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Michael Jordan

No Quitter
by Janet Woodward
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Michael Jordan is six feet six inches (almost two meters) tall. He can fly through the air to make a basket. Many people think hes the best basketball player that ever lived.

Michael was born in 1963 in Brooklyn, New York. A short time later his family moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. At first, Michael was interested in playing baseball. He was also interested in football and basketball.

When he played basketball with his brother, Larry, Michael would always lose. This didnt make Michael give up. It made him want to win even more.

Michael made up his mind to learn new basketball moves. He practiced for hours. He caught the ball again and again.

Michael Jordans mother and father both worked hard. Michael did, too. He knew that if he worked hard, good things would happen. Michael always wanted to be the best. He wanted to hear the people cheer when he was scoring points for his team.

Michael tried out for his high school basketball team in ninth grade. He didnt get picked. This made Michael try even harder. He practiced every day. He grew taller. Soon he made the team.

Then Michael became a star player at the University of North Carolina. He helped his team win an important game. It was the beginning of his famous career.

Michael went on to play for the Chicago Bulls. In his first season with the team, he was named Rookie of the Year. This meant he was the best new player.

He led his team to win many games. Michael was named the Most Valuable Player in basketball five times.


Michael left basketball twice during his career. Once it was to play baseball and once to spend time with his family. However, he went back to basketball each time.

Michael Jordan was famous for leaping high and shooting the ball straight into the basket. It earned him the nickname Air Jordan.


Many people look up to Michael Jordan because he has a will to succeed. No matter what has stood in his way, he has never given up. Today, he still thinks this way in his everyday life as a dad and in his work.

Think Critically
1. What sports other than basketball was Michael
interested in when he was young?

2. How can you tell that Michael has always

been determined?

3. How can you tell that this book is nonction? 4. What sport did you think Michael would become
famous for playing?

5. Do you think the title is a good one for this book?

Why or why not? Social Studies
Make a Stor yboard Make a storyboard of the important
events in Michaels basketball career. Draw a picture of each part of his career. Write a sentence under each picture.

School-Home Connection Tell a family member

about the book. Then talk about other people that you admire who play sports.

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