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Curriculum Vitae

Sachin Shripad Deshpande ,,
Contact: 9822211328 , c/o-9226733506.
Address: C/o- S.N. Mehendale, B-Wing,
Apoorva Apt., 1211-Sadashiv Peth,
Pune, Maharshtra, Pin-411030.

Objective: “Having 6 months experience seeking for a S/w Developer’s job. To keep on
learning the new technology and growing with it so as to become suitable to the changing IT
Industry. Also to prepare myself for new challenges to be faced from time to time.”

Educational Details:
Degree Year Board/Univ. College % perc. Class/Grade
MCS Aug-2006 Pune Univ. A.M.College 71.06 Distinction
BCS Nov-2003 Pune Univ. N.Wadia Coll. 60.00 First class
HSC 2000 Mumbai Division HOC Jr. Coll. 75.00 Distinction
SSC 1998 Mumbai Division PRIA School 82.66 Distinction

MCS Details : Avg- 71.06 %.

Sem-IV(Indus. Training): B-grade, Sem-III: 70.60, Sem-II: 70.00, Sem-I: 72.60.

11 Months as Software Developer on J2EE Technology, & presently working on the
same in Zain Information Systems, Pune.

Skill Sets:

Java : Core Java, Swings, JDBC, RMI, J2EE - JSP, Servlets, EJB.
Microsoft Tech : ASP.NET, C#.NET, ADO.NET, VB6.0, VC(SDK).
Languages : C, C++, Html-Dhtml, COBOL, Pascal.
Database : MSSQL-Server, MS-Access, Oracle 8, MySQL.
Operating Systems : Windows XP,2000,2003 Server,9x, Linux - Fedora 2x (with
Certification : Certificate course in ‘Cyber Laws and IPR Issues’ from DOEACC.
Curricular Project Details:

Title : PHP Editor

Languages : Advanced Java (Swings)
Details : This project worked as an Editor for PHP Language Programs. It highlighted
the HTML tags and PHP-keywords and variables. The menu driven
application was built using Swings and AWT packages in Java.

Title : Desktop Properties

Languages : Windows Programming (SDK)
Details : A utility based application provided users to change various Desktop properties
using different API’s. Properties like Wallpaper, Screensavers, Icons and
preview were provided for them. It provided easy Graphical User Interface for
user’s convenience.

Title : Crash Recovery

Languages : C++
Details : This project is based on Advanced DBMS concepts. Using ARIES algorithm
and Logs, transactions were recorded. Based on ACID properties the data was
brought back to the consistent state after crash.

Title : Medical Distributor System

Languages : VB6.0 and MSAccess
Details : This system was designed to maintain daily stock, inventory and transactions
of wholesale medicine batches. It worked for both incoming goods as well as
sales. The superstockists, companys and customers’ information was being well
maintained with reports generated. It worked out some hidden costs also. It
helped a lot for the distributor’s business needs.

Sponsored Project Details:

Title : Provident Fund, Pension Fund & ESIC Calculations

Languages : VB6.0 and MSAccess
Details : This system was designed to help a Consultancy Service Office for providing
its services to their clients. It used all Govt Forms calculations and norms.
Heavy and minute calculations included accuracy in Paise. The system’s
benefits to the Consultancy office was – it saved a lot of time and need to
travel time to time into the Govt. offices. System was ready to change its
values as per timely Govt decisions on pension, esic and PF. Reports were also

Current Status: Working on the J2EE technology in Zain Information Systems, Pune,
as Software Developer.
Personal Details :

Father’s Name: Shripad Vasudeo Deshpande

Birth Date: 2nd-Dec-1981
Address: C/o- S.N. Mehendale, B-Wing,
Apoorva Apt., 1211-Sadashiv Peth,
Pune, Maharshtra, Pin-411030.

Perm. Addr: U-12, Utkarsh Co-p.Soc., Ganesh Nagar,

Post –Mohohpada, Tal-Khalapur, Dist –
Raigad, Maharashtra, Pin 410222.
Perm. Contact: 02192-250177
Gender: Male
Nationality: Indian
Marital Status: Single
• District Level winner in Inter-school Chess competition
• District Level runner up in Inter-school Volley Ball Sports
• Drawing, painting and sculpting
• Member of Poornawad Yuva Forum, a youth organization conducting Personality
Development Camps, Cultural and Social events throughout Maharashtra.

Words about me:

Honest, understandable and able to modify myself as per situations. I like a
communicative environment. Trying to maintain a profession in the software Industry.

The above furnished information is true to the best of my knowledge and I take the
responsibility for the same.
Yours Sincerely,
Sachin S. Deshpande