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UFO Society of the Philippines MEDIA INVITATION The UFO Society of the Philippines (UFOSP) has the pleasure

to invite you to to the opening news conference of the Second Annual Philippine UFO Conference. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------UFO E.T. Presence the Philippine Link. TIME: Sunday, October 16, 2009, from 7:30am to 8:30am PLACE: Function Hall, PAF Museum, Villamor Airbase, Pasay City Key speakers and topic briefings at the press conference: Prof. Erle Frayne Argonza: Lemuria: the Philippine Connection & Cosmic Awakening Lily Dueas: Unlocking the Mystery: Philippines Extraterrestrial Links and the UFOS Gerard Aartsen (Netherlands): UFOs Herald World Transformation Neil Gould (Hong Kong): Exopolitics: A World View

Important highlight: the first-time presentation to the Philippine media of some debris of the Roswell UFO Crash of July 1947. BRIEFING NOTES: Will the Philippines sink while a large continental mass will appear to its East (were Pinoys will migrate)? Will Pinoys comprise a sub-race of a forthcoming 6th Root-race? Are the drastic changes only birth pangs of a coming world that will be far grander and majestic than the Old World? Will catastrophes creep uncontrollably all over the world? With the economies going down the drain, the downfall of world leaders and monarchies are but events that need thorough look at the realities behind to unmask the truths for mankind to benefit from it. The coming of the UFOs is not an event in itself, but marks the beginning of a new era of socio-economic justice and freedom around the world. The connection between the ancient Wisdom teachings, the coming of the UFOs, and the collapse of our present economic and political systems make way for an age of unprecedented peace and unity. The truth embargo relating to ETs interacting with planet Earth. The Counter Intelligence processes against contactees and how the politics of ontology have helped to shape our worldview. ET contact, positive and regressive, their political motivations and the challenges facing our planet; will be explored

For more details contact: Mr. Tony Israel Mobile: 0917-587-7810/(02) 642-8075.