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Title: Oracle DBA

Primary Skills: Oracle DBA, SQL SERVER DBA, DB2 DBA, VB Programmer, Visual
C++ Programmer

Work Experience

Transport Canada, Ottawa, Ontario February 2006 - Present

Position: Oracle DBA
· Developed backup strategy and validation -- includes document backup processes,
testing backup processes and validating successful recovery from backup.
· Participated in design discussions to support project and baseline work.
· Performed regular schedule maintenance processes
· Worked with application development staff to develop database architectures
· Planned and performed the migration of all Oracle version to version 10.1.0
· Administered Oracle 8i, 9i and 10g databases on various unix platforms (HP, SOLARIS,
· Designed and implemented a failover solution based on an Oracle standby
database and developed scripts to monitor the transfer of archived redologs and resolve
gap sequence due to network proplems.
· Installed various Oracle packages of the Collaboration suite
· Installed and configured Oracle 10g grid on Linux and windows servers
· Installed 10g agents on all servers and configured the servers for all the database
processes to be monitored on the 10g grid OEM
· Installation, configuration and performance tuning of large Oracle databases in a
UNIX/NT environment
· Managing partitioned tables
· Oracle installation and migration to new releases (8i, 9i & 10g)
· Installing and setting up management server and enterprise manager
· Data loading using SQL Loader

CGI (Secure Channel), Ottawa, Ontario April 2005 -- January 2006

Position: Oracle DBA
· Supporting over 150 Sun and 5 HP Servers running different applications in 24X7
· Oracle installation and setup on Solaris and AIX servers
· Design, develop and maintain database integrity including dictionaries, monitoring
standards, access /security, performance and server functionality
· Manage turnover of programs, data, and simple schema changes into test and production
· Monitor database performance, backups, alerts and logs.
· Install and configure database server, upgrade, and patch-sets.
· Manage movement of complex schema changes into test and production databases.
· Manage database storage (tablespaces, datafiles, extents) and I/O distribution.
· Setup and manage physical database data structures, tables, indexes, clusters, and
· Setup and manage backup, recovery, and fault-tolerance of Oracle and SQL databases
including DTS and PL/SQL packages in the database.
· Setup and manage network interfaces between databases, clients and other products.
· Setup and manage role-based security, database replication and distributed database
· Tune database instances and applications and provide database expertise to development
· Perform other basic database administration tasks.
· Be on-call to respond to critical system issues.
· Administered, created, maintained and monitored clients and database access.
· Established backup and recovery procedures
· Provided 24x7 software and hardware support and logged in resolved support calls
· Performance monitoring and tuning
· Installation of DB2 data warehouse and configuration
· Connecting Oracle Portals to DB2 databases on AIX servers and generating PDF files on
application servers
· Table creation and setup to work with a lot applications like SPSS, COLDFUSION and
other in-house applications

Telus Inc, Edmonton, Alberta September 2004 -- March 2005

Position: Oracle Database Administrator
· Maintained Oracle/SQL Server and related software by applying patches
· Implemented database related bugs fixes communicated by the application team
· Interface with database vendor for technical support
· Maintained and updated database setup documentation
· Worked with testing team to monitor database performance and assisted developers in
removing performance bottlenecks
· Performed database re-organization as required for performance optimization
· Updated and fixed stored procedures using PL/SQL
· Ensured the completion of all daily backups, archives and exports
· Assess database capacity by monitoring online storage, growth and file system space

Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Ottawa, Ontario May 2004 -- August 2004
Position: Oracle Database Administrator
· Installed Oracle software and created new databases on windows 2000 servers
· Installed and configured Oracle customer data hubs
· Imported database objects into new Oracle 9i databases
· Upgraded Oracle 8i databases to Oracle 9i
· Setting up and reviewing technical environments before instalation
· Validated the compilation of all objects in the new Oracle 9i databases
· Modified backup scripts for new databases
· Maintained and coordinated data models, dictionaries and other database documentation
· Trained junior personnel in the administration and management of Oracle

Hydro Ottawa Inc, Ottawa, Ontario January 2004 -- April 2004

Position: Senior Oracle Database Administrator
· Developed IT policies and standards relating to database issues
· Support, administer and maintain the oracle environments primarily running on windows
· Maintained defined operating procedures for day to day operations including various
database backups
· Created and maintained several Oracle standby databases
· Provided some instance level performance monitoring and tuning
· Provided and implemented optimum physical database design
· Created and executed triggers and stored procedures with PL\SQL
· Supported development effort by providing SQL statement tuning and optimum data
loading techniques
· Trouble-shot database problems as required
· Provided 1st , 2nd and 3rd level support
· Planned and rehearsed database recovery plans

