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Important note: 1. The MFA Thailand has set up the coordination center at the Department of Protocol to facilitate all Diplomatic and Consular Missions and International Organizations in Bangkok in emergency cases related to the flood crisis. The center does not stand as an information source on flood situation. It has been created to assists the missions if their premises have been affected by the floods and relocation is required. Contact: Tel. 02-203-5000 (MFA telephone exchange) Tel. 02-643-5158 to 60 (Department of Protocol) 2. The Cabinet has declared 27th, 28th and 31st October,2011 a Public Holiday for 20 flood affected provinces including Bangkok. Travel alert All EU MS advise their citizens to monitor closely the situation, particularly in Bangkok, giving the sources of information (e.g. disaster center, local media, etc). The Embassies rather factually update their advices then upgrade its level as of this moment. Only HU is advising against non-essential travel to Bangkok and the flood-ridden Northern and Northeastern provinces of Thailand. The change of travel advice is considered by all the MS according to the development of the situation. Affected EU citizens Few EU citizens seeking advice on the situation and assistance in visa related matters. Few residents being affected by the floods seeking advice on situation development. Weather forecast /metrological department/ The moderate northeast monsoon prevails over the Gulf of Thailand and southern Thailand. Isolated to widely scattered rain occurs in the Central and the East. Scattered to fairly widespread rain is expected with Isolated heavy fall over the South CENTRAL: Isolated thundershower in Nakhon Pathom, Samut Songkhram, Ratchaburi and Kanchanaburi. Flood remains in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Ang Thong, Sara Buri, Lop Buri, Uthai Thani, Sing Buri, and Nakhon Sawan provinces. 26th October - widely scattered rain. Bangkok: 26th October - widely scattered rain. 1. 28 affected provinces in Thailand. MAPS: NORTH: Nakhom Sawan, Phichit, Phitsanulok, Sukhothai, Uthai Thani, Kampangpetch and Tak NORTHEAST: Khon Kaen, Ubon Ratchathani, Srisaket, Surin, Roi-et, Mahasarakham and Kalasin CENTRAL: Ayutthaya, Saraburi, Ang Thong, Chai Nat, Lopburi, , Nakhom Pathom, Nonthaburi, Samut Sakhon, Pathum Thani, Singburi, Ratchaburi EASTERN: Chacheongsao, Nakhon Nayok, Prachinburi


SITUATION REPORT 2. The inundation in affected provinces remains unchanged or decreases with the exception of: Surin, Mahasarakham, Yasothon and Ubon Ratchathani Province. 3. The total fatalities are 373 deaths and 2 missing (1 in Mae Hong Son, and 1 in Uttaradit). 4. The heaviest rainfall in the past 24 hours is in Plong Sub-District, Teong District and Chiang Rai Province at 69.0 mm. 5. Major tourist destinations such as: Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lampang, Kanchanaburi, Ratchaburi, Pattaya, Ko Chang, Rayong, Phuket, Krabi, Trang, Ko Samui and all provinces in southern Thailand are experiencing normal weather conditions (for Bangkok see: current situation).


1. Areas on alert (Increase of the water in Rangsit and Pathum Thani; Sea level expected to rise as high as 2 meters) Don Muaneg (36) Lak Si (41) Bang Khen (5) Chatuchak (30) Ban Sue (29) Sai Mai further flashfloods (42)

2. Already affected districts: Phra Nakhon (1) Dusit (2) Samphanthawong (13) Bangkok Noi (20) Bang Phlat (25) Sai Mai (42)

Note: Indication of all the districts in the attachment.

Affected areas and roads: NORTH Bang Phlat, Charansanitwong Road, Soi 74/1 up to 80 (water level 50-80 cm, still increasing) Sirindhorn Road Soi 2 (water level 30-50 cm; expected to be controlled within 3-4 days) Charansanitwong outband to Bang Khun Sri, Bang Khun Non (water level 50 cm, not passable to small cars) EAST Don Muaneg in front of EOC (water level 60 cm) Flood victims moved to the National Stadium (close to MBK) Don Mueng Rangsit brigde closed until further notice Vibhavadi Road up to Rangsit intersection closed until further notice Phahol Yothin Road closed until further notice

SITUATION REPORT Chaengwattana Road water level 30-50 cm, passable to small cars Sai Mai Road (Wat Nong Yai to Soi Phemsin) flooding, still open Pin-klao bridge to Pata Pin-klao Department Store flooding, still open Bang Phlat District Office flooding, still open

