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Andrew SLuarL

@able of ConLenLs
Introduction (rough draIt)
Why Christianity? (rough draIt)
What is Christianity? (rough draIt)
Creation vs. Evolution-Who is the winner? (rough draIt)
How do we know God isn`t a She? (rough draIt)
Why doesn`t God reveal HimselI to everyone? (rough draIt)
Why does God need a chosen nation (Israel)? |Still in progress|
What is Hell? |Still in progress|
What is Heaven? |Still in progress|
Ending Notes |still in progress|

Introduction or Why I am Writing this Book?

(MuL 18:) And suId, VerIIy suy unLo you, ExcepL ye be converLed, und become us IILLIe
cIIIdren, ye sIuII noL enLer InLo LIe kIngdom oI Ieuven.

Turtles are among the longest living animals on the planet with several species living an
average oI well over a hundred years. One would expect, in proportion to their liIe spans, their
raising period would be quite long. The opposite is true. In Iact, the moment they hatch, the baby
turtle must dig its way to the surIace, protect itselI Irom predators, Iind shelter, and obtain Iood-
all on its own. One could say the turtle is born with a will to survive. And this instinct is its most
important instinct-one it will use throughout its entire liIe. Similarly, a Ioal can stand and walk
within a Iew hours oI its birth. And as it grows into an adult horse, the ability to walk and run is
probably its most important. It almost deIines the horse. From these examples, and many others,
I believe it is saIe to say that nature oIten installs a creature`s most important attributes
Now humans, I believe, are also born with the most important things already installed in
them. Every child has the desire to be loved. No matter what the upbringing, the desire to be
loved and cared Ior is always there. Secondly, oIten children will believe what they are told. We
oIten think this is bad and call it gullibility, but it is in Iact good and should be called Iaith. This
Iaith oIten goes hand in hand with their vivid imagination- their ability to push the limit oI
possibility. Lastly is their curiosity. They always want to know 'why and are trying to Iind the
answers to all oI liIe`s questions. ThereIore, we as human beings are installed with the desire to
be loved, with Iaith, imagination, and curiosity. These attributes, thereIore, are the most
important things, and will lead us throughout our lives.
However, there comes a time when these attributes will lead us on to other truths. We
will leave the grasslands oI childhood and enter the Iorest oI maturity, but we may not like what
we Iind. People long ago came to the Iorest and discovered other truths: patience, obedience,
humility. Doubt began to enter their minds, 'These cannot be the truth. They are strange and
uncomIortable. They chopped down the Iorest and made comIortable homes to live in. As they
did so, they dropped their shields oI Iaith. Doubt overcame them and inIected their other
qualities as well. The desire Ior love became a sexual desire. Imagination became irrational.
Curiosity became opinion.
This is the story oI humanity. Today, no one has a chance, Ior everyone goes Irom the
grasslands oI childhood straight to a city oI lies. There is no more Iorest oI truth. We all drop our
shield oI Iaith, and doubt begins to smother us, inIecting our love, imagination and curiosity as
well. However, iI we can still keep a glimpse oI that childhood wonder, there is still hope. II we
still have an ounce oI Iaith, then we can muster up our imagination again, push the realm oI
possibility, and be led back on the track oI truth. Then we will be led to the outskirts oI the city,
and Iind those great trees oI truth still standing.
But, I warn all, these trees are not easy. Nature must adapt us to itselI. We cannot change
nature to Iit us. All are attempts to change the environment to a more comIortable place have
merely destroyed it. Likewise, truth is an uncomIortable environment to us. All our attempts to
change the truth into something more comIortable have only produced lies. No, we cannot
change the truth, but we can be changed by the truth. And we shall not be destroyed by the
change. Indeed, we are the ultimate adaptors. One could say it is our destiny to change.
In this book, I will attempt to help muster up that child-like imagination-to push the realm
oI possibility. I will help people to pick up their shields oI Iaith again. This book is intended Ior
those who are truly seeking answers, and I pray they will Iind what they are looking Ior. But, Ior
those who desire to argue simply Ior the sake oI arguing, neither this book nor any other book is
any good to them. They shall stay in their wickedness, unless they are changed, like we are all
called to be changed, regain that child-like curiosity, and ask questions simply because they seek

Why Christianity?

