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Resotvtng Melee Combat 13

WElCOME TO T1tE SHADOWS 7 Compare Successes 14
GAMECONCPTS 8 Determine Damage 14
M.J.ylns Slw:!owrun 8 Resistance Test 24
The Ab$h".act N.ature of lI.ules 9 14
WbAt b A c...mern&Ster7

Actions In the Matrlx IS <U1d Heallns IS
Making Dice Rolls

Types of Injury IS
I. Applying Damage IS
TIme I. Condition Levels 1.
I. Heali ng 1.
by the I. MAGIC 17
The Concept I. Mana 17
I f orce 17
Am1butes II Magical Skliis 17
Initiative 11 Drain 18
11 The Sh.arnot.nlc TrAdition 18
Skliis 13 Totems 18
ACIIoo Pool
The Hermctl4: TrAdldon 18
c.ea. 13 The. "mAl PlAne 18
Condition Monitor
Astral rerceptlon 30
The M;Wtx
Sorcery 30
Accessing the Matrix
CAsting Spells 30
SeeIng the Matrix
I' ConJurtns ..
USING SKILLS 15 Spirits ..
Bue Skills 15 Spi rit Services
Sklll Ratings 15 ConJurfng Drain II
Combat Skliis .. The Spirits II
Magical Skills 17 SpellS II
Physlcal SkIlls 17 STRUT GEAII. l5
Social Skills 17 Personal WeApOns l5
Technical Skills 17 FireArms l5
Vehlde SkillS 17 I'Istols l5
COMBAT 18 Taser Weapons 16
InttiAttve. 18 Submachine Guns (SMGs) 16
Determining the Order 18 Assault Rifles 16
CombM Turn Seque:nce I. Armor 16
Oed.mns Actions 11 rerson.1ol EJe.d'ronlu 16
Movement 11 Tools 16
Movement Rate 11 SurveillAnce And 5e<urtty 16
IlA.nscd CombAt 11 GeM 31
Resolving Ranged Combat 11 Cybenv .... e 31
Ranged Target: Modifiers 11 31
Attackf:!' Test II Bodyware

