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MPCSTAR changelog MPCSTAR v5.3 (2011.07.19) [PLAYER] support auto loading subtitles in zip/rar file [PLAYER] support .

divx video file [PLAYER] fix the bug of unable to fast forwards/rewind when playing DVD [CODEC] fix the bugs in rm decoder [CODEC] fix the bug of silence when playing .3gp file MPCSTAR v5.2 (2011.06.02) [PLAYER] improve the Black skin [PLAYER] enhance high-speed playback, up to x64 [PLAYER] the language list uses the language names provided by Windows [PLAYER] fix the bug of not to auto-load subtitles when opening video file [CODEC] fix the bugs in mp4 decoder [CODEC] fix the bugs in mpg decoder [CODEC] fix the bugs in rm decoder MPCSTAR v5.1 (2011.04.29) [PLAYER] new skin: Black [PLAYER] improve switching effect of compact mode and full-screen mode [PLAYER] support custom colors of text and background of play list in skin [PLAYER] support custom action of Ctrl + mouse wheel [CODEC] support mov files from Canon DSLR cameras [CODEC] improve stability of VSFilter MPCSTAR v5.0 (2011.02.20) [PLAYER] drag the video region to move the whole window [PLAYER] separate the repeat and shuffle options of play list [PLAYER] support customizing the operation of mouse wheel [PLAYER] add icon of 256x256 [PLAYER] the interval of volume adjustment by shortcut key changed to 10% [PLAYER] add file association for .m2p [PLAYER] fix the crash when perform video convert under Win7 [PLAYER] fix the failure of opening files whose name contain "%" [PLAYER] fix the missing of shortcut key customization for some operations in v4 .9 [PLAYER] update translations from [CODEC] support play .m2ts video files in BluRay disc [CODEC] in certain situations the settings of subtitle not saved MPCSTAR v4.9 (2010.09.14) [PLAYER] add "Apply" button to Option dialog [PLAYER] improve UI text [PLAYER] program usually crashes in Vista [CODEC] improve stability of RealMedia codec MPCSTAR v4.8 (2010.09.02) [PLAYER] media key can be set as global hot key [PLAYER] media key works when main window minimized [PLAYER] add GUI translation [CODEC] MEncoder not install properly in v4.7 [CODEC] RealMedia codec cannot be loaded in certain situation in v4.7 MPCSTAR v4.7 (2010.08.25) [PLAYER] sort files in the play list in numerical order [PLAYER] parse corresponding part.met file when playing .part file (eMule downlo ading file), to get real file name for displaying [PLAYER] add two new options about play list in Tools menu: save when exiting, a dd similar files

[PLAYER] switch UI language from Tools menu. users can help translating in www.b [PLAYER] fix the problem of cannot play files whose name contains # sign [PLAYER] fix default video renderer in XP [PLAYER] fix association problem for m2t [PLAYER] CometPlayer updated [CODEC] fix bugs in RealMedia codec MPCSTAR v4.6 (2010.08.11) [PLAYER] add new audio player: CometPlayer [PLAYER] hide window frame for compact mode [PLAYER] add association for m2ts, m2t, mts [PLAYER] change video renderer in Vista, Win7, to utilize anti-aliasing function [PLAYER] remove Audio Boost panel, enlarge volume range to 300% instead [PLAYER] ignore case when adding similar video file to playlist automatically [PLAYER] improve video play from HTTP URL [PLAYER] fix the bug of silence when play some RealMedia files [CODEC] remove QuickTime codec, using ffdshow instead MPCSTAR v4.5 (2010.05.24) [PLAYER] support play video file from HTTP URL [PLAYER] support .hlv video file [PLAYER] improve Option dialog layout [PLAYER] download installation package of new version in background automaticall y if enabled [PLAYER] fix bug: crash when entering Compact Mode MPCSTAR v4.4 (2010.03.23) [PLAYER] improve crash report program MPCSTAR v4.3 (2010.03.17) [PLAYER] add Play setting page in option dialog. Video setting panel and subtitl e display can be disabled to reduce CPU usage [PLAYER] add skin editor in skin setting page of option dialog. [PLAYER] prevent the system from turning off the display while the playing video [PLAYER] bug fix: repeat doesn't work if only one file in playlist. MPCSTAR v4.2 (2009.11.13) [PLAYER] support display dual subtitles [PLAYER] switch video aspect ratio and audio stream in video file from status ba r [PLAYER] remember last selected aspect ratio of video file [PLAYER] support new output format in video file convert [PLAYER] download new version install package when check update [PLAYER] fix the problem of setting speaker for mkv file with multiple audio-str eam MPCSTAR v4.1 (2009.09.08) [PLAYER] Add compact display mode [PLAYER] Add subtitle adjust panel [PLAYER] Add audio boost panel [PLAYER] display video resolution in status bar MPCSTAR v4.0 [PLAYER] new [PLAYER] bug from standby [PLAYER] bug completely [PLAYER] bug (2009.07.30) option in video menu: rotate 90, 180, or 270 degree fix: program possibly could not exit normally after system resumed or hibernate fix: program may crash when play certain files that not downloaded fix: seek bar does not refresh when seek using hotkey after paused