The IoreIathers oI the United States were Christians. This is not the reason we should become
Christians, but I Iind it interesting that the people who Iounded this country were Christians. In Iact, they
even prayed during their meetings. However, one oI the things that drew people to America was the idea
oI religious Ireedom. Indeed, the pilgrims came to escape the established Church oI England, so they
could worship God in a way they thought was right. Also, during the time oI America`s IoreIather`s, new
ideas were popping up all about. The IoreIather`s Ielt it was good to tolerate other`s belieIs. In Iact, their
own religion warned them not to judge others. ThereIore, they decided to include in the constitution an
amendment that reads as Iollows: 'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment oI religion, or
prohibiting the Iree exercise thereoI; This was made to prevent the government Irom interIering with
people and their religious belieIs. I think Franklin D. Roosevelt put it best when he said, 'Freedom oI
every person to worship God in his |or her| own way.
Since then, many more laws have been made to help protect this right Ior the people. Most oI
them I agree with. However, there has been a growing complaint about the Iact oI God being on our
money, in our pledge oI allegiance, in our documents, etc. I think the problem is we have conIused
religion with God. Religion is the many diIIerent ceremonies, rituals, and ways we live our lives because
oI our belieIs about God. God is, well, God. See the diIIerence? But, perhaps the problem is deeper than
that. People say that since God is so embedded in our government and traditions, it is like we have
established Him as our national religion (unconstitutional). I would have to say, once again, that we are
conIusing God with religion. God is not our national religion; He is our national symbol, our national
Guardian, so to speak. Even still, some will say, not everyone believes in the God oI Christianity. There
are many, many gods. The government should not show preIerence to one god over any other. ThereIore,
we should eliminate any governmental promotion oI any type oI god.
I will begin my counter-argument with an interesting Iact about the country oI Bhutan. Their Ilag
proudly displays a dragon. Druk is his name. Now since there are many types oI reptiles in the world,
shouldn`t Bhutan`s government eliminate any governmental promotion oI any type oI reptile? And yet,
the dragon still waves. Don`t get me wrong; people may still keep snakes, lizards, iguanas or most any
type oI reptile as their own personal pets. Some preIer no reptiles at all. The same should go Ior gods.
People should be able to believe in whatever god they want without any government interIerence. Some
preIer to believe in no god at all. That should be allowed too. Indeed, there are probably many Bhutanese
that disbelieve in dragons
, and are angry that a mythological creature is their national symbol. However,
very Iew would deny that the dragon is the most magniIicent oI the entire reptile kingdom, and, indeed,
the entire animal kingdom. Likewise, those who truly, deeply, look into it, will have a hard time denying
that the Christian God is the most magniIicent oI all the gods, and indeed, the entire universe.

OI course, there is a mighty diIIerence between dragons and gods. Perhaps that is what scares atheists most oI all:
People actually believe in God.