Canadian Standards Association, Etobicoke, Ontario November 2001 -- September 2003

Position: Oracle/SQL Server DBA
· Migrating Application and data from SQL Server database to Oracle database
· Support of Oracle tools (Developer, Designer, DBA Studio, OEM) in Windows
· Oracle installation and migration to new releases (7.3, 8 & 9i)
· Installing and setting up management server and enterprise manager
· Data loading using SQL Loader
· Installed various Oracle packages of the Collaboration suite
· Installation, configuration and performance tuning of large Oracle databases in a
UNIX/NT environment
· Managing partitioned tables
· Logical backups and hot (online) backups using shell scripts and incremental backups
using recovery manager
· Customizing APIs, forms, applying patches and managing database security
· Wrote triggers to carry out advanced validation
· Installed and configured Oracle customer data hub
· Designed and created relational databases with Oracle
· Wrote stored procedures and triggers for DB2 databases

Washington Mutual bank, Atlanta, Georgia May 2000 -- September 2001

Position: Jnr Database Administrator & Programmer
· Optimizing instance and I/O using data from statspack reports
· Migrating Oracle databases on HP and AIX platforms
· Responsible for maintenance of client scheduling database (SQL Server)
· Converted data functions from HP3000 Image database to HP9000 Oracle database on
UNIX platform
· Provide in-house training for staff on new programs and applications
· Discharged installation, upgrade, and migration of Oracle databases (Oracle 9/9i) duties.
· Migrated data from MS SQL Server database to Oracle database
· Implemented automatic documentation for Oracle databases and UNIX systems
· Developed database application for SQL Server 7 and 2000 with transact SQL
· Created stored procedures with PL\SQL
· Managed concurrency using transactions and locking options

Applied Systems Inc, Mississauga, Ontario August 1999-March 2000

Position: Software Support / Developer
· Managed project team through project design to implementation and delivery within
project schedule
· Migrated and converted clients data to corporate system, to ensure homogenous
application and data platform for project design (MS ACCESS and VISUAL BASIC)
· Troubleshot LAN connectivity problems on NT 4.0, Win95/98 platforms
· Successfully managed stakeholder expectations and translated client requirement into
phased implementation program
· Prepared project report which included design concepts, plans, sections, elevations and
computer generated 3-d models and animation
· Produced working drawings and project phasing plan for project manager
· Regularly scheduling maintenance exercises and custom report generation to extend life
of the system
· Performed required analysis to indicate modules of various applications
· Documented all requirements for the design, coding and testing of applications
· Contributed positively to the team development environment

Canada Imperial Bank of Commerce January 1999 - July 1999

Position: Sales and Service Specialist
· Provided banking services to clients over the phone
· Maintained clients' accounts
· Sold products and services to clients

Royal bank Financial Group, Toronto, Ontario January 1998 -- December 1998
Position: Systems Analyst (SQL Server 7.0)
· Supported latest XML technologies
· Assisted in migrating legacy applications and data to current corporate platform
· Provided trouble shooting on network connectivity problems
· Provided system support for Win95/98, 2000, NT Workstations and server installations
· Designed requirement documents and modelled data for project managers
· Maintained ADP software and documentation
· Wrote, coded and supported stored procedures on Microsoft SQL servers
· Integrated applications by designing, coding, testing and maintenance
Celestica Inc, Toronto, Ontario January 1997 -- December 1997
Position: Help desk Specialist
· Hardware support including HP printers, IBM 300PL desktop and ThinkPad laptop
· Setup and configured Netscape, Internet Explorer, Lotus Notes and MS office products
· Provided ongoing technical support for systems and applications software
· Provided support for Novel/Netware 4.11 and Novel ZENWorks applications

Skills Acquired: Critical thinking, comprehensive grasp of business processes of several

industries, Project Management, Communication skills and presentation. Working long
hours under tight schedules and meeting deadlines.


BSc. (Statistics & Economics) -- York University, Toronto - Ontario

Computer Science Diploma -- Ontario Institute of Information and Technology, Toronto -
Oracle Certified Professional (Oracle DBA 9i) -- Oracle University (Humber College)

Other Professional Courses

Client/Server Information Systems -- A Business Oriented Approach

A Guide to Oracle 8 Development
Oracle 9i DBA
Advanced Visual Basic 6.0
Mastering Java
Advanced Systems Design and Analysis
Advanced Unix Administration

References available upon request

Certifications: A + Certification
OCP Oracle 9i
OCP Oracle 10g
Location: US-MS-
Date Posted: Jul-31-06