D.vnage Resistance Test U Cybertlmbs

Determine Outcome U Cyberdedt

Damage Codes II Bloth

Staging U Vehicles

Apply Damage 13 Bikes

Mel ee CombAt 13 c.m

Melee Combat Weapons 13 PROTOTYPE ENVY 40
Steps tor Wmcmoutcrtns 40
2 Shadowrun Quick Stoilrt Rules I ................................................................................................................................................................... .
Step One: Read (he Adventure
Step Two: Wrile Yourself Notcs
Step Three: Don'! PanIc
Step Four: Have Fun
SolvIng I'roblems
8.ukground Story
Things to Know
The I'erceptlon Tcst
The Adventure 8rukdown
Rookle's Luck
What's Up. (hummerl
Tell It to Them Straight
Behind the Scenes
u.slng the Joint
WhAt'S Up. (hummerl
Tell It to Them Straight
Behind the Scenes
The Bad Guys
The Others on Duty
Discoverlng the Pr ototype Secret
The Patient
What Will the Numbers 001
The Virtual Ant\Ck
Plcklns Up die MeCH
It's a Wrap
AW<'Irdlng K<'Irma
ChooslnS " ChAracter
rLlylng the CharActer
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Shitdowrun QuIck Stitrt Rules
he raln had SlOPped. and the streets wcre emptying as the IMt partlet5 headed
hon'Ie. The dwarf watched the big noll unrack his Harley. Gasket smiled as he pic-
lUred a troll and a dwarf sharing a motorcycle on the streets of Seattle. On the
edge of c\ run, his of humor kept him from going nuts. The troll, Big Tony.
was a mage but look more pride In the bike than even a tech wlz like Gasket would,
After checkIng over his bike. BIg Tony checked his 5ubmachlne gun. The UzllIllooked
like a toy In the troll's hand.
-ReAdy. short sruff,' Tony grunted, "Here she comes.'
Gasket g.ued longingly at the red and sliver customfined Yamaha RApier that was
roiling to a stop before them. He barely even noticed Its rider, CarmeHta. whose gor-
geous looks usually distracted men who didn' t realize she could easily kill a person a
hundred ways.
It was her run they were 00: a datastcaL c.uket was In he could slip
through the virtual world of the Matrix and find the elec.lronlc. prize they sought, Big
Tony's presence mean! that Carmel1t.a felt the run might get a bit hot, In the shadows,
a professional always em on the side of Cilutlon If shf!o cares about her life expectancy.
go. boys, We don' t have all Before Big Tony coold even mumble In
agreement, she roared down thf! streel.
Thf!re werf! a few tense moments when they r.lJ1 IntO some gangers who took
exception to a human rkilng around with a troll and a dwarf, but they didn't push it
too hard after Carmelita whipped out her crossbow and pinned the leader's arm to a
door. No more trouble from the locals tonight .
TheIr target was a corporate waJehouse, and as they neared, they stuck to the
alleys, backtracking and faking turns to makf! surf! thf!y being follow! . Six
blocks from the warehouse, they dismounted. Gasket pulled out hi s electronics kit to
pop the lock of a fenced-In parXlng lot, whf!rf! they stowed the bikes.
Then they were off, moving through the shadows. There were no aowds here,
Just empty, dean corporate streets, rull of corporatf! pr1de And rovi ng corporAte secu-
rity patrOls. The big boys don' t like trouble on their turf.
'-l I Shadowrull Quick Stolft Rules
It took an hour of cautious travel to reach the goal: a dark.
dank alley In back of a corporate office. Carmellta saId the cor-
poration was Tri -Core Plastics. a name that meant nothing to
Gasket. Halfway down the puddled alley. hIdden by a hollow
In the smooth concrete wall, was an emergency se<:urity
entrance. TheIr objective wasn't to break In. though. They
were after data hidden In the company's Matrix system. and
that system Just happened to be accessIble by anyone who
knew how to open up the black plate on the door's sec:urlty
panel. A sIngle guard stood out-
sIde. and a security camerd swept
the alley as well.
Gasket removed his
cybcrdeck from hIs pack and said
"I'm reddy.-
Carmelita stood perfectly stilI
and began a slow scan with her
cybereyes. She had replaced her
natural !!yes with a magnifying
electronIc version. whIch she now
used ro zoom In on the guard.
"One she mumbled. "not
even looking this way, seems
bored. The camera Is on, and Irs
scannIng the all!!y. BIg Tony, you
take the guard on my signal.
Big Tony took It as his signal
when Carmelha blew apart the
SKUrlty camera with a round from
her Ruger Super Warhawk heavy
pIstol. The guard' $0 head snapped
up In surprise. but Big Tony was
already concentratIng, focusIng
mana Into the man. The guard col -
lapsed to the ground as BIg Tony
exhaled. "He's aslccp. I figured the
quIeter the better," he muttered,
shooting an accusIng glance at
Carmellta's smokIng pistol .
-Good Job. said Carmeilla as
the three ran over to the security
post. "You'd better work fast.
Gaske;t. I'm sure blowing that off a few alarms.-
Gaskel. brealhlng hard-dwarves weren't made 10 run
ve;ry far Of fast-pulled out his tool kit and went to work on the
security paneL II wasn' t long before he was In. exposing lhe
wlre;s controlling the; security post and the camera, as well as
an entrance Into the company'S computer hosts. Gaskel tlked
to think of It as surge;ry, that he had opened the skull and
exposed the brain. Gasket loved his Job.
Gasket flipped ope;n a pane;l on his cyberdeck. pulled out
a cable and snapped the plug Into the Jack implanted In his
skul l. He plugged the deck Into a slot In the security panel. As
his fingers flew over the keys. his eyes rolled back In his head.
focusing Inward as the vision of cyberspace filled his mind. The
tap- tap of the keys floated out Into the night. A soft hum rose
from the security panel, and Gasket smiled.
Carmellta was nervous. She pulled her Ingram Smartgun
out of Its holster and kept scanning the alley rhythmically, as If
she replaced the shattered camera. Sig Tony Just waited. He
knew that he would need hIs strength for casting spells.
Seconds stretched Into minutes, and the minutes staned
piling up. It was taking too long. The corp patrols WOUldn't
leave them alone forever. Carmellta began to Chant. "Hurl)'.
hurry, hurry," In a steady rhythm.
Ught flooded the alley.
Carmellta almost breathed a
sigh of relief as she swung her
Ingram around to the left. A sec-
ond sound came from the right
and Big Tony changed his position
to prOtect the dwarf. The tension
of waltlng was almost over; now
would come the unbridled panic
of combat.
Gasket screamed. His body
Jerked back as the wires In the
security panel to self
destruct. Smoke began pouring
out. EVen the cord ro hIs deck was
melting as the add spray began to
eal the; copper, silicon and plastic
In the security box.
Getting dumped from the;
computer system left Gasket dis-
orie;nted. and he; seemed only
seml-conscious as he sat on the
ground of the alllt;)'. Carmellta
forced herself to Ignore the dwarf
and conce;ntrate; on the footsteps
runnIng towards her. There was
nothing Big Tony could do for
Gasket except protect his body
and carry him out when this was
over. If they lived.
Gaske;t"s scream had been
like a flare going off. Guards ran
Into the; alle;y from both ends,
then stopped. Carmellta knew
thAt the guards we;re readying their aim on the runner team.
Not wasting any time. she broke 1010 a full run towards the
guards on the; left, her submaChlne gun breaking the silence;
and echoing in the alley. She heard at least cwo guards go
down. The; third tried hitting her, but he;r boosted reflexes gave;
her an advantage. Up this dose and moving this fast. she aban
doned her gun and pulled out her katana. StoppIng on a dime,
she was able to cut the guard down with one qUick move of
the blade. She wondered If he; e:ven knew what she did,
The guards on Big Tony's side were smarter; they came
down the alle;y with the protection of melr vehlde;. They stan-
cd to fire in the direction of the moving Carmellta. Ignoring the
troll at first. Big Tony summoned his willpower, and lightning
arced across the alley from his fingertips towards the ark walk-
Ing next 10 the security vehlde. As the ark's body shlmme;red
Sh<ldowrun Quid< St<lrt Rules
and crackled. Ihe alley filled with the smell of burning flesh. The
ela:frlclty arced to the car. elidllng screams of panic from the
occupallls. Big Tony staggered a bit. the spell having drained
hI!; His he<KI was already poundIng. and Ifhe dldn' t get
away soon. he could end up like Gasket.
Big Tony turned to pick up G.\sket and saw thai the dwarf
had laken out a Re:mingron pislol. payS to be
preP<'red,w Gasket slurred. "1' 11 cover your back.-
Big Tony. smiled. rusks gleaming in Ihe moonlight, "You
couldn' t cover a bed If I tossed you on It, shan sruff. Now be
still . we' re out of here.-
The troll flipped the dw.arf Oller his shoulder. Gasket bare
Iy opened his eyes to that a guard. who had avoided the
lightning bolt. was now moving towards them. TryIng to stay
awake, G.uket braced himself against the troll. and let loose
wllh his Roomsweeper. Fla:helte rounds spread through the
alley but dldn' t hit anything. Big Tony swung elfOUnd and. see
ing the guard. cast a quick manabolt. The guard screamed. and
Gasket relaxed.
- Now slt stili . croaked Big Tony.
- Head for the bikes. I'll catch up. - u.rmelita walked back-
ward. scanning the areA and poppIng off her Smartgun at any"
thing that moved. Big Tony noticed she also had her Ruger
Super W.arhelwk heavy pistol out.
In moments. Big Tony was at the locked P<'rking lot. He
took a look at c.asket. then pulled out his own SMG and fired
though Ihe lock. Gasket began to protest. but Big Tony shook
his head. "We don't have time for stealth. chummer--now get
on the bike."
u.rmeUta sc..,nned tile scene one last time. her vision
mdgnltkallon cha:klng OUI everything to make sure no gu<ttd
was playing possum. Confident they'd make II. she turned and
ran for Ihe bikes. Wholl held laken Oller an hour to cover In
ste"lth. she now moved across in mi nutes.
C.armelitA revved up her bike as Big Tony waJked his to the
gale. " We got Irouble.
"Orek." Carmellt" spaL " What now?"
- Another vehlcle--they must have seen us run. They' re
moving slow. they don"t know where we are yet. Unless they
open their door. my mdglc won't work. I can' , zap what I c.,nt
see,w explained Big Tony.
- Leave It to me.- carmelit" pulled out hef Smartgun. As
she readied the weapon. Gasket stood next to her. hi s
Roomsweeper re"dy. wyou Men' , goIng to hog "II the fun. Me
you?" the dwarf asked. Big Tony readied his Uzi.
As the Celr came closer. the runners opened fire.
The car stopped and lammed Into reverse. spinning out
Into a dumpster. The radiator began to smoke. The doors and
windows were riddled wi th slug holes.
Big Tony beg.'ln to ready a spell. "Save it.w u.rmeli tA
yelled. "They woo' t follow us. Let's rlde.-
The car doors were opening and the security tedm W.\S
unloading. but It was too tate; Ihe runners were Already around
the corner. on a m"ln road heading back to downtown Seattle.
The parking lot was empty when they arrlved. The Space
Needle glowed from the highpowered IMnps thai lit It.
"The Johnson should be here "ny minute. What happened.
GMket? What fried yoor Ccvmdlta was acruaJly worried, and
lhat scared Gasket more than anything they had faced that night.
It was a harder run than I expected. You see, Tr1-
Core is owned by Saeder-Krupp, and-
- Whatl " bellowed Big Tony. -Lofwyr's Saeder.Krupp?
Lofwyr the drAgon? We wasted the drason's securltyl Oh m.,".
oh man. oh In.ln. "
"from what I scanned. it seems he JUS! boughllt sometime
lasl week." Gaskel continued. "I gOt the: dat" we w"nred.
A sleek black Mlrsublshl Nlghtsky limoUSine'! pulled inlo
the parldng lot.
" Here comes the slag who set us up'- said urmellta. - I'm
goIng to Wo\X his hoop for sending us on this run."
The limo rolled to SlOp rlgh! next to the runners. As the
bl"cktinted glass window began to roll down. u.rmelll<l
pulled out her Warhawk. leveling It .at the face thaI "ppe:.ued.
"Now C.armelJt.l. Is that anyway to gleet your employer?"
the voice said with a slight German a((enl .
-You set us up. Lofwyr owns Trl Core. " Gasket had never
heard C.armelJta sound so icy. He began to back "way.
course, W Mr. Johnson said. -Lei me explcl.ln. I knew Tn
Core was a Saeder-Krupp subsidiary. because I work ror $acder-
Krupp. I hired you to make the run on Saeder.Krupps behalf.-
"Wh<ltr shouted Big Tony. "Lofwyr hired us to hit his own
" It was " test of securi ty: It seems you succeeded. and
lhey failed." Mr. Johnson smiled coldly. "My boss will not be
pleased whh his new employees. Now. may I helve the d<lfa
you extractedr
Gasket h.lnded him the chips wi th lhe information he had
downloaded Inlo his cyberdec.k' s memory.
Is your pay. You will find .a bonus for doing such a
line )ab. W Mr. Johnson hMded Carmellta three credstlcks.
- Based on your performance. we may work together "gAin In
the future. Good nlghC The window rolled up, and the limo
pulled out Into the darkness.
"Well .
Carmellta sighed ,\5 she handed Ihe crcdsticks to
Gasket and Big Tony" "They Sdy never truSt" dragon. and I
guess they're right . Even his own employees can' t trust hlm.w
u.rmellta' s lone ch.1.nged as she looked "t the re"dout on
her credstick. "Hey. Mr. johnson left a mesSdge on my credo
Slick. He wants us for a job tomorrow night. We Me (0 meet
him here at eight If we' re Interested. I'm open tomorrow. -
Gaskel looked al the amount on the credstick and whis-
tled. "Yeah. If he: pays like this every lime. I'm In."
-I'm In: someone has to prOIt you rwo.
said Big Tony.
- I JUSt hope I h.\ve enough magic to counter a dragon If thIngs
don' l go rIght."
- I'm not WOf'ried. He'd eat you firsl . You' re the biggest ."
"Very funny. shon stuff. You' re so funny. I think you should
walk home. On those legs It should take you two weeks."
C.armellt" laughed. "Well boys. lust MOl her successful run
in the shadows. Let 's go for two In a row tomorrow night."
EI I Shddowrun Quick Sr.lfC RUICS] .......................................... .. .. .. .. .. .. .............. .. ..................... .......................................................................... .
Mch y our bocck. Shoot stridght. Conserve iUnmo. And
never, ever. cut. deAl with .1 drdgon.
The year Is 2060.
The world Is changed. some say Awakened.
A lull In the flow of mystical energies has subsided, and
magic has returned to the: INOrld. E.lves, dwarfs, orks and troUs
have assumed their true form, throwing off their human guise.
Creatures of the wtld have dlangl!d as well, transforming into
beasts of myth and legend. The traditions and paths of magic
have rerurned, and shamMS and mages have their
and found a place In the new world. Many aspects of
Awakening's touch remain mysterious and unexplained.
Modem society struggles on, despite the odds. In an effort to
assimilate the ways of magic Into a technological world.
The decades that followed the Awakening were years of
turmoil. panic and confusion. as me Four Horsemen of the
Apocalypse seemed to ri!.ce across the Earth. Cultures that had
never lost touch with their mystical past began to use magic
against the great nations that had suppressed them for so long.
The vast, global telKOmmunlcations nerwork collapsed under
an assault by a mysterious computer vi rus. Nudear missiles
laundled, but failed to detonate. Dragons soared Into the
skies. Epidemics and famine ravaged the world's populations.
Clashes newly Awakl!ned ra:s and thl! rest of
humanity became common. All central authority crumbled and
ml! world begM to spi ral down Into a chaotic abyss.
But man and his kin are hearty animals. Out of the devas-
tation and chaos, an unstable new social order slowly
emerged .... dvallCed simulated sensorium (simsense) technol-
o?;:l alded In eradicating the last vestiges of the vi rus
and rcplad ng the old telecommunications network with the
nl!W virtUAl reality world of thl! /'v\atrlx. NI!W nation-states of
Amerindians. elves, orks and dwarfs were formed.
Envlronml!ntal dl!gradatlon and toxic pollution has madl! many
areas uninhabitable, Inspiring eco groups to wage war on pol-
lutl!rs and Awakl!ned powers to USl! Incredible magics to hlMl
the earth. Central govemments have balkanlzed Into smaller
nations and dty-states as flMr of the worid's changes drives
wedges between peoples of different backgrounds,
Metroplexes, vast ml!uopolltan sprawls. covl!r thl! landscape,
swallowing large regions Into the urban lungle. Unable to con-
tain eMl unrest and masslw: cr1me waves, police Sl!rvlces have
been privatized or contracted out to corporations.
Megacorporatlons have achIeved extraterritorlallty and
become the new world superpowers, a law unto themselves.
An entire world speaks their language. as the nuyen has
become the global monetary standard. They play a deadly
game. venturing Into the shadows to get an edge on the com-
petition. Meanwhile. they house their corporate families In
secure endaves and compounds. behind layers of security
and indoctri nation. Outside these arcologles and gated com-
munities, whole stretches of sprawl have bi!come ungovern-
able. Gangs rule the streets, and the fbrgonen masses grow.
tacking even a System Identification Number (SIN) to gtvl! thl!m
any rights. These outcasts, dissidents and rebels live as the
dregs of sodety, squatting In long-abandoned buildings. sur-
viving by crime and predatory Instinct. Many of them attempt
to e5Ci!.pe their miserable existence by slort1ng addictive Bn
(Better-Than-life) chips. living vicariously through someone
else's senses. Some of them band together, and some just seek
to gain their own twisted fbrms of power.
Technology. too. has changed people, No longer Just
flesh, many have turned to the anitiaal enhancements of cyber-
ware to make themselves more than human. Some acquire
Implants that allow them to directly Interface with machines.
either as deckers who run the Matrix with their cyberdec.ks and
programs. or as riggers who jack. into vehldes and remote
drones. becoming one with the machine. Others seek to push
the envelope of physical capabilities. testing themselves on the
street against other street samurai. Stronger. smaner, faster is
the human of today,
In the world of 2060. the metroplexes are monsters CASt-
Ing long shadows, And It's In the cracks between the giant cor-
porate structures that shadowrunners find thei r home. Entire
societies live and die In a black-market underwortd. exploited
iUld abused. yet powerful In their own way. Olme syndicates
such as the MafIa and yakuza have grown explosively as their
networks provide anything that people will buy,
Shadowrunners are the professionals of this culture. where setf-
suffldency Is vital. When the megacorps want a job done but
don't want to dirty their hands. It's a shadowrun they need.
and they turn to the runners, the only ones who can do it .
Though a shadowrunner's existence Is not listed In any but the
most dasslfled of governmental or corporate databases. the
demand for his or her services Is high. Deckers are employed
to slide like a whisper through the vIsualized databases of giant
corporations, SPIriting away the only thing of real value-lnfor-
matlon. Street samural are enforcers-for-hlre whose combat
skills and reflexes make them the ultimate urban predator, And
magi dans. who possess an anaent gift to wield and shape the
magical energies that now surround the Earth. are much
sought-after. for obvloU5 reasons. Shadowrunners sell their
skills to survive. taking on the illegal and dangerous tasks that
the corps are Incapable of performing for themsleves.
In Seattle, the shadows are the deepest aod darl<est . and
It i s here that a shadowrunner's reputation Is made or broken.
So strap on your gun, prepare your spell s and grab your
cyberdeck. <:hummer ... It's time to shadowrunl
.... ....................... -.... ..................... .............................. ....... ................. ......... ............................ ............ Shadowrun Quick St"'rT Rules 7
ekome 105hddowrun, the most s.uccessful sdenc.e-fIcnon/fantasy game evert
The vibrant fIcdonaI unlverw of Sh.ldowrun hM entenalnlng players and
readers lOr nearly len years. The game rules are now In their Ihlrd edition.
Millions of words have been published about Shadowrun In sourcebooks and
novels, and new material Is published a1mosl f!!>Iery month.
It's daunting fer a new player to lump right Into Ihe game, especIaUy someone
who ha5 about this cool universe but has played a roleplaying game. With
fhal In mind, FASA created the product you are reading right now, the Shadowrun
Quick Stelft Rules.
The Quick 5tillt Rules contains everything you need to enter the world and game
of Shddowrun. It begins by Introducing you to the world of 2.060. the year In which the
game takes place. Next comes an overvlew of terms, rules and the basic. mechanics of
the game. Having basics, you can dive Into the more technical of
combat, magic and some of the mOfe common gear used In the game.
To help you put thde rules to use. we have provided eight charac:lers and a com-
plete mlnl-advcnrure. Em-y. With these materials you can have your flBI
Sh.ldownm adventure up and runni ng In one evening,
The rules In Quick Start are dlsti1led from the Shadownm. Third Edition rules. Once
you've re.ul !hIs and played the advenrure, you will be ready to go to Shddowrun.
ThIrd Edldon and )oIn the next ten years of advertturel
To play Shadowrun Quick Stilff. you need II l\andful oI6-slded dice, a pendl and
a good lffic\S1narion.
this section covers the concept:!. and terms used In Sh.tdowrun. Some 0( the
explanations provided here also appear In other appropriate sections, The first time a
term appean In !hIs section, It Is .set In bold type.
Shddowrun Is a roleplaying game that provides all the exdtement of an advef\rure
story. Roleplaying games require one or more players and a gamemaster. The players
control !he main characters of !he story, the protagonist:!. of a plot whose outcome Is
o I Shadowrun Quick Srart Rules
uncertain. The gamemMter me "crlon of me story and
the beld guys. the props. the setting and everything
else the players may encounter. The game Is not i!. conleSI
between the pli!.yers i!.nd the gamemaster. however.
The gamemaster may conuol all the bad guys. but he or
she is ActuAlly In sympi!.thy with the heroes. Mayers and
gamemasters must work together to build and expenence II
tense. exdrlng adventure.
represent the players In the game of
Shadowrun. A5 a you control a chari!.Cter. During the
course of lhe game. the gamemaster will describe to you
or using your character's stallstlcs as a guide.
you rcspond wllh what your characler would do In a given
lkltlon. The gamemaster wlll probably ask you 10 roll some
dice. and the resulting numbers will represent your character's
attempted acrlon. The gamemaster uses the rules of lhe game
to Interprel the dice rolls and dedde the outCome of your chAr-
acter's acrlon.
ShddoloVTUn is a game. "nd games have rules. But you also
play ShitdoloVTUn to become involved In a IktlonaJ worid. The
world 0( Shddowrun-oo matter how closely It Is based on reali
ty--Is not the re.ll wond. 1hclt being the c.\Se. It makes sense for
us to make rules that rcHect that IIctJonaI universe. In some cases.
that may mei!.l1 certain game mechanics .ue structured more for
ease 0( play or game balance than to rellect how mlngs Actually
'NOf1c. Not only do these rules sometimes reflect "creative
license." but orten they have to be c\bsrraoed from mlngs Wf! take
for grMted In d.!lly 1I1l:!. There cue no "rules- for how well you play
stleel basketball wilh your friends or how you can write a
Web page. In this game workt. however. we are expected to oc-
ate rules that In fact show these differences-.! daunting task.
The game mechanlc.s for doing things in Sholdowrun are
acluaJly "bstract guidelines for "II of an Indlvldual ' s "crlons.
Includi ng combell. vehicle movcment, and even how Indlvldu
als think and react . These rules are not meanl to be a dlrec!
copy or how things rei!.lly work. TIley un' ! be. We try 10
approximate conditIons aJ'Ki sllUc'ltlons In realll)' as much as
poSsible. but thai un only go so fN. That being said. we urge
you to appreciate the rules In Shddowrun for what they Are "00
not StrCS5 out when they fall to simulate real life perfe<t1y or to
take InlO account certdln coJ'Kiltlons or f"ctors.
In other words. Irsomethlng In these ru1t..'S doesn't quIte fit
or make sense to you. fe.eI free to change It. If you come up
wl rh a game mechanic that you think works beller- go for It!
Rolept"ylng or storytell1ng sames like ShadowfUn require
a gamenl.lSler. The gamemaster's role Is unique. though simi
lar In ma.ny WAYS to A !)'plcal players. The 8MTlemaster pie-
sents the situations in which the player characters fiJ'Ki them
He or she plAYS all opposition. friends and enemies. aJ'Ki
gives the game its atmosphere. You might say that the
gamem.uter!> -chAracter" Is the world of ShadoloVTUn.
Though In some ways the g<VllCffiaSter might seem ro be the
enemy of the plAyers and their cha.racters. nothing could be fur-
ther from the truth. The gamemaster Is as much a P<'n of
Shddowrun as the players. 80th want me same Ihing OUt of the
game session: to have a fun .md exdting time. Ideally. gamemas-
leT'S and players work togemer to create stories. con
IIIcts and situations. for more InfonTk'tion on gamemasterlng. see
Seeps for Gdmem.ute'l1ng In Envy. p. 40.
5h.ldowrun Is filled with adventure, danger and riSk. and
characters usually end up In the middle of It all. You determine
what your ch.vacler does In a sltu.,tlon and how well she does It
by ITh\klng a te5t-rolling dice lind determining the outcome by
how well or poor1y you rolled. There are many situations In which
the gamemASter will ask you to make " test to determine how
well your Chalacter performs. be it bypassing an alarm system.
shoorlng an as.sassIn. ot persuading" security guard that ooc's
presence In the corporate facility Is legltimate.
ShddowfUn uses a number of slxslded dice to resolve any
challenge for i!. character. The gamemaster will not require a
test 10 find out If a charaCler an open the door. bur will prob-
ably ask the player to roll dice to see If his charolcter can som
ersault through the glass skylight, I"nd on his feet "nd snlltch
the detonating Switch out of the terrorist's hands-all without
splattering himself on the lloor or serrlng off me bomb.
The gamemaster will provide the player with a wSd
number against which he will make the dice roll. The player
rolls the indicated number of dke and then compares each die
result individwlly to the target number, Unlike most g"mes.
the results of lhe dice lolled arc NOT added togelher. Each
individu.t1 die that scores equal to or greater than the t"'get
number is considered a 5UCCU5. The more dice Ih"t score suc-
cesses. the bencr the result .
Nil< is roIlingfourdiccdSilinsril Tolrser Number4. four
dice come up .u oil Z. 3. 4. oiInd 6. The 4 ilnd rhe 6 eqUoill or
exceed the Mrger number. Slv/ns Nik Z
Target Numbers
The gamemaster me target numbel
for success in a tcst. In most cases, that number Is 4.
The Shoildowrun rules often all for a plus or minus modi
ner to a test. These modifiers can result from sltuation.,1 factors
that ",ffect wllat the character Is trying to do. Unless orherwise
st.lIed. that modifier Is applied to the target number. Thus. a - 2
modiller to a Target Number 4 produces" modilled target
number of 4 - 2. or 2.
No target number CJln be ICS5 than 2. If modillers leduce
the target number below 2. consider the tclrgel number a 2 for
purposes of making tests.
............................................................................. , .... ,.............................................................................. Shadowrun Quick S(.lft Rules 8
Rule of One
Any a roll result up I In" test, that die Is
art automatic failure, no maner what the urget number. But the
test CM1 stili succeed as long as other dke
If ALL the dke rolled for a test come up I s, It mearno that
the character has made a disastrous mistake. The result may be
humorous, embarrassing. or deadly. The gamemaster deter-
mines whatever tone Is appropriate for the situation. the play-
ers and the dramatic or humorous needs of the moment.
Indtvldual rules may also give panlcular resullS when the
Rule of One Is applied.
lu1e 0' Sfx
The: Rule 0( Six allows tests to succeed againsl target num
bers greater mi'ln 6 (SinCe a dIe only has sIx sides, It's probably
"good thIng thiS rule exists). When rT\dklng a test agaInst a tar-
get number greMer than 6. the player rT\dy reroll any die that
comes up a 6 and then add the new result to the 6. Say. for
example, in a roll against i'I target number than 6, one
die result Is a 6. The player re-rolls the 6, with a result of 5.
Adding the two together. the new die roll result Is II (6 + 5).
The: player can feroll additional 6s If the current die result total
is stili less than the target number. for example. to beat a w
get number of 14 (flMIIy hard) the pI .... yer would to roll a
6. then re-roll for another 6. and then re-roll for a 2 or better (6
+6+2_ 14).
Remember, though. It does not matter by how much the
IndMduai die roll bealS the target number. JU$t that 11 c\oe$. Once
the target number h<lS been equaled or exceeded. Stop roiling.
The Rule c:lSix does not apply (0 roiling lOr Initiative 18).
sucass TtST5
A Success Test Is the standard tCSt to see If a character can
accompl1sh a given task, and how well. The number of dice
used Is equal to the appropriate Attribute or skill rating of the
character who must make the test. In other words. that rating
Indicates how many six-sIded dIce to roil for the test. for
example. to m.lke a Pistols Test. check the characters Pistol
Skill Rating "nd roll that number of sIx-sided dice for the l est.
For a Willpower Test, use the character' s Willpower Rating to
determine me number of dice to roll.
The rules give the wget number lOr lTkVly tcslS. For others,
the determines what Is appropriate. [.\ch dlf! result
that equals or exceeds the target number is a success. A single
success IndiGates that the chati'lCter hM accomplished the tMk.
but the more successes rolled, the better. In most situations. mui-
tlpIe successes mean mat the character Will more inlOr-
marlon, erdo more damage, or make that bank shot off the troll 's
head and Into the side pocket look so easy a child could do It.
In Sh.ldowrun products. this st.\lldatd Success Test is often
WTinen In an abbreviated form. such as Willpower (5) Test,
whkh is really just a shorthand way of saying a
Wlllpowoer Test using a T"rget Number 5.
5.1m the Sleuth Is n.mnlns down dIl dlley dOO (0
Ie.:tp a fence to sel dWilY from the SilnS ch.uJnS him.
The Sdmem.uter decides the test should ,w Athletics
(5) Test. 5dm hils Athletics 4 . Thcll menns 5.lm's pJ.Jyer
sets to roll 4 dice <lSd/nst d (drger of S. The pldY-
er rolls 3. 3. 4, iUJd 5. "Thilt 'S one success, dOO 5dm /s dblc
to leap over the knee dOO I71dke his escdpe.
In most situations while playing Shddowrun. time
nOI be str1Ctly kept track of as long as the gamemaster and
players have a clear sense 0( continuIty and the sequence of
events. While It mi'ly often be neces5<1ry to keep track of time
for specific petlods within the game (for example, If the; run-
ners must meet with the Mafia don for a dinner, al'ld he hates
tardiness), time Is generally best dealt with In a ftuld and
abstract manner.
In certaIn situations. such as combat or pursuit scenes.
timing becomes critical . When thiS occurs. the Shddowrun
game proceeds In rurns. Each char"'cter ",cts In order, the
fastest first. in a set sequence known as the Tunt. E.ach
Combat Turn Is roughly three sec:onds long. Based on how fast
a character reacts-her character may take
actions during one or more Inttbrtve r eUses Combell. p.
20). The polnt during e.ach Inltl"tlve Pass when a spedRc char
ol(.ter Cdn act Is known as a Combat rhase.
Nothing defines a character more than the character's
numbers. It contains all the Information al'ld elements that
make up a player character. This section will IntrOduce and
deflne these various components of a charaCTer.
A character In Sh,lc1owrun Is much like a character In a
novel or film. except that the player controls his or her actions.
Composed of '" collection of Attributes and skills, me character
has the personc'lilty that the player Injects. Without that
sonallty. the character remains "n It. Only when lIeshed out by
the player does cl character become minimally he or she. or.
with good ch.uacterlzation. someone memorable.
CharaCters In Stldc#owrun may be of one 0( the five sub
groups of Homo up/ens; hUm&fl (Homo SApiens Sdpie.ns) , elf
(Homo Sdple-ns nobIlls). dwarf (Homo Sdp/ens pumlllonls). ortt
(Homo sapiens robustus). or troll (Homo SdpIens InSentls) .
Non humans are known as meu.humoms, while the five sub-
groups as a whole (including humans) are known c\S meuhu-
InAnity. All are human beings. at least acCOfding to the geneti
cists. Racists say differently.
In the early 2060s. humans are stili the most numerous
race populating the planet. E.\ch of the other races are repre
sented about equally. but " re scanered unevenly across the
globe. In some places. humans form an extreme minority. but
those tend to be areas where the other races have gathe;red for
safety, proteclion and isolation.
10 I Shildowrun Quick SMrf Rules I .. .......................................................................................................................................... .
Humans represent the standard. As characters, they
receive no sped,ll AttrlbUie or ability modificalions.
Dwarfs are hardier (slightly higher Body). stronger (higher
Strength). and more willful (higher Willpower) than hum .. ms.
They have thermographic vision, which allows them to see
radiated Infrared (heat) energy as well as the normal light spec-
trum. simultaneously. They have a slower movement rate than
other races. but are al so more reslst.lnt to polson and di sease.
And yes. they are short .
Elves are more agile (higher Quickness) and more charis-
matic (higher CharIsma) than humans. They also have low-light
vision. which enables them to see dearly i n near-total darJtness.
Orks are much tougher (higher Body). Stronger (higher
Strength). less chari smatic (lower Charisma). and less acute
(lower Intelligence) than humans. They also have low-light
Trolls are big and nasty. They are a lot tougher (much high-
er Body). slower (lower Qui ckness). much stronger (higher
Strength). less charismatic (lower Chari sma). and less acute
(lower InteUlgence) than humans. They have thermographic
vision. re.lIly long arms (giving them an advantage i n melee
combat). and extremely tough skin with bony deposits (mak-
Ing them more resistant to damage).
In Shadowrun. each character has eight Attributes. nine If
the character is a magid,m. There are three !'hysical Attributes.
three Mental Anrlbutes. and two (or three) Special Attributes.
Attri butes come Into play for v.ui ous tests. and your char-
acters Attribute R..<Itlng Is rhe number of dice you roll when
making such a test .
A characters Attributes-Body. Quickness. Strength.
Charisma. Intelligence and Willpower- represent the raw
material that makes up eve/)' person: hi s or her body. what the
character has done with that body. and what's Inside the per-
son that makes him or her unique. Because Attributes can be
Improved during the course of a characters life. they represent
something more than genetics.
The Body Attribute determines a characters resistance to
outside forces. It represents the character's cardiovascular fit -
ness and endurance. Immune system. how well he heals. how
well he adjusts to bioware. his tolerance for drugs and alcohol
and. to some extem. his muscle and bone st ructure and
weight . Low Body could mean a character is skinny and frail
boned or has bad eating and health habits. A character recov-
erlng from a nasty disease or e,lttenslve cyberware surge/)'
mighT have low Body as well. High Body means a character Is
better fed. tough as nails. has suong bones with some spring
to them and an Immune system that won't quit.
Quickness represents a character's motor reflexes, bal -
ance, metaboli sm, running speed. flexlblllty and coordination.
A chel/acter with low Quickness might be a trid potato. h"ve an
Inner ear Imbalance. or might simply have a rendency 10 frC<!zc
up In an emergency situation. High Quickness means Ih"t "
cl\o;lracter has developed agility. fluidi ty and grace. perhaps
through a regimen of running. martial arts or even !yplng
(which builds manual dextcrlty).
Strength denotes what a character' S muscles can do.
Strength is somewhat dependent on a character's size and
meta!ype:. If your character Is a 5-foot-tall . I I S'pound human
girl. shc's unlikely to possess an unaugmented Strength
Attri bute of 6. On the other hand, dwarfs have a muscle den-
sI ty that rivals that of reptiles. Charactef5 with low Strength
may be smal l, skinny Of slight . or simply tOO busy to work out.
A high-Strength character may be tough and wi/)' , know how
to use her body to her beSt advantage. worJt out eve/)' day. 01
simply be fraggln' BIG.
Charlsma Is a nebulous attribute. More than Just looks.
Charisma reprcsents a character's personal aura. self-Image.
ego. willingness to find OUt what people want and give It to
thcm. and ability to recognize what he can and can't get out of
people. A whiny demeanor. a me-first attitude. or an Inability
to read body language or subtle hinls are JUSt a few tralts that
can give a character low Charisma. A character with high
Charisma might simply enjoy entertaining others. may h o n ~ t
Iy want to help people and develop friendships. or may be all
flash and fun with whoever is around. A hIgh-Charisma charac-
ter might deliver jokes at the right moment. have a sexy way
of carrying herself. or command respect because her timing is
al ways Impeccable.
Intelligence represents a character' s perceptual and ana-
lyt ical abilities. memorizing abill!y and raw braln power. 11
denotes how fast a char"cter learns. adapts or remembef5. Low
Intelligence docs not mean stupidity: Instead. it might denote
a character who discounts things too quickly rather than seeing
how he might use them. Such a character may not think
beyond the moment. may be easily distracted. or may simply
rcly on instinct rather than Intellect. High Intelligence. on the
other hand. means a character can keep track of several things
at oncc, Intcgrate old mcmorles with whatever he's working
on now. and apply general prindples to spedHc. problems.
Such characters notice small details ,lnd learn fast- they may
not have gone to school for yCAf5 and years, but If someone
competent CJ(plalns something to them. they'lI get It.
Willpower keeps a character going when he wants to give
up. or enables him to control his habitS and emotions.
Willpower determines whether a character Is going to take
charge of his life. A character with low Willpower might defer
to other people when big dedslons are being made. for exam-
ple. A high-Willpowcr character Is more assured and possess-
es a never-say-dle streak. Such characters go down to the
monowlrc because that's exactly the fragging point.
.sse-nee Is a measure of life force. of a body's wholeness. It
represents the OO<1y's cohesiveness and holistic strength. Things
that are Invasive to the body. such as cyberware. reduce E.s.sence.
If a cil.lf3Cter ,lbuses his body repeatedly with chemicals, tOxins
or even lust long periods of negligence. he may lose Essence as
well. long-time drug addicts and chipheads who Mile dorwe per-
Shcldowrun Quick Start Rules
manent dam<\ge to their system have lost Essence. When Essence
declines. MagIc declines by same amount.
Magic is a measure of the ability to use magic. and of the
body's artunement to the mana that Hows through our plane.
Those with strong Magic Ratings are able to handle powerful
magic and mana manipulation. Those with weak MAgi c Ratings
arc more sensitive and more easily drained by the use of
magic. Those with no MAgic Rating have no magical capabili -
ties and are tuned out from the m.lglcal realms. Serlous dam
age to the body and Invasive additions such as cyber.vare
reduce Magic Rating.
determines how quickly And how ofren a char-
acter can act under pressure. A character with good reflexes
will have a high Reaction.
Initiative Is the method by which the order of actions taken
within a single Combat Turn Is determined. InitiAtive Is based
on" character's (augmented) Reaction plus his Inltla.dve dice.
To determine the InItIAtIve totAl , the dice are rolled and added
together along with the character' s Reaction. The number
determines the order in which characters take action during
e.ach Initiative Pass (see Combdr. p. 20). This Is not a test. so
the Rule of Six does not apply to the dice rolls.
There are few who would argue that any single event In
the known history of [anh Is more slgniflcant than the return of
magic. One morning the world woke up and the rules were dif-
ferent. The boundaries of existence had changed, and life had
to be relearned. The world had Awakened. Some people have
the ability to tap Into the powers of the Awakened world and
use to them to do magic.
In 5hddowrun. any character with a Magic Attribute of I or
more Is considered Awakened. Those with no m<\gical ability
ta Magic Attribute of 0) are known as mund<Ule5 by the mag-
Ical. Awakened characters who use magical skills are called
MagIcians frequently use Sorcery to manipulate mana and
form spells and Con l uring to summon splrtts. 60th spellcast.
Ing and conlurlng, as well as other magical activities. c..lUse
fatigue. kflOwn to magl d ans as Dr .. ln.
MagIciAnS follow one of tv.IO traditions of magic. Whichever
path the character chooses. It Is for lire. There Is flO going back.
A character who chooses the sham<lnlc tradition is a
shMn.l.n. Shamans re(;elve their magic throogh their link with
the outer world of nature and the Inner world of emotion. will .
and fa/tho Their link with nature is personlfled by a spirit-figure.
called A totem, which exempllfles the shaman's beliefs.
A character who chooses thc hermetfc tradition Is a m .. ge.
Mages see the universe as panerns of force and energy they
can control with complC)( symbols and formulae of power.
Hermetic magic Is more intellecrua.l . relying on observation.
theory. practice and precise rather than Intuition and
improvisation. Mages are scholars and often have elaborate
libraries and equipment to assist their work.
la I Sh<tdowrun Quick Stdrt Rules I .. .. .. .. ...................... ..................................................................................................................... ..... .
Each type of spell or spirit has a Force R"tlng, cho5'en by
the magician and limited by his time and money. The
Force acts like a Skill or Attribute R.'ting In tests.
Areas of knowledge or technique are known as skills,
which have ratings thdt are used to CClrry oul teslS. Skills define
whal a char.teler knows and CCln do. A character's skill rating
represents the number of dice rolled by the player when mak-
Ing testS using that ski l l. See UsinS S/dlls. p 15. for more Infor-
When things are hot. and the charaCle"s basic skills and
Attributes are not enough to get him through to the nell:l
morning. he needs help. That"s where dice from the Action
Pool come In handy.
The Action Pool is a sct number of dice that a player CCln
add to those normally allowed for a tesl. These dice Initially
become .wall"ble for use as the first step of the first Combat
Turn of .my encounter. Characters can then draw from them
during the Combat Turn. Once dice arc drawn from the pool.
those dice are 1"10 longer available for use until the pool refrll!sh-
es at the beginning of the next Combat Turn. More than olle
dill! can be drawn from the pool to augment a single test .
IN'hen using dice from the Action Pool to augment a test. the
player adds the pool dice directly to those normally used for the
test. That is. if a player vvoulc1 normally roll 4 dice for a test. but
takes 3 more dice from the pool to augment the test. she now
rolls a total of 7 dice. Dice represl!ntlng the Action I'0oI should be
a color from the other dice used in the test.
TIle only limitations to the Action Pool are as follows,
Action Pool dice CAnnOt be used for Initiative.
On a given roll. the player c.l.nnot use more Action Pool
dice than the rating of the skill being used.
Once used. the dice arc gone until the pool refreshes at
the beginning of the nell:t Combat Turn.
Ellen \tVhlref<lce. htM\I)" pistol held our before her In '"
comb.u grip. Is fresh OUt of optlolls: if she doesn't t<lke
down the ch.lrging MtlII" troll right fr"8Sln ' now. she'/1
Mver h.tVII! to wony ",bout options ol,Silin. Her p/dyer CdI1
choose to use 1IOne. some-. or "II of the- dice- In \tVhlrll!fdCe- 's
Action f'ooI ro augmenr her f>istols Test. Whdtever dice
she uses to dugment che resr will be unctv"U<lbie <lg<l ln unrll
the beginning of rhe Nucr ComLMr Tum. In this CdSe.
Whltefo'lce has eW Actloll f'ooJ of 6 dfce. Her player. know-
Ing th<lr the troll hAS to be stopped. decides to use 0'111 6
dice. Sllc lidS eI Pistol Skill of 6. so thdr"s no problem. Thtlt
wovld ItNlve no dice- In the chd",crer's Action Pool until
next tum. If tile Wh/ref.lCe pI'lYer h.ld decided to use. Stly.
only 4 diee-. Z dice would stili helve remained for use IMcr.
Wh/refclCc's p/aYCI has decided ro risk it dll in "'king down
the troll. IfWhlrefelCl!" not Stop tfle troll now. he could
well come elFtCI hel d}Jelln dt d time when she no
Action Pool dice ro use
At the starr of lI!ach Combtlt Turn. the action pool dice
refresh 10 thei r original number. Thus. if a char.Kter has an
Action 1'001 with 5 dice. the pool always returns to 5 dice at
the stan of a Combat Turn. Unused pool dice do nor C<lfry over
from one Combat Turn to the nell:t.
Acdon Pool Uses
Player:s may alloc.ate dice from the Action 1'001 to any
offensive or defensive combat-related tests. such as PIstols.
Bows. Throwing We"pons. Cluw. Unarmed Combat or any
similar offensive Combat Skill Tests. They may also use dice
from the Combat Pool to help resist damage from normal
.lIt.lCks (see Comoor. p. 22).
A magician uses dke from the Action Pool to augment
Sorcery Tests. Dice from the Action Pool can be used to "ugment
Spell Success Tests and Drain Resistance Tests in spellcastlng.
"' ..
Gear is stuff the dlaracter owns. Gear includes a runner's
truSted Sidearm. his nightclub clothes ,,00 corporate drone dis-
guise. his micro-tran!oCelver luned to the team's encrypted fre-
quency. his battered Eurocar that he bought hot from Ihe local
gangbangers for use as a getaway vehicle. his ancient Celtic
wristband made of orlchalcum that serves as a spell focus. and
the ubiquitous pocket secretary with speed dial programmed
for .,11 his cont.1CtS. A list of each character' s Is on his
record sheet.
Weapons have a DMnit.Se Code that tells the player how
much damage they do. The code consi sts of a number and a
letter. The number Is the rower level. which indlc.ates the dif-
ficulty of offsetting damage from such a weapon. The letter
Indicates the DAm"se level (Light. Moderate. Serious or
De.dly) th.u the WCdJXHl inflicts. See Comoor. p. 22. for rurther
ell:planation of how this code Is used.
Various technologlc..,1 Implants. organ modificatIons and
structural enhancements to the melahuman body that arc col -
lectively known as cyberware c.l.n improve a characters
Attributes and abilities. Cerraln cyberware makes It possible fot
a character to carty out ell:t",ordinary actions. such as datarun-
ning in the global computer Matrix or reacting more quickly
than normal thanks to boosted reflell:es.
Because implanting cyberware in the body Is an InvclSlve
procedure. Installi ng cybcrwarc has all Essence Cost. The
metahumdn body has limit s. and so only a cerraln amount of
cyberware Ul.n be Install ed befole the body runs out of Essence
.,nd dies. The more cyberware a char"cter has Installed. the
more "Inhum"n" he becomes. Overly cybered characters tend
to be a bit detached. and the empathy be(Wl!t>n them and
Olher people suffers. While many pie<:es of cyberware are so
common .15 to be unremarkable (cybereyes. dara1"cks). visible
cyberware still has a st"rrllng effect on many people. especial -
ly If there is lots of it. Thi s tends to Impede social Inreracllons
when cybered Individuals are Involved.
...................................................................................................................................................................... Shddowrun Quick Srilrt Rules t
The record sheet Includes the Condi tion Monhor, which
consists of twO Hacks. The: PhysicAl TrAck displ<l)15
wound d.:lmage and Indicates when the character dies. The
Stun (),amqe. TroKk shows fatigue and srun darn<\8e and Indi-
cates whe:n a charActer falls unconscious. See OdtrkWe and
Hedl1ns, p. 25, for more Information.
Matrix Is an Interlocking system of computers, called
!losts. linked together by grtds--the world telecommunications
network. Most computer systems throughout the world are
accessible via the Matrix, assuming you have Authorized pass-
codes or can hack your way In. A Matrix user can theoretically
connect to a host on the other side of the planet within sec-
oods. This degree of connectivity is required both by the Jaws
of the corporate wor1d And by the absolute necC!SSlty of keep-
Ing data current in a time when profound dK\nges can occur In
the blink of cVl eye.
The human mind cannot directly comprehend the Row of
data In the Matrix. If users were restricted to old-tech tool s--
command lines. file names, programs In procedural lan-
guages--me system would be unmanageable. For example. <l
user who wanted to read a computer file In 1999 would type In
SOfT\Ce weariSOfT\Ce command, find the file In a window. Of access
the desired Information In some other, equally dumsy merhod
Sut In 2060. In the Matrlx-Physlca1 components,
programs, actions such as copylng a graphically
represented by an /con. Now, the user takes a microsecond
long trip through a computer-generated landscape In order to
find a file. If the user Is validated to see <l file, he finds It right
whe:re he expects to lind It. The interface routines he may
look like clerical wolkers, 01 a huge library, or simply appear as
dazzling panerns of energy. The user sees the lile. touches It .
and the data intO his cybenermlnal.
Users no longer need to remember codes. command sets.
01 file names. If they want something, they go get It. If they
want to program a process for <l laboratory or an assembly line,
they mentally perform the motions Involved or build 11. model
using vlnual components, and the computer learns from them.
Modern chemists, for ex"mple, build molecules "ccordlng to
formulae as If they were using children' s bulldlng block!t. The
computer then transl"tes the$!! actions Into" program that will
operate the process In the real world.
Of course, shadowrunners who have their own reason!t for
being InSide a computer !tystem can take advantage of the
same technological adv.mces. The same Matrix gear that
makes a wage slave's lob !tlmple gives powel to deckeno. These
renegade users CM slip IntO a computer system and use that
simple graphic repre5oel1tatlon to their own end.
To connect to the Matrix. people use cybernetic Interface
devices known as cyberdecks .... nd cybenermlnals. Ail such
devices have a llberoptlc cable wlth a standard data plug like
those found on home telom systems. With the right tools, a
decker can lury.rig .... place to put that plug. The deck or tcrml -
noll connects to Its user either vi .... M electrode net that slips
over the head (the way of towards), or with a direct .-;ybernel -
Ie Interface through a dataJack (the only way to fly). Some net-
heads stili use some form of keyboard assistance. but many
prefer running with a pure cybe:rnetlc hookup.
Once actIvated, the deck or terminal overrides most of the
user!t own sensory Information "nd replaces 11 with an elec
tronlc Simulation of the Matrix. The slmsense signal tran!tlate!t
the complex code structures of the actual Matrix Into graphical
Icons. After a second of disorient .... tlon. the decker (that 15, the
Icon of the decker character) appears In the Matrix at the point
where the cyberdeck tapped In. If he enters from an Illegal t"p
In the back room at Matchstick' s Bar &. Grlll, the decker' s Image
will appe'" In the telecom line that serves the lolnt .
Legitimate users have registered cybenermln .... ls th .... t Iden
tlfy themselves to the Matrix at f!!Very step. But the cyberdecks
of deckers have no Maulx Identifiers. Deckers remain Anony-
mous. and when f!!Verythlng goes right they can dance through
the secrets of the Matrix, laughing at security measures. Of
course, when things go wrong. they can die In the Matrix as
well (see Marrlx Combdr, p. 24).
What does the Matrix look like? Most of it looks comput-
er-generated and drawn. No maner how astourKIlng, f!!Verl
photo-realistic, the level of detall , It 15 still obviously comput-
er-created. Some sections of the Matrix are virtually Indistin-
guishable from the reat world, but those are dangerous places.
(very thing In the Matrix has a symbolic representation. In
the Matrix, computer systems, when -newed from the outSide,
often look like buildings, mountains, or other large-structure
Images. Inside, they may use a variety of Imagery to represent
different functions. Most computer systems In 2061 .... ,e cus
tom-designed systems: using detailed metaphors
and designs to represent the workings of that !tystem. The cen-
tral metaphor of a sculpted system defines the vlnual reality of !tystem. For example. the SHver Technology system from
f'rororype Envy looks lust like the physical office except that
touching any device wlll mllke th"t device allve- and do
WM\ you want. Touch the desk and It begins writing memos
from your head. Touch the file CAbinet and d"la flies leap out.
When In a system, nearly everything a decker does or senses Is
explained In terms of the system'S central metaphor.
Dala also has Its own representation. perhaps appe .... ring
as floadng cubes filled wlth swirling data. LoggIng onto a host
may be presented as walking through <l doorway, or being
!tucked through a grell' rube.
And what does the decker look like? He looks like a.ny-
thing he W<lnts. A man wearing a suit of knightly or technolog-
Ical armor, a being mAde of pure light, a. glowing white ball , a
demon from some corner of Hell; it doesn't matter. In the
Matrix. anything can look like a.nythlng.
this may seem odd. but remember that the Images the
decker Is seeing (and the sounds he hears, and so on) have no
basis In reaUty. These Images are generated entirely by 'he
cyberdeck. based on Information received by the computer
system with which It Is Interacting.
I Shadowrun Quick Stdrt .............................................................................................................. ................................ .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .
you want your character to be part of the action, to accomplish something
beyond brOlthlng, talking Of standing, you use skills. Skills repreent the abilities
and understanding that a character has acquired, In Shddowrun, skills arc gener-
al techniques and bases of knowledge rather than Morrow. limited ACtIons.
Base skills are the fundament .. ' skills In Shitdowrun. Anrtbutes capablli +
ties that Ml Individual 15 born with; skills arc abilltles an Individual learns over time.
Each skill the training and methods a charaW!f has pid<ed up that
him to use hIs natural Attributes In a certain way.
Skill ratings are the numerlad values AMlgned to skills either at chllfActer creation
or the skill Is le-uned during game play. Skill ratings are usually written as the
name of the skill. followed by the rating. For example. Stealth 5 means the character
has the Stealth Skill at a rating of S. The skill rating the number of dice rolled
when making a test using that skill . For example. the character with Stealth 5 WO\JId
roll five dice when making a Steallh Test.
SkIll Def.-utdnS
All skill ratings begin at I. If a character does not" have ... raring of I or higher In a skill.
he or she does not possess me .skill In qvesnon. The character may stili attempt actions
which may require that skill. but at a distinct disadvantage. This Is caJied defaulting.
When defaulting. Increase the Target Number by +4 and allow the character to roll
an Attrlbute Instead. Use the Default to Atulbute Table on p. 17 10 determine which
.skills link to which Attributes.
Shadowrun Quick Srart Rules I 15
ASSAUh Rines
Assaul t RIlles covers the use of all multi -fi ri ng-rare r1flcs.
Dubs governs the use: of hand-held melee weapons that
have no edge or blade. this skill allows a character to use any
mort, weighted Item as a weapon, from a baseball bat to " tire
Iron to a chair leg.
Cybcr- lmpLutt Comb.l.t
this new combat discipline has developed since the
advent of combat-oriented cyberware. Combi ning ~ quick
strikes of edged-woeapon flghling with the In-your-face style of
ullarmed combat . this skill allows those with the rig ht c : y ~ r .
ware to make the most effective use of It.
Edged Weapons
Edged Weapons governs the use of hand-held melee
weapons that have" sharpened edge or point. Thi s skill allows
tE> I Shddowrun Quick.Srdrt Rules
" character to use various knives, swords and axes effcctlvely.
I"Isl ols governs the use of all types of hand-held firearms.
Including hold-out, light and heavy pistols. and lasers.
Prolectlle Wupons
ProJectile WeApons governs the use of muscle-powered
proJectile weapons.
Submo'\chlne Guns
The Submachlne Guns Skill governs the use of light-
weight semi -automatic and autom"'tlc guns fired from the
shoulder or hlp.
Throwing Wupon
Throwing Weapons governs the use of any Item thrown by
the user.
UnArmed CombAt
Unarmed Combat Skill (also known as hand-to-hand com-
bat) governs the use of combat techniques based solely on the
Le.adershlp use of the IndlvlduArS own
body. In addition to boxing. this
5kill covers such combat styfes
as Oriental martial afts and
8rcUliian capoe:lr ... .
DEFAUlT TO AJRJ8UTE TAIU The leadership SkIll gov-
erns a character's ablilry to get
others to do his bidding through
the exerdse of example and
authorlry. It Includes an aspect
of but is not
Intended to subsdtute for deal
thinking and good planning on
the part of the players.
firing ... Weapon
Hand to Hand or armed combat
DefAUttlnl Attrlbute
Sncolklng about
The Sorcery Skill governs
the control of magical energy,
usually In the form of spells.
Only characters with a Magic
Attribute of I or greAter can
have this skill .
Negotl.ltloos or other social skills
Computers Of elect/onks
The Conjuring Skill governs the calling and banishing of spir-
Its. Only characters with .l MagiC Attribute of I or greater can
h.we this skill. Mages CAn CAli dementals: shamans CAll CAli
nature spirits.
The Athletics Skill reflects the traini ng and honing of the Ixx1y
necessary to perform physiCAl activities.
" .....
The Stealth Skl1l gcwerns sneaking around. sleight of hand
and eluding a tall. This skill also CO'IIeI'5 camouflage and disguises.
The [tlquette Skill aJlows a c.hlIracter to function within a
spedllc sulxulrure without appearing out of place. It also
a11ow5 the charActer ro recognize prominent figures within the
subculrure and to have a general Ide.l of thei r strengths. weak-
nesses. likes and dislikes.
The Interrogation Skill governs the exnactlon of In!'orma-
tIon from an unwilling subject.
Depending on how you look at It. the Intimidation Skill is
either a weaker version of Interrogation ()( a sO'ongarm version
of the Negotiation SkilL This skill allows a character to make pe0-
ple do what they normally might not . slmpty out of rear i nspired
try the characters In-your-face. appearance or behavior.
Ne.sot .... tton
The. Negotiation Skill gov-
erns any Inter.lCt!on In which each side seeks to come out
ahead. either through careful and deli berate bartering or
through fast talk. It uses the adversary's Intelligence Attribute
as A target number.
Bi otech
The BIotech bask: medldneand first ald. A char-
acter with this skill understands bask medicine In a hands-on
sense, as a paramedic rather than a physkian. Though familiar
with the techniques and materials of cybetware. a character with
this ski ll would sti ll need a computer expM: to collaborate on the
Interface systems. See p. 26 for more information.
1he Computer Skill governs the use and understandIng of
computer technology and programming. This sklll Is essential
to any cMracter who needs to Jack Into cyberspace and run the
The Demollrions Skill governs the measuring
and setting 0( chemical explosives.
El ectronics
The Electronics Skill governs me use and understanding of
electronic devices. which In the 1060s Is Just al,x)ut everything
In common use In a clry.
Bi ke.
The. Bike Skill governs the use of all motorcycles. motor-
tnkes and bikes with sidecars.
The Car Skill covers the operarion of motor vdllde5 with
four or more wheels .
............... ........... _ .. ............................................ ...................................................................... .... ,............... Shddowrun QUick SCd" Rules 17
he \Y011d of Shddowrun Is violent and hostile, and Inevitably player characters wtll
be drawn Into combat shuatlons. the characters ;ve spraytn.g bullets,
slingIng spell!. Of enga.gtng In the following fof combat are used.
Combo\! In Shddowrun proceeds In a set: known loS the Combat
Turn. The Combat Turn antemptS to mimic real combat. resolving l.ssue:s such as
who acts flrsl, who ts faster on the draw, what happens one punches
another and so on. During the Combat Turn, which lasts lOr roughly three 5.Onds of
game rime. 9Ch player (starting With the fastest) takes turns describing his
Ktion. tild roiling dice to see how well he performs It. The dc!:scrlbes the
lICt10ns and reactions 0( the non-player characters . .u wdl as the: final of all
actions. The Combat Tum sequence begtns on p. 20.
Before combat can occur, the 8rsl thing that must be 15 the order In
which chafilUl'!1'S act.
Initiative determines me order In which charac:tefS act during a single Combat
Turn. To determine the Inltlattve Score. roll the character's Inltlatlve dice. Add the
resu1t5 of the dice together wtth the Reacdon to get the: Initiative Score. Note that the
Rule of SIx (p. , 0) does not: appty to Initl.ltlve rolls. not" can you use ActJon f'ooI dice.
john dIl ark street sarnu,"'. has .i RoictIon of 5, iIDd 2D6 lnJtldtive
dJcr. RDlfins his ZD6lnltJdtlvr dlc'f!. he gers d 2 dTId oil 6. H15 InitJarlVe IS men
(S + 2 +6_) IJ.
The Initiative when a character may act. as well as how often he
may act In oil Combat Turn.
AI me beginning 01 Combat Turn the charactf!fS roll thdr Inltlatlvc: dice. The
Inlri4ttve Scores are c.akulated and the: results are not'ed by the g..arnetN5ter from high.
est to lowest. The hlghest .scorlng character .....til go 11m.
1101 Shddowrun Quick Start .--.. -.-.-.. - ... --.---.------.. --------.-
The Inltbttve Pus
Once the character with the highest InItIatIve goes
each character follows In order from highest Initiative Score to
This is called the Inltldtlve Pass, Each character will go
ooce before .any character g06 again. The number on which a
char.u:ter dCts Is called a Combat Phase.
Once all plclyers have ACted, the gamemaster subtracts 10
from everyone's Initiative Score. Characters with results greAter
than zero m.ay act a tIme, from hIghest to iow-est. This
Is the second Iniriative Pass. After all characters have gone In
this pass, me gamema5ter again subtrdCts 10 from all initiative
Scores. and If any character has a 5CQfe greAter th.m zero, she
CMI go a third time. ThIs process continues until no chafdCters
h.>Ive an Initiative Score glt:iHc:r than zero. At this point, the
Combat Turn is over, and a new Inlllative is rolled,
A big combdr bredks our dOO rhe SdmemdSter tells
to roll Inldilrlve. Thf! pldyers roll thar dice Md
thf! t"ec$uldns Inlddrtve Scores look /Ike this;
Mike's Ch.Jrilcter
GM Goon II's ChitrdCter
GM Goon 11
Shdron's Ch,uilcrer
RJch's C/ldrdCter
GMGoon 13
Glflee's Chdr<tCter
Inftldrlve Score