I`m sure this answer does not satisIy many. Many have looked into it (deeply: maybe, truly: I
doubt it) and Iound nothing really magniIicent about the Christian God. And, indeed, I believe the whole
religion oI Christianity superior to all other religions. What makes this religion so special? Why
The reason I took the long way around, by describing God and America, is because I wanted to
make the clear distinction between religion and God. I believe it is possible to have a relationship with
God without ever becoming a part oI organized religion, just as a person can enjoy reading books without
ever joining a book club. However, there are those who understand God much better than us, and
thereIore it is good to Iellowship with them; and it is also good to build those up who do not understand
Him as well as we do
. But Abraham had a covenant with God long beIore Judaism arrived. His
relationship with God was not based on an established religion, it was based on Iaith.
'Now Iaith is being sure oI what we hope Ior and certain oI what we do not see.
Every religion
has some element oI Iaith in it. Buddhists believe they will gain enlightenment and enter into the peaceIul
state oI nirvana, even though they cannot see it. Most religious people believe they will reach heaven or
some kind oI paradise, even though they cannot yet see it. Even some atheists believe they can reach a
certain success and/or happiness in liIe, even though they cannot see the Iuture. However, the problem is
their Iaith is always an end and not the means. Buddhists believe they can reach nirvana by meditation
and morality. Hindus believe they (eventually, aIter a so many lives) reach heaven by being good. So also
Muslims believe we reach heaven iI we do more good than bad. Atheists believe we reach success and
happiness by working hard and being positive. It is always what we must do. The reliance is on ourselves.
We can see ourselves. ThereIore, it is not Iaith. All other religions are simply an instruction manual.
Christianity is the complete opposite. It is not (entirely) about what we must do. It is about what
God has done. God, The Most High, has humbled himselI, become a man, died Ior our sakes, descended
to lowest oI lows, deIeated Death, and rose back to be The Most High, all so that we may join Him in
eternal joy. He did it all. The only thing we have to do is accept the story, and rely on Him to help us
make our story just as triumphant. We did not see the story. Not even the Apostles actually saw the whole
story. But they believed it. ThereIore, it is based on Iaith. They believed iI He did it, they could one day
do it too. ThereIore, the means and the end are both based on Iaith.
But, in order to accept this story, we must Iirst accept some awIul things about ourselves. For the
entire reason He had to come is because we are sinners. What sin have we committed? The one I just
mentioned a little while ago, 'reliance on ourselves. For our reliance on ourselves is really just rebellion
against God. We do not trust Him. We want to do things on are our own. But God says we must
surrender, we must repent. Such a thing is contrary to human nature. Christianity turns out to be the
hardest religion oI all. In Iact, Jesus tells us it is impossible, Ior we are only human, but with God all
things are possible. II we would just stop looking at ourselves and trust in Him, everything would be

And as our relationship with God grows, our relationship with others should grow. We will begin to realize that the
church oI God is really more like an organism than an organization- a body that must be in sync to do the will oI
Hebrews 11:1
It is when we turn away that everything goes wrong. That is the story oI human history.
Humanity has constantly been trying to establish its own order in the universe. Civilizations are built up,
but something always goes wrong. Something always causes the selIish and the cruel people to come to
the top and it all slides back into misery and ruin. And even iI civilization should not pass away, the race
is doomed. All races are doomed, Ior the universe is running down. Everything will come to nothing. All
liIe will turn out to be meaningless matter spread out across the universe. All our hopes and dreams,
wasted. Even the short happiness we have now (iI we do have any) is shrouded by the inIinite darkness
that looms ahead. For we all die. The good person, the bad person, and everyone in between, the same
Iate await them all. All our desires, wishes, purposes, are nothing. And no one seems to care.
There is only one thing leIt to do, iI we are humble enough: beg Ior mercy.
'It`s not Iair, we say, 'it seems like everything, everything, will come to a completely
meaningless end. But something, somewhere, in the deepest part oI me, knows I was put here Ior a
purpose. II there is something, anything out there, some kind oI intelligence, please... I don`t understand
this universe I`m in, but you do. You created it. You created me. All that I have, all that I am, I give to
you. It was already yours anyway. Please show the way, I am your servant.
Suddenly a warm hand liIts our chins. 'My child, my child, how I`ve missed you. Do not be
aIraid. I`ve overcome the world. I`ve deIeated death itselI. You will too. Come, take my hand, welcome
to your destiny.

What is Christianity?

To be a Christian literally means: 'to be a Iollower oI the Anointed One oI God. Christians
believe the Anointed One oI God is Jesus oI Nazareth. We believe iI we Iollow the teachings oI Jesus, we
shall gain eternal liIe, and much more. So, what does Jesus teach?
According to the Gospel oI John, there was a member oI the Pharisees named Nicodemus, who
came to speak with Jesus at night. Jesus told him, 'I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom oI God
unless he is born again.
'How can a man be born when he is old? Nicodemus asked. 'Surely he cannot enter a second
time into his mother`s womb to be born!
Jesus answered, 'I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom oI God unless he is born oI
water and the Spirit. Flesh gives birth to Ilesh, but the Spirit gives birth to Spirit.

