, they earn one per- September 27, 2011 that cent for every amount that there is nothing in its rebled onto fake certificate and a fake Cer- they lend. For example, cords that show that the retirees visas.
tificate of Authentication supposedly issued by the Philippine Consulate General in Xiamen, China. Due to these fake documents, the couple named WANG YOU ZHI and YAO CHUAN ZHI succeeded in obtaining special retirees visas from the PRA and enabled them to get accreditation from the casino establishment inside Resorts World Hotel in Villamor, Pasay City. In an August 10, 2011 letter of Jerry S. Yap to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), he narrated the extent of wealth that has been accumulated by the couple from their business of lending to high-stake a one-million-peso bet placed by players through lending from them will earn the accredited financiers Ten Thousand Pesos (P10,000.00). +The latest reports I got showed that the couple already earned P90 million since January 2011 only. They have just bought a new car and a new condominium at New Port that is beside Resort World in Villamor, Pasay City, Yap said. Due to the revelation of the source about the mafia that one of its clients are Wang You Zhi and Yao Chuan Zhi, Dyaryo Magdalo advised a verification to Yap, who is the incumbent president of National alleged authentication certificate was issued by the said consular office. Moreover, the certification of Philippine Consul General Adelio Angelito S. Cruz stated that even the purported numbers obscured by the red ribbon fixed on authentication certificate show that these were not the numbers issued by the consulate for July 12, 2010. For clarity, the said letter of the consul general is hereby quoted as follows: Further to our MIS202-2011 dated 23 September 2011 and with reference to your letters dated 08 and 26 September 2011, the Philippine Con-


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Binondo Mafia

sulate General in Xiamen wishes to inform you that per verification made with the existing records of this office, the Consulate General did not issue an Authentication Certificate for the alleged Marriage Certificate to Chinese nationals Wang You Zhi and Yao Chuan Zhi on 12 July 2010. Only one Authentication Certificate was issued by this office on 12 July 2010 and it is not under the name of Yang you Zhi and Yao Chuan Zhi. M o r e o v e r, the Consulate General notes that To page 2

HE Saudi Ambassador to the Philippines has expressed the full support of the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) on its on-going hajj (pilgrimage) program of overseeing and supervising the travels of Muslim Filipino pilgrims to the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Ambassador Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al Hassan personally went to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) last October 11 and attended the traditional send-off ceremony at the NAIA Satellite lounge. Saudi Airlines (Saudia), the KSA flag carrier, was on standby to transport 350 hajj pilgrims, among the first batch of the first scheduled flight. Ambassador Al Hassan said the Saudi government is supportive of the hajj program of the NCMF and he thanked Secretary Bai Omera Dianalan-Lucman for inviting him to be the guest of honor during the send-off ceremony. In his message for the pilgrims, the Saudi ambassador said he was praying for the safe journey of all the pilgrims and for them to perform the annual religious ritual smoothly. I pray that your hajj to the holy city of Mecca will be accepted by the Almighty Allah and that you can return to your family safely, Ambassador Al Hassan said in Arabic language and translated by the Saudi Embassy resident translator, Ustadz Amer Noor. The Saudi ambassador also expressed his appreciation to the much closer working relations between the NCMF Bureau of Pilgrimage & Endowment


headed by Director Masideng Salic and the Saudi Consular Section that resulted in the processing of the travel documents of the total 5,200 Muslim Filipino pilgrims who applied for the hajj visa granted by the Saudi Foreign Ministry through the Embassy of the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Manila. For her part, NCMF and Chief Executive Officer Lucman told Dyaryo Magdalo in a plane-side interview that she was overwhelmed by the full support of Ambassador Al Hassan. She said the traditional send-off ceremony was usually done in the past, during the time of the defunct Office on Muslim Affairs. It was revived this year, during the second hajj season that the NCMF supervised. The first flight of hajj is unprecedented and memorable for all of us Muslim Filipinos since no less than the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al Hassan of the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia came over to see off the first batch of pilgrims boarding their non-stop flight to Jeddah and en route to the holy city of Mecca, Lucman said.

Vol. II No. 71


Arabia, also expressed his thanks to President Aquino for giving a chance to the rank of the NCMF commissioners to be designated as an amirul hajj, an honorific title conferred in the past to Muslim politicians. This was also agreed upon by Solaiman Mutia, the NCMF commissionerin-charge for Pilgrimage and Endowment who said that the appointment of Bajunaid as the Hajj 2011 amirul hajj, it has manifested an explicit recognition of the existence of the NCMF by President Aquino, as the government agency mandated under Republic Act 9997 to supervise the hajj program as one of the five pillars of Islam. Retired Police General Laut Sarip, among the prominent pilgrims of the first Saudia hajj flight, said he was also praying for all the pilgrims to successfully perform the hajj ritual Saudi Ambassador Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al Hassan delivers his message to the first batch of pilthat includes the tawaf or grims who will perform annual hajj in Mecca, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At right is Ustadz Amer circumambulating seven Noor, resident Arabic translator of the Embassy of the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Manila. To page 3 PHOTO BY JULMUNIR I. JANNARAL From page 1

the visible numbers which were partly obscured by the ribbon in the photocopied Authentication Certificate in question do not correspond to what exists in the Consulate Generals authentication Hajj 2011 Amirul Haj records for that period of time. As this developed, The Consulate GenNCMF Commissioner eral hopes you find these Moner Bajunaid, appoint- information useful. ed by President Benigno Aquino, 3rd as the amirul Criminal cases filed hajj (head of delegation), said he was likewise prayBecause of this, Yap ing for the safe journey filed criminal complaints of all the Muslim Filipino for falsification of public pilgrims, majority of them documents and use of falcame from Muslim Mind- sified documents before anao. the Office of the City ProsBajunaid, who will rep- ecutor of Makati because resent the President in all the spurious documents hajj-related activities while were submitted to the PRA in the Kingdom of Saudi whose office is located in Makati City. As a result, the prosecutors office issued subpoenas commanding Wang You Zhi and Yao Chuan Zhi to appear to its office for investigation on October 17 and 24, 2011. The fake authentication certificate was made to show it was authenticated by then consul general to Xiamen Ambrosio Publisher: Brian F. Enciso III. RONALDO E. RENTA Actually, the falsity Editorial: in the fake marriage cerTOTO C. CAUSING tificate can be detected Editor-In-Chief by looking at the Alien Design & Layout: Certificate of Registration RONALDO B. HERICO I-card issued to Yao Chuan Disclaimer: Zhi, which is ACR I-Card All news articles and opinions expressed by the writers No. 219878 on March 23, are entirely their own and do not reflect the opinion of the 2009. publisher, the management or the editor of this publication. In that I-Card, she statAll Rights Reserved: ed her civil status as sinNo part of this publication may be copied or reproduced gle as of that March 23. nor translated in any language or form for commercial purThe fake marriage poses without prior written permission from the publisher certificate says that they and its writers or columnists. were married on Novem-

ber 25, 2008 in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, Yap told Dyaryo Magdalo. So that it is impossible for them to have married on November 24, 2008 because on a much later date that is March 23, 2009 Yao Chuan Zhi was still single, Yap stressed in his complaint filed before the prosecutor. Notorious and wily alien

Crush this visa mafia

Zhi and Yao Chuan Zhi were special retiree visas, then it is illogical because they are yet young and doing business as casino financiers. The fact that these young man and woman were issued retiree visas prompts a question on whether the policies and rules of the PRA are illogical. Case for summary hearing Yap sent a letter of request for investigation to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), which, in turn, endorsed the same to the Bureau of Immigration. The Bureau subpoenaed the couple to answer the complaint. Instead of submitting a sworn counter-affidavit, Wang You Zhi and Yao Chuan Zhi chose to have their lawyer answer the complaint by means of a letter. This fact that the couple did not submit a sworn statement was seen by Yap as an act of avoiding to get charged with perjury because their only defense was to insist that the marriage certificate and the authentication certificate are genuine when these are proven to be spurious as stood for by the certification issued by Consul General Cruz. Yap said that for faking their marriage certificate and the authentication certificate, Wang You Zhi