MPCSTAR v3.9 (2009.06.17) [PLAYER] new option for fast/slow playback: keep pitch [PLAYER] add default hotkey for next/previous file [PLAYER] fix the bug that sometimes the cursor and status bar won't hide in full screen mode [PLAYER] fix the bug that sometimes the jump forwards/backwards hotkey will take action twice MPCSTAR v3.8 (2009.05.14) [PLAYER] add auto shutdown after file play over in Tools menu [PLAYER] support Japanese and Korean in File Subtitle Encoding menu [PLAYER] add subtitle online search in Subtitle menu [PLAYER] support play ratDVD [CODEC] update QuickTime decoding package [CODEC] add ratDVD decoding package MPCSTAR v3.7 (2009.04.08) [PLAYER] new command in Subtitle menu: File Subtitle Encoding, auto-detect as de fault [PLAYER] elevation is not needed to associate video files in Windows Vista [PLAYER] bug fix: playlist display error in Windows 2000 [PLAYER] bug fix: some special format avi file can't be play MPCSTAR v3.6 (2009.03.16) [PLAYER] bug fix: play time displays incompletely in status bar if longer than 1 hour [PLAYER] bug fix: video window stay on top after pause in full-screen mode, when "stay on top playing" selected [PLAYER] bug fix: video window size changed when switch skin, while playing vide o file MPCSTAR v3.5 (2009.03.10) [PLAYER] use new designed skin as default skin [PLAYER] new option in Play menu: choose playback order of playlist [PLAYER] new command in Play menu: Jump to specified time [PLAYER] settings of video brightness, contrast, etc are saved in disk for next launch [PLAYER] new option in Zoom Video menu: Stretch Most Part, using an aspect ratio between "Stretch To Window" and "Fit From Outside" [PLAYER] show error prompt when open files with DRM copyright protection [PLAYER] new command in context menu of playlist: Clear all [PLAYER] fix the bug that all hotkeys disabled when play flv files [CODEC] support flv, f4v files encoded using H.264 MPCSTAR v3.4 (2009.01.09) [PLAYER] new speaker volume panel for each channel [PLAYER] new option: remember last play position of video file [PLAYER] add global hotkey: boss key [PLAYER] support adjust contrast, brightness for DVD MPCSTAR v3.3 (2008.11.21) [PLAYER] redesign main menu [PLAYER] add video flip command to video menu [PLAYER] add speaker setup to audio menu [PLAYER] fix the bug that player will crash at startup after set always on top [CODEC] fix the bug that VSFilter can not load subtitle file with non-English f ilename when player choose English UI language MPCSTAR v3.2 (2008.10.09)

