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No county burn ban - for now

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Indians to host Konawa on Friday

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Man injured in accident

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Johnston County

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Tishomingo, OK

AT&T activates new cell site in Mill Creek

Improved network aims to provide better service to local users
News of the new Mill Creek cell site was welcomed by State Rep. Paul Roan of Tishomingo, who had been among those who previously expressed concerns regarding the level of area service. "Mill Creek and its citizens will be well served by an improved wireless network," Roan said. "Investments like the one being made here by AT&T will help insure the best possible access to health care and education and will keep Mill Creek connected to the global economy." "Mobile broadband access is important, particularly in rural parts of our state," State Senator Josh Brecheen said. "This is a good day for Johnston County." AT&T boasts the nation's fastest mobile broadband network, and provides accelerated mobile data speeds and simultaneous voice and data capabilities. Bryan Gonterman, president of AT&T Okla-

A Halloween to remember
(Ed. note The following is a reprint of a column first published some years ago. Hope you enjoy it!) It was a Halloween when a sack-full of candy and a couple of popcorn balls were all any sweet-toothed kid could want to be satisfied. It was a time when no one worried about razor-bladed apples or druglaced chewing gum. My buddies and I had just about decided to call it quits after a night of trick-or-treating when one of us spotted the porch light off in the distance. It was a tiny house, set apart from the rest of the neighborhood and unknown to any of us in our roving band of masqueraders. After debating a short while, we agreed to make one more stop and wandered down the dusty road to where the solitary house stood. It was an elderly whitehaired man who eventually answered our brave knocks on the front door. "Trick or treat!" we squeaked in unison, holding out our paper bags expectantly. The man stood in the doorway hesitant, not really knowing what to do. Finally, he pushed the screen door open. "Come in, come in," he said. "Honey, we have some visitors," he called to his wife. A small-framed woman with grayish-white hair entered the front room, drying her damp hands with a dish towel and complementing us on our costumes. She whispered something to her husband and then ushered us into the kitchen. As we sat down at the kitchen table, we didn't know what to expect. It was obvious the elderly couple had little income. No caramel apples here, we thought. The woman shuffled over See FOOTPRINTS Page 12

Responding to local concerns regarding mobile devices and services, AT&T this week announced the activation of a new cell site in Mill Creek that is expected to enhance network coverage for area residents and businesses. The activation was announced Tuesday by Steve Gray, AT&T's vice president and general manager for Oklahoma and Arkansas. Gray said the new cell site is part of the company's ongoing efforts to deliver to customers the nation's most advanced mobile broadband experience. "We are constantly working to meet the demands of an ever-growing wireless network," Gray said. "AT&T invested more than $625 million in its Oklahoma wireless and wireline networks from 2008 through 2010. "We're committed to providing faster data speeds and increased coverage and to improving our overall customer experience.

homa, said the company's mobile broadband network is based on the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) family of technologies that includes GSM and UMTS, the most widely used wireless network platforms in the world. "With wireless data traffic on the AT&T network growing by 8,000 percent over the past four years, demand for mobile broadband service is growing rapidly, and we want to meet that demand for our customers," Gonterman said. "Our recently announced agreement to acquire T-Mobile USA also represents a major commitment to strengthen and expand our network. "In fact, this deal, if approved, means that we'll be able to expand the next generation of mobile broadband 4G LTE from our current plan of 80 percent of the U.S. population to more than

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rionda9 Is Vdc-orTecii Mt II) Tishomingo

"What night is Trick-or-Treat night on this year?" As seems to be the case every year, the Capital-Democrat has once again received a number of calls over the past week or so asking that very question. Every year we contact city officials for verification. And every year the answer is almost always the same: on Halloween. That will be the case again this year, City Manager Jack Yates confirmed Tuesday. Yates told the Capital-Democrat that the city-sanctioned Trickor-Treat night will indeed be this Monday, Oct. 31 Halloween night. Traditionally the only times that city-sanctioned Trick-or-Treating in Tishomingo has taken place on any other night besides Halloween has been those years when Oct. 31 has fallen on a Sunday. Indeed, in 2008 the Tishomingo City Council took the step of making that tradition an official action. The council that year declared that the practice of changing Trick-or-Treat night only if Oct. 31 is on a Sunday will from now on be the official city policy. "This is something that we've needed to clarify for some time, and this gives us the opportunity to finally do so," Mayor Lewis Parkhill said at the time. Gary Webb, principal of Tishomingo Elementary School, told the Capital-Democrat Tuesday that students will be taken to a limited number of locations including the Johnston County Courthouse, Hillcrest Health Care and Murray State College for trick-or-treating during the schoolday Monday. For those parents looking for other seasonal activities for their children to enjoy, the Tishomingo Development Team and the Murray State College Student Government Association are once again sponsoring their annual "Kids For Kids" Fall Carnival. That event will be held today (Thursday), Oct. 27, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Johnston County Fair Barn in Tishomingo. For more information call Fran Morrell, 371-3358; or Judy Huston, 371-2371, ext. 136.

Passing the torch

Johnston County's newly sworn-in Associate District Judge Charles Migliorino is congratulated by Paule Wise, who succeeds Migliorino as the county's assistant district attorney. Wise is an experienced attorney who - like Migliorino - has served with the 20th Judicial District for a number of years; she said Monday that she is looking forward to serving the people of Johnston County. (See related photo on Page 6.)

good laugh....Former District Judge John Scaggs offering a friendly "Hello"....Julie Bristow sharing a much appreciated compliment (a couple of them, in fact).... Lester Blue threatening to put his O.U. Sooner memorabilia in a yard sale....

Heard having a Stacy Linder

Alfalfa Bill Bike Ride popular with cycling enthusiasts

Perfect bike riding weather greeted the 77 riders who peddled into town for the 2011 Alfalfa Bill Bicycle Ride, the 25th riding of one of Oklahoma's oldest, continuous fall cycling events. Ride distances ranged from a gentle 10-mile course that included the Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge, to a challenging 100 miles over some hilly terrain with over 20 riders completing the century challenge of biking stamina. Jason Gray, the only Tishomingo rider, completed the 100 mile course for the second time. "It wasn't easy," Gray said, "but I did it." He added that he did take a 15 minute rest break for fluids and to work out some cramps. Tishomingo High School graduate Doug Kennedy, now a resident of Norman, rode the 46 mile route along with his sons Lance and Ian. Lance rode stoker (second seat) on a tandem bike with his father. Though the event is not a race, some participants do ride as if it were. The first finisher of the 100 mile course was Angela Stewart of Park Hill, who used the century as a training ride for her triathlon competitions. Stewart has finished high enough See RIDE Page 12


Mike McCarthy popping olives in his mouth like they were candy.... Dustin Rowe helping himself to a cookie.... David Brown making introductions....Keavin Troutman wearing orange and black following the Sooners loss to Texas Tech Saturday...


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One doesn't often see the old-fashioned "bicycle built for two" these days, so the tandem ridden by Doug Kennedy and son Lance lent a welcome touch of the "Good Old Days" to the 25th annual Alfalfa Bill Bike Ride. The event - said to be one of Oklahoma's oldest, continuous fall cycling events - was held last Saturday, Oct. 22, with riders taking part in one of several different routes, ranging from a 10-mile course through the Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge to a hilly, 100-mile terrain that tested the stamina of those who took the challenge. Kennedy is a Tishomingo High School graduate who now resides in Norman; his younger son Ian also took part in Saturday's ride.

Founded June 6, 1901, in Tishomingo, I.T., Historic Capital of the Chickasaw Nation.