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Abbreviations used in AIESEC aka.

How to survive the first weeks in AIESEC

A AI AIESEC XP AIVP Alumnus AIESEC International AIESECs world database, which we use in our daily work AIESEC experience AIESEC International Vice President A former member, who has been active in AIESEC, had a leadership position or went in eXchange. He/she is still actively supporting AIESEC work (e.g. give trainings, advices) Asia Pacific Growth Network Status for company or student in Insight XP; his/her form is not matched yet (hasnt found any suitable match)

AP GN Available

B BOA Buddy Board of Advisors A member who is the contact person responsible for the well being of an intern during his or her stay in the country

C CEED Cultural Envoy for Exchange Development. Exchange of AIESEC members between two LCs. AIESEC members can work for a period of time in a LC abroad doing AIESEC work. Usually takes from 1 week to 6 months Central and Eastern Europe Growth Network Person that helps you pick the right opportunities for you (in order to develop your skills and abilities) Communication Department


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D Delegate DT E EB Elect EP ET EXCHANGE Executive Board (VPs + LCP) Name for an executive board member from the time when he or she is elected and up to the time where they take over Exchange Participant, an AIESEC member that wants to have an internship in another country, through the eXchange program Type of internship Educational Traineeship A chance to go to another country to work in the field that you like and have experience in Participant in a conference or seminar. Follows the complete agenda Type of internship Development Traineeship

F FIN Financial Department

G GLE GN GN Gicu H H4TF I I2A IBEROAMERICA GN IC ICX IG Inkinds IPM Introduction to AIESEC GN made of Latin America International Congress. All members of MCEBs in AIESEC attend Incoming eXchange department Initiative group initial stages of a learning network, needs to fulfill minimum criteria before being regarded as a LN Products provided for free as a sponsorship International President Meeting. An international congress for all MCPs in Heading for the Future Global Learning Environment Growth Network AIESEC countries are divided into 5 growth networks (WENA, MENA, CEE, AP and IBEROAMERICA) GN made of LC Galati, LC Iasi and LC Constanta

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AIESEC AIESEC international on-line system for matching students and companies for internships International Cultural Preparation Seminar

Local Committee. The local branches of AIESEC at universities and business schools. You and the people around you :). You are currently in AIESEC Cluj-Napoca.There are 13 LCs in Romania: Brasov, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Craiova, Constanta, Galati, Iasi, Oradea, Ploiesti, Pitesti, Sibiu, Targu Mures, Timisoara Local Committee Conference Local Committee Executive Board. The administrative body which manages the LC on a day to day basis Local Committee Meeting. Its the place and time to keep all members updated and discuss issues Local Committee President. Head of the local executive board Local Committee Vice President. Member of the local executive board. Every department has one Leadership Development Seminar. Seminar on leadership issues Local Motivational Seminar Local Planning Meeting. Conference where all the activities and projects of an LC are planned for an entire year Leadership Local Training Seminar - first conference for the new members where they understand AIESEC better and where the more experienced members receive preparation on leadership


M Matching Matched MCEB/MC MCP MCVP MENA GN Mentor Finding the right EP for the right TN (through the use of the virtual platform) Status for company or EP in Insight XP. They found suitable match and now are in proces of preparing everything for interns arrival Member Committee Executive Board. The national board of AIESEC in Romania, situated in Bucharest (MCP+MCVPs) Member Committee President. President of AIESEC in Romania and head of the MCEB Member Committee Vice President - every department has a coordinator at national level Middle East and North Africa Person that you look up to regarding his/her professional career (alumnus or external)

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Type of traineeship Management Traineeship Middle East and North Asia Growth Network

N NC NPS NST National Congress National Preparation Seminar National Support Team - team composed by members or VPs in the country that work at national level together with the MCVPs

O OC Organizing Committee. A group of people who is arranging a P-BoX, seminar or conference. They make sure a project is done properly. Some of the OC positions may include sales, finance, reception, logistics, communication Organizing Committee President - the coordinator of an AIESEC project or conference


P PAI P-BoX Plenary PM R Raising Realized Reception Finding TNs for the eXchange program (done by the ICX Department) Status for company or student in Insight XP. The Intern already arrived in the country for internship and is doing his/her job in the company The part of the exchange process from arrival of the intern until the intern is back to his home country. Includes all activities President of AIESEC International Project Based on Exchange The major room at seminars and conferences for sessions where all delegates are together Project manager

Returnee Robot (GN)

AIESEC member who returned from an internship in another country (through the eXchange program) GN made of LC Oradea, LC Timisoara, LC Brasov

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Romanian Core Workers Meeting Regional Training Seminar, a conference for and by the growth network. Same as LTS but done regionally - in a GN

S SOL Schimb de Oameni intre Locale - When an AIESEC member travels in another LC from the same country in order to do AIESEC activities there for a determined period of time GN made of LC Bucharest, LC Pitesti, LC Ploiesti , LC Craiova Student Nominee. A member going out on an internship in another country (not used anymore)

South Park SN T 3some TM TN TR Trainee Traineeship TRIX TT V VP W WENA X X

GN made of LC Cluj Napoca, LC Sibiu and LC Targu Mures Talent Management department Traineeship Nominee. A company receiving an international member for an internship Taking Responsibility Person from another country that comes in internship (called a trainee in the host country) The same meaning as international internship The LMS (Local Motivational Seminar) of LC Cluj-Npoca Type of traineeship Technical Traineeship

Vice President; all departments have one

Western Europe and Northern America Growth Network

The most common symbol for eXchange

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