It was also discovered that Wang You Zhi was a notorious alien as he was ordered blacklisted by the Bureau of Immigration. In the BI blacklist order, it was stated that Wang You Zhi was arrested by policemen and turned over to the Bureau of Immigration. However, for whatever reasons, he managed to convince then BI commissioner Marcelino Libanan to issue an order lifting the blacklist order upon the condition that Wang You Zhi would no longer violate any immigration rules. One of the representations submitted to convince the BI to lift the blacklist order was that he would apply a new visa for the purpose of investment. To retire is not to do business It is elementary that the retiree visas are issued for those aliens who profess to stay in the country because they intend to retire here. If the special visas that were issued to Wang You

violated his undertaking to the Bureau in exchange for lifting his blacklist order. In the defense put up by the lawyer of Wang, they contended that Wang You Zhi and Yao Chuan Zhi should not be held liable because marriage is not required to obtain a special retiree visa. Yap countered that the said marriage certificate and authentication certificate were material because Wang You Zhi and Yao Chuan Zhi applied as spouses which would require only singe deposit of the amount required. Whereas, if the two applied as individuals, each must make separate

time deposits to an accredited bank as required by the law and each would pay separate fees, Yap said. Crush the syndicate With these proofs of fabrication of fake immigration documents, the Bureau is being urged by Yap to act on immediately if indeed the new officials appointed by President PNoy are within Matuwid Na Daan. The sadness of it all is that many irregularities have been noted to have been happening in the Bureau since the men of P-Noy have taken over.

HE Aries Full Moon at 3:00 in the morning on Tuesday, October 11, shone so low eerily in Los Baos, Laguna. So low a full moon that it was seemingly proclaiming of a forthcoming tragedy that would shock everybody who woke up the next day. It was as if the moon was to witness the love among lovers and the crimes to be done by the devils. Accordingly, it is the I, You, We full moon, a time when men look to find the space of balance. The focus was on self-honoring and others, giving voice to inspirations and concerns, while encouraging and holding space for others to do so as well. Given Grace Cebanico, who turned 19 on September 23, walked alone and felt the celestial force of the Aries Full Moon on the wee hour of October 11. She was probably humming her From page 1


favorite love song while counting her steps along Diamond Street in Umali Subdivision, Los Baos, Laguna to the 5th of September Mansion, the dormitory where she used to stay. Hours before she enjoyed the walk under the eyes of the full moon, she posted on her Facebook account a meaningful message of blessing and sacrifice of ones self for the benefit of others. Her Facebook post said: You were born because you are going to be important to someone. It was as if her premonition that evil was sure to cross her path hours after the Facebook post. As if it was like that if not her as an offered sacrifice to the claws of criminals another teen would suffer her fate. While Given Grace, a junior computer science student of University of the Philippines-Los Baos, was walking alone along Diamond Street at 3:00 in the morning on October 11 after her group meeting at her classmates dormitory, the devil was hovering and looking for an easy prey. When the devil saw Given Grace alone and defenseless, the devil might have whispered to the ears of two men who had premeditated of committing a crime against the helpless and hapless beautiful woman. Tricycle driver Percival de Guzman, 38, and security guard Lester Ivan Lopez Rivera, 22, boarded a tricycle and sewed the stretch of Diamond Street until they saw Given Grace as their right prey. The tricycle stopped as they blocked the path of Given Grace. Rivera jumped out of the tricycle and covered the mouth of Given Grace with a handkerchief. He then forced her inside the tricycle while poking a gun on her back. Rivera and De Guzman then brought Given Grace to a vacant grassy lot on the stretch of IPB Road in Barangay Putho Tuntungin, Los Baos, Laguna. Upon reaching an uninhabited lot, the tricycle stopped and the criminals disembarked with their victim. As said, Rivera punched Given Grace on the stomach and stripped her naked. The two then took turns in satisfying their lust. After quenching their thirst, Rivera drew his .38 revolver, and fired it, bang! Given Grace A photo of Given Grace Cebanico after her graduation from Rizal Parochial Science High School. Her eyes show a bright future ahead had it not been for some blood-thirsty maniacs who snuffed the life out of her together with her dreams.


Vol. II No. 71

sprawled lifeless with a bullet embedded in her back. Rivera and De Guzman then robbed Given

Grace of her iPod and laptop. At 7:00 in the morning, residents of Barangay Tuntungin found her body and on a canal

times around Kaaba or a big cube built by Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) in Masjidil Haram (Holy Mosque) in Mecca. Likewise, Sheikh Muhaymin Astih, a Tausug from Sulu and one of the hajj guides for the pilgrims from Metro Manila, observed that the hajj operation now undertaken by the NCMF BPE under Director Salic has been smooth and hassle-free, starting from the registration up to the departure of the thousands of pilgrims, save for some technical problems not within the prerogatives of the BPE. This has something to do with the delay in the issuance to 1,000 pilgrims of the hajj visa. NCMF exerting all efforts for additional 1,000 Visa The NCMF has been exerting all efforts and exploring every possibility to secure these 1,000 visas for Muslim Filipino pilgrims so that no single pilgrim will be left behind in Manila on their journey to perform this years Hajj (pilgrimage) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. NCMF Secretary Lucman said that she has made official request to Saudi Arabian King

Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, through the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh, for the additional 1,000 visas for Muslim Filipinos who have registered for this years Hajj. Secretary Lucman said that at the same time she wrote Dr. Fouad Al-Farsy, minister of the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Saudi Ambassador to the Philippines Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al Hassan for the same request. Earlier, the NCMF sent a Hajj mission team that included Commissioner Solaiman Mutia, Bureau of Pilgrimage & Endowment Director Masideng Salic and Acting Finance Director Abel Macarimpas to Saudi Arabia and signed a contract with local service providers for the accommodation of 4,000 Muslim Filipinos for this years Hajj. Pilgrimage Director Salic said the NCMF based such target number on the average number of Filipinos joining the annual Hajj. However, the latest tally of the registered applicants submitted by the different sheiks (Hajj guides) shows 5,156 people have actually registered, exceeding the agreed number of 4,000 for

Saudi govt supports...

this years Hajj, according to Salic. Through their respective sheiks, all these applicants have also purchased plane tickets and paid for their mutawiff (accommodation, food and transportation cost). The pilgrimage director also reported that 3,974 of the applicants have already been issued visas and 2,682 of them have already flown to Saudi Arabia. There are 1,292 waiting for their flights, leaving 1,182 in the waiting for hajj visas. Secretary Lucman likewise emphasized that Republic Act No. 9997 mandates the NCMF to manage and supervise the participation of Filipino pilgrims in the annual Hajj and umrah (optional pilgrimage). The same Act also provides for an open airline policy, thus allowing the Filipino Hajj pilgrims to choose their carrier and directly purchase their plane tickets or through their respective sheiks, she added. Hajj as one of the Five Pillars of Islam Hajj is a religious exercise done annually by financially capable and physically-fit Muslim. Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam that should be performed at least once in a lifetime of every Muslim, by visiting the Kaaba at the Masjidil Haram (holy mosque) in the City of Makkah in Saudi Arabia. Kaaba is a structure shaped like a big cube. According to Islamic history, it was built by Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham). Kaaba, the House of Allah This Dyaryo Magdalo columnist has visited Kaaba twice in an interval of four years. Kaaba is considered by the Muslims as the House of Allah and the center of Islamic faith situated in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. It is covered by a black cloth known as kiswa, which is produced and changed every year during hajj time. A special factory is tasked to design the making of kiswa costing approximately 17 million in Saudi riyals. The black cloth is adorned with 670 kilograms of silver and dyed black. About 120 kilograms of pure gold and 50 kilograms

of silver are used in writing the Quranic verses over the cloth. The total area of the cloth is 658 square meters. Aleem Said Ahmad Basher, chairman of the Imam Council of the Philippines, said it is also adjacent to Kaaba where Hagar the wife of Prophet Ibrahim gave birth to Prophet Ishmael, the elder son of Prophet Ibrahim. Aleem Basher said one of the highlights of hajj ritual is the observance of Uqof or standing in the valley of Mt. Arafat in Mecca, which is considered as the paramount hajj ritual that would take place on November 5. The Al Azhar-educated Imam warned that if you have not observed the Uqof in Arafat, your performance of hajj is invalid. After Uqof has taken place and mandatorily observed by all pilgrims, the rest of the Muslims worldwide will now perform the Eidll Adha prayer on the early morning of November 6, which by operation of law is now one of the national holidays in the Philippines, Aleem Basher further explained.

