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Companies looking to migrate to new internet-based technology and grow their trading partner communities and supported documents are forced to support or replace existing EDI legacy systems. These legacy systems tend to be point-topoint, standalone systems focused solely on EDI document exchange with little or no integration to other enterprise applications. There is also a lack of robust B2B and trading partner management support. Maintaining legacy EDI systems limits the speed at which companies can migrate to real-time, collaborative business process automation and enterprise-wide integration.

Through webMethods EDIs robust standards support and ability to leverage and extend existing EDI (or Flat File) messaging infrastructure, companies can now successfully migrate to a single platform for integration. With a single platform and the ability to also link related EDI documents, companies can now create, manage and monitor extended datacentric business process improvements. webMethods EDI offers reliability that supports large communities with multiple document types and high transaction volumes. webMethods EDI provides the complete enterprise-class EDI integration solution that easily expands and evolves to support the changing integration needs of the enterprise and growing trading community.


Two major computer manufacturers handle close to 1 million transactions per day, more than 90% through EDI A major international bank handles approximately 300,000 transactions a day, over 95% through EDI A national retail chain handles between 1.5 and 1.7 million transactions a month, more than 95% through EDI

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Production customers of our EDI solutions process over 2,000,000 trading documents a day.

Trading partner management

Graphical mapping and transformation

Full EDI services support Proven methodology, tools and resources enable cost-effective migration from outdated and unsupported legacy EDI systems onto the webMethods ESB platform. Faster EDI Web service creation Creating and deploying all EDI services into Web services provides ease of configuration and rapid implementation across all trading partners. Secure, internet-based connectivity Secure communications support connections to trading partners over the Internet quickly, allowing implementation of lower cost EDIINT interoperability.

Translates and validates documents Builds your services with drag-and-drop

mapping and transformers

Manages trading partners and documents Provides centralized repository of partner


Translates and maps to and from all

document formats

Limits access to trading partner profiles and

B2B transaction data based on user roles

Leverages out-of-the-box libraries of pre-built

transformation services

Supports many types of transport and

location profiles for sending documents to a partner

Configures custom integration logic Performs graphical debugging and testing Provides parsing, validation and error
handling of inbound and outbound XML, EDI and Flat File payloads

Includes unique ability to prioritize transports

so that if an HTTPS sent to a particular partner fails, the backup transport of encrypted email is automatically used

Develops, debugs, tests and deploys


Provides automatic escalation through

prioritized document transport

Processes documents in real-time and batch

modes Robust EDI support

Provides partner profiles that can grow to

include hundreds of contacts per partner, separated into groupings, such as Line-ofBusiness Experts, Technical, Finance, etc.

Builds core EDI functionality into the platform,

not as a separate solution

Enables delivery of documents between

designated sources and destinations via HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SMTP, SOAP, EDIINT, ebXML and Web services

Delivers comprehensive standards support Offers flexible EDI processing Provides recognition, parsing and validation
of EDI transactions

Provides group-level, rule-based routing Enables customers to send and receive docs
on behalf of the entire group

Envelopes validation and compliance Processes documents in real-time and batch

modes, depending on need Take the next step to get there faster. To find the Software AG office nearest you, please visit

Manages secure receipt and delivery of XML,

EDI and Flat File transactions

Functional acknowledgements and reconciliation support

Manages customizable Trading Partner


Duplicates and recognizes out-of-sequence

control number checks

Enables users to configure processing rules

and routing actions

Manages queues for batch-oriented VAN


Ebiz App Server ebusiness Trading Partners

SAP Application Server

Ebiz Catalog Server


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webMethods EDI supports unlimited implementation capabilities including external trading partners, internal integrations, adapters and human interactions.