Thf! Comb.1t Tum would proceed In the foIlowfnS order:
nm 5cnd

""'" ""'" ""'"
Mllte's ClwrcICrer J7 Z7 17 7
G\1Goon "
1. I.

No Actions
D.!wos ChdrdCter 11 11 1 No Actions
G\1Goon 11 I.

No Actlon5 No Actions
Sh.tfO"'s O"'Mcler 18 8 NoAcrkms No AcrlOils
RJch's ChdfdCU!r 17 7 No ActJom
G\1 Goon.J 15 5 No Actions No Acr/orls
Nok_ No Aaions
All 01 the ger ro dCt fn the fltsr /nftidrive I'd5$..
stdff/nS with Mike's Chdfrteter dI'td proceedlns In orckr. In
rhe second PdSS, doe; not set dI1y
deefons bec.luse her remdlnlns Score Is less rhdn
o (9 - /0 - -I}. Sers d second clCtion. with
ch.MdCcer solns first ilnd everyone In ordtN",
.sond f'd55. only 3 hilve
InfCkulve Scores remillnlns ilbove Mlke'5 chdrilcter,
GM Goon II Md Afrer the third PdS5
only Mike's chiUdCter sdll h.u eln Inlddtlve Score elbove
zero. Not only did to So first this Comb.1t Tum,
but he dlso Wt ilnd mosr orren
[ 20 [ Sh .. dowrun Quick Sldrt Rules ] ............ _ ...
InltlatiYe Ties
Sometimes characters will have. the same Initiative Score.
In that case, the character with lhe highest Reaction goes first .
If the characters also have the same Re.acrlon, the piayet1
Involved roll one die. The highest result goes first (keep roiling
If these are ties).
After determining who acts .mel In \Nhar order, the Combat
Turn sequence Is used to resolve all forms of combat, Including
hand-to-hand, r.anged combat , firearms and magic. All of these
actions fit within the Combat Turn sequence.
The following combat ruies appiy to illI player characters.
non-piilyer characters (Nrcs) and spIrIts aHke unless other-
wise noted.
All of the characters' Action Pool dke refresh to [heir StAff-
Ing number.
Determine Initiative lOr aii characters, spirt'S and anything
dse Involved In the fight The order 0( Initiative Scores from high
10 low determines the order In which the action will take place.
ChilraClers involved in the combat now take their actions
sequentlctliy In the first inlrl"rlve Pass, stilfflng with the charac-
ler who has the highest Score. this charclCter 15 the
acting character.
A. Dccw.,e Actlon5
The acting character declares his actions for the Combat
II, Ruolve Atons
Resolve the actions of the ilCtlng character.
C. DcdMe oU1d Resolve Actions of RemAlnln! ChArActenl
Move on to any other d"larclCterS acting in that Combat
Phase. Characters may perform slmple .acrions, such as tatklng
Of dropping to the ground, In a phase where they are nol the
acting d\aracter. Once 411 eligIble characten; have acted In that
Combat Phase, move on to the Combat rhase of the chat.lcter
with the ne.xt highest Initiative Score and resolve the "ctlons of
thAI Combat Phase, stilrtlng with Step A above. Continue
repeating steps A through C until the actions of all charM:ters
have been resolved for thilt Initiative Pass.
0 , CAlculate the Newt InttiAtlve PASS
Once ",II of the characten; have acted and all of the ACtk)nS
hAve been resolved for that Initiative Pass, [he g.vnemaster sub-
tracts 10 from each ch.vacter'slnlriadve Score and calculates the
Ofdef ror the next Inltlattve Pass. Step 3 Is then repeilted. If a
character's initiative Score Is equal to or less than the char
<\Cter takes no more actions In Ih.."\t Combat Tum.
2. Apply TMget Number Modlflers
RUNNING TABLE Begin A new Combat Turn, StArTIng
again at Step I . Continue repeating steps I
through 3 until the combat ends. Any
unused dice In a characte(s Action Pool do
1'101 arry over to the next Combat Turn.
.. '"
Running Modifier
There are only A few spedflc modlflef5
(see below). Use modifIers only If the sltua-
rton ails for It.
When It Is your charActer's turn to act,
you must ded.arl! the actions that he or shl!
Is going to perform during the Combat
Phase. Using a skJli is considered an action.
for non-skill actions (like tAlking, hiding. planning or dropping
to the ground) use a base of three seconds for the action.
Yl!lIlng. oUIi" can comblned with droppIng to the
ground while firing a gun. But flrlng a gun white throwing a
spell cl!i you try to crack an electronic lock-that annot
[n Addition to any actions, characlers may also choose 10
move during lhelr Comba.t Turn.
There An! two IYJ)e5 of movemefll' walking and running.
Characters may Il"ICJIIe at one of NIIO during a Combal
Phase. They may al50 choose to remain stationary. Olaraaers
v.t.o act during more th.\n one Initiative Pass In a Combat Turn
may run during only one of those passes: it doesn' t maner which.
Each characler has a Movement R.ue for both walking and
running. This rAte is Ihe distance Ihe character moves by that
method per Combat Turn. A character'S Walking IYte Is
to his QUickness In melef5. A character's Running rate Is
to Quickness times hIs running modlfler (See Running Table).
There Is II single +4 modlfler to My action taken by A run-
ntng character, A[so, there is a +2 modifier to hit a running
character with II ranged attAck.
Shddowrun two types of combat, ranged combat
and melee (also known as hand-to-hand) combat . All ranged
combat. whether It Involves IIrearm5, proltlle weapons or
thrown objects. Is resolved In the same m.mllCr.
Use the procedure outlined below to resolve ranged com-
bat. Detal[ed explanations follow the list of steps.
I. nnd To- Hh Number for the being Used
Each weapon lOr each character hAs a target mat
musl be met for a wccessful hit. For example. the guards In
I'rororype Em,),. the advenrure In this book, are using AK97[t rifles (see p. 51 ). Their number to hI! Is 3. Each charac-
ter hcl!i a dlfli!!:rent based on skills. accessories and
" .3
3. MAke Attu.ker's Success Test
111e attacker makes his or hcf Success
Test uSing the approprlale Comba.t Skill ,
modlfled by dice from the character's
Action Pool. Count the successes the
anacker rolls.
4, Resolve TiUget 'S i)am"ge Resi stance Test
The tArget makes his Damage Resistance Test using his
Body rating and Action Pool dice o1g.,lnsl ., t..\rget number
to the Power RAting of the weapon used. minus the target ' s
Armor IYt[ng. Count the successes the target rolls.
S, Determine the Outcome
Compare the anacker's and target's successes. Depending
on which characler rolls the higher number of net
the weapon damage Is reduced or Increased (staged up or
down) appropriately. A lIe means the attacker [nflicts the
weapon's base cUlrN1se.
6. Apply
Stage the weAJXKl's dan'lage accordIngly and apply II to
the tArget.
To determine the flnal target number for a ranged attack,
add up all the appllcab[e mod[Rers and apply mat sum to the
base target number. The result Is the final. adjusted target num-
No target number an ever be less than 2.
PArtiAl Cover
Attacks against targets obscured by IntervenIng terrain
such AS brush, foliage or varlous obstacles (crates, wlndOW5,
doorways. curtains and the like) receive a +2 modlfler.
TiU'Set Running
If the tArget Is running at the time of the anack or during
his previous action, the attack. suffers a +2 modifier.
T.vset Statton.vy
Attac:k5 agAinst II stationary target reduce the target num-
ber by I.
Aw.cker Running
If the attacker Is running At the time of the anack. the
anack suffers a +4 modifier.
Aimed SIIot
Characters who aim receive a -I modifier. You cannot aim
[f you have moved this rum or Are moving dutlng the current
Initiative Pass.
.................................................... .......... ............................................................. ..................................... ... ... Shadowrun Quick Stdrt Rules 2 t
Panlal CoYer
T.vgcc running
Target Slat1onal}'
Attacker runnmg
Aimed shot
- I
- I
remdJnlng In his Acrlon Pool
wfth which ro his odds
01 $Urvlvdl. 5nof gets the (01.
Iowfns results: 1. 1, S. 5 and 6.
8ec.1use three 01 the diu roIJs
ilfe eqUdI ro Of 8redter rlMn S.
SOOt has J
Using .. weapon for .. skill you don"t have (see. p. 15)
Attaeklng c:haracter Is Injured See Damage Modlfler Table, p. 16
To determine the outcome of
an anack. compare the successes
rol led by the attacker and the tar-
get. If the anacker's successes
exceed the. target's. the anacker
Char.aae.r 15 Inlured
CharolCters who are Inlured receive mocUfiers based on
how Injured they Me; see Damage Modiller Table, p. 16.
To the outcome 01 the attack. the player makes a
Success Test using II number of dke to his character's
appropriate Weapon SkIll, "'us any additional dice from the char-
Action Pool , Compare each die rolled to the modlfted tar-
get number. to use the Rule d One and the Rule
of SIx (see p. 10). tach result that or exceeds the rarget
number counts as a sucuss. Write down the number ci success-
es rolled, If there are no successes, the attack has missed.
LJam has Pistols SkJII 6 and Is using 4 d/a from his
Action f'boI. His adJusted Tarser Number is 4, RDlllns 10
dke (6 + 4), gets J. 4, 3. 2. S. 5. I, 2. 6.me1 5. This
gIves him a tocaJ 01 five rolls thdt equal or exceed the rar-
get number dnd counr .u SUCCII!SSeS: the 4 . the
three 5s and the 6. Had the ddJusred Tdlset Number been
S. LIM1 would Mve rolled only 4 successes. HlId the
Tdl]Jet Number been as high as 8, then L/am could have
re-rolled the 6 to try for the 8, (he Rule of Six. In (hat
CiI.SC. LidITI would hdve needed to roll a Z Of better to get
I success.
At this point, the target gets to make a Damage Resistance
Test to lessen the effects of tm: damage. To save his skin. the
target rolls a number of dice equal to his Body Anrlbme, plus
any dice he wants to use from his Action Pool
The target number for thls tCS( Is me Power Rating of me:
artackJng weapon, mcxtlfted by any armor me charc\Cte'" Is wear-
Ing. To that adlusted wgec: numbef. subttaa me rating
cithe armor from the weapon's power. Treat any result less than
2 as 2. Roll the dice, usmg me Rule ci One and me. Rule ci SIx.
Each result that equals or exceeds the target number is a SU(USS.
lJdm'S MIser, an unforrUlJdte by the 01 Snot. has
Body 5 and Is wearlns 4 poina 01 balllsrlc MmOf. Lldm Is
tiring his tfUSty AleS Predaror heelvy pistol. which has a,g-e Code of 9M.
The (ilrser number for SOOt 'S D.l! Resls(ilnce Tesr Is
5 (9 - 4). He Is rollins 5 dice for his Body, but hots no dice
can stage up the dam.-'Se of the weapon. If the target's SU(.-
cesses exceed the anacker's, the target can stage down the
weapon' s damage. See SCdSlnS. below.
All weapons have Damage Codes that Indicate how dlfflallr
It Is to avoid or resist the damage. and how serious are the actu-
al 'toYOUnds the weapon causes. A ....-eapon's Damage CDde c0n-
sists ci a oYmefaI fer the Power and a letter for the Damage level.
A weapon's rower Is used AS the target for any Success
Tests to avoid or resist the damage caused by the weapon. It Is
often modilled by some O(her value opposing h. such as body
armor. for If a character is hit by a weapon with a
Power of6, the urget number lOr the character's tests to avOid
Of resist tm: damage would be 6, unless he number Is modi
fled by the presence of armor.
DamAge Level
The Damage level Indicates the seventy of the base darn
age done by the weApon: Light (l l. Moderate (M), Serious (Sl
or Deadly (D). E. .... erythlng else being equal. a character struck
by a weapon with a given Damage Level will take a Light.
Moderate, Serious or Deadly wound. as appropriate. Usually,
however, the DafNge level Is Increased Of reduced In some
manner before the damage Is applied to the character.
Staglng Is the process of rAIsing and 10000r1ng the Damage
level of a weapon. The attacking character. using the success-
es generated from his Success Test, can stage the wupon up
one Damage level for eYel)' two successes generated. So, If he
Is using a weapon mat has a base Damage Level of M and If he
has generated four successes In his Test. the clnackIng
character could stage the weapon's damage to 0 (two suc-
cesses increase the Damage level to S and two more Increase
It to 0 ).
The target or character is ttylng to do lust the
opposite. The defender wants to suge the weapon damage
down. The weapon' s Damage Code CAn be staged down one
level I"of every two successes the defender generates. If, lOr
example, the defender generated four successes agalnst a
22 1 Shitdowrun Quick Stcut Rules 1_ .. _ .... .. _ .. .. .... .... .. .. _ __ _ .. _-_ ... __ .. -_ ............. __ ..... _ ..... _ ... _ .............. _ ... _ ...................... ..
doing Serious damag.e:, the: damage would become
Ught (two suc:cesses stage It down to M , and twO fllOfe stage
11 to L).
The successes of the panldpants are compared, and the
charaCter with the higher SUCCes5eS wins and stages the
damage ac.cordlngly.
If the weapon damage Is staged below light (the level Is
already at L and at least twO more remain to
used lOr staging), then no damage Is done. On the other end
of the spectrum. Deadly damage Is the highest level of dam-
age possible.
Attacker staSes up I level p 2 successes
Ill ..... -IM_._-_ -_
.... Deknder stage down I level 2 net successes
Compdrlng Lidm's dnd Snot's Succt!SSe.!l, we find mat
Lldm (the attdCker. with 5 SUCCes5CS) h.u rolled 2 mon:
tIkln Soot (who only rolled 3). U<'Im then:fbn:
sets to stase up his weapon's Oclmdse Level. His 2 net
(1 thdn Soot) <'In: enough to Incre.ue the
Odm.1ge Level by one. from Moderate to Serious_ Poor
5nof tdkes d Serious
IfSnot had rolled 1 more successes thdn Udm. he could
hdve st.'\Sed the watpan down om!' level, from Moderare
to Ught . .mel only tclkcn a Light wound. In order (0 avoid
ddrmtge d/together, Soot would hdve needed to roll 4
more successes than LIMn did (1 succes.scs to srase down
to Light and 2 to el/m/Mrw! the dalTld8e complerw!/y).
Had bod! chdractef5' playef5 rolled the same number of
successes, Soot would hdve tdken a Moderdte wound, the
base d .. m"8e of the weapon (9M).
Record the damage on the target' s Condition Monitor,
according to the: rules In Applyfns D.:umtsc. p. 25.
Whenever twO or more characters engage each other In
hand-to-hand combat or armed combat that does not Involve
ranged weapons, the following melee combat rules apply.
Melee combat In Sh.adowrun assumes that some manewering
occurs as part of the light. Rather than a single blow, each
attack Is a setles of I1lO'tfeS and countcr-11lO'tfeS executed by
those Involved. For slmplldty, the: character who InItiates the
attack Is considered the attacker. HIs or her opponent Is COI'l-
Sldered the
Melee combat Is not 1 punch you and then I walt for your
turn to punch me. It represents several seconds of j.lbs,
punches. counters. attacks, defends, kicks and bites by both
combatantS at the same time. There is a chance that your char-
acter can get damaged even though the action takes place 00 his
or her Combat Phase. It's the chance you take that your 0ppo-
nent may get a lucky punch In or lust be Aat-out better than you.
Melee combat are any W'eap0n5 wielded by
combatants withIn a few meters of each other. Some of these
weapons can also be thrown. but If the weapoo Is swung.
melee combat rules apply.
Damage Codes for melee weapons worit slightly dlffi!:rent-
Iy than those for ranged weapons: some do only Stun damage
rathe:r than physical damage. The player and gamemaster will
need to consider each melee combat weapon before the game
beglns to agree on me weapon's damage.
To resolve a melee combat encounter. follow the procedure
outlIned below, Detailed explomatlons follow the list of stepS.
I . MAke Attacker's Success Test
Roll the att<\'s base Combat Skill dice. augmemed by
dice from his Action Pool, against a base target number, shown
as the Targei Number To Hit (on the character's record sheet).
For example, the guards (agaIn from Prototype lnvy, p, 51),
using their fists. all have a Base Target Number of 4, (excepi for
the: troll, who has a Target of 3). Modify thIs target
number as approprlate. using the modifiers for ranged combat
on p. 22.
Coom the successes.
2. MAke Defender's Suc:c:ess Test
Roll the defender's base Combat Skill dice. augmented by
dice from his Actlon Pool. against the base target number
shown on the approptlate record sheet, modified as necessal)l
using the modifiers for ranged combat on p. 22.
Coom the successes.
], CompAre Successes
The character who rolls the most successes has hit his or
her opponent. A tIe goes In favor of the anacker.
4, Determine D.un.\ge
The character who hit can Increase the Damage Level of
hIs or her attack by one level for every twO successes he rolls
above his opponent's success total. If the Damage Level has
been Increased to Deadly, extra successes can be used to stage
lhe rower Radng up. For ew-ery two net successes. the rower
Rating Increases by
S. Resist Dam.lse
Roll the resisting character's Body dice against a target
number equal to his opponent's 5trength. minus the: target' s
Impact Armor Rating. For evel)l twO successes rolled, reduce
the Damage Level by one level.
After both sides make their tests, compare the: successes
rolled by each character. The one who rolls the most successes
has hIt his or her opponent. Subtract the opponent's successes
from the wlnner's to get the net number of successes. TIes go
to the anacker.
...................................................................................................................................... ............................... Shildowrun Quick Srdrt Rules 2
The number 01 successes
determines how much
damage Is done.
Zipperhedd ilod dre
king off In " dlIrlt .s0me-
where in the sprilwl. Zipper hds
UMtmf Combat 5. 4,
dod 4 dice .. willable In his
Action Pool, Geist hdS
Umtrmed Combat 4, Body 5,
and 5 dice dV,lllab/e In her
Action Pool. Both Me mdklng
<l,8itlnst ., T,vget Number
4 (no sl tuilrlon modfffers
dpply). 80rll will usc rlll chelr
Action Pool dice to .. ugment
thelr dttdd test$. It Is Gelst 's
Comb.u ftldklng
rolls nine dice
.md gelS I. Z, 2, 2. 3. 3, 4, 5,
and 6. of resu/lS
eqUdI or the titrget
number, so Zip hds three suc-
cencs. Gest illso rolls gets I . 3. 4. 4. 5. S. 5,
6. and 6. Gest ends up wid!
5eVCffi successes.
lJecduse h.u more suc-
cesses rIMn Zipperhead. her
attitCk hits. If Zipperhedd held
rolled more succe"es, his
attdCk VIIOU/d hdvr hit. If both
hdd rolled the .Jctme number of
successes. the tie would hilVt!
gane In Geist's (,war beciluse
she Is the dttacker.
The (haro\Cler who rolls the
most SUCceMeS can use those
successes to lnaease the damage
his weapon does. The we"pon's
D.\m.c\ge Level by one level for every two net sue-
cesset . In the CA5e of a tie. the weapon does lIS base: dam.:\ge.
If the character Is able to stage his damAge up to De"diy. any
extra successes CAn be used to Increase lhe Power Radng 0( the
anade by one for every two remaining achieved by
the vktor.
GeIst rolled !bur more successes thdn ZipPer-head did. so
she CdIl r.use her WI!dpOn"s ll.trnd,ge LevrI twice. GeIst's
urJiUfTled,ge Code Is 4M Srun: she usc her roor suc-
cesses to raise the two levels, ro 4D (Dectdly) Snm.
I(Gelst httd six more successes thM she 'WOUld
have be-en itblc to use the two extr .. successes fO
211 I Shcldowrun Qulde Scarf Rules
me Power rdting of her .utdCk
by to 5D (Deadly) 5run.
To lhe damage done
by 1M: au<lCk. the character who
was hll rolls Body dke against a
r.uget number equal 10 the
opponent's Power. minus the
defending character' s Impact
Armor RAring. Every two suc-
cesses reduce Ihe Damage
Level of the 'Neaporl by one.
Any remaining Combat Pool
dice may be used.
tolls his five
Body dice "Ha/nst d base
T.uger Number4. minus the Z
points of Impact dnnor he
Thfs gives him d final
rdrset number of 2. He gets
I , I , Z. 4 .. md 6. Three of
those dre to Of
higher thdn 2. so Zlppctlledd
hds 3
E rwo successes Zip
rolls will std,ge his d.una,ge
down one level from DettdJy
Stun Bec.tuse Zipperhedd
hds 3 successes rdrher tlMn 4,
he Cdil reduce the by
only one level. ro Serious
Stun. ZJpperhectd t.1kes a
Serious Stun 'HOund.
for clCllon in lhe
Matrtx are nearly the Sdme as
rules for action In physical
space. The jacked-In chArActer
sdll rolls InlCiatl ve. but
In the Matrtx Is vlnu-
aI. taki ng P'i\ce In the mind 0( the decker. the InltJalive roll Is
doubled. Only characters with A dat.\lack .and a cyberdeck CM
clCCesS Ihe M.'frtx In thi s fashion.
Once the character has delermlned his modilled Inlriative,
the Combat Turn proceeds as normal p. 20).
There are two mAin actions the jAcked-In ch"racler (.In
perform In the Matrix. The first Is to Search. Searching entails
"Imost IIny acrlon the character r"kes In the Molrrbe: moving
between loc.\llons. touching or activating something. or actfve
Iy searching for datil. The ch.lrllCler rolls his CompUier Skill
againSt Ihe number given for Searching. If the chah'cter suc-
ceeds, he hilS Able to perform the action without the
computer system Identifying him as an tIIegal user. Action Pool
dice can be used for this test.
If the character fall s this test (rolls no an alarm
is activated and the system goes 00 alert. The character will be
confronted by a security decker, leading to the second type of
aci10n a character can perform In the MatriX! combat.
Matrix combat Is played the same as melee combat (see
p. 23). The damage Is Stun and can be staged both up and
down. When eIther the security decker or the player becomes
unconscious from taking D level Stun damage, the unconscious
character Is automatically jacked out and has to roll a
Willpower (4) Test. If this fails, he takes a Moderate Physical
wound from mental backlash. Action Pool dlclI! can be uSl!d for
combat and damage resistance tests.
The decker can choose what hll!r pf!ISOM In the Matrix
looks like, and can choose the appearance of her attacks. A
clown throwing ples, a spider wielding a web spinner, or a spi-
der throwlng pies-there Is no limit to what the icons look like.
M .. trtx Modlflen
While the system Is on alert. all non-combat actions the
Illegal decker takes receive a +2 modifier. This Indudes com-
bat. but not damage resistance.
The decker can attempt to shut down the alarm by mak-
Ing a Se.,)rch Test to find the alarm. then a second test to shut
It off. A decker who has won In Matrix combat can also jac.k
out. find the unconscious security decker' S Jack-In point In the
physical world. and lack In at his termlned. The system will
accept the character as the security decker. The character can
then make an unmodified Search Test to shut off the alarm. and
the entire system will respond to that character as If It were his
home system.
Involved as they are In an Illegal and often hazardous line
of work. SfMdowrun characters get hurt hard and often. The
kind of damage, the severity of an InJuIY and the effects on the
character will vary greatly depending on the situation.
Damagll! In Sht'ldowrun Is defined as elthll!r
Stun. Each type of damage Is tracked separately.
l'1IysluJ D<unaXe
Physical or
Physical damage. the most dangerous type, Is the kind
done by guns. explosions, bladed weapons and most magic
spells. If the Damage Code of a
weapon does not Indicate a speclfic
rounds, shock weapons. concussion some magic
spells and spcllcasting fatigue. If something does Stun dam-
age, Its Damage Code always says so. Stun damage heals fair-
ly quickly. but Its Immediate effects can be as deadly as
Physical damage.
Once the damage has been staged, the target character Is
subject to any damage that remains. This damage Is recorded
on the character's Condition Monitor. As shown below, the
Condition Monitor has twO columns: Physical and Stun.
Physical damage is recorded in the Physical column: Stun dam-
age. In the Stun column.
Ught Moderate
Light Moder.)te S-U,
Woo"" Woo"" Woo"" Woo""
The number of boxes filled In on the monitor depends on
the final. staged Damage Code of the weapon. As shown on
the Damage Level Table. a previously unharmed ch..)racter tak-
Ing either Physical or Stun damage would have I box filled In
If the weapon does light damage. 3 boxes for Moderate dam-
6 for and all 10 for Deadly.
Damage Is cumulative. For example. a character who
already has wound (3 boxes fllled in) and takes
another ends up with 6 boxes filled In-tile equivalent of a
Serious wound. If the same character had taken a Light wound
Instead. he would have 4 boxes filled In (3 + I ); Ifhe had taken
a Serious wound, would have 9 boxes filled In.
If a character ta.kes more than 10 boxes of Stun damage.
the remainder of the damage flows over Into mil! physlCAl
counter. At 10 boxes of Stun damage. the character falls uncon-
scious and will not wake up until his Stun damage Is reduced
to the Serious level.
If a character receWes 10 boxes of Physical damage. he will
be unconsdous with no chance of waking up, he Is healed
by a spell (see p. 33). If a charac-
ter takes I I or more oo.xes of dam-
rype of does
Physical damage. As one might
expect. PhysiCAl takes the
most time to heal .
age. Is dead. ShddownJn Is a dead-
ly game. so be careful OUI there.
Stun D.unase
Stun damage-brulslng, muscle
fatigue and the like-ls the kind done
by fists. kicks. blunt weapons. stun
Number of Boxes flied In
When the damage a character has
taken exceeds certaIn levels on the
Condlflon Monitor. the character suf-
fers certain effects Simulate the
Shadowrun Quick Start Rule$
the beneflt of medical attention, that Is effects of real -life Inj uries. Condition
levels within a column are not cumula-
tive: the highest level reached applies.
Condition levels are cumulative across
col umns. however: a character who Is
Moderately wounded In the Stun column
and lightly wounded In the Physical col -
umn receives modifiers for both (+2 for
the Stun damage and + I for the Physical
damage, for a tOtal of +3).
DAMAGE. MOOIfIUS TABU not always the case. To determine If
attention Is have the physically
damaged dlaraaer make a Body Test
against a tc\rget number set by his or her
overall wound level as noted on the
Wound Table. Use only the: characters
natural Body Rating: cyberware no
In...,. ModIfIer
beneflt for this test , nor does a troll's nat-
The foAodlllers Table shows
the effectS of Injury 00 a character's
attempts to usc: skills and abilities.
Inlury Modlftet'" Is a universal target num-
ber mcxIlRer that applies to nearly all testS
the Injured character may attempt, except
those for reslsdng or avoiding damage.
ural dermal plating. character can
make thiS test at any tlmc. If they do i t
during combat they lose their entire next
Combat Turn. MakIng the test during
combat allows characters to assess their
own damage Immediately.
Wound ......
Healing takes depending on the severity of the
Inlury. Stun and Physical damage heal and at
ent rates.
Heali ng Stun D.un.\Se
Technically, overcoming Stun damage Is more a process of
recovery than healing. The time II takes 10 recover from Stun
damage Is bMa':I on the amount of damage taken and the
results of a Body or Willpower Test. To recover from Stun dam
age. the affected character rolls dice equal to either his Body 0(
his Willpower (whichever Is higher) against a Target
2, This target number Is mocIl"ed by any appropl1ate
Stun or Physical Injury modifiers.
Recovering from a box of Stun dAmage takes a base dme
of 60 mInutes. The time it takes to recover I box of Stun
damage Is equ.\l to the base time, divided by the number of
successes rolled. After this per10d has clapsed, the recovered
dalTlllge Is erased from the Condition Monllor. A character who
has been knocked unconscious from Deadly Stun damage will
not wake up unrll his or her Stun damage Is reduced to Serious.
To recover from Stun damage, the character must be rest-
Ing completely. If this resting dl'TW! Is interrupted. the recovery
process aborts and the character must make the Body or
WIllpower Test again. using his current condition. The result
can never be better than the result of the first roll. however.
No medical treatment really helps to recover Stun dam
age, nor does any magical spell.
HuJlng PhysiCAl
Physical damage takes much looger to heal than Stun
damage. Though Physical damage: sometimes heAls without
T.vset Number
If the test yields any successes,
the character will be able to without
medical a"endon. If the test results In
no successes. medical attention Is
required for healing to occur. Deadly wounds always reqUire
medical aendon.
effeas of first aid and magkal healing should be
applied before making the test for medical attention.
Mil.slca..I Hullns
The Heal spell can also heal Physlcal damage, The He,,1
spell can be administered at any time.
Using Biotech
For the rimes when you need medical attention and you
lust can' t walt ror a professlooal doctor or even a trip to the
local pharmacy, the Biotech Skill Is your best friend. (Actually,
the teammate who has Biotech Is your best friend.) USing
Biotech Skill means applying flrst aid In an attempt to reduce
the damage level of light. Moderate and Serious wounds, until
the character can be taken to a doctor. Biotech Skill helps heal
only Physical damage. Siun damage can be recovered only by
raking the night off and sleeping In.
To be effe<:Uve, the character must use Biotech on the
Inlured character within one hour following an Injury.
Regardless of Its success, Biotech cannot help once magical
healing has been applied. Conversely, you l7lclyapply
healing after the Biotech Skill has been used.
To use Biotech, make a Biotech Test against a target num-
ber that corresponds to the Injured character's current Damage
level as .shcMtn on the Wound Table. If the test results In at
least I success, the Damage level Is reduced by one. Biotech
can never reduce the damage by more than one level.
6 I Shildowrun Quick Stdrt Rules I .. ..... ...... .. .. .. ....................................................................................................... .
n 2011 . me Awakening the world by maldng magic a rWlty. Sorr.e
people In the Sixth World have me rMe gift to use the power of magic. They are
the AwAkened.
In ShiJdownm. an Awakened character Is one with a /'v\agk Attribute of I or
Characters with a MagIc Attr1butf! of 0 are known as mundanes.
Awakened characters have access to various magical skills and abilities. Awakened
char"'clcrs who magical skills are magicians.
Magldans follow one of two tr ... dlttons. A tradi tion Is a set of beliefs and tech
nlques for using magIc. It colors the magidan's outlook and affects how the magidan
learns and U5e$ magic:. The choice of magical tradltlOO Is for life. Once you are on the
p..'\th. there Is no l urnlng bad<.
A foll ower of the shAmAnlc: traditi on Is a 5hAmAn. Shamans focus thei r mi!.slc
through their relationship with the world of nature and the power of emollon .'\nd
Inspiration. Magical knowledge comes to them from a spirit-patron kllOWfl as a totem.
A follower of the hermetic tradition Is a mage, Hermetic magic is Intellectual.
Mages .see the universe as a complex paftern of forces lhal can be: controlled with the
right formulae and ri tuals. Magical knowledge comes from Intense study and research.
The Awakened world Is permeated by rn&nA, the energy of magic. Mana Is Invisible
and intangible. II cannot be detected. measured or influenced by machines, only living
beings. Mana Is senslrtve to emotion and responds to the will of the Awakened. Mana
fuels sorcety and conj uring, allowing magidans to cast spells and summon spirits.
All spells In Shadowrun have an attribute called force. f orce describes how pow-
erful a spell Is; the force of a spell Is the target number used whCfl attempting to resist
the spell 's effects .
..................................................................................................... ................................................................ I Shadowrun Quick Start Rules 27
Magklans use the magical skills of Sorcery and Conjuring
to manipulate mana, making magk happen. Tests using these
skills follow all the. normal rules for SkIll (p_ IS), along
with the special rules clescrtbed In this chapter. You CAnnot
default to Anrlbutes for magkal skills.
Many uses 01 maglc.Al skills, like casting spells and sum-
moning spirits, cause Drain. The effon of manipulating mana
can exhaust or even Inlure a magician. Magical that cause
Drain have a Drain Code. much like a weapon's D<unage Code.
with .. rower Rdtlng lind .. O .. m"Se Level.
Draln Is listed for all spells and spirits.
Ch"uolCters use Willpower to resist SorceI)' Drain, and
Charisma 10 resist Conjuring Drain. Every twO successes on the
DraIn Test reduce the Drain Level by one level.
Reducing the Drain level below light means the character suf-
no damage.
Drain damage Is Stun damage.
A shaman' s magic comes from the power of !'\atute and
the spint WOfId (the astral plane). Tribal cultures around the
world practice shamanism. When rhe Awakening brought
magic. 10 the world. native shamans were some of the first to
successfully wield It. Shamanism also developed i n many urban
areas dunng the boom in occultism at the dose of the twenrf -
eth century. When the Awakening ume. these urban
!itwnans discovered me old Wlt.ys worked In the ddes Just as
well as the wilderness.
To a shamAn. the world Is filled with living spirits, powers
rhe sh.\man calls on for magical ald. Shamans are in tune with
the natural flow of the energies of life and magic.
Each shaman has a totem. A totem Is a powerful spirit that
gives the shaman magical power and knowledge. The shaman,
In turn, follows the Ideals represented by the totem.
A shaman's totem Is chosen when the character Is creat -
ed. Technically. It Is the totem who chooses the shaman. At
some point In a neophyte shaman' s life comes the call of a
totem. In the form of a dream Of vision. Often. a traumarlc
event brings on the can, such as a serious Illness. sudden s.hoc.k
or near-death experience.
The ShovtwIl c
In tribal cultures before the Awakening. shamans wore
masks to symbolize their totems. While wearing me totem' s
mask, rhe shaman was the totem Incarnate. Now. physical
masks are no longer needed. When a shaman uses magical
skills, his own features take on the appearance of those features
most associated with the totem. This Is called me shAmAnl c
The more powerful the magic. the more noticeable the
tralts become. resulting from a kind 01 hallud!'\arlon affw!ctlng
those who see me shaman. The shamanlc mask cannot be
detected by machines. It does not appe.u on film or videotape,
only In the minds of those present.
For example. If A Rat shaman were to perform !iOI"T\t! minor
magic. her features might seem to take on .a sharper CASt . Of
her chants might rHelTlble It. r"t's chaffering. For more power-
ful magic. the shaman's eyes might look like those 01 a small
rodent , or her fingers might appear like crooked daYJS. For the
most demanding magic, the shaman' s features could be entire-
ly obscured by the Image of a rlt.t's head and body.
The guard shamc\l\S In the adventure Prototype Envy arc
followers of Dog (p. 52). Dog Is a loyal friend honored by
shamans around the world, He fights ferociously to defend his
home and those under his protection. Dog shamans protect
people from harmful magic and dangerous spirits. They are
loyal, generous and helpful to those who show them klrldness
and loyalty In rerurn. They are single-minded, often to the
point of stubbornness.
The street shaman charACtet on p. 62 Is a follower of Rdt . Rdt
Isl'ourld W'hefever humans are. for who else's bounty can sust.lin
him? Rdt Is a ste.Jlthy thief too selfish to share anything. He Is a
coward who would rather run than fight . Rdt shamans tend to be
dlny and unkempt. They dislike working out In the open, p!'efer
ring 10 stick to the shadows. Rdt shamans avoid lights wheneve:r
they can. When they must light. they light to kill.
A mage' s magic comes from a complex se:t of theories
that describe mana and the dimensions of astral space and how
they Interact with the physical world. There are nearly as many
verslons of these theories as there are mages. By urlderstand-
Ing these: Interactions. mages CAn perform magic rhrough ritu-
al and focused power of will .
Hermetic magic WM studied widely even before the
Awakening. Corporations arld many governmenls took advan
tAge of hermetic magIC. before they did shamanism, but even
mages. with their more rational approach to this new mystel)' ,
were Initially met with skepticism. Far more mages woriI; for
corporations than shamans. ( You try teltlng Rat he has to share
his equipment.)
Mages afe scholars who study and practice magiC using
tried and estAblished formulas and procedures. Mages contin-
uously research the theories arld laws of magic, seeking "
deeper understanding of the structure 01 the universe. As their
knowledge Increases, so does thelr power.
TIle .utrdl or astral space. Is a parallel dimension
ovenaylng the physical world. a reflection or shadow of the
physical plane. The astral and physical worlds are separate and
di stinct. although they sh.\re the same space and time.
Mundane5 In the physical world cannot perceive or touch
things In astral space. While beings In astral space can perceive
26 I Shaoowrun Quick Start Rules 1 ........... .. _ ....... ......... .... ............... _ ........... _ ... ....... ... ........... .................................................................. ..