[PLAYER] new video adjust panel: set contrast, brightness, saturation, hue and g amma of video [PLAYER] new command in file menu: save snapshot and save thumbnails, supporting hotkey [PLAYER] support disable screen saver in view menu [PLAYER] display filter information in file info window MPCSTAR v3.1 (2008.08.05) [PLAYER] new function: any video file converts to mp4 format for iPhone, PSP [PLAYER] new function: audio channel switcher, support stereo to 5.1 surrounds [PLAYER] new option: allow multi players running at the same time [PACKAGE] add TSCC codec MPCSTAR v3.0 (2008.06.12) [PLAYER] add privacy option page: enable update check and movie information quer y [PLAYER] improve OSD display effect in Windows Vista [CODEC] enhance VSFilter, able to load subtitle files directly from zip, rar fi le [PACKAGE] add OCX control to support RealMedia playback in IE/FireFox webpage MPCSTAR v2.9 (2008.04.17) [PLAYER] new function: Frame step / Frame step back [PLAYER] new option in View -> Zoom Window menu: fixed size [PLAYER] new function in context menu of video window: switch audio streams whil e playing mkv, ogm file [PLAYER] new function in context menu of video window: adjust audio delay [PLAYER] new function: load subtitle files from File menu or just Drag&Drop them to video window, while playing video file or DVD [PLAYER] new function in context menu of video window: select subtitle language from subtitle files and resync subtitle [PLAYER] now able to display meta info in wmv, asf files [PLAYER] new option: auto update check [CODEC] enhance VSFilter, able to display subtitle in multi-lines, convenient to resync subtitle MPCSTAR v2.8 (2008.03.24) [PLAYER] player add audio and subtitle language select menu for DVD playback [PLAYER] player support to play uncompleted video files downloading by other pro gram [PLAYER] player support play .swf file [PLAYER] player support play .ifo file from DVD disc [PACKAGE] fix bug in RealMedia codec install MPCSTAR v2.7 (2008.03.04) [PLAYER] player support DVD playback [PLAYER] new menu command in player to change video playback rate [PLAYER] new menu command in player to seek forward/backward continuously [PLAYER] new menu command in player to set video's aspect ratio [PLAYER] new option in player to enable display OSD [PLAYER] fix the bug that player cannot modify file association in Windows Vist a [PACKAGE] support display rmvb file thumbnail in Windows explorer [CODEC] add PMP codec [CODEC] add Windows Media 9 Series codecs MPCSTAR v2.6 (2008.02.01) [PLAYER] fix the bug that the window disappears when minimize MPCSTAR v2.5 (2008.01.30)

[PLAYER] add OSD in player, display operation info in video window [PLAYER] add Current Dir List in play list of player MPCSTAR v2.4 (2008.01.25) [PLAYER] improve hotkey process in full-screen mode of player [PLAYER] add icons to player menu [PLAYER] avoid frame drop while consecutive seeking MPCSTAR v2.3 (2008.01.18) [PLAYER] Add new video player: TigerPlayer [PLAYER] player support skin [PLAYER] player support multi-language MPCSTAR v2.2 (2007.11.27) [PLAYER] Updated the player. [CODEC] Updated RealMedia codecs to MPCSTAR v2.1 (2007.09.20) [PLAYER] Fixed the bug that the player sometimes gets problem when exiting. MPCSTAR v2.0 (2007.08.30) [PLAYER] Enhance the playlist of MPC. [PACKAGE] Fixed the bug that the uninstaller does not display correctly. MPCSTAR v1.9 (2007.05.29) [CODEC] Add VGM2 codecs. [CODEC] Add Ogg Vorbis codecs. MPCSTAR v1.8 (2007.04.03) [PLAYER] MPC is updated. MPCSTAR v1.7 (2007.03.07) [CODEC] Update RealMedia codec to 10.5 Gold [PACKAGE] Fix the bug that VSFilter cannot be registered. [PACKAGE] Fix the bug that the uninstallation would cause RealPlayer fail to wor k. MPCSTAR v1.6 (2007.02.02) [PACKAGE] Fix the bug that custom settings may lost after re-installed or update d. MPCSTAR v1.5 (2007.01.19) [CODEC] ffdshow is updated. MPCSTAR v1.4 (2006.12.22) [PLAYER] Fix the bug that it may crash when seeking. MPCSTAR v1.3 (2006.11.28) [PACKAGE] Support Multilanguage MPCSTAR v1.2 (2006.11.09) [PLAYER] Block Popups when Playing .rm Files [CODEC] Add QuickTime Decoding Package MPCSTAR v1.1 (2006.10.20) [PLAYER] Open files dialog box can be displayed when click main window in stop s tatus.Add files related setting page to install program. MPCSTAR v1.0 (2006.10.10) [PACKAGE] First Release.