ThereIore, one oI the things Jesus teaches is we must be spiritually reborn in order to enter the
kingdom oI God. This rebirth obviously means we must change somehow. But change means we must
become something diIIerent, which means our old selves must go. One oI the biggest Iears among people
is the Iear oI change. People are comIortable where they are, they are aIraid oI being uncomIortable- oI
the unknown. But, I guarantee, even though it may be uncomIortable, this change is Ior the better. In Iact,
it is our destiny.
Here is a story that may help us better understand this change: Once upon a time there were three
caterpillar Iriends: Tom, Fred, and Joe. Now these caterpillars were partiers and loved to have a good
time. They chowed down on leaves, sucked on tree sap, and danced all night, every night. They lived liIe
to the Iullest. Even still, Joe became tired oI partying every night and thought there had to be more to liIe.
He told his buddies, and they decided they needed to go out and see the world. One day they came across
a bunch oI caterpillars just hanging there, silently. Joe asked what they were doing. They said iI they
waited in cocoons, one day God would allow them to Ily. Joe was amazed and immediately joined them.
Tom said, 'These guys don`t know what they`re talking about. They`ve sheltered themselves Irom reality.
Come on, let`s go. Joe did not move. 'Whatever, said Tom, 'We`re moving on. Let us know when
you`re done gooIing oII.
Sometime later Tom and Fred came back and Joe was still silently hanging there. 'Come on Joe,
we miss you, said Fred.
'Why don`t you join me, don`t you want to be able to Ily someday? asked Joe.

John 3: 3-6
'That`s a bunch oI non-sense, said Tom, 'Come back to reality. What? Are we not good enough Ior you
anymore? Well Iine! Stay in that miserable little spot. Just hang there till you die. We don`t need you.
So Tom and Fred went back to their liIe oI caterpillar partying and died a little while later. Joe
became wrapped up in a cocoon Ior a while. He waited and waited, and, eventually, he broke out, and
soared as a beautiIul butterIly.

This story is similar to Christianity because there is much we must give up in order to Iollow
Jesus and change into the wonderIul being He wants us to be. People we are close to will tell us we are
crazy Ior giving them up, but we know better.
Now this story may give the impression that Christians must lock themselves in a closet with
nothing but a Bible. This is not so. Christianity is a very active thing. It is about making sure we keep
Jesus and his commandments Iirst thing in our lives. It is only when things come in Iront oI Jesus that we
must remove them. Yet, what is so important about Jesus and his commands? Well, Christians believe
Jesus is not only The Anointed One oI God, but is also God HimselI, our very Lord and Creator, in
human Iorm. And He commands us to love Him and to love each other with his perIect love. Sounds
reasonable-indeed we believe this would make the world a better place. However, we are Iilled with so
many distractions; Jesus and love are not our main Iocus. But, Jesus says, 'Whatever it is that is keeping
you Irom me, remove it. II it be your hand, cut it oII. II it be your eye, pluck it out. Do not worry about
what you will eat or what you will wear. Your Iocus must be on me-on loving me and each other.
He did not say everyone had to cut oII their hand. Everyone is diIIerent and thereIore everyone
has their diIIerent temptations that distract them Irom Iollowing Jesus. This is why we should not judge.
Christians tend to be the most judgmental oI all. This is because they have become so Iocused on helping
others Iocus on Jesus, they`ve lost Iocus oI Him themselves. We still have caterpillar tendencies, and we
will jump at any chance to get out oI the cocoon. This brings us to a very important part oI Christianity.
In several oI the Gospels, there is an account oI a rich young man who asked Jesus, 'Teacher,
what good things must I do to get eternal liIe?`
Jesus replied, Do not murder, do not commit adultery, do not steal, do not give Ialse testimony,
honor your Iather and mother and love your neighbor as yourselI.`
All these I have kept,` the young man said.
What do I still lack?`
Jesus answered, II you want to be perIect, go sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you
will have treasure in heaven. Then come, Iollow me.`
When the young man heard this, he went away sad, because he had great wealth.
Then Jesus said to his disciples, I tell you the truth, it is hard Ior a rich man to enter the kingdom
oI heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier Ior a camel to go through the eye oI a needle than Ior a rich man to
enter the kingdom oI God.`
When the disciples heard this, they were greatly astonished and asked, Who then can be saved?`
Jesus looked at them and said, With man this is impossible, but with God all things are