along IPB Road near UPLos Baos and Institute of Plant Breeding. Her mouth was gagged with a handkerchief and her hands were handcuffed behind her back. The next day, De Guzman had a quarrel with a mentally-ill teener in Barangay Batong Malake in Los Baos. As a result, he was accosted by the barangay tanods. That act of De Guzman was a spate of luck for the early delivery of justice. The barangay tanods recovered Given Graces iPod from him as he was being accosted. The recovery of Graces iPod made it easy for the cops to close the book on the UP-Los Baos rape-slay. De Guzman admitted the commission of the crime. Rivera, on the other hand, hid in the house of his grandfather Renato Rivera in Floridablanca, Pampanga to whom he confided his crime. The grandpa, who might have been touched by an angel, confessed to Alfonso Dizon, barangay captain of Barangay Palmayo in Floridablanca. The barangay chairman then accosted Rivera to the police. The younger Rivera was arrested and he admitted his participation to the rape-slay of Given Grace. The laptop was later traced to a pawnshop. Nevertheless, justice has been served on Given Grace as on her father

and mother Marlene as well as on her entire family. The police filed the charge of rape with homicide against the suspects. The mother, however, urged the police to secure all schools from criminals even as her daughter was buried at Sto. Rosario Memorial Park in Binangonan, Rizal in a funeral attended by at least 6,000 mourners in white and lavender, the favorite colors of the victim. The case of Given Grace is the second UPLos Baos rape-slay. The first was committed in 1993 by former Calauan, Laguna mayor Antonio Sanchez. Sanchez was the mastermind in the rapeslaying of Eileen Sarmenta and her boyfriend Allan Gomez who were both students of UP-Los Baos. Sanchez tried to hide his crime. The mayor was said to have released P10 million for the expelled president Joseph Estrada, P10 million for the now Senator Panfilo Ping Lacson, and another P10 million for the media. But nothing happened. Justice was served anyway. On January 25, 1999, the court sentenced Sanchez to a double life term for a different case and seven life terms for the Sarmenta-Gomez rape-slay. Sanchez is now serving his sentence totaling to 360 years jail term.

Vol. II No. 71


Jerrys Blogs
By Jerry S. Yap
CHIEF Supt. Alex Gutierrez is the new district director of the Manila Police District (MPD). He replaced Gen. Robert Rongavilla. Gutierrezs new assignment sends MPDs rank and file to cheers. As perceived, MPD men and women have been disgruntled for years. Now, they believe that Gutierrez will implement changes for the better at MPD. Anyway, what to be watched over by PNP chief, Dir. Gen. Nick Bartolome, is the posting of new MPD Deputy Director. It is not alien to Gen. Nick that some elements at MPD are lurking and waiting for a chance to make poisonous bites. Anyway, congratulations again, Gen. Guti. It is hoped that pretty soon a star will shine on your shoulder. The Feast of Betty Chuhuahua and Annie Sey; Atty. Roy Ledesmas new post Its an ear-to-ear smile for Betty Chuhuahua and Anna Sey, the two who have been said by many Bureau of Immigration insiders as notorious fixers in that most graft-ridden office of the government not even a feisty Miriam Defensor Santiago can overhaul. The reason of the feast is the appointment of their best friend, Atty. Roy Ledesma, to the top post of Bureau of Immigration-Alien Registration Division (ARD). Ledesmas lording over at the BI-ARD simply means an insurmountable number of work for Betty and Annie Sey. But more importantly, it means more millions of pesos for their pockets. Betty and Annie Sey are close, too close, to Ledesmas godmother who the fixers always treat to a lunch-out. Indeed, planting is profitable. If you plant, you reap. Betty Chuhuahua and Annie Sey have proved this true. Lucky are those who have BFF at BI-ARD

Congrats, Gen. Alex Gutierrez

who also have influence at BI-Intelligence Division. My unsolicited advice to Commissioner Ric David: If you want not to be like other former commissioners damned by BI employees because of their money-hungry attitude, then be wise in trusting your own men. Commissioner David should be cunning as a dove in monitoring the activities of the two known witches or notorious BI fixers: Betty Chuhuahua and Anna Sey. Commissioner David should not feel contented of just pasting his butts in the four corners of his office. It is a ripe for him to make a round of Sherlock Holmes act: in- RICO GOLEZ and vestigate with witch-ful FLORENCIO BERNABE III. and watchful eyes. Yes, they are not in a rush, but 400 per cent 400 % tax hike in tax hike is revolting! Paraaque SONNABAGAN! Today, Paraaque Paraaque City Mayor Florencio Bern- homeowners are paying abe Jr. and the Sanggu- P1,000 to P1,500 real niang Panglungsod are property tax per square allegedly not rushing in meter. If ever the 400 per implementing the 400% cent tax hike is impletax hike in the city. Mayor Jun Bernabe mented, the homeowntold his constituents, ers have to pay P20,000 particularly the home- per square meter! Mayor Bernabe reaowners, that the tax hike implementation soned out that Paraaque City compared can wait. For the information to other cities has been of Paraaque voters, left behind in hiking the man that sponsored real property tax. the City Ordinance on Mayor Bernabe said 400% tax hike is Jun that since 1992 when Romey and those who Paraaque was deapproved are Coun- clared a city, there has cilors JASON WEBB, never been an increase in real property tax (RPT). He added that in three years, the increase on real property tax was staggered so that he said Paraaquenos should not be disturbed. Mayor Bernabes staggered reason is alien to us who reside in Paraaque. Our concern here is the staggering 400 per cent RPT. Mayor Bernabe, why not you first collect 400 per cent tax hike from your relatives and friends living in mansions at BF homes, Tahanan Village and Multinational Village? As said by Kapampangans: Subukan pamu para mabalu.

Ambassador Al Hassan, the new Saudis ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary!

J A N N A R A L LY SPEAKING, this column is born again after it went on unexpected hibernation for a number of months. So, here we are again discussing point by point and blow by blow every hot issue in town that could be useful not only for the information of our local and national readers, but also those from among our readers in the foreign lands that have access to Dyaryo Magdalo Online Edition. Just last week, this columnist was one of the two members of the media who covered the traditional send-off ceremony of the first batch of the Muslim Filipino pilgrims to the Holy City of Makkah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hajj, being one of the Five Pillars of Islam, is performed by adult male or female financially capable to the high cost of travel and other incidental costs; and physically fit to undergo the rigid religious rituals. The Uqof, considered as the highlight of the hajj rituals where billion of pilgrims throughout the world stand in solemn prayer at the valley of Mt. Arafat in Makkah, falls on November 5. The following day is the Eidl Adha (Feast of Sacrifice), now one of the Philippines national holidays. The send-off ceremony was one tradition implemented by the defunct Office on Muslim Affairs or OMA. It is resumed by its successor, the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF), headed by Secretary and Chief Executive Officer Bai (Princess) Omera Dimakuta DianalanLucman, daughter of the late Sultan Omar Dianalan, popularly known as SOD, a former Assemblyman of the Batasang Pambansa representing Lanao del Sur. However, what added significant moment to the ceremony was the presence of no less than the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, His Excellency Ambassador Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al Hassan. He personally went to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) to see off the 350 pilgrims board their Saudi Airlines (Saudia) Flight SV-869 that departed the tarmac of the NAIA at 3:00 pm

Jannarally speaking
last October 11. In his brief message at the NAIA Satellite lounge where the Saudia, the KSA flag carrier was on standby to transport the first batch of the pilgrims in Saudias first flight, Ambassador Al Hassan, who spoke in Arabic language but was translated by the Saudi Embassy resident translator, Ustadz Amer Hadji Noor, said the Saudi government is supportive of the hajj program of the NCMF. He also thanked Secretary Lucman for inviting him as the guest of honor. In his message, for the pilgrims, the Saudi ambassador said he was praying for the safe journey of all the pilgrims and for them to perform the annual religious rituals smoothly. I pray that your Hajj to the Holy City of Mecca will be accepted by the Almighty Allah and that you can return to your family safely, Ambassador Al Hassan solemnly said. Somehow, Secretary Lucman told this columnist she was overwhelmed by the full support of Ambassador Al Hassan. He took time out from his hectic diplomatic schedules at the Saudi Embassy to personally go to NAIA to say his prayer and pray for a happy and safe journey for the pilgrims, some are going to perform their Hajj for the first time. The first flight of hajj is unprecedented and memorable for all of us Muslim Filipinos since no less than the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al Hassan of the Embassy of the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who came over to see off the first batch of pilgrims boarding their non-stop flight to Jeddah and en route to the Holy City of Mecca, Lucman told this Columnist. *** Paging NAIA Beat Reporters and Fotogs! In the second paragraph of this column, I mentioned that I am one of the only two members of the media and regular members of the National Press Club (NPC) who covered the Hajj 2011 Send-Off Ceremony. The other colleague who was with me covering the event was Edd K. Usman, news reporter of Manila Bulletin and, like this columnist, one of the few Muslim journalists in the country today. Brother Edd and I observed that for an event like this involving Muslims, not one from any of the NAIA beat reporters of the several newspapers covering the airport had lifted their fingers to cover the event. Not one from the news photographers of the broadsheets and tabloids assigned at the NAIA showed up to click their hi-tech digitalized cameras. Brod Edd and I were not at all surprised. Perhaps it was not newsworthy to them, or, as I quote my good friend Edd: They will cover only kung may gulo ang mga Muslim. (if there is chaos among Muslims). He may be right in his observation.