. '-
. "
, .


,. '.


~ ,.


-, '










the physical world, they cannot directly affKI II. Tht' Interface
betweert the twO planes can be thought of as a pane of one-
way glass with the physical world on the opaque (mirrored)
SIde. In faa, some of the Awakened refer to the astral plane as
*the mirror
Many Awakened characters can perceive the astral plane
from the physical world. This ability Is called ascr.aJ perception.
Known as SlghC among the Awakened. astral pefception
does not rely on physical vision In any way: It Is a psychic
.. ""'.
You can use astral perception 10 extend your perCl:J)tions
to the AStral plane. This allows you to see anything present In
astral space. You can also see glowing auras surrounding itvlng
and magical things and gain Information from them, using a
psychk sixth sense known as .u.H.nslng,
By assenslng somethlng's aura. you can gain Information.
The auras of IMng beings show general health, emotions
and magical nature (if any). E.nchanted objects show their mag-
Ical nature, Non-maglcal obfects have no auras. but pick up
... e ....
......... CiIIIIMd
Impressions from being In contact with living auras. Assenslng
can * read* any Impressk>ns left behind on an object.
Spells. whether cast on the physical or astral plane. create
a visible aura around the per50n they are cast upon.
To read an aura. make an Assenslng (4) Test using
Intelligence dice. Tht' number of successes determines how
much you learn. as outllned on the Assenslng Table.
Sorcery Is the magical skill of shaping mana to create spe-
d"c effKts. known as spells. II Is used to cast spells .
Mages control mana through a specific. pracrtced formula
effort of will . Shamans rarely cast spells the way
twice. TheIr magic comes from Intuition, Improvisation .mel an
undef'Standlng of the moment. In either case. a magId.ln doesn't
have to do anything other than c:oncenrrate In order to cast a
spell. All the ch.vltlng, gestures. dandng and other drek Is just
Alrhough the methods of Sorcery used by mages and
shamans are different. both cast the spells using !:he same
rules. As far as the Shddowrun rules are concerned. a spell Is
the same regardless of whether a mage or a shaman CASts It.
Sorcery's maln focus Is on casting spells and
the very di rect here-And-now. All spel1castl ng
resolution occurs within Step 38 (Resol ve
Acttons) of The Combcu Tum Sequencf:, p. 20.
state 01 me subfect' s heoIIth (tUthy, Injwed.
m ...ct 10 on). liking with the pre5lOl! 01 d
-_ ...
the procedure outlined below to
resolve spellcMtlng. Each Step Is explained In
the ibliowing sections.
-The subttcI, seneraJ emotional 5tate or Impre55ldn
(happy, sad. angry).
The das.s of a "'"'8kAI subfect (fire elemental. RWlIpuIa-
don 5PdI. power focus, and so on).
YJheIher the subfec:t Is mundane or Awakened.
If you have seen the sublecfs aura before. you will Tee-
cpu It. reprdless of physkaI dlsgul5eS or alterations,
An 01 the above. plus:
- Whether the !Ubtea's f..uenae and MagIc:: Attribute are
hIper. k:Jwer or equal 10 your own
The ..,er .. kxadon oJ my Imp&ants.
A seneraI (or any maladies (dlseaicS or blJdns)
""'-_ ......
The subted'$ exact emotiOnal state or lmpresskln.
Any drill Slptures present on the subtKl .
AU of the above. plus:
The e.uct Euenc:e and MagIc Attribute of the subfeO-
The euet IOadon of any Implants
An dII&nOSb of any or taxln the subfect
_ .....
The general GAUIe of .any emotIOnaIlmpresskln (a mwder,
a rtot. a Clef'e'IOf1)'. and so on).
-1ht' ...,erat c:.u5e of MlY astral slgNtute (combat spell .
hearth sp+rlt.vM:I so on),
I . PreparatkHl
2. Sorcery Test
3. Spell Resistance Test
4. Spell Effect
5. Drain Resistance Test
Choose the spell or spells to be cast and
how many Action Pool dke will be used. The
caster must be able to see the target of the spell
with her own eyes. unakSed by any technologl.
CAl devices 5UCh as cameras or other characters
acting as spotters.
Spells CAn be cast through glass. unless the
spell causes a physical effect to shoot from the
caster (Hames. add and so on): the spell Is
stopped at the glass but the glass Is destroyed.
Sorcery Tcst
To cast " spell. make. a lest using Sorcery
dice. plus dice from the Action Pool . If desired.
Each IndividUAl spell description will gtve the
target number needed for success (see Spells. p.
33). If there. are no successes. the spell falls. and
there Is no effect. If [he results are all ones (see
::!i 0 1 Shadowrun Quick Stdrt I .. ....... .. .. .. ..... .. .... .. .. .................................................................................................. .
Rule or One. p. 10). tne fAIls. and lhe targct number for
tne Drain Resistance lesl l s increased by +1. Note Any success-
es from Ihls test .
Targel modifiers (see Modifiers. p. 12)
Increase the target number or tne spell. likewise. inlury modi -
fiers (p. 16) and sustaining otner spell s can Increase the target
number. if a spell needs to be sustained It will say so In 115
Spells with a range of touch are nol subjt 10 cover orvis-
ibll1ty modifiers. sl no:e tne casler must be able to touch the tar
get. The Un,umed Combat Test to touch Ihe targel . nowever. is
5ubieCt 10 normal melee modifiers (see p. 11).
Spell Rulst.l.nce Test
Living targets. Indudlng spiritS. may alw.lYS make a Spell
Resistance Test ag.unst spells. unless tne ,"rget of the spell 15
will1ng. The [<'Irgel makes A Resistance Test using Ine targeted
Attribute (usually Body. Intelligence or WilipoWf:r). The IMget
number or the lesl is the Force of tne spell. No Idrgel modifiers
Apply to this test eJtcept where noted. Non-living. l<'Irgels may not n\<'Ike <'I Re!Jstance Test.
Spell Ufect
If the target makes no Spell Re5lstance Test. all the success-
es from tne Sorcery Tesl arc used. according to the
description. to determine: Ihe spell's effect. When casting spells
against non-reslsling targets (which are generally non-living tM-
gets) one success always Insures some degree or effect.
Iftnere Is a Spell Resistance Test. Ihe caster's successes Are
compared to the successes generated by the: tArget. If the tar
get gener./lted the same number or more successes. lhe spell
does nol affCCI lhe largel.
If tne caster generates more successes. Ihe spell has an
effect. The spell' s effect is measured <'IS the difference beTWeen
tne caSler's successes and the target's. Consult the descriplion
of tne spell fOI specific effects.
Dr;tln Re$I$t.u1ce Te$t
Immediately <'Ifter tnc spell Is CMt (during the same chal-
acle!'s Combat Phase). the c.aster must make a Drain Reslslance
Test . Roll the casrer's WIllpower dice. plus any Action Pool
dice. If desired. The target number Is shown with Ihe spell's
liSiing for each character. No larger modifiers apply to this test .
(very twO successes generaled In Ihe Drai n Resistance Test
lowers tne Drain level by one level . Reducing Ine DrAin level
below lIgnt means the casler suffers no damage from the
Dl ain. Drain causes Stun damage only.
Conlurlng is the maglCc\1 skill of dealing wilh spirits.
Conjuring Is usec:1 to call and commMd spirits.
Spirits personify lhe forces of Ihe nalural world.
Summoning Splrtts
Summoning a spirll requires an entire ComtM! Phase. The
Target Number of the Conlurlng Test is S. Each success from Ine
Conjuring Test represents one 5elYice Ine spiri t <'Igrees 10 per-
form for the mage or snam./ln. If the mage or shaman rolls no
successes. no spirit appears.
Whether a spirit comes or not . the mage or shaman must
n\<'Ike a DrAin ResiSIAnce Test (see Con;uring Drain. p. 31). If the
Drain kills the mage or shaman or knocks nlm unconscious. the
spirit departs. Spir1ts v./Inlsh at sunrise and sunset. no maner
wMt. regardless or whelher the sun is .actually vlslble. All ser-
vices end at that lime. Any selYkes left unused or unSpecified
wnen the spirit dep.arls are lost.
A mage or shaman only Mve one spirit summoned at
a time.
When summoned. a spirit appears on tne astrAl plAne and
manifests in tne pnysk.d world AS a ghostly Image Indlc.alive or
Its narure. DescriptionS of typical spirits appear on p. 32
As a service. a spiril will eilner use one of Its poWf:rs as
sham<'ln directs or att<'lck someone physically.
Splrtt Powers
EAch spirit has lis own powers. which are listed under tne
spirit's statistics. along wiln descriptions and rules for tnose
powers. A spirit can use liS powers on an Individual target or
on a group. depending on the power being used. Continual
use or ./I specific power counts as only one service. If lhe para-
meters of a service ch.lnge (for eJtample. by 1M
spirit use i ts Concealment on more characters lhan /I
had been). anOlher service Is usec:1.
Spirit Combat
Having a spirit go InlO melee combat is a single service.
regardless or the number of foes Involvecl. Spirits are beings
of pure mana. therefore physical don't work very
effectively against them. Triple the normal Target Number To
Hit when using physical (Including fists) to nit tne
spiri t in combat.
Kolnged combat does not work at all against splrllS. Bullets.
<'I purely cre"tlon. pass right though lnem
(some say bullels make Ihem even madder). doing no damol'Ige.
Spirits use their as their Combat Skill. In otner
words. tM spirits described In Inis book roll 6 dice wnen try-
ing to hit an opponent.
Most spells can target spirits and do not receive
modillers to Ihei r targel numbers to affect tnem. SlmUarly. <'I
spirit C<ln alWAYS ./In<'lck anotner spIrit wltnout penalty.
Spirits do not take Siun damage. bUI they do take physl - d<lmage. After taking Qe"dly damage. the spirit disappears.
no mailer how many scrvices It may have had left. A mage Of
shaman lnen conjure a new one.
........................................... ........ ...................................................... ....................... .... .................................. Shddowrun Quick SCdff Rules
After summoning" splrh, the summoner must make"
Drain Resistance Test (see Drilln, p, 28). Use Charisma dice
agalnst " T"rget Number of 5. The Oraln Level for conjuring a
spirit is Moderate (M) Snm damage.
HeArth Splrtt (Dog ShamMI)
The guatds In Prototype Envy arc Dog shamans. They con-
jure hearth spirits, W'hlch exist as protectors and defenders
Inside buildings and other dwellings. Secaus.e of rheir afllnhy
with this of spirit, Dog shamans get two extra dice when
conluring a hearth spirit. They cannot use these dice for Drain
Resistance. Hearth spirits appear as something that would exist
within the walls of the dweHing they are conjured In. So. in the
cyberware techno building o( Sliver Technology. they may
appear as cybernetic or robotic humanoids. giant-sized
humans or even some suange lechno-humanold being.

