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Alexandria University Faculty of Engineering Specialized Scientific Programs

TA Agreement

On Saturday dated A)

this agreement is made by and between:

Special Scientific Programs Fund (SSPF) of the Faculty of Engineering - Alexandria University, (First Party)

represented by Dr. Refaat A. El Attar, SSP Executive Director B) University I.D No. : ___________ Date of issue: ____________

Place of work: Fac of Eng. Alexandria Place of issue: _____________________ (Second Party)

The two parties agree on what follows: (Preamble) The SSPF, located at the Faculty of Engineering- Alexandria University shall engage (full-time/part-time/per task/upon request) faculty members (FM), teaching assistant (TA) and Lab instructor (LI) at the beginning of every semester during the Academic year in order to assist in the teaching process and to enhance its overall performance. (Agreement Provisions) Article No. 1: Foreword The aforementioned preamble is an integral part of this agreement. Article No. 2: Commitment The second party shall agree and be committed to perform such tasks as per Article 7: Terms of Reference (TOR). Article No. 3: Duration The second party shall serve as a TA/LI: The agreement shall start on: No. of hours/week: -- Lab/Tutorial Article No.4: Payment conditions Fees (No. of man-hrs x Rate): Transportation: __N/A___ = EGP Others: __N/A_ (only) EGP

and shall end on: Rate/hr: EGP LE per Lab/Tutorial hour

The total sum of Lab/Tutorial fee shall be EGP

To be paid (weekly/monthly/end of task), against acceptable deliverables. Article No.5: Reporting Second party shall be working under the supervision of the course instructor who will assign to him his duties in tutorials/labs. Signature of First Party ___________________ Signature of Second Party ___________________

Article No.6: Contract Renewal or Cancellation This agreement shall not be renewed, amended, recognized or committed unless done in writing and signed by both parties. The first party has the right to terminate this contract at any time during the life of the contract, in case of unsatisfactory performance or services, by serving a written notice 15 days prior to termination date. If the second party wishes to terminate this contract he should give acceptable reasons to the first party and by serving a written notice 15 days prior to termination date. Article No.7: Terms of Reference for the assignment (TOR): 1. English is the language of instruction. It is mandatory to deliver tutorial(s)/lab(s) in English. 2. The Second Party is committed to deliver the number of the weekly tutorial/lab hours for 15 weeks tutoring and thereby he is committed to attend the 16th week to help in conducting the final exams. 3. The posted tutoring/Lab schedule is to be carried out firmly. The Second Party is committed to deliver the stated number of weekly hours during the period and time stated in the posted class timetable. 4. A minimum of four office hours per week is mandatory. 5.The Second Party should compensate for classes missed during holidays. 6. The Second Party has to help the instructor of the course in preparing and conducting two periodical exams during week #6 and #10, in addition to the final exam(s) 7. The Second Party has to follow-up the attendance of students and report to the instructor of the course when asked to. 8. The Second Party should fulfill any additional duties that may arise and found to be necessary, by the First Party and the instructor of the course, to the development of the teaching process. 9. The Second Party should not engage in any private teaching courses outside the university. Failing this will result in the termination of the contract without notice and may also result in disciplinary action. First Party: Dr. Refaat A. El Attar Signature: _________________________ Second Party: _________________________ Signature: ____________________________

Endorsed by the Dean of Engineering Dr. Adel A. El Kordi Signature: ________________________