Just like what is happening in Mindanao every time there is war, our media colleagues from Manila would not mind going to Mindanao despite the danger to their lives and limbs. Is it necessary that we have to create trouble to be noticed or to attract the attention of national media, one of the pilgrims asked. *** POSTSCRIPT: Dyaryo Magdalo through this column would like to congratulate Dr. Julia M. Moreno for defending her doctoral dissertation with flying colors. Dr, Moreno who teaches at the Centro Escolar University (CEU) on Mendiola, Manila is also a Fund Assistance to Private Education (FAPE) scholar. More power to you! From: Your circle of friends, including this columnist. Congratulations to: NCMF Commissioner Moner Bajunaid who is the amirul hajj (head of delegation) of the Hajj 2011. Commissioner Bajunaid was appointed by President Benigno Aquino, 3rd to represent the President in all the Hajj-related activities while in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. NCMF Commissioner-in-Charge for

Pilgrimage Solaiman C. Mutia observed that the appointment signed by PNoy for Amirul Hajj Bajunaid is a manifestation of the Presidents recognition of the role of NCMF commissioners. Previously, this honorific title was given only to Muslim leaders and politicians. Happy birthday to my good friends at the National Broadcasting Network (NBN-4) who are celebrating their birthdays in this month of October like Lita Arada, the NBN4 News Librarian; Amiel Rufo, NBN-4 News VTR Editor; and Joel Mamaril, another friend. This columnist would like to say belated happy birthday to NBN-4 General Manager Renato Caluag. I learned this from my fellow Philippine Law School alumnus Jet Garcia who I met at the corridor of this government station last week, who said that he came to see GM Caluag because it was his birthday! Jet is now with the Presidential Communications Coordinating Office (PCCO) in Malacaang Palace.


Vol. II No. 71

THIS is urging Justice Secretary Leila De Lima to adopt the air-tight evidence rule in deciding whether to charge a person in court. This is necessary in the face of rampant abuse by the prosecutors of the phrase probable cause and the fact that majority of the people have lost trust in the prosecutors they call fix-cals. Abuse of probable cause:

Air-tight proof must be the rule

Courts abdication of duty: These abuses often come unchecked because of the actual happening of the tradition of respect given by judges to the prosecutors. Contrary to their obligations to Section 2 of Article III of the Philippine Constitution, that is the equivalent of the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution, the courts almost automatically approve the criminal information sheets filed by the prosecutors. What does Section 2 of Article III of the Constitution say that is material to the issue of probable cause? This is the statement in that section that says: no search warrant or warrant of arrest shall issue except upon probable cause to be determined personally by the judge after examination under oath or affirmation of the complainant and the witnesses he may produce, and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized. The command of the constitution is very clear. This provision clearly says that probable cause must be determined personally by the judge after examination under oath or affirmation of the complainant and the witnesses he may produce. With this command of the Constitution, the people unfairly charged by the prosecutors could have been protected by the judges who could rule there was no probable cause to hold the accused for trial and detain him as long as the trial and the judgment are not completed. If that is the command of the Constitution that is the highest law of the land, why is it that the courts in the country are

Privileged spits
By Toto C. Causing
behaving otherwise and not taking pains to examine first all the cases filed by the prosecutors? This author cannot answer this question except for stating the nearest he can think of: respect by the judge to the prosecutors and to the prosecutors exclusive power to determine who they want to hail to court. In other occasions, it is conspiracy that compelled the judges to approve immediately the charges even without examining the complainant, the witnesses, and other evidence. It is sad. The judges who are supposed to be the first court protector against injustices are abdicating their duties to guard against abuses by the prosecutors. This is the real thing. Given the fact of life that the judges respect the prosecutors words, it is with more reason that the prosecutors should be prudent, conscientious, and unbiased. This is what the prosecutors should be in deciding whether to hail to court the persons being accused, either by means of an arrest made by the police or other law enforcers, or by means of a regular preliminary investigation initiated by private complainants. Prosecutors can destroy life: Sigh. The abusive prosecutors sit comfortably on the thought that the probable cause they proclaim is too tricky and too abstract to be understood by laymen and too hard to be undone even by a judge. Among the difficult questions is whether a set of evidence presented is sufficient to say whether there is probable cause to charge a person in court and hold him for trial. Because of these realities, the prosecutors can easily take advantage of the lack of understanding by the laymen if the prosecutors want to file a case in court against persons for motives of money, defense of ego, or defense of the reputation of a class of persons or a group. The abuse of probable cause is also done by prosecutors who never care that their decisions are products of guessworks due to laziness or lack of intellectual capacity to discern issues of facts. In other words, even with just little probability that one person could have been the perpetrator of any crime that is punishable with life imprisonment or reclusion perpetua, our prosecutors can destroy ones life by just filing any case that accuses of an offense. Much more destruction would be caused to persons charged by the prosecutors with criminal offense that do not allow bail for a temporary liberty. Imagine the consequence of being charged with a non-bailable offense! A person has to surrender and consent to be detained as long as the case is not terminated if he wants to prove his innocence to the charge of murder or parricide filed by the concerned prosecutor. Much more revolting it becomes upon knowing that the case would run to at least one year and this means one year of detention of the innocent. If the person succeeded in proving his innocence, how can the honor and freedom lost be recovered? So that it is seen how a prosecutor becomes a menace of the society when he gets mad at anybody and he say there is probable cause out of fabricated or insufficient testimonies and documents to impugn the worst assault against the man he is angry at. He is equally an instrument of evil even if the prosecutor is honest but he does not care whether his decision is correct or not. Cases of Lacson and Webb: Look at Senator Panfilo Lacson. Lacson hid because if he faced the accusations that he allegedly masterminded the murders of publicist Salvador Bubby Dacer and the latters driver Emmanuel Corbito, it meant Lacson must be imprisoned first while his case was being tried. And if Lacson is indeed innocent, it is devastating to his person, to his family, and to his honor to be charged with double murder that does not allow bail for temporary liberty. Knowing that the Court of Appeals threw

Probable cause is the most abused and most misunderstood legal phrase in criminal law, at least in the Philippines where the power to say there is probable cause to hail a person to court is in the hands of a prosecutor. Actually, the same is the definition of probable cause in the United States of America where the power to say there is probable cause is in the hands of a grand jury, a group of ordinary laymen, not lawyers, raffled and interviewed from the community whose faces and names are hidden while they serve for six months. If no complaint is heard about probable cause abuse from the USA, complaints about probable cause abuse is plenty in the Philippines where fairness is the exception. Who abuse probable cause in the Philippines? Primarily, it is abused by the prosecutors who are so bold in doing so because they believe that the law that makes it their exclusive power to do so protects their works that no one can question them in their exercise of their sole power.