Inltlattve: 16 + I D6
Physical Attac.k
iH.mage: 3M
"'rget Number to Hit: 3

Acc.ldenl: lhc larget must make a (5) Test In
order not to lose a Combat Phase for one Initiative Pass due to
some kind 0( mlflOf acddent (trip, r,,11 down, bite their tongue
and so on).
Conceoillment': The spirit u.n hide up to live In the
envi ronment. In order to see the hidden characters. a viewer
must make an Intelligence (lO) Test.
Confusion: Unless the larget makes a Willpower (5) Test.
he will wander about as If he has forgonen what he was doing.
The character can attempt a Willpower (5) Test each time he
hM " Combat Phase.
Guud: this power automatically counters the Accident
power No roll Is necessary.
SeArch: The spirit c.m lind anything the summoner WAntS
within" SO-meter area i( it SlJCceeds at an Intelligence (S) Tes!.
Ctty Spirit (Rat ShalTWl )
The street shaman (p. 62) follows RAt and would conlure a
city splril . CIty spirits manifest as elements of the ciry--any-
thing from a lire hydranl to a swirling mass o( garbage to a taxi -
cab. A RAt shaman. though. would mOSI likely conlure a spirit
that would m.lnltesl as a giant rat, Rat shamans receive t'VIfO
free dice when conlurlng a dty spirit. but they cannot us.e these
dice for DrAin resiStMlCe.

5 5

InkJattve: 16 ... 106
PfIyslaJ Attack
Damage: 3M
TiUget: Number 10 HtI: 3
Accident: The target must make a Quickness (5) Test In
order not to lose a Combat Phase (or one Initiative Pass due to
some kJnd of minor acddent (trip. fall down, bite their tongue
and so on).
Concwment: The spltlt can hide up to five people In the
envi ronment. The viewer must make an Intelligence ( 10) Test
to see Ihe spirit or those it Is concealing.
Confusion: Unless the target makes A VVlUpower (5) Test, !'Ie
will wandef about as If he forgot what he was doing. The chafac-
ler c.m make a Willpower (5) Test e&Ch lime he has a Combat
I'hase in Ofder to stop the effects 0( this jX)YIer.
fu.r. Unless the target makes oil Willpower (5) Test, he or
she will run off screaming In terror. The character c.m make A
Willpower (5) Test each time they have " Combal Phase in
order to stop the e((ccts 0( this power .
SeArch: The spirit can lind Anything the summoner wants
withi n a SO-meter area. If i t succeeds al an Intelligence (5) Test.
Fire Elementoill (Combat Mage)
The combat mage (p. 57) conlures lire elementals. A li re
elemental appears M a humMold made of lIames. Since
elementals are somewhat less sympathetic to their mMters
than nature spirits, hermer1c magicians receive no bonus dice
when conjuring.

Inttlattve: 16 +106
PhysiCo'l l Attack
iH.moilge: 3M
T.uget Number to Hit: 3

Engulf: This power must be used In a. atlack (thus
counting as t'VIfO servkes). The vktlm must resist 7M damage.
During lhe victim's next action, he mUSI make a SlIeoglh (5)
Test to get away from the elementAl. If he falis, he will Auta- take 7M damage (which he may resist ) during each of
lhe elemental's subsequenl ACtions. this damage will
unlll the victim CSColpe5 or the elemental Is called off or
FlMne Aur.: The body of the elemental begins to ripple
with "ames. s.ettlng nre to objects around It .
Guard: this power automatically counters the Acddent
poW1!r. No roll Is necessary.
FI.unethrower Spell: The elemental has use of the
n"methrower.spell (see p. 33). It has a Sorcery Skill of 5 for the
purpose of casting Ihls spell. Spirits do nol take Draln.
L ::O _ 2_LI S_h_._d_o_w_'_u_n_Q.:. u_IC_k_S_'_. _"_Ru _ '_,--'I .. .......................................................................................................................................................... ...
Add StreAm
Targct Numbcr. 4
This is a powerful corrosive that spr<'lys the target , CAusing
terrible burns .md eating away organic and metallic. mal erlal.
The acid creates it doud of mlck. choking fumes: add +4 to all
tasgel numbers for those in a two-meIer .ne" surrounding the
target . ro.. the rest of the Combat Turn. Anything hit by add can
be melted lmo sludge. or 011 least badly pitted and burned.
Even if the damage to a character Is reduced to nothing. her
",mor Is olulomatically reduced by I for both Ballistic. and
Impact latings by being melled and burned.
This spell operates as if It were a rangC!d weapon like a gun
(see R.vIged Combdr. p. 21 ), That means the damage may be
Staged up .. md down like a gun's dAmage. impact armor does
reduce the power of this spell. nle damage level of this spell Is
TArget Number: 4
Clout creates a bolt 0( iO'llisibie psycholdnelic force that
dotes Stun damage. like a blow to the back of the head.
This spell operillcs as If It were a ranged weapon (see
RitnSed Comb.u, p, 2 1), Impact armor can reduce the power of
this spell. The damage level of this Is 45,
TMad Number: Target's Willpower Anrlbule
ThIs spell produces a storm of conRlctlng sensations And
Images to confuse the senses. for edCh success on the Sorcery
TC$I, the subject suffers + 1 00 all target numbers from the dis-
Irac.rion. up to a maxImum equal fa the force of the
Only living beings CdIl be coofused, and this spell does not
worX on splrlt.s, This spell muSt be SUStc1lned by the CASter's
concenu",tion, The caster adds +2 to ",II I",'get numbers while
sustaining this spell, e)(cept for Damage Resistance Tests,
Control Acdons
T.uset Number: Target's Willpower Anrlbule
The caster controls the physical actlons of a target like a
puppeteer pulling strings, The victim's Is UNlf-
fected. but lhe caster controls the victim's body. The viCllm
c1ny skills or c1b1I1t1es al Ihe CASter's orders, bul with .4 10
all IMgel numbers because of Ihe vktim's resistance to the
caster's commands. This spell does not work il.galnst spirits
This spell must bI!' !.u!.tc1lned by the caster's concenu"lion. The
CASter adds +2 to all target numbers while sust<,ining thi!. spell.
excepl for Damage Reslstc1nce Te!.ts.
Duth Touch
T.'Sd Number: Target's Willpower Anrlbute
Death Touch requires caster 10 rouch by mak
Ing. successful Unarmed Combat Test. The spell (.d.use5 Deadly
Phy!.k:aI damage to a target , II M'fKts IMng and magical
targets lUke and Is resisted by Willpower. There Is no way
10 reduce the damage If the spell succeeds.
Detect Enemies
TArget Number: 6
The subject can deteclllving targets within 42 meters who
have hostile i ntentions toward the caster. TIle caster also knows
their number and relative location. The CASter gets a flash of
Images In his mind. but not a map. Therefore, the character
knows there is an enemy ahead 15 meters but cannot teU how
many rooms c1way that Is. If desired, " character may sustain
the spell, keeping it ,\Ctlve so he knowl. exactly where the
enemy Is at c1J1 rimes. Doing so he must add +2 to all
target numbers whlle sustdlnlng the spell, except I'or Damage
Resistance Te5ls.
Detect life
ToUset Number: 6
The subject detects all living bl!'lngs wilhin 36 meters and
knows their number and relative location. The caster gels a
flash of Images In thelr mind, but not a map. Therefore. the
character knows there Is ahead 18 meters buf knows noth-
Ing of what lies in between. If desired, a character may sust<lin
the spell, keeping II active so he knows exactly where
detected nfe Is at all times. Doing so means he must add +2 to
all tMget numbers while he sustains the spell. except for
Damage ReslStc1nce Tests.
Ta'set Number: 4
This spell creates Rames that the aster can direct . The
fldmes flash into existence and burn OUt after striking the t"'r-
get, but can ignite Hammable fThlterlc11s_ The:5e may, If the c,r..-,
wishes. continue 10 burn ",fter the spell Is exhaUSted.
This spell operates as if It were" ranged weapon like a gun
(see R.:!nSed Combar, p. 21). That means the d.tmage may bI!'
staged up and down like a gun's damage. Impact armor Cdn
the power of this spell The damc1ge level of Ihls spell Is
T"'Set Number: 4
This spell psychoklnetlcally hurls '" single obtect of no
more than 60 kilograms at a designated target. The must
touch the Item to be thrown.
This spell operc1tCS as If it were", ranged we.1pon like a gun
(SH: Rltnged Combar. p. 21). Thai tneclJlS the damage may be
staged up and down like a gun's damage. Impact armor can
reduce the power of this The damage level of this spell Is
5S. regardless of the ob}ect thrown.
T,uset Number: 10 - Es!.Cnce
Each succeS5 from the Sorcery resl heals one box of
Physical damage up to a m<'lXimum tqlk11 to the spell's Force_
He,,1 only works on IMng beings. and not on spirits. The CASI
er must touch the target .
Incre.ue Reaction
TArget Number: Targer's Reaction Attribute
Every twO successes Increase Re.'lCIion by I . up to a mMl
............... .. [Shddowrun Qufck Sr<1rt Rules E ::3
[vet}' [W() successes
Increase ReactIon by I , up to a
maximum bonus equal to the
Force a the spell. Nore: that this
will Increase a character's
Inltlarivl:!: by a like amount. Only
me ReactIon of IMng beings can
be Increased. This spell must be.
.sustained by the casters con-
centratkxl. The. caster adds +2
to all target numbers wtlile sus-
raining this spell , except for
Damage ResIstance Tests.
Improved InYlslblitty
Tugu Number. 4
This spell makes me subfect Invisible to normal vision. The
subJect Is completely tangible (they still exist) and are
detectable by the other senses. They are slill visible to astral per-
ception. This Invisi bili ty Includes anyone viewing the Individual
via technological devices. This spell must be sustained by the
caster's concentration. lhe caster adds +2 to all target numbers
while sustaining this spell . except for Damage ResIstance Tests.
Ughtnlns 80ft
Tusu Number: Target's Body Anrlbure
This spell creates a physical lightning boh that leaves the
fingers of the magldan and he\ds toward the target. Ughmlng
c.m short OUt or overlOad eleclfonlc devICes and may Igni te
Rammable materials (at the gamema.ster"s discretion).
This spell operates as If It ......ere a ranged ......eapon like a gun
(see RNISed Combdt, p. 21 ). Armor Is Ineffiectlve against this
spell , The damage level of this spell Is 4S.
M.tIstc Angers
Tarset Number: 6
Magic Angers aeates a psychokinetic effect like -Invisible
hands- that hold or manipulate Items. The successes on the
Sorcery Test become the spell's effectlve Slfength and Quickness.
up to the force of the spell. The caster can use skills remotd}' with
MagIc Angers. but even simple actlon:s like pICkIng up a coin may
requfre a QuIcXneu Test, at the gamemaster's dlscredon.
The GaStel' can fight , pick a lock. or take any other action
he desires using the magiC fingers as If they were real hands.
The spell can reach any point the caster can see.
This spell must be sustained by the caster' !i concentration.
The caster adds +2 to all target numbers while sustaining this
spell (I ndudlng actions taken uslng the Magk Angers), except
for Damage ResIstance Tests.
Tugec Number: Target's Willpower Attribute
ManaboIt channels Invlsl.ble destructive magical power Into
the target. doing PhysIcal damage. It only affects IMng and mag-
Ical targets (Indudlng spirits) and Is resisted by Willpower. The
only visi ble effect Is destructtve force bursting out from within
the !iub}ect.
This spell does Moderate
damage. This Increil.Se!i by one
Damage level for every [W()
successes' difference. between
the caster's Sorcery Test and
the target'!i Spell Resistance
Test. If the target roll s more
!iUccesses than the caster, the
spel l has no effect at all .
Target Number. 4
Resist Pain all ows the
!iubjecr to Ignore the pain of
Injuries. reducing the penalties
from Physical damage (but not
Stun damage). Each success on the Sorcery Test removes the
effect of one box of dAmage from the subject 's r'hY!ilcal
Damage Monitor. up to a maxImum equal to the spell's Force.
It does not remove the damage Itself: It only eliminates the
modifiers. ResIst PaJn can only be. used once on any set of
Injuries. It cannot be used [ 0 counteract Deadly damage.
because any character with a Deadly Injury Is either dead or
unconscious and must be healed first .
The spell Is permanent In lhat the boost to the patient's
endorphin levels does not wear off. If the subject's damage
rises above the Condition l evel at which the spell was origi-
nally cast, Of If the existing Injuries heal . the spell dissipates.
Tuget Number: 4
Shadow aeates a globe of darkness 24 merers In radi us.
Every success Imposes a 1- 1 target number modlner for all
actions performed by or against anyone within the area, Includ-
ing the mage. up to a maximum penalty equal to the f orce 01
the spell. This spell must be sustained by the caster's concen-
tratlon.1he caster adds +2 to all target numbers while sustain-
ing this spel l, except for Damage Reslstanc.e Tests.
T;uget Number: 4
Silence creates an area that dampens sound. Silence affects
technologi<;aJ devices like can'lel"a5. This spell must be. sustained
by the easter's c.oncenmulon. lhe easter adds +2 to al l target
numbers while sustai ning this spell. except for Oamage
Reilsrance Tests.
T.uset Number: Target 's Willpower Attribute
Srunbolt channels Invlslble magical energy directly Into
the target. causing Stun damage. It Is often referred to as the
"sleep" spell bec.ause It can render targets unconscious.
This spell does Moderate Stun damage. ThIs Increases by
one Damage level for every two successes' di fl1!!rence
between the caster's Sorcery Test and the target's Spell
Resistance Test. If the target rol ls more successes than the easi-
er. the spell has no effect at all .
:::!I'Ll I Sh.1Ciowrun Quick 5tdrr Rules I .. .... .. .. .... .... ~ .... .... m ...... mm ..... _ ...... _ _._ ..... _ _ _._ _mm._ ___ mm _.m.m
his section provides a fine selection of items available on the street from various
fixers. black rnarltet shops, Shadowland catalogs. and other haunts of 2060.
Personal Including non-firearm projectile weapons, are quite popular in
the sprawl. Some examples are:\m: The twO-handed "samurar sword favored by those wlth .. taste for the roman-
tic lind old-fashioned.
Knife: A basic, all -purpose street cuner.
Stun Baton: The standard rlot-control weapon. this weighted stick delivers an electri -
cal cilargc.
Sword: This refers to any of a variety of ceremonial styles .lnd also covers some of the
longer and more vicious knives.
Crossbow: Crossbows may be Light. Medium or Heavy. LIght crossbows are cocked
by hand, while the h&lvler models a built-In slde-wheel geat to assist fe-cocking.
firearms are primarily slug-throwers. All have been calculated Into the
number the character rolls to hit.
WMther "<lim Pistol : This European hoId+()Ut design packs larse-callber round In
each of its over-uncle:r barre:ls.
kre:tu. Model IOIT: this streamlined Ught pe:rsonaI weapoo Is fA\IOrf!d by corporAte:
Arcs ConsIdered by many the premier hea.\I}' pistol , the: I'rf!dator Is A men-
,\dng .... poo popUlAr among mercenaries and security services.
Brownlns M,u- Power. The Browning Is the: Ares Prf!daror's prirT\.1l.'Y compe:tltor as the
toughest hf!.1l.\I}' pistol .
RuSer Super WolIh.l.wk: This heavy revolve:f .... ccepts an st .... nd.1I.rd ACCessories.
.................................................................................................................................................................... Sh<ldowrun Quick Start Rules I 351 ]

Remington Roomswecper: 1he short-barreled Roomswccpcr
heavy shotgun Is popular wlm urlwl Hghters for Irs high take-
down capability and Significant Intimidation factor.
Some police and security units favor electroshock
weapons In low-threat environmcms. The standard model fires
oil dart fhal trails a I S-merer-Iong wire. An eJectr1c charge
surges down the wire to Incapadtatc thc target as long as the
current Haws.
Defl.lnce S4.1per Shock: lhe most popular taser weapon In ser-
vice with law enforcement agencies. It packs sfde-by-slde
he.wy darts. Standard issue pistols have Integral low-light
Imaging scopes.
InJVam SmArtlun: A favorite of street samuraI. this weapon
equipped with an Integral smartgun link. folding
shoulder stock. and a baucl-mounccd gas-vent recoil com-
pensation system.
ULI III: A wonhy descendent of thc famous Israeli UzI. The
rabrique NariOnAle model, officially manufactured for the
French governmem, Is a common street weapon. It fe.ltures an
Integral folding stock And a top-mountedl.aser sight.
Soviet AK 97: Originally a Soviet weapon, this assAuh rifle Is
now round woridwlde. II is common In and on the
rN HAl: This assault rifle Is common In Europe and Increasing-
ly popular with corporate lesponse teams and private security
forces spedi\l1zlng in hlghthre:u areas. it comes with an Ime-