3. Alerted areas in the inner Bangkok (see map below): Phahol Yothin Rd, nearby Klong Sam Sen and Klong Bang Sue (Phaya Thai) Sukhumvit Rd. Soi 105 (Bang Na) Khlong Phrakanong untill soi La Salle; Sukhumvit Soi 39 i 49 (Wattana) Lad Phrao Shopping Complex and Khlong Lad Phrao (Wang Thong Lang) Navamin Road from Khlong Don-Eka, both sides of Prasert Manukit Road (Bung Kum) Ratchadapisek in front of Robinson Department Store (Din Daeng) Lad Phrao intersaction on Ratchadapisek Rd (Chatuchak) Ratchathewi Intersection on Petchaburi Rd (Ratchathewi) Nikhom Makkasan Rd (Ratchathewi) Rama VI Rd, Khlong Prajaejeen and Prajaejeen Market, Ratchathewi) Phetchakasem Rd Soi 63, soi Wat Muang (Bang Khae) Yen Akart Road, Nang Linchee Road, Soi Sribumpen 14 (Yannawa) Srinakarintara Road, Khlong Tachang area (Pawet) Sanam Chai Road, Maha Raj Road (Phra Nakhon) Thung Song Thong, Thung Sak, Don Muaneg (Don Muang)

Bangkoks alerted locations map - also visit:

SITUATION REPORT 4. Districts on highest alert: (INFO: BMA 1555) 1. Sai Mai 2. Lat Krabang 3. Nong Chok 4. Chatuchak 5. Bang Sue 6. Minburi 7. Klong Sam Wa 8. Kan Na Yao 9. Bang Khen 10. Don Mueang (Thung Si Khan and Don Mueang) 11. Laksi (Thung Song Hong) 12. Bang Phlat

Note: for all the districts indication: see the attachment.

5. Situation description: A. 28th 31th October is on alert as another high tide is expected. Due to highest sea level expected from October 27th 31st at 2,45 m (for comparison, the last highest sea level was reported on 25th October at 2,30 m). At 3 am 26th October large volume of water has been reported flowing down from Ayutthaya. Khlong Prapa and Laksi were fixed and drained in order to manage the upcoming flow. B. PM has advised that all the communities in Bangkok province should remain highest caution, move their valuable belongings as well as the electrical appliances to higher level due to flowing volume of water, whereas BMA has advised the communities residing along the river to move to temporary shelters. No evacuation notice has been issued though. Enclosed BMAs evacuation procedure in case of flooding. C. There are two main basins in the central part of the country: Thachine and Chao Phraya. The level of the Chao Phraya river is consequently and significantly increasing. The flood barriers 2,5 m have been reached in most places and flashfloods have been reported (areas as indicated above). All the canals in Bangkok remain open. The water level in all the canals in the inner Bangkok remains normal at this moment, however Khlong Tawee Wattana has recorded a rising level of 12 cm as well as Khlong Prem Prachakron more than 5 cm. The water from the Khlongs is currently pushed into Khlong Lad Phrao. D. The capacity of major Dams, which have the influence on the inner Bangkok situation, is: - Bhumibol Dam 99,8 % - Sirikit Dam 99,6 % - Kwae Noi Dam 99,0 % - Pasak Dam 131,0 % - Ubonrat Dam (Khon Kaen Province) 116,0 % - Lampao Dam (kalasin Province) 100,0 % E. The water in Khlong Maha Sawat (Nonthaburi) is still increasing (currently up to 1 meter) and is causeing flooding in the areas of Salaya, Putthamonthin, Bang Yai and Bang Kurai. The water is currently flowaing down to the districts of Bangkok, particularly: Thawi Watthana, Taling Chanand Bang Phlat (vide districts on highest alerts). F. No power shortages in the inner Bangkok have been reported yet. Metropolitan Electricity Authority is closely monitoring the situation especially in the alerted districts. (hotline: 1130). The power in Bangkok shall be cut off only if the water is over 1 m