out the case against Lacson that the appellate tribunal found there was no probable cause that Lacson could have killed Dacer and Corbito, it means that the CA was not convinced that the evidence presented by the prosecutors have not been enough to say there was probable cause that the senator is guilty. In other words, it confirms the argument of the lawmaker that he was only charged because his political opponents, Gloria Arroyo and Mike Arroyo, ordered the state prosecutors to do so as the couples revenge for exposing Jose Pidal scandals and many others. So that if Lacson ran and hid, it shows more now that it does not necessarily follow, or it is non sequitor, that he is guilty. From that, we say it is a fallacy to state that flight means guilt and to say that the innocent is bold as a lion. Rather, these phrases born by time are not true for all cases. Supposing Lacson did not hide and he squarely faced the charges but he had to be jailed, can we say there is a good reason to justify his detention after the Court of Appeals declared there was no sufficient evidence to prove the case against him? See Hubert Webb and assume that the decision of the Supreme Court acquitting him is correct. Will it be justice to be detained for the long time that his case was yet being tried by the Paraaque Regional Trial Court only to be proclaimed as innocent by the Supreme Court after 15 years? If persons possessed of power and wealth like Lacson and Webb have become victims, how much worse would happen to ordinary individuals? The bottom line here is

conscience. Air-tight evidence standard: This means that if a prosecutor decides to file a case of murder or other case that carries non-bailable offense, the prosecutor must satisfy his impartial conscience that he is more or less convinced that he has a good chance to get conviction. Otherwise, even if he knows that the whole mass of evidence he has are not enough, he will be pricked by the revolt in his mind and of the uprights. The judges must also now do their duty to examine and approve or disapprove what the prosecutors are feeding them. Else, it will be a repetition of injustice and an abdication of their constitutional duty to determine personally probable cause to justify holding the accused in detention while the trial is going on. If ever there is a legal standard that is followed to avoid charging persons of crimes even if there is lack of evidence, American jurisprudence says that the grand juries must satisfy their conscience that the evidence presented to them by the prosecutor are just a little less than the amount needed to convict. In the mind of this writer, the fair standard shall be one where the available pieces of evidence stand a good chance to win conviction. By this way, at least the prosecution cannot be pricked by his conscience even if it turns out that the best of his evidence was not enough to convict. To follow a standard lower than this will result in injustice. To page 7

P300 million a year is a large amount to consider, but this is thrown by President Benigno Simeon Noynoy Aquino III for the intelligence fund of the Presidential Anti Organized Crime Commission (PAOCC) to counter the high-profile syndicated crimes, including kidnapping, bank robbery, smuggling, illegal drugs and other form or organized crimes. And this P300 million is entrusted by PNoy for the spending of his trusted man, PAOCC boss and Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa. It was in June 2011 when Ochoa, through PNoys Executive Order 46 , was appointed as lord of the anti-crime body. But since then, we have not heard a deafening accomplishment of his anti-crime performance. If indeed he has spent judiciously his

PAOCC chief Ochoas P300M intelligence fund

multi-million intelligence fund, it appears otherwise. It must be noted that intelligence fund is free from audit, or, for clarity, spending these millions free from inquiry. As we scratch the record of PAOCC following the appointment of Ochoa, we are faced with nothing. Yes, nothing to talk of its accomplishment. If there is no accomplishment, then what happened to the intelligence millions that had been siphoned off by the PAOCC of Ochoa? In fact, instead of report of accomplishments by PAOCC, rumors spread that it never fought against smuggling, and that it has perfected a take from the illegal deals. The rumors might not be true, but the silence of Ochoas PAOCC seemingly stands to conform with it. For in not performing the gigantic task assigned

Hernz quarry
By Hernani Q. Cuare
to the agency is equal to burying the same to an unnoticed grave of forgetfulness. And the effort of burying the PAOCC will definitely result in burying with it the P300 million intelligence fund that is free from audit. Nothing left for the Filipino people to see a single cent. As said by PNoy, the PAOCC is strengthened purportedly to divide the work between him and Ochoa. Actually, PNoy insisted that the division of labor will ensure that there will be focus in the anti-crime efforts not like in the previous administration that PAOCC was chaired by the president. PNoy is right that crimes are to be handled more on a day-to-day basis and he cannot do it alone. As months unfold, we see the division of labor but there is no labor performance to talk about for PAOCC is likely doing nothing. PNoy wanted the PAOCC to chair and supervise efforts to combat the proliferation of drugs, pointing out that the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency is short on resources. However, in all operation against illegal drugs by PDEA, the PAOCC was never in the line of credits. PAOCC was never been mentioned of having an ink of intelligence network that had worked with the anti-drugs agency. We agree with PNoy that PAOCC has to also address carjacking and kidnapping, especially in Mindanao, but for more than a quarter of the year, the once most powerful agency during the reign of former President Joseph Estrada, turns crippled, useless against crime elements in Mindanao. As we take note, indeed, there is no concrete accomplishment by Ochoas PAOCC despite its huge intelligence fund. Under the P1.5-trillion

2011 national budget, the PAOCC is allocated P18,977,000 for personal services, the budget language for salaries, and P355,879,000 for maintenance and other operation expenses (MOOE), P300 million of which is for confidential and intelligence expenses. Under Ochoas PAOCC are the Office of the Special Envoy on Transnational Crime and the Philippine Center for Transnational Crime. Accordingly, the PAOCC was a creation of former President Fidel Ramos, who named then Vice-President Estrada as its chairman. Estrada created under PAOCC two operating task forces one led by then police colonel and now Sen. Panfilo Lacson and another by Reynaldo Berroya, then also a police colonel. Estrada himself would

later arrest Berroya for alleged involvement in the kidnapping of Chinese national Jack Chou. It was Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile and then senator John Osmea who gave PAOCC a P500-million intelligence budget largely in recognition of the gains achieved by the Lacson task force in the fight against kidnapping groups. During Estradas time, he appointed Lacson as head of the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force (PAOCTF) under PAOCC and later as Philippine National Police (PNP) chief. The PAOCTF gained a notorious tag as Berdugo for its killing of the members of the Red Scorpion Group and the Kuratong Baleleng kidnap for ransom syndicate.

Vol. II No. 71


Simplified Libel Law in the Philippines


Chapter IV Defense of Lack of Element

Fourth example: Lack of defamation Another contentious issue in the discussion of libel is the presence or the absence of defamation. Defamation may be any word that may cast shame on one person. Sometimes, what is defaming to one person is not defaming to another. But the key to know whether one published word or statement is defaming is to consider the person to whom the word or group of words was ascribed and to gauge this against his personal circumstances. An example of this is this: Multi-awarded swimmer Akiko Thomson was removed from the national team due to dismal performance in her training for the past three months. For Akiko, this may be shameful because this is humiliating for a person like her who has registered tremendous performance in almost all international meets. But if the same is said of an upcoming swimmer who tried out for the national team, it is not as humiliating. And if it is humiliating in the case of Akiko, then there is defamation. But if it is not humiliating in the case of another person, then there is no defamation. Summary In sum, just remember that the absence of any of the four elements of libel, which are coined as DIMP, means there is no libel. An advice to a writer, therefore, is this: if there is no document to support the allegations, although the allegations are true as the writer knows these allegations personally, it is safer to avoid a case by not giving the identity of the subject of the allegations. It is also advised to all writers or reporters that if they do not have documents to support they should avoid mentioning the names of persons involved in explosive exposes, even if they personally know or witnessed with their own eyes any violation of the law, or any act of immorality. In this case, the best thing to do, as obligations of dutiful citizens, is to file proper complaints and alleged everything that they know even if they did not have documentary evidence to support the allegations. After all, allegations that can stand cross examinations can suffice to convict or prove guilt in certain cases. After the complaint is filed, then a reporter can report the filing of the complaint and the contents therein. And in reporting the official event of filing and the content of the event there is no libel.