grAI IbIdlng stock, IOp-
mounted laser sight and
A gas-vent recoi l com-
pensation system.
a.Jllstic. armor pIa--
lectS against proJectiles
that deliver large
amountS of kinetic ener-
gy In soon amountS of
time. mostly bulletS.
Impact armor protects
against projectiles with
lesser kinetic transfer:
projectile we.lpons,
hand-held weapons,
stun ammunition aocl
some spells (see Spells,
Armor )olc.kct: Available
In a wide .selection of
tailoring, from chic
street styling to the
harsh ribbed and
padded aesthetic of macho militarism, these }ackets offer sub-
stantial protection.
Armor Vesel The armor vest provides slim-line protection
under normal clothing. Additional rigid plAtes provide
Improved protection at the expense of subtlety.
lined Co.t: In a variety of styles, me lined coat Is a
popuku form of armor. of the long dusters worn In
the days of the Wild West. It uses rigid plates concealed
layers of ballistic doth to cover vital organs.
Sec.uretech Armor CIomlng: this type of annor clothing Is simi-
lar to standard armor dothlng. but slightly more sult.lble fof soda!
situations that require dlsctetlon as well as protection.
Available personal electronics Include the following.
Cellui.a.r Phones: Portable phofles lange from the common
wrlst models, with or without flip-up view screen, to handset
units. to audlo--only earplug models with Ughtwelght boom
mlcropholle5. They offer most of the same n1dphone service
features as telecoms.
Pocket Ser:retM)': The pocket secretary Is an offlce for the busi -
nessperson on the go. The compact unit runctlons as a cellular
phone, computer, digital camera and flilng system. Standard
software performs call screening. ans......-erlng-machlne func-
tions. automatic teleconflrmatlon of credit transactions and
word processing with standard letters on flle and stenograph-
er functions. Pocket secretaries are not equipped for jacking
Into the Matrix. C.lSeS are shock- and water-resistant fal dUla
blilty .md long service.
PelSOrW Computers: TIle standard personal computer of 2060
Is the size of a keyboard. with " rall-out. flAt-screen monitor. A
digital radio signal transmits Input and OUtput to perlphclals.
3 fJ I Shadowrun Quick Start ..................................................................................................................................................................... .
Program and data cartridges are the size of a standard credsrlck
and slot IntO t ~ ends of the keyboard. Internal program storage
Is more than sufficient for common programs such as word and
data processors, communications software and games, and the
storage 15 non-volatile (meaning data can be stored Indefinitely).
DIspo5able printers for one-color printing come attached to con-
tainers of paper. barely Incre.1SIng the unit's size. Full-color print-
ers add [WQ centlmeter5 to the height of the paper box. Smaller
computers exist, usually designed for a p..ltticular function. These
accept a limited range of spoken commands and output data i n
a synthesized voice. They may be fiber-linked to a monitor.
Internal stor,lge capacity Is limited. and they do nOI acc:ept stan-
dard program or data cartridges. Some models have miniature
keyboards, are usable with a stylus, accept links to standard key-
boards or recognize handwriting.
A kJr Is portable .mel contains the bask: equipment to make
repairs for a spedfic type of ge.."U" (such as electronics orcomputefS).
Surveill ance and security equipment Indudes vision
enhancers. communications gear, and various other surveil-
lance and security measures and countermeasures.
In 2060. st.,lldard radio communication Is handled by a one
frequency simplex system. mCilIllng that a transceiver transmits
and rettives on the same frequency. This means that when a
device Is trNlsmlttlng. II Cl!.nnOI rea:1vc at the same tim<::.
Kleen-tac'''' bilcklng makes some of the follOwing Items
attachable almost anywhere.
Binoculars: These flal. compact digital Imagers produce high
resolution at up to SOx magnification. Optical glass variants are
avai lable for magicians. Enhanced models can operate In low-
light or function thermographically.
nMhllghts: This category 1n<:ludes basic flashlights, as well as
pocket-sized and heftier models that can double as a club If
Gogglesl Goggles are usually strap-on magnifying models or
helmet visors. someUmes with lowllght or thermographic
Mluo-tT ....... scc:lvc:r: These units feature a mini- throat mike
(raped to the ne-ck), an earpiece and a transceiver module
(worn on a belt or carried In a pocket). Most models In 2060
feature wireless components and transceive on preselected
frequencies that can be programmccl In.
Xanner: This device recelve5 radio frequencies. It can be pro-
grammed to monitor 5peclflc frequencies. or to scan through a
range of frequencies for active signals.
Micro-Camcorder: Often used for surveillance. The case (3 x 5
x 2 em) comes with a three-hour vid cartridge. The camcorder
can be set 10 actlvate with motion. and the recording carries
time Indicators from the camcorders Internal clock.
Maglock rankey. These sophi5t1C<1led electronic devices fool a
maglock with a passcard system Into opening. The passkey Is
slotted through the cardreader iust like any legitimate passcard.
Use of such devices often leaves the lock scrambled or sluggish
In response, providing evidence mat the lock has been violated.
Sequencer: This device Is designed to defeat keypad systems on
maglocks. The device must be attached to the keypad's circuits,
so the character using It must stili remove the keypad's casing.
Climbing Gear: Everything needed to climb, Including har-
nesses, rope, gloves. carabiners, crampons and so forth.
N.w- D.\t GPS: This Global POSitioning System can Instanl ly
cross-reference a user's posltlon against all known satellites
and give the user's coordinates to within 2 meters. The device
also comes with accurate iniernal digital maps accessible by
dalalack as well as nume(ous useful navigational functions.
Each item of cyberware has an Essence Cost. This cost rep-
resents the reduction of the characters Essence Rating that
occurs when t ~ cyberware Is Implanted. If a character's Essence
falls below 0, his life forCe ebbs and he will die In short order.
Various types of cyberware are available i n 2060. from
headware to bodyware to complete cyberllmbs.
This small and complex hardware goes In the head and
requires the replacement of sections of the cranium with plates
of artificial bone.
Radio: A headware radio can transmit or receive on any fre-
quency. though It can only hold a few programmed frequencies
In Its memory at anyone time. The signal quality is rarely as good
as a telephone. but the ability to switch bands makes the system
more popular with the military or any user expecting acttve jam-
ming. When transmitting. the user must speak. though he may
do 50 In lones Inaudible to those nearby. For the COSI - or health-
conscious, rec:elver-only models are available.
(.hIPJa.(.k: This specialized type of datajack allows the user [0
mentally access data put on chips rather than on optical disks.
DataJa.(.kl The al most-universal mark of the cybet-conscJous
user. standard datalacks all ow Input and output to certain
pieces of cyberware and gear. Datajacks allow the user to
cybernetically InterFace wit h properly equi pped gear such as
cyberdecks. so th..1t the user can manipulate them. Issue com-
mands and so forth.
Datajacks allow the user to mentilily access heildware
memory. It Is not unusual for people to have more Ihan one
Memory: Memory Is dilta Storage space Inside the head-speclf-
lcally. the amount of space available in megapulses (Mp) to
record Input from a camera, data) ear recorder. headphone.
headradio and opticam. Raw data and certain programs can be
stored In headware memory. Stored Information may be output
through a dataiack or headware communication.
.......... .................... ................................ ............. ................. ................................................... ...................... . Sh<'ldowrun Quick SC<'IfT Rules ~ 7
EArs can be surgically modified with Implants or replclCed
with cybernetic ears. Both options usually Involve bOlh ears, so
as not to unbalance the user's hearing, Modification is nOl out-
wardly nollceable.
Cyberear mods Include the following.
D.unpener: This piece of cyberware protects the user from sud-
den In sound level as well as providing pdrtlai pro-
tection from damaging frequendes.
Heartn! Ampllfl(.o'\don: This enhancement boosts the ear's
sensitivity across the The effect Is similar to a shot-
gun microphone, with the user able to hear as though ten
times doser to the sound source.
Recorder: This modification allows the user to output sound
heard to either tieAdware memory (where It Is recorded), com
munlcatlons headware (where It Is broadcast) or a dataj.lCk
(where It goes to the dAtAjack Is linked to, such as A
recorder). If recorded intO headware memory. the sound can
later be played bad< by the recorder Inside the or 001
through the datalack and a speaker.
Cyber replAcement of norl'1\cll eyes offers 20120 vision AS
standard. Replacement almost always Involves both eyes,
because mismatched pdlrs will send imbalanced signals to the
brain. Outw"rdly. the Implants may be Indlstlngulsh"ble from
biological eyes. or they may be outlandish. ranging from neon
Iris effects (complete with gold-Ienered mAnuf"cturer's logo)
to the highchrome. featureless style.
RetinAl modillca.tion, rMher than eye Is Also
.10 option for the appearance-conscious.
Cybereye enhancements Indude the following.
Unler,,: This eye enhancement allows" digital COpy of My
ImAge viewed through the eye to be captured In a still photo.
The Image must be Stored In headware memory. transferred
through a datalack to any datA system, or recorded In a small
Image-storage chip Inside the eye (appro.xlmately 60 shots).
The chIp CM be and replAced Through a port In the
nare CompenSAti on: This accessory protects the user from
blindIng flashes of light and simple glare. It also protects users
wllh thermographic vision from heat flashes Of glare from
Infr",eeI lighting.
1ITlOI.!e Unk: "The Image link allows the user to dIsplay Images
(Including video) In his. field of vis.lon from headware memory or
piped throogh a datajack.
l ow- Ught: This accessory allows the user to see normally in light
as low as starlight. TotAl darkness, rare In the dt1es of the
2060 era, stili renders the user as blind as an unmodified person,
Retinal DupliCAti on: DupliCAtion of another person's retlnA[
pattern, ehller permanently In a retinal modific.1tion or as a
stored pAllern In A Is a capliAI crime. It Is Also of
dubioos use. because the dupllCclte Is rarely of high enough
fidelity to conslstt!:ntly fool rerlMI scanners.
Thermoy"phlc: This cyberware operates In the Infrared por
tlon of the s.pectrum, allowing the user to see heat pdtterns.
light revel has no effect on thermographic vision.
Visi on M"sol on: This enhancement magnifies the visual
Il'1\clge. [I comes In electlonlc and optiCAl versions (the IArter are
ne<essary for magicians with cybereyes).
36 ! Sh<tdowrun Quick Starr Rules ...................................................................................................................................................................... .
Bodyware is Implanted in locations other than
the user' s head. Some !ype5. such as dermal plating. also
involve additions to the skull.
Bone LadnS: Bone lAcing is a process In which the cellular
structure 0( the sublect's bones is augmented with lattice
chains of reinforcing plasncs and metals ro Improve: the: bones'
integrity and tensile strength.
Lacing makes bones virtually unbreakable by conventlonal
standards: however. laced bones CMI stili be broken If great
enough dellbemte force Is applied. Aluminum and titani um lac-
Ing show up on conventional metal detectors.
Boosted Rene ... es: This one-time electrocheml(.c\1 treatment
Increases the body's Mtural reflexes. The recipient . however.
can never use wired reflexes nor (.c\n boosted reflexes be
removed at a later date. The treatment Is permanent.
DermiU M.ltlns: This invasive protection system uses hard
plastic and metal tiber bonded to the user's skin. Dermal
plating is anything but subtle. and It limits skin flexibili!y. The
armor may be tailored to any surface Of color.
Muscle Replacement: Implanted. val-grown synthetic mus-
des replace the user's own. calcium treatments and skeletal
re:lnforcement allow an overc\Ulncre.ue In the user'S strength.
Ruction EnhAncer. By replacing pan or the spinal column
with supet'cooducrlng material . characters can Increase their
reaction times.
SmArdlnk: A smartUnk Is the loop circuitry necessary
to take full advant.lge 0( a smartgun. Targeting informalion
appears on the: user' s retina or cybere:ye as a small dot Of
h.lIrs that corresponds 10 the smartweapon's current line offlre.
Typical syste:ms use a subderrn..,1 Induction pad In the user's
palm to link with the smangun.
Spur. This narrow blade. similar to a razor. Is auached to the
user' s Retractable versions mUSI be plACed where they be withdrawn along a long bone. Alternatively. a sel of
Ihree smaller blades molY be: anchored to the: back of hand.
Wired Wired reAexes are Implanted neural boost-
ers and adrenaline stimulators. Users of wired reflexes tend 10
be twitchy.
CybernetiC limbs may be obvious chrome or fully func-
tional, natural-looking replacements. Obvious
cybertimbs can be beefed 001 and enhanced easily. though a
character sponing obvious cybe:rware will suffer In sodaI Inter-
actions and will also draw the attCfllion 0( security personnel.
SymhetlC cyberllmbs can be boosted and modified M well .
though at " slgnlflcandy higher cost . as each ImprovcmcnI
makes the anifiClal nature of the 11mb harder [0 conceal.
Strength EnhAnceme.nt: This modlflc.atlon adds lifting servos
and powerful pneumadc and flat -motor systems to Increase the
cyberArm's Strength Rating.
Cyberde:cXs are the tools that deckers use to imerface with
the: Maulx. A cyberdeck is an powerful microcom-
puter cranking out enough processing power to convert the
decker's neural Impulses Into hoIographk command Instruc-
All decks consist of cenaln components. fine-tuned 'by the
decker 10 prescnt the most wlz icon possible. These: COl'OPO-
nents genera.te the deckCf's persona and define the deder's
ratings In the Matltx.
Only one decker can Jack IntO a c:ybCrdeck at any given
time. The decker mUSI be physically connected to the deck
through a fiber-optic lack to his da.ta.Jack. The deck musl be
physically connected to a Jackpolntto ACCesS the Matrix.
NOYate<h Hypcrdeck 6: Created by ooe of the newest mega-
corporations. this mid-sized and mid-priced cyberdeck has
found a home In the sh.\dows as a sturdy model thatlfavcis well.
Me.dklt: The 2060 medklt Is well equipped to handle most typ-
iCal medical emCfge:nde:s. It Includes drug sypplles, bandages.
tools and even a expert system (BIotech SkIll 3)
designed to diagnose problems from Infofmatklo given by the
user. The SystCffi IN1I1 requcst mote lnformarion if the diA.gnosls
is unclear. Having determined a course of actlon. the kit wlU
advise the user on techniques. Me:dklts Are not' Inh\lJible. and a
standard w .. ,lver of liability mUSI be filed with the manufacturer
upon purchase:. Most models will i'lCMse users of their Il\c\blli!y to
supply proper treatmem. as well as Issuing remInders when their
stocks of v:pe:ndable materials are low. Supplies run out if a
character gets a resuil of I on a I D6 roll following a treatment.
Ground vehldes have limited self-gUidAnce capablll!y,
known as "ulonav. They can follow a programmed map and
stili react to condi tions around them. The autopilot 15 very cau-
IloU5. oftcn stopping for no rCdSOn apparent to the passenger.
Unexpected roadblocks confuse the SystCffi. prompting It to
.uk for InStructions.
Harley-D.wld50n Scorpion: This bike 15 a dassk. heavy-bodied
road hog.
IUplen A fast street machine whose slick styling
II a favorite wllh go-gangs.
Chrysle.r. Nlss.\fl This sleek IWO-seater's low price
and heavy advertising campaign have made II the most com-
mon c.\r on Norlh Amerkan highways.
ford Amerlaon The: Americar remains ford's sub-
midsize (.c\r .
....... M ....................................................................... LI..: 5_hd:..d_o:..w_,_u_n_Q" u_,_ck_5_'d_"_R_u_le _s--,-I_=- 39=-.J
rototype E/lvy Is an Is an Introductory adventure for s..vnple chardCtCrs
beginning 00 p. 57. It 1$ a good Introduction to the worid fA 5Iw1owrun for new pla,y-
ers because It Includes me most exdtlng r:i me game. It Is easy to gamemas--
m, created spedtk.\lly .so an Inexperienced gamemaster can Ieam by datng.
This adventure Is designed to be played In a single of 4 10 5 hours. If
II takes long!.":r IhM rhat , nothing Is wrong-ln roleplaytng games, time Isn't ImportAnt;
having fun Is. Don't be afraid to stop the game and restart It at a kuer tlme. Thte: Idea
Is to have fun and learn Shadowrun, not beat the dock!
Every gamernaster has his or her own style of preparation. 1hcre Is no right or
wrong way to prepare to run a Shadowrun game. Do you feel comfortable
with and whatever makes It fun for you. Gamemaslertng is wortc.. but It should also be
That said, every gamemastH should go through rhe following bask steps In order
to run a fun, successful and stress-free game.
Sure. It sounds obvlous-but Ifs also absolutely tleCessa/)'. Before beginning play,
the gamemaster should re.ld thc adventure from stan to finish and know the overall
plot. the characters' goals. and possible problem points. for example. If the adventure
Includes a scenario In which the player characters (f'Cs) take on a group of guards. as
In Protorype and there's a chance all the characters may be killed. you need to
be aware of that . Also. Shddowrun adventures thrtve on plot twists. back5tabblngs. c.orporate .mel other I'orms 0( Inlrlgue; the gamemaster
must know about all of these before the players do. Trust us: no one WAnts to heat the
gamemaster multer. -I didn' t know that was going to happen!- In the middle of a
tough encounter.
Shddowrun QUick Sr-drt Rules
Read the adventure again. this time taking notes_ Because
you Are the ooe who keeps the Story moving. write yourself
notes about It. Noles may remInd you of Informatton your
group of pl<\ye-rs needs. or where the lnforrTldtlon Is
In Quldc StclN. Note whdt gear and spells the guards hJlve
Note what fun stuff you can personalize for PerceptiOn Tests.
Make a copy or the map on p. 46 for the players.
AU these things will rTldke It easier to run the game. No
two gamernasters take f'IOles In the same way: there Is no rlght
or wrong way 10 do this.
Remember, everything you need can be found In this
c..,mem.lStering is a 101 of work, and sometimes you lusl
Coln't find stuff when you to-plot elemems are forgotten,
clues get left OUt. you can't find a rule. or players want to do
somethIng you never anticipated Any of these things can hap
pen at ony tIme, and usually all of them do. Don' , worry about
iI. If you need to look stuff up, do so: If the game slows down
while you search for a missing pIece of Informarion, so be it.
Players wUl understdnd and forgive.
nnaily. remember thou you .ue pt.,ylng d game (as \WU cIS
running It), so have fun. Use vokes, be drdlTldtic. and
throw in quirky details. If It goes off on Ii tcmgem. thelt's fine, dS
long dS 115 fun and helps everyone ledtn the g.vne. Remember,
the goal Is for you .lnd your fnends to enjoy p!dying Shcldownm,
Sometimes problems do occur. no matter how much you
prepare, The gamemaster has final duthorlty over the applied.'
rlon and Interpretation or the Quick Stittr rules. Howevcl.
gamemasters doo't need to be rules experts or know every
possible sllu.' tlooal outcome. n,e gam(''ff1astcr's most Impor
tant function Is to the SIOry rolllns dnd set standards for
rules thelt .'pply to everyone (i ncluding the gamerndSter). If the
gamemasler manages these two things. he or she can vlrtu..,lIy
guaJ_lntee a Successful and fun game eSSlon.
The Quick St.lrr Is like the Constitution. It lays the ground
work for the rules, but does not Include their every appllColtlon
The samemaster's hardest lob Is applying the Jules. Being .J.
judge 15 hard work; sometimes you have to be tough and tell
people things they don't want to hear. Mdyers should under
Stand this before they sit down 10 play.
If conflicting Interptet.ulons of the rules arise. first try to
find "nother way to resolve the action thelt Is Coluslng the con
fllct. This keeps (he stOt)' moving. The pldyer and gamemasler
can then discuss the rules problem after the sesslon Is over.
Anothel way of solving such conflkts 15 to roll a die; an even
result means the dlspyte goes the player's way, an odd result
rules {Ol the gamemc\Ster. This strategy dlso dJlOWS the story 10
continue, and neither gamemaster nor player has any room (or
complaint. Aftel thc session. the player dnd gdmemaster can
hammer out their differences
[These: two pAf"8""PhS an be reOld a.Ioud to
unf.-unlll.v with ShAdowrun.) The year Is 2061. and the shad
OWNn world is focused on The shadow community there
has bc."Cn working overtime; shadow acrtvlty meg.\COf'
porMlons has gone off the charts since the collapse of ruchl
industries, one of the world's Idrgesl corporations. Many small
companies are grasping the ch..mce to shine now that there 15 a
hole In the market. The rush to get OUt cumng-edge technology
has thrown ethkal resedrdl standards out the window.
fv\ost c:J the larger companies use shadowrunners to steal
rese.,rch ct."a from these smaller cornpdflies. while small compa
nles helve hiring runners to s..,botage thelr competitors'
....-ork. There Me vety few Mgood guysM In the workt of Sh<tdowtUn
It Is In this environment tholt the pI.'yer c/'Iar.J.ctc::rs are hired.
The characters are contacted to meet a Mr. Johnson. the
generic ,,,,me for .,nyone looking to hire shddowrunners. Mr.
johnson wants the shadowrunners to steal a prototype of a
new piece of cyberware from d fddllty. He gives them
a map, a timetable and some take IDs th..l! will allow them to
sneak In with the l.J.te shift. ""The prototype, named CRMOS 1998.
Is a new type of memOfyenhanclng cyberw.ue. It Is rumored
to give those with lhe Implant ne""photographlc memory_
The Impldnt Is being developed by Ii corporation named
Sliver Technology. This company Is so small that most mega-
COfPOr"tl005 .;lte Ignoring II. One lhal Is paying auenl loo Is
SaederKrupp-rhe worlds largest megacorpoldtion. run by
the gre_lt dragon Lofwyr. Lofwyr misses nothing in his quest to
dominate the world. and takes nothing for granted. When his
sources brought him word of this cyberwdre, he demanded
proof of irs existence before t<'klng a next step.
The lob, of course, 15 to gellnro Sliver Technology with the
late-night de<lIllng crew, snedk over to the research lab and
steAl the prototype
Of COUlse. nothing Is ever rhdt simple In 5hitdowrun ....
To get the lump on rhe competition with their Ie(.hnolog
ICdl breakthrough, the twO lOp scientists "I Silver Technology.
Dr. Stacy Ann and Dr. Dan Bishop, have decided to Implant
their only prototype InlO a person to see If It works, this
humM experimentation h..\Snt been discovered by Saeder
Krupp or any of theIr spies. Also unnoticed was Ihe Increase In
security from a token guard 01 two to an entire force on ColJl.
So now the runners nol only h..we to sneak an enr\re per
son out of a laboratory. but they have to do It while guards.
doctors cmd nurses brearh down their neck_ They u.nt even get
any help from the patIent. The cyberware lso't working cor
rectly. The poor victim h..lS no memory or who he may be-
although he Coln remember every detail of everything Ihdt has
hclppened since he woke up ahel the Implant a week "80. The
runflCrs will hdVC to decide whether to tdke him and get pdld
or le.we the poor soul behind, knowing fuJI well that he Coln
lemember exactly who they die and everything they said.
G 2 1 Shildowrun Quick Sum Rules I ...... ... .... ......... -........... ............... .... -........ .......
you need to know to run this adventure Is pro-
vided In the background Informarlon or In the Behind
thl! Scene.s sections of the adventure scenarios. likewise.
the player need to know can be learned
In the course of the adventure-the runners do not need any
prevkMJs knowIf!dge of to succeed In this shadowrun.
"1'he Information they may know appleatS In the
Legworlc section. p. 55 of PfcJc1ns Up the: PIeces.
FInally. all the rules that you need to In
5flddownm Quick Srdff. You do not need to own other
5hddowron product5 to play this scenario.
This Is of most Impon",nt nort-combat tests a play-
may have 10 make. A Test Is made the
GM determines that characters may Mve observed. or need to
observe, something to discover a due. The test is a simple
Inlciligence (4) Test. The players each roU the number of dice
e:qual to their Intelligence against a Target Number of 4.
more successes. the more Information player discovers.
The Percepnon Success Table below lets the players know how
much of any typle of Information they will Hnd. If a Perception
Test 15 called for. the resUlts will be
given In the tcxt.
Imponant Irems. Information that player characters can gather
through legwork. statistics for non-player charaaers or
I'nd Information on what the player characters discover.
Debugslns: This section offers solutions to potentlal prob-
lems the gamemaster may encounter In a scenario. Whlle we
cant foresee everything, Debugglns gives the gamemaster
Ideas on how to handle unexpected moves by players.
At the end of the after the scenarfos, Is a chap-
ter titled PldcJns Up the PIeces. This chapter wraps up the
adventure and breaks down some of the advll!:ntures Hnal
actions Into separate sections. Plcklns Up the PIeces Includes
It's" Wrap. This section deals with fal lout , player
questions. future developments, plot Ideas and other Items
that wrap up the adventure (Of II!:Xplaln why It doesnt gll!:t
wrapped up).
In this seenario. the shadowrunnel'5 meet their Mr.
Johnson. Hans BrackhaU5. Hans Is the: ultimate professional . He
lays out the pian, hands over the Informanon the playc:1'5 need
and de5Cl1bes the lob down to the smallest detai l . except for
two. I Je has no Idea that the proto-
type has been Implanted or that
has been a subsequent
IncredSC In security. Hans wi ll pro-
vide the runners with IDs thl'lt make
rublishcd adventures for
5hadownm have the following sec.-
tlons for each encounter.
WhU's Up, Chummer11 This
section offers a synopsis of the
action In the seen,ulo. The
gamerml5ter can use It as a quick
reference and overview. It also con-
Somemlng Is there.
Something Is definitely
there. and the percetver
suspectS Its general type.
The knows what
typle of thing It Is and sus-
pects Its exact narure.
them pan of the night shift cleaning
crew uniforms, a description of the
prototype and a map of the facilltics.
He wi ll alen them to some
potential danger spots. At this point
he WI ll offer them their pay and tell
them where 10 deliver the proto-
type From then on the runners Me
on their own. He expects the lob to
be done tOnight.
neetS I' given scenario
before and after It.
Tell It To Them
Written to be read out
to those
loud. this
4+ The: perceiver knows what
It 15. but has no 5p@CIfIcs
without further Information
or examination. TnL IT TO THEM STllAIGHT
section Is what the gamemaster
tells the players. You can Impart
the Information In any way thai
seems appropriate-In a funny volcl! . as Matrix or computer
data. In a nighttime phone call, or even In a questionand-
answer session with the players.
Hooks: This section offers hints on mood and other fea
lures that set the stage for the scenario. It also reminds the
gamemMter of twists and hidden Information that che player
characters mayor may not discover.
Behind the Scenes: This section IncJudes me bulk of the
InformatJon for the scenarlo. It Lays out for the gamc:master
whaf needs to be set In motion and how subsequenl actions
unfold. It also covers how non-player characters react fO the
player charactel'5' actions. Depending on the Individual sce-
nario. Behind the Scenes may Indude maps, descri ptions of
A cal l comes In for you (as GM.
you can choose: the character to
receive the all at the appropriate
place): you've gOI yourself a job If you can get to the: Sp.Ke
Needle In a half hour. Look for '" big txack limo and walt until It
flashes Its headlights twice before approaching.
When they set to the SpAce Ndle:
The parki ng lot around the Space 15 pretty full for
a weeknight-touriSts riding 10 the obse:IVallon deck or some:
of Seattles wealthy waiting to e<'lt <'It the Eye Of The Needle
The only limo you see--a MJuublshl Nightsky- b In a cor
ncr of the parldng Ioc by ItSelf. As you get within Htty meters of
the: car, you see its headlights go on and flash twtce.
As you approach the: car you notice that all the:"WIn<:Ic:lws are
dilrk: looks as If no one: Is home .
....... "................................................................. ............................................................................................ Shadowrun Quick Scan Rules 43
Meedns the Johnson Whe:n the: flrst c.h.uoAc:ter sets
wtthln 5 meters of the: art ru.d
the followln! out loud:
(f ..... _.1
In hiring meets, characters
can make any number of
l'ercepnon TestS to notice thIngs
about the }ohnson or their sur
toundlngs. The. Perceptlon Test
Table contains InformalJon appro-
priate: to Ihls meet. You may add
other results If you wish to
expand the playeB. options. A
character will learn everything
listed for the succe:ss level he or
she rolls, as well as the Informa-
tion for lower success levels. For
example. If a character rolls 3 suc-
cesses, he. or she also learns the
InformatJon for J and 2 successes.
A back window rolls down
and a male: voic.e: calls you over.
"Please come to the car quickly. I
have a dNdllne. There Is no
humor In his vok:e.
o I"m in a Ilmolll Cool. wheres
thfo bari"
'The car door opens.
Hans 8rackhdus IS we.mng a
lapel of a dragon.
set to the un
The! open limo door reveals a
very thi n human In a suit 50
6.penslve that It may actually cost
more than the limo. The man says.
name 15 Hans 8rackhaus.
Nease sit down; we have some
business to discuss." The mans
accent Is German.
2 You see the words
T.hnolog)' Security Tem
pldtes- on the folder that the
map was In.
3 You norlce rhllt rhe 5Urlty tags
are marched perfectly to the
sex and racr of me ream.
4 Hans 8raclthaui watch Is con
stantly as If It Is moni-
toring his heartbeat IAklns the Job
When e:ve.ry one is In rile
limo, the car begins to move
around the lot sIowty. as iflooklns
for '" parkins space.
You notke the limo drtver has '"
10 that cloalms he works for
s.eder-Ktupp rrtrne.
If the characters Jump
al this lob and accept the terms
offered, let [hem, The pay Is
excellent, plenty of for
Blackhaus begins. My em-
ployer needs conllrmatlon of some Informallon. A small compa-
ny called SIlver Technology has created" pIe of cyberware that
(M Incr6lSoe '" person's memc:xy Glpablilties beyond the rrAlm of
anything attemptm before. It Is al50 to the body,
causing Ies.s strain than previous cybetwe.v. My emp60yer Rnds It
hard to bdleve thai: a cornpany this snWl may Mve creatf!d $tJCh
a piece of.cyberware. but stranger IhJngs have happened. If this
pIc:c.e of gear eJdm, then my employer wishes you to extract It so
that '" real company (M test It and assess Its value.
He then opens a containIng a map. IDs, security
passes and credstlcks.
-ThIs Is a map of the: Sliver Technology buildIng, It Includes
known SKUrity guard 10000tloos. These are 10 passes and secu-
rity cards-you would be posing M the third-shift offtce-cJean-
Ing crew, The third shift begins at I a.m. This. of course, Is your
pay: 5,000 ror each of you now and another 5,CIOO when we
meet here In the /TIOfning. -
So. are you ready?
'The runner team 15 Inexperienced, so e:ve.rythlng 15 going
to be new and a bit sary. Brackhaus, mough, will be profes-
sional. He will treat them with respect, and will answer thelr
questions as best as he can. He will not reveal anything other
than the: Information above and any help our of rhe Behind the
Scenes section, below. that the gamemaster chooses to share.
This prelude to the adventure should give the players more
than enough Informarion to go on the run.
This scenar10 Introduces the characters to the an of getting
hired. It' s all about being professional.
what 5eemS to be a very simple
mission, This guy even did the
planning for them. Most players, however, won't want to leave
the table without IlCgotlatlng.
Any wlrh Negotiation SkJII can negotiate with
Hans. A learn gets only one chance at negotiation. however. so
the character with the highest skill rAting usually takes the lead.
'The character makes a Negotiation (4) Test. roiling 6 dke. Hans
8rackhaus will al50 make II Negotiation (4) Test. If [he character
wins by havIng more successes p. 10), he can requesl up
to an extra 1 ,ClOO nuyen per runner. Hans will agree and pay
them the: 6.tra money at delivery. If Hans wins, the players gel
no extra nuyen.
The Goodies
The map wl1l be fully detailed and Is explalned In Caslns
the Joint (see p. 45) . Hans will explaln where the players wlU
eflter. the bask: procedure and the supposed Ioc.ldon of the
prototype. The; rest will be on me map (see p. 461.
The passes are specific to the race and sex of the charac
ters. You can make up the names on the passes, but here .ve
some suggestIons:
Gus (Gayle) Simmons
Charlie (Charlene) Grocken
Michael (Michelle) Costollo
RJchat-d (Rachel) Azallo
11m (Tammy) Raslth
Bob (Betty) Flak
Each pass acts as a maglock key and can access most of the
Thb sectJon gives you suggestions In case the adventure
gets totally off track. It Includes answers [0 questions players
1..l1..l I Shadowrun Quick Start Rules I ...... ___ _ __ .. _ ... ...... ... ... n ... _ ...................................... _ ....................... . . ... _ . .. . .... _ .. . ... _ .. _ ......... n
will ask eIther the gamemaster directly or Hans Brackhdus. If
ptclyers clSk cl question not covered here, then you clS
gamemaster Invent something thclt fits the scenario.
How do we get our weclpons Into the office past the guards?
Hans will point out a on-sire -traller- (Room I . see p. 46),
which Is where the deanlng crew chclnges dothe5 arld
deanlng supplies clrld gear, The players can hide their weapons
In Items such clS garbage cans before they enter the office
proper. The key to door Is encoded on their 10 passes.
Can we kill Brackhaus?
You can try. The wristwatch is nOt a watch at aJi but a det'
Ol'kllO(. II will trigger explosives that line the entire Interior arld
trunk of the vehicle If Brackhaus' hc"n stops-or If the w,ltch Is
removed from his body. Brclckhaus will. of course. point this out
If thre"tened by the characteB. If the ch.lTactCB insist." he will
puJlI! off, killing himself and the characters. II's" tOugh lesson
to le"rn, but sometimes plclyers helve to leatn the hard wcly.
Who or what Is Or who Is Sliver Technology?
Both of these questions "re answered In f'iclcing Up The (>feces,
How do we get out once we grab the prototype?
-The Sc'Ime w"y you got in, - says Brclckh,lUS. - Act n"lurcll.
lOSS It in the garbage can and II out Ihe back door. If
Ihere are problems. you are on your own. TIlclt Is why I am pay
ingyou 10.000:
Do we know eclch other?
Since this Is the ledm' s first adventure. the gamemaster
can make up a stOfy to give the Impression the team knows
eclch or he'lve the players decide how their characters are
connected. Maybe they "II grew up in the Sc'Ime neighborhood.
or were p<,n of the same g"ng. Possibly they know each mher
only by reputation. or they were all contacted separately by
Hans arld have actually never met. The key Is to keep the sus
pldon down 50 the team doesn't turn on itself. They are pro-
fessionals arld should act like II
This scc:tiorl detalls the m.,p or Sliver Technology the players
receive. It "Iso gives you the strategy and defenses or the secu-
rity team. Each room on the map Is labeled WIth a number th.'l
corresporlds to a description. The players Gin get some of the
Information from Hans Brackhaus. but the maforlty of the
description will only bIe when the Chatclcters It.
Also in this section is a bleakdown of Sllategles players
may to get out
If the <hAfilltten; .... e sti ll with Hillns B'o'Ilckhaus:
"Enough questions You have only half cln hour 10 get to
Sliver and begin work. We expc<.t you bclck here befole 8 .\.111.-
Once the characters arrlye .at the SlIyer Compound:
The trip trough Seattle Wi\$ simple enough at 12:30 am,
especially because you are heading Into the business district of
A simple. elegant sign leads you to Sliver Technology. The
letters glow on a metlll baCkground. The access road
takes you past the landscaped front entrance arld guest parlt.
ing to the parking lOT In the rear. near the loading
dock. There are fewer than a dOLCn cars In the lot.
Entertng the Shed
The cleaning crew shed 11.\$ steps up to the door. The door
has a maglock on It: the IndicaTor light Is red. One loading dock
door is open. and you c.,n see light Inside, but no one moving
Mound. (The players should run their IDs through the reader on
the door "tthe top of the stcps.) n'e light blinks green clnd you
hear a lock open. The door open and you're In (go to
the description of Room I in Behind the Scenes. p. 46).
this section depends on the charactefS and metr actions.
They are the deanlng crew and don't need to pile in with their
guns OUt: they can lake their time and look around. They cllso
don't know that the only exISting prototype was [nsened Into a
peTSOl'l'S braln, making the theft" little h.lIder th..m they thought .
Silver Technology Is on the clOd growing to keep up
with Its newest technology. Security cameras in all rooms and
a complete on-line security monitoring system "re recenT addl,
tions. A security guard can lack Into the host system of Silver
Technology and watch all the security cameras at once. The
security cameras In each room (arld one In each stretch of hall -
way) give a 360-degree vicw to whoever is watching. This sys-
tem Is brarld new. and the CM can roll a die every time the
players eruer a room or hallway. On a roll of one the camera Is
offlIne. The guard In Room I Z may send the guard In Hallway
C to see If the cleaning crew needs help. This will happen only
the first time The crew enters-"fter that neither gU<'lrd cc'ITes. A
player with "n Electronics Skill can make a test against a Target
Number of 6 to see if the camera is working. One success is
Below is the key to the map on p. 46.
H.l.llw,\y A
This Is the main hallway lOr the shipping crew. The floor Is
cement and scarred with rubt>cr marks,
tLl ll way B
This hallway is -clean- and Is used only to transpon the
cyberware from the assembly lab to the shipping loom. The
runners are not required to clean this he'lii. The door to Hallway
A Is labeled WEmergency Only, W
tLlllwillY C
This hallway is carpeted. A glass door separates this hall
way from Room 32. The north end of H"lIw"y C contains a sec-
Shddowrun QuIck SCd" Rules I '45 ]
retafy's desk. A guard sits At me desk. Couches and chalrs
me walls. The door to Room Ills open.
like Hanway C, thIs area Is carpeted. It becomes a tile floor
the nurses station
Room I
The deanlng team's shee!. It contains overalls and cover-
AlIsln bright orange, as well as garbage and recycling contain-
ers and a can with deaners, rags and supplies on It. The N-
eralls come In all sizes, and should fit loosely enough to con-
ceal any body atmOf or obvious cybertlmbs. All cartS and con-
tAiners are wheeled. A small riding vac\Jum/fioor polisher Is
also In the shed. 0r1u and trolls cannot ride this Item, but a
seat- accessory Is available for a dwarf drMng It. The
vehIcle moves very slowly, and any c:Mrc\Cter can walk past It.
It never gets up enough power to knock through a wall or door.
The guard will wonder why no one Is drivIng It If the runners
do not have It with them when they check In.
Room 2
The loading dock. No trucks are par1c:ed here tonight , and
the guard has one of the lOur dock doors open (the one next
to the. shed) because the evenIng Is 50 nIce. An the lights Inside
me dock are 00. A guard (labeled on the map as G; see The 8dd
Guys. p. SO) has a booth there. The deanlng crew n.u to chedt
In with him to be allowed Into the building. forklifts and dump-
sters sit along the dock walls. The dOOl"s to the hallway are dou-
ble doors large enough to accommodate a forklift.
Room 3
The shIpping room. Metal shel .... es are filled with sealed
cybernetic partS In plastic bags, and wooden crates are stufred
with synthesized padding. There are four employees wor1c:ing
In here (two trolls and two ortts). There are also two walk-
ers--robotic-looking devICeS pkking up the hea.viest crates
and moving mem. The walkers seem to follow a pattern. Two
large forklift doors on the south and west walls connect to
Hallway A. A smaller door connec:ts 10 Room 4.
Room 4
This room 15 the packing Cyberware comes
here from the. assembly labs (Room 13) and 15 packed for ship-
ping. In order to enter this area, the shadowrun runners have
to hit a big red bunon, labeled ENTRY SELL. In Hallway A. A
loud bell rings MId the packers (only four arc working the late
shlft-tWO dwarves, <'In elf and a troll) will seal off anythIng they
are working on. They will walt until the door reseals after the
crew n.u left before they resume. packing the goods.
The workers all wear protectl .... e. -dCMt suits- and goggles.
A door to HAllway B 15 off IImlrs to the. deanlng crew.
'-l fJ [ Shadowrun Quick Start Rules I .. .................................................................................. , ............................. .
Room 5
The company lounge Includes a holovld monitor. soykaf
mAchine. vending machines. a sm.lll kitchen with Slave and
refrigerator. couches. tables and Chidrs and a variety of chip
magAzines. A sign Mnging on the wall reads days since
our last "cddent. Someone has crossed out and
written A unisex restroom Is conne<:.ted to this room
at SA. Two guards are sitting In the lounge. eating sandwiches
dIld watching (!, combAt bike tournament from los Angeles.
Room 6
A conference room. ThIs room Is locked. and the Ughts ale
turned off. A very wooden table wIth twelve CMirS
sits In the middle of the room. The t.,ble hds built In monitors
and cyberdecks. A bAr (fully stocked) Is along the south wall.
Along the east wallis a vid monitor the size of a trol l. obviously
for presentations. II looks as If a was goIng on In here
recently (cups and crumpled-up are :Kanered about .
dnd three monitors are on).
Room 7
This Is the business ofRct! ared. Sales staff. mdnagers.
accountdnts. dnd various olher essential orRce staff
work here. Twenty desks ,lre 10000ted here. with some wdlled
off from others. All the desks have computer cyl.x!rtermlnals
and vld monitors. There are doors. one each on the
south. east and north wdlls.
Room 8
The nameplate says R.lnd.lll Nell. Vlce Presldent. His door
Is locked and hIs offlce Is dark except for a desk lamp dIld the
glow from two monItors on his desk. The office Is opulent:
paintings. real leather couches and chairs. a restroom with a
shower . ... nd a wei bAr. A small meeting table in one corner
holds a computer cybertermlnal. His giant desk contains two
computer cyberterminals and four vld monitors. One comput -
er monitor is on--the screen saver Is of ,m el f woman slowly
strlpplng- and the vid monitor switches two rooms.
One looks like a hotel room with a hum.,n sleepi ng there
(Room 310) and one is a surgery. which Is empty (Room 30).
The bAthroom is In the wedge on the edSt side of the room. A
door leads to Room 9 .
Room 9
This Is a secreury/executlve assistant office. The three
desks In this room all vid monitors and computer cyber
terminals. Doors lead to Room 8 and to Room 10.
Room 10
Dr. Stacy Ann. Vice-President of Research. is the name-
plate on this door. This door Is locked and the are turned
off. The room has a large desk with" vld monitor and cybert
ermlnal. neither of which Is on. There is '" wet belr and a small
meeting table. The furniture is not as expensive as Randall
Neil's. and there Is .1 clothing rM.k with IlI.b coats and a dean
suit. Along one wall are chans of the varrous metahuman races
and body parts with cyberlmplants. An elf skeleton hangs on a
stand In one corner. A piece of P<'per taped to Its skull says
A door In the back of the office connects to Room lOA.
Room l OA Is Stacy Ann'S private laboratory. Another door on
the south end leads to Room 9.
Room l OA has " door lhat leads to Room 14.
Room 11
This is where the owner and CEO of Silver Technology.
Wilhelm Sliver. comm<\nds his company. The light will turn on
when someone enters the room. The only WAy to enter this
room Is to have the securlty guard open the d()()(.
The office walls facing the hallway are black glass from the
outside. From the Inside. they are really VR projections that
change every half hour. When the char" cters come In. the
Image Is of the acedn roiling up on a beautiful white beach.
There is even the SO\Ind of waves with an occasional bird In the
dlstilnce. His Is about the same size as those In the other
offlces. With two additional desks along Ihe side walls.
The main desk Is along the no"h wall and contains three
vld monitors And .1 cybertermlnAI. One vld screen shows the
same thing as the wall: the others are off. The second desk
along the weSt wall looks like it mlghl be an assistant's desk-
until the characters walk toward it. The flrst character to move
within three steps from the desk will be amazed as the Image
fades out to reveal a complete kitchen. b.\throom and
room. The Image resets thi rty seconds after It Is revealed.
The east wall contains twelve vidco monitors. and two arc
running with reports of the Japanese and Hong Kong stock
markets. The sound Is off. The desk In front of these monitors
Is absolulely dear. wilh nothIng on il.
There is a sunken are ... In the center of the room.
and displayed around the room dIe various pieces of cyber
ware mounted in acrylic boxes ,md on stands. One stand Is
empty and looks as if It was Jusr ordered. because It Is new and
not dusty.
A bookcase behind the blank desk opens to Room 12.
Room 12
This Is the security office and the office of Fred RJcMrds.
Fred's room Is full of video monitors. with views of all the
rooms and other Information. A guard sits in this room.
plugged Into the console. His lob Is to watch .111 the c...\meras
and to make sure no unauthorlz.ed computer terminals are
turned on 01 used. [vcry con'puter thai comes on sends a
record to tht! securlty room lI.nd begins A log.
The guard on duty is mostly monitori ng Room 3 1 D. to
make sure nothing goes wrong. He takes a break every hour
for I S minutes. His replacement will be the guard In Hallway
C. who will not Jack In but will Instead watch the monitors.
Besides a door to Hal l way C. the there are doors to Rooms I I
and 12A.
Room 12A is security' s weapons loom and contains their
assault riRes (see The 8dd Guys. p. SO). II Is off IImllS to me
cleaning staff. Fred himself Is sleeping In Room 31 A.
The guard here appears on the map I.1beled as G.
................................................................................................... ...................................... ......................... ShC'ldowrun Quick Stet" Rules 1..17
Room 13
Cyberware assembly and construction lab. It Is a
The characters are not allowed to enter this room. One
employee (a human) Is working there now. The south wall Is
glass and the lab contains electronic. manufacrurlng equIpment
as well as large projection monitors and some robotic arms
connected to loystick-like devices and electronIc microscopes.
There Is a door to Hallway B on the north side or the room
and two doors on the east side (to Rooms 2.8 and 2.7). A single
sealed glass door is in the south wall.
Room 14
The laboratory contains lab tables, an abundance of elec-
tronic equipment. various calibration machines and multiple
workstations. -Clean suit:;- hang on coat racks near various
workstations. An el f woman and a human male are working In
here. They have on lab coats and are debating a prolected
microscope display. The display shows a brain with the words
4, CRMOS I 998 active. The debate to
revolve around changes in the brain.
The entire north wall Is glass. A single door In this area Is
sealed shut and leads to Room 13. This room has three doors,
one to the west connecting to Room lOA, one to the south
connecting to Room IS and another In the east connecting to
Hallway D.
Room 15
This is the power plant of the building and contains the
back-up generators and all outside power lines. The heating
and air-conditioning units are also located here. Master switch-
es for all the major devices. including securiry. are located
here. A door In the south end connects to Room IsA and a
second off the southwest connects to the lobby (Room 32). A
door on the north wall connects to Room 14 and one on the
east wall connects to Room 16.
I SA [s the maintenance offlce. Shelves are stacked with
light bulbs. cleaning supplies. electric cords and other gear.
this room seems recently built and not yet organized. There
are plenry of tools here. from regular wrenches and sockets to
microelectronic versions.
Room 16
The computer lab was recenlly expanded to hold another
mainframe computer. The expansion took place to the west;
the walls there are unpainted. and lights h.."Ulg from the ce1l1ng
without any f1.xrures. Cans of paint and construction tools are
still in this room. The room conlains one desk area and a
repair/workstation right Inside the door from Hallway D. The
desk area has five cyberterminals In various stages of repair sit-
ting on It. as well as two vid projectors and a monitor. this
room is locked and the res will need to get a guard 10 open It
for them. The room Is highly air conditioned.
Room 17
This lounge contains a lable. CQUdl. coffee madlinc and
small refrigerator. It does nor comaln vending machines. It has
a single door.
'l..,f 0 I Shddowrun QUick Start Rules I .. ........... ..... ......................................................................................................................... ..
Room 18
The computer and Imaging lab Is full of computers and vld
projectors. The: high-end graphics and m.:nhematic:al formuldS
used to creale cyber'Nare are pUt Into practice here. There are
twelve 'N'Otkstatlons. A single dOOf connects to Hallway D.
Room 19
The: office of Dr Daniel Bishop, the brain expert al Sliver.
1he door ha3. a nole on a ripped piece of pdper: DO NOT
CLEAN, His office Is an unkempt mess of papers, optical disks
and black magnetic boards on which he has written advanced
and cryptic mathem."I,1 formul.\S. His flve vlds are allan, with
views of looms 13, 14, 20, 26 and 3 1 D.
Room 20
The door says Brain Lab. This room looks much like Room
18. except for the giant brain. In the center of the room Is a
three meter by three meter holographic picture of a brain. The
brain seems alive. as one can see blood Rowing and neurolog-
iCilI Impulses One section of the brain Is highlighted. A piece
of cyber'Nare Is embedded there.
The hoIolext under the brain says - Prototype CRMOSI998
- Test 4 (now In RIM sleep hour 5
A giant vld screen on the east wall an Image of a
human sleeping (Room 31 OJ. The room Is full of monilorlng
Room 21
A bathroom.
Room 12
The research library. Multiple slm and projection vld
machines fill the room, along with stacks of optical disks and
large wail-sized body images printed on paper or de.u
polyvinyl . A l.uge crate near the door says Prolotype
CRMOS I 998 backup
Room Z3
this Is an .ld hoc security room ,\nd Is barely operatlo",ll.
If looks "'5 If construction has just finished. There ",re monitors
here for only the east area (all the aredS along Hallway D). A
lone guard 15 on duty here. and he 15 not lacked In. His p.1rrner
Is at the nurscs' stalion.
Room 14
This Is the doctors' office. Six desks each hAve a vld mon-
Itor and a computer terminal. One of the doctors is on duty and
It looks as if he Is playing" slmvld game on his monitor. He is
Room 15
this Is Ihe nurse-s' offlQS. There are ten desks here, each
with a vld monilor and d compuler terminal.
Room 26
The nurses' slalion 15 nOI so much" room as an are"
Various monitors show life signs, and a vld monitor hdS a view
of Room 31 D. Two nurses are here with a security guard. The
.uea Is surrounded by a half wall. One nurse Is human, the
other Is elf.
Room Z1
This Is the women's shower and changing room fOf the
surgery and the dean room. A door enters Room 13, but you
must ring d buzzer before the sealed door will open.
Room 28
This Is the men's shower and changing room for the
surgery and the clean room. A door enters Room 13, but you
must ring a buzzer before the sealed door will open.
Room 19
The room is filled with hosplt.ll gear, and all
kinds of monitors on wheels. A CAbinet filled with drugs Is
locked. A single door enters Room 28. while double swinging
doors enter Room 30.
Room 30
1he surgery has wall monitors and hoIovld screens, surgi-
CAl tables, wall and IkIor connections for various gases and
three hlgh-JX)WCred tights hanging Ilom the ceiling.
Rooms 3IA-D
The: patlenl recovery rooms are I1ke small hotel rooms,
each hdvlng d restroom, a vld screen, closet. furniture .and a
bed, The only occupied room Is 0 , the closest fO the nurses'
stallon. It has the name -Protorype CRMOSI998- on the door,
with a binder labeled Medical History.
Fred Richards, head of security. 15 sleeping In Room A.
Room 32
The enuance lobby has a marble floor. The main entrance
15 twO large gl",ss doors with a circuitry pattern running
through them. The p<lllern glows as If electrical pulses are
going through It. After hours, no one CAn enter rhrough these
doors without a p.:\sskey .lnd retinal scan. A reception desk
manned by twO gu",rds Is In the center of the lobby. The reti-
nal sc.mners ,lie embedded in the wall inside the lobby next
to the doors.
1he lobby's ceili ng Is a twO-Story glass dome. In the cen-
rer Is a fountain depicting twO hUmAns embradng. The humans
.lie m.lde of marble and cybcrwafe. Couches. chairs and plants
.ue arranged throughout this .uea. Glass doors lead from the
lobby to Hallways CandO: both sets of glass doors have
magloc:.ks. A second security desk Is against the back wall. The:
gUclrd here is plugged into the security system and Is mooltor-
Ing rhe external CAmeras as well M Ihe loading dock and the
lobby. He takes a break every hoUf for 15 minutes. His replace-
ment Is one of the' twO guards from the front desk, who will
walch the monitors and not lack In. This desk Is only manned
al nighl The door behind this desk goes to Room IS.
The guard here appears on the map labeled as G.
..... Quick Stilrr Rules 'i9
.... _lOok, ...... 01_1
7 5 64 44 3.55
Assault Rilles 5
- .
-.- 3
_ 4
__ 3
............ 5
........ 6
UQarmed Combat 6
c,.,.... ...
PlastIc Bone LadI'l8
Boosted Reftexes 1
Cybereyes with Rare compensation,
low-light and thermographic