This man`s wealth was what kept him Irom Iollowing Jesus. Jesus knew it was impossible Ior this
man to give up his wealth. Jesus knows it is impossible Ior us to give up whatever it is that is keeping us
Irom Iollowing Him. It is impossible because we are only human, but with God all things are possible.
On an episode oI the popular television show 'House, Dr. House reveals he does not believe in
God because he does not like to Ieel like his whole liIe is a test. Likewise, someone told me the reason
they did not want to Iollow Jesus is because they did not want to let Him down. Well, the truth is, iI liIe is
a test, everyone has already Iailed. We`ve all let Jesus down- big time. 'There is no one righteous, not
even one. Ior all have sinned and Iallen short oI the glory oI God.

Now you might be thinking, 'What is this sin business? I have never killed anyone or done
anything real bad. I have always tried to be nice. What wrong did I ever do to God? Well, there is one
sin that everyone has committed. We have Iailed the test beIore we even started. It is the original sin, and
all other sin derives Irom it. It is pride.
We want to run the show oI our lives. But, as we have seen, this is impossible. Yet, we think we
can get along perIectly Iine on our own. We cannot. Let us remind ourselves that the caterpillar does not
change itselI into a butterIly. The Iorces oI nature (God) do that. But Satan still tries to convince us we
can be our own God. That was Satan`s sin, 'You said in your heart. I will make myselI like the Most
High. But you are brought down to the grave.
That is also how Satan tempted Eve: 'You will not surely
die, the serpent said to the woman. 'For God knows that when you eat oI it your eyes will be opened,
and you will be like God.

Yet, she did die. 'For the wages oI sin is death, We cannot be our own masters, because, without
God, we cannot make the required changes in order to enter into the next stage oI liIe, 'but the giIt oI God
is eternal liIe through Jesus Christ our Lord.

This is why Jesus had to die. He takes the burden oI our sins-all our distractions. He paid the cost-
the death penalty Ior our pride. But He rose back to liIe. He was killed Ior the same reason we are all
condemned: we claim ourselves to be the God oI our lives. However, in His case, He was telling the truth.
He really is the King oI the Jews- the God oI all Creation. He paid the price, but death has no power over
Him. And iI we believe this is true-iI we repent-lay all our sins on Him-conIessing Him as our Lord and
Savior- death has no power over us either.
Now this is the point where some people get conIused. They think since Jesus paid Ior all their
sins, they are oII the hook. They think all they have to do is say 'sorry every once in awhile and they are
going to heaven. This is not Christianity. Let us remind ourselves that, even though it is God that changes

Matthew 19:16-26
Romans 3:10,23
Isaiah 14:13
Genesis 3:4-5
Romans 6:23
the caterpillar into the butterIly, the caterpillar must still eat many leaves and prepares itselI Ior the
change. Likewise, we are still expected to try to keep Jesus and his commands Iirst thing in our lives. But
iI we are just going to Iail, why bother taking the test? Because, now that we have Jesus with us, our
Iailures are not really Iailures at all. 'II we are Iaithless, He will remain IaithIul, Ior He cannot disown
Every time we lose our Iocus, He is still there, holding our hand, gently pulling us along to
help us start Iollowing Him again. However, He will not drag us along. II we totally turn our backs on
Him, He will not Iorce us to Iollow.
We are told to love God with all our hearts, souls, strengths, and minds. Our hearts may be small,
our souls wretched, we may be weak, and our minds may be Iilthy. Indeed, we are not worthy oI the
kingdom oI heaven. However, it is not our condition that God is worried about. He asks us to love Him
with all these things, so He can Iix them. II we are not at least trying to love Him, then He can do nothing
about them. For there is one thing God cannot do: He cannot change us against our will.
And now we see why people say Christianity is more oI a relationship than a religion. For
religion is a person living his/her liIe a certain way because oI his/her belieIs. But a relationship is two
people, in this case a person and God, living together-each doing their part to become closer together-to
understand each other-to love each other. And in return this relationship makes each other better.
However, God is already perIect. ThereIore, it is more about clearing up all those imperIect ideas we have
about Him, and, in the process, He clears up our imperIections. As our relationship with God grows, we
should notice our relationships with others growing. It`s a beautiIul cycle that is both amazingly simple
and surprisingly complex.
I have tried to cover everything, but I have learned that this is impossible. Christianity is a
process that extends long aIter our time on earth. The more one gets into it, the more there is to learn. It is
a relationship with our inIinite God and His inIinite universe. Wouldn`t you like to get to know Him?