S in all other crimes, the defense of lack tented himself by berating his wife. of element is a complete defense in itself. There is no doubt that this report put this congressman to shame. Remember that all crimes have eleHowever, the descriptions provided in the story cannot pinpoint who is this ments. These elements are determined by congressman considering there are four districts and at least two districts have a the definition of the crime as defined by congressman who is a man. laws. As such, there is the lack of the element of identification. If we talk about theft, the elements as taken from And if there is no element of identification, there is no libel. the definition given by the Revised Penal Code are: (a) the act of taking the thing that is movable or le- Second example: Lack of publication gally meant as personal property; (b) the thing belongs to another; (c) the taking must have no consent Lack of publication means that the story that shamed a person was not pubfrom the owner of the thing; (d) the manner of taking lished. must not be one attended by force, intimidation or By saying not published, it means it was not published in a newspaper or violence; (e) the taking was with intent to gain. not posted on Facebook or other online platforms that can be opened and read by So that if there was taking without permission other people. from the owner, there is no crime of theft as long as By saying it was not published, it also means that it was not aired on television the element of intent to gain is not proven beyond or radio, or not sent through letters or text messages to persons other the person reasonable doubt. being defamed, or not faxed to another person. So that even if it was proven that the taking of the This means that even if the message is damaging, as long as this was sent only thing was done by the person other than the owner of to the person being shamed, there is no libel. the thing, there is still no crime of theft of the prosBut remember that although the person who was the one shamed was the only ecution cannot prove lack of permission from the person who read the message cannot file a libel case, that person case can still reowner. cover by filing a case for moral damages, exemplary damages, and attorneys fees. Similar is the rule in libel. An example may be this: There are only four elements in the crime of liThe mayor of Quezon City was caught red-handed in a drug buy-bust operabel and these are simple to remember as having been tion conducted by agents of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) last taught in Chapter II. Just remember the acronym night inside a VIP room of a night club in the city. DIMP. Now, this story was not published in a newspaper or not broadcast in any teleD stands for defamation, or a word or a group vision or radio station. It was not also sent to as a text message or was not posted of words that put one person in shame before those on any website. who happen to read or heard of the publication of There is no doubt that this statement is damaging to the mayor; he was identisuch word or group of word. fied; and there was malice for it was not true. However, it was not published. As I stands for identification. This means that the such, there is no libel. person put to shame was named in the published But if this is a text message and was sent to the cellular phone alone of the item. Sometimes, even if not identified by name, the said mayor and it was only that mayor who read that, the mayor can still file a suit person put to shame can be identified by the descrip- for damages. But this damage cannot be based on libel but the emotional stress tions given in the published item. caused by the message sent privately. M stands for malice. This means that the author or the publisher of the published item had the inten- Third example: Lack of malice tion to put to shame the person named or described in the publication. The lack of malice aspect is actually the most contentious issue in libel. But P stands for publication. This means that the there are a few occasions that occur where it is very clear that the author has no word or the group of words that put another person malice or no intention to put another person to shame. to shame was published. By publication, it means This is common in reporting what happened in an official proceeding. The prothat the word or the group of words was read by at ceeding might be about a Senate or House inquiry into jueteng where one witness least one person who is other than the person who named a governor, for example Governor Chavit Singson of Ilocos Sur, as the was put to shame by this word or group of words. financier and protector of jueteng in his province and that he was also the one colIf any of these four elements is not proven or is lecting protection money from other gambling lords in the rest of the Philippines. absent, there is no libel. Because a report is only a plain report of what happened by quoting what the To understand this defense of lack of element witness testified to, on the part of the reporter and the newspaper there is clearly better, the author deems it best to present examples, no intention to destroy Chavit Singson. hypothetical or true-to-life story. This example may be this: Former Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz testified yesterday before First example: Lack of identification the Senate inquiry into jueteng that Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson has been the one financing and protecting illegal gambling in his province and has also been Assume that this is a news article, to wit: the one collecting gambling protection money from all other lords of illegal lotterA congressman from the South was caught ies in the rest of the country. pumping on top of his mistress atop a bed when Now, if it is true that a Senate inquiry occurred yesterday, that the bishop the womans husband surprised them at a room testified, that his testimony is this, then it is very clear that the reporter or publisher in Manila Hotel the other day. was merely reporting what happened in that official proceeding. The solon is the incumbent representative Another example may be a police operation, a kind of official proceeding. It of one of the four districts of Davao City and may be like this: allied with the political party of the President. Police operatives declared yesterday in their after-operation affidavit that they Outraged by what he saw, the husband saw the vice mayor of Timbuktu City as among the armed men who shot it out who is a military officer poked his gun on with the lawmen after the robbers barged inside Logarta Bank on Dinero St. the lovers and ordered the lawmaker to A police response that resulted in a shootout is an official proceeding. The exrun naked on the hallway in the fourth ecution or the signing of after-operation report narrating the events that occurred floor of the hotel. in the said police response is a part of that official proceeding. The husband was cooled down by As such, it is very clear that the reporter and his publisher did not have any his companions and he let the intention of maligning the honor of the vice-mayor for they just reported only what congressman go and con- happened in the said official proceedings.


Vol. II No. 71

Editors brief review of the poem entitled Humble the Work:

In this excerpt of the epic poem in progress, Ten Thousand Lines Project for World Peace, author Edwin M. Cordevilla obviously finds himself in a soliloquy of sort, as if talking to the one he worships as his hero to guide him through a darkness of anger. Edwin finds himself in an occasion where he hardly controls his revolting ego. It is like he is mad at a woman. So he is seeking the power of humility to make him humble that to the contrary brings him to glory in eternity. That power brings him to reason to defeat his anger. It beckons in his mind that to do things in the opposite of reasons achieves the purpose better. So he thinks that to kill is to kill ones self. To murder a thousand times more is to murder ones self as many times. He thinks to do laundry that is not a mans role is to give the needed rest to the
Humble the work of my hands, Let me see clearly with unpolluted heart, Understand fellow humans in truth. Everything recognizes a humble heart, Everyone knows the height of humanity is humility, Humble the hand that writes these words, The voice that reads these symbols of expression, Let the proud fall from his or her sky, Surprise evil-wishers with love upon their lips, Let the needy taste the abundance of the human heart, The greedy see the wealth of love he or she may share, Let the murderer see that to kill is to take his or her own life, To murder a thousand is to kill himself or herself a thousand times more, Washing the dishes so the tired wife may rest

wife as the sun that rests at night. One that illustrates this theory of the opposite better is when Jose Rizal surrendered his mortal body to the whims and caprices of the Spaniard, leading his death expressed in a too powerful message of Mi Ultimo Adios to give birth to a man that is flying high forever in the memory of millions of years, giving life and strength to the struggle that yearned for freedom as an independent nation. Edwin espouses that in a feat of anger one can hardly see the light. But the guidance given by the opposite rule leads him to see through the blinding maze of anger. When he searches through the dimly-lit shadows, he finds that hidden hand that caresses that he brings with him as part of him, as one he walks with forever, as one he assures I am here. Is this a battery? So the lovely love still goes on. This time the

horror of anger revisits him, leading him to vow into regrets and reassure that love once found may pause but love, as life, must remain. In this moment, he is reminded by memories of his father he calls his lost hero. So read the poem and see the power of the combination of thoughts presented in a manner that is hardly understood by those who do not know how to see what does not meet the eye. But when understood one can Edwin feel the warmth and the power of his emotion and reasons blending together to achieve peace of the mind.
Oh, they shall see my crooked smile And whisper about it, you have my attention. I am here.

P oetry Reality

Is the way of an enlightened heart, The child who tries to do good in school To please his or her parents manifests love and understanding, The accused who admits his or her wrong-doing And hates his or her old ways By beginning to do the opposite exhibits true seeing. Let my sins now melt in the ink, Meld into the work of my heart In an act of sharing my mortality, The world knows its coming to an end someday, But, the self shall continue, Having vibrated in space Self in pure self vibrating Along the elliptical course of its existence, It will survive even after all the histories, The faults, the pains, the forgiveness, After all it has been through,

After the fears, the boundI have chosen you among aries of ones construct the many, It will continue self to self I shall hold your hand and With the memories it walk through your door, wants to remember. Enter the house, home of your humble hopes, Eastern-ward as the sun Sit on a wooden chair, Must make a pause, strong and heavy, A long pause before deOnce in a list of things to claring itself the sun, be covered by the next payThe love that holds every- check, thing together Taste the coffee you offer, Must also pause, pray for Light a cigarette and listen reasons, to your casual expressions, To dawn, explain, save the And listen, too, to the siscream lence there, From waking a world so To the dreams that houndused to its own dream, ed you, Pray for light to un-cease Why you missed your asits flow signed room Through the bends and By one floor, yes, I shall turns of space, listen to those dreams To reach a dark corner, That have tortured you, To touch the hand that and the kindness has hidden itself Appropriated to your age For so long now, to caress and achievements, the face The heartaches that your Bombarded with miseries poets heart and silence, Needed to bear, you shall To evade the name given walk me And at last just to be huTo your memories, I shall man, feeling the brutal pains. dine with your friends,

Humble the Work

Visit hidden corners for traces of pain, Endure the sadistic world you have memorized by touch, There I create a wound upon the wound, Part the tall leaves of grass where Once youve found yourself lost, Smell the scent of your footprints in the cold earth, Youve been here alright, your shadow directs

Muse you have followed all this lifetime, Brilliant star in your waking hours, Romancing, blessing your solitude with warm light, I salute her, adore her in so many ways For accompanying a poor poet in his many journeys, Guiding his strides to the many good life can offer, To the many wisdom such pen holds, Brightest in the midnight the angel-muse Gives you that terrific kiss, That first and last kiss you treasure forever, Like a surgeon the hands of my mind Extra careful, gentle and precise As I summon the images with the scalpel of the word,

Me towards the city, your scent still alive in the air, Your words still in the wind, Your voice still violently shattering the silence, While the silver moon borrows the city lights, The fog thick and hideous concealing The mouth of a cave so hidden from view, Yet always there with minotaur So defeated and destroyed, its greed Reduced to shades of dreams, Beneath the microscope of verses I see the skies my father has followed As a young man, saw glimpses Through his youthful eyes, Sending me back to the place and time Beyond my hour of birth, There, beneath the borrowed light, The city lost its heroes.