Smattgun link
_-97 fAsMull lURe)
D_ ... , lOS
l-aet to HIt; 3/ S'

ThIs weapon gets Z 5hots Combat I'hase. The
number Is for the second shot.
.. ow .... Mou.-Power (Heavy PI stol )
De 19M
T.,et Number to HIt: 2
RsI (/I.1dee Weapon)
D.unAse1 9M Stun
T,arpt NUlliber to HIt: 4
from the shadowrunner perspective. the guards are the
b.ld guys, and there are guards allover the building. There are
more guards than even Brackhaus knew about.
Brackhaus knows "bout the guards at the following loca-
tions (they are marked on the map as G):
One guard In Room 2
One guard In Room 12
One glJald In Room 32 at the front desk..
The additional guards should be a surprise. The fact that
Head of Security Fred Richards Is actually 'on dury" is also a
surpr1se. Besides the surlty team he has Installed here,
RIchards has some off-site security ready i\t a moment's notice,
and he contacts them Immediately upon any trouble.
When RIchards calls for reinforcements (this call Is by
wrlstphone, not through the security system), they will be of
the same make-up as the characters below. Roll one die and
add 2 to the re$Ult to determine how many additional guards
will come. One will be a shaman. as described on p. 52.
Roll another dle--the reinforcements will amve at the froot
door a number of minutes equal to the result after being called.
The gamemaster determines exactly when that Is In the game.
You can continue to roll for reinforcements until the play-
er characters escape. are captured or are dead.
Their Duties
Most of the guards arc doing exactly what anyone 00 late-
night shift would do--nylng to stay awake. Solitary guards are
usually watching vld monitors of anything the CM chooses.
Those! Jacked In are described In The Vlnual Att.1d:, p. 53. All
the guards have cyberware radios for communication. Each
one Is connected separately to the main control In Room 12.
The guard there connects the guards to each other In times of
rred RichArds
As head of security, rred RIchards, an ork, has been living
on-site during the entire prOtotype experiment. He's sleeping
In Room 3 1 A. He will wake up If he hears gun shots or explo-
sions In the rooms along Hallway 0, He will also wake up If the
guard In Room 12 calls him on the radio, or If all-out chaos
breaks out {see The Masrer Moves, p. 53J.
fred's statistics are listed 00 this page. He carries his
assault rifle with him at all times, and It Is In his room with him.
The Guards
All guards of the same race have the same statistics. as
listed on p. 51. You can assign races of guards as you wish,
with two exceptions: the security dedters (the ones that lack In
to watch the moniTOrs) are human, and the shaman (assigned
to the nurses' slalion. Room 26) Is elf.
If the are fighting multiple guards at once, as In a
big firelight. you may wish to roU tnltlattve (see p. 18) for multi-
ple guards at one time. Use the guard with the highest ReactIon
to determine Initiative. All guards 'oYOUld act at this time.
One special note: the assault rifles are stored In Room
12A. Guards normally carry only their pistols. TIley wear their
vests at all times.
There are a few regular Starr working the late shift packing
or assembling at Silver Technology. These noncombat !ypes
will hide or scream, not cause trouble or risk their lives. The
50 I Shildowrun Quick Srillt Rules I .. .. ... ........................... ............... ................................................................... ..
IIIIMAN ...... 1Iy decIcenJ



6 6 5 Z 5
3.55 0 5

_ .....
.., (noa-maak)

Q C I W I M It
6 7 5


3.55 0 6
,aMI,,", 6 + 206
-. .....



7 6 7 2 5 5 3.55 a 5
hMW"-t 5 + Z06
_ ......



9 5 7 I 4

5.55 a

h'd .,e: 4 + 206


9 3
3.55 a 3
IIIIdIItIveI 3 + 206
Adion Pooh 4
AssAult lURe 5
Athlettcs 6
8101ech 3
Electronics 4
.ttqueM 3
PIstols 6
Unarmed Combat 6
C ..........
PI.lsdc; Bone lacing
--.. Cybereyes wtth cornp.ensatlon,
5ow-Ught And thermographic
5martgun Link
/IJI.-'1 (AuouIt RIlle)
De .e. lOS
T..-PI .,. ... 3/5-
this weapon gets 2. shots per Combat PI'wIse. 1IIe M-
ond number 15 tM for second shot.
IrDwwbs MaxPower (AstoI)
T ...... NIIIIIber to NIb 2
..... (1Y1eIft Weapon)
.,.. .. (by r.-e of ..... Human and elf (7M Stun),
dwarf and ark (9M Stun). troll (11M Stun)
T .... N '., to .. 4 tor an exoept me troll . 1he tfOII
has a Target Number of 3.
InIIIdwet 5 + 1 D6
ActIon PooIl 4
SIdII$I Assault 5, Athletics 6, 5,
Electronics 4. Etiquette 3, PIstols 6, Unarmed Combat 6
c .........
Plastic Bone Ladn.g
Cybereyes with flare compematlon, lOw-light and thef-
Cyberware Radk>
Smartgun Link
'trill '-lit tt t:lft Z
D.uDqe: 6M. (Stun)
w .......
Same as other guards.
..................................................................... .............................................................................................. I Shadowrun Quick Start Rules I 5 t
ElfDoaSba ...
37265 6


_ .... ,
Ac:IIN SIdIa: Athletics 4. Biotech 3. Conjuring 6.
3. PIstols 4. SorceI)' 6
J .....
Add Stream 5
Actions 4
Detect Enemy


..... -
....... _-Power (Heavy Pistol)
' .... NUIber to .. 4
M .. ,
AnDond Vest with PlAtes
.... "'dn4
"' ... -
stats for non security personnel are listed on p. 53.
The doctor and the nurses on duty are also c:.onsidered non
combat types and will save themselves If the need arises. Use the
stats on p. 53.
The two bigwigs on duty. Dr. Stacy Ann (an elf) and Dr.
Dan BIshop (a human) . are working In the lab. going over
reports on the progress of the prOtotype and tlYlng to Hgure
out why the Is haVing a bad re....ctlon. Both are exueme'
Iy tired and cranky and wl1l Ignore the deanlng crew unless
something unusual occurs. Dr. Bishop wilt tell the crew to leave
his ofHce alone. He doesn' t want It deancd.
Their only concem Is for the prototype and moe patient. If
they discover that the cleaning crew arc shadownrnners. riley will
scream orders as If they are In charge Instead of Fred RIchards.
This Is their Ilre's work and they arc so dose to SU<Xe5S. they do
not want It to fall Into anyone else's hands. Use the Non<ombat
NPCs stats for these characters.
Then! are various ways the players can discover the tnJm
behind prototype 1998. The CM can use the following
Perception Test Table to gtve the players Information. ThIs Infor
mation can be gathered from computer terminals. memos.
mall. or any other devk:e you or the players can think of. See
InITUcll Arradc. p. 53. for how a decker can locate the Information.
Each succes.s resull offers four answers. The CM can choose which
Information to reveal . or determine the answer randomly.
of the Information Is at least a week old (adjust the time frAme of
the rt:SJXXlSe as needed to fit with Information already learned).
I. Wow. chea out the cool tech In this room ...
2. Hey. you dean OUt me garbage! I did It last
3. This place Is swank ... ! could work here.
4. Hey. look. there's some food In this guy's
desk drawer.
I . Prototype CRM05 1998 Is on schedule.
2. rrototype CRM051998's advance sales Me
the largest In company hlstol}'.
3. Prototype CRMOSI998 Is a
Ing cyberware.
4. rrototype CRMOS I 998 15 the fourth version.
I. CRM051998 has been put on an experimental
2. Research on the failure of the first three ver-
sions Is Inc.omplete.
3. A working version waiting for final testing has
been completed.
4. Drs. Bishop lind Ann have laid out suitable
fourthverslon requirements.
I . fred Richards has discovered a suitable fourth
version vessel.
2. The new mainframe has arrived and is awai t
Ing Dr. Blshop's programming code.
3. Brain Lab has been created to give instant
feedback and monitor aJl vital signs on exper
4. Doctors and nurses have been retained and
will staff on a 24/1 schedule.
I . Richards' request for Increased sec.urlty has
been approved.
2. Richards' request for a second security office
has been approved.
3. PrOtotype CRMOS 1998. the fourth version. has
been completed with changes. awaiting
4. Prototype CRM051998. the fourth version, Is
scheduled for surgeI)' tomorrow.
I . SurgeI)' on Prototype CRM051998. the fourth
version. Is successful.
Z. PrOtotype CRM051998 Is doing well. Patient
being monitored and seems fine.
3. There has been a setback! Same problems as
versloos 1-3. Awaiting decision on patient.
4. Memory loss sti li a problem. Drs. Bishop and
Ann stili at a loss to explaIn the phenomenon.
52 I Shadowrun QuIck Start Rules I .. ............ .... ................................................................................ ............................................. ................... .
TltE PAnENT room might be enough
runners will -.coM&UNKa to get me staff running.
find the patient .uJeep
In room 310. He Is a
thin, gray-looking
human male. H.
appears to be In his
late 50s. 001 he could
be younger and
ravaged by life on the
streets. Hi s heAd IS

H ....... 3

Jf 3
Colt 6

Q 5 c: I
3 3 3
Z 5 3 3
4 3 5 3
3 5 Z Z
He Is hooked up to a variety of monitoring equipment. but
has only IV shunt, which Is easily disconnected. The patient
Is fc<ovcrlng well physically and will wake easily. The t rauma
and confuslon of the surgery has left him weak-willed, and he
will do whatever the players ask, without quotlon. He will not
speak until asked a direct question. He does not know his
name or how he got to SllverTedmology. and he becomes dls-
tr\!!SSed when asked. He remembers nothing before waking up
In this room. but remembers every detail of every day since.
and will launch Into an 6crudatlng blOW-by-blow description
If the runners ask. He will shut up If they tell him to.
In me closet of me room ls a set of old but clean ordinary
oothes and a pair of old shoes. The poc:kets of me ckxhes are
empty. ls nothlngdse but medical equipment in the room.
If the runners are Involved In a firefight when the paden!
Is with he will duck and cover with surprislng speed. He
did survive on the street for and some thlng5 are more
Instinct than memory. His slats appear below.
2 2 2 3

are specific plans players can concoct that
will get them results they need. of the most basic
outli ned below.
Guns A-Bl.uln'
The worst option Is to come In guru; a-blazing. The shad-
owrunners will not very far at all. The guards have guru;. out-
nwnber me runners (In most cases), and can Isolate and hold off
the runners until antv.e:. The guards will t1)' to hold
off the runners until me doctor and nurses, aJong wlm Drs. AIln
and BIshop. the patlern out through Hallway B.
Super Spies
A bettc:r option would be to tTy to sneak the patient out.
this would Pes uslng almost alt of their mak-
ing themsdvc:s appc:ar exactly as a nobody deanlng crew.
They must distract the stMfas subtly as they can. so that no one
expects them to take the patient.
Some WAYS to distract the staff would be to break the seals
on one of the "dean" break something In the surgery or
surgery prep room. or cause an so and
doctor need to examine someone. Cleaning OIxtor Bishop's


