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RESUME #30, Muniswamappa Road, JC Nagar (MR Palya), Bangalore 560006 Ph: 9886309117 sudhakar.m1983@gmail.


Sudhakar M
Personal Profile: Father name Date of Birth Religion Nationality Gender Marital Status Languages Known Hobbies Passport No. Pan Card No. Current CTC Notice Period Educational Qualification: : Murugan.C : 10th June 1983 : Hindu : Indian : Male : Single

: English, Tamil, and Malayalam : Reading, Watching sports : F5705182 : 041258878 : Rs.3.20Laks-p.a. : 30 days

Completed B.Tech (I.T) with an aggregate of 75% from Anna University (April 2005). Completed DECE with an aggregate of 89% from Government Polytechnic College TamilNadu. Software Proficiency: Operating system Language Web Technology RDBMS Web Server : : : : : Windows XP, Windows 2000, Window VISTA. C, .Net Frameworks3.5. HTML, ASP.Net, PHP, XML, JAVA SCRIPT, CSS. SQL Server 2000, 2005, MY-SQL. IIS (Internet Information Service).

Experience Profile: Currently Working in Systems Domain as Project Mentor/Guide in Bangalore since (Jan-2006 To Till Date)

Summary: 4+ Year of extensive experience in developing Web, Windows, and Web Services using .Net Framework 2.0,3.5. Proficiency in VB.Net. Proficiency in ASP.Net. Proficiency in C#. Net. Proficiency in ADO.Net. Familiar with IIS (Internet Information Services) Well knowledge in SQL Server 2000, 2005. Knowledge in Object-Oriented Concepts. Basic Concepts in SharePointServer2007. Mobile Application Using C#. Net Mobile Application Testing in C#. Net. Knowledge in Crystal Reports. Testing for Manual Testing and Unit Testing. Proficiency in XML. Proficiency in Dream weaver. Proficiency in PHP. Proficiency in Sliver Light. Proficiency in JavaScript and CSS. Proficiency in Sql Server 2000/2005. Proficiency in J2EE and ORACLE Project Details in Chronological Order: Project 1:_______________________________________________________________________ Project Title Role Client Duration Project Skills Team Size Location : LBCN(Location Based Cellular Network) : Team Member. : PacificITSolution. : 1 Month (Current Project). : J2EE AND ORACLE. :3 : Bangalore.

Description: The project name is Location based Cellular Network. This project is for accessing the services provided in some Base stations. We have divided all areas into number of clusters. Inside each cluster there will be lot of base stations and mobile nodes. Each base station have lot of services like hospitals, theater, hotel and train etc.. If we want to access those services, then we have to give the

user name, password and mobile number for authentication. Only authenticated users can access the services when they move from one base station to other stations. Responsibilities: 1. Developing the code and design (Enhancement). 2. Manual Testing. Project 2: Project Title Role Client Duration Project Skills Team Size Location : : Team Member. : TCS. : 3 Month (Current Project). : ASP.NET/, SQL Server 2005. :3 : Bangalore.

Description: Customer relationship management (CRM) is all about managing the relationships you have with your customersincluding potential customers. CRM combines business processes, people, and technology to achieve this single goal: getting and keeping satisfied customers. It's an overall strategy to help you learn more about your customers and their behavior so you can develop stronger, Lasting relationships that will benefit both you and your customers. Its very hard to run a successful business without a strong focus on CRM. Responsibilities: 1. Developing the code and design (Enhancement). 2. Manual Testing. Project 3: Project Title Role Client Duration Project Skills Team Size Location : : : : : : : MIRG(Musical Intonation Resonator Gallery). Team Member. PacificITSolution. 7 Month. ASP.NET, SQL SERVER 2005. 3 Bangalore.

Description: E-Commerce stands for Electronic Commerce. E-Commerce is exactly analogous to a market place on the Internet. E-Commerce consists primarily of the distributing, buying, selling, marketing and servicing of products or services over Electronic Systems such as the Internet and other Computer Networks. The System Entitled as Music Intonation and Resonator Gallery(MIRG) is an Internet based Online Music Gallery, which deals with the following Services as follows:1. Customer placing an Order for Musical Instruments on line and Transactions for ordered Instruments.

2. MIRG enables to order and purchase Indian Musical Books and CDs. 3. MIRG also provides Customers to View Movie Details & Listen their favorite Songs online. This project is made for the customer to shop from the ease of their Home PC. No fuzz of finding parking place or no long queue at billing counters. It deals with Inventory, generation and also Stock checking for the ordered. The Project will have an Administrators Module which will enable Administratormaintain user details and Manage the Musical Instruments and Maintain Movie Details, Audio and Video songs in the Inventory. Responsibilities: 1. Developing the code and design. 2. Maintain the DB and manual. 3. Manual Testing. Project 4: Project Title Role Client Duration Project Skills Team Size Location : : : : : : : IEEE(Modelling a Grid-based Problem solving Environment for Mobile Devices). Team Member. ATI INFOTECH. 7 Month. ASP.NET SQL SERVER 2005. 2 Bangalore.