Sexytary Booba & her two lovers ...

From page 8 The root of their fight is their respective men. It was said that General Peaflors men who are contractual were unruly and arrogant. It also said that the men of Major Delos Santos are all organic Airport police officers. Anyway, it is hoped that GM BODET HONRADO would fix the dispute between the two pasuways. Else, the next encounter would convert the NAIA into a la Mindanao battleground between the two groups. PEAFLOR because by his form alone he looks like already made even before he came to MIAA. They said that he is the only person tagged along by Bodet Honrado when the latter assumed the post of MIAA General Manager who was already made na made. Peaflor sports a ROLEX SOLID GOLD DAYTONA that costs more than P1 million. He drives Hyundai Sonata. Whoa! He is indeed already made. He is not like one retired general who wears a plastic wristwatch. By the way, Sir BaIS B/GEN. PEAFLOR dong, there is a law, RA ALREADY MADE? 6713, and an executive order that prohibits display Many MIAA employ- of lavish lifestyle. ees are so envious of reAdditionaly, Article 25 tired GEN. BADONG of the Civil Code prohibits a thoughtless display of extravagance in times of crisis. It is up to you, Sir Badong. We are only concerned that P-Noy might take a peep on you. Many MIAA employees are asking how it happened that Sir Badong became rich. Did it come from pabaon? Just asking, Sir Badong! UPDATE ON SEXYTARY BOOBA & HER TWO LOVERS We learned that LESBO (t-bird) already knew that her rival for her love bird, SEXYTARY BOOBA,is one alias D MAX, a sharp shooter. We also learned LESBO bought a gun to be prepared that in the eventuality of kapag puno na ang salop she can shoot the man who she described as the one who tomotorotot sa kanya and this is DMAX. We learned that Lesbo even warned: ISANG BALA ka lang din. Even if she would be killed, Lesbo warned that she will make it sure that she and DMAX will die together! Tsk tsk tsk... Are we expecting a crime of passion in the Bureau of Immigration in the near future? Anyway, we learned that this Sexytary Booba is super sucker to alias DMax. She even requested for her Lesbo lover to be transferred to NAIA T-3 from NAIA T-1.

Of course, she wanted that the duty time of Lesbo would be night time to give her long bonding moments with DMax. Rare indeed is the charisma of this Sexytary Booba. Come to think of it, two persons of the Bureau of Immigration are mad like dogs for her beauty! They said that the performance level of Booba is a la DIVA. But seriously speaking, I would like to remind these three BI lovers they are all violating the BI CODE OF CONDUCT, specifically the provision on MORALITY IN THE PUBLIC SERVICE under Rule V Section 1, which says: The highest degree of morality shall be expected and practiced by all officials & employees. Hence, illicit relationships, disgraceful and immoral conduct and corruption shall

not be tolerated and will There could have been not remain unpunished. no problem if Madam KuIs this clear, friends? lot were not an office chief. And since the Bureau GUESS WHO: IMMIGRAof Immigration is dealing TION OFFICIAL NOSEwith the movements of forBLEEDING IN ENGLISH eigners, speaking correct English is necessary. This madam is superb They discovered later in form. Sophisticated, that the reasons why Madam strict and a little bit respect- Kulot was shunning away able when seen. from meetings was this fear If you dont know her, in talking with foreigners. you would be held in awe Everytime there would by her refined moves. be a meeting, she would alYou pair her moves ways keep quiet. Her Engwith her tailored Immigra- lish is not so good. tion uniform you will find Maybe Madam Kulot yourself breathless. Much needs cash to make her more if you know that English very nice? Madam Kulot is a chief You can match it with of office. Speech Power training, But not all that glitters Madam. is gold. What can you say, ExShe is only a matter of ecutive Director DMax? form and not of substance. Do you know her? If we talk about meetCLUE: She is so known ings and conferences, you by Atty. Tonette Mangrowill see and hear her nose- bang. bleeding in her English. Get it? Hak hak hak!

From page 5 Much better is when the prosecutors and the judges follow the standard of air-tight evidence. This is the standard that retired Supreme Court Justice Conchita Carpio Morales said she would use in dispensing her duties as the Ombudsman. I quote what she said in her first press conference: You just dont go berserk in filing a case if you believe the case does not merit conviction just to please the public expectation. In determining

Air-tight proof must be the rule

whether to file a criminal case in court, she added a caution not to rely too much on witnesses who sometimes are barking left and right. Weakness of the system: This probable cause abuse can be blamed on the natural weakness of the system of deciding who to charge in court, which system exposes the prosecutors to influences of money, power and fear. The same vulnerability opens one-judge court to the same forces when deciding the fate of the accused, as to the approval or disapproval of the probable cause being recommended by the prosecutors and as to the conviction or acquittal. One thing is sure here, though. The system of grand juries removes almost all possibilities for influences to dictate on how probable cause is decided by the 23 persons because their names and faces are hidden from the public. The system of trial jury puts up a very high obstacle for the rich or powerful accused or accuser to try to influence the jurors. One reason why trial jury is almost air-tight against influence is that once the trial begins, it was only at that time when jurors are seen by those who attend court hearings. The hearing continues daily until the jurors give their decision and the judge applies punishments based on the findings of the jury. Besides, jurors are kept in a secret place if those involved in the case are big personalities like the Ampatuans to remove virtually all opportunities to get in touch with the jurors. Other justifications for airtight evidence rule: This is not invoking the setting aside of the rule of detention while the case for a heinous crime is being tried. This is because its purpose is noble and that is to protect the rest of the citizens from the dangers posed by criminals. However, it must be recognized also that it is more injustice to detain an innocent person than committing murder or another heinous crime. It must still be recognized that it is better to let a hundred criminals roam the streets than imprison one innocent man. It must also be recognized that in deciding to charge one person in court for a heinous crime, the

prosecutors must recognize the need to think over a thousand times whether they can conscience charging one person for a heinous crime in court considering that they would be detaining these persons for years while the cases are being tried. Perhaps, for the prosecutors to better understand the call of conscience, they should place their selves in the shoes of the accused and think a thousand times whether they will not revolt in injustice.