3 3+106
2t lD6

3 3+1 06
6 1+106
The MAster Moyes
A few move; can
rurn the tables In favor
of characters. The
first would be to tok.
Room 12. This
would give the res
control of all me cam-
eras and the main security channel that all the guards are coo-
nectl!Cl to. players can then send guards on wi ld goose
chases. or them to go someplace where the Pes will be
to gain control CNf!r (See The VllTual Attdck for sug-
gestions on how to do this.)
A second option would be to throw all the master switch-
es In control room. This would cause chaos
because back-up cannot all
ment. SectIons would be totally blacked out or on minimum
operatlons. Most Important. not all of the monlt0f'5 watching
the patient would be on"line. One version of this would be for
the Pes to physically out the mainframe. this would cause
all the monitors to go ofHlne. and no one outskie the room
\NOUld notice the patient was missing.
If one of the is the tech-wtz. there a few
options for the shadoWNn team. The tech-wi%. can t1)' to
look out for the team frOO'l the Matrix. He may even try to
defeat guards by taking himself.
adding to the chaos optIon glvefl In The Masrer Moves.
The guards do not cyberdecks; thei r dks per-
manently connected to their cybertermlnals and are not name
brand. Remember, the guards stili to tests to do
anything In the Matrix. The Matrix works 00 command and
though the guards on home system. they stili
ha .... to ask the computers to respond to their actions. The
guardS' target numbers for bom .md Combat Tests
only 2. oot they CdIl fall.
WMt tt Looks Like
The sculpted Matrix In T@C.hnology looks
physical world-walls. desks. doors. The Is that if the
anything. It come alive as If It a cross
a robot and a canoon. A door opens. file cabinets
search for Hies themselves, desks compose memos with a
thought .
The icon of the guard In Room 12 Is slttlng In a room full
of giant Hoatlng lV with a view from one of the
omnidirectional room cameras. He 15 sltting In a giant kXlnge
chair with screen floating dose and huge as a
screen. The Image Is 0( the nurses' station and he Is focuslng
the In on one of the nurses.
In his hand he has a giant remote. SItting on the! floor next
to him Is a bullhorn, whIch Is access to security chan-
nel. Also on the floor Is whal looks like a fax machine generat-
...................................................................................................................................................................... Shadowrun QuIck. Srart Rule5 5
Ing " report This is the listing of wIklt computer termln"ls Are
active and who\t Is being done on them. It r"rely moves. as only
a computers "re in use. If another computer Is turnfil on,
the report will print fASter and the guard will take notk.e. send
Ing the guard In Hallway C to see what 's up. If Ihe res use a
terml",,1 thAt Is already on. the changes "re subtle enough thc
guard will not notice.
The guard In Room 32 Is Sitting In a virtual representation
of the lobby. The only dlft1!rence Is that the monitors he Is
w"tchlng Me floating way off In the distance and he seems to
be playing some kind of card game. Around the security des.k
are three old-west looking guys wlth robot heads. benlng on
the cards In their hand. It Is obvious th.u this is .\n old program
bec.\use the resolution of the card plAyers Is poor-as If they
were colorful ghOSts. The guard h.lS a remote .lnd a bullhorn on
the floor ncar him.
60th guards look like tot.llly metal cyberguards.
If the lech-wlz for any information on the proto
tYpe. h.we him make a Search Test pcr Ihe rules on p. 25. He
can search like that in every room. the same as the players in
the world. If the search Is successful . have him make a
rerceptlon (4) Test using the t.lble on p. 52 to determine how
much he finds. files come flying out of desk drawers or file cab-
Inets and fly to him like butterflies with the Information.
He can Also block the camera in any room, shutting It off
with a successful Search Test. Finding the camera does not
require a Search Test (the player already made a tesl to gct 1010
the room). The camera looks like "n oldfashlonfil movie cam-
era on a tripod. hanging upside down fronl Ihe ceiling. A
Search Test reveals a socket and plug, which the character Cdn
pull OUt .
The GM needs to roll one die after each attempt
to shut off a camera. If It comes up I. the securlty decker In
Room 12 wlll come even though the character dldn' t trigger
the alarm. His first action after seeing the plelyer will be !o nig'
ger the "Iarm (A giMI Hare gun); after that he will att,lck the
player. If the plelyer falls. of course. the alarm is triggered "uto-
matlcally (see p. 25).
The techwlz can tAke out the nerve center of Sliver
Technology by eng"8ing the guard in Room I 2 In Malll" corn
bat (sec p. 25). The guards' weapons look like el giant hammer
swung like a baseball bat. Eithe, guard wlll know when some
one enters their room In the Matrix.
if the Is not sounded. the player will helve surprised
Ihe guard. ThaI me"ns the guard cannOT aCt until the Ch.u.lCter
does, so If Initiative dictates the guard goesflrst. he 1056 those
phacs until after the characters first phase. The gUelrd's first
action will be to put the system on "Ierr 10 get rhe ,mention of
the second ontine guard. so the player will actua.lly get two
an"du; before the decker anemp(s to anack him.
The tech wlz c.m wah until his buddies are reeldy to AnclCk
Room 12 or Room 32 In physical spi'ce before entering the
5"4 1 5h<1dowrun Quick 5(<1( Rules I .. .. .. ........... .
same room In the Matrix and tipping off Ihe guard. OrlCe the
gu.ud Is ellerred. "II tArget numbers to hit the charaCter are
reduced to 2 In the physical world (Collcept for spells In which
the target number Is An Amlbute like WIllpower or Body; those
do nOT change).
If either guard Is on break or <'II ready disposed of by the
res. their Manlx rooms will be empty and the techwlz. can do
anything he w<'lnts.
King of the Matrlx
If the chardCters can defeat Ihe guard In lhe Matrilo; or
physical world (or both). the tcch wiz has control of the remote
cameras and can shut them off al will , and can also shut down
the communications network by {U/nlng off the bullhorn. He
can destroy the f.uc generating the computer log. so the gUMd
won't know he Is there. TIlls Is effective If the lechwlz enters
Ihe room while the guard is on break. All of these actions
require a successful Se<'lfch Test to complete.
This gives the team ., huge advantage. If the tech wb.
jacked in from an office. he can go 10 Ihe securitY room In the
Matrix and act as the guard. treating the entire system as his
home system. This rfiluces his tArget numbers for Searches
and Combat to 2. while .lny remai:llng guards would then have
a Target Number of 4 for both tests.
One wt Problem
Do not forget thell there Is <'I guard In Room 23 watching
the cameras of the rooms in Hallway D. Shutting off all the
cameras will get his Attention. and he will to be con
vinced not 10 call for an alarm. How he is convirlCfiI Is left up
to Ihe players to roleplay.
This is the part of 5hndowrunning. This Is the part
where me runners earn rhelr pay. This Is also the part where one
mistake may mean the dwaclers can get caught or die.
This section could turn Into a long "dungeon ci<lwl " as the
Ie.lm searches cach room. Keep reminding rhem need to
h.we" plan to get the prototype (the patient ) OUI. Once thcy
discover the truth about the prototype. they may believe that
Hans lied to them or they weu: set up.
You can handle this how you wish. and according to what
your players decide. Some players may want to complete what
they were hired to do and bring along the prototype-.;md
therefore the patient. That wlll net them the biggest reward.
but 15. of course. Ihe riskieSt course of "ctlon. Others may want
OUI. The Ch,,,"clels might also decide to sreal all th"t mMerlar
In the library labeled Prototype Research. While Hans
Br-lCkhaus will appreclatc the effort. he will nOI pay the <'Imoun!
they agreed upon. He will P<1Y harf (which is Ihe upfrom
money), because the ream did nOf fulHII rhelr end of the bar
gain. Now his people have to pore through tons of research.
spending nuyen plAyers could have earned (that's what
Hans says). If the runners bring both the patient/ prototype And
research. HAns wlll be very Impressed and give them dou
ble the nuyen requested.
Runners may die Of get captured. That Is the life of the
shadowrunner. But It also makes for 1'10 fun for the first time
(Anelll's nard on the gamemaster), Here ate oJ. few suggestions:
When the gUdrds afldcX. nave them attack only one .:u A rime:
this will limit the Amoum of damage the ploJ.yers will take.
Second. give the players a second chal'Kce--lf you roll A high
level of damAge, re-roll It, giving the player the lower damage
total, Firldlly. lust because the dice say something doesn't
mean It h.u to nappen, As a CM. you control the action, so
InStedd of a high level of dam..'\ge you Cdn say they take a lower
level , but the they were hiding behlnel was blown to
shreds. This also applies to other actions the players may
ti\ke--if the turn of events seems to be going Against t he char
ACters let them succeed, but just Darely, For example, they
Cdtch the gu",d the Instant before he ralse!i the AlArm.
This se<.tion is the c..lIch-ali for Information the GM might
need to hAve or for Any follow-up Ideas and Adventures.
Once the players escape the Silver Technology compound,
they to head directly to me Space Needle where HAns
Brackhaus's limo Is weliling. The gUdlds will not follow. Bradc.h.lUS
will make the deal agreed upon At the beginning of the ar!ven.
ture. reflecting any ChivlgCS tholt may holve occurred as described
in me Debugglns section on p_ 54 Note rhdt the patient need I'IOt
be delivered alive for the runllCrs to receive their reward. but the
prOtotype itself must be Inti\CI and unt\ilfmcd.
Hans will be lIm.ued 'hat the prototype had been implant-
ed and will ask for a complete debriefing of Any and all facts the
res may remember. He will not be upset If the res tell him
nothing more. After the p<lyment. the limo pulls away and
tholt's the I,lst the PCs ever see of Hans And prototype
Two weeks I",er. they will learn thaI Saeder-Krupp pur-
chased" smAil Sel\ttle corporation Ccllled Sliver Technology.
The price was very low: Sliver Technology had declared Dank-
ruptcy becAuse Its newest cyberw,ue never shipped.
Karma is not covered in the Quick St.1ff rules. Karma is
used to improve a shadowrunner over time. If the players WMlt
to keep these same characters to play Sh.uJowrun. Third
Edition, they can st<ln with an additional S Karma from this
legwork Is what characters do to prepdre for dn adven-
ture. Since lhere isn', Any time to prepdre In Ihls advenlure. the
Legwork section is d breakdown of the bdsk facts the\c-
lers would know i\bout Sacder-Krupp and Silver Technology.
(Tuset Number 4)
I' ve heard of them ... they make beer, r1ght?
Saeder-Krupp Is German. right?
Solcder-Krupp Is the largest meg.lcorpora
lion In the workt.
Sa(,"der-Krupp Is owned. run and fully opel
ated by Lof'wyr, one of the workts mosr
powerful dragons.
You remember Hans Brackhaus-he wor1<$
for the big dragon personally.
What Lof'wyr WAnts, lofwyr gets. Don'1 get
In his
(Tarset Number 4)
Sliver 15 a shiny metal .
Sounds like they make something technical .
I have 1'10 idea what, though.
They ate oJ. small local corp. Nothing really all
that remarkable about them.
Silver Tech makes cybcrware and cybcrware
"'"' Sliver Tech's spedalry Is heAdware----cyber-
ware for the brain.
They do good biz and seem Indepenelertt
from the big megacorps.
If you've gotten this far. CONGRATULATIONS! You've JUS!
played Shddowrunt As stAled In the Introduction, these!: rules are
,l condensed version of the rules In Sh.tdowrun, Third Edition.
So what Is next? Your next step would be to purchase
Sh,ldowrun, ThIrd Edlrfon. "5J"tdowrun 3 goes into depth on every
topk discussed here, Including A complete set of rules for deck
Ing and rigging (j..lCkIng Into vehicles and drones to comm.-md
them AS you would a character), security meASures, character oe--
atlon and Improvemem. a complete hiStory 0{ the Shddowrun
universe, plus more b..lckground on Seattle and me racilk
Nonhwest. the main setting fOf ShddownJn. There' s also lllOfe
magic, lllOfe combat options, more ge.v-more of evetythlng.
Each of the characters In Shddowrun Quick Sr.lfT has A
more complete version In Shddowrun 3. with a fun record
sheet. You may Also want to pick up nrsr Run, which, through
a series of adventures. teaches how to plAY using the complete
rutes of Shddowrun J, as well as how to gamemasfer an entire
Cdf11pc1ign with multiple Adventures.
Welcome to the shadows. chummers ... hope YOUI StAY is
long and eventfull
.......................................................... .... .... ................. ..... ............ ................................ ............................ 5hadowrun Quick Scarf Rules ::. 51
he eight sample charaders 00 the following pages repre-
sent a variety of the types of runners you can play In
Shddowrun. This group of characters was also to
have a wide range of skills and abilities. Any type of char-
acter can be any race or gender; the!.e characters are based
on characters mat appear (with full-color illustrations) In
Shadowrun. Third Edition. After playing Prorotype Envy. you
can condnoe to use these characters 10 adventure using the
full Shddowrun rules.
The sample characters can be
broken down Into four types:
magic users, gun guys. the Infil -
trators, and the tech wlz.. The
magic users are the Iroll
combat mage and the ark
street shaman. If you are
Interested In running a
magical character, you
should read the MAgic
sectlon (p. In.
charaaers can srll1 nre
guns and act In most
other ways like other
characters, they JUSt have
the additional ability to
work magic. The differences
in playing a mage or a
sham.\n are explained on p.
28, MagIc users can also c:onJure
spirits (see Splrlrs, p. 31 ),
The gun guys differ In ihelr
approac:h to combat, The troll merce-
nary Is a gun for hire, while the human
street samurai seeks honor In c:ombat. Flnally, the:
human INeapOIlS spedaJlst Is a jac:X-of-a1I-trades c:ombat
gUN who can w1eki any kind of weapon. If yoo are playing one
of these characters. read the Combat section (p. 18) carefully to
understand how combat (both ranged and melee) works.
The Inflltrators are a unique breed of shadowrunner. 80th
spedallze In stealth, but they differ In execution. The elf c:overt
ops spedallst Is dever and agUe like a high-tech cat burgtar,
while the ork Investigator relies on street smarts for detection.
negotiation and Intimidation. They both can fight. To play
read the Combat section (p. 18) and the gear section (p.
35) to be familiar with the high-iec:h gadgets Ihey have.
FlnaJly, the dwarf tech-wlz can do lust about anything with
electronics: break in past an electronic survelltance system Of
deck Into the Matrix. To plAy this character, read the Matrlx sec.-
tlon on p, 14 and the Matrix c:ombat rules on p. 24. The sec-
tion Street Gear Is also helpful (see p. 35).
It 15 best noc to have two of same character I}'Pe In a
group. Not only will two of the same character type tend to act
maklng a less Interestlng expeOence. but the group 'NIII
not have a baLmced range of skills. Tdlk 'NIth your rellow pldyers.
and l'you can't eadl on character. choose
randomly. All charaaers will have something to do In Prototype
Envy, and no one Is more powerful than another.
Every character has a P/aylns se<tlon on the
record sheet. Use this as a guide to
understanding the different character
types. This section will give: you
some Insight InlO thai character.
but the character [s still lust
numbers on paper. You gtve
\"he character life with your
[maglnatlon. You can't
make any mistakes
this is the fun. CIcatlve
part of the game,
Roleplaying Is a long-
term process, and the
character can also change
O\Ier time.
Here are a few sugges-
tions for roleplaying.
I . Name your characler,
Remember that street rwnes
are the norm. Michael
MuMhlll does nOI run me shad-
ows, But Gonzo. Virgo, Cheshire.
Bull, Padre, carter, Phlame,, The
Albino Alligalor and, of course, lohnny
Skeeky do. Your character's name can be
anything you want It to be. It' s yOUr street name.
so plck It with pride.
2. Think about what your character does for a living. It's a
fairly deadly occupation. Why does he or she do It? You can
either write II down or lust let It dictate the action your charac-
ter takes. Is your characrer a RobIn Hood, going after the fat
cats to he:lp the oppressed? Or is your character a warrlOf fight
Ing the new war7 Maybe he ILISt wants the challenge of going
against the toughest opponents and winning. Maybe I(s lhe:
money. There is no right answer. Use your Imagination.
3. Don't worry that you might pick something wrong.
There Is no wrong In roleplaying. If you think that the street
samurai woyid act like a traditional Japanese samurai, calling
OUI his opponent for one-on-one combat, great. On the: other
hand, If \"he mercenary's first reaction Is to pull the trigger
before a plan of action Is ready. that's flne (although your team-
mates may hare that).
::; fJ I Shadowrun QUick SUitt Rules 1-------.... -.... -.. -........ --.. -.. --..
The (l)!Jlbol moue ems 10 cIeoI out dealt! ond
dMIKtion, whetbet physic., or mogiloly. He is big,
loud one! mrudalinQ. and is ",imofily use/ui/or drO!l!lin!l
his leGIlWOIes out 0/1911 5pOh. The combo! moge is no
lightnighl bookwofm 01 0 mogicioIl. He [film lhe
Ilcilemenl 01 mmbot, whethtr lighlllg wilt! his guM,
rMlfd, or his rtpW10ill of ingletlnget and orecHfiecI
spells. HI (on (fad: rout neck iust 05 lasily 115 hi (all
aod.le fOlK brain _ he hits you with !he lui force of
.. Ugh""" BoiI.,.L
There's merlto shodowrumiIg than kIing people,
howmr, sa he (aniak. torgeh down withoUl kllIU tflem
Isornelimes)'Oll need info more thon anorher (osuoIty), os
weft os mogicoly heal woulllled (omrades ahetwords. If
speAs don't M it, tile: combot mage con use intimidation
and his sheelbom skills 10 9f1 him 0lIl of light spoh.
comonT mnGC
RACE; 1rol
( W E M R
7 S 6 4

6 6 6

lnitiolivr. 4 + 106
Artioa Pool: 6
Conjuring 6
Intimidation 4
&lgodW.,... 5
Streel Eliqoelll 5
Submodline Gun 3
SPEllS fone
u...h loud> 4
InutcM ieodion 3
Ugh""" Boil

",,,, Boil

Resist Poin


U" 111 150_ Goo1
Damogr. 9S
Oroill 15tuII)
2IOomago lev.
atlemtlliIg 10
21_ ...
oItempling 10
Target NImber to Hit : 1
5word (Melee Weapon)
Domoge: 8M
Target Number to Hil: 3
Securele<h Ul!ro-Vesl
BoIr.slic: 3
The <OVert. is a rnasllI' of infilraliun and
unauthorUed CKCISS. KIf ski!; II1II ga aIaw her Ia M\'IY
....... """' .......... u.." '"' 1Iorn""'1i.
.......................... """"... ....
sysMnI and .. IllS lib a fIIIIJODI'P MIIing a lax.
PhyWaI abmde orl bnmsed rlrough the 1M of
athletics, Dnd guards ran be laslld:ed Of taken eM physi-
cDly I18(mory. 0rK. imide, die ran sneak quieIIy obout,
UIIIIIIKIIlwle -.rty \'II '-""n 'D, and 1M her
tyberaI II1II ,. samen 10 hIP III ..,.. OUI for
........... w ... '->,...... ,",.."IfloI
senses ClIfIM ,.ded and stored in heocIwor! memory .
n. _!aim 0 strict (1)'fW ICIentity
she IMS 10 mrvtal her Irue -.mty and "aIs. 05 wei 0$
10 lure unsuspeding Icwgen into '* (OIIfidenq She's a
Ieommoll, either 05 an Infonnallon Of 05
on WMe S(oul
RA(E: Sf
Arrl llUTlS

Action Pool:

""' ...
IODdIII .. Rail

.. + 206

UllDImed Combo!
H .... _ .....
(yt..-I'(t\ willi Cdtfa, Aar. CompeII\IIIioII,
"" ...... k""",....
-n.., .... ., ..
om-.:. s.,.r SIIoG [f'iiaII.1
lIrttt N'" 10 Hit. ]
Walt_ , ... Phtll IIigIIt PisIoI)
...... ' '""'-""""
T.JIf N ........ 'o Hit: 3
St. lata. [MIiM Wtopon)
DuIop: 'Sw.
Tcwget NUfIIbef 10 Hit: 1
5w. At_ltd dolWng
... ,,'" l
I.,.n: I)
Ga [.!IIIS, kII, ,"IS, SOn! rope)

.. 0. .
:::t".: .....
- - -
- - -

1M inYlSligator (or delectlVI, 9Umshoe, or prime
11)',) is a tbrll'lhock 10 lhe clays btlorllht AwakerWIg.
His skills or. prodit:ed ond 'll1ued by I'IIIYOIII in 1M
shaOows--digging up dirt, chosinQ down Ieods OM worIc
il19 his (onlocts. Just be<ause hi seems DIll 01 plcKe does
n't mean tilol he is, os he mobs SUfe 10 stav on lop or
the latest odvalKes. Despite a ICKk 01 (}'ber, he's no sIouth
witil his although he'd rutiler use his Slfet! smorts
to get out 01 Ifoublt. His wellpon 01 choKe is stotlolthe-
art wrniloIK! gear----whicll hI't \/Sed to 'ob down
morelhon one opponent.
The irtesIigaIor is in tba shaIIcrws lor 1M I.ttIe
am', stand up for inves-
tigator tokes their jobs even If !be pay 151ow, alld pursues
them witb a jaded end dogged stubbomlleSS. He wols the
thin of the law, and il jvsIi(e isn', meted 0lIl by those
witb authority, he'l dispense Ilis own through 0 quid port.
folio do...ruoad to 'fOfious sbodow dotabctses and media
outiels----al" worse.
RACE, o.\
S 5 5 5 5 5 6 0 5
11IftIotive: S + 106
ActkMI Pook 1
All.", J
Biolem J
Co, J
Computer 5
lttlfonics 5
tiquene 5
Interrogation 5
Intimidation 4
Negotiation 5
51. 5
Unanned Combat 4
Browning Mox-Power (Heavy Pistol)
Domoge: 9M
Target Humber 10 Hit: 4
Semetedt Long Coot
Impod: 2
gemonics Tool Kit
ford lmerkor
targe fIoshlighl

PoO:el Sec:r,lary
The IIlIfltnory (00 be desaibed In two words: - piG-
fmional warrior: He has his awn beliek one! his own
ogooIo, hol 1M bo, .... , Ihol he "" 1M ""
skis GIld It.. .Kperienc. to loke on any job ot OIlY
Iimt--ond he wi !he pril:e i5 right. tie 15 a 'ltlaOll of
1Ullltf0C/5 wars ond COI'IIIim, from gueff. warflle
woted by YLKlllan rebek in AztIan 10 1M 0ewf1 WillS,
me l1189DCorparations give !heir troops cornbaltroining
by pilling them ogolns1 eocb other in rovaged regions of
Alrim. His post ""' Old , .... ho ... h h;m ..t< ...
lleded with octeSS 10 mililDfY getI. iofonnalion ond med
kal oecessities.
His trainilg !MIllS IhuI !hi IIIIf(IIDf is dt.d in
""" ...... wIf '"" ... "", ""
on t'ml sbHI [111"l1li. As a fasllIII maIthy IfoI, ""s
icIeoI for 0 learn needing mobile fuepawer.
RACE: Trol
B I ( W ! M R
13 7 II !

4 1.02 0 I
1"ltlotln: S + 2D6
AalGl Pool: B
AsscMI Rifles 6
I.e J
"""" !
_ 3
_Gwo 6
IIrormod ComboI 6
i'blols 6
loo!.lecI b/lul'!
BIt".". V"1iion

-.... -
.... 110 ModeIl0lT IPMIII
Twgel HIIIIber 10 Hit: l
fN HAR (Assaul! Riflel
Oamoge: lOS
lor!ll' Hwmber 10 Hit: 2/4-
tlIis weopon gets 2 shots per c-.
Phe5a. 1M SMond IIIriIf Is ,.. !he .
001 ....
1 .... _ SlIIDrfp (Submodi. Gun)
TWill NIIIIIb 10 Hit: 2
Alt IMelet Weapon)
Damage: 1 SM S1un
lorgel Number 10 Hit: 3
ArMOr Vesl with
.... 1Ic1

GooaIo> ... ""'"'
and Thennographk V"1Iion
.- -
!MI __ _
S4un ;.'. ;:.1 1 :. 1 1 " h
n. Sfrlll SIIW1i is men IhG1II1 _ prtdaJar Of
prill tyborQ. he is I h ..... opercrliw wbo IaIaws II
sIrid mleol street honer. He is m __ illhil WO'f'S of ..
Iradilimal YmLrIli WIIriar lIS he is in thl prrie of
IV prOI'l.dt,us. lht SCIIUlIi tries ID srov 0lIl slep ahaI of
11M _ohio "'" > 11M "...I bj ,.,,,.,,,, hO body
wiIo cybnoo., ............. IIM r. 01_ m ho
loses mart and IIIOIIIIesh II Ihe knill.
He stIs his slJs, traWling and cyberwcw, IOf prof-
ii, but he is not on lMlIOfoi kilef and d feMe )oils !hoi
1M: (onsidas disbo!Iorllhle. His and Ieodtrship
""""' ."'" .... ,., 01
grOllp5 and apefalions, lIS he is pemptiYe in cleloiing
miuion plull5 and objectives.. His tybtrwarl enoolKt-
menn gift him an edge an IfIe (ompetition; those .no
underestimat, hill M a lowly \1,"1 punk soan regrll sud!
olelbal misiak"
RACE: Human
6 6 1 3 6
Adion Poo/:
"""" .
' ...... ,...
W-. S
Edgell Weapam J
At " Pt_. jPis*,
D-gr. ll1M
W ( M It
3 .01011
11 + 306
_ l
...... l
.... ,
..... .
........... ,
T.I" N .... Ie IfiI: 3
.... _ s-1,.. (WnadiM GuIll
r.,.. NII!IIbw to Hit: 2
1t.lllKtaWt C)'ber Spws (Melee WeopoD)
o..ap: 1M
l_g" NIMIttr II HII: 4
Sword (Melee Wt(fDII)
Damage: 9M
1ar9'l Humbtr II HIt: 3
bIf.(MeIee WeGpOn}
1_., N ..... 10 HIt. 4

- -
- - - -
., ., .,

",,. ....

-- -
- -
- -
PLAYING A RAT STRUT SHAMAN Sure, 1M sewen or. nothing but sludge, poison and
The Sliftl shaman follows Rat, and ~ Y M 011 and wade la you; bullhe slr"1 sbornon koows !he boIoot:e of
CIIIIOIIII soOiry's urslllWQ'(l, in !be SInf!; and 1M IurIIIek 1M life cydes af the sewm be"ef ilion IIII)' ather. Flam
01110 .1 .... Oft U"""._ Tho """'" " " , , ~ . iii!, "" .... mol ""'" 110 "" .. -. ......
-. ... by. "" .......... """"" "" ..... Iho ""'""" "'"' ... """" "" ri __ Com/;ooI "'"
....... """' ......... ""'''''_. doto<I he< """" ""' ......... bowiodgo ...... ,,..
1IIIIruden, and hallming !hem willi magiI: oncIlraps t,rni lifo! at penelrating seoriy IIdII Cl(cming iMtaIatiom,
!hey ieav.. (Of (CKIfSI, she'. be sure to use her speUs 10 ond lher-efore invoiuabl. 110 mallei who! kind of !Jtod.
lake onyrhing voluobie they hove fir1I.) 0Wf1lll 'fOIl alt on.
RAce Oft
IlIilioljy.: S + 106
Adiotl Pool: 7
C_ 6
_ 5
,.,"" 3
Slealth 6
UlKllmtd Combat 3
spms Fwte
a..t 4
Coo""" 6
Deled Uf. 6
MoO< ""'" 4
sa... ,
Dr .. (51 .. )
RHliIl9fIIl ROOIIIIWeeper (I'istcl)
....... ' 9\
"ge' NIIIMr II trrf: 4
Sotthelill KlI,nged junk
The tkh-wiz is II new breed of Wer, one thot {OIl
not amISS rhe Mobix bur is also rhe mosier of a.
things eledronic.. He (an find a waV to spiKe into the
Malti,; ond aid rhe ltam from afar Of he (On log olong on
the run alld disoble the \alesl eledronit secUfity de:YKes
lite (arp bas jusl imtoHed. He 1m the sltilk, the loo1s and
llie tKh-sovvy 10 handle all the learn's rem needs.
The temwiz trusts mamines and is pmbably bener
able to tlnderstand !hem thoolhe people: he's Of 01100. He's
not anti-sociol. 001 he is rather.oos of peopIe-ood
the lime lie spends in dotaho'len (OIlSpiroty forums does
n', help. 8ut wilen he finds people he trush, the lethwiz
(00 give emllent sklllegi< odvice 000 invent quid solu-
tions to nasty problerm, if they
inyolve any Iype 01 modUne.
RACE: Dwarf
lnitiati'll: S + 106
Actktn pool;
He_r. MelllllfY
Imagt Unk

RMlington Roomswetper IPistol)
Damage: YS
Torgel Number to Hit: 4
Armor Jacket
Ballistic 5
Novate<h H'fperded-6
SeMdting Torgel Number: 4
Combat Torgel Number: 4
Domoge: 6S (Srun)
o,rysler.NMiln Jackrabbit
(omputllf Tool Kit
Eler:lronics Tool
MogkKk P<mIoy
Persooal Computer with Printer
The wtopom specialist is prafKienl 01 using ond
repairing just obout any weapon you'va ever seen and
quite II few you've nevsr even heard af. She is ideol few
rullS thai requirs voritlly, skiff and Improvisation. She
inslindively kllllW5 what weapons need 10 be used In
evef'( silulllion. And n a situation arM whMe she does-
n'l ha .... lhal weapoo bondy, she con improvise 5OII1ething
Iflat'j dIM enough or "lid a decler to provide il.
Her skills ond mlleded weaponry combiM with
lethal premion, but it'5 her commllnd of tile tactical Ihlll
givM her the Gdvontage. As II veleran of multiple war
10nM, she doesn't need to become II cybered Sheet samu-
rai 10 glIt the job done. SIIe's unlikely 10 gel involved in
ony exchonge wlthOl.lI 0 plan and II dell! advantage. She
obo stays on top of CUrrent developments, and may be 0
voiooble infOlllllllion source on mUitory ItthllOlogy.
RACE Humon
4 6 S J 6 J tl5 0 7
Adian Pool:
Biotech 2
Edgtd WlHlpons 5
Etiquette 3
,,,ok 6
BoosIttI Relltxts
7 + 206
..... 4;. "'" 6
Steolth 2
ThratMg Weapons 4
CybtrlytS with
Low Liv/l1, Vision MognilKarion

Rvgef Svptr Wowk (Pillo!!
Domagt; 10M
Tllfgel Humber 10 Hil: J
Ingrlllll SmorfgURISubmod.ine Gun)
Damagt: 9M
TlIIgtl H,. 10 Hil: 2
Heavy C.ossbow tProjeltH Weapon)
Do .... as
TIr9t1 NIIIIlher 10 Hil: 4
KalaM (Melee WtopOII)
Domagt: 8M
TIr9f1 NI!IDbet 10 Hit: 3
Kllffe (MeItt Weapon)
Domagt: 1l
Targtl Nunsher 10 Hit: 4
Annor Joehl
hllpcltt: 3
fold AmerkOl
... _ ........