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Macho (Eco) Friendly diwali

Every year as the diwali approaches some social groups starts preaching the bad effects of burning crackers , bad impact on the nocternal birds (though I've never seen any bird hit by fireworks ever ) etc. and then declares for an eco friendly diwali. They urges people not to burn crackers & fire works . But this sounds very hollow and hypocritic . The same group when go to the IPL final matches or see the opening of Beijing olymic, or the wedding of princes Harry they just glued their eyes to the majestic display of fireworks in the sky and exclaims the momentous joys. They just forget that the same fire works create enormous amount of SOx and NOx in the air besides CO2 and other harmful metal oxide gases. But the fact that there are far more greater sources of air pollution than that of this few occassional display of fire works. Take the number of cars everyday ply on the Mumbai roads. Just imagine all these people go to office / works in mass transit system. No private car plys on the Mumbai roads. I know this is not possible but I also know these powerful people will never travel on public transport system because they have big cars to show their might. Some of these people also show their concern on Diwali air pollution due to burning of crackers & fire works. In 2008-09 alone we imported RS: 294870 crores of oil , a majority portion goes to run the big private cars. Because they have money so they have licence to pollute. The other index of pollution is the consumption of electricity. The more electricity one consumes the more pollution he creates. Average Indian consumes 825 units of electricity per year and the average big indian consumes 100 times more than that. For each unit of electricity atleast 750 grams coal is burnt. The more electricity one consumes means indirectly the more coal he is burning and sending more harmful gases into the air (nothing less than fire works only aparently not visible). So why so much fuss about Diwali ? Because this is the platform whereform one can make a visible impact in the minds of sophisticated Indians. The smoke of crackers & fireworks are more visible than the smoke & gases created by the private cars and boilers. Diwali is short lived so one can easily preach on it.

One the other hand preaching on not using cars , less use of Air conditioning machines & less use of electricity is something very difficult to practise . So people conveniently avoid talking on it and we sophisticted Indians make a fool of ourselves. Mera Bharat Mahan. S. Bera Powai

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