Vol. II No. 71
that are in direct and clear conflict with each other. During the time of GMA, Sampol was the head of both the BI-NAIA and MCMG. The result was demoralized Immigration officers (IOs), mainly because it was only the inner circle of Sampol who were HAPPY! Tsk tsk tsk. vid na ginaganon-ganon lang siya nina Sampol at Gueverro? Many are also taunting that for this STYLE to end, Commissioner David should impose a LIFESTYLE CHECK and NOLEAVE policies on the two to show his authority. For sure, it cannot be denied Ferdie Sampol has


WHERE is a SAMPOL of check and balance at BI-NAIA! Bureau of Immigration employees at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) thought that the FERDIE SAMPOLstyle of administration is already those were the days for their public ser-

Is it not, Mr. Dante to be aspiring for this posiWorst Airport Manager tion and he was identified as a certain Col. OROPEL. Basanta? He sounds as an outESCUDERO OPPOSES OT sider! Are there other wanPAY OF IMMIGRATION nabes? WORKERS? If there is ever one who One who is strongly has the edge, the loudopposing the implementa- est name is that of Atty. tion of the OVERTIME Tonette Mangrobang bePAY for Immigration em- cause she is super strong to ployees is Sen. CHIZ ES- Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin. CUDERO. According to a pinchIt cannot be understood why Escudero is mad at er at the BI main office: OT pay of Immigration What Tonette wants, Tonette gets! employees. Lets just wait and see! When during the time of Rep. Rufus Rodriguez as BI Commissioner he DAVID WILL FIGHT FOR worked hard for the grant OT PAY OF IMMIGRAto Immigration employees TION EMPLOYEES of hard-earned OT pay, In the last flag-raising it puzzles why other GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS ceremony, Commissioner are now mad at the work- Ric David stood firm on his position to fight for the ers getting it. Sen. CHIZ, it is not like OVERTIME PAY of the HINOG NA BAYABAS employees of the Bureau that Juan Tamad would of Immigration. He made it clear to his only wait for its fall on his mouth. Immigration em- men and women that he ployees worked hard for is at the forefront of this fight. that OT. He stated he will not Okay, let it be done this way. Let us make a law allow that this privilege for the P120-milion PORK enjoyed by Immigration BARREL of Senator Chiz employees will vanish into will be used to pay for the thin air during his term at OT pay of Immigration the BI. Well, it is one shameemployees. Will you agree, Senator ful history for the BI if during his term the OT Chiz? For one to understand pay is lost after it has been better is to experience enjoyed by BI employees about the thing one is during the previous administrations. against at. For one, it is in the law Let Senator Chiz work as an immigration employ- that the employees are enee to be compelled to work titled to enjoy it. Well, Commissioner in the wee hours to serve the passengers of dawn David, what you have shown is a good example flights. One thing more, why of leadership. At last, the BI rank & will Senator Chiz crow about payments for the file employees heard that OTs when it is the airlines right from your mouth. With that, the employthat pay for and that this immigration fees were ees will not feel that you already charged by the are just another political airlines from their passen- duck who only wanted a position in the governgers? ment. If you succeed, that is INTEL OFFICER IV POST AT BI HOTLY CONTESTED the best way of proving to Immigration employees It is learned that WIL- that you want to leave a LY POQUE este POQUEZ legacy. Show it to them that has retired from the only Intelligence Officer IV you yourself is the one plantilla position at the Bu- lobbying for the retention of the OT pay in the Conreau of Immigration. This is the reason con- gress. And if I am not misfusion is now reigning at the office of BI Intel- taken, BI Associate Comligence Office chief Atty. missioner Siegfred Mison is preparing for the posiTonette Mangrobang. It is gathered that At- tion paper of the bureau for torney Mangrobang and your lobbying. Mabuhay ka, CommisJerome Gabulsa este Gabionza were the first to apply sioner David! We are one in that fight for this position. But somebody was said of yours. RECALL TRES MARIAS FROM DAVAO-IMMIGRATION We will not wonder why the syndicate of AMOY KAMBING in Davao City lives on. Why? In Davao it was learned that TRES MARIAS named Ave Maria, Luningning and alias PITSA are stomping their feet that held others in helpless awe. This is the reason that the three are smiling in high heavens, Commissioner Ric David. We will not also wonder why illegal Indians troop to Davao. This is because they press buttons and tongpats to TRES MARIAS. For what? Well, alias AVE MARIA has always been seen soaking in a casino because money overflows out of their pockets. The Tres Marias are the CALL-A-FRIEND buddies of two notorious Indian human traffickers known as JIMMY DAVAO a.k.a. BALBIR SINGH and TONY DAVAO aka INDERJIT SINGH. This is just a suggestion, Commissioner David: subject the Tres Marias to LIFESTYLE checks. With the big illegal income of the three, you would be shocked Com. David to see what riches do the TRES MARIAS have now. Keep them in a box, Commissioner Ric or in their next deal you would explode. Go, Commissioner David! RETIRED GENERAL PEAFLOR VS. MAJOR DELOS SANTOS The news exploded in Barangay NAIA and it said that a battle cannot be stopped between two officials. It is a fight between MIAA IID-Pass Control Chief retired B/Gen. Salvador Peaflor and IID Chief Major Delos Santos. Last week, employees at the NAIA were shocked before their eyes when these two officials shouted invectives at each other. Luckily, the two cowboys cooled down later. Otherwise, blood would flood the NAIA Terminal 1. To page 7

i-Watch columnist Jerry S. Yap poses with the two brave Lims: Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim and Bureau of Customs Deputy Director for Intelligence Danilo Lim. vice with the coming of the new officials appointed by the champion of Matuwid Na Daan. But the employees are wrong and wronged! It shows there is no such a thing as CHECK and BALANCE there. How can there be check and balance if BIs chief of its NAIA Airport Operations Division (AOD) is LINA ANDAMAN PELIA when she is also at the same time the chief of BIs Travel Control Enforcement Unit (TCEU)? By the law of nature and mandate, the TCEU is supposed to watch over the Immigration counters to ensure no non-allowable passengers slip out of the country. It is the duty of the TCEU to stop Filipino passengers from departing the country if they look more as POSSIBLE CANDIDATES for human trafficking. It is just like putting a cat and a mouse in one person. How can a cat watch a mouse if they both refer to the same person? If not awkward it is downright illogical to assign only one person to head two offices where one is designed to watch the other. There is no belittling the professional competence of Pelia in running BI-NAIA. Rather, it is criticizing and defending either of the two interest That is the question of the IOs to this DEADLINE BEATER. Can Mrs. Pelia handle the two conflicting divisions she heads? Nevertheless, this fact is established. The real question here is: Where is walang korap walang mahirap doctrine? Please answer this, BI Executive Director Eric Dimaculangan! NEVER-ENDING LEAVE OF SAMPOL & GUEVERRO? What news is this that says that the leave of former BI-NAIA chief Ferdie Sampol and his aide Jonjon Gueverro will run until October 31? It was said that one tongressman ste congressman lobbied for the approval of leave without end of Sampol and Gueverro. It was also learned that Sampol and Gueverro are still intending to extend their leave while they continuously receive salaries from the bureau. With the long leave that they have already enjoyed, it is amazing to think if they still have leave credits left. With this fact, many are asking the main BI office on what will Commissioner Ric David do to this STYLE of Sampol and Gueverro. They ask: Papayag ba si Commissioner Dadisplayed thoughtless extravagance since the time when his call-a-friend buddy, ex-presidents son Mikey Arroyo, was still in power, a lifestyle that can hardly be supported by his salaries. Sampol was really oozing with luck during the time of Gloria. Has Sampol been included when Mikey and his wife Angela were charged with tax evasion? No, he hasnt. Lady Luck smiled at Mr. ex-Glamour Boy in countless times thenand now! Come to think of it: he has been enjoying a very long vacation with leave! Is he testing or playing around with Commissioner David? I-SAMPOL NGA! PASSCOR OUT, LOCKHEED IN If we are not mistaken, this October 21 was the last day of the TOUR OF DUTY of the security guards of PASSCOR at the NAIA. Officially, Lockheed Detective and Watchman Agency, Inc. has started its duties as the new security provider of the NAIA. This means that 80 percent of PASSCOR security guards would lose jobs from the airport for these will go to LOCKHEED. Col. ESTEBAN UY, Jr. is the chairman, president and CEO of LOCKHEED. He is not a PMAer but he is an alumnus of Philippine College of Criminology (PCCr). He is the father of one vice-governor of Eastern Visayas who ran and won in the last elections under Liberal Party, the party of P-Noy. Let us see if under Lockheeds watch the security and safety at the NAIA will improve. Let us also see if Lockeeds entry will bring up the IMAGE of the NAIA before international agencies monitoring the situations of airports around the world. Remember that before one travelers blog posted that NAIA Terminal 1 is the worst in the world, MIAA has been dying to get an upgrade in rating to Category 1 of the US Federal Aviation Administration. Before MIAA can achieve this, it has to pass the requisites laid down by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). It could be recalled that in 2008, NAIA was downgraded to Category 2. Until now, it has failed to regain the rating despite the efforts of MIAA. Hopefully, MIAA can convince ICAO and USFAA to upgrade NAIA back to the top category. If it succeeds, it will be a big boost to the countrys tourism.