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China Global

Project 2006
(June 30 – Aug 12, 2006)
General Director for 12 years: Fred Wagner

• In tern ’lFellowship of Evangelical Students

(F o u n d ed b y IV C F C an ad a, C h in a, U S A … 1947)
• IF E S F ar E ast: “E th n ical G ro u p s”
• North West: Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Shaanxi,
Gansu, Ningxia (2), Qinghai (2)
• “L an g u ag e an d C u ltu re E xch an g e” in stead o f
English teaching

• growing in conformity to Jesus (Eph.4:13)

• being build into a spiritual house (1 Peter 2:5)

• p articip atin g in G o d ’s w o rk (A cts 17:27)

• contributing to the growth of indigenous
student witnessing communities
Team Building
Ready to Go: Vancouver Airport
• 150 North American IVCF staffs and students
• going to 8 different Chinese universities
• 1st time for IVCF Canada to send a team to China
Worship & Training
Great Wall
Forbidden City
Dinning in a local university
On the Train
(From Beijing to Xining)
How to spend the 25 hours?
Chinese chess
card games
instant noodles for lunch and dinner
taking with Chinese students
University Life
• Qinghai Nationality University
• each of us has a 7/24 partner
Qinghai Nationality University
Jenny’s partner:Addie Zhang
Jam es’partner:Victor Peng
8:30-9:00 am: Chinese Lessons
9:00-10:15 am: Lessons on Chinese Culture
10:30-12:00 am – Lessons on Canadian Culture
“M ulticulturalism & Religious Pluralism ”
“A Christian Funeral”
“It is w ellw ith m y soul”
“O bituary”
“m y m em ory ofJenny”
“W here,O death,is your victory?”
Canadian Festival: Good-Friday and Easter
Canadian Art & Literature
Julia was part of the discussion
Julia was part of the discussion
“TraditionalChinese N ap”
In the afternoon: various activities
Visit Ethnic Culture Museum
Visit a local park
Bible Study
Bible Study
Bible Study
Bible Study
Bible Study
Bible Study
Dinner: Canadian student eating chicken feet
“G lobalEating Project”
“W hat is the due date?”
In the evening: out-door party
Volley ball
Scottish Highland Dancing
People are watching us
Tibetan Dancing
Chinese Chess
Talking about Dating and Marriage
Connie & Jon Lim
Christmas Party
Joseph,M ary and “baby Jesus”
We celebrated 5 birthdays
Outing to Qinghai Lake
I am the gate for the toilet!
Qinghai Lake
Sunday: Team Time
Sometimes we were quite emotional
God is always good and faithful
Pray for each other
Can’t believe w e w illbe leaving
1 second before Ilocked the door…
It’s tim e to say good-bye
Not easy to let go
Love after washing feet for each other
The Last Supper: Peking Duck
Before boarding to the flight to Vancouver
Chinese Side
Angie became our sister in the Lord.
Jenny:“ifyou could stay 2 m ore w eeks,Iw ould becom e a believer.”
Victor:“M y view about Christianity is changed!”
Courtney asked a lot of spiritual questions
Melody & Ellen studied the Bible in their dorm
Be Strengthened
3 Christian students were encouraged,
challenged, and nurtured.
Christine and Linda
Jon and William
Connie and Sunny
Canadian Side
Learn to love each other
Learn from big sisters
Learn to serve
• Learn to love the Chinese students
• Called to serve
To fast and pray for China regularly,
to come back again in 2007
To recruit their fellow students to
come to China in 2007
To commit to study Chinese or to
teach English in China
To serve as IV staffs
Friends in China