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Merge Wright

Designer hotels
otels and motels always seem to have the right names dont they. Holiday Inn, The Marriott, The Hilton, Comfort Inn, theyre are all popular. We never hear of places like Eddies, Gunfire Bubbas Bunk House, or Don Lula Maes Sleeping Wright Rooms. How about designer hotels/motels that cater to specific groups. Columnist Here are my Springboro favorites. Where will Sun you stay this weekend: 07. Frat House Motel (Keg in every room, walls to accommodate up to 98 decibels) 06. The Polo Club (Special Beemer, Porsche and Benz secure parking, quiche, sushi bars, wine tasting, on line day trading and some of the most well educated and beautiful room attendants/massage therapists youll ever meet) 05. Red Neck Motels of Mississippi (Front porch, big dog, fridge, two spittoons, spare transmission in the bathtub, and complimentary night crawlers for late night check ins) 04. Shoots & Ladders Inn (A place for cops and firefighters when theyre traveling) 03. Legal Inns (A great place for attorneys to park their briefs while out of town) 02. House of Cards Suites (For the wayward politician, private rooms for payoffs, PAC meetings, or make a deal over cocktails in the quiet and secure Bernie Madoff Lounge) 01. Agenbroads Bed Bread & Water (8 waters from around the world, 27 unique breads, choice of vanilla lime or raspberry vanilla outfits with matching slippers and night cap. Tuck ins by Mayor Agenbroad every Sunday night) Ask young people today who George Foreman is and theyll tell you hes the guy that invented the George Foreman grill. When you tell them he was the boxing champion of the world they say, No way! Johnny Carson retired in 1992 which means if youre 30 years old or younger, you have no idea of who Im talking about. If you were an entertainer, singer specifically, that had a lot of hits in the 40s, 50s or 60s, youll be known and remembered again and again for generations. Teens and young adults know Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Louis Armstrong and Elvis Presley but probably cant tell you the last governor of Ohio. It seems like the only people that dont fade fast are singers and those in the Bible. Its the final countdown for the food fight between Lebanon and Springboro. The last game of the prep season is tomorrow night in Springboro where the trophy will be presented. You can still contribute to the Springboro Community Assistance Center (local food bank) by dropping off canned goods at Heathers or the City Building. Happy Halloween everyone.

The Springboro Sun requested candidates for the 2011 November election to answer questions in an effort to help voters decide on their ballot choices. If a candidate is not included, they did not return the questionnaire.

Springboro Sun,

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Clearcreek Township trustee

One seat is open for Clearcreek Township trustee with five vying for the position This community has been very good to me and my whole family. My grandfather served this community on the Clearcreek Township Zoning Commission for 32 years and I can think of no honor greater than following in his footsteps. I will bring the same enthusiasm and dedication to the Township that I have displayed with the youth and school programs where I already give back to the community. I am a fivth generation township resident. I am a 1991 Springboro High School graduate. I attended the University of Cincinnati and Wright State University as a marketing major. I have 20 years experience in business leadership working in real world fiscal environments. I am active in the school district and community with sports programs. I am married to wife Traci. We have two daughters Charlotte and Lydia. The most important issue facing our community is challenging economic times. As trustee I will address the challenge by managing our financial resources to maintain services, seeking opportunities to collaborate with other governments and controlling spending. I believe promoting business development in our business zones will also help address our needs as a community to offset some challenges we face while bringing new jobs to the township. I grew up in Springboro/Clearcreek Township and returned to the area five years ago. I have two young children and I am concerned about their future. Government cannot continue to spend money that it doesnt have and expect our children to pay the bill. Taxpayers are stretched to the breaking point and they need a break. I helped grow two small businesses from scratch. I have to watch how every dollar is spent in my business and make sure no money is wasted. I will do the same with taxpayer dollars. I am an honors graduate with a business degree from the University of the Cumberlands and a Law degree from Chase College of Law. In addition to my business experience, I have served in the Warren County Court as acting judge. Issues important to me are reducing taxes and improving the business climate in our community. I will ask the tough questions to make sure tax dollars are not wasted and I will promote a business friendly environment to encourage business creation and job growth. I have lived in Clearcreek Township with my wife Shannon for 10 years. Russell Jones