Description: To solve the problem in task allocation using mobile devices. Easy to share the task one machine to another machine. The paradigm of grid computing has been successfully applied in the domain of computationally intensive applications supporting scientific research. Server class Computers interconnected by wired networks are typically used as computing device in the grid. At the same time the user of the existing and growing number of wireless mobile devices often demand more computational power than their device can currently provide. We propose using the paradigm of computational grid to build a problem-solving environment for wireless mobile devices. We address the challenges of distribution, coordination and assembly of a complex task, as well as such issues as network stability, access transparency and dependability in a grid-based system of mobile devices. Responsibilities: 1. Developing the code and design. 2. Maintain the DB and manual. Project 5: Project Title Client Role Duration Project Skills : : : : : Anthonys Corp. (ERP PRODUCTS) AnthonyCorp International. Team Member. 1 Year. ASP.NET, SQL Server 2005. 3. Manual Testing. 4. Database Testing.

Team Size : 3 Location : Bangalore. Description : Anthony Corp. makes facility and property management simple. We offer clients a comprehensive network of services related to buildings and real estate. Clients are provided with a single point of contact for a broad range of services. That means efficiency, clear communication, and consistent standards.
There are 9 modules :( ERP PRODUCTS) 1. Home Page. 2. Project. 3. Personal. 4. Accounts. 5. Tasks. 6. Documents. 7. Financial. 8. Admin 9. Calendar.

This is developing the URL. Responsibilities: 1. Involed the code and design. 2. Manual Testing. Project 6: Project Title Client Role Duration Project Skills Team Size : : : : : : Project Management Tool GISSYS. Team Member. 9 Month. PHP MYSQL. 3

Task Tracking: Project Desk has a highly sophisticated, built-in task-tracking system that monitors tasks assigned to team members and alerts you if a task slips past its due date. This prevents a small problem from snowballing into a big one. Automated Emailing: Project Desk has a fully automated Selective emailing system that performs peripheral tasks such as sending appropriate email to project members, whenever required. This ensures that you are free to concentrate on the core project-management functions. Threaded Discussions: Project desk improves communication between employees drastically and aims to eliminate communication gaps that exist within teams and in the correspondence with clients and other external agencies. One way by which this is done is by providing the facility to hold Threaded Discussions. Team members can post their views and queries, to be answered or commented upon by other members. You may see the discussions for all projects or see them listed separately projectwise. Document Sharing: Team members may even upload files documents related to a particular project. The Files Documents section shows you all the project-related files documents that users may have posted for your review. You may also search for a file document by name.

Project Reports: Project Desk gives you comprehensive project reports for all your active projects, the tasks that are pending or completed, the members of each project along with the task-related privileges each member has. It also shows you the space occupied on your Project Desk account by the files uploaded by team members. It even lets you generate your own custom reports based on the information you require. The list of project parameters that you can get reports for is exhaustive. Project 7: Project Title Client Role Duration Project Skills Team Size Location : : : : : : : Viruba E-Business ( Viruba Enterprises. .NET Developer. 7 Month. ASP.NET, SQL Server 2000. 3 Bangalore.

Description : This E-Publishing site is the place for the authors, publishing to post their Tamil books for marketing and for the readers to buy Tamil books. When a book is posted by the publisher they are approved by the admin and these books are published in our website. As the readers see these new books on our website, they can post their request for buying these books. When these requests are approved by the admin, a message is send to publisher /authors regarding the readers request for the books. This site act as mediator between the reader and publisher and authors. Responsibilities: I was responsible for designing and creating database Responsible for database maintenance I have been involving in developing admin pages and client pages Project 8: Project Title Client Role Duration Project Skills Team Size Location : : : : : : : Comenplay Comenplay Ltd UK. Team Member. 7 Month. ASP.NET, C#.NET, SQL Server 2005. 3 Bangalore.

Description : has been developed to help everyone to play more sport, find new friends and clubs, and to really enjoy exercise and physical activities. Membership is open to anyone aged over 16, and for any activity at any level. We've teamed up with people like Sport England to promote sport as a part of your everyday routine. Whether its squash or skiing, football or fencing, jogging or gymnastics, or even a walk in the park, will make it easier for you to be more physically active. lets you make the most of your time and offers a quick and easy way to find activities at times that suit you.

Responsibilities: 1. Involved in Develop and Maintenance. 2. Manual Testing.

Project 9: Project Title Role Client Duration Project Skills Team Size Location : : : : : : : GT Motor. Team Member. Carnada Solutions. 3 Month. PHP, MY-SQL Server 2000. 2 Bangalore.

Description: Project 10: Project Title Client Role Duration Project Skills Team Size Location Description : : : : : : : : VOIP (Voice Oriented Internet Protocol. Nerve Centrex. Team Member. 5 Month. C#.NET, SQL Server 2000, Shoretel Call Manager, WebDialer. 5 Bangalore.

Voip, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that enables people to use the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls. Voice data is sent in packets through your high-speed Internet connection rather than by traditional POTS lines (Plain Old Telephone Service). Voip is significantly less expensive than typical telephone long distance packages, plus one high speed Internet connection can serve for multiple phone lines with no loss in functionality, reliability, or voice quality. For each incoming and outgoing call, the call manager software displays the telephone number, name, and call duration. The point-and-click interface provides easy, direct access to everyday features such as transferring calls, making conference calls, and placing calls on hold.
There are five modules: 1. Setup your shoretel account. 2. Login the Shoretel. 3. Configure outlook express. 4. Shoretel Call Manager Login open 5. Open the one Voip window.