SITUATION REPORT currently no power shortages are planned for the affected areas in Bangkok. Most buildings in Bangkok have generators, however in case of power shortage it is used for elevators back up and is sufficient for few hours only. No electricity in the areas of: - Bang Bua Thong (Nonthaburi) INFO 1130 - Bang Yai (Bangkok) INFO 1130 - Pathum Thani (only areas where water is above 1 m) INFO 1129 - Ayutthaya (only areas where water is above 1 m) INFO 1129 G. The Metropolitan Waterworks Authority as well as FROC has advised that the tap water quality is in compliance with the WHO standard. So far there is no risk of tap water incapacity. However water shortages might be expected in the flooded areas to prevent water contamination. H. The Ministry of Health has advised that so far there is no epidemical threat due to the flooding. However, they are closely monitoring the situation in the affected areas for the occurrence of: pinkeye, measles, diarrhea, leptospirosis, dengue fever, malaria and cold. Medical Mobile Services have been provided in order to conduct mental health assessment as well as the assistance to affected people. The top 5 reported illnesses are: 1) tinea pedis, 2) strained muscles, 3) fever, 4) skin disease, and 5) headache. I. Shortage of dry food and drinking water has been reported in most big supermarkets. All the product are available though in smaller supermarkets and stores. J. Shortages in the drinking water have been reported but only in the bottles bigger then 1,5 l. It is strongly advisable to secure the drinking water as the two main water supplying factories are inundated (Ayutthaya) and the transportation routes are severely affected. K. Water level in particular areas can be checked here: L. The areas of central Bangkok where tourists normally go are not flooded and accessible as of the moment. M. Shelter centers prepared in case the evacuation: NOTE: Thammasart University temporary shelter has been evacuated due to flashfloods. BMA also designated temporary shelters at 158 schools in 24 districts for 35,805 people. INFO: Tel. 02-248-5115 or BMA Hotline 1555 or

Pathum Thani (water level 50 cm up to 2 m; still increasing) INFO: 02 281-7119 to 21 Chachoengsao (water level 20 cm up to 1 m; still increasing) INFO: 0 899 696 723 / 038 53 60 25 to 6 / 038 51 69 72 Samut Prakan (flashfloods, no major difficulties) INFO: 0 899 696 775 / 02 382 6040 to 2 Nakhon Pathom (up to 1 m; still increasing) INFO: 0 899 696 734 / 034 34 02 41 / 034 34 02 33 Samut Sakhon (dry; the flow from the North planned to be directed via this area) INFO: 034 88 11 75 / 034 83 90 37 # 11 Samut Songkhram (dry; water in major dam and khlongs reached 91 % of its capacity) INFO: 0 899 696 778 / 034 71 58 35 to 8 Nonthaburi INFO: 02 591-2471 (water level 50 cm up to 2 m; still increasing)

SITUATION REPORT Update to other areas, visit: (Thai) (Thai/English) (Thai/English) (Thai) (English) (Thai/English)

Suvarnabhumi operating normally The Suvarnabhumi airport is so far secured. U-Tapao military airport is ready for eventual overtaking of flights. There are few airlines which already delegated their staff to U-Tapao (e.g. Singapore, Air Asia, Thai airlines). The water level is still controllable and is not threatening the flights at the moment. There are 3 main ways to transfer to Suvarnabhumi airport: Bangna - Trade Motorway Onnuj Ladkrabang no flooding, fully passable; no flooding, fully passable (it is a ground level; in case of flooding, will not be passable) flashfloods in some areas however passable even by small cars.

In case of Suvarnabhumi closure, U-Tapao may take over only small part of the flights (capacity about 3,000 passengers a day whereas for Suvarnabhumi its aprox. 140,000). Most flights will be redirected to other airports, though further transportation to the destination points will be difficult due to affected roads. Flood Monitoring Center has been set up at Suvarnabhumi to co-ordinate with officials from Thai and international commercial airlines. Contact: Special Affairs Department Tel: 02-132 9029 Tel: 02-132 5098 (not for public) Fax: +66 (0) 2132 9019 E-mail: Latest assessment from Emergency Operations Centre for Flood at Suvarnabhumi airport (24/7): - Flood walls surround the airport is 3.50 metre high (flood walls are permanent) - Currently the water level is 50-80 cm depending on the area. The water level has decreased. - Alert levels in place if water level reaches: * 0.80 m - alert internal team * 1.00 m - alert airlines reps / prepare for evacuation (partly implemented as some of the airlines have already delegated their staff to U-Tapao) * 2.00 m - 2nd alert to airlines reps / prepare for evacuation * 2.50 m - Evacuation Don Mueang closed from 7 pm, 25th October until further notice - Current water level 30-50 cm; - Cargo remains operating; - EOC remains operating there (2nd floor); - All the flights are at this moment are cancelled with the expectations of:

SITUATION REPORT Orient Thai Airlines rebounded to Suvarnabhumi (INFO: 02-229-4260) Sola Aviation (local connections) rebounded to U-Tapao (INFO: 02-535-2455; 0-818-109-556). Water in front of the terminal 1 and 2 is consequently increasing (currently over 50 cm). Don Mueng Rangsit brigde as well as Vibhavadi Road up to Rangsit intersection are already closed for drainage. Chiang Mai - operating normally Phuket - operating normally Krabi - operating normally