Jason Gabbard

Springboro council at-large

Two seats are open for Springboro council at-large with three vying for the positions I have previously served on Council from 1998 to 2007 and I can provide the same leadership, experience, and fiscal responsibility that I have provided in the past. I am an attorney at Law with Hollencamp & Hollencamp. I have a Juris Doctor degree from theUniversity of Dayton School of Law in 1980 and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Western Michigan University in 1977. I served in the United States Army from 1972 to 1974 with a honorable discharge. I was a member of Springboro City Council from 1998 to 2007. I believe retaining and expanding current businesses as well as pursuing new businesses is important to maintain and expand the tax base of the city, especially in light of state funding cuts to municipalities. I would pursue the expansion of businesses and services through partnerships with other federal, state, and focal agencies by pursuing grant programs and other funding sources. I would be responsive to the needs of Springboros current businesses in order to retain them and help them to expand. I have been a Springboro resident for 20 years, My husband and I chose Springboro to raise our family because of the economic opportunities, family values and quality of life. I have decided to run for Springboro City Council because I want to use my talents and experience to serve our great city to ensure Springboro continues to rank as one of the best cities to live. I am a board member of Warren County Republican Party and Precinct Captain since 2005. I have four years experience managing a sales/training team at LexisNexis, responsible for meeting budget while achieving sales goals. I have 20 years experience in the legal field. We must continue quality economic development to attract more companies and retain the businesses we have. We need to ensure that our city is maintained as a majority of the land is developed. Finally, we must have transparency with all taxpayers. By attracting and retaining more businesses through tax incentives and creating a business friendly environment, we can generate enough business revenue to eliminate the 1/2 percent income tax. This would also create more jobs right here in Springboro. This would significantly improve the quality of life and strengthen the economic stability of our residents. I will watch every penny that our city spends and always remember that we serve the taxpayers. My family and I have here for 8 years.

Gary Hruska

Letters to the editor

Lisa Babb the right choice
To the Editor: I am writing to support Lisa Babb for the Springboro School Board. I have known Lisa for over seven years and have witnessed her dedication to Springboro Schools through her constant volunteering in the classroom, her leadership on the PTO and her participation at school board meetings. As a former teacher with a bachelors and masters in education, nine years of teaching experience and three children currently attending Springboro schools, Lisa understands the needs of our children and is committed to maintaining our districts Excellent with Distinction designation. At the same time, Lisa is also committed to providing excellent fiscal stewardship over the communitys investment in our schools and understands the need to find creative solutions to decreasing budgets. I urge you to join me in voting for Lisa Babb on Nov. 8. A vote for Lisa Babb is a vote to maintain our excellent schools. Rena G. Sauer Springboro

Becky Iverson

Beggars Night October 31

Beggars night in the city of Springboro and in Clearcreek Townshp is Monday, Oct. 31, from 6-8 p.m. Motorists are advised to take precaution during those hours.

Vote yes for mental health levy

To the Editor: This November, we have the opportunity to renew the Mental Health and Recovery Services levy, which provides essential funding necessary to continue providing much needed services for mentally ill and substance addicted residents of Warren and Clinton counties. As an emergency medicine physician, I see first hand the devastating effects of alcohol and drug abuse on the families in our community. In particular, astronomical increases in death and disability due to prescription drug abuse are occurring throughout Ohio. Mental Health and Recovery Services provides a vital safety net of resources for the treatment, recovery and return to productivity of affected individuals. No less destructive are the ravages of mental illness, which affects one out of five families in our area. MHRS provides housing, therapeutic and counseling services, again with goal of integration into society whenever possible. As a member of the board of directors of MHRS for Warren and Clinton counties, I have been amazed at how the organization is able to wring the most out every dollar we are entrusted with. The cost to the community and inevitable loss of services and programs that would result from a failure to pass this 1 mill renewal levy would be enormous. A yes vote for the MHRS renewal levy is critical to the continued availability of these vital services. Dennis Mann, PhD, MD Emergency Physician, MHRS Board of Directors Lebanon

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