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God makes human endeavors fruitful.

De-Nationalization of Christian Institutes is a Miracle said Bishop Anthony Lobo.
Written by: Jawad Mazhar (ROD/Special Correspondent BosNewsLife)

Islamabad, Pakistan, Oct 1st, 2007: Human efforts and intelligence are futile without
God’s help, this is God who makes human endeavors fruitful, said Bishop Anthony Theodore Lobo, Bishop of Islamabad/Rawalpindi diocese Pakistan. He was addressing to a large gathering at the auspicious occasion of Silver Jubilee Dinner given in his honor by All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA) Chief Mr Shahbaz Bhatti, to commemorate the completion of 25 successful years of service as a bishop, at Holiday Inn hotel, Islamabad, Pakistan on Oct 1st, 2007. Apex Pakistani Christian clergy men, honorable Ambassadors, top APMA leadership and countless eminent elders from the Pakistani Christian community were present at the Silver Jubilee Ceremony. Bishop Anthony Theodore Lobo was born on July 4th 1937, in Karachi Pakistan to the parents of Goan origin. He received his early education at Saint Patrick's High School and religious training at the ‘Christ the King Seminary’ in Karachi, and was ordained a catholic priest in Karachi on January 8, 1961. He also has degrees from the University of Karachi, Harvard and Paris. On June 8, 1982 he was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Karachi by Pope John Paul II. On 28 May 1993 he became Bishop of Islamabad/Rawalpindi. He has made important contributions to the education in the country. He has been the Principal of St. Lawrence’s Boys School, Karachi and later Saint Patrick’s high School Karachi. In November 1986 he founded St. Michael's Convent School. He is the author of many books on education. In recognition of his services to the cause of literature and education, the President of Pakistan conferred on him the President’s “Pride of Performance “Award in 1990. Bishop Anthony Theodore Lobo has also served in the following positions:
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Chairman, Education Commission of Pakistan. Secretary General, Catholic Bishop’s Conference of Pakistan. Chairman, Office of Education, Federation of Asian Bishop’s Conference. Member of Senate, Shah Abdul Latif University, Jamshoro. Member of Senate, Sindh University, Khairpur.

Talking about the efforts he has made towards the promotion of education in Pakistan, Bishop Lobo said that Islamabad/Rawalpindi diocese is running 70 schools. He added that he has upgraded Sargodha Institute of Technology (SIT) from 2 years certificate to 3 years associate engineering diploma awarding institute. He expressed his determination of converting SIT into an Engineering College in the near future. Bishop Lobo also mentioned the 0.5 million Euro aid granted to the SIT. Bishop went on saying that Norte Dam Institute Karachi in affiliation with Australian Catholic University is established to create outstanding Christian educationists in Pakistan.

In His address to the gathering Bishop Anthony Lobo said that our way of work is peaceful and dialogue. He called denationalization of Christian educational institutes a miracle by God. Bishop’s brother Mr George Lobo said that he has always seen his elder brother working round the clock. Addressing the occasion ex-minister Col (R) S K Tressller said that we can not overlook the services of Bishop Anthony Lobo to the Pakistani Church. He said that Bishop Anthony Lobo has strengthened the church and Christian community in Pakistan in the true sense. He added that all the Christian clergy should act and work like Bishop Lobo. At the end of the event APMA Chairman Mr Shahbaz Bhatti presented a shield to His Grace Bishop Anthony Theodore Lobo as a token of love and confession of his services for the Christians of Pakistan. APMA chief also said that Bishop’s efforts for the uplift of Pakistani Christians would be remembered forever. Bhatti added that Christian youth should make good use of these established educational institutes to make Christian community prosperous, affluent and successful in Pakistan. At the auspicious occasion Rays of Development Organization (ROD) Chairman Mr Ferhan Mazher said that His Grace Bishop Anthony Lobo has rendered so much for the Christians in Pakistan. He impelled that now it is the responsibility of Christian youth to wake up from the long standing slumber and build unity in their ranks to get equivalent rights and get rid of all discriminatory laws of the country. BNL / Ends.

Captions for the Photographs are as follows: .

Pic 1: His Grace Bishop Anthony Theodore Lobo

Pic 2: All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA) Chief Mr Shahbaz Bhatti.