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Your home is your castle…………or is it?

Sentimentally, our family is always at the center of our personal universe and most of us
would do almost anything for the sake of our family…that includes protecting us from
known dangers and harm. With everyone’s busy lifestyles nowadays, there is no time to
ask people to keep a watchful eye out, plus most times your neighbors out and about too.
Moreover, the local police just can’t be at your beck and call at anytime and everywhere.
As, at times, we live in an open society where we share the public places with predators
and violent criminals, it becomes increasingly difficult to protect ourselves. Thus our
home is the only place where we have fair amount of control over our environment, and
thereby, it is considered a sanctuary where we feel safe. We all realize that the piece of
mind that a secure home offers is invaluable. But, burglary is, by far, the most common
threat to our home. By adopting simple and effective home security precautions can make
your home less attractive for burglars. The new school of thought is that home security
systems are as much of necessity as computers, refrigerators, microwaves, etc. Therefore,
protecting our home and family against the threat of invasions, burglary and criminal
intrusion, house fires, gas leak inside the house and other problems such as coming back
to flooded home, due to broken hot water heater, should be high on our list of priorities.

We all know that most homes function by means of separate systems working
independently. The home security system should conceive a design based on conviction
that security, control and communication become inseparable elements to put you in
control and enables you to be in touch with various aspects of your home environment.
Looking for a Solution: Micro Technologies (India) Ltd. has developed a home
security system - Micro HSS which is not technology to revolutionize space travel or to
solve the African drought problem but it certainly answers a need for you, the peace and
mind knowing your home and your possessions are safe. It not only helps you making
your home as a safe haven for your family but fits for your family and lifestyle! While
you are out you have peace of mind because Micro HSS serves as a second pair of eyes,
always focused on your home!
It is designed to render prevention, protection, and emergency response and provides you
intelligence and convenience with the added bonus of energy savings in order to greatly
increase the efficiency, value and safety of your home. Micro HSS includes a control
panel, and a key fob, an alarm sounder and/or a flashing strobe light and accommodates a
wide range of wireless sensor devices using GSM technology, enabling you to choose the
most advantageous approach for a particular situation. Sensors types include the
following and others, in any combination; Security System Sensors like Magnetic
Door/Window Contact Sensors, Motion Sensors like Pet-Immune Wireless Motion
Sensors and Environmental Sensors like Smoke/Fire Sensors and Gas-leak Sensors. It can
be accessed and controlled remotely and intimates you through alert messages using SMS
service on your mobile phone in the event of any forced intrusion, fire outbreak, gas
leakage, external/internal motions. For example, Household Door/Window Alert System
is a magnetic contact sensor that monitors the doors and windows within your house,
notify you instantly via SMS on your mobile if the entry is breached

Micro HSS offers a state-of –art control panel, being a computerized brain, serves as a
well-trained watchdog guarding your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is, being the
“Eyes and Ears” of your home, protecting you and your family from any kind of threat
through live updates about your home environment. Moreover, it provides a tiny remote
to control your Micro HSS Wireless Security System while staying inside your home.
This key fob is programmable with superior transmission range to operate various
electrical/electronic home appliances. Additionally, Micro HSS expand your coverage by
adding extra motion wireless sensors like Pet-Immune-Wireless Motion Sensor (PIMs)
that can distinguish between your pets and burglars by triggering events only if the culprit
weighs more than your pet. Furthermore, Micro HSS can support three users – your
family members or your kith and kin by sharing the access control system of your home
security and that helps your children and elderly family members to protect your home at
the time of emergency or accidents while you are away from home as well as protects
their lives whilst they are in residence.
With Micro HSS, you and your family are always connected to your home trough
our monitoring service. This system makes you feel more connected and thus,
makes you more confident;
Micro HSS is a wireless home security system having various features of a great
security system without any hassles to protect you, your children, and family
members from burglars and accidents even when you are on vacation, on a
business trip or on a quick stop at the grocery store.
It is a unique model, being easier and less expensive to install over traditional
hard wired models, serves as a threat deterrent, alerts you of intruders, and
monitors the safety and security of your home as well as your pets while you are
away and thus provides you greater piece of mind;
Micro HSS being a wireless system uses small radio transmitters instead of wires
to transmit necessary signals between the system sensors and the Micro HSS
intelligence box. Besides, you can carry this system with you when you relocate;
Micro HSS provides instant, hassle-free communication via SMS service on your
cell phones or an email, or both from wherever and whenever in the world in the
event of security breaches, comings/goings of family members etc;
Our system aided by state-of-art web-based control panel monitors your home 24
hours a day, 365 days a year. When an emergency situation arises, it sends fast,
accurate response via alert messages on your cell phone;
Our professional technicians/installers can install this home security system easily
and quickly in your home without inviting mess of drilling holes, ugly wires,
digging trenches and a mess to clean up;
Micro HSS employs up to three users for controlling home security as backup.
All three users can get parallel alert text messages via SMS service on their
mobile phones. So there is a backup plan for the backup plan;
It provides homeowners the freedom to remotely control and configure your home
security system from any web browser or mobile device;
Micro HSS is not a one-size-fits-all system and gives you ultimate flexibility to
create custom notification rules for your sensors or alarms and everyday events
that suit you and your lifestyle (e.g. your neighbor feeds your pet while you are
Micro HSS is ahead of the curve to make your home security system more
flexible and open-ended system to integrate with all available communication
channels (cell phones, broadband, phone lines) so that options are always there in
Micro HSS has a key fob that can allow home security system to be turned on or
off. This is a wired Remote Access System (RAS) to control all the sensors while
you are at home.