BANGKOK MRT (Underground Train System): /remains unchanged/

Below indicated exits are closed from 2.30 pm every day until further notice. Below indicated entrances are temporarily closed until further notice. 1. 2. 3. 4. Khlong Toei Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre Hua Lamphong Railaway Station Phra Ram 9 exit 2 / entrance 2 (including the lift) exit 4 / entrance 2, 4 and the lift of entrance 1 exit 4 / entrance 2 (including the lift), 4 exit 1 and 3 / entrance 1,2 (stairs side only), exit 3 (including the lift) exit 3 / entrance 3 exit 4 / entrance 3, 4 exit 2 / entrance 2, 4 exit 1 / entrance 1, 4 exit 1 / entrance 1, 2 exit 2 / entrance 1,2 and lift on the entrance 4 exit 1 and 3 / entrance 1,3 (stairs side only), exit 4 (including the lift) exit 3 / entrance 3 exit 1 / entrance 1 (including the lift) exit 2 / entrance 2 (including the lift) exit 1 / entrance 1 (including the lift), exit 2 (stairs side only) exit 3 / entrance 3 (including the lift) exit 2 / entrance 2 (including the lift) entrance 1

5. Thailand Cultural Centre 6. Huai Khwang 7. Satthisan 8. Ratchadapisek 9. Lad Phrao 10. Pahon Yothin 11. Chatuchak Park 12. Kamphaeng Phet 13. Sukhumvit 14. Sam Yan 15. Silom 16. Lumphini 17. Petchaburi 18. Bang Sue Further information: Tel. 0 2612 2444


/INFO: Highways - 1568 or 1784; Rural roads - 1146/ 77 main highways in 15 provinces are flooded and impassable. 202 rural roads in 30 provinces impassable. For Pathum Thani, Don Mueang, Laksi and Nonthaburi it is necessary to contact the hotline in order to confirm current situation. Express way out bound to Chiang Rak - Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus - small cars cannot pass due to inundated. Road as well as the Express way from Bang Pa In - Pak Kred are not passable at km. 22-29 due to 70 80 cm flooded. Contact: EXAT Call Center 1543 (24/7)

SITUATION REPORT To see currently impassable routes on the map, visit: or sa=0&source=embed&ie=UTF8&t=m&vpsrc=0&ll=15.665354,100.678711&spn=10.564424,12.963 867&z=6


/24 hrs INFO: 1690/ The railway from Chongtai Station to Keng Sue Ten Station is terminated from 15th October 2011 to 14th February 2012 (railways repairing, improvement and wrench changing) North 18 routes are cancelled. Northeastern routes are diverted to Bangkok-Mukkasan-Chaseongsao-Kang Koi and to the destination at Nong Kai or Ubon Ratchathani Station. The Northeastern bound does not stop at Samsen station, Bang Sue Station and Don Mueang Station. All passengers must be on board at Bangkok Station (Hua Lumpong). The passenger who have already booked the tickets online can cancell their tickets and get their money at all railway station.


/INFO: 1490/ The North and Northeast in-out bound routes operate normally, using route Bangkok Terminal (Chatuchak) - Lak Si-Phra Si Mahathat Temple Ramindhra km no. 8 Fashion Island Shopping Center - Eastern Roundabout - Ongkharak District of Nakhon Nayok province Banna District Kang Khoi District. If heading to the North: from Kang Khoi turning to Highway no. 1, passing Khok Samrong Nong Muang Tak Fa Highway No. 11 Sak Lek turn left to Highway No. 12 Phitsanulok Sukhothai Tak and use Highway No. 1 to Chiang Mai Destination. From Phitsanulok, passengers can use normal routes to Phrae, Nan and Chiang Rai. If heading to the Northeast - from Kang Khoi are passable. Mass Transit Co. Ltd. - provide buses to transport evacuees to the appointed temporary shelters, as well as volunteers from Don Mueang Airport to Victory Monument and Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus to Don Mueang Airport, Victory Monument and Tha Phrachan Campus.

IMMIGRATION MATTERS /remains unchanged/

The Commander has not taken yet the decision regarding the overstay matters due to the crisis situation cause by the floods. Temporary solution for the foreign tourist or alien who lives in Ayutthaya, Angthong or Supanburi Province: 1. Overstays - inform the name, surname, passport number and validity of the expired visa at the mobile number of Pol. Lt. Phuen Duangjina 083-6941694. Afterwards, the alien should contact the Immigration as soon as it will be possible and the visa shall be extended with no repercussions. 2. Lost passport cases and the transfer of the visa contact Pol. Capt. Siriporn at the mobile number 089-7850314 . Other assistance regarding the immigration matters in Ayutthaya personal contact the Asian Highway Patrol Unit (opposite Ayutthaya Government Complex).

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