2 Timothy 2:13
Creation vs. Evolution-Who is the Winner?

Why must there be a winner? What is the trouble with believing in both? Every creation
we come across in human experience has undergone some type oI evolution. A house does not
just appear when I clap my hands. I must Iirst acquire the wood and materials, and then nail them
together, etc. A sculptor does not just stick his Iinger into the clay once and call it Iinished. The
sculptor slowly molds the clay into a masterpiece. In order to create something, we must change
one thing into another (evolution). Does not the same hold true Ior God?
Yet, this is not the question most people are really asking. What they really mean by
'Creation vs. Evolution is 'Intelligent Design vs. Natural Selection. Those on the Natural
Selection side believe everything came together by purely random circumstances and there is no
real meaning to liIe. All our desires Ior some kind oI purpose are simply an illusion.
My argument is this: every illusion we have is based on reality. The reason we can
imagine pink elephants is because there is such a thing as the color pink and there are such things
as elephants. But, according to naturalists, there is no such thing as purpose. II there is no such
thing, how can I imagine it? Where do I derive it Irom? Meaning cannot come Irom
meaninglessness. Something cannot come Irom nothing. Everything must come Irom
We are back to Creation vs. Evolution, and we must now realize that the one cannot exist
without the other. Meaningless matter cannot just randomly become purpose-driven, intelligent
liIe. Neither can God make liIe just appear out oI nowhere. No, we Iind out we were created 'in
His image. We are derived Irom Him. He breathed the breath oI liIe into us. He poured HimselI
into the dust oI the earth in order to Iorm us. He is where all liIe, purpose, and intelligence are
derived Irom.
Now, we must not ask, 'Where did God come Irom? Anyone who asks such a question
does not understand who God really is. For God is not just some 'thing to be included in
'everything. He is the 'Somewhere Irom which 'everything comes Irom. He is the beginning
and the end. He always was, always is, and always will be.
However, once again, this may not be the question some are asking. Many believe there
is a purpose in liIe, and possibly an Intelligent Designer. But what many have trouble with is
reconciling the Biblical account oI the six 'days oI creation with the several billion years
science claims it must have taken. Some have suggested that the six 'days actually symbolize
six long 'periods oI time. I agree with this idea to a certain degree, but I believe it needs
Most oI the creation story takes place beIore man was ever created. ThereIore, the story
is simply about God. God, especially when He is by HimselI, is one really not concerned with
time. Indeed, I believe He created time, and, thereIore, stands outside it. We, humans, are inside
time, and, thereIore, see events one right aIter the other, past, present, Iuture, similar to a line.
God is the one who drew the line. ThereIore, He sees all events, past, present, Iuture, as one
single event. Creation, Ior Him, was one instantaneous act-one swipe oI the pen
.For us, being
within time, creation was a long, tedious process, which took billions oI years. The six 'days
were merely the six 'parts or 'phases oI His creation. Instead oI one swipe oI the pen, He
made six swipes.
Yet, there is evidence He is still creating. Our world is changing every day. There are
new plants, animals, and humans coming about every second. ThereIore, each 'day oI creation
is both instantaneous and everlasting. That is what it means to be immortal.

