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(1) WRIT OF SUMMONS [7001] 1.

Writ of summons in admiralty action in rem: Form 159 WRIT OF SUMMONS IN ACTION IN REM O. 70, r. 2 IN THE HIGH COURT OF THE REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE Admiralty in Rem ) No _______________ of 20______) Admiralty action in rem against: (The ship _______________ or as may be) Between _______________ (The or be) And _______________ (The or be) Owners as of Owners as of the ship may



___ Plaintiffs the ship may

___ Defendants To: The (Owners of and other) persons interested in the ship of the port of (or cargo, etc, as may be). THIS WRIT OF SUMMONS has been issued by the Plaintiffs against the property described above in respect of the claim endorsed herein.

Within 8 days after the service of this writ, you must either satisfy the claim or cause an appearance to be entered for you and in default of your so doing the Plaintiffs may proceed therein, and judgment may be given in your absence, and if the property described in this writ is then under arrest of the Court it may be sold by order of the Court. Dated this _______________ day of _______________ 20______ Solicitors for the Plaintiff(s) Court Registrar, Supreme Singapore. Memorandum to be subscribed on the Writ This writ may not be served more than 12 calendar months after the above date unless renewed by order of Court. The Defendant(s) may enter an appearance(s) either personally or by a solicitor at the Registry of the Supreme Court. Endorsements to be made on the Writ before issue Endorsement of claim/statement of claim [Set out the endorsement or statement of claim] Where the Writ of Summons is endorsed with a Statement of Claim the following must be added: Note: If the Defendant enters an appearance, then, unless a summons for judgment is served on him in the meantime, he must also serve a defence on the solicitor for the Plaintiff within 14 days after the last day of the time limited for entering an appearance, otherwise judgment may be entered against him without further notice. [If the Plaintiff sues, or the Defendant is sued, in a representative capacity, this must be stated in the endorsement of claim.]

Endorsement as to solicitor and address This writ is issued by _______________ of solicitor for the said Plaintiff whose address is _______________ . [or where the Plaintiff sues in person] This writ issued by the said Plaintiff who resides at _______________ and is [state occupation] and [if the Plaintiff does not reside within the jurisdiction] whose address for service is _______________ . Endorsement as to service This writ was served by _______________ by way of personal service [or as may be] [state manner of service or in accordance with the terms of an order for substituted service] on the Defendant [who is known to me] [or who was pointed out to me by _______________] [or who admitted to me that he was _______________] at _______________ [place] on the _______________ day of _______________ 20______ . Endorsed this _______________ day of _______________ 20______ Process Server