This is a metaphor oI course. He really poured HimselI out in order to create history.
How Do We Know God is Not a She?

I know with certainty God is not a she. I also know God is not technically a He either.
How could God be? Male and Iemale are, oI course, designated by their sexual parts. God has no
need to sexually reproduce. God simply creates. In Iact, God created sexual reproduction. God is
neither man nor woman. God is simply God. God`s true identity has always been somewhat oI a
mystery. When Moses asked what he should tell the people, God simply replied, ' AM THAT
AM: TIus sIuIL LIou suy unLo LIe cIIIdren oI srueI, AM IuLI senL me unLo you.
However, in common language, it becomes tiresome to constantly repeat proper nouns.
For example: 'Where did Fred go and why? 'Fred went to the market so Fred could buy soda.
See? It sounds kind oI mechanical. ThereIore we oIten replace proper nouns with pronouns: 'He
went to the market so he could buy soda. See? Much better.
Now, usually when we talk about things that are neither male nor Iemale, we use the
pronoun 'it. However, God is a very personal God. God is not just a thing, God is The Living
Being. ThereIore, it would be a disgrace to call God simply 'It. So, we are leIt with either 'He
or 'She. God created us and thereIore has authority over us. Tradition has held that the husband
is the head oI the household and thereIore has authority over the Iamily. This is why the pronoun
'He was chosen: to symbolize a personal and sovereign God. It was never meant to suggest
God is male or a man.
Now, oI course, the question arises: Is tradition correct? Should the pronoun 'He
symbolize authority? This is a question I`m not going to answer in this book. It is something
each person must work out between God and the people in his/her liIe. However, iI one is
arguing against this tradition, the worst thing one can do is go about saying that 'God is a
woman, because, as I mentioned earlier, God is neither male nor Iemale. However, we should
not go around trying to argue this point either. For even iI we could convince everyone that God
is neither, it would take much time, money, and energy to revise all the Bibles and other books in
the world. The best thing we can do is, every time we hear someone use the pronoun 'He to
designate God, silently remind ourselves that God is neither man nor woman, but something
more glorious than either-something more glorious than we could imagine in our wildest dreams.

Why Doesn`t God Reveal HimselI to

God is not the only supernatural being. Indeed, there are many. Not all oI them are good.
Some oI them are very evil, and very powerIul. Why doesn`t God just destroy the evil ones? Is
He not powerIul enough?
By Iar, God is inIinitely more powerIul and could destroy all the evil powers very easily. So,
why doesn`t He?
Well, I do believe He intends to, but not yet. I believe there are many evil powers, that we
could not even imagine, that are, in a way, sleeping.
Imagine Ior a moment a cave Iull oI sleeping bats. Now imagine a man walking in with a
Ilashlight- waking up all the bats. The man would be caught in a whirlwind oI angry bats.
Now God is perIectly holy. He is the brightest light there is. II, and when, he came to
earth in all His glory, it would awaken all the evil powers and create Armageddon. OI course,
God could slay them all very easily, and He plans on doing so, but the question is: Are we ready
Ior the war?
For, indeed, there is evil that sleeps in us. II the Lord came now, would we be on His
side, or on the side oI the evil powers? This is why God is hesitating. There is evil embedded in
us. And the only way Ior Him to slay that evil, without slaying us along with it, is Ior Him to do
it secretly, quietly, in the shadows-as to not awaken the evil.
This is why He is invisible to us, because we would literally die iI we saw Him in all His
glory. This is why He chooses to use prophets, and evangelists. This is why He came as a man.
This is why He shows only glimpses oI HimselI, and only to a select Iew. This is why He sent
His Spirit-the ComIorter. For the Holy Spirit can penetrate the earth without being detected, and
without disturbance. The Spirit is our link with God. It is God`s cloak to do His secret work. But
it will not stay this way Iorever. Soon, God in all His glory will come, and slay all the evil once
and Ior all. I pray we all know Ior certain whose side we are on when that day comes.